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Troubles with my 2001 Escort.

2001 Ford Escort

I have had many problems with tires on this car. Within a year I have had to replace every tire on the car. It does not matter what brand of tire I put on, the tire will end up flat in no time. The vehicle shakes constantly because the engine is too powerful for the frame. It freaks when I brake even though my brakes are in mint condition. The trunk has to be unlocked and pulled open simultaneously otherwise it will not open. The 6-disc CD changer is jammed and will no longer work. The passenger side window does not return to its place when the door is opened and closed. You have to roll down the window and bring it back up to fit inside the frame of the car.

- Lauren B

Dependable no frills vehicle

2001 Ford Escort Fleet

It is an OK vehicle. Regular maintenance has proven beneficial. There has been no difficulty getting around in the winter months. The ride is comfortable enough. A dependable choice for transportation. There is some damage to the front right fender and there is a noticeable shake after traveling several miles. Once tires get replaced and realigned, it will be good to go for several hundred more miles. The five CD disc player gets jammed occasionally but the radio works great. No problems with the air conditioning.

- Billie B

Its unique and its my first car, first baby.

2001 Ford Escort

I like this car a lot. Its my first car so I was really excited. It does have a few problems, like the a. C doesn't work and the windows aren't automatic, but other than that it runs well. It is green and it is low to the ground which makes me feel more comfortable while driving and the seats are pretty comfortable. Overall it is nice and it's a good first car.

- Trey T

A good reliable vehicle that can take some abuse.

2001 Ford Escort

Given its age and with slightly irregular maintenance and a lot of miles on the odometer it has been a very reliable car. The thing we have had to fix most are the brakes. It also goes through tail light bulbs very quickly. We drive the this car everyday and for shorter trips. For trips over 2 or 3 hundred miles we usually rent a car.

- Samantha H

Good basic car. Doesn't have a lot of fancy features but its dependable.

2001 Ford Escort

Runs good and has really good gas mileage. Air conditioning and electronics on car also work well. Problems with the car are issues with the steering. There is difficulties steering and it makes weird noises. I have put it in the shop several times and had things replaces but it's hard to pinpoint the problem.

- Kent H

Longest owned car I have had.

2001 Ford Escort

We have had this car for a long time. With few exceptions we have had few problems. The brakes have had to be redone several times and the engine mounts need to be replaced but it's a good, durable car with decent gas mileage. Other than the air conditioning going out constantly I like this car very much.

- Samantha H

Others should know about my car that it may run but isn't the best and can get loud

2001 Ford Escort

I bought this car from an ad on Craigslist for 500$ when I was only 17 years old and still in high school. The person I bought it from thought the car was basically junk and couldn't run anymore. Roughly 6 years later this car still runs for me and has been the most reliable form of transportation for me.

- Logan J

Ford Escorts are reliable Cars

2001 Ford Escort ZX2

Sometimes the door doesn't always shut, which is concerning. Car runs well, I got it at only 40,000 miles! Very comfy to drive in, and is reliable. Good on gas, about $30 to fill up tank. You will have to add your own Aux because since it is older it doesn't have the newer features

- Jada C

An interesting detail would be you cannot find any model like it well with more.

2001 Ford Escort ZX2

Works well I love this car it is very dependable and gets me where I need to go without having to service the vehicle other than the oil service or anything else on the vehicle that is common. This vehicle is also good on gas and I use it to get to and from home, work and school.

- Beth V

2001 Ford Escape writer review.

2001 Ford Escort

Next to never have any problems with it just minor work but the body is in bad shape due to age and Ohio weather as far as performance goes its runs and drives very well and its reliability its great and it's very good as far as safety goes with the full front safety bags.

- John W

Seats are comfortable and do not get tired on long drives.

2001 Ford Escort

The tires are constantly having issues. The engine is too powerful for the size of the car so it shakes. The trunk has a decent amount of room and the backseat has plenty of space, once you get through the small door. It gets me from place to place.

- Lauren B

It will not break down. I got if for 400 dollars. Also, the front windows don't roll down, so we cannot purchase anything from a drive-thru establishment.

2001 Ford Escort

I enjoy its reliability. It has needed few repairs, and things it did need (tires, battery) have been easy to replace and maintain. My main complaint is that the air conditioner is broken and cannot be repaired for a reasonable amount.

- Shannon B

Not overly flashy or fast, but it will get you where you need to go at an good level of fuel consumption.

2001 Ford Escort

It is a comfortable smooth ride and I've had no major mechanical difficulties since I've had it. The audio system occasionally locks up, but I've found disconnecting/reconnecting the battery solves the problem.

- Charles O

Long life of a Ford focus

2001 Ford Escort

Vehicle has good gas mileage needed new engine in year 8. Cooling system in year 14. Brakes in year 16. Over the years very dependable and reliable.no other real repairs of any note. All in all a reliable car

- Andrew M

It's great on gas. Be perfect to and from work and school.

2001 Ford Escort

I like that it is good on gas. I don't like the fact there is no room for my family. The ac works great in it. And it drives well. Not the good in bad weather so could be better in that department.

- Kc F

She is a great car for the money.

2001 Ford Escort

She is good on gas her name is Betsie. If something does happen to her she is easy to fix she still has the roll up window lots of trunk space she is a beauty easy to drive easy to park.

- Penny L

The most important thing everyone should know is that it's a very gas efficient car.

2001 Ford Escort

My car is a great reliable car. I like the mileage it gets and the compact size. I do not like that it's a ford but it's not a big deal. I don't really have complaints about it.

- Josh H

It gets great gas mileage and the handling is great!

2001 Ford Escort

It's peppy and handles well. It's small and has a tight turn radius. It gets great gas mileage. I dislike that it's getting older and is starting to show Its age.

- Melissa H

Take care of the maintenance and it will run forever.

2001 Ford Escort

Love the reliability, gas mileage, spacious trunk. Finding parts for repairs is easy although we haven't had to do many repairs. Hate the crummy struts, unibody.

- Melissa H

It has 200,000 miles on it and is showing no signs that it's as old as it is.

2001 Ford Escort

I Like my car very much because of the gas mileage. It gets very good mileage for a car as old as it is. What I don't like is that I wish it was a little bigger.

- Robert P

Its stylish and doesn't conform to the modern day clunker car.

2001 Ford Escort

No complaints. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is the cheapest car I have ever owned. Very easy on parts. It doesn't need any new parts very often.

- william D

Never drink or smoke in my car, only I can drink and smoke in my car.

2001 Ford Escort

It gets great gas mileage. Has well over 200000 miles but still runs great. I wish it was faster though. Then again I can't complain for it being so old.

- Sterling L

Great car and smooth ride

2001 Ford Escort

Very comfortable and roomy. The ride is very smooth. It has the bluetooth radio which sounds great. Also connects with the phone which I like

- Thomas K

Timing belt is garbage and will break within weeks

2001 Ford Escort

Not worth the metal it's made of. Most difficult car to work on ever! Made so you have to take the car apart completely to do anything

- Jared G

That it has the capability to take them where they want to go.

2001 Ford Escort

It is a nice car and gets good mileage replacing parts that add up for expenses. My wife uses it for work and is very rough on it.

- Dan R

The engine does not last very long before it seizes up!!

2001 Ford Escort

Vehicle has been reliable ever since I purchased it, but after only 110 thousand miles I needed a new engine, that is wrong.

- John K

It is a 2001 ford escort 4 door red in color

2001 Ford Escort

I bought it on the side of the road in a private sale other than having to replace original parts it has been a decent car

- Danver R

the motor held up. very well built.

2001 Ford Escort

It is a very economical car. It is just the right size for me. The motor is in very good condition for a 17 year old car.

- dolly h

For the year and price a very sporty car.

2001 Ford Escort

Very dependable no frills comfy car.no persistent problems nor repeat problems. Fast off the line and a pretty smooth ride

- Gary C

The life of a 20 year old car and how it takes care of me.

2001 Ford Escort

It a good little car. I wish I could tow with it. It came from my momma, I got when she passed. It's a good little car.

- Frank M

Very good on gas! And is easy to handle.

2001 Ford Escort

I have ha this car since new. It has been reliable and good on gas. My only complaint is the paint faded after 1 year.

- Linda P

That it has old but still has low mileage.

2001 Ford Escort

I love how reliable my car is. I love that it is old so I do not have to worry about every little dent.

- Sheri H

The car is very compact and has small space in the back.

2001 Ford Escort

I have been driving it since 2003 I wish Ford still made escorts there is nothing I do not like about.

- Carl R

It gets 26 miles per gallon. I can go back and forth to work for a week before i have to refill.

2001 Ford Escort

It gets great gas mileage. It has always been reliable. Only thing i do not like id the ac is down.

- Nancy E

dependability and has great gas mileage the colors

2001 Ford Escort

I love how it has back up navigation I love the heated seats I love how it has good gas mileage

- donna c

that it is reliable and good on gas.

2001 Ford Escort

i like how much gas it uses. i like that it is a reliable vehicle. Ford is a good brand.

- jessica V

a great gas saver and roomie

2001 Ford Escort

It's roomie and cheap gas saver and very safe and It's for a person like me in mind

- eddie K

The car is good on gas. Has over 200,000 miles. I have not had any major repairs which is great.

2001 Ford Escort

It is a manual shift with a moonroof and fully loaded.

- Dodie D