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Ford tough the best ever built.

I have a Ford f-150 truck it's a good pulling truck. It has the 5. 4 triton motor. Good heating and air. I have high miles which is 250, 000 and its still running strong. I have had problems with the coil packs. I replaced them and kept new pugs in it. And oil change. I must say I would buy another one. Its has had numerous of loads pull behind it and it pulls good. Also it has the 4×4 package. It pulls good also. The only thing I see wrong on my Ford f-150 is that the lack of room behind the back seat if you want to put you gun case behind the seat or extended music you cannot. But other than that I love my Ford and I would never trade for no other truck.

- Allen W

It's quite old. Very big and tough to drive compared to smaller cars. I have a love hate relationship with it. I love it cause of size functionality and it's my grandfathers. I hate its age and how slow it is. I hate how much money I spend on gas driving it.

I like the size of the truck. I mainly like it because it used to be his. I like that it's something to have during the winter months when it is icy. The truck bed comes in handy when having to move things. Most of what I dislike is due to age and being out of date. Lack of technology no gps, no option to hook up phone to play music, terrible speakers. I dislike how long it takes to accelerate that's always frustrating. I hate how it's a gas guzzler. It's about 50-60 bucks to feel up. And it's only 14 miles per gallon. The interior design of the truck is out of date. I'm sure I'd love the truck much more if it was an F-150 from a current year.

- Phillip P

2001 ford f150 good buy for a used truck.

I have replaced the front upper control arms on both sides. The lower ball joints on both sides in the front of the truck. It has had a miss in the engine that has consistently gotten worse. I have narrowed it down to clogged egr ports in the throttle body. It does drive nice and it will haul what I need it to. I have driven it from south West Florida to Milwaukee Wisconsin. It was a very comfortable ride with no issues. The truck had 117000 miles on it when I purchased it. Over all I have been very pleased with this truck. No major issues and parts are fairly cheap for it.

- John H

F-150 good review. Gas mileage, replacement parts, and reliability very fair.

Ford f150 very reliable. No major breakdowns. It not very good in snowy conditions. Heater and air conditioner works great. The paint is holding up very good. Not a very off-road vehicle. It will spin out going up hill on loose dirt. Has a v6 engine so the gas mileage is decent. My truck is a very basic work truck. No power windows or locks or cruise control. It has a very good has a nice bed liner which is nice factory speck spare tire. Is good for long distance driving. Since they made a-lot of these vehicles parts are not a problem, and are not pricey.

- Jon C

Its durable and reliable.

Truck is not 4 wheel drive but gets around in snow just fine. Tan interior with bench seats in front and back. Has lots of cupholders. CD player stereo. Has cruise control. Very comfortable seats although my driver seat it a little broke when I got it. The outside has lots of rust underneath. Performance is good. Just random maintenance here and there with brakes and alternator and battery issues. Mine has a slow oil leak or burns oil (haven't got it looked a yet). Overall performance and reliability has been great.

- Samantha D

Switching from land rover to Ford f-150.

After driving land rovers for 20 years I finally bought a Ford 4x4 f150 lariat edition and it has been the greatest thing I have done for myself. I love it! Low maintenance will take you anywhere you need to go and very comfortable and good on gas I absolutely love my Ford and would never think about buying anything else now at this point, I will trade this in on a brand-new Ford f-150 when I wear this one out, a hundred and sixty thousand miles and still going strong!

- Scott S

The best vehicle they I have ever owned that is this good on gas.

Have owned my truck k for 5 years now have driven it to Tennessee and Georgia numerous times no trouble at all and great on gas! Did have the thermostat rub on the motor wall and caused it to rub a hole in it that was leaking but fixed it with some jb weld haven't had any more problems with it. Other than that make sure to do the maintenance on it like it is supposed to be done and it is runs great and a good vehicle for me. Glad that I made this choice for my vehicle.

- Julie H

Best truck on road and would buy another if needed.

My truck is and has been a great vehicle for me. I use it everyday and have no worries about driving wherever whenever it is so good to be able to vision the road and see so well from all areas as I travel the roads. I haven't had any problems with this truck and hope it continues to be a great car. I have had 4 other fords in my life and all have been super vehicles to me. I would recommend a Ford car anytime for the ones I had have been extremely good.

- David P

Ford f-150 keeps on trucking for 17 years.

Comfortable leather seats, electric windows and locks, air conditioning (not currently working). Heat works good. Has developed fair amount of rust over 17 years, and the running boards have come loose or fallen off. Had to replace the gas tank about 2 years ago. Other than routine maintenance, recently had to get a transmission problem fixed; had trouble getting the shifter into or staying in park.

- Lynn P

This truck has an engine that does not come standard in an f150 crew cab.

Steering column is a little loose. Very reliable. Great interior. Awesome ac and heat. Have owned this truck 15+ years. High mileage/ with a new motor. Cloth interior easy cleanup with a vacuum. Decent paint job. Runs like a champ. We have driven this truck over 200k miles. It has taken us on many vacations and has helped us move from place to place. Its an irreplaceable truck.

- Kylie M

My Ford has never been found on road dead.

It has very roomy interior. Handles like a car even though it is a truck. There is room for five people and you can haul a lot in the bed. This year is before Ford had problems with the spark plugs seizing in the engine head. I have almost 300, 000 miles on mine with original engine and transmission! It still runs like a dream! I always have people wanting to buy it. Very satisfied.

- Elaine R

Good straight clean and sturdy.

Misfires in cold weather. Heater core rotted out so I had to bypass it on my way to thanksgiving in the year of 2017. The bed size is a bit small I can't put my Harley Davidson in the bed of the truck because its too short. The overcoils went out the same time the transmission went out it cost me 4000 dollars rite about 200 000 miles, the power is still good however.

- Kenneth M

Good farm truck or everyday truck.

It is a good truck I only need to do some body work. It has enough room for like 5 people and has a good truck bed. The whole truck is strong and it's also a good farm truck as well. I have not had to do to many repairs on it. I have been able to help people out without my truck breaking down all the time like some trucks or vehicles do and that is the real plus.

- Donald N

It is great in the snow, but uses a lot of gasoline.

My Ford f 150 is getting old. I have had some trouble with it I replaced the transmission. I had a problem with the brake caliper locking up, this caused the brakes to heat up and the bolts worked themselves out. The brake mechanism fell in to the aluminum rim shearing it in half and the tire came off obviously. Brakes are and ongoing problem with my Ford.

- Katie B

2001 ford f -150 reviewing.

My vehicle has been a great vehicles. There's been some minor problems as with any vehicle. It easily fits my family of five comfortably. I love the super cab. My children have plenty of room. I love that it's a 4 wheel drive. I am not to happy with the color which is white but it works. I would definitely buy another newer model if I had the money.

- Misty U

2001 Ford f150 super cab. Gas v8 engine 4x4 cruise.

My vehicle is a super cab v8 engine great on gas power windows power locks cruise plenty of room in the cab strong motor running bars leather seats multiple electrical outlets within the vehicles for closer access to power /power seats. Disadvantage is front seat is a 40/60 split high mileage no heated seats no CD player no spray in bed liner.

- Mark T

It is 17 years young & going strong. it was built Ford Tough.

This is truly a multipurpose vehicle. It seats 2 comfortably on front seat & back seat in extended cab is good for 2 more people on short trips about town. Large bed is good for hauling yard waste & buying home improvement supplies. White color reflects sun's rays in FL summers. Unfortunately, doors lock automatically on this model.

- Catherine B

Ol' red, my old faithful Ford f-150.

My fiancé bought the vehicle new. . . It is now 17 years old still runs like new, haven't had many issues, mainly because he has always taken care of it (routine maintenance, oil changes etc.). She has a few dings and dents but still looks good, and gets us from point A to point B and back again and gets decent gas mileage.

- Christine B

Love my Ford F-150 crew cab pickup.

This truck has been extremely comfortable, reliable and reasonably efficient for a truck. It is now 17 years old and has over 359,000 miles on it, and has required very little in repairs over the years. It offers all I need; towing capacity, cargo capacity, and ability to carry five passengers comfortably in the crew cab.

- Laurie L

Family and work friendly ford f150.

My 2001 ford f150 has proven to be very reliable. There have been no major problems, just routine maintenance. It's very spacious, which makes long road trips as comfort as can be. If I could change something, it have to be the gas mileage. Also we don't get much snow in TN but when we do, that 4-wheel drive comes in handy.

- Kaitlyn M

Nice truck just a problem finding 5. 5 truck caps.

It is a great truck, only problem we have is it is a 5. 5 bed and it is hard to find cap for it. We've had to replace auto door lock motors and 1 has gone out again. We love the 4 door crew cab. Very comfortable. We've also replaced rear end and it must be common because after a while it has the same loose knocking feeling.

- Patricia F

Great f150 pick-up, I recommend ford.

We have owned fords since 2001 only 142, 000 miles other than brake pads, and transmission drives and handles good drives remarkable being a 2001, paint job has held up good, I have hauled up to 2, 500 pounds several times, it has a 5th wheel connection and bumper tow, 4 wheel drive works good, holds road good I icy roads.

- Richard, M

Separate moving seats would be more convenient.

I love my truck. I wish it had separate seats though. I am really short and have to have the seat way up so I can reach the pedals, therefore, my passenger also has to be inconvenienced because of this. The tailgate mechanism breaks too often. It would probably be better if the moving parts were metal instead of plastic.

- Mary G

It has been a great truck for the last 17 years.

There are no problems, the performance is really good, it is a reliable farm truck and work truck. It is very comfortable, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power locks, adjustable brakes, air conditioning, adjustable seats, has backseats and is very roomy. My truck also hauls things easily without problems.

- Cynthia D

It is a red truck with a black toolbox which is different than most fords.

It rattles when you drive it and the ac does not work and pieces are falling out of the front console. It sounds like a chain is dragging the whole time you are driving. But what I do like is it does not have leather seats. But overall it is a vehicle that will get me from point A to point B. And Ford makes great cars.

- Hannah G

Great vehicle for winter driving, camping, hauling, and more!

The ford f150 is an overall great vehicle. I have had some basic issues pop up here and there, but that is true for every car. I have hauled lots of things from camping gear to kayaks. I have used it two friends out of the ditch. It is great for winter driving. Overall it is a great rig and I am happy with my vehicle.

- Josh R

Love my truck. Motor and transmission still working great.

I have never had to do any large repairs. The air conditioner has been the largest out pay I have had. The rear differential leaked at one time and it has had brake repair, which were normal wear. The spark plugs are a hassle to change and can be costly to change. The motor and transmission have approx. 240000 miles.

- Joyce G

With the dual cab option it actually seats six people not five.

The f-150 is spacious both inside the cabin and outside with the bed. Although it being old is still maintains great style with a sense of comfort on the interior with the cloth seating and collapsible seat. The only complaint I would have is that it wastes a lot of gas but since it is a truck it is understandable.

- Luz V

My car is reliable in that it is able to go from point A to point B without issues though it is an older model truck.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and doesn't break down. I also like that it looks cool. I also like that I can put big appliances or other things in the back easily. My main complaint is that it can eat up a lot of gas to go across town. One less complaint is that sometimes it is hard to park in a parking space.

- Thomas M

Spacious and comfortable.

No problems, my truck runs and drives great. I love driving my truck weather it's long or short distance. I prefer to drive my truck everywhere I go. It gets decent gas mileage and is spacious and comfortable. I can rely on my truck to safely get where I need to go. I have never had any major issues with my truck.

- Patricia R

Great truck from 0 to 280, 000 miles.

The truck has a lot of room in the cab for all my gear, it has run well for all these years and still gets good gas mileage. I have over 280000 thousand miles on it and have had to do some non routine repairs over the years. The hardest was the heater core replacement as the dash had to be removed to get to it.

- Kenny S

Good truck, no problems. Great for everything.

I have a 2001 f150. I really enjoy my truck. I have had it for 5 years and have had no serious problems. Just I 200 dollar fix up her and there. It always gets me where I need to go and has never left me stranded. It rides smooth tows good. The only negative thing is the poor gas mileage but it is a truck.

- Nick D

The truck has about 140 thousand miles on it but few problems. She is a good truck and gets you and whatever you want to haul to your destination.

White pickup truck with topper on the bed. It is the sport model 2 wheel drive. Has had problems with the door locks and the turn signals. Paint is starting to peel here and there. Also has the large engine so mileage is pretty bad at about 14 mile to the gallon. Being a extends can makes it a long truck.

- Steve Y

Ford f 150 is the way to go.

Just a nice and comfortable and reliable truck. Get great fuel mileage per the 5. 4 triton engine. The f150's hold value also. Does not rust and other manufactures vehicles, dependable, affordable and fun to drive. I would recommend others to try a Ford f150 and they would be sold on this vehicle as well.

- Billy D

My f-150 is better than yours.

Just recently I have had issues with the radiator. Other than that it's one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. My truck does have low miles on it in comparison to other vehicles that are 17 years old. With only 64, 000 miles on it. I maintain my vehicle well and keep up with its servicing regularly.

- Andrea J

2001 ford f-150 supercrew. Very dependable, hard working vehicle.

The VHS tape player quit working about 4 years ago. Does have an occasional slip in it. My vehicle is my daily driver and it has 197,+ miles. Oil has been changed regularly. The clear coat is wearing off. It is in great shape and I would take it to Ohio if I needed to and not worry about breaking down.

- Jessie L

Ford pick up truck 2001 was originally green color now is grey.

I love the truck it is a Ford pick up 2001 my husband is the owner and took off all the rust he is a mechanic and it now looks like new. He did it all over it gets complimented everyday someone wants to buy it all the time. It is grey now he painted it and put all new parts on it and looks beautiful!

- Kim R

My vehicle has been reliable. I will repurchase this model.

My vehicle was purchased new in 2001 when I wanted a roomier driver compartment. It has provided me with many years of reliability, with regular scheduled maintenance being performed throughout. It has required just a few costlier repairs along the way. It continues to provide me good value.

- Stephen S

Easy to handle and see in all directions.

This vehicle is a 8 cylinder gas. Has air, electric windows. Power steering. No rust. It has lived on Atlantic coast for most of its life. It has a cover on the bed. I have kept a regular maintenance schedule. The only thing I do not like about this truck is I wish I had bought one with 4 doors.

- John M

Built ford tough better than timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

My 01 f15 is very reliable and gets great gas mileage at least it did until it burnt a valve it has the v6 in it but also has 198756 miles on it but it still runs and I drive it daily what I like most about it is the fact that it is a supercab and I can recline my seat and relax at the drive in.

- Dennis P

The 2001 Ford f - 150 review.

Comfort is in this ride. It drives fine and the body style looks good. This model has gas tank issues. We have had to replace the gas tank due to rust. The Audio system is poor. Not all speakers play. This vehicle get very low gas mileage per gallon of gas. Approximately 18 miles to the gallon.

- Leslie D

A major highlight of this car is the longevity of the engine.

The Buick regal is a great running car. The engine is still going good with well over 300, 000 on it and counting. I have never had any major problems with it. The only thing that has malfunctioned is the air conditioning/heating system, which has quit working and comes back on at random times.

- Jamie M

It's 4x4!!! Also fits a family of 5 with space for one more.

It's performance is excellent. Great in winter. Little lighter than I'm used to. Comfort is spot on. Fits a family of 5. Problems is rust but that's fixable. I have the temperature reader which I Love and I have many cup holders which is nice. I do wish my seat went up and down as I'm only 5'1.

- Hillary T

It does everything that I ask of it.

It is an SVT Lightning sport truck. It is slightly modified to make it handle better to match It's straight line performance. I love the flexibility it offers, giving me a fun vehicle to drive while also having the practicality of a pickup truck. I don't like It's gas mileage or how old it is.

- Jason l

Durable truck, easy to drive. 4 wheel drive capable, leather interior.

Low maintenance. Major issue with spark plugs but once they are re-done they work perfectly. Great suspension, large cab is very comfortable and fits car seats without issue. Very durable truck. Tows heavy loads great. Gas mileage is a bit low and as the vehicle ages you need to use premium.

- Bailey G

Ford f 150 4 door heated leather seats with both high and low heat.

Bought used at an auction, had to replace one hub, actuator for 4 wheel and vacuumed relays, it is a lariat with full leather and heated seats and added XM for music listening, it has great tires and rides great for a older truck, use this one and let new one sit and use for only long trips.

- Roger L

It is great on gas considering it has a v8 engine in it.

Truck runs very well I have had a few issues with sensors in the transmission and front end parts like ball joints and tie rod ends other than that it is a great vehicle it is very comfortable inside has a full 8 foot bed and it is really easy on gas considering it is got a v8 engine in it.

- David C

Owning an enjoying 2001 Ford f150.

Great truck, runs great, easy to maintain, decent gas mileage and very handy for light work/hauling, rides comfortably and has all the basic features that I require (a/c and excellent radio). When works needs to be done, repair/maintenance parts are easy to obtain and costs are reasonable.

- Philip R

My Ford has almost 250k miles as well.

I love my Ford f150. It's a great truck that has lasted me more than 15 years. I have drove this thing to las Vegas from Illinois and it still running just like the day I bought it. I will only ever buy for f150 from now on for the rest of my life. I love the triton motor one of the best.

- Nathan K

Longevity from a quality vehicle.

My Ford f-150 is a really great truck. I got 270,000 miles out of the original motor and only recently had to have it replaced. Up until the motor blew up, it has been an extremely reliable vehicle. Keeping the oil changed regularly has really contributed to the longevity of the vehicle.

- William L

2001 f-150 is an all-around, well performing vehicle.

The f-150 xlt with the 5. 4 triton is an overall very strong truck for its class. Issues only appear when you do not keep up with maintaining the vehicle. Strong truck, great performance, wonderful reliability. I would choose this truck again if I was looking for a vehicle in this class.

- Dylan K

Its a strong reliable vehicle.

The full size cab allows us to seat 6 people comfortably and safely. The bed of the truck is shorter that a full size bed but we have always been able to haul anything we have needs to transport. The V8 vortec engine provides plenty of power for hauling heavy loads or towing a trailer.

- Frank C

It can handle whatever you throw at it. You want to make it pick up and go you put in synthetic and optane fuel and it will take off really well.

It is a reliable truck when it comes to long trips or handling rain and dirt. The front seats make you feel higher off the road along with the suspension. The good is that when you replace a part it's not expensive. The bad is the repetition of replacing more parts as the truck ages.

- Josh Y

Ford are the best running truck today.

I love my truck there ain't nothing like a Ford it gets me from point A to point B without a problem I rarely have anything wrong with it. I change the plugs when needed an oil I take her on long trips and she still feel like a newborn baby i'll say it again fords are number one.

- Michael Holland D

My Ford, my truck, dependable and strong.

Runs good, drives good, 4 wheel drive for pulling, good gas mileage. Can get in and go anywhere as very dependable and reliable, safe. Good body style had to add step sides as sits up really high off ground. Never fails to start when weather cold, hot, rainy, or what it starts.

- Tera P

I am very happy to own this vehicle and enjoy all its features.

My vehicle has been very reliable considering it is age and mileage. I have been comfortable with the reliability of the vehicle for the four years I have owned it. This vehicle is a comfortable ride and very stable. The crew cab is roomy enough for three adults comfortably.

- Judy E

Good truck, drives greats, handles smooth.

The only thing really wrong is I had to replace all the coils. But after truck runs great. Of course that has been over the past 8 years. The gas mileage is ok for a 2001 I was getting 15 to 17 mpg. For towing really great also. Can pull campers and others types of trailers.

- Stephen O

I have a lift on the rear end to carry a power chair

It is a heavy duty truck with style. The King Cab edition has soft leather, heating option for front seats and looks like sleek. It is extremely spacious and provides comfortable room for all passengers. It cannot decide if the air wants to blow cold air or just barely cool.

- Sheila C

Super happy Ford truck owner.

My Ford has been the most reliable vehicle I ever could have purchased. It almost has 300, 000 miles on it and it is still going strong! Other than routine maintenance I really have not even had to put much money into it. Thank you Lord for making such an excellent product.

- Ashley R

The Ford f150 is over all the best truck I've ever owned.

This truck has been really good for me The gas mileage is pretty good as well. I haven't had many repairs done. No major ones anyways. The only thing that is a little expensive is getting a tune up. That was about 300 bucks. Other than that it has been a very good truck.

- Freddy C

Reliable long-term vehicle!

This has been a great vehicle. We bought it slightly used in 2001. It now has over 200,000 miles on it. We had some issues with core packs, but after all the originals had been replaced one by one, we had no more problems. It has been a great vehicle for keeping long-term.

- Lisa H

This is a daily used workhorse! Works well in any weather conditions, and has enough room to take the family out if needed

I think this is a good budget priced truck. The power output is right where I need it, and for the most part, doing regular maintenance on it, it easy to do. For the price point this truck is in, it does everything it needs to do. Overall I feel it is a great purchase

- David K

I love my 2001 ford f-150 truck.

I really love my truck. I like the older styling compared to the new trucks. Does not get great gas mileage. It is been very reliable. I got into an accident two years ago and the insurance company deemed it worthy of repairing. It can accommodate members of the family.

- Karen S

Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned!

I have had my truck for almost twenty years now and I am in the process of restoring it, engine, body, and interior. I love this truck, it has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Almost no rust at all even after every trip and coming home to no garage.

- Kevin M

The Ford 2001 is known for having leaky seals in the back

The truck was good when it was new, but it is very old now. It has broken down many times but that is expected with an old car. When we bought it, it was a lemon so it had many problems. Although these trucks do last a long time, the there was a lot of problems.

- Alyssa K

My review love Ford my one and only truck.

Love my truck it gets me where I need to go and is always there when I need it great on gas for the most part has lots of room for my tools in the bed and room for my family got to love the way I can take it to work and on vacation with my family. Love my ford.

- Brandy H

Great for tall and short alike!

I have a crew cab and love it! The only downfall is I am short so it is a little bit of a chore to check the fluids. I like the gas pedal feature which is adjustable for short or taller people without having to adjust the seat every time someone else drives it.

- Tracey S

Review of my Ford f-150 pickup 4 wheel-drive.

The vehicle is reliable for the most part except normal wear and tear and replacement. It is comfortable and is a good work truck and good for four wheel drive situations. It is a straight shift which I like. It has some rust issues. It is my favorite truck.

- Lisa B

Heavy duty truck that can drive anywhere.

It's a very reliable and sturdy truck. We use it to get wood and for other everyday activities. It can make it through the winter season with the four wheel drive and it runs very smooth. Out whole family fits in it and it is very comfortable and convenient

- Sunny S

It is a green truck that I really love to drive.

My truck is a green Ford. It is a older model but still runs good. It needs some work but should be a good vehicle for a long time. It has given us a lot of good riding time with both highway and city miles. I love that I can haul things off with my truck.

- Laura B

She's a beast! She can haul anything! 270, 000 miles and still running strong!

I have never had any issue with my 2001 Ford f-150 other than basic maintenance. As long as I stay on top of oil changes, fluid chances, tune ups, brake pad changes etc. I have never had any issues with my beloved f-150. Wouldn't trade it for any other.

- Stacey J

Ford is tops in style and performance as well as reliability.

Ford pickups have the best performance.However they are known for using oil when they are older. It really runs well. I had a tune up done several years ago and it still runs like a champ even with 148,000 miles on it which is not much for its age.

- Emma F

A reliable truck that gets good mileage on the highways.

Reliable truck that I trust. I try to maintain Its performance by doing oil changes, tune ups when I can. This truck, bought used from a buddy, has taken me over 10,000 miles. I feel comfortable with it in the side open spaces of Wyoming.

- jim n

I do not intend to ever get rid of my truck barring any catastrophic issues.

I love that my vehicle is dependable and paid off. I dislike that it is an older vehicle but I am gradually making upgrades to it. I have had my truck for over 15 years and have had very few major issues with it throughout the years.

- Duriel J

I haven't had any major breakdowns Kept up with all the oil changes I wished it had a little bit better gas mileage but does good on the highway mileage hoping the truck keeps running for another 10 years

I have 2001 Ford F1 50 supercrew cab I love the ability to get for adults and pull anything I need to. i've had very good luck on the truck not breaking down .I have 165,000 miles on it and plan on keeping it for another 10 years

- Tom S

Vintage Ford F150 Classic!

Really love this line of vehicles. Ford really done it in the early 2000s with this version of the F150. Much better than the modern ones we see being manufactured today. AC works greats! Good gas mileage! Love the way it drives!

- Jesse S

150 Good for Hauling Trailer

I love the way my truck halls my trailer because we go camping alot. I bought my truck used but it still runs great. I do wish that it would have come standard with a hauling package because I had to get a trailer brake put in.

- Dawn T

It is the most reliable vehicle on the market. I highly recommend to all.

My truck has been passed to me from my mother will little to no problems until very recently. Considering the age of the vehicle I am very impressed with the reliability thus far. For this reason I am a ford customer for life!

- Haley S

It is a super crew allowing 5 passenger seating.

I like that it is a super crew allowing seating for 5 in a truck. I, also, like that it is a truck giving me opportunities to move things from one place to another. The only thing that I do not like is the age of my truck.

- Catherine U

Ford pickup: reliable, comfortable and built Ford strong.

The 2001 Ford f-150 pickup is an all around great vehicle. The exterior is built Ford strong. I have had this vehicle 17 years and it is still reliable as the day it was bought. The interior is spacious and comfortable.

- Christine E

That's hard to say. Probably that it's useful and tough, like I like to believe I am. It's 4-wheel drive, and I am independent and productive with it.

I love my truck! It's a 4-door, so I can still have a vehicle the whole family car ride in together, but I can also use it to haul feed and hay for the farm, and tires and parts for the truck shop. It's useful and fun.

- Terri G

It's well built and reliable. It provides a lot of power but is still decent on gas.

It has an 8 cylinder engine so I certainly like the power of the truck. I like the amount of space in the cab and storage compartments behind the seats. I like the overall size of the truck. It's big but not too big.

- Coby C

The fact that it has a manual transmission.

I like it because it can pull a decent load, 4x4 and has a manual transmission. Only reason I am no longer satisfied with it is because it is getting old with high miles and I am getting tired of fixing it.

- Samuel F

Ford F-15 - looks good but won't get you far

It's very pretty but after it's been lifted it has a lot of issues with the front end. It doesn't have a whole lot of room in the cab but would be the perfect vehicle for a couple or single person.

- Amber D

2001 F-150 Supercrew 4x4 Lariat

Super spacious and comfortable truck with plenty of room for a family of three. It's old but reliable. We do need to repair the leather seats and the sunroof but otherwise it's in amazing shape!

- Lessie R

This car is very durable and reliable. The size is great for moving everything you need.

This truck is very reliable and ride smoothly on the road. Being that it is older with 130,000 miles it is starting to have engine issues. But with regular maintenance it has lasted a long time

- sara p

It's not salvaged an very well taken care off.

My Ford f150 is a. Very reliable truck, runs great, 200, 000 miles on it, it's very big and comfy!! Passenger's door window does not work, power windows, cruise control works, has clean title.

- Victor M

Don't buy Ford if you want reliability, if you're looking for a good looking car truck than its ok. but reliability is what matters

The Body of the truck is in great condition, but the engine has blown 3 spark plugs in 1 yr. lot of money to fix. Love Chevy but received the Ford from a family member for cheaper than most!!

- Margaret A

It starts every time in the winter and it sits outside not in a garage

I have no complaints. It always starts in the winter even the coldest days. Plenty of room for hauling things to the recycling, compost. I wouldn't trade it for nothing it runs way to good

- Doreen O

My Ford f-150 truck three door truck.

It's a good solid truck. Has high mileage but runs smooth because I know how to take care of it. I really enjoy the three door option makes it easy to get people or stuff into the back seat.

- Eric H

the most important thing to me is the way it drives so smooth

i'm a truck person..so I love my ford! It's also a four wheel drive so that's a plus. It's nice if I have something I need to haul. the only dislike I have is it needs more room in the cab

- mary h

It is my husbands work truck.

It is dependable and reliable. It has well over 200, 000 miles on it and it is still a comfortable ride. We use this vehicle for everything and we have a lot of good memories with it.

- Teresa G

My truck has only had one owner before me but is in great condition and has never been involved in any car accidents. I have no regrets in having purchased it.If i buy another truck in the future i plan on keeping this truck for my kids to learn how to drive in.

I love my Ford F150 because it was the 1st vehicle i have ever purchased and she is very reliable. She drives very smoothly and only requires maintenance. She is still in great shape.

- Lucia A

Very good long lasting automobile

I have had a few problems with this automobile I have replaced the complete ac system as well as the break lines and calipers the starter but this all started at about 160000 miles

- Roy C

It's lasted a number of years needing only routine maintenance

I love the fact that as a pickup truck it can perform a variety of tasks. It has plenty of passenger space. I dislike the fact that it is getting too old and needs to be replaced.

- robert s

It drives much better than it looks! And carries a heavy load for my work!

My truck maybe old but it's shown itself to be durable! I have had it for about 6 or 7 months now and though I faced difficulty in the beginning it got better as I drove it!

- Mariama Y

Its old and needs a lot of loving.

I like the engine of the f-150 because it is bullet proof and incredibly long lasting. I like the amount of room in the cab. I dislike that the body is slowly falling apart.

- Ben K

It doesn't run on thank you's If you borrow it, fill it up

I like the power the engine has. I like that it's a 4 door with plenty of room for big guys. I dislike the turning radius. I feel like they could get it to turn sharper.

- Chris Y

Ford F150. Great vehicle. A few minor hiccups.

We have had a few problems with the catalytic converter which we found out was a common problem for that year. We also have had several problems with the drivers window.

- dana b

The 2001 Ford f-150 review.

I have never had a problem with this truck that was expensive to fix. All repairs that needed to be done could be done in the driveway. The gas mileage is around 20 mpg.

- Mary T

it has a comfortable ride on a long trip

the looks very nice the paint is not chipped the ride is very enjoyable on a long trip it does not turn very shortly so it take a wide place to park in a parking lot

- Cliff L

The gearshift is a little funky. It is broken on the dash so you have to get a feel for it.

An older model so it isn't very pretty but big and sturdy. It has a new transmission and some new motor parts. Lots of miles but should be good for another 100000.

- Rani C

If the car is able to start and if the engine is working and good.

The vehicle is used and has some dents in the side. When I bought it and started it, the heard the engine making a rough noise. It takes a few seconds to start.

- Jill O

The important thing that people need to know is that the car is well maintained.

It is very spacious inside and due to the size of it, I feel safe when I drive it to my destinations. It's easy to maintain. I'm overall happy with my vehicle.

- rosalia b

Best vehicle I have owned.

I bought truck used in 2004 and have not had any major problems. In fact it has been almost maintenance free. It has been the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Barbara S

The ford f-150 is a good truck and has lasted a long time.

I love the truck. The thing I dislike is it's older and has more mileage, so things are wearing out and breaking down. It is costing more to fix it every year.

- Katherine M

I do not know what to say.

My vehicle has performed great. I have no problems with how it runs, only that it does feel a bit heavy. The only big problem is there is no air conditioning.

- Annette C

The good and bad on the early Ford model pickups

Only problem was the front end started squeaking but rides great, I don't know about the bigger motors but the 4.7 triton is very reliable when taken care of

- Chris E

Great family truck, lots of space for people and equipment

I love the fact that I can go anywhere I want due to 4 wheel drive. Love that it is still big enough for the whole family. Wish the gas mileage was better

- Cara W

It has lasting dependability.

Overall good dependable truck that exceeds my expectations. It has the typical older model rust on the lower panels. But this truck is still running strong.

- Sara M

Ford f-15O zero to 15O real quick

Got the v6 not the v8 does not do great on gas mileage really but if you take care of your truck and do routine maintenance then it will run for a long time

- Tommy M

Its safe and still drivable.

The truck is old. So the whole brake system has squeaking and unforeseen sounds. It does still run and gets me where I am going. But the truck runs great.

- Dawn C

Love My Ford F150 Truck - Want another one

My Ford F150 has been a wonderful truck. AM glad I got it. We have used it for over 200,000 miles and will continue to do so until it finally succumbs.

- Pat K

It has almost 500,000 mile on it

I love this truck. I have put almost 500,000 miles on it and except for general maintenance and minor repairs over the years it's still going strong.

- marc Y

It is a very good car. It is very useful for work and moving things.

I drive to school in it everyday and I like it. It looks cool and drives good. it is a little old though. It works great and I also use it for work.

- Cade m

My car is very reliable and i have never had a problem with it.

I like that my vehicle can take me anywhere without any problems. I hate how old it is; it has around 90,000 miles. I love the color and the speed.

- Salema K

It is dependable. It is long lasting and had given very few problems over the years.

I am completely happy with my vehicle. It is sturdy and has given us little problems over the years. It runs just as good as the day i bought it.

- Jay J

Ford trucks have a good safety rating.

Comfortable vehicle. Mostly reliable - as an older truck has needed some repairs. Back doors do not work - very common for Ford super cab trucks.

- Kathy B

Rust free and minimal scratches.

Very few problems, good performance, reliable and the standard features. It has very low mileage, good tires, good brakes and does not burn oil.

- Verlin M

It is dependable and safe for family members to ride in.

The truck is large enough for my family. Very dependable. Great on gas. It has four doors. The bed is big enough to haul pretty much anything.

- Billie R

It is 4 wheel drive and has a lot of power.

I love the size of my truck. I also love how much power it has. My truck is 4 wheel drive so nothing holds me back. My truck is very reliable.

- Katie B

decent running f150 for a 2001.

Good truck until it got over 100k miles. Started having coil pack problems. Replaced intake gaskets a few times. Other then that good vehicle.

- Sammy S

It was a top safety pick from the lights website.

The gas mileage is awful. The window motors have gone out after 17 years. The battery cables have eroded to the point of needing replacement.

- Marshall S

It's gets us where we need to go, has a cover over the tailgate, so we don't need to use tarps when we put stuff on the tailgate, good vehicle.

Good vehicle so far, we have had it 2 years. No dislikes about it so far, gets us where we need to go. Nothing to complain about with it.

- Jennifer H

My vehicle is a red F-150

So, my truck is a red manual F-150 extended cab. I really like that my truck has the bench seat in the back and the half doors for the back.

- Ruby H



- Bryan T

My vehicle is big and not very sexy or fast, but it gets my family and all of our stuff around!

I like that it has room for everything. I like the way it looks. I dislike the gas mileage and the size of it. It can be a pain to park.

- Jennifer K

Ford Van is in good condition.

its is in good condition, does not require any major repairs. recently had an oil change and tune up. with proper care, can last forever

- Ricard C

It drives well and is holding up well to the daily diving in mi.

The van is a lot weaker than my old one. It is weight rated but the springs broke carrying a 300 hundred pound person. Drives fairly well.

- Chris K

Kept it all this time and the four wheel drive has been used hard and still works.

I love the moonroof and running board that it came equipped with. It has many miles and has served my family well since it was brand new.

- Amy H

It does the jobs that I need it to with minimal hassle.

It is always very reliable. It is easy to perform the maintenance on it without a mechanic. It is not a very comfortable truck, though.

- Sal P

It takes me where I need to go.

Old needs a lot off work back window leaks when it rains it does have enough room ac does not work heather does not work needs new tires.

- Carol L

Ford makes a good truck turning radius good air conditioning power package.

Versatility good air conditioning. Like the bed size the storage from the lumber rack and the backseat all add up to multi-use vehicle.

- Timothy D

It has been dependable over the years with minor amount of repair work. Plus you can carry things with it and move if you have to

My truck is a little too big for driving around the city in Seattle it has a large turning wheel base and it's hard to park it at times

- Douglas E

It has always done what I needed it to do and is fun to drive.

Fords have always run in the family and my pickup does everything I need it to do, both off and on road. It has been very dependable.

- Larry B

It feels bigger than it is!.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive, a crew cab, has a short box, gets decent mileage considering. I do not like the big gas tank! Lol!.

- Tracey S

Good truck, great 4 wheel drive, good engine and good transmission.

Sits up to high, steering going out and really high mileage. Like truck been really dependable, never fails to start and runs good.

- Tera P

No matter the weather I can lock it into 4wd and make it to my destination.

My 2001 ford lariat f150 has almost 300,000 miles. It runs good, it is dependable and it looks really good. I have no complaints!.

- Crystal B

my F-150 is a four-wheel drive

my F-150 has been an awesome vehicle.I have never had any major issues with the vehicle only normal wear and tear and maintenance

- Larry C

Simple desires for simple life

I really like the fact that it has 4 wheel drive and a Triton V8. I use it as a work truck and it does what its supposed to do.

- John D

nothing it's a very reliable truck i have not had any bad problems.

This a very reliably truck the only problem is a few years ago we had to rebuild the transmission. I would recommend this truck.

- gail h

if taken care of it is a fantastic vehicle it drives well in the snow

it has been super reliable. it has 120,000 miles and have only had to fix brakes plugs and wires oil changes tires and starter

- dagan l

Very good truck with a very strong motor

Best truck i've ever had. Very reliable never had a problem if your looking for power it's there just a great all around truck

- Cullin B

Although I bought it used, it has not failed me to date and anything that has come up has been easy to fix.

I like the smooth drive and the size of the cab. I dislike the size of the bed but I do like that it has a cover on the back.

- Fatima O

That it likes to suck the gas because of it's 5.3L engine.

I have loved it since the day I seem it. It's only had one owner and been very well taken care of and it's almost an antique.

- James S

That without it I would not be able to go to work.

I do not like how hard it is on gas. But I do like that it has four wheel drive, that way I am able to work all year around.

- Brandy S

Dependable, good looking exterior and interior.

Ford f150-+dependable, comfortable, strong, good mileage, great price for what you get, paint holding up, no motor problems.

- Dolores R

The most important thing about my truck is that it is very reliable.

The truck is a 2001 grey truck. It is very reliable and is good on gas. It has a really good radio and comfortable seating.

- Jen M

It is free and clear, no liens.

Low mileage for a 2001. Cold air, newer tires. Some minor body scratches and dents. Interior is fine. Some cosmetic issues,

- Marc H

The stereo is the best. I really like the subwoofer.

I like Ford f-150. I really like the raptor. It is the best truck ever built it is sturdy and tough. It is the truck ever.

- Mark F

It comfortably fits five people.

I like that it's big enough for our family of five. I like that It's comfortable. I don't like that it uses a lot of gas.

- Misty B

My truck is a king ranch and has a beautiful leather interior.

My truck is one of the most reliable cars I have ever driven. It runs beautifully and have no concerns about the vehicle.

- Josh A

It does have some wiring issues that are a pain to fix.

150 superman with topper on the bed. It has the big motor with lots of power. The gas mileage is awful at around 15 mpg.

- Steve C

It is the most reliable vehicle I know.

This truck runs like a champ. We've used it for many trips. The crew can is extremely comfortable and family friendly.

- Kelly S

Its huge, it has plenty of room and can sit 6 people.

Despite Its mileage it runs great and it reliable and runs smooths and I can count on it to get it to my destination.

- Shay S

It Is easy to drive and pulls trailers with little effort

The truck is very reliable easy to drive and pulls trailers very well the seats are comfortable with lots of legroom

- Andre P

not very good turning radius

lots of storage and high roof dislike the placement of the tv...knock my head on it every time I get in the back etc

- Donna L

It fits my needs do not need anything fancy.

Have had no real problems with the vehicle, gets good mileage, is bare bones no electric windows no cruise control.

- Paul B

My truck may be older,but it is still very dependable.

My truck is a silver 2001 Ford F150.I depend upon it everyday. I am self-employed and it helps me get my work done.

- Friz M

Ford tough is really an understatement.

I really love my Ford truck. Nothing could be better! Nothing!!! It runs like a top, and that V8 never struggles.

- Barry L

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Was in an accident last year, semi hit my ford. The Ford is still running, one tough pick-up. It's like a Timex.

- Stella D

The truck is very reliable.

The Ford f150 is the most reliable truck that I have owned the truck is comfortable has leather seats crew cab.

- Andre P

Best truck ever for the money.

My truck is good on gas. Goes anywhere I want it. Part are ok priced. The truck is easy to drive. Buy a Ford.

- Melissa P

Performance of May King ranch

Good strong I have had zero problems other than a starter and some body work other that that I love my truck

- Melvin Z

One thing people should know about my truck is that it is not a nice customer when it comes to gas

My truck may be old, but it is in great health, sure if its raining heavily it will leak a bit from the roof

- Isaiah T

Review for 2001 Ford F-150.

I don't have any problems with my truck. Anything I've had to replace or fix could be done in the driveway.

- Marlena T

It is mine and I own it because I have the title.

I like the color of the truck. I like the 4x4 for going off-road. I like the handling while on the freeway.

- Roy U

it is a reliable car but is expensive to keep an upkeep on it

runs okay, doesn't break down that often but does as a lot if problem with the rust and oil that leaks out

- raymond k

It is a high quality vehicle.

Gets good gas mileage design was what I was looking for, maintenance of the vehicle is almost nonexistent.

- Paul B

Terrible gas mileage and gas tank issues.

Hate it has no AUX plug nor Bluetooth. It gets bad gas mileage. Love the room it has. Love the back seats.

- Leslie H

My Big Red Does Big Travel

My big red ford is durable and takes good care of me as I drive across the country as an energy inspector.

- Brett P

Great truck, watch out for heater core. Keep your coolant clean

Just replaced the heater core, apparently a common issue, otherwise a very solid truck even at 250k miles

- Spencer S

My car is a beautiful testament to power of human ingenuity.

It's a sturdy vehicle. It's withstood the test of time. It's good quality. It shows its age a bit though.

- Anna M

How it is one of the most dependable cars out there.

I like having the space. Would like to get a newer vehicle though. I would definitely get another f-150.

- William M

It gets me from point A to point B.

My transmission is failing. Have a slight oil leak. My entire dash is destroyed. Guzzles gas like crazy.

- Ashlyn P

it came with a cd, am and fm radio, prower string.

gets good gas miles. easy to work on. grate for pulling things.the cost of one is will worth the money.

- steven f

It's longevity and durability.

I like that it is paid for. It is reliable but does need more than routine maintenance due to Its age.

- James M

That it is extremely durable.

I dislike the gas mileage. I like the convenience. I like the size. I like that it is durable and last.

- Nicole G

Parts of the engine fail frequently

It requires regular maintenance most of the engine has been rebuilt I loses oil but not through a leak

- Andrew B

It's great for people who move stuff a lot, like music gear.

It is old so stuff is rusty, but it tends to run fine, it drives really smooth and I enjoy driving it

- Garrett L

That it will get you from point A to point b and It will haul just about anything.

It's not the most reliable vehicle at this point. It's a tough truck but not very well put together.

- Shaundra B

It's a great car and I'll always own a Ford. They're fantastic and American.

It's got a ton of miles on it but still runs like a champ. My first car was a Ford and I love them.

- Kristen H

Would be better with back doors that opened without opening the front doors.

Would like back doors to be full doors. Can haul anything I need to. Would like better gas mileage.

- Wanda K

My truck does not get good gas mileage and costs a lot to take a trip in.

My truck is old. My truck needs new seats. My truck uses too much gas. My truck needs a paint job.

- rudolph s

It has never left me on side of the road, aside from regular wear and tear it had been very reliable!

It has been very dependable. No major problems. It's not as comfortable as I would like it to be.

- Susan D

It has Flowmaster dual exhaust

Likes..It has 4 wheel drive Off road package Cold air intake Dislikes..Gas mileage,Poor stereo

- ken B

It is dependable and in great shape for being 17 years old.

no complaints. bought vehicle used in 2013. have had little to no repairs on this vehicle.

- cathy h

It's a Ford and that's the only make I would buy I've never had any problems with Ford's

It runs very good I've had No problems with it. It's also a 4 door. Plus it's 4 wheel drive

- Craig C

it is easy to control and the ford don't take much on repairs right now

i hate how it's starting to rust at the bottom. but I love how it has a great mileage rate.

- pam b

The most important thing about my truck is it is very reliable,I can count on my truck to get me where I need to go.

My truck is grey. My truck is reliable. My truck is very comfortable to ride in and drive.

- Friz M

It is a dependable vehicle. It has required very little maintenance.

Great to have a vehicle to haul things. Not a lot of room beyond the cab of the truck.

- Jan S

Reliable workhorse - but not great on gas.

Solid, reliable vehicle. Small gas engine, but even then mileage is low - 15-16/gal.

- Uncle S

I have plenty of room to hall all the items I need in the back of my truck and my family sits very comfortably in it.

I love my truck. It's a great truck to drive and it has always been a good vehicle.

- Laura N

The rear doors are red and the rest of the truck is green.

The truck is very unreliable. It does not start at times. The tailgate is missing.

- brittany f

gas mileage and oil to make sure it is a healthy engine

the 4 wheel drive is awesome i don't like the seats but other then that i love it

- william m

It is a truck with plenty of room.

I love that it is a truck and can seat 6 people. There is nothing that I dislike.

- ricky S

I love the f150 because its so big and can pull anything and i dislike that it's only a 2 door

It's a 4wd truck and big can do anything with it wont get stuck and it's awesome

- Randy R

As long as you keep up the maintenance on this truck it will last you forever

It has been a very dependable truck and still drives and rides like a new one.

- Vincent M

It's very dependable and the gas savings with the propane has been very useful.

It has been very dependable. Has lots of room inside. Has propane gas option.

- Debbie L

It is big and because of that it can not stop quickly.

I have no complaints. Prefer the size and hauling ability of having a truck.

- Eva J

I like the convenience of having a pick up, but as a 2001, it is not so good on gas

My 2001 F150 serves its purpose. But it is not the greatest in gas mileage.

- Jacob B

That it has 4 doors and it is red

The truck is great no complaints I love the color and it has 4 doors

- Michael R

It's not a very reliable vehicle

I like the 4 wheel drive. It has not been a very reliable vehicle

- Ryan w

It's a truck and it needs work but it gets me where i need to go

gets me where i need to go but right now It's dead in the driveway

- ryan R

It's well maintained. Everything it needs...it gets.

E-150 Full sized Van is my Vehicle. I like it. Getting 15 -17 mpg.

- Jim S

Durability and the size is an asset.

I love it's durability and size. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Pamela S

I take care of it and keep it looking nice. I have driven it to 30 states.

It is reliable and fun to drive. I've put 260000 miles on it.

- Mike H

good truck for a family and move things in the back of bed.

none I like my truck it is nice but the red paint is faded

- ashley s

its paid for it works fine so will keep it till it dies

I bought it new & I still love it. Ford is my fav vehicle.

- Carol P

Gets the job done . It's a great work truck and most likely wouldn't need to get another work vehicle unless I started hauling heavier loads

Love everything about this truck except the fuel mileage.

- Tylor C

Old but faithful and has lasted for a very long time.

That it has lasted for this long. Normal wear and tear.

- LaLa H

I have 200,000 miles on my vehicle and it is still good. I have only had minor repairs and a couple of battery exchanges

I drive at least 50 miles daily and it is a Ford F150

- Dennis V

I love it. It sounds good has a great engine. My transmission went out tho

It's fast and will go just about anywhere. Mud rocks

- Cyndy P

It is made by Ford the best care maker in the world.

It is made by Ford the best vehicles in the world.

- James B