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It's very spacious, it's got tons of room and just because it's a minivan doesn't mean it's only for hauling kids around. We are an adults only family and don't haul kids, but do travel often and love the Calicut of the car to travel with our luggage and still have a comfortable ride and plenty of space.

I love the space it has, the stow n go seats are the reason I picked the Pacifica over other SUVs and Vans with similar storage space. I love that the car has a lot of technology, I feel like everything on the interior is very technologically advanced. A couple of things I wish for the car was for my storage options in the back of the van, there aren't any storage compartments in the second and third row like we had in our previous SUV which is discouraging when I'm trying to find a place to put things away in the car especially when the seats are stowed. I also wish you could watch the navigation screen from the back seat Uconnect screens (so when adults are riding in the back, you can see upcoming directions on the navigation).

- Mary R

It is even better than our SUV.

The pacifica is wonderful! We needed more room when our baby was born than we had in an SUV. I was hesitant to buy a minivan but I am very glad that we did. The pacifica has room for him, all his gear and our dog to travel comfortably. All the features like remote start, automatically opening doors and heated seats are a huge plus to everyday life. It is been great in snow this winter too. I had to learn which modes to put it in when the snow got deep, but once I knew to turn the traction control off, it made a huge difference. It handled really well. We will probably keep it even after our lease is up.

- Heather B

We are told you can haul a 4 x 8 sheet in it which I hope is true!

the space in a van is nice to have again. we wanted the hybrid model, but chrysler isn't offering any incentives yet! the transfer to shut off the engine while stopped is quite loud! you can't get cooled seats unless you get the Limited model. It is VERY difficult to get leather seats that are NOT in black color which is hot in the sun! The majority of 2018 models now have only black carpeting too, which is VERY hard to keep clean! There are a lot of cheap looking plastic parts on a vehicle that costs $40,000 to over $50,000!!!!

- sheryl g

Great vehicle very sharp looking minivan.

My Pacifica gives a very smooth ride, the seating is very comfortable and it gets great gas mileage on the highway, city mileage is about average. Love the power sliding side doors and the automatic rear hatch is great. If you are not using the rear seats the fold down into the floor and you do not even know they are there as the are completely hidden. One bad feature is the automatic start stop feature, very annoying anytime you come to a stop your car shuts off and turns back on when you release the break.

- Robert Z

A major step up from the Chrysler town & country minivan!

The Chrysler pacifica is definitely a step up from the old town and country minivan. It has a lot of nice features, like built in DVD player screens on the headrests so you do not have a screen coming down from the ceiling. It handles well but I wish it had 4 wheel drive. The driver's seat also sits lower than the old town and country, so you feel like you are getting into a car rather than a big van or truck. I like the stow 'n go options for extra storage when you need to carry a lot of items.

- Lynne F

If the fob is still in car it will not lock. So you can't lock yourself out.

I love how much space there is and all the buttons to close and open the van doors. I love the Bluetooth and voice activation that makes driving safer when you need to use the phone. That start button on the fob is nice in hot summer and winter especially having little ones. It has temp control in the middle to keep it cool/warmer. I love how the heat is controlled on driver side and passenger side so if one person is hotter/cooler than the other they can adjust their side.

- Michelle K

This is a great family vehicle. You save thousands compared to other makes, and more is offered for that smaller price tag.

I chose the Chrysler Pacifica for its affordable price and size to accommodate my growing family. It is reliable and I enjoy the added safety features, such as blind spot alert. The stow and go seating is a must have and a feature I use daily. One thing I don't like is the limited amount of storage space. I also have two car seats; thus, accessing the third row can be challenging. I wish the middle row seats could slide so people didn't have to climb through the trunk.

- Ashley K

The most important thing is that it has everything you can think of, so much space and lots of safety features, on top of convenience ones.

Love the adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, stop and go braking, RES, navigation system, Sirius xm radio trial, stow and go seats, 1 touch sliding doors and also hands free doors and tailgate, all the space it has, Apple carplay, the built in rear window shades, etc. The only thing I don't like about it is something the computer/main screen is slow to load and sometimes the theater button does not work so I can not control the RES from the front.

- Kelli Y

Great family van for our needs

This minivan is great for our growing family and small garage. We primarily needed it for its sliding doors so it would fit in the space we have, as well as have the interior space needed for kids, car seats and grandparents when they visit. It has worked wonderfully for these purposes and it has many other nice amenities, like heated seats and a back up camera. We are very happy with this choice for our family.

- Jesseca V

It is a great car for a family who loves to travel to the park or across the country!

I love that my vehicle has enough room for my family and my friends and their kids. I love being able to take road trips in my car and not having to worry about where to store luggage or supplies. I love that I can plug my phone into in my car and it will read me text messages and my phonebook is loaded so it is easier to make calls on the go. Most importantly I love how it keeps my family safe at all times.

- Jennifer P

I cannot believe we bought a minivan but we like it overall.

There have been a couple of glitches with the uconnect system but the dealership looked into them and resolved them. There have also been a couple of recalls. We have an appointment to resolve those. We previously had an SUV with a third row. We wanted another vehicle with a 3rd row for our family. We like the sliding doors, no more digging the cars next to us. Overall, we've been pleased with the gas mileage.

- Debbie E

Great family and safety features.

I love the Pacifica. It is very roomy for my family and has lots of cargo space and room for the dog. The displays are great and easy to read. I like the sensors and lights in the mirrors that let you know a car is coming up on the side of you and the back up camera. The kids love the entertainment system with DVD and streaming. The in car Wi-Fi hotspot will be clutch on our king family trips.

- Lisa T

Lose the knob--keep the car

The toggle to turn the car on is odd! It's a large knob near the volume, radio, and climate control of the car, so I often switched the car out of drive while driving. Once you get used to it, it is better. Love the look of the car, and the features. Some features, like the gas nozzle and the speedometer display, are just smart additions that are intuitive and make one's life easier.

- Chris A

It is a wonderful family vehicle, very safe and really good gas mileage for such a large vehicle.

I like my Pacifica because it is big enough to hold 5 child car seats. It also has so much storage in the rear. The seats fold down so easy and store in the floor of the van when we need to haul something big. It also has an excellent rear camera. As the driver, I have the best visibly I have ever had in any vehicle. My only complaint is we haven't finished paying it off yet

- Rhonda O

2018 pacifica lx. Transmission slipping issues.

Very nice vehicle. Only issue is when in reverse that transmission hesitates when shifting to drive. Usually this occurs when the car is on a hill. Very comfortable and roomy. Amble amount of space and love the storage space. Very accessible and friendly to use. Gas is not bad neither. The automatic engine off/on thing is a little worrisome. Hate when the car cuts off and on.

- Angelica W

The most important thing about the Chrysler Pacifica is that you can drive it and know it is safe and reliable.

We have a beautiful 2018 Chrysler Pacifica. It is an amazing family car. My family of 4 went on a cross-country trip and loved how comfortable and reliable it was. We bought the car due to it's incredible safety features. For such a reasonable price, the car does feel very luxurious. Love how easily you can adjust sound volumes & AC levels for various parts of the car.

- Robin S

The stow and go seating is the best feature. Also the car has internet in it.

I have no problems with the van. It is very comfortable. It has room for 7 people. It has stow and go seats which are wonderful. There is also plenty of cargo space. It is a great family vehicle. The only drawback is that it is long and that makes it hard to drive compared to a car. It does not have a lot of power compared to our other vehicles.

- Kim S

I love my Pacifica! Great car for the price!

Plenty of space for my family of 6 while still having a trunk. Apple carplay is my best friend. Ride is smooth, quick acceleration and great gas mileage. The stow and go is really simple and easy to use. Great screen size on tv. Really no complaints. My entire family enjoys this minivan. And it is a truly good looking vehicle van or no van.

- Rachel M

Awesome sauce is this van.

I have small children and this van let me going from one place to another with such ease. I have more than enough room for the stroller groceries and diaper bag. I couldn't ask for a better van. The entertainment that it provides is a game changer I just put a blu ray movie on and the kids are quiet for hours which makes traveling a breeze.

- Jessica A

The shifter is a poor design choice.

I like the way the vehicle rides, not a lot of road noise and it is fairly smooth on poorly constructed roads. I do not like the DIAL for the shifter, it is dangerous in placement near the volume and heating cooling fan controls. I also don't like that the only charging plug that uses the car battery is in the back hatch of the vehicle.

- Diane M

Comfortable and spacious.

I love the pacifica. It is a smooth ride and is very spacious, making a trip for 6 very comfortable but does seat 7 passengers. Unfortunately the road noise on the interstate is a bit much but I think that is a minivan thing. I love the side alert safety feature that lets you know when or not another vehicle is in your blind spot.

- Mindy M

It's a mobile wifi spot my children absolutely love.

I love the technology my vehicle has. My kids can play games or watch movies on the consoles. I don't like how low to the ground it is. We just bought a house and the driveway is like a curb. I have to back out or pull in slowly so I don't scrape the bottom of the van. It doesn't have as many features as my husbands truck.

- Therese M

If you are looking for a van/car consider test driving Chrysler Pacifica. Great!

No problem. Love the “stow and go” seats. They are truly the easiest seats to stow. After they are in, an entire 4x8 sheet can be placed in the back. I only wished I had looked at some of the features that are not on my car. Ie rain sensing window washers and front bumper parking sensors. Other than that love the cat.

- Diane S

Driving wise, it's very reliable and drives smoothly.

The van drives well and has great storage space. I like the various seating arrangements for our family of 5. Unfortunately, one of our sliding doors doesn't always work properly. In fact, a few times I thought it was closed, but returned to my car and it was wide open. Ugh! We also have had trouble with our DVD players.

- Erin D

Good for families because you can easily configure the seats to suit your needs.

The Pacifica does what I need it to for our family. For the most part, I have no complaints. The only issue we've had thus far, is that sometimes the sound goes out from our radio/dvd player/ect. It's very frustrating when that happens. Other than that, we love that the seats fold into the floor and that it's spacious.

- Amanda C

Sporty phantom black Hyundai Sonata.

The Hyundai Sonata sport is every girls dream. It gives you a sporty feeling when you get on the freeway and push that sport button she will rise to the occasion. The phantom black paint has sparkles in it that look beautiful in the sunlight. The seats hug your body. I even love the seatbelts. They do not choke you.

- Passion R

Great for active families.

No issues. Do not really like the auto stop function when at red lights etc. . Love the stow n go. Great for hauling kids & kayaks & bikes. Decent gas mileage. Handles well on idaho mountain roads, even in snow. Would buy this car again. Kids think it is comfortable. Plenty of room for multiple hockey bags.

- Tricia G

Convenient minivan for a growing family.

Lots of space. Trunk space is exactly what our family needs. Love the power doors and hands free opening of sliding doors. Convenient and hands free features. System sometimes shuts off when stopped . Very comfortable seats. DVD player system is high quality . Good in the snow. Drives smoothly. Incredible features.

- Monica M

Great ride, reliable Pacifica

Problems- air conditioning decreases when engine turns off at stops. Sometimes van screen glitches when vehicle is turned on. Performance- very smooth ride for a van. Drives more like an SUV rather than a van. Very roomy front passenger seat and 2nd and 3rd row. Very reliable and 5 stars for comfort.

- Gheri H

Convenience and room for everything.

Great styling compared to the previous model. Stow and go is easier to use with standard push button movement of the front seat out of the way. Seat folding is smoother. Power liftgate is standard. Perfect for hauling kids or full sheets of drywall. Plenty of room for all of the kids and their gear.

- Jack P

Sports type van for the mother who does not want to drive a van.

Leather seats, so easy clean up when you have kids. Automatic doors for easy opening. Lots of space for on the go. DVD player for longer road trips. Great on gas. Stow and go seats for extra storage space. Heated seats for cold weather. USB charger outlets in back of front seats and also in 3rd row.

- Leah C

Very comfortable and roomy.

This car is very comfortable, roomy and nice to drive. It has plenty of space to fit me my husband my 4 boys and our dog for road trips. It drives very smooth and easy. Does not really even feel like your driving a van. It's more like an SUV. I would recommend this car to anyone that has a family.

- Sally S

It is a great family car and it's perfect for a big family.

I like that it is very spacious, enough for my 4 kids, my husband, and I. There's a lot of trunk space, compartments, cup holders, etc. It looks very nice on the outside as well. One thing I dislike is that it doesn't handle the greatest in the snow. It's okay in the snow, but could be better

- Kristen B

I love it even though it's a minivan; storage and easy access is everything.

I love the sliding doors because it's so easy for me to get my twins in and out of the car. The stow n go seating is amazing and makes for extra storage. The TV's are awesome for entertainment on long car trips. So much cargo and storage space. Sleek for a minivan and drives so smoothly!!!!

- Christina T

Great space and smooth driving.

The seats are very comfortable. The controls are easy to use even if you are not familiar with the newer technology. It rides good-very smooth. I am disabled and wear braces and it is simple to navigate. It is also easy to get in and out. The van provides a lot of seating and storage also.

- David H

A Chrysler pacifica year 2018.

I have a family of 8. I like how spacious it is. I also like how I can connect my music on my phone to the van. I do not like that the DVD player is in the back and it cannot be controlled from the front seat. I like all of the features including buttons to open the doors and the trunk.

- Jessica W

Child concern on wonderful family car.

I love the Pacifica. It runs great and is spacious and comfortable. It is very reliable and provides a smooth ride. The only problem I have is seemingly having no sensors on any of the doors (trunk included). My kids have gotten hurt several times because the door kept closing on them.

- Holly W

7 people can fit comfortably - unlike an SUV that has hardly any room in the third row.

It can fit 7 people comfortably. It has back up navigation that helps me tremendously when driving. Gas consumption is okay for a vehicle that big but if i could have afforded a hybrid i would have purchased it instead. Seats are very easy to fold when needing to transport large items.

- Vicki K

Minivan that sits low like a sedan. It has a TV in the back.

I like our car because of the ease of driving. It's almost as if I am driving a sedan. It has lots of space for my kids and leg room for all of us. All of the seats are comfortable and the trunk space is big and perfect for putting a lot of groceries in the back along with a stroller.

- Natalie R

I like having a newer car that is covered by a warranty if anything happens

My pacifica has many features that I love. I love vans in general because the rear doors slide open/close so I don't have to worry about my kids swinging doors open onto other cars. It's also nice when I have my arms full with kids or groceries and the doors open automatically

- erica m

Chrysler drives smooth for that large family.

Car runs smooth. Lots of room for the family & kids. Maintenance is easy. Gas is not bad too. Took a road trip and the ride went well. Recommend vehicle to those with four plus people. Do not add after market leathers purchase leather already installed. Looks cleaner.

- Therese C

Pacifica needs an interior update

The Pacifica drives well. I do not like the feature that shuts off the engine when you idle for a second. I also am not a fan of the interior design of the car. There is a lack of cup holders, storage in the center console and the radio/climate control is in a poor location

- Erica R

Smooth ride, very roomy, with many great electronic features for both children and adults.

I love all the room and trunk space it has with two little kids. The ease of getting the very back seat even with car seats installed is great. Also the room to get the kids in and out. Also the kids love the built in DVD players and I love the electronic features as well.

- Mindy p

Comfort and functionality.

Comfortable ride, lots of room for a family of 5-6, Apple CarPlay is a nice feature, love the ease and functionality of the stow and go seats, sportier look on the Pacifica than Chryslers previous minivan (town & country), the vehicle looks more like a SUV than a minivan.

- L H

I like the handles for entry and exiting the vehicle.

There are no problems- interior very comfortable with a great deal of leg room - cargo area is expandable and large - runs quietly without a great deal of wind noise - sound system is very nice and especially appreciated on our long trips for listening to books on tape.

- Mary Jane T

Comfy, roomy and easy to drive.

The chairs are super comfortable and easy to adjust. If you are up with technology is easy to get used to and use the navigation screen and new shifter that is a button. Also to use the engine start button. It has plenty of room and storage and a great powerful engine.

- Elle H

Fun to drive!! Sporty and functional!! Not your typical "mom-mobile"!!

Love it!! Well designed!! Good pickup!! Lots of room!! The center console is kind of oddly designed.. Lacking storage in the center area. Wish the DVD player would read blu ray - but still good quality!! Doors easy to operate. Seats awesome to stow away - so easily!!

- Margaret S

Amazing family vehicle for us.

Amazing van even without all the bells and whistles. Drive it daily running errands and to ballgames and it is such a beautiful ride. The back end is so deep and wide that it truly can carry anything. The stow and go is also amazing as well. Such a great family ride.

- Dawn C

New minivan features and operating updates.

Good mileage and good power. Has very good options similar to my grand Cherokee. Adaptive cruise control works well. Comfortable ride and good mileage. Sliding doors work good and the power liftgate is a must. Works well with inside switch for opening and closing.

- David K

Expensive and comfortable to drive.

It is a big vehicle, great gas mileage though, and comfortable to sit in. Good visibility though hard to handle sometimes in the city and parallel parking. Expensive to buy. Not many color options to customize with. Not too many dealers provide the hybrid option.

- Allison F

The fact that it is safe and stylish all at the same time.

I like that it is very spacious and gives my children plenty of room to be comfortable. I love the entertainment system as this keeps my children occupied during long car rides. I like the safety features that come with the van as it helps me keep my family safe.

- Rachel F

Great vehicle with tons of room!

We absolutely love the room in our Chrysler Pacifica. With 2 kids (and the third on the way), the room is the greatest benefit. The vehicle also drives extremely smooth. The apple carplay feature is also a huge help. I would highly recommend this to any family!

- Jordan G

Great for big families I fit comfortably and cargo room!

Van is very roomy, comfortable lumbar support, plenty of extra console room and cup holders, easy fold down or take out seats. The only feature I do not care for is the curve of the head support. Great mileage for long trips. Hands free built in phone access.

- Rose D

Need to offer AWD. Does not handle well on slick roads.

Noisy ride. Not smooth. Not enough power to pull a small camper. We like the seating, very comfortable. They should offer AWD and a heavy towing option. Like the safety features in a whole. Stereo is a bit weak in sound. I wish the back seats were heated.

- John M

The good, the bad, but overall a great family vehicle.

The uconnect system often has problems. Theater does not always work properly. We have also had problems with battery issues. Overall, I love driving my pacifica and my children love it. Space in back is big enough to haul our Saint Bernard and lab.

- Sonja F

It has a feature that allows you to know if someone is in your blind spot.

It is a nice vehicle with lots of updated features. It has a push start button instead of a key. It has nice reverse cameras. I do not care for the start stop feature. However you can push a button to turn that off. The seats are fairly comfortable.

- Theresa F

The 2018 Chrysler Pacifica rides more like a car than a van. It's super comfortable.

I love the screens behind the driver and passenger seats. The new stow away seat design is great. The tech screen in the dash sometimes doesn't work in extreme heat. I'll have to restart the vehicle once the air conditioner has been running a bit.

- Todd J

There's lots of space and it is easy to fold up and down seats.

I love the extra storage space in the stowing go future. Overall, the cars ride very smoothly for a large van. The inside is well-equipped and I think it is reasonably priced for what you get. I do wish though that it were a little less noisy.

- Ana A

My minivan is exactly what I need for my family. It seats 7, has ample room for storage, and tons of techy features. When we bought it, we needed a new family vehicle and we got it in spades.

Other people should know it's a great car for a very reasonable price! When we were shopping for a car, the Pacifica was my first choice but I never thought I'd be able to afford it. I was pleasantly surprised when we went to the dealership.

- Meghan K

It is standard to receive keyless and remote start.

I like that there is a lot of room and the seats fold down. I like the blind spot detection. I do have an issue with CARPLAY, sometimes the navigation doesn't know where it is even though ios on the phone will be correct prior connection.

- Timothy C

I love the space smooth ride and love that it has CarPlay.

Very reliable. Great features convenient. I love having a van that we can travel comfortable with our family we have had many vans over the years and the Pacifica is one of my favorite ones. Lots of space drives smooth and is reliable.

- Renee C

It's affordable and very modern, it's a very nice car and easy to drive with.

I enjoy the fact that it is very quiet even while going at high speeds. It has many up-to-date features on (especially) the headboard. It travels comfortably even on the rougher roads and is perfect for carrying the family around.

- elliot M

Environmental friendly, fuel efficient.

It is fuel efficient, spacious, comfy, safety is my top priority a d this car is top notch with advance braking and sensor system, almost impossible to make mistakes. Car is very stylish and has great leather seats. Very quiet.

- Pick L

Great safety features and all the latest technology.

I love the upgraded technology on my new van. My old van was a basic model and 8 years old. I love having automatic sliding doors and rear liftgate. Plus, the backup camera really gives me peace of mind and added safety.

- Darcee B

Perfect Mom Car For Our Family

I just purchased the vehicle a couple months ago but so far we absolutely love it. We have had no issues and/or complaints. There was a recall on a cruise control issue but they notified us and fixed it free of charge.

- Kelly C

Fits 7 comfortably and has autodrive. Lots of storage too. Great for road trips.

I like that it fits my family up to 7. I like that all of the seats go down when we need to get supplies. I like the autodrive option but it needs work. It is comfortable and I feel safer than I did in my last vehicle.

- Jenni O

Perfect vehicle for a family.

Love my Pacifica! Haven't had any issue with it. It is perfect for me and my family, I have two toddlers in car seats. It is very spacious for family trips. My kids love their individual TV screens to watch movies on.

- Crystal P

It's really comfortable for the whole family when traveling.

I love all the convenience features, the push button doors for the kids and the entertainment package. I don't like that you can't use the navigation system while driving. The passenger should be able to access it.

- Christine L

I like the touch screen for the radio and it control.

The back slider door on passenger side does not close every time. It will start to close and then it will reopen again. It takes a couple of times trying to shut it either he button before it actually matches close.

- Sara B

Its roomy inside and easy to dive. It's so smooth and quite.

The mirrors are too close they should have been back more. The sun visors come off when you pull them down. You can't radio and keep the screen on you can only mute it. It's hard to connect my Samsung phone to it.

- Charlene A

It works well for families with children as long as you don't need to put too much in the back while using all the seats.

I like the keyless ignition and that it unlocks when I walk up to it. I like the seating. I wish there was more trunk space. One of the rear doors opens often on It's own when I close it, which is frustrating.

- Sarah D

It has a lot of safety features.

Roomy, gets good gas mileage. I like the arrows in the side mirrors to help making lane changing easier. Holds eight people comfortably. Storage features are great. The games on the screens are fun for kids.

- Connie C

There are children inside, so drive carefully!

I love the amount of room I have for people and for storage. Love the remote doors. The camera sensors are great too. I dislike the fact that it shuts off when you come to a complete stop at red lights.

- Corinne B

Fits 7 people comfortably.

This minivan is very roomy even on the third row. It is easy to stow any of the seats if you are going to haul any big items. The back up system is great and the mpg is good for a vehicle of this size.

- James K

It has "stow and go" seats.

I like that it has captain seats in the middle row. I like that the trunk and back doors can be opened by remote. I like that the interior is leather. I like that the back has its own climate control.

- Christina C




Easy to drive, great acceleration and drives like a car

Love the Pacifica. A lot of tech features like adaptive cruise control. Safety features like collision warning and park assist. Lots of charging ports for phones and tablets. Good on gas mileage.

- Dan R

That it has great pick-up performance

I don't have any complaints. I love the driver assist features which are the side mirror light up feature and the back up camera. It also has sufficient cargo space for transporting groceries etc.

- Sandra K

It is a very comfortable car and drives very smoothly.

I like how smooth the drive is, but there is much less storage than the T&C and very few power outlets, which the T&C had. Also, the gear shift is not so safe - it's a dial near the volume control!

- Shayndy A

Pacifica is a van that doesn't feel like a van

It has leather seats. Captain seats in the middle row and three seats in the third row. Built in DVD players. Seat warmers in the front and middle row. Stow and go seats. Sunroof and remote start

- Kristen M

The car is very roomy inside.

I really like all of the features that make this car child friendly. The DVD player works great for them but is a little tricky to use while driving. My favorite feature is the panoramic sunroof.

- Nicole H

It rides smoothly and has power

I love the spaciousness of this vehicle. It's comfortable. I love that the seats stow away. The back up camera is awesome. The ONLY thing I don't like is that there is no CD player in it.

- barbara c

It's a very solid purchase for larger families. Trunk is spacious and drives well.

It's drives great, love the power door features. Storage under seats are very convenient. Not a fan of the gears being controlled by a knob similar (and right near) to the volume control.

- Katie K

It has nice leather interior and comfortable seating. Has nice navigation controls.

It has all the bells and whistles which can be confusing. The ride could be a little better on bumps. Has to much road noise. Easy to see to back up, and has lots of storage space.

- Estel H

it's very roomy and comfortable for the family

I like all the features and technology in my van. I don't like that the navigation system can only be used when the vehicle's stopped. The passenger should be able to access it.

- Christine M

It has great safety features and will keep your family safe and entertained.

It has a lot of advanced safety technology (blind side assist, backup camera, etc) and the entertainment system keeps my four kids peaceful on long trips. No Complaints thus far

- richard J

The most important thing to know is that there are lots of reports about issues with the screen. It's definitely true as we have experienced it as well. But overall this van is amazing!

I love my Chrysler Pacifica! The TV's, sunroof and touch screen navigation are amazing. However, I have had several issues with the TV not working and the screen not turning on.

- Ashley H

It was built well and is very safe. the care does not have a spare tire

I like the back-up Camera and the side mirror lights. I like the space which allows comfort while transporting items. what I don't like is that the side doors are not electric

- Sandy L

Best all-around vehicle technology and convenience for the price

I love the technology incorporated in this vehicle. I enjoy the sound system, navigation system, back-up camera, blind spot monitoring and the 2nd row entertainment system.

- Paula Z

Just because it's a minivan, doesn't mean you should automatically make fun of it. They're cooler than most millennial's jalopies. :)

It's easier for me to get in and out of, since my knee is bad. It has a very premium look & feel about the interior. Very roomy and gets good mileage. No complaints so far.

- Danny H

It's an amazing car. It has all the bells and whistles and I enjoy driving it so much.

I love the automatic sliding doors and trunk. With just the push of a button you can open them all. I also love the rear view camera. My kids love the built in DVD players.

- Courtney W

unlike our other Chrysler vehicles, it has 8 seats!

I like the way it drives, i dislike the gear "dial" i dislike the Sirius XM interface. I dislike that the backup camera keeps not working, and that it gets bad gas mileage

- Mike B

The front seats are a little uncomfortable.

I like how spacious it is. I like that the back seats can be folded down to make more room. I do not like how the car has to be in park before you can open the back doors.

- Mackenzie H

That it is still super cool even if it is considered a minivan

I love you Pacifica! I love the navigation system, full sunroof, and automatic passenger doors, stow away seating and the smoothness is the ride! No complaints from me.

- Julie L

Great family vehicle. Kids love driving and being able to watch a movie or play games while we drive.

My vehicle is great for large families. We like the TVs and the 360 camera. We do not like that after only a few months owning the vehicle we have multiple recalls out.

- Stacey S

It is very comfortable for a family. My girls love how much room it has.

I like the size and the fact that it's easy for my dad to access. I didn't like the dealership I got it from. And I also don't the back headrests. They get in the way.

- Veronica A

First minivan but with some flaws

With less than 6000 miles I've already had some electrical issues. A dead battery, door locks that don't always work from the outside, and issues with the tv system

- Rachel G

Phone problems watching Youtube

Brand new. Really like it. No problems so far except I always have trouble getting sound on my phone when my granddaughter wants to watch Youtube videos in the car.

- Sharon H

It has great gas mileage.

The Pacifica is very roomy. Great for hauling or long vacation. It has lots of legroom both in front seat and back. It also gets great mileage for a larger vehicle.

- Linda S

Great for family travel, easy to pack, spacious

There have been a couple of recalls, which makes me uneasy. I love the video features and safety features. Don't like the show and go. Seats aren't very comfortable

- Paula c

It has an automatic shutoff feature at stop signs and red lights. It also hesitates quite a bit when switching from reverse to drive

I love the room that it offers and all of the extra upgrades! I hate that it hesitates when I shift gears. I hate that it's too wide to fit into my 2 car garage.

- Courtney C

Perfect car for families of all ages from everyday travel to family getaways.

Like the amount of room each passenger has, power features and safety features. Dislike how low it sits to the ground and that a luggage rack is not standard.

- Beth W

Pacifica is the one you want

Great vehicle with all the extras. Would recommend. It's like driving a palace on wheels. Owned 2 other types of minivan and they don't even been to compare.

- April P

Flexibility in seating and storage capacity is excellent.

Like the comfortable drive. Also like the versatility in seating in the 2nd and 3rd row seating. The storage capacity is very large. I have no complaints.

- Betsy G

It cool and not your typical minivan

It is full of technology. It has lots of room for everything. We can haul just as much in it as in a pick up. Love the stow and go seating. It is comfortable

- Jill o

The most important thing about my Chrysler Pacifica is the level of comfort

I love the fact that it has four climate zones, build in navigation, and numerous noise buffers. I also love the fact that I get 30 mpg at highway speeds.

- Gary C

It is so convenient and functional for everyone in the family.

I love the space of the vehicle. The overhead TV. Mostly love how safe I fell all the kids are! Lots of extra room for their friends and sports equipment.

- Lauren W

That I love it. I never worried about others; this vehicle is everything I need.

Everything! Its sharp, driver friendly, and luxurious. The gas mileage is wonderful and it drives smooth. There is nothing distasteful about this vehicle!

- Darcy K

New car with all the features.

I love all the new gadgets. Similar to the ones from my 2015 grand Cherokee. It rides great and gets excellent gas mileage with the v-6. Plenty of power.

- Dave K

Pacifica Hybrid the right choice

The car has been amazing with no maintenance issues to date. I have been averaging 65 miles per gallon so buying a hybrid has been the right decision

- Joel S

We took a family vacation for a week and we were able to pack the van and all fit comfortably for the 3 hr travel.

It is very comfortable for my family of 6. Great gas mileage and smooth ride. Plus the kids love the tv screen so they can watch their favorite movies

- Bryan B

It is very family friendly and rides very nice.

I do not have any complaints. Love it! Love how much room it has and the DVD player for the kids along with the wireless headphones has been great.

- Crystal B

I love the automatic door openers and hatch opener. It is very nice and comfortable and the stow and go storage is so nice and easy. It is also very nice to drive and did great on our first long trip.

It is very spacious for a bigger family. It's nice how out family of 5 fit and our luggage and dog and still have plenty of room to be comfortable.

- Megan A

The car is great for families. It has a lot of room.

I like that the 2nd and 3rd row seats collapse into the floor. I like that it has a DVD player. I like that it is 10k miles between oil changes.

- Brian C

The seats are very easy to fold down into the car and also they are very easy to set back up. Makes it simple to switch for your needs

I love that it has lots of space for my family and all of our belongings. I also love the folding seats since they are easy. No complaints here!

- Jaclyn S

The ease of my vehicle with 5 children- loading and unloading is a breeze.

Love the lighting, spacious seating and windows that roll down in the back with built in shades. Very smooth ride and very comfortable to sit in.

- Allison R

It is spaciousness basically.

It's easy to drive and has enough seating for 7 people or more. It's very easy on gas and I can drive a long ways without refilling my gas tank.

- Marie B

we have Bluetooth and we can connect our phones and it can pick up text messages and other stuff

since it is a new car we are getting used to new features and it is fun while we are still learning we will get to know the vehicle pretty good

- Donna N

That it is sleek and modern. It drives nicely and is comfortable and roomy on the inside.

I have a dark grey minivan that I love. I love the leather seats, built in navigation and Bluetooth. I dislike the automatic stop/start option.

- Jennifer V

Safe dependable and doesn't feel or drive like a minivan

One of the most comfortable safe vehicles I have ever seen. Has air conditioned seats. Air bags around the whole vehicle and lane keep assist

- Joshua D

It's very safe and will keep the kids entertained on long trips

it has great safety features for kids and has a top notch entertainment system to boot. Easily the top minivan for people with large families

- don M

Chrysler Pacifica an improved version of the Town & Country.

The Pacifica is an improved successor to the Town & Country. It is significantly more fuel efficient, has additional technology, and space.

- Lee H

Very roomy and practical.

Car runs great, no problems so far. It's nice and big. Holds all my 4 boys and me and my husband plus a dog crate in the van comfortably.

- Sally Y

Can haul a lot of stuff or people and still be economical to drive

I love the stow and go seats; not so sure the defroster works real well. Mileage seems good for a heavier vehicle which I feel safer in

- Pankie B

It is very good for families with kids. Plenty of room and great features.

I have had my van for almost 2 months. It is brand new and has all the bells and whistles. It is very convenient with 3 small children.

- Steph b

It drives smoothly and is convenient to configure seats for car seats.

I like the sliding doors and the ease of getting kids in and out of car seats. I do not like that the DVD feature has never worked.

- Lynn c

It's a partial electric vehicle which means you can run solely on electric much of the time - dramatically cutting down on carbon emissions and fuel costs - but you have a full gas tank as backup when the electric runs out

A great family vehicle for people who want comfortable, convenient, luxury cars that are affordable AND environmentally friendly

- Kathryn G

Does not feel like a minivan!

Great van for growing kids! I did not want the stigma of a minivan but I have no regrets. Roomy, convenient, and easy to drive.

- kelley t

The third row seating and stow and go seats.

I love the space, the stow and go seats, the leather seats. I also love the DVD player for the kids and the third row seating.

- Lauren P

It has all the best safety features.

I like all the safety features, automatic wipers and the DVD players. I also like the surrounding cameras. No complaints yet.

- Heather M

that it is very spacious and very reliable for the whole family and if you weren't a fan of minivans you'll quickly become one once you driven the Chrysler Pacifica

I like this van a lot has all the space I need for my entire family and very economic would not traded the van for no other

- Inbox P

It is extremely kid friendly!.

I like how fancy it looks on the inside and also it is electric, so it saves the environment. I do not have any complaints.

- Ashton B

It has very good fuel mileage.

Very good on fuel. Has many features is roomy. Rides very smooth. No problems at all. Love my van and it is a pretty white.

- Connie S

The Pacifica is in a class by itself, with amazing features in a great looking vehicle!

The seats are very comfortable. The ride is very smooth. The technology in the van is amazing! I love the backup camera!

- Wendy S

Love the automatic doors!

We love it! We are a family of five and there is plenty of room for everyone. The stow and go is an added plus for travel!

- Bridgette S

Doors open automatically. Does not have built in TV's.

It's a mom car. I hate calling it a minivan, but the car has everything a mom could want. Great to drive around town in.

- sara c

This vehicle is great for big families.

Automatic doors randomly open after I close them. Ride is very smooth and the van is extremely comfortable and roomy.

- Victor R

Great with grands, seating is great!

Love this store and go seats. With 5 grands, this van is a must. Great comfort. Plenty of extra. Good gas mileage.

- Linda C

Best car ever . I love it. Good for traveling. Lots of room.

Best vehicle I have ever had. I like all the new safety features on it. Drives very nice and gets good gas miles.

- Ken S

It's super practical for kids. Tons of space for them. Very kid friendly.

It has great features. Plenty of room for passengers and car seats. Great for kids. Much larger than an suv

- Claudette J

It is easy to drive. It is a very safe vehicle, especially with all of the features.

I like my van, I have only had it for a couple months, but so far, we love it. It has so many fancy features.

- Rebecca B

The Pacifica is stylish - both inside and outside.

The Chrysler Pacifica 2018 is a reliable, trustworthy vehicle that is comfortable and provides excellent MPG.

- Jeff M

I love my Chrysler Pacifica

I love my Chrysler Pacifica. The radio is amazing. The seats fold into the floor completely and back is huge!

- Jenny F

The stow and go seating is a great feature

Great vehicle, smooth ride, plenty of room, get the hybrid if you can, fuel economy on gas model not great.

- Ant M

I would say how good it is on gas is the most important. Especially with prices now, filling up doesn't kill your pockets.

It is great on gas. It drives really smooth. The back camera and turning assistance is clear and precise.

- Belen J

Awesome dance Deal with the problem.

This vehicle is smooth to drive and my family loves it. It has lots of space and seats go all the way in.

- First L

It is a great car if you have kids.

Love the space. Love the sliding doors. Everything is automatic and all of my car seats fit very nicely.

- Sarah M

Adaptive cruise control will change your life. It makes all road trips 100 times better.

I love the adaptive cruise control, quiet ride and safety features. The stow-n-go is a must have for me.

- John K

Best riding car. It was very comfortable no matter where you sit.

I love my Pacifica. The only complaints are Recalls and software updates that I have to continually do.

- Wendy C

Safe and secure, excellent restraints for driver and passengers, notably the air bag system both front and side.

Great vehicle, good use for my grandchildren. Very roomy. Nice styling. No dislikes. No complaints.

- James J

My car is very comfortable. I also like all the features that it has.

I like the size of my vehicle. The comfort of my vehicle. I also like the built In navigation system.

- Amanda T

It's very practical for a family vehicle.

I like the comfort it provides. I like the fit for our family. I like the features that it provides.

- Aaron N

The number one thing I would stress on the Chrysler Pacifica is the level of comfort

The Chrysler Pacifica is a great minivan.it provides comfort performance and great fuel economy

- Luke c

Drives quiet and smooth. Great gas Mileage and love the electric version.

Like the hybrid. Very comfortable and drives smooth. Adaptive cruise control is great.

- Ryan K

,, I it is a very smooth ride.

I love the safety features, Also the all around Camera view and the stow and go seats.

- Michael g

This van is a great family car and has a good amount if space.

The space in this van is awesome. This van has a huge trunk space. It is great on gas

- Jessica L

It has some advanced technology that starts and stops the vehicle at red lights.

There is poor use of space with the front console. The car has no usb charging ports.

- Jeremy R

That it has enough room in it for 8 people. You can put the seats down and haul stuff.

I love how my vehicle looks.I do not like how it turns off when we come to stop.

- cindy d

It's user friendly. It is great for road trips and very comfortable.

No dislikes. Very user friendly. Many improvements over the 2013 Town & Country

- Donald L

Safety Features and good gas mileage.

Pacifica is Quality. It is very reliable, Comfort and love the safety features.

- Dick D

One for only 2 cars with stow and go feature,fuel economy,room for 8 passengers.

Very comfortable ride.Always room for anything I buy.Love stow and go feature.

- Margaret Z

It rocks. I am madly in love with its style. I cannot say enough about it

Love it and all things about it. There is nothing I dislike. Best car ever.

- Julie B

The Pacifica is extremely convenient and every convenience is built into it. It rides beautifully, sits comfortably and has tons of great features to satisfy both parents and kids.

Every inch of the Pacifica has been maximized for convenience and comfort

- Jana S

It's a safe vehicle. That was my key concern when purchasing.

It's still new to me but it's really comfy! It fits my dog and is safe.

- Colleen J

I really like that my car has a great safety package. The cameras all around help you maneuver in and out of tight spaces. Also the car can park for you.

Hands free doors and trunk. you can kick your foot to open either one.

- Mark E

great seating for up to 7 passengers

I like the seating for 7. I like the stow and go and power liftgate.

- Debbie S

It has stow and go seats.

Like the stow and go seats. It drives good. Gets decent gas mileage.

- Stephen b

Its comfy, a great ride and safe! Its technological advances in its features...

I love all the room, stow n go seating and the technology it has.

- Deb D

My vehicle is new this year and runs great. I love all of the features it has that allows me to transport my family safely and efficiently.

It drives smoothly and I haven't had any problems with it so far.

- Kim A

Very roomy for a large family. Storage is optimal. Could use more interior lighting however in the trunk space.

Standard safety features like blind spot monitoring, rear camera

- Nicki M

I just got the van! I love the ease of driving and the automatic doors. Kids are super comfortable and lots of space. Really good price

Back up sensors go off when you are going to hit something

- Kate P

Seats feel good even after driving 12 hours.

Love the car. Lots of great gadgets. Drives like a dream.

- Bob B

Space quality vehicle. Enough room to maneuver around.

The convenience of space and able to get kids in and out

- Santo G

THe Pacifica tied for safest van in 2018. I love that it's so safe.

I love everything about my van. I would buy it again

- debbie c