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Delicate balance good and bad. . .

The inherent problems with all Chrysler vans is poor a/c and paint clear coat that quickly flakes off. That was our experience. I ordered a larger towing package to increase transmission cooling because of known transmission problems. This solved any potential issues. The seats were very comfortable and very happy with the layout and ease of seat removal. The carpet is very long lasting and I would rate the engine at moderate at long term reliability. You will get long life from your vehicle if you do all recommended maintenance and drive with a steady consistent hand. I would say the weakest point is we have had to replace the window regulators 3 times on each side, and the headliner quickly fell apart with no easy, reasonable $ fix on either.

- Debbie B

Right end bumper has dent.

My van has been very dependable. It starts right up and gets me to and from. I find it comfortable and like 3 rows of seating. We have had several issues with the heating and air. The blower would not work and the windows would fog up easily. Had that fixed and the front heating work fine but if you turned on middle heating then front heat would not work. Later on the heat, air and blower quit working. It would kick on sometime run for a while and quit. Did have to replace the radiator due to a hole in it.

- Tamara P

Great car, just one problem

The serpentine belt slips off quite frequently so that's super annoying and causes a lot of issues if you don't know how to fix it because when that falls off the car isn't going anywhere. It doesn't have very good gas mileage and needs a good tune up so she's a little jumpy sometimes. Other than that there are no mechanical issues, it's very big for myself and my children. Definitely pleased with how the van has been with it being such an older model. Runs smoothly and very pleased with it as of now

- Lauren H

2000 Chrysler town and country.

For the year, my vehicle is a good vehicle. It was top of the line for its time. It has heated seats so during winter I am nestled warmly in the leather airplane style leather seats. It has electric seats and electric windows which is nice to put my seat in the position I desire without having to stretch and search for the manual levers. I really like the more modern cars that have the sensors for the car in the next lane and the rear view cameras. Although, overall I enjoy my vehicle.

- Jennifer M

Its complicated and too many issues to pay to fix for what it's worth.

Our vehicle is not a looker. Its dented up on the outside and has a gas leak that is too expensive to fix because the vehicle is not worth that much to put the money into. It is missing the rear bench. The horn recently quit working. The ignition started acting up so you have to hit the key while it's in the ignition sometimes to get the key to turn. The gas gauge does not work. All of this and more. Although we have all these issues we are blessed to have a vehicle.

- Jenna C

Chrysler town & country upkeep good or bad.

There are minimal problems that I have had with my vehicle. The only problem has been the rear axle breaking. With that being said, the replacement part was a lot cheaper than I thought. And since it was a straight run from one wheel to another it cost less than one hundred dollars for purchase and install. I was quite happy with that. All in all I haven't had any major problems with my vehicle. Just regular maintenance.

- Elrico E

Reliability is always a major concern. This car passes the test.

I like that it is an older model and is still very reliable. Regular maintenance and care are key issues, but the his car is still without rust and the only major replacement items besides tires, has been the compressor on the air conditioner. The seats are comfortable on long trips, and it has great turning power for parking. If I were to think about a complaint, I would say the audio system could be a bit better.

- Mary D

Why I didn't buy a SUV after owning a Chrysler town & country.

This is the second Chrysler town & country that I have owned. I had planned to switch to a SUV, but after test driving them, I knew I had to get another t&c. The leather seats are so soft and comfortable, incredibly roomy, loads of storage space, good gas mileage for a large vehicle, super safe. The one thing they all do in the winter is tend to lose tire pressure in the cold but I think a lot of vehicles do that.

- Laura B

I love the stow and go feature!

I love this car! It is one of the best purchases me and my husband have ever made. I love how the seats stow and go. The seats are very comfortable, but I wish the headrests were more adjustable. My favorite part of this van is the automatic doors. When my hands are full or I've got a pile of kids, then I can just double click the key fob and the side doors/trunk open up without any issues. Love it!

- Stephanie H

Removable seats! Makes transporting items easy!

One of the most reliable minivans I have ever owned. Cloth interiors. It is an older model but I think it is nicer than the slightly newer models. It has more features as far as the outside temperature, navigational direction, etc. Removable passenger seats allows for extra room for storing and moving many items!

- Leah G

My favorite vehicle in the world.

It may be old but it is the best car I have ever driven. It is so comfy to drive in and the speak system is better than most of the cars today. So what I do for the radio is actually buy a Bluetooth FM transmitter and then you'll be able to listen to all your music because the van does not come with an aux port.

- Steven M

It's a good van to have enough room to haul me grandkids.

The air conditioning doesn't work. The switches to open doors while staying don't work. Check engine light is on. It has leather interior & is comfortable. It's got some rust spots. The hood is wrinkled because I hit a deer. Its red. The cloth on the ceiling is coming off so I've got push pins in it.

- Jennifer H

Spacious in every respect.

Love every feature of the car but it is too large for the two of us. It is designed for a large family with many children. We've leased one of these autos for the past 8 years and I would recommend one to anyone looking for a reliable car. We will stay with the Chrysler line of products.

- Hannah W

Since this van is so reliable I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

My vehicle is now getting older but even though it runs very well still. Everything on it works still, such as air conditioning, stereo, etc. I bought this vehicle used and it needed a few things done to it, after they were all done I have not had any problems with the van at all. .

- Cheryl W

Chrysler town and country, superb legroom, has lots of space for groceries as well!

It has a loud muffler, it needs new airbags, the breaks failed in an accident a few months back, needs new tires. The seats are very comfortable, its very roomy. The van drives nicely and gets good gas mileage for the most part. Not very reliable as its been problem,after problem.

- Tara W

Great van runs perfect love Chrysler.

Good running not a gas guzzler very comfy seats come out easy drive smoothly they are very popular got hit 2 times still running great has a TV in it windows work great lots of legroom very reliable rear wiper automatic door openers extra chargers throughout the van.

- Angelique B

Safe, comfortable, room for everything, great engineering, low maintenance.

Because is safe, great engineering, little maintenance, great for a family, student, worker, or for a single person. Is wonderful and has great stability, and traction, great features, plus big and comfortable, has room for everything you want to buy or need to get.

- Vivian M

Great vehicle bad gas mileage perfect for kids plenty of room.

Great vehicle comfortable and plenty of room for a family. Does not have stow and go so makes it hard if the seats are removed they are extremely heavy. The gas mileage on this vehicle is horrible worst I've owned. Leather seats makes it really hot but comfortable.

- Bryan B

My vehicle is gray and comfy. Has 7 seats.

I love my vehicle. Has no problems. It is very reliable. I would never give up my car for the world. It was my first car. I want another car. Even though I want another car I would keep my van because then I could choose which car I wanted to drive on each day.

- Young Harris R

Problems with the town and country.

It has a lot of electrical issues and the other issues the windows do not work and it has front end problems as well as tire issues I just do not think that the vehicle should be on the road with all of the problems that it has the back hatch also do not work.

- Leonard P

Lovin my older new & improved car.

I am very comfortable in my vehicle. I have just installed a new engine, steering, radiator, battery, brakes, window motors, heating element, air conditioning, just to name a few. It is basically a new car underneath so I will have it for a long time to come.

- Kim T

It is a van and it gets me and grandkids from point A to point B.

I really like my van. Only thing that I would really like if the side windows came down. They do on the newer ones. Also, the motor for the air and heat is built backwards. Found that out when replacement part didn't fit and had to be custom built.

- Jo G

It is all wheel drive and that makes all the difference when you live in the inland northwest. Winter Spring Summer or Fall, I can get where I'm going.

It is reliable and gets around great in the snow! The engine has plenty of power and the All Wheel Drive makes me feel safe in any road condition. In addition, it is so comfortable on long road trips - I couldn't ask for a better car.

- Sally C

Awesome stow and go seats!!

I really love my Chrysler town and country minivan. It is very roomy. I like that it has stow and go seats. The sliding doors are awesome too! I would definitely purchase another one.

- Jennie C

I like that my vehicle has 3rd row seating and enough leg room for all my kids. I don't like that the "trunk" space is so small. I also don't like that my van is so rusty that pieces of it literally fall off daily. It also has been costing me roughly $300 a month for the last 6 months in repairs just to keep it going, if I would have known, I would have been saving that money for a new vehicle.

The one most important thing is that the space in each seat is acceptable for an adult. It is more than enough space for me to take the kids and all their gear everywhere we go.

- Anna B

Reliable van! Easy to drive. Would get again.

I like this van. I have had some trouble with the door ajar sensor, a little trouble with the power locks, and with one sliding door, but all were easy and inexpensive to fix.

- Elizabeth E

That the air conditioning does not work And that the drivers side window will not go down

I like how it drives. I also like how it sits, it is comfortable. I do not like that it has no air conditioning .I also don't like that the drivers window will not go down

- Linda H

Upkeep, traffic accidents, or any such occurrences. Mileage.

Found a great seller who gave me a super sweet deal on it! I have no complaints whatsoever!! If the seller had more like it I would buy at least two more from him!!.

- Kia A

But the extended warranty.

Nice ride all the extras and the aux. Ports. It is very comfortable.. It gets good gas mileage.. What I do not like is the steering wheel does not go up far enough.

- Dixie E

It would be good for a handicapped person to use. That is why we bought it.

It's transportation. It gets us where we need to go. I like that it has not given us many problems. I dislike some of the issues we have had, have been expensive.

- Beth S

Good gas mileage very good when traveling!!

Very nice and so good 4 comfort when traveling very relaxing good on gas nice to have when you have a large family and it is a nice van for work or play!!

- Barbara A

It's functional. Certainly not pretty anymore, but it runs.

It works well enough for my needs. It's got enough room to haul the stuff I need hauled. And, it runs decently for its age. Over all, no complaints.

- Beth A

I love the space we have in our minivan!

I love that we have space for 7 people to sit. I love the storage that the stow away seats provide. I love having 2 sliding doors, one on each side.

- Katy P

Having a minivan is really great and useful for a lot of things even without any kids.

All the passenger seats can be removed for a massive amount of cargo space. The leather in the seats smells really good. Gas mileage isn't great.

- Raphael M

It is so roomy! You can move practically anything in it.

I love that it seats 7 people if I want. But when I need to move things, I can take out every seat except the front 2! It has 2 sliding doors.

- Emmie W

That is comfortable and spacious.

Ii love it because I can take the whole family places its comfortable mi little one can be comfortable. Why I don't like its that is too low.

- Emma U

That it's a very comfortable ride , the heat and air conditioning keep it comfortable.

It's easy to maintain. The luggage racks and the removable 3rd row seating allows for great shopping trips. It's also great on gas mileage.

- Peggy B

It is a great family van. Smooth ride and reliable.

It is a smooth ride with very comfy seats. We have had it forever with hardly any problems. There is lots of room for groceries and stuff.

- Angie W

That it is one of the beat running vans that I have ever had

I like that there have been very few recalls for my van. It runs great gets good gas mileage. I have no complaints good reliable van

- Doug J

It is an economical way of transporting our family short of a a large van or expensive, gas hogging SUV.

It's a nice van, we'd keep it a while except for baby #6 coming, has worked well with minimal issues, is comfortable and reliable.

- Joyce W

a workhorse that can haul a lot of people or equipment.

I love my T&C. It has been very reliable. Allows me to haul my drums and also building supplies when I'm doing home projects.

- Carl H

Its runs good. Fits my family of 7.

The DVD player has never worked since we got the car. It fits my family 7 and that is all that matters. Our car is paid off.

- Samantha M

My vehicle is a smooth comfortable ride.

I like the vehicle.. There is no complaints.. Comfortable for the whole family to travel together. Music system is good.

- Mac H

That it can carry a lot of thing, since I have taken the back seat out.

I like that it has a lot of room. It is comfortable to sit in the seat when you drive. I think it drinks to much gas.

- Paul B

Comfortable and reliable, love it

Comfortable, roomy, reliable. Trustworthy. My kids love it. Has a tv in it. Old but dependable. What's not to love.

- Michelle B

It is comfortable to drive, and it is also a nice big size to protect us from other cars.

I like the sliding doors. I like the back lift-door. I like the auto-lock door system. I like the gas mileage.

- Jimmie J

It is falling apart and probably should not be driven.

It has a lot of electrical issues and it is hard to find parts for it also has a lot of problems with the tires.

- Leonard P

If roll down driver's side window all way down it won't come back up without taking door panel off and fixing it

I have a good running vehicle although has lots of miles and a few minor problems it still gets me back n forth

- Augusta E

Dependable, smooth ride, nice style.

I love that at as disabled person, I have a way to travel. I hate that handicapped parking is hard to find.

- Beth S

This van is tough and reliable! It has amazing space for moving large objects.

This van has been extremely reliable over the years with no problems. I wish it was smaller, though!

- Sol N

They are a great family vehicle and very efficient to drive.

I love my van. It has amazing heated seats and plenty of room. She runs quietly and is great on gas.

- Sarah G

It's ours and fits all of us in it including our big dog

Its older. But fits my family. Don't like that the sliding doors windows wont go down

- Stacey D

Space. Reliability comfort

Love the space with it had more upgrades. Gas mileage is not as good as I would like

- Melissa H

the ease of maintenance. I can do most of the work myself

like the large hauling area which I require. I dislike the low ground clearance


It can fit a large family comfortably and still have room for cargo.

The like the room in it. It is fairly comfortable. The parts are expensive.

- Heather H

The Chrysler town and country is a very dependable, family car.

Love the buckets seats. I also love the stow and go and roomy space within.

- Judy W

needs tires but runs good

old and breaking down, looks like crap. Needs tires. Needs headliner.

- rob F

Vehicle is Very versatile. Able to take to dinner or Disney

Drives well. It's a comfortable vehicle. Plenty of drink holders

- Melissa M

I use it to do delivery side jobs. It gives me versatility with the seats.

I love the space but the paint is wearing off in car washes

- louise g

It's a great vehicle for hauling people and things.

I love the comfort and the usable interior space.

- Carl C