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Family friendly Ford 2018

I bought this car a year ago because our little family gained a new member and our 2008 Ford Focus was too small. Mind you my husband is 6 foot 1, so there was little space for this legs with the rear facing car seat in the back. The Ford Escape is the perfect size family car. There is enough room with the car seat for leg space, the trunk can perfectly fit a stroller and groceries, and not to mention there are heated seats. The front seats provide a warm and cozy experience for the driver and passenger. On the drivers side comes with electronic adjustments which include lumbar support. We have a nice eight inch screen so we can easily see our icons, we even received a free 6 months of special radio. The middle console has two compartments to store all of your miscellaneous items you may have. A perfect little glass compartment right above your touch screen. The heating and cooling system is divided so that the driver and passenger can have two different climate controls. There are eight cup holders throughout the car, and the list goes on. The only real problem that we've experienced was with the sync 3 system. It was fine until a little over a year of owning it, then it began to lag and wasn�t connecting our phone to the screen. I took it in and Ford had to do a hard reset but since then it has worked fine. The car drives very smoothly and is extremely quiet. We get very good gas mileage, getting 300 miles with every fill up ( we have ran it until it�s a little over empty to figure it out). With my fuel rewards point I only pay about $25-$35 per fill up. Overall this a great family car and a retirement gift.

- Ashleigh S

Amazing in the Ruby Red blacked out version! Hands free technology.

The room and comfort of the seating is amazing. I love having cargo room. The handle and ride are smooth and easy. My only negative is the road noise in the vehicle while on the highway can be loud. Other than that I have used it for trips and could not love a vehicle more. Heated seats are wonderful in the winter and my sun/moon roof is an excellent feature. Having These addition I am able to put it into sport mode. This allows me to speed up and jump my RPMs higher more quickly when needed. I have only used this feature 1 or 2 times and it is very fun to use. I have had no mechanical or technical issues with this vehicle so far. I have been leasing this vehicle for about a year now. I could live in this vehicle. I have taken it camping, on trips to the lake and out to state parks. Smooth around curves and ease of changing lanes. The beautiful outside has me in love as well. I love the look/design of the vehicle. I have the Ruby Red blacked out version. Black rims, black accents, darkened headlights and windows are a wonderful flashy touch. Climate control individually for both the front seat passenger and driver are a must when traveling. I have the touch screen display and the Bluetooth sync system. Going hands free is the way to go. As long as I have my phone plugged in I have the ability to do text-to-speech text messages as well. This is a very convenient feature and easy to use. I use the hands free feature all the time to contact people while I am driving.

- Emily M

Great Little Car It goes in the snow

I like my ford escape titanium because it performs well for a 4 cylinder car. There is plenty of room inside for passengers but the seats fold down and it becomes cargo space. The color, dark gray, does not show the dirt and I love black leather interior. The back up mirror is great for parking as you can see anything that is behind the vehicle. The navigation system is easy to use and gets you where you want to go easily.. I do not like the blind spot mirrors. They are very distracting to me. There are a few other things I wish were on this car like heated steering wheel, and automatic windshield wipers. I think the trunk opening by your foot should be forgotten. I have found it works for very few people, and I know we were charged for it. I just moved and used by Escape to carry many loads so it makes a good moving van. Yet it is dressy enough to take to fancy places. I had a 2017 but I totaled it and went right back and bought a 2018. The seats are very comfortable...It has the added value of a roof rack which can also be used for hauling or carrying things to a fun vacation. ]

- Margaret M

Love it but wish we sized up

This car fits our family of four just well-enough. The cab is great, but the backseat is where we find challenges. Our rear-facing car seat is bunched up against the front seats. If not taken care of properly, this can cause the car seat to have somewhat of a tilt. Getting two kids in and out of the car can also be a challenge for an SUV. We probably should have sizes up with the edge or the explorer. The car�s height is also of some concern. When trying to get our ten month old into her car seat, we have to be cognizant of the way we place her in. We can't lift her too much over the railing of the car seat or we will honk her head. For a family of four, this is a tight squeeze. Driving the car is amazing, except we wish the gas Mileage was a bit better. However, this car is sturdy enough to handle two kids. We feel safe in the vehicle and love the blind spot mirrors. There are not TOO many features that become unhelpful, instead it�s simplicity is very nice. Overall, we love the car, but wish it was more spacious.

- Christina R

I miss my old 2008 escape...

The engine is a lot weaker than the 2008 ford escape I used to have. The new 2018 ford escape is also way lower to the ground and the wheel wells are a lot smaller as well. I have never had an issue getting around in the snow, even down back roads in the middle of winter in my 2008 escape but in the 2018 escape, I can feel my wheels struggling to turn due to too much snow in the wheel wells. I can feel the 2018 escape scraping deep snow when it tries to go through it, and I am nervous to attempt to go down any bumpy roads in the winter considering how low it seems in the front. It drives well, the interior is nice, but it definitely feels like a car and not a SUV. I am not sure what ford is trying to do, but they took away all their decent options for mid sized SUVs that can handle deep snow and bumpy dirt roads. Everything they make now seems to be more expensive and less sporty. That is really a bummer. If I had the chance to take back my old 2008 escape, I would do it in a heartbeat.

- Ash D

Great simple low-cost SUV.

Love the backup camera that was included with car. Makes for easy road trips since it is easy on gas and smooth driving. The lease process for this vehicle through our Ford dealership was a very easy process that gave us a low monthly payment option. My kids love riding in this SUV. We have it in white. Both the air conditioner and heat run fantastic in this little SUV. The air conditioner gets cold pretty fast. The ford escape is a little on the small side, so if you have a family larger that 5, I would not buy this vehicle. For our family of 4 it is the perfect size though. The only problems I have noticed since owning this vehicle is that I notice the brakes seem to squeak when put in reverse. Now, this only happens in reverse. Also, closing the back hatch, there is not button to close so you manually have to shut it which can be a pain, as it does tend to be a little on the heavy side. All in all, this is a great low cost vehicle that I highly recommend.

- Crystal H

The 2018 Ford Escape is a very nice car that has all the modern features.

I really love my Ford Escape. It has the heated seats and power driver's seat, a moon roof, GPS and Sirius radio where you have a short period where the service is free and then you can purchase options for it. You can connect your phone to your car and get text messages. You can operate your radio through your steering wheel to change channels, answer phone, etc. The seats in the back lay all the way flat if you want more trunk space. The trunk can open using the key fob or a button on your dash by the steering wheel which is nice. There are wipers on the back window that are controlled through the steering wheel as well. The temperature controls are a nice feature - you can have two different heat/cool settings for driver side and passenger side. The automatic stop feature where your car shuts off while you sit at a stop sign or stoplight is a cool feature but not sure if I really like it or not. It also offers keyless entry with a key code.

- Angela J

Great small SUV with a lot of useful features.

The Escape is a great small SUV. It drives well and gets good gas mileage. I have had the car for almost a year and have zero complaints about how it drives. There have been no maintenance issues. The interior is roomy enough for two big boys in the back seat. Adding a car seat or booster seat with the two boys makes the bench seat a tight fit for three; however, three children can fit in the backseat without an issue when the booster seat is not needed. The rear A/C only consists of two vents on the back of the center console for the SE and SEL models. I do not know about the higher models, but I do know the base model does not include back vents at all. That is the reason I opted for the SEL model. The radio display is compatible with iPhones and Androids through the Ford Sync platform. This allows you to use your phones GPS apps and have it displayed on the car's screen without the need of a built-in GPS. This is great if you use Waze.

- Vicky M

Features of the ford escape.

Great comfort and drives well on long trips. Glad to have ecoboost because it gives car great acceleration. Like the Sirius XM radio. I like the reliability of an escape. My previous escape had 280 thousand miles so I can depend on ford. I do not like that the screen is so far back in the dash. I like the backup assist. I think that on even the basic escape they should all have the navigation system as a standard item. People use their phones so much today for navigation that it should be a basic standard sync on all escapes. I like the phone integration. It would be nice if when a text message comes through that it would announce it and not just display a chime and show on screen. Also the arrow buttons to the corresponding commands is a little hard to learn and also goes back to the screen being small and so far back in the dash. I like the heated seats in winter. The seat belts are weird with the bunched up part to each one.


Love my Ford Escape Handles great Fun to drive Lots of room Very stylish.

I have a 2018 Ford Escape and it is metallic blue. It has leather seats, power driver seat with controls for lumbar support, leg support, height and length. It has an adjustable steering wheel and cruise control. Fully loaded with Ford pass so I can use my iPhone to connect and see my maps, messages, etc. I love the way it rides down the road, very smooth and handles great with spot on steering. The four wheel drive is all automatic and adjusts as needed depending on road conditions. It has lots of legroom in the front and the back and is very comfortable. The back hatch has an automatic lift and a button to auto close, it is very convenient to load and unload items in and out of the vehicle. I love driving this SUV and am so happy that I chose this make and model.

- Echo D

Ford Escape - gas saving features

I thought for a long time before I bought my Ford Escape. I was intimidated by the feature that shuts the vehicle off when you are at a idling stop. But I find that you don't even notice. it. This feature is designed to save on gas usage. It has heated seats, back up camera and the other regular features. The particular one that I purchased does not have a built in GPS which I miss. It does have car/phone capability which I really like. I find the interior with adequate space. I did look at another Escape which was a few thousand dollars more and I liked the wheels on it better but no a few thousand dollars better. The one I bought has 4wd and a free trial of Sirius radio which I do not use at all. But overall I love my new vehicle

- Sharon B

Sleek, Silver 2018 Ford Escape SE AWD

Overall my 2018 ford escape is a good, reliable car for my kids, and also myself. Its sleek on the outside, and comfortable on the inside. Good heat, and A/C system, nice radio, and multiple storage areas. The hatch is decently roomy and can fit plenty of groceries, or other items needed for hauling. The back seats do fold down, which provides extra convenience for hauling large items. Gas mileage, like with many vehicles, could be better. I also have had an engine replaced after only about 20,000 miles, but as the dealership said it was a manufacturer's issue, and the dealership was prompt in dealing with it. In conclusion it is a sleek, reliable car with all the space and comfort that's good for a small family.

- Cheyenne M

A perfect car for a family of 4.

I currently own a 2018 ford escape and I absolutely love it. I recently took a trip to North Carolina and it was a very comfortable ride. I love the heated seats, double sunroof, and full touch screen radio. I can even start my car from my phone. I also can't forget to mention the back up camera. It is displayed largely on the dash/radio and is perfect for someone like me who is terrible at backing up. I have a toddler and another little one on the way and am glad that I chose this car to make my family vehicle. It has plenty of room for my growing family. The only thing that is a slight inconvenience is not being able to open the trunk by my keys or being able to shut it with a push of a button.

- Amber J

Best small SUV for the money!

Ford Escape is the perfect size SUV for a single girl like me. It�s easy to get in and out of and load with groceries. So far the performance is just enough with the 1.5 turbo engine, power but not too much power. You can monitor how economic your driving habits are in the in dash screen in the steering wheel area which I like. Features are so perfect, I use the large display screen all the time either for google maps, texting or podcast navigation. I think the SEL trim level has all the right features without paying for anything extra. The leather seats are comfy and easy to clean. I highly recommend this vehicle if you're looking for a small SUV. Plus I love supporting American companies.

- Helen Z

Not a bare bones Ford Escape.

My Ford Escape has not given me any problems. Performance is decent for this base model. I expect reliability to be good, if not excellent. I specifically chose the escape s (base model) because of its standard engine (2. 5 liter 4-cylinder).The interior is roomy and the drivers bucket seat is great for long distance drives. I did not experience any fatigue when I drove from TX to nm and co. As far as standard equipment is concerned, this is not a bare bones vehicle. The basic conveniences come standard (power windows and locks, and the base telematics from ford). There’s very few options you can order with the Escape s, but then again, I am content with what is available.

- Matt A

Sporty car fits all our needs!

We have an older Escape and have loved it. When it was time for an update I decided to get another Ford Escape. I love the sorry look and feel. It has plenty of room for groceries, sports equipment, grandkids etc. I love the features on the older Escape. In fact we decided to keep the older one as well for a commuter car for my husband. Hat way he does not have to drive the truck as far. The new car has sensors for the sides, back and front which are so helpful. I love the automated trunk door and “ kick to open” feature. It has great lumbar support and matches up with my phone for apple’s carplay. I get great gas Milagros and a smooth ride. I love it!

- Debi H

I have not had any issues with the Ford Escape thus far!

Some of my favorite features include the built in navigation system, remote starter and the keypad to lock and unlock my car without the use of my keys. I especially love the lock feature on hot summer days when I have to run into the store but don't want to turn my car off only to have to get back into it and wait for the a/c to cool the car down again. With the outside locks I can leave the car running and simply lock and unlock it when I return. I also love the number of cup holders the Escape has. My last car only had two and it may seem like a silly thing to look for in a car, but It's definitely something I appreciate! The Escape also gets great mileage.

- Jessica S

My 2018 Escape, my favorite car.

My escape is a 2018 model so I have no problems with performance other than it is a 4 cylinder which means on the highway it doesn't have a lot of get up and go. As far as being a 4 cylinder it does get great gas mileage. It is a very reliable SUV and I have had no issues with it so far. It has automatic windows which is very nice in the summertime. The Air conditioner gets very cold and that�s great for the hot Texas summers. It has tons of room in the back seat of the kids which is the main reason we bought the car. Three car seats fit comfortably in the back. It also has a very spaciousness as far as the trunk goes as well. Overall love my Ford!

- Brandy H

Love my loaded-with-features Ford Escape! It is a great choice for me.

I was in a lease and not really planning to get another car for 2 more years, then decided did not want mileage to be limited. Wanted another Ford (had a Nissan) because I really like the Ford interface with my phone, etc. Love the backup camera, the sync system, the blind spot warning lights, the cruise control I can set to 1, 2, or 3 car lengths to let it self manage, the parking assist, heated seats, I just really like it all. I just got the Escape this week so not much time to really know it, but husband has a Ford truck with similar features so knew I liked the ford. Seats are quite comfortable as well. I think I will love this vehicle.

- Eddie G

Review of 2018 Ford Escape

I love driving the escape. This is the first SUV I've ever leased and I feel so much safer driving in the snow with the 4 wheel drive. It�s the perfect size vehicle for me, not too big or too small. The seats are comfortable and the heated seats are fantastic in the summer. I also love the Ford app where I can start my car right from my phone!! My issues are that my check engine light has already come on and I have not even had the car for 10 months... Sometimes the touch screen will randomly turn off while I'm driving or the phone just doesn't want to connect to the car but other than that the Bluetooth/phone features are good.

- Rachel C

Safe, reliable, comfortable.

We have had zero problems. This is our 3rd ford escape. The engine performance is terrific. The vehicle is responsive and reacts well in snow, rain, and other road conditions because of the all-wheel drive and safety brakes. The vehicle is comfortable, feels safe, and has ample storage and leg room in the back. The windshield is large, which we believe is safer because we can see very well all around. It also helps that we sit up higher than a sedan. We love the extra features, like the excellent stereo radio, power locks, power windows, a/c, and heated seats. The color choices for interior door lighting is a nice, creative touch.

- Diane W

Ford cars are the only ones I drive and have majority of good things to say.

Ever since I've had the car in my possession, I have had a great time with it. The only problem I did have was that they breaks would constantly get stuck but it was not life threatening. The seats are very comfy, but are leather (it gets very hot in the summertime). However the good part is they do adjust to anyone and everyone's needs whenever they get in my passenger seat. I do love the feature that alerts me when anyone is too close to my car. Being that I do live in the Bronx and travel to the different boroughs, it gets really packed on the street and this feature helps alert me before I try to switch lanes.

- Albert J

Loving my new Escape and the comfort it provides!

My new Ford Escape is so comfortable. I love the seat and how it molds and supports my back. It feels really good on the road and it has enough storage area that I never feel like I do not have enough space. Great for my grandkids also. It gets good gas mileage and the performance has been top notch. I am not into a lot of bells and whistles and this model has just enough, with Bluetooth and radio. Our only complaint is that when you turn the heat or air onto providing for both high and low it really cuts down on the amount. We have spoken to service about it and we are told that it is normal.

- Pamela P

Safe and Reliable Ford Escape

I personally really love my ford escape! I like it because it's a very safe vehicle and has a lot of great features. Mine has apple carplay which is extremely nice because I am able to see my maps without looking down at my phone while I'm driving and I have easy access to my music and phone calls. It's also an extremely comfortable car and is very 'roomy.' I also lease mine and it's not too expensive for what I'm getting. It's also not to bad on gas. This is my second ford escape and I definitely recommend if you're looking for a safe and reliable car that does the job for a reasonable price.

- Isabelle C

Ford Escape provides many safety features.

The features of this car are incredible. There are lights on the side mirrors to indicate when a car is in your blind spot, which was huge for me switching from a small car to an SUV. This car also can parallel park itself, which isn't necessarily a must-have feature, but it is pretty impressive. The safety features aside from the blind spot indicators include fatigue warnings based on your driving patterns and lane assist to let you know when you are going into another lane unintentionally. The leather seats are nice and so are the seat and steering wheel heaters during the winter time.

- Samantha H

Our Escape the sports edition. It's charcoal, has tinted windows and black rims.

My husband and I love our 2018 Ford Escape. It has ecoboost which shuts the car off to save gas when stopped even though it gets great gas mileage. We have two little ones in car seats but the Escape has plenty of space in the backseat and trunk to fit all of the bags and baby necessities. The Escape is an affordable and reliable family car. The only issues we have had is we can't turn our lights off to go to a drive-in theater and the car did misfire but it was an easy fix for the engineer and we were back to driving around in no time. Our family recommends the 2018 Ford Escape.

- Sara G

The car play that is offered with the console is absolutely amazing.

My car is a lovely color, my old one was white but this one is black. There is a surprising amount of space in it, I can comfortably fit five which goes well with my lifestyle. There is so much space in the trunk to fit luggage for road trips. The console, equipped with carplay is an amazing feature, it allows me to stay connected with text messages, listen to music, and use GPS basically all hands free. The back up camera is one of the clearest that I have ever had. Ford even offers an app that you can start your car from on your phone, that has helped me a few times already.

- Jil S

Not very happy with my vehicle.

It has too many blind spots when you are going in reverse or changing lanes. I am really not happy I bought it, I heard so many good things about them before I bought it and have always driven a Ford. Had a few issues with electrical system but those have been fixed. I can say there is enough leg room for 4 adults to fit very comfortably! It was also affordable and fit in my budget, with great financing for Ford. It gets okay gas mileage but is uncomfortable to drive on long distance travels but okay around town. I really don't think I would buy another one like mine.

- DeAun S

I love my 2018 ford escape!

I lease my 2018 ford escape. It is ruby red with black wheels. Before this vehicle I had a 2011 ford escape and I loved it, so I went with those newer version. It drives smoothly. It runs awesome in the winter months, which is a biggie for me because I get so anxious driving in the winter. AWD kicks in as soon as it gets a bit slippery, and that makes me feel so much safer. The only tiny complaint I have is because of the size. A little more room would be nice, but doesn't persuade my decision to purchase. For a SUV, it also does well on gas. I highly recommend.

- Molly Z

Ford escape. . . The best of the best.

This is my second Ford escape. I absolutely love this vehicle. The roominess, interior and comfort far surpass any other vehicle I have driven. The base features are amazing. I love the heated front seats and the lumbar drivers seat, that you can pump up or down to suit personal needs is great! I love that you can choose options that you want. I chose purchase the navigation system, that is really a nice feature! The safety features are top notch. This vehicles handling is superior. All in all I would recommend this SUV, as it is among the best of the best.

- Joanne C

Great Ford Escape! After much research and thought I decided upon ford.

I love the comfort of my Ford Escape sel. I had an older Ford Escape and recently traded it for a new one. It is total luxury and drives like a luxury vehicle rather than some of the rougher riding SUVs. I live where there is a lot of snow and it is perfect in snow. I love the heated seats, rear view camera, dash complete with navigation and leather seats. It also has a remote start which I find very convenient on extremely cold or hot days. It is total reliability, drives great and has all of the bells and whistles you can imagine! Highly recommended!

- Patricia M

This vehicle is the perfect size for any consumer.

This vehicle is extremely comfortable with the power seats and smooth drive. The Ford app allows you to turn your engine on/off and lock/unlock door all from your phone. Daytime running lights gives you the ease of remembering to turn them on/off plus this vehicle has fog lights that makes it easier to navigate in various climates. Strong tires that don't damage easily even on the toughest roads, and strong exterior as well as interior structure. Beautiful design with gorgeous details and expertly crafted, this vehicle is definitely an excellent buy.

- Samantha S

The Escape is an easy to drive and very comfortable car.

I love my Ford Escape. Love the color. Love the leather seats. Has plenty of room to carry things. Comfortable and roomy enough for the family. Love the sound system. The computerized Ford sync feature is very helpful. Remote start is very helpful on cold days. The foot open option a the back is very helpful when you have your hands full. The lock option of using your thumb is great. And than to unlock just grip the door handle. Being able to set seat positions for three different people is good for all members of the family. I love my Ford Escape.

- Cindy N

Escape Your Problems with Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a good compact SUV. It has one of the larger cargo capacities in the class, and its well-constructed interior has a decent amount of space. Performance-wise, the Escape shines. Its tight handling and firm suspension contribute to one of the most athletic performances in the class. There are a few downsides to be aware of, however. While the Escape offers many technology features, few come standard, and several rivals offer better fuel economy estimates. Many of them have higher safety scores and more modern cabin designs as well.

- Mario P

Had a problem initially, but am one very satisfied customer now.

This is my second ford escape. I previously owned a 2016 model. I love my 2018 model. It is black with black interior. It performs as expected and is comfortable and reliable. It also has all the features that I need or want. When I first got it, I had it back to the dealership twice within the first 400 miles. On the second visit, they diagnosed it with a faulty fuel injector. It was replaced and I haven't had any problems since. The dealership was very helpful. I was given a loaner car both times. And everything was covered under warranty.

- Kendall L

Good value for the price. Nicely appointed features that our standard.

Just purchased the SUV and I love it! I have not encountered any problems as of yet. Very peppy (turbo engine), gets decent gas mileage and handles very well. Looking forward to driving it in the snow this year. Comfortable for long drives, the back seat can fit 2 adults very comfortably. One of the best features I have found so far is the ease of increasing the rear cargo space by folding the back seats with 1 lever. The space is actually quite large which is amazing for a smaller SUV. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Laura L

I always go back to my Ford dealer!

I recently purchased my second Ford Escape. I originally looked at another make and model, but am glad I went back to ford. This 2018 is exactly what I had been looking for. The size is perfect, as I typically travel alone, but, when needed was able to fit an entire Ikea bedroom suite in it! The features in are just enough. I do not like a lot of "bells and whistles" that I will never use, but do enjoy leather, heated seats and a moonroof. The ride is very comfortable and the car is extremely easy to handle.

- Kim H

Great gas mileage and features.

My Ford Escape gets great gas mileage, comfortable to drive, very spacious, and great traction in icy conditions. I would recommend Ford to anyone who is looking for an affordable SUV. The best thing about this car includes shutting off while at a stop light, it saves a lot of gas this way. It will continue to blow heat or air conditioning, even while off. It is important to go to a reputable Ford dealer as they do not try to sell unnecessary add-ons. Ford has consistently offered safe and reliable cars.

- Regina D

Fold down seating in the back Can connect iPhone to screen

I bought my 2018 Ford Escape in December 2017. It�s the first new car I've ever bought for myself. I started car shopping a month before I bought it. I drove a handful of different cars before finding my escape. I decided I wanted to go look at it and make a decision. As soon as I hopped in the front seat, I knew it was meant to be. I absolutely loved the inside set up. The seating in the back is spacious, and the seats even fold down. It drives smoothly and I've never had a problem with it!

- Taylor B

Excellent choice to opt for a new vehicle or lease

Finally broke down and got a lease, as when I was working it was not an option as my daily commute was 61 miles each way. We opted for an Escape as I prefer SUVs. Seems the color we got was a very common color for the leased vehicles. As we just hit our year mark this vehicle has proven to be very reliable and dependable. It gets pretty good gas mileage and does an excellent job with defrosting when the weather is cold. Very pleased with this lease and will likely buy it when the lease it up.

- Erin N

Ford Escape great car.. Just not the ecoboost option.

I have owned several Ford makes and models, the Escape is the most comfortable for me. I am 5’3” and when driving other Ford models felt lost in the seats, in the Escape I am comfortable. One downfall to this Escape is the eco boost, I do not recommend getting it. I shut it off every time I start the car. With it on the vehicle shuts itself down/off and then when turning into traffic there is a lag time which is dangerous in my opinion. This is not an Escape thing it is an ecoboost thing.

- Jen P

Our first Ford and why webenjoynit

This vehicle is her first Ford. I really enjoy how comfortable it is and how it fits my body. Before purchasing this we tried other brands and I was not comfortable. Although it doesn't have the best gas mileage records, it works for our situation. As a retired couple we don't do much traveling and the vehicle is used for daily life. We love the leather seats and the consul. Our only complaint is that the back area for storage is extremely small. We probably should've gone the next model up.

- Doris C

Great vehicle - new technology is a plus.

This is the first new car I have bought. The ride is extremely smooth. I love the leather seats (they are also heated). The technology in the car is amazing. There is a large screen which really helps when I am backing up. If you plug your phone in, the car will help call or text or play music without you having to touch your phone. The big display screen is also great if you are traveling, to help show the map and tell you where to turn. I would 100% continue buying for escapes!

- Nicole H

A modern car that is highly rated and has great features.

The cabin is nice and quiet. The interior is stylish and modern and android auto is a very nice feature to have. The car is rated very highly by many sources (car and driver, Edmunds, etc. ). My main issue with the car is the suspension is a little too sporty. You feel most of the bumps in the road. I am also not a fan of the turn signal. It IS very touchy and tends to click off well before you make a turn. Its a minor issue, but you use your turn signal multiple times per ride.

- Jade L

They sell a lot of them, so you will probably see a lot of cars just like yours. If you want to be different, don't buy this.

This is our 2nd Escape. We bought it because I thing we get more bang for our buck. In fact, we paid less and got more features in this new car than we did for our 2013 Escape we traded in. We've only had it for about 3 weeks now, so I haven't gotten a real good feel for it, but I can tell you I don't care for the fact that the seat moves back when I shut the car down. I'm afraid to put stuff behind me for fear it will get crushed when I get home and the seat moves back.

- Bill W

Great SUV Great size, heated seats, rear camera and can connect your iPhone.

It is a great SUV. Good on Gas. It drives nice and smooth, Great on the snow and for the cold weather with heated seats. You can connect your iPhone to the car and access your text, emails and listen to your music on Pandora. It's not the perfect size, not to big or too small. It can be put on sport and make you feel like you are driving a sports car. Easy to find parking for.. IT has a rear camera to help you park to see if you if are close to another car.

- Ana D

Heated seats are wonderful. Great way to have warmth and have the sunroof open.

I love how the car drives. I upgraded from a 2014 (I think) to the 2018 and it was a nice change. Pretty much the same car which was great. The heated seats work great. I was disappointed that the lift gate wasn't automatic but was pleasantly surprised to find a button that would allow me to pop the trunk and still lock the doors when I got out from the inside. I am not a big fan of the GPS and how it decides the routes but otherwise it is helpful and easy to use.

- Marissa K

2018 Ford Escape SE is wonderful

It is a very smooth ride and I haven't had any problems with it so far. I feel safe when driving due to all the safety features. Also I love the Bluetooth capabilities as well as the Apple CarPlay that�s available with the car as well. The touch screen feature makes it seem like a luxury car with an affordable price. Rear camera helps me with parallel parking. Lastly, there are multiple USB ports within the car so more than one person can charge their phone.

- Kayla K

Best Safety EVER in a vehicle!

This car is super reliable. I actually had a 2014 Ford Escape and was in a head on collision (hit by another driver). That car did EXACTLY what you would hope. I had no injuries. The frontal crash rating was a 4 star on the 2014 Ford I had. The safety alone on the 2018 was enough to make me buy another one- safety went up in all aspects on it. Comfortable, not too large, went from driving a car to this and it did not feel like I was driving a boat.

- Sydney C

Vehicle Review and Highlights

I personally love the fact that this vehicle has four wheels drive incorporated in the car considering I am from New York where the snowy weather is hard on vehicles. The one setting I do not like is the automatic turn off where you have to press the off button every time you get out of the vehicle. This tends to be annoying considering the fact that you can't just keep it off. I also love the gas mileage, it costs approximately $35 to fill my tank.

- Morgan G

The size and safety features were what made me purchase my car!

I love my car! It has great safety features and that was the number one thing I was looking for when buying my first car. I love that I can also get my text messages and phone notifications come through my car so that I do not have to worry about checking my phone when driving. I also love the size. I live in Illinois where we get a lot of snow in the winter. I wanted a car where that will keep me safe during snow storms and this car is perfect.

- Kat C

My good little rig, 2018 ford escape sel.

This vehicle has no performance or drivability issues. The included front seat heaters are great in the winter months. The only real issue is with the radio/GPS module. About 5000 miles in, the 'no GPS' logo came on the screen and the radio became sluggish to react. I took it in for a reprogram, but it did not correct the issue. I will have to take it back in for them to retrieve a number for replacement. Other than this, it has been a good rig.

- Cameron R

Perfect for an everyday driver and a long trip rider.

I love my Escape, and I haven't always been a Ford driver. But, the performance of the this SUV is exactly what I needed it to be. It is roomy, very comfortable to drive or ride for long periods of time in, and suits my needs perfectly. My only drawback is that the reverse/back up camera is very small, so if you are not used to looking around you and rely on just that, odds are you are going to hit something. Other than that, I'd recommend it.

- April G

Great car with fantastic gas mileage

I get great gas mileage, I average about 25 mpg. I love the features like the buttons on the steering wheel. I do wish that I had a larger screen and I don't like the auto start stop in the summertime. I have to remember to turn it off every time I turn the car on because it doesn't just stay off. And if I leave it on, when the car turns off at the red lights it gets hot and muggy in the car because the air turns off but the fans keep blowing.

- Alexandria R

The seat warmers work very well. Heat up super quickly and are so nice to have!

The Ford Escape is a very reliable car. I never have any problems out of it and I drive a lot. The seats are very comfortable. The cruise control is super easy to work and I really like that. The only thing I would say I don't like is the way you have to turn off the bright lights. I have the seat warmer feature and that is probably my favorite thing! I also like how much room is in the trunk of the car. Lots of space for groceries and such.

- Taylor E

Fun and easy ride! Very economical, heated seats, and automatic door locks.

I have had my vehicle for about 4 months, and I enjoy the ease of handling it offers, the quietness and the comfort of the ride in it. I have Sirius radio and find it to be very pleasing to enjoy! My phone links to it, so that if I get a call I do not have to grab a cell phone to talk. I get good gas mileage with this car and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good car that is not too expensive to drive. I feel very safe in my car!

- Shirley P

Ford escape: reliable and safe.

I bought my escape brand new and I have not experienced a single problem. The only time I have taken it back to the dealership was to get my oil changed. The gas mileage is a little less impressive if you are in stop and go traffic. The only thing I would like to change is the placement of the driver side air vents. The ac works fantastically, but it feel like the air flows around the steering wheel instead of directly to the driver.

- April S

Leased 2018 Ford Escape Vehicle

I got the sport package as part of my three year lease, so specialized cloth seats and rims. Lots of room, really helped when moving into my new place. Seats are comfortable and lots of adjustable options. Love having the heated seats since living in New England is cold. Using navigation and my phone�s song apps are super easy. Middle console has a lot of storage. Lots of cup holders throughout the car. Love the red color as well!

- Jessica E

all wheel drive great for snow back up camera 16.5 cubic feet trunk

it's great for a crossover performs great great factory coverage for 6 years it's an all wheel There aren't too many major changes for the 2018 Ford Escape. The vehicle got a bit of an overhaul just last year, so no major changes were really to be expected. Ford has added a new trim level this year called SEL. This trim seems to have been designed to fit in between the base, budget model and the top luxury version of the Escape.

- alfred W

Great midsize car for the price. Makes getting around easy and affordable.

This vehicle is great. Very comfortable for long or short drives. Easy access to the back seats, lots of legroom and overhead. Trunk access is easy and the added protection of a top cover keeps anything in the trunk out of site. Heated seats are a plus in the winter. Other great features are the rear camera and OnStar. It syncs with my phone and offers hands free calling. Large front windshield gives great, unobstructed view.

- Cindy K

Comfortable reliable vehicle!

I love my vehicle! It is super comfortable, roomy yet smaller and more eco friendly. It gets up to speed fast if need to but very good on gas as well. I have only had it 4 months so I have not ran into any problems as of yet but the auto start stop can be a pain. It is supposed to help u save on gas at longer stop lights ect. But once it auto stops your ac/heat stops as well. Wish there was a permanent shut off of this feature.

- Chantelle L

The best of the 2018 Ford Escape.

Overall, the 2018 Ford Escape is a great car. It drives exceptionally well. It is a very comfortable car and it is perfect for taking long car trips. It has a lot of space for luggage and other things due to the trunk space. In the winter or if you had a long session in the gym, the seat warmers are a perfect tool to use. The only downfall is that the car is not great with gas. Sometimes, the car has to be refilled twice a day.

- Amber M

Adjustable seating made for comfort

Power seats, dual temperature control in the front very spacious back seat, second row of seats fold down flat, heated seats and seating wheel, ample cup holders, smooth ride, gets great gas mileage, very comfortable switch to this SUV from a car, power adjusted seat for the driver you can customize your options and if you have another person driving they just have to push a button to adjust to their seating preference

- Alyssa C

Dealership is great! No double teaming while haggling price.

I test drove many cars on the day I bought my Escape. In fact when we went into the Ford dealer we said we're not buying today we are just looking. After the test drive I went in and said I changed my mind I am buying and I want this particular one. It was great. It had everything in it that I wanted. While we haggled about the price they never double teamed us. It was laid back, I would recommend this dealer to anyone.

- Marilyn B

Smaller but does not disappoint.

I like that it sits up high and is 4 wheel drive. A must in this region where we typically have a lot of snow on roads that are not always maintained as much as we'd like. Not the smoothest ride, it can be a little bumpy and gas mileage is ok. Performance is good and it is very easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The back seat drops to carry more cargo or larger purchases. Very reliable, a good choice for our family.

- Sarah N

I love the Apple Play feature that came with the technology package in car.

I love this vehicle! This is my second time leasing a Ford Escape, and I don't think it will be my last. I haven't had any mechanical issues with this car at all. I feel completely safe at all times. I think it�s the perfect size in between a car and a full size SUV. I decided on the technology package and love the full screen and Apple Play display that I use along with my iPhone. I couldn�t be more satisfied!

- Rachael H

The 2018 ford escape is the perfect family car!

My family and I love our escape. We have three small children in car seats and they all fit safely and comfortably in the back seat. The trunk in spacious for our baby gear and groceries. Though it is only a 4 cylinder it has great pick up. We get decent gas mileage and I love the feature that shuts off the engine while the vehicle is stopped. Sync is easy to use and makes talking on the phone safe while driving.

- Nicole O

The awesome new 2018 ford escape is by far the best vehicle I purchased.

The 2018 ford escape is a totally reliable vehicle. I love my car it get great gas mileage. It fits five people comfortably. I love the body style. The trunk has enough room for everything I need and the middle seats fold down if I ever need more room. It's a nice fun car to drive whether it be a short or long trip. The leather heated seats keep you toasty warm in the winter. I also love the Sirius radio option.

- Tammy J

See your ford dealer today! Spring is the perfect time.

The 2018 ford escape is a dependable, comfortable, gas efficient mid size SUV. Comfort features are heated seats, navigation system, FM/am/Sirius radio, hands free phone. There is plenty of cargo space as the back seats lay down easily and completely flat. . Ford has always built dependable cars and trucks at awesome values. Whether its a compact, midsize or large SUV, sedan, van or truck give it a test drive!

- Sandra U

It's an amazing deal for the amount of money that it costs, but I only believe that to be true for the base level and SE models. Once it gets to the Titanium level it's not worth the money anymore.

I have a 2018 Ford Escape SE. This model comes with heated seats and dual-zone heating/cooling that I love. It so handy to be able to have my side be whatever temp I want and the passengers side be whatever temp they want. The car is also extremely roomy without being a large SUV. I'm able to haul things like a washer or dryer, but in a smaller sized vehicle (as opposed to something like a giant Tahoe)

- Abbey D

great on gas, amazing navigation system. spacious, best decision ever

It is amazing on gas if you are traveling out of town. It is spacious if you are trying to move boxes into a new home. Great navigation system within it. The a/c is the best! I honestly love my escape. You get a lot of miles per gallon. The seats can be adjusted. I haven't had any car troubles. Just the tires seem to be easily banged up. Love the sunroof.. can be great in the daytime and at night

- Lisa M

The temp control is my favorite feature allowing both to have their own setting.

It is a great car, really gets up and goes when you need it. The duel air system is a wonderful feature letting the driver and passenger have their own temperature setting. It is a very comfortable riding car and plenty of space in the back for storage. The only thing when we purchased it I thought it had the feature that when you are in the house you could start the care remotely but we cannot.

- Carrie S

2018 Ford Escape Safety in every mile

The Escape is a comfortable vehicle unlike other SUVs. You always know how many miles you are getting on gas and how much gasoline you have left till empty. With all the airbags and 911 assist I feel completely safe. Sync your phone to the dash for hands free driving and speak through the access point in roof of the car. You have all the information on the vehicle performance at your fingertips.

- Elizabeth G

We love the dual air set in the car.

We love our Escape, though this one is new, we have had Escaped for years. The ride is very comfortable, and we are happy with the safety. Now, they are putting heated seats in the cloth seats. Cannot wait for the heated rear end in the winter. 😁. This one also has an automatic shut on/off switch. Saves gas while sitting a the lights or in a traffic jam while still maintaining temp control.

- Kerri B

Easy to drive with lots of great features.

My Ford Escape is easy to drive and has many great features including seat warmers and automatic start which helps me in the winter time. I drive a lot for my job and I feel safe and secure in my vehicle especially in bad weather. This also gets better gas mileage than I expected for an SUV, the dashboard tracks your mileage performance which is helpful. I also appreciate the Ecoboost motor.

- Charise G

Comfy and cool is the best way to go

This is a very classy and comfortable car. I love that it has automatic windows and basically automatic just about everything. This vehicle is great on gas and the way that it drives is extremely comfortable and smooth. My whole family can it fit in this vehicle. I love the color of the car. I like that you can choose to go slowly with it or quickly with it and again it is very comfortable.

- Melissa L

Auto shut off to save gas at stop lights and such.

I love the smooth drive and great gas mileage but there is a slight hesitation as you accelerate quickly sometimes. It is roomy with plenty of storage space for my family of 3. I really enjoy the features like SYNC, with my Spotify account. My car is very reliable, and comfortable. I have taken it on long road trips before. It drives very nicely on the highway. I enjoy the cruise control.

- Jennifer F

Great vehicle for family of 4.

I love this vehicle, it's perfect for my family of 4. It fits 2 car seats pretty well on the ends, but the only problem is if someone had to sit in between the car seats in the back..it's a very tight squeeze and not comfortable. But everything else is great. The huge sunroof is great, and the car has heated seats. The engine shuts off when you stop also most of the time) to save on gas.

- Renee H

2018 Ford Escape - a high-quality mid-size SUV.

I very much enjoy my 2018 Ford Escape. It is a very reliable vehicle with great features. Heated seats, lots of legroom for both the driver and the passengers in the front and back seats. A lot of room in the trunk for storage. It gets good gas mileage, even if most of the miles I am putting on the car are city miles. One of the other really nice features on this car is the heated seats.

- Liam H

My little Escape fun and easy to drive!

I like the vehicle. I was a big change from a f-150 but it works. The only thing that gets annoying after a while is the feature that turns the engine off. I know it is supposed to save on gas but sometimes when you stop and then try to pull out in a hurry you hesitate because the engine is off. You can turn the option off but it automatically come back on when you restart the car.

- Antonio P

My family and I really love our Ford escape

I really like my Ford escape, it's very dependable and drives like a dream. I previously owned a PT Cruiser that was just too small for my family. I now have plenty of legroom for all of us. Five of us took a trip to the mountains and were comfortable all the way. It has a lot of power also. It shuts down when stopped at a red light to save gas. All around great car. I love it!

- Joseph A

It's a nice looking car that drives great, but is very affordable

I recently downsized from a Honda Odyssey to the Ford Escape. It is a nice size for 4 passengers and still room in the back for packages. Drives and handles nice on the roads. It comes in a variety of nice colors, but I love my lightning blue. The backup camera is a nice feature that is new to me. Also,the controls on the steering wheel for the phone & radio are very convenient.

- Kelly P

Goods and bads of my Ford Escape.

Big screen for the radio part but doesn't have GPS. The car drives ok. I got it new as a lease. It is actually quite loud which is surprising. It has the ecoboost which I like. I wish I would have gotten the 4 wheel drive. The one bad thing I have and my dad with his is that the visor doesn't cover the sun very well at all. It needs to be taller so it actually blocks the sun.

- Lisa C

Comfortable drives beautifully.

Rides beautiful! My family owns a Ford dealership and I am partial to Fords! Honestly I have had a few trucks by Ford and never felt like I was driving a truck. It is comfortable and we love the leather seats. Our granddaughters are always mess up, so I find it is easy to wipe up. My husband also has a business and we work out of the truck. It is big enough for all our needs.

- Colleen M

Armrest, I want one ford!

I haven't had any issues with my Ford Escape. I just have a minor gripe. There isn't any place to rest or arm. It can be a little uncomfortable to be on a long drive and not have a armrest. But, maybe it just me, I tend to slouch when I am driving for long periods of time. Other gripe is the location of the cup holders. They seem to be in the perfect spot for an arm rest.

- Brittan B

Excellent car for the money spent.

I love the size of the Escape-not too large for an SUV- yet you ride high enough to see over small cars. The price is good (under 30, 000 for heated leather seats) and quality seems very good. The back up camera is one of my favorite features. The only thing I would change is adding a keyless start as I do not like having to take keys in and out of my purse all the time.

- Barbara S

Solid well-made very safe car.

Like, sturdy, solid well-built hunk of American steel, basic model, compact SUV, easy to park, reverse camera, service warning lights. Dislike, console too deep, needs a tray for small items, cup holders too small, trunk too small, hatch too heavy to close, handle too flimsy- broke, car too expensive, trade-in value too low. I may consider different maker for next car.

- Des M

Ford Escape 2018 - Comfortable interior

I have had no problems out of my Escape so far. It is very comfortable to drive. The seats fit meaning they are not huge or too small to fit into. It drives very smoothly and is quiet. I really like the Bluetooth capabilities and the stereo package that it has. There is plenty of room for passengers to ride comfortably and plenty of cargo space for my purposes.

- Laurie W

Very stylish and great for small family or retired couple that travels.

A good size SUV but it takes a lot of gas. Drives really well, performance is good. Interior is very good and very comfortable as well. A very stylist looking SUV compared to some of the others on the road today. Very good at acceleration on to main highways and in having to pass other cars. Have had good service at dealership when having maintenance work done.

- Bernadette B

Love the ford escape. It is enjoyable driving experience.

Haven't had any problems with the vehicle other than the service vehicle like came on shortly after getting the vehicle. I love the way the escape drives. It's not too big or small. I love driving the escape. It is very smooth driving. I would definitely recommend the ford escape. The backup camera is great. I am able to see what's behind me before backing out.

- Kim J

It is an overall great vehicle for small families.

Within one month of owning the vehicle we were hearing an odd banging noise when we had the air conditioner on. Had to take it to the dealership to get the flywheel fixed and the transmission had to be changed. The dealership originally had no idea what was wrong with the vehicle. Other than that issue the car runs well and is comfortable for my small family.

- Rosa M

Great car for family use- very spacious!

My 2018 Ford Escape is the perfect car for me. It fits my car seat perfectly with room to spare in the back seat, it�s great on gas and I find the interior appealing. I have sat in the driver's seat, passenger seat and all of the back seats and find all seats comfortable even surprisingly the middle back seat. I would recommend this car 100% for family use.

- Lindsey S


I have had my vehicle for a year now and have had no problems whatsoever with it. WE bought the Titanium because we liked the extra features such as sunroof and automatic rear hatch opener. that has really proven to be a nice feature for loading groceries. The vehicle is a very comfortable ride, has little road noise, and overall is a satisfactory purchase.


A good review for a good car experience.

I like my vehicle. I do not have any complaints about it. Its comfortable and reliable. And I like the style and the room I have in the vehicle. I like that the trunk space is large and that I can put the back seats down completely flat if I need more room for trunk space. The gas is good and I like that the engine shuts off when you are completely stopped.

- Melissa F

Roomy but not too big; rides smooth

Drives really smooth. No real problems so far. I do wish the windshield wipers that ford puts on their cars were better. They tend to leave smudges and don�t do great. Very reliable. Comfortable, adjustable seats. Works great since I'm short and my husband is tall. Radio sounds nice. Plenty of room on the very back for groceries and such plus my stroller.

- Chelsea P

Drives fine, not happy with some features.

The basic features are what you would expect. It drives fine and is comfortable. I do not like the automatic four wheel drive. I like to have control over my car and decide when that feature is on and when it is off. So I strongly dislike that feature. I also strongly dislike the auto stop feature. The car turns off and it is just annoying and frustrating.

- Nicole M

The mileage is great but not awesome.

The screen on the dash glitches sometimes, and the mileage is great but not awesome. Having to fill up the whole tank for 35$ every few days is a hassle. I feel like a have a gas guzzler. I would definitely recommend it for a family car though. It is comfortable and the air/heating system works great, and there’s a lot of open space and hidden space.

- Elizabeth C

All in all, I would definitely choose this vehicle as my first SUV purchase.

The Ford Escape is a perfect family vehicle. I am able to fold down the seats to allow my dogs to come on long rides, and then able to raise them up to put in car seats. The all around performance of this vehicle is really amazing. I do however, wish there were more air vent to face towards the back. Overall, I cannot wait to purchase the newer model!

- Rachel B

The mpg and backup camera makes this a great family car!

I absolutely love my ford escape! I got it almost one year ago and I have not had any issues with it. The mpg is great, as I travel back and forth between home and school a lot. The backup camera comes in hand a lot, as I always find myself backing up into parking spots just to use it! I would recommend a ford escape to anyone, especially families!

- Justin Y

2018 Ford Escape mini review

I'm in love with my escape! I live in Vermont and I wasn't able to get snow tires so I relied on 4x4 and it didn't disappoint. The only complaint I have is that the driver doesn't have complete control over the four wheel drive. Although, the driver's seat has so many different settings that can be changed driver to driver easily and its comfy!

- B W

All around a great, dependable car.

The brakes are a little difficult to get use to. It is hard to shut the trunk door. The screen used for radio, back up camera and other things is very small and far away. I do enjoy how many options I have when it comes to lowering and adjusting the driver's seat. Sounds system is really nice and you have at least 9 different presets for radio.

- Tess L

The most important thing to me when purchasing the vehicle was the 4 wheel drive.

I love this car!! The pick up is amazing. The large touchscreen display is perfect. The car handles really well so far. I love all the great features especially the rear camera, and the in car Wifi. It also is able to connect with my phone so that everything on my phone e is on the touchscreen when I plug it in like google maps, and music apps.

- Susan S

Back up camera, heated seats, touch screw, rides smooth.

Absolutely love all the new features of the 2018 to the touch screen, sync levels, heated seats, easy to drive, and kids love it as well as the back seats recline. Love the package I got with the blacked out wheels. Drives smoothly and even though it does not have all the bells and whistles of the top models, I love the back up cam feature.

- Mandy R

It has great safety features. It stops by itself if needed.

The 2018 Ford Escape is a very easy car to drive. I love the way the front windshield is designed. It gives a very open and easy to see everything. The seats are very comfortable. I love the heat in the front seats. I use it all the time. I love the Ford pass on my phone but I wish it had a push button start so I wouldn't even need my key.

- Amanda S

Safety and technology in a beautiful design.

The Escape has everything we were looking for: memory seats, dual power seats, heated seats, heated wheel, backup camera and sensors. It also has niceties such as remote start, park assist, ecoboost engine, sunroof and lane assist. The only complaints are it has leather and the sunroof does mean that the roof cannot hold as much weight.

- Todd S

The spaciousness of this vehicle is great accompanied by the great gas mileage.

It is a very comfortable vehicle. Perfect for my little family. I did not believe I needed a more spacious car until my wife told me that it was wise to buy an Escape. I did not believe her but bought the car anyway. I am so glad I made this purchase, this is a reliable, comfortable, family vehicle that I love driving any chance I get.

- Chris B

Just the right fit for me.

I love how sporty my car feels. It is very easy to drive. The car is nice and spacious and feels safe. This vehicle gets incredible gas mileage. It syncs with my phone and allows me to do things through Siri and the Ford app. This vehicle is perfect because it is not too big like some of the SUVs can be but it is not too small either.

- Stacy M

Not made for small children.

I have had zero problems with this SUV. It's nice to drive and comfortable. I just hate how there isn't any hooks in the back seat for my car seat. I had to go out and purchase a different kind of car seat. Which was just something that I wasn't looking to do. The old seat worked just fine, but I couldn't get it to strap in properly.

- Brittany B

Adaptive cruise control! Best thing ever!

I really like my escape. Sometimes I feel like it is a bit too little for my family and we expect our family to be growing in the next year. For right now it is perfect for two adults and two children. My favorite things about it is that it has adaptive cruise control and automatic bright lights! These features are absolutely great!

- Victoria S

Short and sweet like the owner.

First of all I love the deep scarlet color. The black paneling and grey/black details give the car a sleek and professional look yet off a family level of comfort and cushion. Multiple buttons for seat and heating adjustments as well as a rear backup camera and various touch screen features with add ons such as Pandora or SiriusXM.

- Missy L

The Ford Escape is awesome.

My Escape is fun to drive. The seats are adjustable and very comfortable. The sound system is very good. It rides and drives very well. You can see all around you with ease. The pick up and go is amazing. You can haul stuff in it with ease there is loads of cargo space and the back seats lay down for extra room when hauling stuff.

- Debbie W

2018 ford escape: comfortable, reliable, ecoboost engine, high performance.

I wish there were more internal features overall but I really enjoy the heated seats and the screen that tells me when I have an issue (low tire pressure and low gas) as well as the overall spaciousness of the trunk. I think my ford escape is super reliable and performs well. It is a smooth ride and you barely feel it accelerate.

- Dylan M

2018 Ford Escape is a solid car

I've had my vehicle for almost a year and so far I've had no issues with it and enjoy the way it drives. I wish it was more fuel efficient but like the size, reliability, handling in poor weather conditions, and technological features. I especially like the ability to connect my phone's GPS system to the car's dashboard screen.

- Anastasia K

The seats are excellent for me as a disabled veteran without aggravating my pain.

My escape has been a lifesaver for us as a family because we go on multiple twenty five hour drives a year and it is always such a comfortable ride. The features are great, the screen has an awesome UI, and the seats are very comfortable. The reverse camera is very accurate, as well as the sensors for other vehicles around me.

- Katie K

All in all.. A great vehicle.

It is a very roomy reliable car. Gets great gas mileage. I love all the extras like the heated seats, sync 3 system, has a decent stereo system too. The only downside is that I got it with an engine that was not very powerful. It kind of takes a while to get going if I am climbing a hill. But all in all it's a great vehicle.

- Patty M

Ford Escape is the answer!

The Ford Escape is quite comfortable and sleek inside with many features. My favorite is the fact that I see behind me going reverse on a large screen where many other vehicles have small screens. I also enjoy the rear door opening option with just a wave of a foot near the opening. Thus helps me with carrying the groceries.

- Joann H

Ford Escape is a great car for small families

Great vehicle I really enjoy the titanium trim package with the sunroof and large GPS screen. Car handles great in the winter and also gets excellent gas Mileage. I would recommend this car to small families as the vehicle is not very big. My son's car seat takes up most of the back seat and it does not have 3rd row seating.

- Andrew I

The SUV has the auto shut off auto start.

The 2018 Ford Escape is a great vehicle. It is very spacious. The Escape does very well on gas mileage and is very comfortable. It is a very stylish mid SUV. We have taken it for a long road trip and it was very comfortable. The back seats recline and there is still plenty of room in the back for a family of fours luggage.

- Danielle P

Love this 2018 platinum Ford Escape!

2018 Escape, platinum edition. Great mileage, smooth ride, modern technology! Love the app support and features, many easy hands free options. Hooks up with my iPhone easily, safety features are great. Super comfortable, dual temperature control, nice stereo, great speakers. Roomy interior, keyless features are awesome!

- Jean C

Assets to having a 2018 Ford Escape.

The 2018 Ford Escape is an amazing vehicle. It gets great gas mileage, performs wonderfully, and is a very comfortable vehicle to drive and ride in. It performs on the highway and in city limits. It has room for 5 people, with plenty of room left for luggage and other items when traveling. Overall, great vehicle to own.

- Linda W

The car with heated seats but no gas.

Drives great, gas burn super fast.. seats are almost stainless.. windshield wipers aren't good (bought brand new).. Air gets really cold but takes awhile to get cold on hot days.. The air temperatures are adjustable (driver can set to 80 degrees, passenger can set a 60 degrees). The car has heated seats for colder days.

- Brittany T

Comfortable. Sharp appearance.

I have had my vehicle for only 6 months and have had no problems. Love the Bluetooth and the app which allows me to start vehicle remotely. Multiple rebates dropped price substantially that I was able to upgrade o higher model. I do not like that the back hatch closes automatically with click of button. Takes too long!

- Mona G

Heated seats, steering wheel

I love my Escape, titanium. I love the heated seats and steering wheel. Love the several ways that you can open the hatch, unlock the doors without having the keys. It has get up and go for a 4 cylinder. I love all the added extra features it has to offer, Lane assist, break technology, automatically dimming lights

- Kathy G

I love the technology in my Ford Escape!

The Ford Escape is very roomy for a small SUV. The seats are comfortable and can be heated. In the winter my favorite feature is the remote start through my ford pass app. I love how my phone easily connects to the entertainment system. The only con is that the stereo system is not as loud as I would like it to be.

- Andrea P

I have tell my friends if they were looking for a SUV it is the Ford Escape.

It is drives nice on the highway and residential roads, and it is great on gas and maintenance ! It is also very comfortable and roomy with five passengers besides the driver it also has a lot of room for baggage , and I sometimes use it for hauling my tools from the house to jobs because of my truck being broken.

- John L

My car is a great car. Everyone should buy one.

My car is a great car. No problems with it at all. If I was going to buy another car. It would be a Ford Escape. Dealership is great also. They take very good care of my car. At all times. My car has very good performance. And is very easy to drive. I drive on the turnpike a lot. My car does very well on the road.

- Sharon F

I love my 2018 Ford Escape

The vehicle looks great, beautiful paint job. For a 4 cylinder, it has all the power I need. Good gas mileage and fun to drive, esp. on the open highway. The leather seats are so comfortable. It has heated seats and steering while. Great ride and quit. I have the titanium model so it is loaded. Great Ford Service.


Good for a single person or one child.

This vehicle is great if you only have one child, I have two and there’s hardly any room. The ride is smooth but the brakes are very touchy. It can be all over the road when it is windy. I get great gas mileage. It only costs me around $35-$40 to fill up. That is in Michigan with gas prices being almost $4. 00.

- Amanda B

The ford escape is a great midsize vehicle.

I really like this car it is crossover vehicle just the right size for a small family. It also is a energy saving car when the vehicle is idle it goes into sleep mode. This is feature I didn't like at first but now I enjoy. It is also great on gas mileage about the same amount of gas from when I has a ford focus.

- A G

Small seats and narrow hatch opening.

I like that the engine shuts down to preserve gas mileage at redlights. i previously owed a honda that i had electrical problems with - the ford does not seem quite as well made as the CRV. The Ford does get better gas mileage and the miles left to empty gauge seems to be much more accurate than in the Honda.

- Cassandra S

Good size car for a family of four.

I really like the size for driving around town. Fits a family of 4 nicely. Road noise is minimal. I find the seats uncomfortable for my back and neck. I like the carplay feature now that I am familiar with it. The trunk hatch is manual and difficult to pull closed when I am carrying groceries into the house.

- Shaun H

Entertainment Dash Improvements

This has been a fantastic car. I avoided previous model years of the Ford Escape due to its rather ugly entertainment dash, but the 2018 improved the look greatly. The ECOboost makes this 4 cylinder real punchy and a blast to drive. There is plenty of space in the trunk without needing to lay the seats down.

- Mitch S

The panoramic sunroof is my favorite feature.

I love my car. It is wonderful in the snow. I wish the gas mileage was a little bit more consistent. I also wish that I was able to control whether my 4 wheel drive is activated or not. The automatic engine shut off can be a bit much at times and I don't feel that it will always be saving you money and gas.

- Jessica P

Silver Bluetooth escape is good.

It is really good and I like it a lot. It is clean and big. Therefore, I am having a good time with it. I think that the silver color is nice. I do not know a lot about cars at all. Please know that it is important that I get the points for this survey. It is also a really good car for Bluetooth purposes.

- Anne P

I love my ford escape. The best decision I have made to date.

I have not had any problems with the car thus far. It drives smoothly. I have taken it on several road trips and it has been amazing. I love how comfortable the seats are. My family are relatively tall and all of my nieces and nephews fit comfortably. I love how the seats fold down to provide extra space.

- Karen S

Ford Escape review model S

Car drives great. Feel like the suspension will need to be replaced sooner than later as it can occasionally feel like it sways. Good car for the price we paid. Even in the low S model I feel that the base components are still good. I would recommend this for someone looking for a small entry level SUV.

- Ryan M

Escape is fun to drive and the stereo is great

I haven't had any problems. I like my new Escape. It has enough room inside for my family. I like this the viewing of parking. It helps when you backup and parking car. I like the colors of my Escape. I like the upright seats. And I love the stereo. The music sounds great. Especially when you travel.

- Irene D

It has most of the features that you could want in a small SUV.

I love the entertainment system with Apple Carplay. It's a small SUV so it can park in any spot which is convenient. The adaptive cruise control is also a great feature that I love. I wish it had an autopilot feature like Tesla cars. I also wish it was electric but I couldn't find an electric small SUV.

- Marc G

Comfortable, affordable, and practical.

I enjoy the comfort of the Ford Escape. The size is perfect for a family of four. The leather interior is a must and the gas mileage is average for the size of engine. The best feature of the car for me is the navigation system. I would of liked a sunroof, but since that is an option maybe next time.

- Emily S

Disappointed in ford that they still have the S system in most of their vehicles

I don't like the fuel saver shut off switch. The tire pressure keeps reading low and it�s not. There�s a Gluck when I back up. It is to small of a vehicle for the two of us and the dog. Need more cargo space. The seats are not that comfortable and it�s a winter package but doesn't have auto start

- James L

Easy to drive. Parallel parking is easy with rear camera.

I really love how it handles, although it seems to burn a lot of gas to me it doesn't take much to fill. I love that I can park almost anywhere, not like when I had my big truck. The seats are comfortable with plenty of legroom. I love my CD player and display. This is the best car I have ever owned.

- Rick S

The Ford Escape I now drive, "Millie", serves me well. She's practical with daily errands to the grocery, doctor or local store. While on trips she provides the comfort to my geriatric parents - and dog, Molly. Practical, comfortable and dependable - Mommy, Molly, and "Millie" - us three girls are always on the go! ??

Millie' is the perfect size for our household. Small and sporty. Sleek and fully loaded, she's a pleasure to drive. Having downsized from her 'cousin' the Explorer, I thought I would not care for this vehicle as much as I do, but I'm enamored with her maneuverability and power. It was a good purchase.

- Diana M

the Ford Escapes entertainment feature.

I like my Ford Escape because it has 4 wheel anti lock brakes with side airbags. Another great feature is the rear view camera. The side mirrors are equipped with motion sensors. When a vehicle approaches on either side, the sensors will light up. This feature helps you avoid going into another lane.

- Cheryl H

All the safety features that the vehicle provides to keep It's passengers safe.

I like that as a very short stature that I am able to fit and drive the vehicle comfortably. I also like all of the safety features and all the extras that I wasn't looking for in a vehicle. I cannot think of any dislikes or complaints since we love this vehicle and never owned anything this nice.

- Liz W

The gas mileage is awesome, it's a fun car to drive and you get a lot of car for your money

I love my escape. I like how it drives, I like the gas mileage, and I like the technology in the touchscreen. I am able to use waze, a gps app and have the map show on the screen. The only thing I don't like is the engine auto-off when the car is stopped. I don't feel like that's good for my engine.

- Kelsey G

2018 Ford Escape SE Review

My vehicle drives well and is reliable. My only issue are two little things that don't affect the driving of the car - These are 1. The PRNDL doesn't light up and 2. The side mirrors are not heated. Besides these small issues the car is a good size, has all the other features I need and drives well.

- Angela C

The car turns off at stop lights to save gas!

This is the very first brand new vehicle I have ever purchased. My ford escape is exactly what I was looking for. I love the black leather seats. They are super easy to clean. The vehicle is not huge but is just the right size for my small family. It has plenty of room to put groceries in the back.

- Samantha M

It is fun sporty vehicle to drive!

I love my car. No issues at all. It does not have an outlet for computer but I installed one. I know that the next model has one, but I didn't need all of those extra features. It is comfortable. I love the sunroof. I love the amount of room I have. I added a tow package that can even tow our boat.

- Sandra L

Great vehicle, highly recommend.

Absolutely love this vehicle. This is the 3rd Escape I've owned. Lots of room, the vehicle does great with gas and handles well. The radio controls on the steering wheel are a great addition, keeps your eyes more focused on the road. I have navigation, great addition, gets me to where I need to be.

- Marcia S

Amazing Loving my new car, love the fold down seats

The check engine light came on repeatedly there was an issue with the sensor, but besides that love the car. Heated seats are fabulous. There is a lot of room, especially when seats are down just it was completely flat when seats are down but plenty of room and easy to navigate seats up and down

- Elizabeth D

Small detail, but I really enjoy how informative the 2018 Ford Escape is.

I have had Jeep cars in the past and I finally took a shot on a ford. Definitely one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I feel not only, incredibly safe while driving, but also comfortable and informed while driving my vehicle. It is a decent size and can fit quite a bit in the trunk.

- Dorian N

My vehicle is sporty, has many useful features, safety features are very good.

I just purchased my vehicle 3 days ago. So far I am very pleased with the performance. It has an EcoBoost engine and for only being a 2. 0l it has a lot of pick up. It is roomy and comfortable. The updated information screen is great! I especially like the changes made to the navigation system.

- Peg T

Comfort for every kind of driver

The comfort is top quality, it has leather seats. You can adjust the seat perfectly to give you a better ride. Love you can program the driver's seat for 3 different people so you will never lose the perfect seat. Only downfall is some of the blind spots are pretty big, especially in the front.

- Pamela S

Has an amazing backup camera for safety.

I love the 2018 Ford Escape. So far I have not had any problems. I love the camera view for backing up and being able to connect my phone to the car. I can talk and use GPS hands free. The seats can raise up so you can see better. Plenty of room for both of my children and all of our groceries.

- Jessica W

Family friendly yet stylish

We really enjoy our Escape. It drives very smooth and turns easily. My favorite thing is that it is easy to park and the backup cam really comes in handy. There is plenty of trunk space and it�s accessible from the back seat. The only thing that we wish it had was a/c vents in the back seat.

- Jay C

Would recommend - heated seats are a+.

I like the car however you can feel it shift when you drive even though it is an automatic. It's a really jerky ride but I saw a lot of them on the road so I figured it was a nice car. Very comfy and love the heated seats! The moon roof is also really cool and spacious. Would suggest this car.

- Angelina M

Reasons to buy a Ford Escape

Comfortable for long rides, excellent seat heaters, love the sync system, AC works awesome, ton of trunk space for long trips or even grocery shopping. It has a lot of options for the driver seat to be adjusted for all different sized drivers. VERY reliable, would definitely buy vehicle again!

- Alexa C

I have never felt safer in a car than I feel in my 2018 Ford escape.

I love the technology in my vehicle, specifically carplay. I like that I can send text messages and use applications via voice. Previously, I had driven an older Ford escape, and this newer model is significantly smoother on the road. Additionally, the cameras make navigation so much smoother.

- Allie C

Auto engine shut off at stop lights us annoying.

After only 3 months the sync system stopped working so I had no use of hands free phone, Bluetooth or usb. Had to bring vehicle in for service and ordered a whole new computer board. Sync system is inferior to other systems in vehicles I have previously owned. Otherwise happy with the vehicle.

- Stephen M

It's safe in multiple ways--from great brakes to backup camera to SYNC to mirrors all over.

It's a smaller SUV than I'm used to, but I love the smaller size. I love the digital voice activation system called SYNC. I find it to be great and helpful in keeping me safe. I don't love the mirror adjustments...I can't figure out the best way to put it because of the blind spot mirrors.

- Jennie M

Everything I wanted in a vehicle

My vehicle has every feature I wanted I it has heated seats back up camera and touch screen navigation system. Most importantly it is a all wheel drive or 4x4 system and living in Northwest Indiana our weather requires that. The leather interior is an amazing benefit east to clean with kids.

- Kimberly H

Comfy seats but annoying settings.

Heated seats. Partial leather mostly cloth seats. The one thing I dislike is the a feature which turns off the engine when you come to a stop. I primarily drive in the city and it can be annoying to have to turn it off every time you turn the car on rather than a switch that stays in place.

- Rachel T

Smooth ride and good on gas.

Only problem I don't like about my Ford Escape is the auto stop and start shuts your vehicle off when at red lights and drive thrus and only way of turning it off is to push the button every time to automatically turn it off it is very annoying should be a way of disabling it all together.

- Tammie B

I am happy with my Ford Escape and I would lease or buy again. Very reliable.

I have enjoyed my Escape. I have not had any performance issues. I opted for the remote start on Ford app. I think the starter on the key fob would work better. Car does not always start with app. Otherwise, I am very satisfied. My favorite features are the heated seats and iPhone syncing.

- Denise L

Good economical car worth buying.

Reliable small SUV, good gas mileage, easy to drive, good performance, no problems yet, always had Ford products for reliability and look, like back up camera, interior smooth ride all to my satisfaction, nice color inside and out extra mirrors on each side which is a nice safety feature.

- Janice M

Very pleased with my ford escape. The safety features on this vehicle.

No problems whatsoever. This vehicle completely fits my needs, and offers everything that I want and need. The styling and the options fully meets my expectations. When the time comes to buy another vehicle I will look at the ford escape first. I am completely satisfied with this vehicle.

- Roger B

The backup camera is a game changer. How did I live without one.

I currently have no problems with the vehicle. I am just reaching 10, 000 miles. I am not fond of the motor shut off as I do a great deal of city driving. It would be nice if you could turn it on when you wanted it instead of off when you do not. I love the radio screen and backup camera.

- Tammy L

This car is good for you and for me

By pressing Contact Agent, you agree that Zillow Group and real estate professionals may call/text you about your inquiry, which may involve use of automated means and prerecorded/artificial voices. You don't need to consent as a condition of buying any property, Car is goods or services.

- Jeff M

It is a smooth ride with great technology and good gas mileage.

I like the screen that contains all the technology hook up. This screen allows you to hook up a phone and see the map on the screen and tell directions through the radio. I wish the vehicle didn't feel like it struggles to go sometimes, I think this is the eco part of the ecoboost engine.

- Rachel V

Great vehicle on driving needs navigation options. Needs a better sun visor.

It is quite loud when its on, it is reliable and good on the electronic in the dashboard. I wish it had the driving put onto it but it does not. Has the big screen just to tell me the radio channel. The worst thing on it is the sun visor is way too short. Light shines right in your eyes.

- L C

2018 Escape. More bang for your buck

Great car. The 4wd really makes this vehicle stick to the ground. I have the turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, it's great mpg in the city, but it has power like a v6. Couldn't be happier. The leather interior is great looking and has plenty of room, considering I am a big guy. Great car

- Edwin A

2018 Ford Escape-titanium.

I love the Escape. It is the titanium. It has the panoramic roof and leather interior. It has every option that is made for this car. It even has a trailer hitch. . . That we will probably never use. It rides quietly. It does have so many features, that we are constantly using the book!

- Peggy F

A fun, comfortable, reliable ride!

Very reliable, comfortable and fun to drive. I drive 40 minutes one way daily for work and this car is great on gas, especially for being considered a small SUV. The CarPlay feature allows me to use in dash navigation and hands free calling and texting which is a safety feature I love.

- Alyssa S

Versatile SUV with great style and performance!

Have bought and driven two escapes, a 2014 and currently a 2018. The escapes are very dependable. Terrific style, smooth ride, great acceleration. Only negative is that the gas tank is only 14 gallons and I feel like I am always filling the tank. Gas mileage is consistent at 24.2 mpg.

- RoseMary C

It is amazing to drive and easy to park.

It is smaller than the Chevy Equinox and has more pep. I love sync 3 and the screen. I use maps as my navigation it speaks instructions and large map on screen. It has a very comfortable ride both as driver and passenger. I chose to have my speed on screen in front much easier to see.

- Carol E

Great Vehicle for Upstate NY

This car is super reliable. The 4-wheel drive is perfect for upstate New York winters. The heated seats and the panoramic sunroof are what really sold me on this car. Also, being able to use Apple Carplay means I don't need to worry about features like satellite radio and navigation.

- Anne Marie C

Rusty eck Ford is a great place to buy a car.

It has backup camera, runs very well, no issues. The color is blue, seats are very comfy, just right for my family. Easy to get in and out without hurting my back. The service department has worked well and the sales people were great to work with. I would buy my next car from them.

- Sandra K

Reliable, comfortable commuter car

The car is really reliable but there are problems with the Bluetooth connectivity with my phone and the radio cutting in and out. However this could just be a problem with my particular car. Super smooth and comfortable ride. I have had the car for over a year and I love it a lot.

- Anna B

Buy a Ford Escape and you will be glad you did.

It performs wonderfully. It has all of the safety features, including lane alerts, collision alerts, mirror light adjustment at night, etc. It will even parallel park itself. Just the right size for a woman. It has all wheel drive for Minnesota winters. I would recommend this car.

- Sandy A

Ford Escape review; pros and cons.

A good, reliable are. No problems encountered yet and I have the AWD package which is very helpful in the harsh weather of Michigan. The interior is very nice and comfortable and the heated seats are a godsend in the wintertime. Fits plenty in the trunk and a perfect daily driver.

- Cole C

Love my Ford Escape, sporty, great traction!

Love my Ford Escape, it has carplay, collision warning, automatic start up. Auto wipers and headlights. The Ford app is the best. I can use it to turn on my car from a distance, lock or unlock the car. Seats are super comfortable and roomy. Excellent sound system. Love it.

- Yvonne L

My ford escape is the perfect size vehicle for single moms.

I absolutely love my 2018 ford escape sel. It is very comfortable to drive. It is super easy to get in and out of the vehicle. Backseat is very roomy and there is a good amount of cargo space in back. I definitely would recommend this vehicle to anyone that has two or less kids!

- Kelsey O

New Escape is Great Loving the roominess in a small SUV

I find the Ford Escape to be comfortable with an excellent sound system. I haven't had any problems with it, but I do feel that it rides loud. When getting up to speed, the car is loud. For a small SUV, it has a lot space. The hands free texting and talking have be wonderful!

- Leslie L

I love the size of my vehicle. The radio/stereo system installed in the car.

Really Enjoy my car. I went from a 2004 Honda Civic to the Ford Escape and it seems that I have to stop for gas more frequently than I did when I was driving the Honda. I also semi enjoy the cutting off the car when you are on break. Not sure if that saves gas or uses more gas.

- Jessica B

Quality, safe SUV at affordable price.

My vehicle is extremely comfortable and reliable. It handles well in the snow in the winter time, and it even starts up properly in subzero temperatures. I have had no issues with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quality, safe, and affordable vehicle.

- Rachel A

Ford escape work performance.

This ford escape is my 3rd escape. It is a work vehicle. I keep up with all schedule maintenance and the SUV always runs smoothly. The only thing I do not like is that at a full stop the ignition turns off? Or down so that it restarts. You have to press a button to disengage.

- Karen H

Wonderful mid-sized car for young person who loves to travel!

This car is very reliable, runs smoothly and gets great gas mileage. This car is a great size for traveling. It has a good size trunk and the seats are very comfortable. The rear view camera makes it very easy to park or back up. The stereo sounds very nice and is easily used.

- Melissa J

The price is reasonable compared to similar vehicles.

I love the rear cargo area, it is great for baby gear. I like the entertainment package, dual controlled air conditioning; remote start, etc. But my favorite is the programmed seat positions to make it easy for different drivers to quickly change the seat and mirrors. Lovely!.

- Megan J

Love my ford escape! It is my 4th!

Very comfortable and roomy. Just the right size. Super reliable. Excellent cargo space. Great gas mileage. Love the heated seats! Remote start through the ford app is wonderful - I get into a warm car. Love the apple play connection. I have simple needs and the car meets them.

- Gail G

Most reliable car. Seeing the rear back up is the best. The best safety feature.

It is a very reliable. I live in a state where have rain, flooding, snow & extreme high temperatures. The escape has made it through it all. I like the back view where it shows you when backing up. Think this makes it a safer ride. The seats fit a lot of different body types.

- Terry M

Best gas mileage I have ever had!

The 2018 Ford Escape has the best gas mileage of any car that I have ever had. I do not fill up the tank nearly as often as I used to with my old cars, and it runs so smoothly. The apple carplay feature makes it easy to control phone usage and still use features such as maps.

- Maggie M

Love the Ford Escape so much

No problems so far! Drives great and has so much space. Gets great gas mileage too. I love all of the features it has as well. My family loves the sunroof and moonroof. We are very happy with our choice to go with the Ford Escape. We will drive it as long as we possibly can!

- Christian N

Great performance and comfort. Ford sync system is great.

No problems with the vehicle. Performance is good. It is a very comfortable car to drive. The ford sync system is superb, easy to use and contains iPhone CarPlay. I like the fact that the ford sync GPS system was optional, allowing you to use your iPhone GPS systems instead.

- Donald A

I really love the little slot to put your phone and the use of Bluetooth

Rides really good in the winter, could use a few more cup holders, the only ones in the back are a pull down in the center but if someone is in the middle there is only in the door, which is too far for kids. Love the navigation system and backup camera, very few blind spots

- Amy M

It sits up high and is easy to see from.

No frills, but it does sit up high, and it gets good gas mileage. It was also kind of expensive to buy. It does not have a lot of get up and go. I like my 2009 Dodge grand voyager much better. I also do not like the fact that the warranty with the car is only for 36 months.

- Mike H

Customer review: Ford Escape 2018.

Performs great, has auto start-stop technology to help you save on gas. Has an amazing touch screen to listen to radio, satellite radio, or your phone. It also has carplay technology which makes the screen look like your phone screen. Perfect size car with a backup camera.

- Marina E

The 2018 ford escape is definitely worth every penny!

Very comfortable, dependable, a lot of room in the back for groceries/storage. The computer system works awesome and allows alerts when you need vehicle maintenance is needed. The radio works amazing and the display is very easy to maneuver. I love everything about my car.

- Sierra F

I love having SYNC 3 and a spacious vehicle

A spacious and reliable vehicle. Drives smooth, amenities are amazing. Plenty of space for my hockey gear and snowboards. I love having SYNC 3 in my car, having Google Maps and Spotify play while on the road is such an amazing feature. Best vehicle I could have asked for.

- Ashley S

It is manufactured by an American company.

It is extremely comfortable. Additionally, it has several modern electronic amenities. I like that it is made by Ford, an American manufacturer which did not take any government bailout money. The only complaint is that I wish it were either a Flex Fuel or Hybrid vehicle.

- Bill W

Reliable, Affordable Vehicle

This vehicle is reliable with decent gas mileage. The back up cam is clear and easy to use. The seats are comfortable in both the front and back. The back area is great for transporting boxes and other objects. I have no had any problems with my car since getting it.

- Christine L

Driving in comfort and style.

The vehicle is very spacious and a perfect size for my growing family. I am able to confidently drive around, easily and comfortably. It is very fuel efficient which is a big plus in the area I currently live in because of the distance between the closest town and work.

- Devin S

Great value, sporty, comfortable, and sized just right for a small family.

This is my second Ford Escape and I already know that I will be purchasing a third in a few years. My car is comfortable, has great gas mileage, and is big enough to fit my family comfortably even on long trips! The heated cloth seats were an added bonus on this model!

- Bonnie H

Love the body work and the orange color that they have.

I love it is big has lots of space, I really like the body of the SUV, it is ok on gasoline it can tend to spend a bit more than what I am use to full tank can last about 250 miles I do have to fill up every three days or so. I am not really a ford fan but it is great.

- Marie G

2018 Ford Escape is the best!

I love my new Escape! It has much more room than my previous vehicle and the heated seats are super helpful in these cold Michigan winters. So far, it's been super reliable. I had an airbag recall in February but it was a quick fix in the shop that lasted about an hour.

- Ariana Z

It is a high quality vehicle that can drive well in just about any situation.

It is a very versatile vehicle. It has a decent size that is good for a family, or for a single driver. It has a good engine in it that works well for driving in town and on the highway. It has a touch screen inside the car that can display maps, music, and other stuff.

- Isaac V

The best part about this car is it handles well.

2018 Ford Escape is a great vehicle. The performance is far above average. The seating comfort is the best dual temperature make for a great ride. The seats adjust very well and the size is perfect for the family. This is my second Ford Escape and I will buy a 3rd one.

- Sherry H

What I like about my Ford and suggestions for the future

I really enjoy the vehicle. I wish it had a larger screen with more features that were standard equipment rather than an upgrade. It seems to handle very well through all types of weather. Also it would be nice if you could end a call from the steering wheel controls.

- Johanna G

It's nice to still get a good SUV and being able to afford it.

I have had my truck for a while now and really have not had any problems with it. I have had a few fords in my life time and they all have been great. I love them all. I love the back up camera on my 2018. The stereo sounds great. The sync is easy use and works great.

- Theresa B

Like this SUV with just enough room

Basic suv no frills. Love it. Wish it had a scan button for radio. Wish it had auto seats and cup holders in back seats. Dislike oil choices which make it more expensive to change oil. Love it so far. No problems. Just enough room. Wish it had auto back hatch raising.

- Beth H

Great car, good for the price and loaded for a "base model. ".

Check engine light has come on multiple times for no reason, excellent appointments for a "base model", super great gas mileage. Price is right, tech is good, and the my Ford app is really cool, too- no need to pay for remote access and start. I really like this car!

- Rebecca R

Smaller inside than it looks.

The back seat has no leg room. Especially if front seats are back at all. Gas mileage is good but not great. The car looks nice and does ride nice but cabin is a little noisy. I have to turn radio way up if vent fan is on high. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

- Carol R

Fun. Looks good. Dependable and comfortable.

It is very reliable. Great in all weather. Very comfortable. Like the heat/cool vents for back seat. Nice heated seats that heat up very quickly. Roomy. Great for long trips. I have not had any problems. Like the fog lights. Main downfall is not the best gas mileage.

- Diane S

No lights on gear shifter.

This car honestly has no issue with the exception of the fact that there are no lights on the shifter. This makes it so you must look up at the screen in front of you to make sure you are in park, reverse, drive, etc. With the exception of that I have no complaints.

- Robert A

Sleek design, nice features

Mostly positive, the suspension can be annoying sometimes, very comfortable, I wish it had a heated steering wheel and seat climate control not just seat warmers, the blind spots can be very bad on this model, the stereo system is very good, the trunk space is great

- Victoria A

My 2018 Ford Escape is the best car I have owned so far.

I like that it's an SUV without being oversized. I use the navigation system often on my long commute to and from work because it lets me know where heavy traffic and accidents are. I love that it automatically goes into 4 wheel drive when needed. Love my Escape!

- Jill L

My Ford Escape and why I love it.

Very much enjoy the car. The only thing I do not like about the car is the auto start/stop function at a stop light. I feel like I cannot accelerate as quickly from a stop if I need to. The car is comfortable, and get good gas mileage. Car does everything I need.

- Brent H

My 2018 Ford Escape review.

I like that it is bigger than the Focus I have. I have 3 children in car seats and they fit in the back seat. I do not like that it runs loud. I wish the media console was touch screen. My Bluetooth often disconnects for no reason. I like the look of the vehicle.

- Beth M

My car is super cool and very nice.

My car is super cool. My car is super cool. My car is super cool. My car is super cool. My car is super cool. My car is super cool. My car is super cool. My car is super cool. My car is super cool. My car is super cool. My car is super cool. My car is super cool.

- Kaitlyn M

Great leather interior and heated seats.

Very reliable and good gas mileage. Could use a little more space between row of seats. Child seats fit perfectly, just a little snug for the seat in front. Perfect amount of trunk space and plenty of storage and cup holders. Very comfortable for long drives and.

- Amanda V

my Sparkly gray luxury SUV

Spacious, drives very smooth, great features, comfortable seats, good gas mileage, not too big of an SUV, large trunk and storage space, amazing color choices, great lease options offered, heated seats, large back up camera, easy to install car seat in back seats

- Erica K

Fords midsize SUV that is very comfortable for my over 6 foot tall husband.

Our 2018 Ford Escape has been a joy to drive. We have SEL package on this vehicle that includes the heated seats that is really nice. Long distance mpg is close to 26 mpg and around town is 19-20 mpg. The backup screen is bigger than the previous Ford�s screen.

- Gladys S

The one thing I wish I had known was how often the gas tank needs to be filled.

My Ford Escape is the perfect size for my personal and business needs. It is exactly what I was looking for in an SUV. I am unsure of how it handles in the snow since I haven't owned it through a winter yet. The only issue I have with it is the fuel consumption.

- Hollie D

The remote access is the best feature. You can start the car from the comfort of your home or even schedule start times on your smartphone.

My Ford Escape is a very reliable vehicle. I have purchased the Titanium model and it was worth it.The leather seats are extremely comfortable and the heated seats feature is great. I love that I can start my car from my phone or key fob while still in my home.

- Dominique R

My car feels safe. It gives me peace of mind when I drive.

I love the built in technology features, especially the navigation and the phone. I also like the handling and the braking. It is mid size but is still quite roomy. I love the heated seats and the dual heat controls. I feel like it has great visibility too.

- Elizabeth L

The whole car is wonderful.

I noticed I have more blind spots than my last car, other than that I have no issues with my car. The car is fun to drive and great on gas I never dreamed of loving an SUV as much as I do this one my boyfriend and I argue in who gets to drive it when we go out.

- Allie G

Good car for the whole family.

It is got a lot of great features and we have never had any issues. Big enough for our family of four (including car seats) to be comfortable, but not too large for city driving. Gas mileage seems reasonable for the size of vehicles. The hatch back is spacious.

- Casey K

Escape the usual vehicles.

The info screen is too small and the cup holders are too small. There are not enough charging ports for electronics. The radio changes stations on its own. Great gas mileage, comfortable ride, big enough for my family. Love the heated seats and lots of options.

- Beth S

Ford Escape Titanium Edition has everything you need.

Love the car. It is fully loaded and very reliable. Not as good on gas mileage as the car we used to have - a C Max hybrid - but the Escape is far superior in the snow. Living in Maine, winter driving can be an adventure, so a reliable, safe car is a necessity.

- Bruce O

An interesting detail is the heated seats and the liftgate for the hatchback.

Really like this vehicle. It handles very nicely and is easy to maneuver, does well on fuel and is roomy enough. Like the color it is ruby red one of my favorite colors. The interior is black leather and has heated seats which will be nice for our cold winters.

- Linda A

Ford escape to your new car.

Hard trouble with the fuel line leak. It was in the shop for 4 weeks but ford fixed it and gave me a rental no charge. Love the bigger screen and heated seats. Great gas mileage too for both in town and highway miles. The car handles well on both ice and snow.

- Johanna E

It�s quick. And safe. And very reliable so far

Steering isn't very smooth and neither is the acceleration. I like the size of the car, but the back seats could have more space given the size of the car. The hood could be shorter, allowing the driver to be a little closer to the road. The car gets very hot.

- Eli B

Sharp looking car for the price.

Car handles very well in snow and on ice. Mileage is pretty good on road trips. Wish there was brighter interior lights. Upholstery repels dirt and stains only okay. Exterior paint still looks like a new car after almost a year with regular washes and waxes.

- Debbie C

I love my 2018 Ford Escape.

The vehicle is reliable, tech savvy, handles well, accelerates quickly, stops quickly and is overall stylish and fun to drive. I love my heated seats, backup camera, moonroof, cup holders and trunk space. It is easy to see out of all the windows and mirrors.

- Stephanie C

Great car just would like a few upgrades to be my perfect car.

I bought my car brand new and it has served me well. I have 3 kids and 2 dogs that we take hiking almost every weekend. The only thing I wish it had was 4 wheel drive to get us through heavy terrain areas. I also believe that it gets alignment problems easy.

- Sam E

It is a cheap efficient car that has a surprising amount of room.

We've only had the car for a year so far. There has been no problems so far. We just changed the oil at 7500 miles and we had the tires rotated. That is all we have done so far. We plan on keeping up on maintenance, so hopefully the car lasts us a long time.

- Jordan T

very nice. Love the car. 10/10. Would never get a different one

Very nice! love the car. Love the space. Not too big. Not too small. Very pretty. Almost like a jeep liberty but less expensive and runs better. Good mileage. Runs smoothly. don�t have any problems with mine yet. Very reliable. Great for company in the car

- andrea A

The car is very friendly for beginning drivers and is easy to understand in the controls department and in the touch screen settings.

I like my vehicles Bluetooth capabilities and its connectivity but i dislike how it cannot connect while in motion as my passenger is limited in that sense. I also like the gas mileage but feel it could be improved upon. I dislike the large size of the car.

- Audrey W

2018 ford escape is a reliable car

I have had no problems with the car, it is a comfortable car for a family of 4. All the touch screen features are helpful, the navigation has really helped me out and I am not good at directions. I got my car in January 2018 and it has been 100% reliable.

- Kimberly C

2018 Ford Escape- beautiful!

I love my Ford Escape. It gets me where I need to go and has great mileage. I love the Ecoboost which saves me gas. There is good storage and its big enough to be safe, but small enough to be comfortable to drive. The leather is beautiful as is the display.

- Kami F

My favorite thing is the on board computer that offers many different features.

It doesn't have any problems that I've noticed. It drives smooth, the mileage is good, and the stereo and AC/Heat work great. The dashboard computer is awesome, linking up to the phone without a problem. GPS is a lifesaver. It really is an awesome vehicle.

- Ro W

Very practical car for families.

I love the ability to drive the SUV because it doesn't hurt my knees. The car is not too high to get into. Drives very well in Winter weather. Great gas mileage. Really enjoy the reclining seats to put longer items in the back of the car. Lots of legroom.

- Deb M

It is blue. It is nice. It is medium size SUV.

There is no problems with my vehicle. Just wanted a different one. Everything is good with this vehicle. It is a very pretty color. I just wanted a truck instead. I am driving this vehicle for the time being. I tolerate it. My next vehicle will be a truck.

- Deborah S

Pros and cons of Ford Escape.

It is very reliable truck. It is really comfortable and the heating seats feel amazing any time of year. The only problem is that it is not great with gas. It sometimes needs to be refilled with gas twice a day. That would be the main downfall of this car.

- Amber M

Love all the features that the vehicle has, especially the hands free tailgate.

Great vehicle, I really have enjoyed it and love the features like the no hands back door closing, sunroof, heated seats, aired seats, GPS, size of the vehicle, back seats automatically move down with a button, individual temperature, and safety features.

- Nicole G

Love this vehicle. 3rd one I have leased.

Love this vehicle. Enough storage in the back area. Plenty of room for my 2 Grandkids/ and car seats. Drives so smooth. Love the heated seats and heated steering wheel in the winter. Love the 4 wheel drive also. Love the hands free phone and Sirius radio.

- Annette R

Reliable, roomy and overall a purchase I do not regret.

The escape is very reliable and drives smoothly. I haven't had any issues with it. The only things I would change are I wish I could have gotten the bigger rear view camera and I wish the cup holders were more adaptable. Other than that it is a great car.

- Sarah R

2018 Ford Escape titanium.

Extremely comfortable to drive, good gas mileage, very roomy inside, and beautiful inside and out. The screen is very clear, helpful backup camera, ability to change view, leather seats include heated seats. Able to add many apps, use Wifi and Bluetooth.

- Shay V

The amazing and great Escape.

It is quick, comfortable, easy to get in and out of. Everything is within reach. Love the sync feature! Great color choices! Easy maneuverability! Easily fits 5 people! Plenty of cargo space! Great in foul weather! Would lease again! What more can I say?

- Joanne D

Great family vehicle. I would definitely recommend

Great family vehicle. Roomy trunk and foot space. Fits two car seats in the back nicely. It is very comfortable and reliable. Had for a year now with absolutely no problems. No complaints. Leather seats are a plus. Good leg room. I love my new crossover.

- Jordan H

The Ford Escape is the ultimate in design for comfort and functionality.

My Escape is perfect for all our needs. Whether shopping, going to the movies or going on a road trip our Escape is truly an escape. Comfy, quiet, relaxing, even fun to drive. It looks sharp and is one of Ford's best vehicles ever. No complaints at all.

- Kimberlee T

The 2018 Ford Escape-my black beauty the perfect SUV for the petite size woman.

I love my Ford Escape. I got my first Ford Escape in 2002 and had her for 11 years before I traded her in for the next Ford Escape. I upgraded for the new version. I love how comfortable she drives and being so short this SUV is the perfect size for me.

- Grace N

I love my Escape, it was one of my best decisions lately.

I just began leasing my 2018 Escape. I truly love everything! The drive is fantastic! The ability to attach it to my phone is fabulous. I feel that it is environmentally friendly. Last, I do love the way it looks. I believe it is the perfect car for me.

- Laura S

Ford Escape 2018 the great!

Love the car! Its great. The best car I've ever owned. The Bluetooth connect is beautiful. The car is spacious and big enough for my family. It also does well for loading and unloading just about anything. I love its sleek look and it runs like a dream.

- Tanya C

Escape away in an Escape!

I love everything about it. Test driving bed were great, took out as many as I wanted and immediately the Ford Escape did it for me! I would highly recommend any Ford. The Escape though has so much comfort!! Dependability is top notch! Highly recommend!

- Cindy J

Good size and features for a memaw.

I have not had any problems. The car is a good fit for me, has been comfortable, reliable and a joy to drive. I love the heated seats, the in sync ability to access carplay and talk messages. The turn signal is very loud. I also love the backup camera.

- Beverley M

I love my vehicle! Plenty of room. No blind spots. Drives good.

I love my vehicle! Plenty of room. No blind spots. Drives good I love my vehicle! Plenty of room. No blind spots. Drives good I love my vehicle! Plenty of room. No blind spots. Drives good I love my vehicle! Plenty of room. No blind spots. Drives good.

- Char P

Great car, you will not regret it.

The Ford Escape is a very comfortable and reliable car. I feel it would make a great family car. There is a lot of room inside, yet the car is small and easy to park. I have heated seats and they are a wish come true, especially in Minnesota winters.

- Lydia B

Great car. Reliable, comfortable and quiet. No problems, great on mileage

Remote start. Bluetooth. Comfortable. Quiet and reliable. Great gas mileage. Lots of space and very nice. Got a wonderful deal. Bought as used even though it was a new model because it was a loaner car. Love it. Wouldn't trade it for anything else.

- Lisa L

It gets great gas mileage and has all the amenities that you could want in a car

It seems to be very reliable and good amenities. Drives easy and is great for people who have troubles getting in and out of car because they are to high or nothing to hold on to. Great for the elderly. Easy for them to drive and get in and out of

- Pete G

Affordable, economical vehicle that you can be satisfied with.

It gets great gas mileage. I like the space it provides me to move my things from place to place. It's economical. I don't like the color, white, which also has the best resale value. It takes a while to go 0 to 60 which is annoying on freeways.

- Jake Z

It has so many extra safety features like lights on the mirrors to let you know when someone is in your blindspot, lane keeping alerts, impact alerts, backup camera and adaptive cruise control.

I love everything about my car. It is safe, reliable and is really pretty. It has a lot of safety features that help ease my mind about traveling with my daughter. And it has a lot of comfort features that just make it fun to drive around in.

- Emily C

One of my favorite features is the large screen backup camera.

Super comfy roomy back seat. Great gas mileage. Lots of cargo room for in the back and a luggage rack on top. Seats are very comfy and has power adjustable front seat with lots of setting so you can get the most comfortable driving positions.

- Connie S

Ford Edge-buy American cars

I love the feel of driving an suv. I like that I am sitting up higher than in a car. I do feel safe driving the escape and the gas mileage is pretty good. I've owned an Edge as well and think the Edge has a little more snap and smooth ride.

- Debora K

It's a great and affordable car that drives well with tons of great features.

It's a really good car. It gets good mileage, it's compact but it has decent cargo space, and it drives really well. The Bluetooth and hands free features for calling and texting are really convenient. It's a good value for the money.

- Jo W

The technology in the vehicle is great, and makes working on the go very easy.

I like the gas mileage and the ease of driving. The vehicle handles very well, and is able to carry enough cargo for my job. I wish that it had more engine power and pick-up, but it serves me well for the type of work that i perform.

- James H

The seats can fold down. Giving the use of extra space when traveling.

I love this vehicle, the Ford escape is spacious and easy to maintain. It comes with a trial run of sirius xm. The car SUV is great on gas and even has a gas saving mode for when your vehicle is stopped for fifteen seconds or more.

- Kirsten P

Features to consider in an SUV.

The bake seat of the car is very compact and small. A standard sedan is much bigger and a wiser choice if you are looking to have a family. The driver seat is too uncomfortable because your legs are forced to be perpendicular.

- Shannon G

EcoBoost engine gets good MPG and auto shuts off at stop lights to save gas and reduce emissions.

Small SUV where the rear seats fold down to allow more cargo space. 4WD which kicks in only when needed. Good fuel MPG. Nice media system with large screen. Built in NAV. Nice comfortable ride with all the perks that I wanted.

- James p

ford escape nice mid size vehicle with lots of bells and whistles

great smaller vehicle with nice addons i love fordpass on my cell which allows me to start and lock/unlock my vehicle remotely. i also like the remote back hatch engine is a bit gutless around 35 mph overall a good vehicle

- allison n

For those of us who are not good at backing up it has a camera I can look at to see how and where I am going

I like that it has a tailgate that opens and closes easily so if I can't close it I can wave my foot and it closes on its own. I don't really hate anything about it but I do kinda wish the trunk was a little bit more roomy

- Stacey L

It is great for two people but would not recommend it for a family.

No problems so far but We've only had the car about 3 months. There is very little legroom in the backseat. Not much space in the cargo area either. I like how you set up high and can see all the way around very good.

- Sharon H

It is a great car for driving in the city. The space and height of a SUV, but small enough that parking is easy.

I like that my vehicle has leather interior and heated seats. I like that the back hatch opens and closes with the press of a button. I like the white pearl paint on the exterior. there isn't anything I don't like.

- jess e

It is very comfortable and fun to drive, plenty a room for passengers.

I love the car. It has intelligent all wheel drive so it is great in all weather. There is plenty a room in the backseat of the passengers as well as plenty a room in the way back for anything that I need to carry.

- Marjorie A

Side mirror signals for car in blind spot does not beep, only blinks. Pay attention. I had a Town and Country and it blinked and beeped. Much safer.

Rides beautifully. Touch screen controls are hard to reach with tuner bumped up. Takes eyes off of road if trying to change things. Seat belt buckles very hard to push to eject. Very minimal storage between seats.

- carol r

The Ford Escape is such a smooth ride! I can take it down the bumpiest roads and I feel safe and in control.

My 2018 Ford Escape is AMAZING. I had a 2015 Jeep Patriot before this and the difference is crazy. The Ford Escape is so much more smooth, easy to drive, and SAFER feeling. Best decision I made switching to Ford.

- Anna R

The vehicle is very affordable considering it is a brand-new vehicle.

Comfortable driver seat, spacious for 4-5 passengers, excellent cargo area, great acceleration compared to my former car, zippy in traffic, nice touch screen, good visibility, safety feature in backup screen.

- Judy J

It's a Ford and it is dependable. It has the backup viewer so you can see behind you without turning your head.

Being an SUV it's easy for me to get in and out. I have always liked Fords. It's comfortable. I bought the basic model to keep the price down but so it doesn't have all the best features but it works for me.

- Joan B

Great versatile vehicle that gets good gas mileage.

It is easy to get into. It is a great color and comfortable. While the back up camera is great, I still have some visibility problems backing up and the side mirrors don't really help with the blind spots.

- pat p

Roomy with plenty of legroom.

I bought the SUV because I needed some more space. My husband enjoys the leg room when driving and the ride is very comfortable. The only difference is that it uses slightly more gas than our previous car.

- Shawn S

The backup camera is very useful to judge the distance & traffics.

Like all the modern features, the map is very clear to read & understand. Sits high that I can see the road better. The throttle response is a bit sluggish & not too quick, & some engine induction noise.

- William L

Ford Sync with Apple Play is fantastic! Now, switching between my podcasts, radio, and Apple Music is even easier!

My Ford Escape is the perfect vehicle for my needs. Big enough to to haul a lot, small enough for great gas mileage, the Escape is an ideal size. Like in most Fords, the interior features are fantastic!

- Sean M

That it is a safe vehicle and rides very well. It is also good for families as you can hold up to five people at a time.

The vehicle Is great and is very comfortable even on long road trips. I like how it has the option to automatically turn the engine off when it is idyl to preserve gas (e.g. sitting at a traffic light)

- Candace M

It has Apple Carplay so you can plug your phone into the car and get access to maps and make phone calls through the car.

I like the blind side detection and front collision that comes with the safe and smart package. I wish that all the Escapes came with the navigation, I didn't realize that it was an additional package.

- Rachel G

Safety is the number one most important aspect of this vehicle.

I like that I feel safe in this vehicle. I like the sleek look of the inside and outside. This vehicle also drives great! Love it and wouldn't want to drive anything else after driving my 2018 escape.

- Stephanie E

It is a good overall car. It has positives and negatives.

I like that there are blind spot mirrors. I also like the car drive mostly smoothly. I dislike that the gas mileage isn't that good. I don't like the life of the car is probably not as long as others.

- Robert J

People should know that how you drive will greatly impact your car's gas mileage.

I wish that my vehicle was a 4-wheel drive so that I can take it on road trips. Other than that, my vehicle has plenty of space and gets great gas mileage. Overall, I do greatly enjoy driving my car.

- Destiny B

It's a good value for the money and that I have no trouble with this vehicle since I got it.

I love my vehicle. It just the right size for me. The gas mileage is good and it is easy to get around in. It is nothing fancy, but perfect for me. Plus with the cargo space I can still carry a lot.

- Robin F

It automatically notifies 911 if you happen to get into an accident.

I love the apple carplay feature. The only thing I do not love is the way it drives in terms of the breaks, but it is just taken some getting used to. I also love the capabilities and 4-wheel drive.

- Lacey M

Beautiful lightning blue Ford escape.

Escape is so comfortable and great features. No problems with it. So much room in the back for groceries or other items to transport. Fun to drive on long distance vacations. Great mileage for gas.

- Colleen B

Good gas mileage a the price of gas today it is important.

It has great mileage went from north/east Oklahoma to central Mn. And back and it cost me less than $200. 00 did not use no oil only bad thing it can get unconformable will driving for a long time.

- Myron B

This car may be one of the best fords yet!

My Ford Escape performs very well. It has room for my whole family, and it is good on mileage. I trust that I will have my Escape for a long time because of how durable it has been this past year.

- Xavier S

My car gets great gas mileage.

I like that my vehicle has plenty of room for my family. I like that it features a backup camera and SYNC. I do not like that it doesn't feature a cup holder/divider between the 2 main back seats.

- L J

Heated seats and auto start from the Ford app.

I have not found any problems with my brand new Ford Escape. At best, I get 28 mpg on the highway and about 19 mpg in town. I love the features of heated seats and auto start from the Ford app.

- Larissa O

It's the perfect size car for me and my husband.

I have really enjoyed my Ford Escape. It is very comfortable on long trips and gets really good gas mileage. The last Ford I owned I drove for over 260000 miles and it never gave me a problem.

- Ellen S

The Ford Escape is a safe, quality family vehicle.

I love that the Escape has ecoboost and saves energy. It's good on gas and it's very smooth to ride in. It's good in the snow and has a lot more technological capabilities than my last escape.

- Casondra B

The escape has more road noise than other vehicle I own.

I had a 2013 Escape as a company vehicle. When I retired we liked it so much we purchased one. This one has a smaller engine and is only FWD but much nicer inside. So far we are very happy.

- John N

Ford Escape Neon Blue - Sweet!

This is my 3rd Escape. Absolutely love it. Rides great, very roomy. The next one I get will be the Titanium as it has more power for highway conditions, but my current model works just great!

- Christine H

Great looking! Roomy and comfortable. Perfect for all driving situations.

Reliable. Very comfortable. Remote start. Great cargo area. Great sound system. Remote start. Back up safety camera, great safety feature. Great for short trips or long trips. Love this car!

- Veronica S

It drives well and is good on gas, and I love the color.

I love the size of my Escape. It is a little smaller than the Edge that I previously had. I love the color, the style. It drives good, and is good on gas mileage. I have no complaints.

- charlene w

Spacious escape perfect for kids and dog.

Very comfortable. The features are fantastic. I love the auto left back door. It is very roomy, yet easy to fit into a tight parking spot. The back is spacious enough for my large dog.

- Shea B