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Keysense is a tool controlling speed, volume and stations.

This is a great option for space and flexibility no love the lie flat option and the store and go seats. They are easily maneuvered for women. I also like the many options on the driver seat for supreme comfort. The technology is great! Back up camera works wonderfully. My model does not have a CD player or a Sirius XM option built in, I would prefer one or the other. I didn't care for the key sense option. It works like a babysitter, not allow you to turn the radio up until you reach a certain speed and dinging irritably every time you near the posted speed limit. I can see where it would be beneficial for new or teenage drivers, but personally, it was driving my crazy. It was a simple fix to disengage it, I just had to remove the key sense fob from the vehicle and the. I was back in control. The front comes with cup holders which are very convenient and when the third row seating is up, they have built in hooks to slip your grocery bags onto and prevent them from moving all over the vehicle as you drive. The passenger seat has less controls for comfort and my mom, who is generally sitting there, says it does not ride as smoothly as other minivans. Overall, I would recommend the vehicle to others as it is a beautiful car with plenty of room and only minor negative aspects.

- Stacie W

Very roomy and great for families on the run

I love my Chrysler Pacifica. We got the model with the DVD player, and it is a godsend for my 3 kids when we are stuck in the car for a while. When we first bought it, we did have issues with the sound system. And after going to the dealership 4 times to have it fixed, they finally figured it out.. There was a crackling sound when a movie was being played, and it ended up being loose wiring connection. I always keep one seat stowed, because I have 3 kids, and that extra room,is great for getting the kids in and out. I crawl in there and buckle them in. It's also where I put all my groceries and shopping and makes it super easy to get things in and out. I also love this space because I can change my kids diapers right on the floor when we are out and about or on long trips. I bought a small rug to put down and it's very nice! The trunk is actually roomier than I expected too.

- Ellie M

Great for families with more than 2 kids.

I love the convenience of the vehicle. I can open the back doors and trunk from my keys and close everything from buttons in the front seat. The trim is leather which is great for kids that make a mess. I have three kids and their car seats fit well. I'm able to store one seat in the floor so I can access a car seat in the third row. The seats all fold into the floor creating a flatbed which is great for transporting large items. My triple stroller fits in the large trunk space. It's a V6 so it has great pickup on the highways. It's not a hybrid but has some energy efficient features such as turning off while idol. One thing I do not like about the car is it is not compatible to add Apple CarPlay. I also think the center console is a waste of space. Rather than having a storage bin it is open on the bottom. I keep tissues there but I would prefer to open and close a bin.

- Erica H

Chrysler Pacifica Van is the perfect family vehicle!

We absolutely love our Chrysler Pacifica Van. It is so comfortable when traveling, and provides ample space for our twin five-year-olds and our friends and family. We have black leather seats which our comfortable and clean up easily. We love that our bucket seats fold into the floor to give us even more room for travel or when hauling large items. I had always had large SUVs before, and were we never able to use the third row because of the kids car seats. The Pacifica allows us to use the third row because of the buckets. I also love the electronic sliding doors. No more worries about the kids getting their hands in the way of a slamming door, and no more worries when it comes to hitting other cars with the doors while parked. However, our favorite feature of this vehicle is the gas mileage. This van seems to go forever before needing a tank full-up!

- Kelley C

Chrysler pacifica for the van mom in us all.

I absolutely love our pacifica! It is family friendly. The video tablets in the back are amazing for the kids to watch movies or play games on. The uconnect headphones are horrible, extremely expensive and easily broken. I love the vacuum but rarely use it. Love the weathered floor mats that offer incredible protection. Seats are fairly easily folded down but practice at the dealerships. . There have been a lot if recalls but they have always been fixed quickly by our dealership and never caused me problems. My husband does not like lane assist (I love it) because it can pull you back onto a road that you are trying to exit or pull over quickly on. If you use a blinker it automatically turns off. The auto headlights can be frustrating with the brights. It does not always work when I need them to and sometimes it works when I do not need them on.

- Caitlin M

Versatility at its best with the Pacifica

I was never the dad who wanted a minivan. After looking at this and large SUVs I realized as far as usability and storage the Pacifica checked all the boxes more so than larger SUVs. The storage in the back drops lower versus say a Tahoe that stays above the wheel well. We travel quite often and this seems to fit our need more. The built in DVD players if perfect for the long trips. We even took a long trip with the in laws. Four adults and two car seats. Granted we utilized a roof carrier but everyone is sufficient room and plenty of areas to charge and use electronics. We plan on keeping this van until the kids are older but it is sure easy to load and unload them.

- Chris T

This vehicle is a mom's dream!

I love this van! I love that when I get in all I need to do is push a button to return to my driver's settings. My husband is tall and I am short and so it is super nice to be able to just get in and go without spending time messing with the seats. By recognizing the seat settings it also recognizes our preferences for temperature and music! This van rides very smoothly and we have not had any problems with it at all. We love the entertainment options for our kids too! They have 2 screens and games built right into the system! My older kids love that there are plugins and phone ports throughout the back of the vehicle! I would recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Melissa H

I do not like this vehicle.

This car is not that old, and we have had to get it fixed often. What I really hate is that there is little room in the way back to haul anything. I have storage tubs, and they do not fit because the back seats are tilted back too much. When we first got the vehicle, there were no cup holders by the front dash; they were down way low on the side where it is very hard to reach, and will not accommodate cups that are very large. We have had lots of trouble when we want to use the CD player. You have to go through all of these settings, and many times are taken back to the start. Settings, such as the passenger seat warmer, are very inconvenient.

- Cindy L

So much space with room to grow!

While I haven't owned it long enough to notice and/or experience any major problems, I can tell you that this is the minivan I've been dreaming of. The space is fantastic and there are SO many cup holders. The stow and go feature has been helpful right now as we don't need the third row and it makes space available for my two very large dogs. It gives me peace of mind in the winter here in the Midwest when I need to hop in the car with my toddler instead of standing with my back to the world in the freezing cold. We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby #2 and I already know this is going to be the right vehicle when she arrives.

- Katie G

It is a wonderful all around vehicle and I love to drive it.

I love my Chrysler Pacifica it drives really well and handles well in all kinds of weather. Is built well strong and sturdy. I get really good gas mileage for a full size van 25 to 27 miles to the gallon. I have had a van for many years and love this one as much or more than any of the others I have owned. I bought my Chrysler Pacifica in Moberly mo. From Moberly motors my sales agent was Marty Halliburton he is a great sales agent for Moberly motors. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and very helpful. My Pacifica has plenty of room for entire family and rides well for long trips. I will most likely trade in a few years for another.

- Betty H

Great vehicle but had an issue with uconnect.

I have had this care for about a month now and I absolutely love it! I love the stow n go seats in both the second and third rows. The main control panel is incredibly easy to navigate (the radio, making phone calls, navigation, climate control inside the car, etc). The only issue I have had so far is that before I bought the car it was a rental car. Because of that I had to call the uconnect service to delete the previous users information so I could connect my phone to access all of the benefits. That took a couple days and I had to call a couple times to get the issue fixed but now that it is fixed it has been great!

- Bailey M

2017 Chrysler Pacifica, Great family vehicle for riding in comfort

Our family of four loves the comfort our van provides. I especially love the easy fold down seats that store directly into the floor. I wish the windows in the back opened. I also wished there was a outlet located in the middle seat section so I am able to easily plug in our movie counsel. The performance of our van does really well depending on the brand of gases you use. I also wish there was a standard clock visible without having the whole center console screen on. We did experience a few hiccups in the beginning with multiple recalls on parts but I was pleased to have these issues quickly fixed by the dealer.

- Elizabeth B

Mom friendly, kid approved.

I absolutely love this van! When shopping for a new car I did not want a van but my children talked me into getting one. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made! At least once a month we fill the van up with kids and grandkids and have a fun weekend together. There is enough room for everyone to sit comfortably and still have toys/bags with them. The technology is great. I could not live without the nav system, the heated seats are a dream, . The biggest downfall is that there are not enough outlets for charging phones and tablets and such. It would be nice if there were an outlet at every seat.

- Victoria M

My Pacifica. This is a great vehicle, I would recommend someone to buy one.

WE HAVE HAD THIS VEHICLE since July of 2017. We have not had any problems with it, there are many thing that make it very comfortable, the seats have heat, lumbar, and are adjustable. The doors are all accessible from the overhead console. There are 2 sunroofs, You can open the side doors and the back tailgate by sticking your foot under it.The keys are on a key fob, you don't have to insert in the ignition, just have it in the vehicle. The one drawback is in the back the cup holders are in the sliding doors, they are not big enough to hold a big cup. They need to put them somewhere else.

- Jackie L

Love the automatic sliding side doors!

The vehicle is stylish and comfortable. I really like the package that came with the vehicle, which includes automatic door opener, button controlled adjustable seats, and button/automatic sliding side doors. It has a lot of room for a long drive with the kids, dogs and luggage. I love that the center and back seats can fold absolutely flat. The downside is that the outside temperature reader does not work all the time even though we have brought it in to have it fixed. Also the carpeting on the floor is black and shows every dog hair possible and does not easily vacuum up.

- Paula G

Don't buy it because it's horrible

I like the leather interior I like the TVs and I like the convenience of having the minivan for my boys. I do not like the way that handles the auto start an auto off and we have had nothing but electrical issues with the vehicle since we bought it. Sometimes the Corredor doesn't I like the leather interior I like the TVs and I like the convenience of having the minivan for my boys. I do not like the way that handles the auto start an auto off and we have had nothing but electrical issues with the vehicle since we got it

- Eric Y

Great family vehicle all around.

Our family really enjoys the Chrysler Pacifica minivan. The auto start button is a very nice feature in southern California to start you ac and get the air nice and cool before you get in. The blind spot sensor helps with this bigger car along with backup camera to safely reverse out of any spot. The screen shades on top of the already tinted windows help keep sun off babies face. The leather seats make for an easy clean with kids and the stow and go seats come IN handy when you need to transport just about anything.

- Luz W

I have 5 people in my family that include 3 kids ages 2, 5, and 10. My husband is 6'2" and we all have plenty of room and ride comfortably. Overall I love this vehicle with its power amenities including seats, Windows, doors and mortgage. Smooth ride, great stereo system, individual climate controls make this vehicle a joy to drive!

Love the way it handles and rides comfortable, leather seats with lumbar support are great and a necessity with my back problems and seat supports my neck great too, HD on radio stations great clarity, love the remote start on cold days, a/c great, love heated seats, sensors for distance safety very good, motorized fold down seats love that feature, having problems with sliding back passenger door sensor inconsistent, backup camera scrolling intermittently, memory not working for seat, had a couple of recalls,

- Tina C

High quality, convenient to use.

Quiet and comfortable, easiest to use, reliability has been consistent, good quality, offer much in the way of room and capability offer much in the way of room and capability offer much in the way of room and capability offer much in the way of room and capability offer much in the way of room and capability offer much in the way of room and capability offer much in the way of room and capability offer much in the way of room and capability offer much in the way of room and capability.

- Maria Teresa L

2017 Chrysler Pacifica - Not your usual minivan

I love all the tech in my Pacifica, especially the surround cameras and safety features. It's also a very comfortable vehicle. I drive a lot and rarely feel stiff or tired after long drives. I was resistant to buy a minivan but this Pacifica feels like a classy SUV. The styling is very sleek. We also have the eight seat model, and the removable 8th seat and stow n go seats are very easy to use. It takes just a minute or two to get a flat back seat. I highly recommend the 2017 Pacifica.

- Aline R

Family Friendly, Safe and Reliable

I love the way the Pacifica drives, it's very smooth with good acceleration. I personally feel like it's a hybrid of a car and a SUV. I have two young children and having both rear passengers doors slide open and closed is a really big convenience and also gives me peace of mind that no small hands or fingers will be accidentally slammed in a closing door. I also love the third row seating and the removable middle seat in the 2nd row that allows for easy access to the 3rd row.

- Jaime K

The coolest mom car on the block

My Chrysler Pacifica is my dream car. It has enough space to haul three boys and their friends to activities. Gets amazing gas mileage and is cool enough for the kids to ride around with me. The Pacifica is high tech and safe offering the back up emergency brake so I can't hit anything. It is comfortable for long trips and drives like a dream. If I ever am shopping for another car I'll be sure to look at the new Pacifica's first.

- Nicole L

Nice features, but does not function as promised.

The door sensors trigger if you are not standing perfectly still when closing, even when sitting in the driver's seat. I find this to be a safety issue. I have also had issues with the transmission popping when it shifts. Also, the uconnect theater does not work as advertised - it is difficult to connect tablets/phones to the back TV screens and when connected through the HDMI also will not play movies from the tablet /phone.

- Jen B

Great van but still has minor issues needing to be worked out

I really like all of the safety features, especially the 360 camera. I also like the stow 'n go seats and the bench seat that folds flat in the floor(main reason why we chose the van over the others). In the two and a half years that we've had the Pacifica, it has had to have paint redone on the hood (bubbling) and the transmission has been reset (once when it was brand new) and the sliding doors regularly lubricated.

- Jessica D

Great performance family van with lots of room.

Van is only a year old and battery that runs the start/stop function is already dead, it is a specific battery that apparently only Chrysler makes and all of these batteries are on backorder (I have had multiple mechanics try to find one and they cannot). Very comfortable and quiet ride, love the stow-a-way seating, good performance and gas mileage, lots of interior room. Overall, so far, very pleased with this van.

- Cassie C

Minivan that does not look like a minivan.

The vehicle is very comfortable, with an adjustable wheel and smooth steering. In addition, there are leather seats and screens in the back for kids to watch or play games on. The only problems so far is that the transmission sometimes takes a bit to catch up when the car is quickly moving. There has also been a few times where we have to send the car in due to recall of certain items. Otherwise, it is a great car.

- Kyle T

Chrysler Pacifica 2017 review.

I love the space in my vehicle. The touch screen radio with Uconnect is perfect for my family. The storage space is unlimited. Gas mileage is awesome. So of the things I do not like are that navigation is an extra option that we weren't told only could be activated by the dealer. The vehicle has had many recalls which are so inconvenient. The center console is very low making reaching your drink a little hard.

- Kacey R

Fun to drive big enough to put four dogs and luggage for a trip

Very happy no real problems with vehicles. Could get better gas mileage. Seats are heated, great in winter. My friend uses it in summer, she is always cold. Comfortable on trips. Just wish we had gotten model with automatic seats. I make my husband take the seats up and down when we go for plants. Plenty of room. Only other problem is the rug is hard to vacuum. It likes to keep snap pieces.

- Judith O

Nice looking van but major issues.

The Chrysler Pacifica is a very nice looking van with ample storage space but is not made for driving in areas that are very snowy. The vehicle itself doesn't weigh enough to get near enough traction and slides all over. It also had issues with shifting when going between 10-25 mph the van will 'jerk' and feel almost as if you've been hit from behind and then will suddenly slam into the next gear.

- Calli W

Everything you could ask for

The Chrysler Pacifica is the ideal vehicle for families. Not only is it the most comfortable van for long trips but the automatic doors and hatch also make my life easier everyday. It also has built in navigation so I never lose my way and satellite radio so I never have to worry about losing a station when I travel. This van is extremely reliable and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Jennifer P

A smooth, comfortable vehicle.

It is a very nice vehicle, lots of room. Seats go into floor for more room to load big items. The sliding doors are so nice to just touch a button and open and close smoothly. Radio and screen is nice and big easy to use and see. This vehicle is great on gas mileage. This vehicle is great for a family, friends, school, any age since it is so comfortable to sit in and fits so many people.

- J F

The extra features & space makes the transition to a first minivan effortless.

I like the keyless entry, ability to fold down the middle seats very easily and create a lot of extra space for strapping kids into car seats, being able to transport my immediate family plus others, build in blinds in the back seats, options to direct heating/cooling to the rear/front of the vehicle! I dislike that the radio turns on automatically every time I turn the vehicle on.

- Danielle R

I just need a new vehicle.

My car has a horrible sound to it but it still works were supposed to get a new car like next month if not 2 months. But the car itself is real nice I like the car I like the car I just want a new car I just want a new car its okay but I just want a new one I be embarrassed when my mom come get me because the car so loud and annoying but the air doesn't work the heat work though.

- Daniel T

The Pacifica is perfect for a family with children.

The Pacifica has been wonderful! It's very spacious, comfortable and the stow and go seats are very convenient and therefore give many seating options. The only issue we have had with the car is that it will jerk sometimes when either pressing on the gas pedal or sometimes while driving. It could be a technical issue, but no code ever shows up for the mechanics to know for sure.

- Marissa O

Beware of 2017 Pacifica! Do your homework and test drive more than one brand

It's a 2017 new car that does not drive as good as It should. Altogether a-lot of sensor issues saying key Fob not in the car. The car, when you press the gas, it takes forever to drive at a reasonable speed quickly. I also feel like issues are going to arise quickly with this vehicle which is unfortunate for a minivan. I kind of regret getting this brand versus Toyota or Honda.

- Prices D

2017 Chrysler Pacifica pros and cons

In less than 1 year I have had 5 recalls on the Pacifica. It had also been in the shop 2 times within the year for electrical problems. The second time the entire electrical system crapped out. Also had to have my battery replaced. Air conditioning does not work as good as the air conditioner on our other car which is a 2003 if that tells you anything. It is however very roomy.

- Deborah J

Very comfy or able family car.

It's a very roomy comfortable car for a large family. I love that the middle row has three seats, and keyless entry and startup. One time my emergency brake engaged while parking and wouldn't disengage. After being towed and computer reset it never happened again. I wish the car had a CD player The downside is that the pickup is slow and sometimes I feel the car grind to much.

- Mary L

This car has tons of space and is great for a family. It seats 8, and it still has a deep trunk. If you put the back seats down, you have plenty of space for many travel bags or large objects that don't fit in smaller cars.

It has seating for 8; I love that we can fit the extended family all in one car. If it's just the 4 of us, we have tons of trunk space to bring lots of things on family vacations, fit big strollers, buy furniture, etc. The rear view camera is especially helpful to guide into parking spaces. The car itself is great, but the process of buying it from the dealer was terrible.

- Jennifer T

Very roomy, but still not too big!

I love my Chrysler Pacifica because there is plenty of room for me and my growing family! My husband is tall and usually never has any leg room, but there is tons of space! The kids have room between their feet and the seat in front of them, and we have extra room. Even after putting all of our kids stuff in the car!! We love our van, and are so happy with our purchase.

- Haleigh L

The reasons why I love my Pacifica.

I love the keyless feature of my van. It is very comfortable on long road trips. It has a high safety rating which is important since I have got 2 little kids. I love the large control screen used for everything from radio to temperature. Another great feature is the stow away seats. I can fold down all my seats into the floor and have ample room to move large objects!

- Kristen C

The best minivan you can get.

I love how my car handles and feels. It is roomy and comfortable and very safe. The only complaint I have is the floor carpet, which feels a little flimsy. Otherwise, I love the car and plan to get another one in a year or two. I like the little mirror that lets me keep an eye on the kids. I love the dual power sliding doors and the stow and go seating. Great minivan!

- Marjorie M

My Chrysler Pacifica 2017 model.

I am totally pleased with all the features my Chrysler Pacifica comes with. I love the fact that I can remote start my car and have my ac cooling down the inside of my vehicle before I get in, I also enjoy all the space the vehicle has and the ability to store the seats without having to remove them from the vehicle. I am exceptionally happy with it powerful engine.

- L V

With the van we own there are a few things that could more user-friendly. For instance the back lighting for the climate control screen is set with the same knob that controls the lighting for the drivers dash. And there aren't any cup holders for the middle row.

It makes good fuel mileage. It automatically unlocks when you walk up with the fob. The seats stow easily in the floor for the times when you suddenly want more room. It has so very many useful and helpful designs for a parent with young children. I love the automatic doors that open with a button on the outside that I can bump with an elbow when my hands are full

- Sarah E

The van is very smooth when driving. Also has 911 button you call when in danger .the Pacifica also has a back camera that helps you park properly

Th Pacifica Van is beautiful and spacious all 4 of my car seats fit perfectly .travels at easy because everything fit nicely in the trunk. We had this vehicle for almost two years and we are happily. The cars has given us problems lately and the check engine is always on , it also hesitated when driving . I hope Chrysler helps us because we truly love this van

- Raquel G

Spends more time in the shop than in the garage

Junk. Thankfully we bought the extended warranty. It has been in the shop on two different occasions for over a month each time. We have only had it for a year and only drove it 10 of the last 12 months. Having to constantly change between loaner vehicles is a pain. I would never bye this vehicle again and will gladly sell it if I can find anyone to buy it.

- Jesse F

Great Van! Watch out for the front display.

Great family Van! Lots of room easy to clean. Lots of great safety features. Love that the seats fold down makes for easy storage. The front display like to wig out on you. The dealership was very helpful in fixing the issue. If you live in colder climates to great idea to keep the sensors wiped off they do like to go off on you if they're covered with snow.

- Dina S

Pacifica, the good and the bad.

Transmissions issues with software problems automatic sliding doors and keyless entry and hidden space in the floors but radio buttons behind the steering wheel already do not work it is been recalled a couple times already but main problem has been software for the transmission, it is a smooth ride but and mainly happy except for the transmission problems.

- Mark J

Chrysler Pacifica - Beautiful Body and Color

It drives very well and very spacious. It is very Comfortable even on long rides We have had several problems with the car. 2nd row passenger door opens on its own ever so often and taking it back to the dealership several times has not helped. The dashboard system has been replaced twice and is a pain to connect radio, phone and have gps, CD etc.

- Monica K

Great comfortable family vehicle

Love the space and storage it has for my family. It's a very comfortable vehicle to drive and ride in. Love the drop down mirror that I can really see the kids in the back and check on the well being of my baby. One thing I don't like is the sliding doors don't always watch the first time you close it and sometimes makes a grinding noise as its closing.

- samantha W

It rides much more like an SUV with the benefits of a van.

My Pacifica is amazing. It has all the features I wanted, and cost much less than a comparable SUV. I especially love the heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, TVs, and the ability to put all the seats in the back into the floor. I also have the tow package which is incredibly helpful, and I also have roof rails which are slick but functional.

- Amanda H

Do not have to take key fob out of purse, unlocks when I touch the handle!

When I first got my Pacifica, the back sliding doors made a horrible noise. The dealer took care of it and it is been fine since (recall). It is comfortable and we have lots of space. When I pull up to a stop light the engine shuts off (at first I thought the engine died) but when I take my foot off of the break the engine starts again. I love this van!

- Michelle W

Great car for the price!!

The car is great. A lot of technology. Feels almost like an SUV. I have had some issues with some controls but overall it is very good especially for the price. I have the version with 2 seats in the middle row which makes the car very convenient for the passengers to get in and out of the car. The TVs in the second row are also a great feature

- Jack E

Great vehicle for families.

I love my Chrysler Pacifica minivan! The Bluetooth system is awesome and very handy as well as the keyless entry and start. I love that the middle and rear seats fold down flat so that we can load up the back full! The sliding doors are great for when you have kids. The one touch button for the front seat to fold down middle seats is great as well!

- Kristina M

Not fondness of my Chrysler Pacifica

The Heat and AC in this van are hard to keep at comfortable levels. They quickly become too hot or too cold and have to constantly be manipulated. Also the Speaker phone is not near loud enough for me to hear the people on the other end. Most annoying is the gas tank! It continually clicks off when pumping if the pump isn't in the perfect position.

- Korin C

My Chrysler Pacifica is the best family car ever!

This is the most convenient car for families of three or more children. My three and four year old's can open the door on her own and all three of my children can get in and out of the car all by themselves. I love the sliding doors, especially in parking lots. The car actually drives great and has awesome pickup too. I absolutely love my minivan.

- Christine J

Pacifica is a great car for the family!

We love our Pacifica! Great family car. They thought of so many features that make life easier with kids. We love the auto open/close doors and trunk. We also love how it unlocks when you pull on the handle without having to press a button on the key fob to get it to unlock. It makes things much easier when trying to juggle everything with kids.

- Lynsey M

It is very spacious & comfortable

The Pacifica is very roomy and comfortably allows 7 passengers. The quick slide power doors are a must have for school pickup and drop off. Value is added with the heated and vented leather seats. The stow and go area is fantastic for long trips. Even with all seats in the sitting position the 'trunk' area has plenty of space for essentials.

- Cheryl B

the Chrysler pacifica, and its amazing features and abilities!

the car that I have stated is not mine, but I do use it a lot. It is fairly new so it has great performance and comfort. It also has many useful compartments that come in handy. In my experience with this car, it hasn't had any problems for me. The car that I am detailing is a great car and will take you to many places you would wish to visit.

- fred S

Problems concerning Gas, Break, and Service Engine Light

The main problem would be that it is not fuel efficient. I have a hard time living in San Francisco and filling up my gas to go to work everyday. I also have problems with the breaks. They easily get squeaky and stop abruptly. Furthermore, the service engine light always pops up. Regardless of these faults, the car hasn't let me down too much.

- Venus P

The van is extremely reliable and safe for my family. I've never had any issues.

I love how smooth it drives, have never had any mechanical issues. We have the base model which I love because the doors aren't automatic. We had an older model can years ago and the electrical doors malfunctioned on the interstate, opening, with my children in the back seat. It was scary. With this van, I don't worry about those issues.

- Lynsey O

Easy for kids to get in and out with door opener by the rear view mirror

In regards to problems there have been zero in the first year of ownership. It is very spacious and easy for kids to get in and out of. The automatic engine turn off while idling is especially appreciated as it has kept my gas usage in check. Leather seats are comfortable but having the cooling feature would have been nice in the summer.

- Kim C

Chrysler Pacifica great vehicle with plenty of room.

We have a Chrysler Pacifica and it has been a great family vehicle for our family of five. It is very easy for the kids to get in and out there is plenty of room and tons of extras like the dvd player, navigation system, hands free, and being able to fold the seats down flat making for ton of space when needing to haul something big.

- Jayme B

It�s Just not suitable for us

I wouldn't say it has any problems, it just not suitable for us. We rarely use the space it has. It also has the auto turn off when you are stopped which is a real pain when you need to get out in a lane and the car has to restart. You have to move the seats every time you want to life the stow and go and put something below.

- Ashley H

Great family car packet with features, and not as pricey as other options.

Sliding door issues with rollers, radiator overflowing, battery died when there was no reason too. It is a very comfortable 7 passenger car. The kids really enjoy the TV feature, satellite radio access, camera and sensors are great features. Hands free truck and sliding doors are difficult to figure out. Trunk space is great.

- L P

The Pacifica really has it all!

Overall we are really happy with our car. We love how spacious it is yet it drives more like an SUV. I really like the safety features, especially the lane departure warning and the rear-view camera. It is the only van that has seats that tilt so you can still access the 3rd row if there are car seats in the captain's chairs.

- Alicia D

The space is probably my favorite aspect of the Pacifica.

I love my van! It is amazing. There is so much room. It drives so smooth. It's our family car. We take it everywhere. We have driven it 16 to Florida once and 13 to Alabama the year after. It keeps our kids safe and everyone comfortable, even our fur kids. I wouldn't think of having a different vehicle. We love our Pacifica

- Tayler B

It is very easy to drive, it has great back-up cameras - front and back when you are backing up the car for parallel parking and seeing what is around you and it holds well at least 7 adults

Quiet, helps me break if I am too close to the next vehicle, lets me see all sides while trying to park especially with the back-up cameras. I do not like that my text messages and sometimes phone interrupt songs and the driver control is a switch and not a stick - looks like a volume control. Overall it is a good vehicle

- Alison P

Spacious Comfortable Sliding Doors

I was use to having more cup holders and an charging plug in my Town and Country behind the middle row and I miss them in my Pacifica. I also have recently found out that the hood is already corroding. I do love that we are able to tow our boat and take all our camping gear and still fit. Our family of four comfortably.

- Dawn G

That it is able to fit kids, a large dog and lots of packed items if you are taking a road trip.

I don't like that the handling is not as good as my last vehicle. It is pretty big, which can make it hard to park in small spaces or to parallel park. I do like that the seats fold down which means that they do not have to be removed when I want to fit something large in the back. It also has a lot of interior room.

- becky m

Awesome, safe family car with great features.

I love the stow and go seats, and the automatic doors. They key fob and knob shifter took a bit of getting used to but I do very much enjoy both of those now. I feel like the transmission and engine could be a bit more powerful, but the ride is smooth. The top safety rating was what made this car an easy choice for me.

- Stephanie D

There are some things that may seem extravagant or ridiculous in the packages, but if you can afford them, they are really great. Oddly enough, I don't use the media package very often. The apps are great but can be distracting. The Pacifica is a great minivan and the electric stowaway seats are fantastic. Oh! The vacuum is good but could be a bit stronger.

I love the car and all the electronics. What I don't like is that in order to get automatic seat stowing, you have to buy a package that includes things you may never use. Same with the media package. You may need/want only one thing in the package, but you can only buy the whole package causing the price to soar.

- Mary F

Well my vehicle is considered a many van but drive like a truck.

Great car runs great with a lot of space. Good for family road trips and vacation. If you have kids it has the perfect space. When driving the vehicle it is a very smooth ride no problems it has great safety features. The vehicle is also great for moving a hauling big items from the store a great family vehicle.

- Donnell H

Gets the gas mileage of a compact car, 30 mpg on the highway, 25 mpg in town.

It is the perfect size for my family, easy to get in and out of. The Pacifica has great extras, is very comfortable for travel, has stow-n-go seating and looks good. One thing I have tried to have corrected without success is the rough change of gears. There is obviously something wrong in the transmission.

- Terry C

The plug-in hybrid model is great for saving on gas, 30 miles per day on just electric.

Very comfortable and easy to drive. It is very roomy and easy to haul things. Visibility is great, and nice to drive either in town or on the highway. Really like the adaptable cruise control. One major problem is the engine light is on most of the time and have not yet been able to fix it at the dealer.

- Richard K

Solid minivan with minor annoyances.

My only complaints are that the shift knob can be confused for the volume knob for the radio, shifting from gear to gear at higher speeds can cause a clunk, and the cruise control is glitchy going down steep inclines. We have put 18, 000 plus miles on it already and look forward to taking it on longer trips.

- Brian F

Spacious, relaxing, and dependable. Kid friendly and easy and safe travelling.

Comfortable, has a lot of room. Drives great, love the remote start and automatic doors. DVD player is a bonus when traveling. Has extra feet space when loaded up with passengers. Easy fold down seats. Back up cameras and blind spot sensors are a wonderful touch when you cant see all the way around the car.

- Whitney M

I love the room it offers!

I love my Chrysler Pacifica! I love how much room there is for my whole family. The stow and go seats are great for when I need the extra space for luggage on trips. One thing I don't absolutely love is, the automatic doors aren't completely childproof and will still close until you apply force to the door.

- Brittany P

As stated statement. It is a great vehicle with great features. Great for kids.

The transmission slips going from 1st gear into 2nd gear causing it to jolt pretty heavily. The door grinds when shutting. It is very reliable it is been in 2 fender benders and rear ended once and has barely got a dent on it. Also it is very comfortable and the kids love all the features. Lots of storage.

- Sarah S

Love the hidden in floor seating if you need to haul items. The double sunroof!

Love the comfort of our minivan with two young children. We did have a sliding door malfunction over 6 months and they finally replaced the entire handle and we haven't had a problem. We have also had to replace our wheel bearings 4 times. The problem is now fixed. No problems since we hit the 2 year mark!

- Danielle H

Weird shifter and recall hassle

Sometimes while driving it doesn't seem to pull right. Like transmission doesn't shift right. Also We have had some recalls that affected our lives because while renewing our registration. So we had to go out our way on our time to drop of the minivan and find another way to transport while we had no van.

- Anthony V

Luxurious ride, could use a little more pick up though...

Love all the extras, the blu Ray player, touch screens with apps, sunroofs, premium leather, automatic doors, etc. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a lot of pick up, takes a second to change gears and makes me fearful that my transmission will go out. Hopefully it does before the warranty is up!

- Britta I

Don't buy it. We've had a lot of issues and other families that we know have had similar problems.

We have had a lot of problems with this vehicle. We bought it as an upgrade for safety and maintenance from our 2009 Chrysler town and country and have been extremely disappointed. It was a major downgrade in features and we've had to bring it in for multiple issues with the sliding doors and the engine

- Elizabeth S

Lots of space, reliable would buy one again.

I absolutely love our van! There is tons of cargo room. We've got three kids in car seats so those take up lots of space but even with those there is still plenty of room. We did have issues with the DVD player and ended up getting it replaced. Once in awhile it tends to jerk when you are accelerating.

- Hannah A

The Chrysler Pacifica is an awesome ride!

I love my Chrysler Pacifica. I have 3 boys so I need a lot of room. Love the stow and go and storage and how the seats fold down if I ever have to load bigger items. It is so convenient and never feels like I am driving a minivan. The ride is very smooth and very comfortable, especially on long drives.

- Jen V

Very roomy and comfortable minivan

The Chrysler Pacifica is a very nice vehicle. We love it for our family of 6. It drives nice and is a very comfortable vehicle. Fits 7 people very comfortably. Lots of leg and head room. Runs smooth. There is plenty of cargo space. But converts to a cargo van easily which a really helpful feature.

- Sylvia O

I Love my Pacifica, you should get one!

My Pacifica is awesome. It has so many safety features that help me every time I drive. I love the adaptive cruise control, lane departure signal, blind spot warning, speed warning. The navigation is also fantastic! Plus it is so comfortable and stylish, and the kids love the entertainment system.

- Jenny D

This vehicle is amazing! Best vehicle.

Our vehicle has been amazing! We had not had a any major issues. We had one minor issue with some words or sensors for our airbags, however it was fixed right away and covered by my warranty. It is a comfortable ride always and we like that the leg room is perfect for my tall husband and children!

- Charity B

Comfort and convenience for someone with a disability.

I have ms and have difficulty getting into and out of regular sedans. The Chrysler pacifica seats adjust enough for me to get in and out with ease. The lower step-up into the passenger part of the van is also an advantage. Living in Maine, I enjoy the heated seats and the remote starter features.

- Susie G

Love that the automatic door open button can be locked. Great safety feature.

Easy accessibility, great for kid drop off and pick up. Deep trunk for groceries. Slept 4 kids when seats were laid down. Smooth, quiet transmission. Comfortable ride, easy clean seats. Electronic features make for easy travel. Wish I would have purchased the model with the entertainment package.

- Jennifer D

Good family vehicle. Great for vacations and transporting small/ several people.

It was t the best idea to purchase the first of a newly released model. The lift gate doesn't sound anymore. The car creaks like it's extremely old. The navigation is out of date. There is amazing storage space and the seat configurations are great as well! No CD player available in this model.

- Nicole M

Pacifica: Luxury cruising and quiet, easy city driving.

I fly R/C model aircraft, some quite large (80-95-inch wingspan) and the Pacifica will hold all I need to get to a field to fly. It gets great mileage for a minivan about 28 mpg overall). It is comfortable to ride in and drive, has a lot of luxury appointments, and suits our family very well.

- Philip S

2017 Chrysler Pacifica touring

We love this car for our family!! Tons of space and has stow and go for the second and third row. It has a built in DVD player, which the kiddos love. Built it sun shades for second and third row, which is nice! Super comfortable for trips! Gets good gas mileage in town and on the highway.

- Heather F

Pacifica review, be cautious

AC is inconsistent. The electronics for opening the doors often fails. The transmission skips and the headlights don't work. I've had several recalls and spend a lot of time in the shop. There is a weird smell when the heat is on. I shouldn't be having these problems with a new car.

- Trisha P

It drives like a car. I love the automatic doors.

We went from a 20 year old Town and Country to this Pacifica and we love it for the basic reasons. Automatic doors, sirius radio, stow and go seating. We have had issues with software updates which is really problematic since vehicles almost entirely operate based on computers now days.

- Curlie K

Amazing Safety Features that protect the family

This car is like having a home away from home. The Minivan is so comfortable and a perfect vehicle for the kids and driving the kids to all of our lessons and sporting events. There is room to stretch out and relax while in the car. The additional features make the trip more enjoyable.

- Jessica B

Smooth ride and features galore!

I really love the features in the van and the smooth quiet ride! The door buttons at for the front seat riders to open/close the two doors and the liftgate, the amazing navigation/entertainment, the ease of remote start, and the space for kids and their friends has made it a joy to drive.

- Kristin B

This van has space enough to keep my kids from agitating each other!

We absolutely love this van! It is spacious and has a ton of features for our large family. Our favorite feature being that the middle row seats store away into the floor for more space. The trunk is deep and very accommodating for trips. It rides smoothly and is extremely comfortable.

- Nicole S

Everything is automatic, making the drive so much more easier.

I enjoy my van because of all the features. Everything is automatic. I do not even have to use my keys.. I just need to be close to the van to unlock it. To start it up, all I have to do is press the ignition button. Everything is hands free and automated. Makes my life so much easier.

- Celeste A

Great light travel trailer towing package.

We love this car, we have the touring plus model with the towing package. It tows our new trailer great. We like how the seats fold all the way down so we have a lot of cargo space. It gets really good mileage for a van, unless we are towing a travel trailer and we get next to nothing.

- Susan G

I love all the room it has and all seats in 2nd and 3rd row reclines back.

It has had at least 7 recalls. Problems with side doors opening up automatically, sometimes it says key fob has left the vehicle when it has not. When side doors and back hatch opens it does not beep to alert you when opening or closing. Once the airbag light came on while driving,

- Kelly F

Not your mama's minivan!!

Very comfortable for everyone. Decent gas mileage. USB ports everywhere. This isn't your mama's mini van. Stylish, sleek and modern. Versatile seating options with a touch of a button. Luxurious leather seats and full sunroof add to wow factor. Plenty of room for people or hauling.

- Toni W

Do not buy Chrysler Pacifica.

The doors continually open again when using automatic close. There seems to be a lag in the electrical system. Pickup is horrible in it too when coming off the line. It handles horrible as well. I cannot wait to return it at the end of lease it is worst vehicle I have ever driven.

- Eric G

Driving dogs. Van has enough room for dog show equipment.

Great room in front, leg room. Dashboard easily configured, good control, dependable. This is my 2nd Chrysler van and it drives like a car, no clunky-ness. Could use better pick-up and a touch less road noise. I have show dogs and there is plenty of room for crates and equipment.

- Beverly S

Minivan for the modern mom.

I love my Pacifica! The captains chairs are a must, as it is perfect for each of my children to have their own space. I love how it drives, I have not had any issues as long as I have owned it. The rear seats go down so easily, great for road trips. I highly recommend this car.

- Ingrid B

Spacious stow and go. Great for hauling large objects and lots of people.

Love stow and go seats. Electronic features are poorly designed rough idle. Gas economy is fair and spacious interior. 7 adults rise in comfort. Radio is not laid out well and temperature control is tedious and difficult to adjust. Turning radius is good for a van this size.

- Laurie S

Backup camera, and the reverse anti lock brake system.

The transmission is shifting hard around 3 gear, and it usually shifts hard 10-35 mph. I've never had a vehicle to do this. Also I feel like it should shine better after being washed, the paint seems dual. However if I could get the transmission looked at I would be happier.

- Summer H

Great MPG and lots of traveling room

Fantastic mpg. Seats very comfortable. Electrical system has some problems. The auto doors would not open.. This van is somewhat overpriced.. Has been very reliable. First two years we drove 60000 miles. Never left us stranded. Lay down seats perfect to travel. Lots of room

- Willie M

Great vehicle for our on-the-go family

We love our Pacifica so far! It has great features that make life so easy, including dual DVD players, backup cameras, automatic doors, so many safety features, and so much more. We haven't had any problems. The van fits our family just right with ample space for everyone.

- Libby S

Powerful, comfortable pacifica.

The ride is comfortable and seats are made to fit the body. The screen is large and easy to view. All the applications are at your fingertip. This has the stow and go feature. It makes it so easy to put the seats down. I transport dogs and cats and there is plenty of room.

- Sara R

Vehicle runs great, but beware of hood corrosion

I have had no problems with the vehicle other than the aluminum hood corroding. I had to go several rounds with my local dealer before they agreed to replace it. Other than that, it has run well and has many features that are very convenient for a family with children

- David H

My Pacifica is a great ride.

It's reliable but had a few recalls in the beginning. There are many extra features that are convenience/comfortable, such as, heated seats, hands-free feature for the radio, and WIFI hotspot although the carrier is not good when traveling by Up North (Grayling north).

- Lori H

Great family van and excellent touring vehicle

The van is extremely comfortable to ride and great for long trips. It has back up cameras & sensory which is a wonderful safety feature. The only downside is that it has had several recalls, but the local service department was able to address those is a timely manner.

- Stormy g

Great comfort for the family and keeps kids occupied!

The door always have to have a software update! Gas mileage is not horrible. Don't hit anything in the front like road dubre as it cost a lot to replace the front sensor. The van is great for a family with lots of kids! The kids love the movie systems in the van also.

- Sami M

Space, design and good on travels.

Pacifica is very spacious and nice to drive. Kids have plenty space to move, and also they can watch they're movies on a little screen in back of my seat. The car also have reclining seats and a lot of space to bags, grocery stuff. Good on travels, very comfortable.

- Carina L

The stow and go seating is amazing! It has lots of features and looks beautiful!

My favorite thing is the stow and go seats. We keep the third row down a lot and use the back to move things. I love that it comfortably seats 7 people. It drives smoothly and is very reliable. I don't like that at just one year old, the turn signal light went out.

- Sarah R

It is a very desirable car to own.

Great very comfortable, smooth drive. Good gas mileage. No outside noise as you travel. Have had no problems. It has all the features needs on a minivan. It is a reliable. I had a Chrysler town and country from 203 till this one Chrysler is a great vehicle to buy.

- Cecilia G

Chrysler Pacifica- love it!

I love my Pacifica! It is so comfortable and roomy. It drives easily and gets decent gas mileage. The trunk has quite a bit of space for a minivan. I can even fit my double stroller in the trunk. I would consider buying another Pacifica or Chrysler in the future.

- Sarah D

A new model with lots of issues

It's a new model vehicle, but I have had it for 2 years now and there has been several recalls. There's been ongoing stalling issues, computers needing to be upgraded/preprogrammed. Other than this it's a beautiful smooth riding mini van with lots of cargo space

- La C

Wonderful Chrysler. Worth every penny.

One of the best cars I ever had. Does everything. No problems whatsoever. Still have not worked out all the electronic things. Love the back-up camera and parking assist. Also love the amount of space inside. Love American cars. Love the silver color too.

- Gertrude C

It is a great option for families looking for a minivan but scared of the size and sticker price of the other models.

I like the fact that it is a minivan but is still smaller than the Sienna and the Odyssey. The seats fold down easily to bring lots of stuff on trips. It is a very powerful van--maybe even overpowered. The capless gas fill up system doesn't work very well.

- Sarah G

My cool mommy van, the Chrysler Pacifica touring l.

Very spacious, 8 seats allows middle seats to be put inside if need more space. Smart savvy, has car navigation you can connect your phone to do calls. Spacious trunk. Very loud music system it has leather seats. Very good brakes and engine, super fast also.

- Lyn Q

Totally satisfied Chrysler Pacifica customer

This van is comfortable to ride in and a pleasure to drive. It has all the features I wanted and more. It has been very reliable and gets great fueled mileage on the many long trips we have taken and the granddaughters love the built in wireless DVD players

- Diane M

Spacious, comfortable, I love my minivan!

I was hesitant to get a minivan, but this has been the best car I've ever owned. It is so comfortable for short or long rides, very easy to get the kids in and out, and has plenty of room. The stow and go seats are so easy to use, and especially convenient.

- Michelle H

Screen location placement makes it difficult to operate safely while driving.

I find it difficult to use any of the vehicle's systems and features while driving. This vehicle has so many wonderful capabilities and features. However, due to the location of the screen, the driver must look down, and take eyes off of the road to access.

- Julie M

It's not only guy space but again gets amazing mileage for a van.

I love the way it drives, it's a very smooth ride. I love all the space and the bells and whistles (DVD player, leather seats). I do not like the shifter that looks like a volume knob... Some people think it is the volume and try to turn it while driving.

- Stephanie L

Automation, spacious and fun to drive

I like the automatic doors and trunk. There is a lot of trunk space. Great safety ratings. The back seats go all the way down.it's fun to drive. Seats are comfortable. Easy to put my son in and out of car seat. Great value. Has a vacuum in the trunk area.

- Summer M

Comfortable and spacious. Great family vehicle and good for traveling.

I love my vehicle. There is so much room for my 4 kids, especially the older two. The isle way an adult can walk straight down. It is comfortable and full of many features. Love the backup camera and the heated seats. I like the blind spot assist as well.

- Shelly H

Chrysler Pacifica great family car.

The Chrysler Pacifica has lots of room and storage for a big family. Great mileage 22 in the city in about 25 in the highway. Great pick up speed for a minivan. It has a rear view backing camera so you can if anything is behind. No problems for right now.

- Carlos V

Comfortable car with lots of features to help out a mom with kids!

The features I like: heated seats, satellite radio, rear entertainment system, blind spot indicators in side view mirrors, 2 captains chairs in the second row, easy fold down seats in second and third row, automatic closing side doors and rear lift gate.

- Alissa S

It is comfortable for longer trips!

I like riding in and driving it. I'm bothered by sitting as a passenger with my fob in my purse, waiting for my husband to come out of a store - anyone who tried to open a door even tho I have locked them, COULD because there is a fob in the vehicle...

- Judi L

Love the extra room and the storage space!

The Chrysler Pacifica is a great car! I love the ease of getting in and out of the car with three small children. There is ample trunk space and I love that you can move the seats to fit large items. The car drives smoothly and gets great gas mileage.

- Kristen Y

Great electronic features. But in need of backup sensors.

No problems, great van. Wish there was a back up sensor with the backup camera. It runs smooth, but wish it had a better way to disable the start/stop feature when at red lights and stop signs. Great electronic features such as touch screen everything.

- Erin T

2017 Chrysler Pacifica is a great family vehicle

Lots of space, reliable. comfortable, nice entertainment system, lots of safety features, love the plastic flooring which makes it easy to clean up spills. The captain seats and back row fold down into the floor making it easy to haul larger purchases.

- Melanie O

Great family vehicle! Great features that are easy to use.

Stow n go seating is great because it has a ton of storage space when the seat is up and in use. Seats are easy to stow and pull back out. Touch screen display for radio, thermostat control and navigation is easy to use. Tons of USB plugs for charging.

- Heather S

This is stepsons car and he loves it!

Very comfortable and roomy seating! Nice size trunk! Sound system is great! Nice ac! Drives very smooth and love the color! Just bought it for stepson! The breaks are great! And the motor purrs like kitten! Perfect gas mileage and seat belts are nice.

- Melissa A

Minivans aren't just for moms anymore! They have the storage and convenience of an SUV with lower step in height.

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L model that we purchased is very comfortable, handles well, and has options that fit our lifestyle. Even though we do not have children, the stow and go seats are perfect for loading our two giant breed dogs easily.

- Elaine B

It's a great car with excellent safety features.

I love the stow n go seating. The roominess is great and makes it perfect for travel. Also like all the safety features (lane assist, brake assist, surround cameras, parallel parking, etc.) Comfortable van to drive and we get fairly good mileage, too.

- Melody S

Tons of room for a big family.

We haven't had any problems yet. The vehicle runs smooth, has tons of room and storage which works perfectly for our family of six. I love the reverse camera, I seriously don't know how I have gotten along without it for so long. I love the Pacifica!

- Chanel A

It is perfect for me. I have three kids who have lots of activities and friends.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. It is very comfortable and absolutely suits my needs. It has been very reliable and is the perfect solution for carpooling. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 is that I am ready to move on from a minivan!

- Elizabeth S

It is a great family car, especially for younger kids.

It get good gas mileage, has a lot of room, works well with kids, and drives good. I do not like the automatic engines shut off to save gas and that you have to press the button each time to prevent it from shutting engine off when you stop.

- Katie S

Great vehicle for a big family.

I love the keyless entry. I live that you can open the sliding doors and trunk with the fob. I love the bucket seats. The screen is a great size. I love the storage and that the seats all go down. It is my favorite vehicle I have ever had.

- Stephanie J

The gear shifter is a dial located on the center console. Be aware and be careful you don't turn that when you go for the volume.

It drives very well. I like the smooth ride, heated seats, and added features. The gas mileage is acceptable, though not great. I am not crazy about the placement of the gear shifter dial as I'm afraid I'll turn it instead of the volume.

- Amanda A

This van has a very smooth ride and is easy for older riders to enter and exit.

I love the comfort of the front seats, both driver side and passenger. The leg room is extremely comfortable. I haven't discovered anything yet that I dislike. I'm looking forward to trying the remote start and heated seats this winter.

- Candace E

The cameras help to warn you if you are getting too close to anything.

My Pacifica is dark red and it has everything. It has a 360 degree camera system, power stow and go seats, and a dvd system with two screens located in the back of the two front seats. I just got back from Utah and it got 30 mpg.

- Dwight F

It is extremely versatile and useful. The automatic doors are extremely helpful.

It is so helpful for traveling with my family and day to day routines. The storage and space is incredible. My kids are able to get in and out easily without worrying about bumping other cars. The seats fold easily when needed.

- Kristen S

Electronics of the Pacifica are excellent.

It is very roomy, the kids love it! However, I have had it just over a year, bought brand new and it appears to already have some transmission issues. My van hesitates in first and second gear at least a couple times a week.

- Lindsey L

Minivan for old lady is comfy and parks easily

Drives easily, gets fairly good mileage 26/mpg on average, comfortable, easy to put seats in the floor making lots of room for carrying large items, back up camera is helpful, especially enjoy the beep when car in blindspot.

- Monica B

It has a ton of room when you have 5 people in your family and like to take road trips!

My family really loves our Pacifica. It has really decent gas mileage, we drove from Maryland to Tennessee and only had to stop for gas once! It also has a ton of room. Which is great for the long car trips we take!

- Christine G

It is a great family vehicle, but looks sleek and modern, not like a frumpy minivan.

I like that it has automatic doors that can be accessed from the keyfob. It has a knob gear shifter, that is kind of weird and I'm not sure if I like or dislike it. It gets great gas mileage, which I like very much.

- Holly G

It Comfortably fits 7 people and has an amazing ac/heater unit.

My Pacifica is a comfortable spacious family vehicle. I feel extremely safe while driving with all the added features it has which includes side sensors when a vehicle is beside me and my backup sensor and camera.

- Desiree M

The most important thing to know about my car is that it's a safe, reliable, and economical car. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!!

My vehicle is what makes our family go! It has everything I need to get everyone everywhere including heated and cooled seats, in car navigation, 8 speaker sound system, and DVD player for the kids. We love it!

- chris s

The best minivan. The seats can be fold and make flat floor.

Minivan, lots of space, navigation, back camera, seats fold down, very reliable. Very good in gas. Automatic doors close. Love it, so my husband got one for himself. I can carry big items and room for 7 people.

- Sheila N

Best buy. Great service department. Always on top of any recalls or issues.

No complaints. Great power, comfortable, great visibility, good on gas. Stylish, easy to maneuver, excellent features for the lower level van. Seats fold into the floor. Great cargo space and space for dogs.

- Zoe N

The pacifica is very reliable and I have no complaints.

i love that my car has all the amenities plus that I need for myself and my family of 6. It has excellent safety precautions as well. The only thing that I don't like is that there is no spare tire included.

- stacie g

Very spacious and reliable

I have not had any issues with my vehicle. It is very reliable as I use it a lot for work and taking my four kids places. It has a lot of room. It has heated seats which is great for the cold winter.

- Nicole D

It is roomy enough for the entire family and it is very easy to drive.

I have the newly designed Chrysler Pacifica. It is a very nice van that is very roomy and spacious. I do not like that it does not have a cd player but the car drives well and I have had no issues yet.

- Jennifer C

The Pacifica is rated one of the safest vehicles to have.

We just recently purchased our Pacifica. We are so happy with our decision. Having a bigger family we still all fit comfortably. The stow and go is so easy to use. The seats fold easily for more space.

- Shannon S

Has stow n go seats which are easier when you are on the go

I've had a lot of issues with my car. Doors not closing right, wipers malfunction, carpet lining loose in trunk, radio controls on steering wheel needed to be replaced. I do like the stow n go seats

- Kris M

Tons of gadgets to help make your life easier including buttons for the doors and trunk Ariel view camera and sensors to prevent hitting anything.

Love how much space I have and the surround camera and all of the gadgets! I dislike that I am driving a minIvan and that it beeps at me when I'm in reverse when there is an obstruction ahead of me.

- Amanda D

That it has the auto shutoff feature.

I like that there is a lot of space. The van is very luxurious and comfortable. I hate the auto shut off when the brake is applied that you have to turn off manually each time the car is turned on.

- Sharon R

Seats fold to a flat back . Making it great to carry things and travel with.

Electronics!! Sometimes doors don't want to open unless the driver wants. Trunk is not very sensitive and Beeps for no reason!! Must have openers right in front of trunk...not in seat of cart!!!

- Phyllis W

When the Pacifica became a grown up family car.

My van is amazing. Having owned the old pacific SUV this is even better with kids. I don't have to worry about the doors getting banged up and it's so comfortable to drive or be the passenger in.

- Laura W

I really love that my Pacifica seats 8 people instead of the traditional 7 in a minivan. I dislike the auto start feature and have to consistently turn it off when I start the car. I love that the door channels are integrated into the window so you can't really see them. I love the push start feature and will probably never own another car with a key start.

One of the most important things someone should know about my car is that the side doors will not open when the car is in any gear except Park. It can be annoying but it is a nice safety feature.

- Jeannie T

Plain vanilla type of car.

It's more powerful than my Town and Country and there is plenty of room. I would have preferred to get more bells and whistles on the car like A/C power outlets and a better interface (radio).

- M P

All the options are push button push button open the hatch doors push button to lock the doors built in TVs and back the seats are really nice

we have only owned the vehicle for a few months now we're really like it haven't had any issues with it it is fully loaded the kids loved the TVs built into the back of the headrest on the seats

- Kyle M

It's comfortable and easy to drive and park

It's roomy but you don't feel you're driving more van than you can handle. The door motors sound like they are failing already and there's only 10K miles. The displays and decor are impressive.

- Todd B

It does not feel like you are driving a minivan! The ride is smooth and with lane assist, you feel safe and confident!

It is a fantastic minivan! It has so many safety features, I feel confident driving my family around in it. I love the roomy cabin that allows my growing kids personal space on long road trips!

- Vikki A

The turning Radius is excellent. But the mileage with gas don't seem to add up

The turning radius is nice for a van. I have a loaded up van and nice extras. Miles with gas don't seem to add up. Some people sat the appreciation value is not that good, i hope they are wrong

- Dorren W

I like it. I wish it had a few more feature.

I have had a few problems. The air conditioning quit working. I had some trouble with it last winter. But hopefully it will be better this winter with the new tires it has been a reliable car.

- Brandy P

There's room for everybody, and it's a comfortable ride!

I love almost everything! I love the removable middle seat! Wish it had seat memory for the driver; and the top console lid has ridges that collect crumbs :(. Also a sun roof would be nice.

- Michelle M

It is great if you are looking for more space and the third row.

I like that my vehicle has a lot of space drives very smoothly. I also like that it has a lot of safety features. I dislike that it does not have some of the features that other minivans do.

- Katherine L

It is wonderful for lots of children in car seats.

I like all the storage the vehicle has and that I can rearrange the setup in the back of the van. I like the side sensors on the mirrors. I dislike where the light dial is on the side.

- Brandi P

Easy to handle, drives like a dream.

I love the smooth ride. It is so easy to handle. There is so much cargo room and I like that the seats go all the way under the floor. Fuel economy is wonderful. We get 25 mpg in town.

- Gayle F

One of the nicest recent minivans on the road.

Great van . It drives nice and is very comfortable. I love the power side sliding doors. And the air conditioning for the back passengers in the roof. It is also good on gas mileage.

- Earl G

I really appreciate the automatic sliding doors, especially having children it makes things a lot easier.

I love the sliding doors and the easy access for the kids to get in and out of. Lots of cargo space and the safety features for lane changes are great. So far, no major complaints.

- Brittany A

The car is very spacious which is especially helpful when traveling and having a large family with children.

We had the vehicles for one year, and it had a bunch of issues. There were various recalls that needed to be fixed. However, it drives nicely, and there is a lot of storage space.

- Melanie W

Pacifica is Awesome, my new favorite vehicle!

Great family car!!!! Very comfortable, can comfortably sit my whole family. Love the dual zone for heat/ac. Love the heated seat as well. Touch screen controls also great!

- Becky D

Although the Pacifica is a minivan, it does not drive like one.

I love my Chrysler Pacifica. It is, by far the best vehicle I have ever driven. It's ride and convenience is superior along with it's file economy. I have no complaints so far.

- Mark S

Stow and go seating. This van is perfect for a family while looking nicer than your typical van. Large cargo space for all your storage needs.

I love the stow and go seating. There are lots of cup holders. Plenty of cargo space to fit strollers. Built in navigation is amazing with backup camera. Love the sliding doors

- Tina Y

It is a smooth and easy ride, it is reliable and it is comfortable.

It is sporty for a minivan and rides great. I dislike the entertainment system. It is to hard to put the movies in-the DVD insert needs to be up front and not on the TV screen.

- Sara S

We love our Chrysler Pacifica!

We love the comfort and practicality of our vehicle. It has a decent sized trunk and even more space for transporting large items and groceries when the seats are folded down.

- Chelsey M

The brakes are not good enough to stop in case of an emergency stop!

It's not the best car, the brakes don't stop fast enough, but otherwise It's not that bad, if I will be able I will change my car, also the shifter makes problems as well.

- A K

That its reliable and does not break down often.

I like the space and convenience features like power doors. I would like the user interface to be a little more intuitive.I just got it so I am still figuring things out.

- Katrina P

The space. You can have space without sacrificing seating.

Love the 3rd row seating and the captains chairs in the second row. The back storage is enough to hold the wheelchair without sacrificing space. Love the rear end camera.

- Jessica T

All the bells and whistle

Has many great features such as automatic doors, heat seats, remote start, seats 8 removable middle row, Stow and go.Drive very well handles great quiet comfortable ride.

- carol d

Great gas mileage for an SUV.

No dislikes. Love the way it drives...Love the storage room and the cargo space with seats down...Gas mileage is great (22 mpg) and the vehicle is a bear in the winter..

- Don V

It has a backup camera, Bluetooth, GPS, and great sound package.

I love that the van is white, big, 7 seats, auto starts, auto door opener, and good gas mileage. I dislike that it seems too big to keep clean, and is low to the ground.

- Shanna S

It has great value for the money when compared to other makes and models.

It's very roomy and comfortable to drive. It has many up to date and high tech features. Great music and sound capabilities. It provides a good ride for long trips.

- Alan D

The most important thing about my car is that there are surrounding airbags.

I like that it has surrounding cameras. I like that it fits 7 people. I like that it has stow away for more room. I really like that it has a vacuum for easy cleaning.

- Rhonda C

It is extremely functional and can be used in so many ways.

I love the flexibility of the Pacifica. It is so useful for carrying large items, yet quickly converts to a passenger vehicle for 7 people. Love the stow and go seats!

- Gail H

It is a great car for families. With stow and go seats that you can use as extra storage. The blind spot alerts and rear camera is great. And the hands free opening for the side doors and truck is awesome.

I love the the sliding rear doors. The backup camera is a great feature. I love the blind spot alerts that the car has. The blind spot alerts have come in very handy.

- Elizabeth O

The Pacifica is a great minivan - easy to drive, spacious, good gas mileage, and good for families on the go.

I've had multiple (5+) recalls on this vehicle, which is a bit concerning and does make me question reliability sometimes. Beyond that, I'm happy with the Pacifica.

- Amanda C

Silver Chrysler Pacifica van looks sleek and stylish.

Best family van! Lots of neat features we had to get DVD player for our kids. A ton of USB ports for all electronic devices! Automatic doors are awesome! Rides nice!

- Courtney W

Has Everything except the spare tire

This is the ultimate family car, you have entertainment for the kids and comfort for the parents. I would recommend not getting the vacuum and getting the spare tire

- Delana R

My car is very smooth and does not consume a lot of gas.

I love my car, I have a lot of space for my family. I have been travel in my car, and since I have a lot of space my kid can invite friends. The car is really good.

- Georgette C

I save a lot of gas and it run real well and it's a newer model.

I like the speed of it and it looks nice in the inside but it should nice to go grocery shopping in I don't have any complaints I like the car its just what I need.

- James J

It is dependable and very comfortable to drive and ride in. A whole lot of room.

Love the driving and it is a quiet ride. Reliable and decent gas mileage. It has had a couple of recalls, taken care of free by dealer. Chrysler takes care of it.

- Paul P

Safety equipment is the best.

Comfortable, luxury minivan that has a great stereo system, great security features, full sunroof, vacuum in the car, less maintenance required, holds 7/8 people.

- Linda P

I named it since it is the car I have owned the longest.

I love the radio system setup and the eco friendly gas operation system. The amount of charging outlets available is very useful and I feel very safe in this car.

- Haley J

there have been many recalls and warranty issues with this vehicle,.

it is easy to drive, lots of room and comfortable. it is great for taking a group to an event, and has enough leg room in the 2nd row, 3rd row is a little tight.

- pam p

Great for families on the go.

The Pacifica is a good fit for my family and our lifestyle. It has great space for our camping gear and for 7 people, it's a smooth ride and gives good mileage.

- Carlos R

It's a great family car! It has eight passenger seating with stow and go feature and has a lot of room for storage.

Has a lot of features that include navigation, 360 view of outside, entertainment. It runs well. It has lots of room. Cost of vehicles is getting crazy high!

- Wendy D

I would say the folding 3rd row if you need it its their. If not you have more trunk room

Great car, lots of room and 3rd row. Perfect for the family and looks amazing on the inside and out. I couldn't think of anything better. I haven't had issues.

- Hope H

I would not suggest this van only plus is seats still go in floor.

Not a great van the town And country was better. Only had it 3 week transmission is already jerking at 33000 miles, Poorly made for price locks are very loud .

- Kathy J

That it seems to have transmission and gear changing issues after 30000 miles.

My vehicle is incredibly versatile. You can fit up to 7 people, or have more cargo space then a truck. I do not like that I have had 4 recalls already on it.

- kate b

The space is better than most minivans and the dashboard is easy to use.

Great space and overall setup. So many super helpful features but wish we had a CD player too. Being able to put the seats in the floor is a wonderful option.

- Tara G

Great family car can fold seats down to carry large items. Easy pulls to put down.

2 recalls so far. Might have an issue with transmission feels like something kicks you if you stop then go. Love 7 passenger seating DVD and adjustable seats.

- Lisa N

Perfect family car. Lots of room to carry all your needs as a family.

I love that there is lots of storage space. I love how smoothly it drives. I love how it comes with space for umbrellas, sunshades and blind spot monitoring.

- chana b

The most important thing that people should know is it isn't your standard soccer Mom minivan.

It's very practical and convenient. It is spacious for all our things. It drives smooth. It has safety features like back up cameras and side mirror alerts.

- Jess P

It is a great vehicle in every way.

I love that it has the latest technology.. For a large, luxury vehicle, it gets great.. Gas mileage. It rides very comfortably even on long trips.. Comfort.

- Beverly L

Minivans can be cool - it looks good, has all the creature comforts and does what you need it to do.

It's got all the latest safety tech, provides enough room for the family and has lots of extra storage for longer trips. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Neeraj u

It has more room than our trailblazer with the seats folded down. You definitely want to get the automatic sliding doors.

I love the room. I dislike the butron you have press everytime ro override the engine efficiency. I like the comfort level for our family. Drives awesome.

- Todd L

The most important thing about my car is that it's roomy. I have three kids and it's the only car that works for us.

I love my Pacifica. It has two separate tvs for my children, navigation for me and my husband loves the double moon roofs. Uconnect app is really useful.


The Pacificas are still pretty new so all the kinks may not be fixed yet.

I love how the car drives. Have had several recalls on it so I don't like that. Also problems with the sliding doors. Seems like its always in the shop.

- Jenny L

It's roomy and it's a smooth ride. I love it!!!!!!

I don't like the front because it dips down to far. It was pretty pricey. I wish I had the vacuum and the skylight windows, but again it was to pricey.

- Jill C

Flexibility. It can be adapted in a lot of ways to fit my family's needs.

I love my minivan. It can fit all four of my kids in it and it is very versatile. It feels a lot more sporty and functional than a traditional minivan.

- Kristi K

Pacifica - A great choice in minivans.

Great ride and mileage. The stow and go seats are much improved over previous models. My vehicle has several electronic features that improve safety.

- Frank S

Has a 911 button on the mirror for emergencies which is great.

Just purchased-has many extras that I have to learn how to use. Like back up camera and auto stop. Like heated and cooled seats.No complaints so far.

- Jean H

Hybrid Chrysler Pacifica Minivan

For the level of trim, I would expect to have memory seats, link for garage doors. I don't think it handles as well as my previous Honda odyssey did.

- Alisa H

We chose this car primarily because of its car crash safety and storage space.

We enjoy the automatic/ kid safe doors. We also like the versatility of the seat configuration and the ease in which seats can be collapsed or set up.

- Lisa C

Stability and dependability. Always count on getting me to my destination and great on mileage.

The fact that the seats fold flush in the rear. Also, the two back seats open in reverse so it is functional for events. The great ride and mileage.

- Diana S

It the ultimate mom car, with as much space for everything you need.

I like all the room and extra storage space. I like that you can move seats with car seats in them. I do not like that it does not have a DVD player.

- Jay S

Roomy and reliable small and fun.

Love the roominess of the interior and the fact that my kids cannot open a door onto another car in a parking lot. I also love the size of the trunk.

- Wendy C

Very satisfied with the car!

My stepson just bought it and it is a lease and very roomy! Seat belts are great! Plenty of trunk space and really do not have any problems with it!

- Melissa R

I love the adaptive cruise control on it. It's really helped on long car rides.

I love my minivan. It doesn't feel like a minivan on the inside. It drives so well. My only issue is that There seems to be a lot software recalls.

- Alex G

It can park itself and it has a lot of sensors to aid in parking.

I miss the adjustable gas pedal that used to be available in the Town and Country. I think Chrysler should have kept that feature in its minivans.

- Kristen B

Problem on wheels-mommy wagon.

Sliding doors do not always close on the first time. Van shut off going down the road. DVD player had to be replaced. Doors make a grinding noise.

- Autumn K

Very spacious. It is very comfortable traveling with a large number of people.

Love the inside room and the seating capacity. Love the technology. Love the gas mileage for a car its size. Love sitting up high. No complaints.

- Franklin O

It has the ability to seat 5 car seats.

I dislike that it has had 6 recalls in the last year. It is only one year old! Other that like, I like it. I especially like the safety features.

- Tina G

For family this vehicle is good spaces wise

Family wise it's good but I have been having a lot of problems with the electronic stuff door open and closed by it self and volume takes to long

- Jeanette R

Convenient and spacious! Great for families! Great gas mileAge.

I like the convenience of a minivan and the gas mileage. My dislike is that the automatic sliding doors do not stop if something is in the way

- Laura B

Its new and the kinks are still getting worked out 3 recalls in the past year.

I love that I can transport 6 -7 people comfortable, that the seats can go down and that I can transport large items with ease, lots of storage.

- Lisa L

It is a family friendly car that is great for traveling.

It offers a lot of space for my kids and offers tons of storage space for traveling . The DVD player keeps my kids entertained on long trips

- Stefanie R

It makes life with kids very easy.

It is very nice. It has a lot of features. It had had several recalls and the sliding doors seem to have problems with the gears or motors.

- Josh B

Many options for models for this vehicle and you can easily pay a great price.

The vehicle is very reliable. It can hold multiple passengers, making it perfect for families. The gas mileage is great for a larger vehicle.

- Sarah B

Great family vehicle! Would highly recommend.

The car is comfortable and is very family friendly. I have never had any problems with my Pacifica and he has a lot of horsepower for a van.

- Kayla T

Unless you're running solely on battery power I would not recommend it

We have the hybrid model. It's great when running on battery power. However, if it's running on gas the ride is very rough and uncomfortable

- Tristin B

Great vehicle for a lot of kids!

I love how the middle seat folds into the floor. It's makes seating the kids very versatile. The car is reliable and gets good gas mileage.

- Kendra C

Lots of room! For hauling and leg room! Easy loading

I love my Pacifica! Easily seats 8 people. Able to get in and out easily. Lots of room even in the third seat! Drives and rides smooth!

- Kim O

Great for large families.

I love it the only complaint is gas mileage. it is a safe reliable vehicle. I have 3 kids and counting so it's perfect for my large family.

- Tom T

A few of the best features on my Pacifica are my heated steering wheel, the vacuum, heated and air conditioned seats and the foot controlled operation to open the passenger doors and back lift gate. These things make this vehicle a sports moms dream!

The dashboard has an amazing viewing screen for backing up. So when you are in tight spots you can have that extra look through the camera.

- Jenn M

possible serious transmission problem and it does not have a hard drive for downloading cd's nor a cd player.

I have had several recalls and have had to take it into the shop several times for the transmission jerking when I fo from first to second.

- Merline J

Driving a minivan is great. It has plenty of room and is easy to drive. The Pacifica is even nice appearing.

The minivan is very sporty appearing for a van. It drives easily, like a car. It has plenty of electronic outlets and a navigation system.

- Marina T

The Pacifica has excellent gas mileage for a large vehicle.

I like the size of the vehicle and storage capacity. It is also very good on gas. I don't like that it has already had 5 safety recalls.

- Tracie G

lots of storage space and great smooth drive

I love that it's very roomy, lots of storage, lots of cool features and it drives really smoothly. I love that it has built in sunshades.

- yaakov H

The stow and go seating makes it a great choice for carpooling to an event or hauling all you need to do a job.

The seating for 8 is very helpful. I dislike it does not have a CD player. I like the stow and go seats for when we need to haul stuff.

- Jo p

comfort, good design, sleek look

I like the design of the car, many good features like backup camera and big touch up screen. I really do not like how transmission works

- Mariya k

Sleek and beautiful! Powerful and advanced.

Transmission is finicky, have to be firm on gas pedal to avoid backfire of transmission. It is got a lot of pick up and is very smooth.

- Christy L

Love the interior. Definitely something different

Have had 3 different recalls on my vehicle. Pretty scary that I pay that much money to drive something that can't keep my family safe.

- Stephanie S

It is very fuel efficient for a vehicle it's size.

I love my Chrysler Pacifica. It is the best vehicle I have owned. I love the way this vehicle handles and it is very fuel efficient.

- Mark L

The good and the bad of the Pacifica

Excellent car. included shades to block the sunlight on the windows. Screen came broken and randomly turns off while we are using it.

- Sari N

P. Push button start and lots of room.

Lots of room. Love radio stations. To low to ground. Folding seats do not go flat down, has high lump. Makes. Things slide backwards.

- Debbie C

All the space you have, and enjoy the 4 doors.

Blind spot, rear backup camera. Easy change over in.Folding down seats. No hands phone. Touch screen.. No auto wipers or high beams.

- Daniel W

The extra safety package with radar sensors & backup camera

Drives pretty smooth. There is a lot of recalls. It could have a better rear suspension considering it came with the towing package

- Drew S

I do not find the Chrysler Pacifica to be user friendly

The Chrysler Pacifica is a comfortable and reliable ride but the electrical system in the radio has issues the dealership can't fix

- Erin M

Love my van! Love the amount of room.

I have had no issues with my vehicle. I love the room and seating. I feel like it's very reliable. I would consider buying another

- Amanda B

The safety features and the stow and go seating.

The safety features and the camera in dash system. The stow and go seating. The Sirius radio with hd radio and navigation system.

- Kenneth J

It gets great gas mileage and can handle any load from lots of groceries to bringing home improvement projects I can buy from lumber to appliances.

Stow away seating, the room it gives me, the way it handles. I love the style and how easy it handles. Gets great gas mileage.

- Sue A

It's a fantastic family safe vehicle with tons of space!

I like how spacious it is. We can fit all our children and our gear and groceries in with room to spare. It drives so smoothly.

- Andrea P

My car is very family friendly and great for trips.

I have kids so I love the sliding doors. I also love the navigation system on it. There isn't anything I don't like about it.

- Amanda Z

It can seat 8 people, has navigation, and rides really smooth.

I only have one negative; the doors squeak. The rest is positive. It is really roomy. It has navigation. It is really pretty.

- Erin B

I love my van! Perfect family vehicle

Love my van. Perfect for our family. No issues whatsoever. We love the sto and go seating, navigation system, and look of van

- Amy H

i think it's the best minivan made for a family with kids and friends if the kids

it's very comfortable. seats 8. great gas mileage. has had a few recalls. a few issues with the automatic sliding rear doors.

- wendy w

It's a great family vehicle, has everything a family could need we've taken it across the country for trips and never had any problems!

I love the space I get in my vehicle. I love all of the extra details my vehicle has. I love the gas mileage my vehicle gets

- Tasha L

not to buy it because all the issues

I do not like anything about it at all. We have nothing but issues with it like electrical problems and it drives horrible

- corinne I

The Chrysler Pacifica has all the bells and whistles of a high end luxury vehicle.

I love how it has a smooth ride. It looks sleek and yet is also very comfortable and roomy for long trips with the family.

- Vikki A

The stow and go seats are a great way to get extra room

The van is great , plenty of power with enough room for the family and gear . The seats stow for extra room when needed .

- David C

Easy to drive, plus lots of technology.

Love it- good gas mileage, good communication system that tells you what car needs (i.e. oil change, washer fluid, etc.).

- Val B

Best value minivan on the market�it's safety features rival more expensive minivans but with a better price point.

Very good value for the price. Reliable, and all three rows are comfortable. The best feature is he stow and go seating.

- Theresa M

That is it incredibly comfortable and roomy.

I like the space and how it rides. It is incredibly comfy for longer trips. I do not the amount of recalls it has had.

- Marla M

It has room and safety features. Great room for transporting people and supplies.

I like the safety features. I don't like the blind spots. It can be disconcerting when you hear beeps and see nothing.

- Kim S

Took a 2000 mile road trip with the family this summer & the car was perfect for us

Car has great technology features - especially like the lane change warning lights. Great stereo. Drives very smoothly.

- Jeff J

perfect car for anyone who wants to get their kids around with ease.

i like the amount of space this car has for me and my kids. we're able to get the whole family around town. no problem.

- ray r

Our Chrysler vehicle really good to travel

Really helps the car buyers a lot of people want to buy car because everybody need to drive especially here in America

- Melanie V

Like the shades on the windows for the kids

It's comfortable , easy for kids. Wish we would've gotten a darker leather. We haven't had any problems with it so far

- Heidi M

I never thought I would own a minivan and this is by far the best decision we made. The stow and go seats are super easy and there's so much space

It's not a super fancy model but still has everything we need. 3 rows of seating, very comfortable, heated seats etc.

- Danielle V

Great car, very spacious, good for families

Spacious and good for a family of 5 or more. So far there have been a lot of recalls which I'm not too happy about.

- Jennifer S

Very safe, innovative car to drive.

No sensors on automatic doors. Need a more user friendly parking assistance. Defroster is a little difficult to use.

- Davina P

Stylish and roomy, not your typical Mom van. Great for accommodating both adults and kids.

Very roomy, great for road trips, great with kids (we have three), rides smooth and has awesome technology features.

- Rachel S

This car is a mom's dream van packed with features that make your life just a bit easier.

This van sure doesn't feel like a minivan. It has stylish features and a comfortable design that make driving a joy!

- Molly M

Great for saving money on gas.

There are too many recalls, uconnect does not always cooperate, you cannot Bluetooth any headphones to the connect.

- Shannon Q

Love the stow and go seating

It has plenty of room I wish it had a hitch or roof racks the seats are comfortable and the interior doesn't stain.

- Beth C

It is dependable a roadworthy especially in snow.

I like most everything about my vehicle.. The thing I most dislike is the amount of recalls that have been issued..

- Erin B

It is great for families and comfort.

I like all the room. I like the 8 seats. I dislike all the recalls lately on it. I really like the color and style.

- Melissa K

The most important part is having a car that has a vacuum cleaner I have 3boys.

My car has everything, vacuum TVs, a full moon roof, you can fold the seats down great on gas and also very roomy.

- Joanne D

Crash testing was great & there are a lot of air bags.

I like the size & cargo space. I like the safety rating. I did not realize that it did not come with a spare tire.

- Michele M

It's affordable, spacious, and gas mileage is wonderful.

I like the gas mileage, the room, and sound system. However, it sits low to the ground and scrapes on everything

- Melanie A

Family friendly comfortable suv

Has everything you need I haven't had any issues. Rides wonderful. Fits all my family and friends. Is a great suv

- Maria A

Back up camera, almotic, power Windows, power seats, Bluetooth radio.

My vehicle runs smoothly. Good on gas. Needs more seats in it or needs to be where I can put a wheelchair inside.

- Christina R

This is a great family vehicle. It is spacious with a lot of safety features.

It is very spacious. Although, it is big, it does not drive big. It is very comfortable and makes you feel safe.

- Cassidy S

The way you have so much storage no matter how big or small

My car is the best just that the shade doesn't work sometimes and it annoying but after that everything is fine

- Anthony S

My Chrysler Pacifica is very reliable. I have never had a problem.

My Chrysler Pacifica is very reliable and I have never had any problems with it. It is a great vehicle to have.

- Krystle C

Three words: auto sliding doors. Perfect for a mom with younger kids

Awesome features and a great driving experience. My only complaint is they do not do well in bigger snowfalls.

- Sarah P

Loaded with safety features.

I love the safety features. It is comfortable to drive and ride in. I love the versatility of the cargo space.

- Carolyn M

That it's a perfect fit for my family.

Love the way it handles and It's roomy. I also love the way it looks. It also is easy to do the stow and go.

- Whitney Z

The doors don't close well.. We like that it has so much space.

The storage and seating is great within the car. We have enjoyed being able to fold down the seats as needed.

- Nicole G

It's ok, but not worth the money. I wish I had purchased another T&C.

I like the size. I do not like the blind spot, the 5 recalls in 2 years, or the numerous glitches it has had

- Brenda P

It is very reliable. Ideal for a big family.

It is reliable and safe. It is also spacious and comfortable. There’s nothing i do not like about the car.

- Terry C

It's good for families at a good price. It can include a lot of extras

I like how it rides, the space capacity and the electric lift gate. There isn't really anything I don't like

- Theresa T

There is a dial to put the vehicle in drive and park instead of a stick.

Dual DVD players was a feature that I missed from our 2009 Chrysler and not option anymore on 2017 version.

- Drew S