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Very convenient and slick.

2017 Ford F-150

The 2017 Ford f-150 is extremely nice. It is comfortable to ride in and the seats very comfortable. The back seat has tons of leg room as well as the front. The interior has a slick design that matches the truck well. The front display is very versatile as well. You are able to see average mileage, maps, and many other helpful gadgets on the screen. The music feature is also convenient to use because you can connect with Bluetooth, aux, or use the radio. You can then see the information about the song such as the artist and album as well as a picture that represents it. The car itself drives very well and feels very safe. The steering wheel is easy to turn. The outside of the car has a very slick look that is noticeable in any parking lot and people tend to look at it with envy. The trunk is very roomy and can fit whatever you may need. There is a helpful step on the side to help you step up into the truck without having to reach too far. The seats in the back easily fold up for packing space for trips. There are also large back pockets on the back of the front seats and a handy cup holder for riders in the back to place their beverages and other items. There is a charging port for riders in the back as well. Overall, the 2017 Ford f-150 is a great car for a family or a work truck. It can be used for any situation and is very reliable.

- Anna B

The Ford F-150 is a best in class when it comes to trucks!

2017 Ford F-150 Limited

My 2017 Ford F-150 truck is the best! The color I selected is white. I was very hesitant at first with choosing the white exterior. I thought it would bring out every single drop of mud, slush, bird poop, and even bugs. But to my amazement it has not! I have not once washed it or even have gone through a drive through car wash and it's still a beautiful white. The interior is all black. The front panel with the radio dial is huge and awesome! Did I forget to mention touch screen, as well as Bluetooth compatible? The 2017 Ford F-150 has a software system in it that syncs to your phone and displays on the screen. And better yet there are audio jacks and a CD player. Included are 2 USB ports, and that is just under the radio panel. There are two more for the back seats! The vents are very large and powerful! The back are the same, which you can control on your own back there. Heated seats, can I get a heck yes! Just wait until you sit down in one! The bucket seats are the most comfortable seats available when it comes to being in a motor vehicle! You can fit three in the front. And three in the back! I am so blow away with this truck! Best in class!

- Rachel S

Want to feel spoiled? Then this is the truck for you!!

2017 Ford F-150

I have a fully loaded f-150, love the heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel capability, automatic drop down running boards, fold in mirrors, 360 degree cameras which allow me to see an amazing true to life image of all around my truck when I am backing up, it even has the same capability when I am moving forward as long as I press a button and I am under 5 miler per hour. I love the automatic window wiper feature, and the automatic dim and brights on my headlights. The kicker is that I have massaging seats in the front, on driver and passenger sides! These are the absolute best on long trips! I also love the step up with a hand rail for getting in the bed. As someone who is close to 50, this makes it so much easier for me to transition from the ground to the bed. My gas mileage is better than I anticipated so it truly makes it convenient to drive. I also have the bigger engine and I enjoy hearing it rev up when I take off. Since I had my last vehicle for eleven years, and I researched and looked for exactly what I wanted, this truck has been a dream come true.

- Melinda G

It�s rugged and safe, it�s comfortable and gives you a feel of a luxurious ride.

2017 Ford F-150 XL

I own and drive a 2017 Ford 150 XL. It is an incredible truck that outperforms the competition. The outside is painted a steel grey color and the inside is black. It's a truck that not only looks good, it's more comfortable than driving my Mercedes Benz! The inside has a large window which is great when traveling so you can take in the views. The seats are so comfortable you feel like your in a luxury vehicle. The drive is smooth and you don't feel the road like in other trucks. It tows our trailer with ease. The truck bed is large to haul our dogs or hardware, and all camping equipment. The engine is superb, with a lot of horsepower so I can drive with confidence. There is no better truck than what Ford has built. It's true that Ford is the number one selling truck for a reason. The stereo sound is awesome. The air conditioner works very well, as do the heater, so I have the perfect climate control every time I'm in it. I love the Ford 150 truck and would recommend it to anyone searching for the perfect truck!

- Darlene H

Best Ford truck with many great features. Would not switch for anything.

2017 Ford F-150

There is only 1 problem with my vehicle. That is that the air conditioner does not reach the back seats really good so when it is summer and it is 100 degrees it takes a while for the back to cool off. The performance I cannot complain about. It is a great truck. Very reliable. I think the Ford f-150 is the most comfortable truck out of all trucks, very spacious. I was looking for a truck that had enough space in back seats to be able to drive long distances with my kids being comfortable in the back seats. I did not find it in any other truck but the Ford f-150. It has so many features some I do not even use. Starting with navigation. The screen big enough for me to see streets and turns. Voice command so I do not have to be looking at screen or pressing buttons to change stations, make radio louder or quieter. Back up camera is another great feature, so helpful if you are parking in between two other cars. A beeping alarm that tells you when you are getting too close to anything around you.

- Evelyn R

perfect blend of economy, reliability, and performance

2017 Ford F-150 XL

we bought our F150 thanksgiving 2017. it has the ecoboost engine with 330 HP. I'm not sure which size engine that is. for the first 1.5 years my wife drove it, putting about 10-15 miles on a day, averaging about 20 mph. we bought the bare bones trim package with the rubber floor throughout for easy cleaning. the extended cab model is perfect for us, since both car seats fit in the back snugly. for larger stature adults, I would recommend getting the 4 door model, not much leg room for the front passenger in the ext cab model. we also chose the ext cab model for the longer 6.5' bed, as we do a lot of DIY projects. this truck was an upgrade from our previous truck, a tacoma ext cab. we outgrew that truck, not enough cabin space. right now, the truck has 12,500 miles on it and we have not had a single problem with it. the ecoboost engine has plenty of power for what we do.

- Luke K

The best truck on the market!

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

This truck is absolutely terrific! It's big, fast, and reliable-everything I could ever ask for in a vehicle. When searching for which vehicle I wanted to buy, I was perplexed. But, having owned a 1969 F-100 as my first vehicle, I had an idea of what type of vehicle I would be looking for. The F-150 was it. My truck has a 5.0 engine, and it really does the job! It gets me to quick speeds very rapidly, a must have when I take the interstate to work. The interior is nice and spacious, and it genuinely could fit my entire family comfortably! The quality is unrivaled by any other truck manufacturer. There's a reason why the F-150 is the number one selling truck of all time! I am from a family of ford truck owners, and we are all satisfied customers. Four generations for F-150's are in my home alone. They're truly the best!

- Joshua W

I think the best feature on these trucks is the size of the cab.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

I actually really enjoy this truck. It has all the room that we could need. The backseat of the truck is so spacious that we use it to stow construction material in the winter when it is too wet to keep in the bed. We use the back seat for storage so often that the seats normally stay up. Since we don't have kids or drive a lot of people this works very well for us. The front seat is also spacious and comfortable, I wish I would have gone with a built in console as I feel I would like it more but the one we have now does just fine. The electrical in the stereo has gone off a couple times where you can't play music but it hasn't done it in a long time. The bed is okay, I would prefer a long bed but we haul everything that we could haul in a long bed with our current truck, it just takes more tying down.

- Amber H

Perfect truck for a family or even just you!

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Getting a f-150 XLT was a great decision for my family and I. The performance is outstanding. We went off roading one time and got stuck pretty bad, I thought my truck was done with and would have a problem when I get unstuck. With my luck not even a scratch. It was still performing great. This truck is made out of steel and is a great truck. The only problem I have had so far is sometimes my screen will go out and the power to the plugins will go out. However that was only one time and once I restarted the truck it hasn't happened since. The comfort of this truck is amazing the seats are bucket and you have so much room. You never feel cramped. Also it comes with led lights for the truck bed and that helps out a lot. I highly recommend purchasing an f-150 you won't regret it.

- Emily S

What I like about our 2017 king ranch!

2017 Ford F-150

Our king ranch USA great truck. It is very comfortable, lots of legroom, plenty of height in the cab and the leather seats are great. In the winter the heated seats and steering wheel are great, in the summer the cool seats are great! The bed has a liner in it with a power tailgate. We have Ramps for our golf cart and they are stored in the sides. It has a v8, has great power, and gets with it when needed, gets about 18 miles per gallon. My favorite things I enjoy is the radio and the great GPS system (has never lead us wrong! The four wheel drive is very easy to use, just turn the switch! The truck will let you know if there is a problem with the tires, when you need an oil change, when there is a problem with anything on the truck! We just wish it go better fuel mileage!

- Connie N

The Great F-150. Buy this vehicle you will not be disappointed!

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

I didn't think I was going to enjoy my vehicle this much. It seats six comfortably. The XLT package comes with everything except leather seats and a sunroof. The 2017 F-150 came with free navigation and XM radio for six months. I was sold with those two perks. When driving the truck it does not handle like a truck. I wish the gas mileage could be better. I have had my F-150 for two years. No problems at all! The truck is so reliable and if there was a problem my car dealership is just a phone call away. The dealership people are so friendly, and they want you to come in if there is a problem. I cannot wait until my next F150. Hopefully, they come out with a Hybrid version of this truck. I see why the ford f-150 has been the number 1 truck in America half my life.

- Ronald P

I have never driven a vehicle as light and smooth as the Ford F-150!

2017 Ford F-150 XL

I absolutely love my truck! It is such a smooth ride, because the body is made of aluminum instead of steel it is extremely light. It has amazing gas mileage for a truck if it's size. And after test driving plenty of different trucks, I learned that the leg space in the back seat of the F150's is the largest space on the market! This was a huge deal for me because of car seats. My children are able to walk comfortably between the car seats and the back of the front seats without touching or squeezing in between anything. I love the features of Apple Play as well as the digital speedometer! I am typically not ever this happy with a vehicle but I am certain I will absolutely drive my truck until I just can't anymore!

- Chelsea D

I forgot to mention the Bluetooth for my cell, which is awesome! Like I said, the F-150 Supercrew is an amazing vehicle. I highly recommend it.

2017 Ford F-150

I love my truck! It's a Super Crew, which means it has a full size back seat. They have apparently stolen room from the bed, which is not an issue, as I didn't need a full bed, the short bed suffices for me, even with a tool box in it. The seats are super comfy. The whole interior is very roomy, which is great for the youngest grands to fully grown adults, some of whom are quite large. I preferred the velvety fabric that was in my '01, but the newer fabric seems durable. I love the 5.0 (V8). Lots of power! The tow package is great, since I do a lot of towing with work, and can pull a fairly large payload. Overall, it's an amazing vehicle. I loved my '01 Super Crew and am greatly impressed with my '17 as well.

- Susan T

My Ford F-150 XL Crew Cab Nice, But Too Small

2017 Ford F-150 XL

This was the first truck I have ever owned. It definitely takes some getting used to if you're used to a smooth riding car. The F 150 XL crew cab is lightweight so it bounces around on rough roads. I love the fact it is compact. Getting into parking spaces is a breeze. The downfall is there is no room for more than two passengers, one more adult comfortably. Gas mileage is very good, I stay around 21 mpg. You absolutely need a bed liner, the bed will scratch almost immediately once you haul anything. I like my truck, but in hindsight I would have went with the bigger cab, because the cost isn't that much different. A back up camera would be nice too.

- Adam C

F-150 is super comfortable, reliable and you really get a bang for your buck.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

I have not had any issues. I maintain the vehicle pretty well. But I have the super crew cab and there is so much space. All my friends are over 6 feet so there is no more need push up the front seats to fit everyone. I have ecoboost and the gas mileage is amazing. I get a max of 25 mpg on the highway. That is crazy considering it is a truck. I as well have sport mode, so going on a highway makes it easier to just turn it on and maintain the speed of the rest of the cars. The space in the front makes the car feel like a spaceship, I have seat warmers and I about use those everyday because it feels like a cheap massage everyday.

- Christian Z

My Ford Is a smooth ride.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

I got it with about 34000 miles on it, drives really smooth. Only thing I don't like about it would be the automatic on and off engine button. Every time you go to a complete stop the truck shuts off. So you have to disable it if you don't like the feature every time you get in the truck. I had one issue with the alternator I think do to the on off engine feature. But as far as everything else goes I love the truck. Gets great gas mileage for a bigger truck and it's a very comfortable and smooth ride. Also fits 6 people comfortably. The middle console can go up or down depending on your preference.

- Matthew W

Bigger than I could have imagined!!

2017 Ford F-150 King Ranch

This truck has made my life easier in so many ways! First off, there is plenty of room for my family of 5 and our dog to go on vacation with all the gear we need an tow our camper behind us. We have never been more comfortable on a road trip! Next, it has helped me more than I could have imagined in hauling junk or picking up and dropping off large items. I never knew how handy the truck would be until I got it. Lastly, it has been instrumental in helping start up my farm. From pulling out old posts, to picking up supplies, and hauling things around the property.

- Andrew K

My 2017 Ford F150 is a comfortable and dependable ride.

2017 Ford F-150 XL

Only problem I've had with the used 2017 Ford F150 is stalling out when stopped at red lights and etc. I really enjoy the truck. It has been dependable for everyday use and long trips. I would definitely buy this make again. It has lots of room inside for passengers to ride comfortably. I am a tall person and absolutely love the leg room. It fits 5 people comfortably and safely. It catches peoples eye being a nice looking vehicle. I've had a lot of nice comments on my truck. Gets good gas mileage for a full size truck. Easy to get in and out of. Smooth riding.

- Vance A

2017 Ford f-150 review: seats, sunroof, and reliability.

2017 Ford F-150

I immediately fell in love with my 2017 white Ford f-150 after having taken it for a test drive. The steering wheel handles very smoothly and when going over bumps you aren't jerked around. The seats are also great for long car rides. I know I have my friends in the back seat and they love how much leg room they are given. I also am in love with the dual-panel sunroof. It is a must have for all future vehicles now. The only thing I wish I had was a GPS connected. For some reason one wasn't installed into this truck. But it can be for additional money.

- Shayla S

I really love all the space this truck offers.

2017 Ford F-150

I really love the Ford f150. It is a smooth ride. There's a lot of space to fit my daughter's car seat and my 100 pound black lab mix in the backseat! The bed of the truck is also roomy. I can fit luggage when I travel, a pack and play, and a stroller and still have room for many other items. Hauling a trailer is still a smooth ride; does not feel weighed down and feel like it is pulling anything. I love all the storage space in the front seat area. There's a lot of different adjustments you can make to the front seats, the pedals and steering wheel.

- Kelly L

The spaciousness and storage this truck offers is remarkable

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

So far so good no problems it's a good size and I like the v8 motor 5.0 plenty of room. It's not so good on gas but if you keep a light foot on the gas and try not to go hard with towing or hauling heavy loads then you'll be good. I love the spacious interior there is a lot of leg room and plenty of storage so you'll never feel cluttered or cramped. The sleekness of this truck and overall comfortable ride makes this vehicle perfect for anyone weather your in the construction business or a soccer mom it will suit anyone's life style.

- Nicholas H

Great purchase overall would recommend for any entry level starter pickup truck

2017 Ford F-150 XL

I've had this vehicle for two years now driven to Alaska from Georgia and across other parts of the country and it's still running strong. With regular maintenance and tire change outs because of the Alaska Winter it still hold up strong. The XL STX package is very comfortable with enough room for the whole family. Though it's not 4x4 it can still get around in the snow with sandbags in the bed. The only complaint I have is that the side mirrors can be a little bigger along with the blind spot mirrors like on the F250 model.

- Jason D

The comforts of the ford f-150.

2017 Ford F-150 Lariat

I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. I love the ecoboost gas saving feature and the light that comes on in the side mirrors when there is another vehicle passing. The vehicle has lumbar support in the seats. Every seat has a seat warmer and the front seats also have seat coolers. It has a heated steering wheel. The vehicle is very roomy and comfortable. I use the backup viewer all the time. The trailer hookup guide is extremely helpful for connecting our trailers.

- Carole H

Interesting feature is the dual charging ports on the back of the console

2017 Ford F-150 King Ranch

Needs to have a bar above window for support and getting in and out of vehicle. It has one toward the front dash but it is inconvenient. Also needs an additional visor so that both can be in use to block the sun which frequently changes direction. I am having to continuously move my visor back and forth. The step ladder which comes out of the tailgate needs an additional step for short people. The back seats fold flat which is nice for extra storage and tall items.

- Michele B

My F-150 meets all my needs

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

The Eco-Boost engine is powerful and allows me to tow my 7000 LB Travel Trailer through the hills of Tennessee without any issues. The On-Screen Navigation and Hands Free, voice activated Sync will keep me in compliance with the New Hand-Free Law going into effect on 7/1/2019 in TN without issue. The suspension provides a smooth ride, my wife can read without issue while I drive, which she can't do in most vehicles we have towed our travel trail with in the past.

- Jerry C

Not the mecca of reliability.

2017 Ford F-150 XL

It is okay. I have extended cab which gives a lot of extra room. The screen is small and the vehicle does not have auto 4wd. I have had issues with reliability only in that I have had the car stall completely and say there is a battery issue and then drive fine after I shut it off 3 times. It is vaguely comfortable but I have driven more comfortable trucks and cars. The sound system is not bad but my Bluetooth does not always work. Overall the car is a 3/5.

- Kate H

Excellent handling and is comfortable beyond compare. A superior vehicle

2017 Ford F-150 Lariat

Great in all categories. I have only had one issue and that is with the driver's side window. It has a strange crack that goes horizontally through it. When speaking with my mechanic he told me of the same happening to a few other F150 owners and that it is an odd thing to happen. Aside from that, she drives like a dream, extremely comfortable, and has been everything I have been looking for in a vehicle. I was in love the second I laid eyes on her.

- Kathleen C

The safety rating is one of the highest in Its class.

2017 Ford F-150

I love my Ford f-150. It has a lot of power without using a lot of fuel. There is more room than expected in the crew cabs. The entire truck is comfortable no matter where you are seated. It is easy to maneuver and visibility is outstanding. The ride is so smooth that you will forget your in a truck. You can get every option in a Ford f-150 that you can get in a car. If you have small kids you can easily put three full size car seats in a crew cab.

- Sandy B

An interesting detail about my truck would have to be the color of it.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

As long as I've owned my truck I've never had any major problems with it. There was a point when I first got it that the fog light covers would crack and I had to take it in for them to fix it twice but other than that the truck has been an amazing vehicle. I love how roomy, comfortable, and sporty this truck is. I love the smoothness it has when you drive on bumpy or smooth roads. I would definitely recommend this truck to anyone looking into it.

- Victor M

Fantastic family vehicle!

2017 Ford F-150

I really love how smooth and quiet the ride is. It also gets decent gas mileage since I am on the road a lot. It comfortably fits all six of our family as well and I feel safe driving around in it. The cup holders and charging options for our electronics is also fantastic. We use the bed of the truck for everything from feed to animals to groceries and bicycles for the family. Its a truck but drives like a car when considering the ease of parking.

- Alicia S

Great truck for the money

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

This has been a good vehicle to own. It has great pick up and tows like a champ. The interior is extremely spacious- tons of room for long legs in the back seat! Gets great gas mileage. My only complaints- turning radius is not as great as other models I've driven, making it a little tricky to park in a tight parking lot. The back seats are not as soft as the front and will leave you with a sore bottom if you're sitting for more than 2 hours.

- Kelly B

Nice roomy truck! A little long though.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

There is a ton of room in the cab! It is a really nice truck! We have the crew cab, regular bed. The only thing I do not like is turning radius with the longer wheelbase. It is hard to make tighter turns or get into parking spots without making a few adjustments. I would like the truck more if we had the short bed. The regular bed is nice for hauling things though. Overall we love this truck. It is pretty laid out for being a more base model.

- Amanda L

The turbo boost and fuel economy.

2017 Ford F-150

My Ford f150 v6 turbo has great power and still gets 21 mpg hwy. I can pull a 23 ft 5th wheel no problem. It's a crew cab so plenty of room. The eco boost it the only way to go. The 6. 5 Ft bed has ample room for cargo along with the 5th wheel hitch. When I remove the hitch I have enough room for a heavy load. The locking tailgate is a great feature to prevent the theft if the tailgate which has become a large problem for pickup owners.

- Jan M

2017 Ford f-150 truck review.

2017 Ford F-150

Tough reliable vehicle for work or play. I often pull a 20ft boat with ease. The pulling power in my opinion is better than my previous Dodge rams and Toyota Tundra. The trailer backup assist is an awesome tool for individuals who are new to backing trailers up. Simple to use and allows hand free steering by use of a single knob. The sync system allows you to set up your apple or android phone for display on dash screen.

- Joey B

F150 seems to be a solid pickup with my only complaint being how it handles in 4x4.

2017 Ford F-150

I'm a Chevy guy driving a Ford because it was cheaper. I'm happy with it. The only problem I have had so far is that I don't like how it turns when in 4x4 mode. My Chevy and Dodge both have seemed to have less popping/grabbing in the front end. I also don't know what it is about the F150 but, I have to put it in 4x4 more than I did with other pickups I have driven. Overall a good pickup that I would consider again.

- Brandon C

Ford f-150, Making life easier!

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

No problems. Performance is awesome, including the 4x4. Reliability is of course there, its a Ford. Comfort, off the charts. This was meant to be a work truck, it is now the family vehicle. That's because of the space, the ease of use, all the room to store things, which is a lot since our daughter is 15 months, so when we go somewhere, we bring everything. But our lives would be harder without this truck

- Charles R

Our favorite truck-even the dog loves it!

2017 Ford F-150

My 2017 Ford f-150 is a great truck. The ride is comfortable and it handles great in all driving conditions. Most of all I like the roomy back seat. Ford knocked it out of the park with the 2017 club cab design. We use this truck for farm work and for travel. Clean it up and it looks great in the city as well as the country. It is our tailgate vehicle for games. Our Australian cattle dog loves to ride in it too!

- Kay S

Pros: great gas mileage. Comfortable seating.

2017 Ford F-150 XL

The ford f-150 is one of the most reliable and attractive pickup truck you can buy. The seating is comfortable and the ride smooth. It is also good on fuel considering you don't overload the back. The only thing I dislike is the look of the control knobs, they have not changed much over the years. The dash looks the same as the 2015 model I used to own. Other than that, its a quality truck that is sure to last.

- David D

Powerful truck for big hauls.

2017 Ford F-150

The performance is phenomenal. It drives very smooth on dirt road and on expressway. Lots of horsepower so big hauls make it a very easy pulling experience. I have had no issues with it. The Bluetooth stereo makes it easier to talk on the phone and to play music out of. Very comfortable seating with the backseat having lots of legroom for taller people. Overall I would recommend this to anyone.

- Kyle H

Best sport version of f-150.

2017 Ford F-150

Smooth ride, comfortable seating for 5 people, spacious leg room in the rear seat. Easily accessible electronic options as well as multiple outlet plug-ins for every device. Heated seats are a must in the midwest and they are without doubt the best we have ever had. We bought the sports package and are very impressed with the sports mode and the handling of the truck when in sport mode.

- Tania R

Perfect capacity, good quality interior.

2017 Ford F-150

Having a truck is very helpful I no longer need to rent home depot trucks when making bigger purchases or pay for delivery. I enjoy the feel of my interior it does not have a “cheap” feel. I also love the space inside my truck, seats fold up very easily. I love the 4 huge doors, I can fit full grown adults in the cab. The interior rubber mats are very durable and easy to clean.

- Maggie G

My ford truck is beautiful inside and out.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

I love my ford truck and I am loyal to them for 30 years now. It's the only model truck I'll buy new. I live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter. I have never been late to work or had to call in from weather conditions. And I never have any mechanical issues. I change the oil every 3 months and when I take good care of my ford, my ford takes good care of me.

- Jennifer R

Ford f-150 4 door with trailer tow package.

2017 Ford F-150

Very smooth ride for a truck, love the extended fuel tank for traveling, back seat can easily accommodate two or three children’s safety seats. I like how the car shuts off at stops for better fuel economy, I also like the large navigation touch screen. If I had to say something negative, I wish it had blind spot sensors, which I know is an option on Ford vehicles.

- Dana R

Family friendly truck, with all the cool features of a luxurious vehicle.

2017 Ford F-150

Our f150 is very roomy and equipped with XM radio it has all the media connections on the steering wheel it is fully functional. I am not a very tall person yet I can adjust my seat to be able to feel in control of this larger car. It is power steering is amazing. The air conditioning is powerful which allows for a comfortable drive. It easily fits six passengers.

- Maria G

Never disappointed in my 2017 Ford Truck

2017 Ford F-150 XL

I love my truck! The cab is very comfortable and has plenty of room for 4 passengers. The seat warmers are perfect after a hard days work, feels amazing. My truck is easy to drive and completely reliable. The ride is very smooth, even through a 6 hour drive. The navigation system is Phenomenal, she gets me anywhere I want to go. Plenty of colors to choose from!

- Jamie L

2017 Ford F-150 is a great choice for any truck lover

2017 Ford F-150 XL

I drive a 2017 Ford F-150 and so far I haven't had any major issues with the car. I love the space in the backseat and the comfort of the material in the car. I really enjoy everything about this car. I love the twin turbos and v6 in it really adds a kick to the car(I'm not sure if they come stock like that but I bought it like this from the dealer).

- Jose R

Red Racer Ford F-150 highly recommended

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Love that it is super crew. That it is 4 wheel drive and that it has a center console. The Apple CarPlay is awesome when it works. At the moment, the CarPlay only works half the time without messing with the sequence and connection. Would highly recommend and will probably take to dealership to see if it can be fixed while still under warranty.

- William J

The 2017 Ford f 150 crew cab. Great vehicle all around.

2017 Ford F-150

The 2017 Ford f 150 xlt. Performance is amazing with gas mileage averaging 18-10 mpg. In Ford tradition, the ride is smooth, quiet and comfortable. The Eco boost is great, 18-20 mpg, . Four wheel drive easy to engage and performs strong. Have never been "stuck". Vision out of the windows is great, as I am short and the truck has no blind spots.

- Bobbie T

Ford f150 was a great choice!

2017 Ford F-150

It is extremely comfortable, the color is beautiful, it rides well, the gas mileage has been decent, and it more than meets my needs. Since I specifically chose it for the maximum tow package it came with, it has the ability to tow 12, 000 pounds. The Sirius radio it has, along with other features on the dashboard are nice extra touches.

- Gamma N

It's a Ford F-150 Raptor 2017 cobalt blue

2017 Ford F-150

I have an F150 Raptor it tows 12,500 lb it's absolutely the best vehicle I've ever bought bar none. It has a Sony stereo system package every Bellum whistle you can imagine 3.6 liter twin-turbo ecoboost engine. And it's bad to the bone has a 10 speed automatic or paddle shifter. Has six different driving modes + 4 wheel drive on the Fly.

- Christopher S

Loving the new Ford f-150.

2017 Ford F-150

Super comfortable and lots of space for all the family's travel necessities like car seats, strollers and toys. The bed of the truck has enough space for my dog box and I can still load home repair items and groceries without removing it. Great on gas for such a big truck. The new Ford trucks are very reliable and has a very sharp look.

- Jo B

A Ford f-150 is no longer designed to be a farm vehicle.

2017 Ford F-150

The 2017 f 150 is by far one of the most comfortable and Versatile of vehicle I have ever owned. With it being a commuter and farm vehicle, the aluminum skin becomes a problem simply because animals will crawl all over it and can easily dent it. The interior of the vehicle is not designed to transport 5 border collies to agility camps.

- Ken S

My truck is a Grey Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew sport edition.

2017 Ford F-150

My truck is a Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew. It seats 5 and is grey in color. It is the sport edition meaning it comes with a shifter and console instead of a 6th bench seat. I love that it has the 502A package meaning that the screen inside is larger, it includes auto start and also has Navigation. I have no complaints at this time.

- Jordan f

Ford 150 issues need to be taken care of at dealers. They are clueless.

2017 Ford F-150

Nice looking truck. The back is not comfortable. The passenger seat in front is not as cozy as it could be. There is too much room in front and the safety handle bar is in an awkward position. One would need to have 3-foot arms to reach the handle. Doors are a problem in that they freeze up in the winter and does not secure safely.

- Chris J

My big blue truck of awesomeness!

2017 Ford F-150

This pickup really moves! It has power, performance, and style. I can do just about anything with it. Most of all, Ford knocked it out of the park with the roomy back seating area in the club cab. I can haul my farm and garden supplies and my two grown children and dog. This is a terrific all-purpose vehicle for both town and farm.

- Sk S

A technology driven truck.

2017 Ford F-150

I have had technical issues, where the runners wouldn't work and the airbags, if needed wouldn't deploy. Issue was fixed by resetting driver's side module. Truck rides smooth. Has massage seats - which are great for longer road trips. Has adaptive cruise control and lane assist which comes in handy as well on highway drives.

- Jane D

2017 Ford f150 has the best comfort and features.

2017 Ford F-150

My Ford 150 is a pleasure to drive, do not really have any problems with it, runs great, very comfortable, all kinds of toys, recommend it to anybody, it is great for towing, has great gas mileage, the best thing is the heated seats, remote starter, I have it programmed to remote start every morning just before I go to work.

- Mickey M

Ford F-150 Lariat consumer review

2017 Ford F-150 Lariat

The gas mileage is horrible but the truck is fun to drive and looks great! I also like the heated and cooled seat feature! I like the Bluetooth and other technological features also. One thing I would change is where the gears shift... it is currently on the steering column and I prefer it be between the two front seats!

- Catherine O

Ford truck review by young female

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Year around comfortable cloth seats. With stock tires it is a very smooth ride. I haven't had any mechanical issues. It is affordable to maintain. Only part I dislike is the auto-shut off feature. When you stop the car at a stop light it automatically shuts off. I almost always use the button to disengage this feature.

- Kelsey J

Ford trucks are amazing! We are so glad we got the f250 truck.

2017 Ford F-150

I love our f250 Ford. It is very roomy. It is very comfortable. The ride is very smooth and nice. This Ford is very rich looking. Our Ford is very roomy in the inside and you can put lots of stuff inside the truck. We can store lots of stuff in the back. We can tow our boat or our camper with this beautiful Ford truck.

- Jill L

Great vehicle... hard seats!

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

I very much enjoy both the performance and handling of the vehicle. All of the features included are used and appreciated. When I am driving it, I am happy. The one major lacking component is both the comfort of the seats and the inability to adjust the passenger seat. On long drives, it really lacks cushioning!

- Karin W

Remote start and navigation.

2017 Ford F-150

Just purchased 1 month ago so don't have long term details yet but took it on a 150 mile trip and loved the experience. It has remote start so you could start it and have the air conditioner going to cool the truck off before you get in. Anyone debating this, get this feature. In the south it is definitely worth it.

- Jackie A

Great family and towing truck!

2017 Ford F-150

My vehicle is super comfy. There is room for the whole family plus our dogs. I was surprised at how smooth the ride is, cannot tell its a truck. It is very dependable we put this truck to the test and drove across country pulling our travel trailer and it handled the test wonderfully. The towing feature is amazing.

- Elizabeth A

2017 Ford raptor = awesome!

2017 Ford F-150

I love my 2017 Ford raptor. It has great handling and power. I do not really go off-road all that much, but when I do it is usually on the beach and it is great that I do not have to worry about getting stuck. The power on the highway is awesome. I really do not have any negatives to say about the truck! Love it!

- Chad M

Very happy with my Ford f-150.

2017 Ford F-150

Love the size and the power and the storage capacity and ability to tow with max tow package. The mileage is not too bad either. So far there have been no problems with it and I see it serving my needs for some time to come. Dealers are located wherever I have been should service be required or a problem arise.

- Doris N

Ford f-150 good quality and alot of room.

2017 Ford F-150

This is a great family vehicle when we go on vacations. It drives great the gas mileage is good. Very comfortable ride when we drive to box every year. We have a 2017 Ford f-150 very stylish looking. The back seat has so much room in it. Three adults can fit comfortable in the back seat. Over all a great truck!

- Kris D

Love how it is quiet and smooth.

2017 Ford F-150

Love my Ford f-150 has room for everything I could need and best of all is the most comfortable ride for all the friends I want to take out. The back seat is roomie and comfortable. The front seat is comfortable and I love how at the push of a button the gas pedal comes up so it can accommodate someone short.

- Audrey L

2017 Ford F 150 Ecoboost Summary

2017 Ford F-150 Lariat

Very nice, has an ecoboost engine. Wish I had the larger engine. Have not had any issues with this vehicle. Gets great gas mileage. Has really cool features and nice additional options that I didn't have in previous vehicles. The aluminum bed does make weird crunching sounds when you stand on it though.

- Garrett M

I bought the XLT F-150 because of the sport appearance package option.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Had the vehicle since it was released and have never had any issues. I was rear ended last year and the truck took it like a champ. Couldn't even see any damage at all and the car that hit me was totalled. Thoroughly impressed. I get 21 mpg on the highway with a crew cab. That's fantastic for a large vehicle

- Anthony T

I love my Ford Truck with 4 full doors!

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

I love my comfort and style of the 2017 F 150. With the 4 full doors, there is plenty of room for my whole family. We can all travel together, in comfort. The truck is reliable and gets pretty good gas mileage. I use this truck as my daily driver. I like having the option of 4WD anytime that I may need it.

- Libby S

Gas mileage vs the cost of gas.

2017 Ford F-150

The only problem I have is that it cost 75 dollars to fill up the gas tank and I am not getting good gas mileage I have tried regular gas the high price gas and even added stuff to the gas tank I have taken it to the dealer and they say nothing is wrong but they have had other people report the same issue.

- Raymond T

Great gas mileage for trucks.

2017 Ford F-150 Platinum

Great truck had no problems from it has great reliability, gets great gas mileage for 4x4 truck, very roomy with comfortable leather seats that are heated and cooled in front and heated in back with massaging options, touch screen radio with built in navigation and 360 degree camera, full length sunroof.

- Adam D

Reliable, powerful truck.

2017 Ford F-150

I have never had any major problems with it since I've had it. Only basic maintenance. It supplies me with enough power to accomplish any tasks that I have. It has never once let me sit. I find it to be extremely comfortable. Rough and rugged but still equipped with all the features you could ever need.

- Trevor E

Ford trucks, great features and cab updates are very pleasing.

2017 Ford F-150 XL

Great vehicle, very good legroom in back seat. It is my vehicle I use every day. Love the way it handles. I use it to pull my travel trailer. It pulls great. Driver and passenger seats are very comfortable. They can be adjusted to fit anyone with plenty of legroom in the front and even in the back seat.

- Anne P

It has plenty of room, smooth to drive and overall it is gorgeous in all black.

2017 Ford F-150 XL

The drive is smooth, it does tend to eat gas on busy days but I believe the vehicle is worth it. The truck is tough to drive in busy cities such as Austin, TX with the narrow roads and tight parallel parking. The good thing is I can tuck my mirrors in to avoid having it torn off when I park off campus.

- Taylor T

Fun easy and many compliments.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Rides smooth ready to handle. Gas mileage is great and easy to maintain. The features are easy to operate with easy step by step instructions. The backspace in the bed is roomy so you can fit just about anything get in and out with ease. The power of the truck is more than sufficient for everyday use.

- Gabriel M

My truck is very safe truck to be in with its size and air bags.

2017 Ford F-150

My Ford f150 drives so smooth and steers very easily with just one finger on the wheel I have had 5 new Ford trucks and all of them I put well over 150, 000 miles on them and when I traded them in they all were still very reliable trucks I love the Bluetooth and sync system which makes driving safe.

- Paul C

It has a lot of power due to the engine size which once you punch you had better hold on.

2017 Ford F-150

I love that Ford has never gone bankrupt. Love the color of truck. Handles beautiful. Dislike the high price of trucks. Dislike world ford in florida they lie and mislead Even told another dealership in Louisiana that we were liars. they told us they applied for our plates but nothing had been done

- Christopher G

Everyone is impressed by it.

2017 Ford F-150 Platinum

Although it does waist more gas than I'd like, it's a great vehicle that you can use pretty much anywhere. The interior is luxurious and clean. You can use this truck to work, and has so much room in the back seats, much leg room. It can also support much weight, and I use it to carry much lumber.

- Gustavo A

Great truck to ride in and to tow.

2017 Ford F-150 XL

It is great! It has a smooth ride and plenty of power! I love that is so easy to tow behind our motorhome without a lot of disconnecting or pulling fuses! I love to step up at the tailgate also! It has plenty of USBs to plug different devices into. I love that the back seat folds up and is heated!

- Debra H

nice features like a backup camera and different modes for weather conditions

2017 Ford F-150 XL

It is a very reliable vehicle and would make the purchase again. The seats are nice black leather, hand stitched. If you're looking for a truck that doesn't have too many bones and was songs 2017 Ford F150 is the perfect truck for you. It has everything you need plus serious and a reverse cam.

- Heaven H

Great but, could use more space.

2017 Ford F-150

The horsepower is amazing, love going off-road. Has not failed me yet. The interior is plush although I wish it had more leg space. I shopped around for a long time, going to all the dealerships and looking at Carfax but I found the best deal from Costco car program. I do not regret my decision.

- Kevin B

Great truck all the power and torque you need.

2017 Ford F-150

It is a Ford ride. It rides excellent on smooth roads and gets a little bumpy on bad roads. It gets great gas mileage for a Ford truck. It is very comfortable will riding long and short trips. I like the backup sensors and camera. I like the blind side sensors also. No problems with 16000 miles.

- George C

I love my 2017 Ford F150!

2017 Ford F-150

I love my truck! Remote start, bench seat front & back, storage under front center seat. Lots of legroom in back seat. Extra outlets in back. Fold up back seats allow for greater storage. Great towing capabilities, reverse camera with sensors. The only thing I don't care for is the gas mileage.

- Tonya A

Good daily driver for gentleman farmers.

2017 Ford F-150

Roomy and comfortable, mileage is not great but it does not lack for power. I like to sit up higher than normal passenger car, and like having the cargo space. Also like the built in Sirius and media options. Wish the heater and air-conditioner were a little better, faster and quieter though.

- Barry M

Luxury and performance all in one.

2017 Ford F-150 Lariat

Leather seats, moonroof, heated and cooled seats, large navigation screen, spacious, convenient steering wheel controls, great gas mileage, great space in the bed of the truck, excellent sound system, a lot of space in the center console, and large windows which makes for limited blind spots.

- Amanda V

Love the Ford f-150 truck and would recommend purchasing this amazing vehicle.

2017 Ford F-150

We own a 2017 Ford f-150 with a crew cab. This truck rides so smoothly. We can drive from Kentucky to Michigan and back again on a tank of gas. There is plenty of legroom for passengers in the front or the bag. We love that the seats in the back fold up so we can put bulky items back there.

- Rebecca I

Ford Tough. I love my Truck!

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

I love my F150. It is well designed, inside and out. I love all the pockets and places for cups, keys, stuff. It gets good gas mileage (20 mpg on the highway). Love the navigation system and Bluetooth. It has power and performs. It also has the auto-shut off feature that helps save on gas.


Great truck but annoying at times because of the little things

2017 Ford F-150

This is my second f150 and I have been very impressed overall but do not like the little problems that seem to be a reoccurring issue with noises and recalls that seem to be all the time for different years going back 20 years. Why can't they get the manufacturing of this vehicle correct?

- Bryan H

We love the Eco boost feature on our truck. We also love the space in it.

2017 Ford F-150

My vehicle performs perfectly. My husband and I have used our truck for hauling, road trips, light off-roading, highway driving, everything and it performs perfectly and as expected and in fact better than expected in every case. We absolutely love our Ford and hope to keep it for years.

- Rachel B

F-150, crew cab lariat, FX4, 40/20/40 seating. Interior multi light feature

2017 Ford F-150 Lariat

Pros: Miles per gallon seems better than past models. Comfortable interior and backup camera are convenient with the first year 8' display. Cons: Turning radius is horrible compared to some of the older f-150's. Manufacturing defect in bumper causing the 'chrome' look to bubble and peel.

- Kelley S

Love my ford f-150! Would buy another one when ready.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Love it. Would buy again. Comfortable good looking and great add ons. I have driven ford trucks for years. I have always liked them but this is the best one yet. Great features. Really like the large screen on the monitor. Easy to read. Ecoboost has plenty of power and good gas mileage.

- Russ G

Perfect truck for the family

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Very smooth ride with good gas mileage. The cab is very roomie and has plenty of leg space. Very large bed for storage and hauling is easy. Towing capacity is high making pulling very easy. Hauling does very negatively affect fuel mileage. Overall great truck and would highly recommend

- David W

It has 4 wheel drive, GPS, Wi-Fi, fifth wheel in the back.

2017 Ford F-150

I have a four door f-150. I love it because it fits my family. It also doubles as a work truck. Its high off the ground so we don't worry to much about the water. when it floods. I feel safe and secure in the winter. It has 4 wheel drive. I love that truck it can pull almost anything.

- Karen Brand R

It is comfortable & beautiful.

2017 Ford F-150 Platinum

It is extremely comfortable. My favorite part would have to be the fact that you can warm up your seats in the winter. During the summer you can also cool your seats if they are too hot. I love the platinum. It looks elegant. It has a lot of space too. I love the dark colors as well.

- Samantha S

Plenty of room for equipment and family!

2017 Ford F-150

I really enjoy the availability of having a truck to carry things while having enough room for 6 people. It is a full size truck with front and back seat areas. It had enough strength to pull trailers for sports or work equipment. It has comfort like an SUV but more item capacity.

- Carol C

My f-150 and the drive it gives me everyday the truck I drive anywhere.

2017 Ford F-150

The Ford truck that I own does everything I need it to do. Just yesterday I was pulling whole trees that I cut down in my field. The truck handled it well it didn't even feel like I was pulling a tree. This wasn't on any wagon or trailer either it was just me a chain and my f-150.

- Hayden D

The crew cab f150 has comfort, power, and good fuel economy.

2017 Ford F-150

Crew cab with a large back seat, good fuel economy, comfortable seats, lots of new options with the electrics, has electrical sensor issues, plastic trim on tailgate is poor design and has gotten stripped off overall reliable with plenty of power and good towing and fuel economy.

- Mike M

Our truck gets the best gas mileage. So impressed by how comfortable it is.

2017 Ford F-150

Our truck is very comfortable. The interior looks clean and well made. We especially like the technology features such as the ease of connecting to our iPhone for GPS Usage. The exterior has clean lines and looks great. I would highly recommend this vehicle to friends and family.

- Kim H

Great Overall Truck, highly recommend

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

The 2nd 5.0L with the 6 speed trans is a beauty. I have no problems with it and it will tow anything. The ride is very smooth and quiet and the truck looks beautiful. 2015-2017 F-150's are hands down the best years so far. You will not be disappointed in purchasing a Ford Truck

- James G

It's taller than most vehicles and blinds a lot of people with the headlights at eye level.

2017 Ford F-150

I like the space it has inside of it, and the fact that it automatically adjusts the seat, steering wheel and mirrors after I turn the truck off. I like the gray color of it and the black leather combination. I dislike the rumble from inside the cabin and the slow acceleration.

- Jonathan R

The color bronze fire is beautiful

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

It is a really nice comfortable truck. It's not as fancy as a platinum but it is a decent truck for the price. The color is a plus. I haven't had any issues really with the truck. 4x4 works perfect. It is very spacious and has horsepower. Perfect and clean truck for the price.

- Kaitlyn C

Amazing truck with tons of power!

2017 Ford F-150

The truck is amazing. It has so much leg room especially in the back seat. I love the power it has, and it has a ton of features. This is the best purchase I have ever made. I really wish I had gone with a different color. That is the only thing I do not like about the truck.

- Tony R

F-150 XLT 3.5 ecoboost. Plenty of hp and torque. Very fast!

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Small problem with wheel hubs engaging. Fixed. Problem with hesitation. Shift software updated. Fixed. I have the twin turbo 3.5 engine. Acceleration is unbelievable. It's faster than most trucks on the road. The ride is smooth and cabin is pretty quiet for a full size truck

- Chuck B

Backseat is almost more roomy than the front seat.

2017 Ford F-150

Love this car, very fast and smooth on the roads, no issues so far, had it for a year. Be careful going to fast I have gotten a ticket in this car. Very comfortable for front seat and backseat riders. Very roomy and can fit lots of stuff for trips or just to be convenient.

- Abby A

I love my truck, I would buy another.

2017 Ford F-150

I love my truck it is wonderful comfortable and reliable. It hauls our travel trailer with great ease. It has a large gas tank of 36 gals. It has a rear heated seat. I have had no problems with this vehicle and I have owned 3 of the f-150s. I would not own another vehicle.

- Donna M

That it gets really good fuel mileage and has power to boot too for a full size V6 engine option.

2017 Ford F-150

I like the price point, the trim levels, and fuel economy. I have been a fan of the new body style and the fact that they use aluminum in it now for weight savings. I have zero complaints for my first 9 months of ownership. It has been a great vehicle and glad I bought it.

- Nate W

I love the XL six package 4 door in all white, and 20 inch rims.

2017 Ford F-150

The f-150 twin turbo truck is great in handling and performance. I would change the interior so it doesn't stain so easy. Better pricing in XL case of truck. I would also like the truck to be equipped with auto start and push button. Ford should make better leather seats.

- Arturo S

It is been a great truck so far!

2017 Ford F-150

So far my truck has been wonderful, no issues yet, gets decent gas mileage especially for in town, ecoboost has been great! I love that it is 4 wheel drive. It is very roomy and comfortable for long trips, you can even put the backseat up and see on the floor if needed!

- Morgan R

F-150 is a decent vehicle.

2017 Ford F-150

It makes a weird vibration around 50 miles per hour. It drives good other than that. 4 wheel drive works real good. Other than that the only real problems has been my head gasket going out. But that was luckily covered under warranty. I would definitely buy another one.

- Alex C

2017 Ford f-150, love the back up camera, and the hands free talk.

2017 Ford F-150

Great truck no problems, love it. Would not change a thing on the truck, it is a 2017 ford f-150 xlt, with the 5. 0 liter motor. This truck caught my eye as soon as I walked up to the lot, would like to add some different wheels just for my look, but absolutely love it.

- Hp W

Runs great..very dependable

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

No problems at all..it is a great vehicle it rides good and gets great gas mileage..very dependable..has plenty of leg space..there is also plenty of cargo space in the bed of this truck..the engine is a fuel efficient 3.8 liter dual overhead cam engine and runs smooth

- William L

Nice truck and good value for the money.

2017 Ford F-150 XL

I've had no problems with the truck. It's comfortable, quiet and reliable. I would buy this model again. Mine has the raptor motor in it. Most come with four cylinders which I don't trust. Plenty of legroom because of the four doors. I'd suggest try it out for yourself

- Matthew D

Fx 350 heavy duty truck also for traveling.

2017 Ford F-150

Love this car because it is very powerful, comfortable, heavy duty car for work and also for family to travel across the country. Also excellent quality in mechanic and construction, well made. Designed for heavy duty work, beautiful and strong combined in one vehicle.

- Richard S

Dependable and comfortable to drive.

2017 Ford F-150 Lariat

The only problem that this truck had was the antenna wiring was shorting out and reception was bad. The dealer took care of it and works fine. This truck handles good and comfortable to drive. Daughter is 5'10' and does not mind sitting in the backseat, plenty of room.

- Judy T

Great ford trucks that outrun them all.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

I love this truck, it drives great, seats are comfortable and it is a smooth ride. I haven't had any problems since I bought the truck. I was a gm man until I bought this truck. I love the v6 in this truck with the turbo boost. It feels like I am driving an 8 cylinder.

- Terry W

Good truck for the money.

2017 Ford F-150

It pulls everything I need to pull. It's a little rough riding for long trips though. I like the heated and cooling seats. I like the 4x4 as it gets. E through pretty much everything. I have had smoother riding trucks but they didn't have all the features as mine has.

- Michael M

Excellent quality/bang for buck.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Zero problems, reliability is absolutely amazing, I get great gas mileage, plenty of towing capability, best in class cab room which is more than enough for anyone on the market, nice interior and amenities. Drives really smooth and has never had a hiccup whatsoever.

- Kyle B

Great truck would recommend it to everyone.

2017 Ford F-150 Lariat

My f150 is the best truck I have bought in recent years it is a 4x4 lariat, it has ambient lighting 20 inch tires. Performance 2.7 liter v6 turbo. 13,000 miles after two years of driving. Very comfortable drive great on gas a powerful enough to haul a small trailer.

- Eric S

Make a great work truck period.

2017 Ford F-150

The performance and handling is fantastic, the ride is smooth and I am counting on engine reliable to move past the 200 thousand mark I am hoping to keep this one awhile. Probably have the tow package put on to start camping a bit. I bought it what more can I say.

- Rebecca C

Very roomy, well ventilated and comfortable.

2017 Ford F-150

I have no current vehicle problems with my Ford f-150. I just wish it got better gas mileage. It is very comfortable to ride in on long distance road trips for business or pleasure! The vehicle seats five people comfortably, with plenty of legroom and ventilation.

- Douglas T

Ford f-150 truck fully loaded.

2017 Ford F-150

I love my truck. I have never had any problems out of it so far. It is spacious. It is a 4 door so it has a roomy interior. I do still need to get the bed liner installed. My truck is fully loaded with a moonroof. So the riders can get fresh air on a nice day.

- Britt E

Ford trucks. The f150s are smooth driving, great handling trucks. Stylish.

2017 Ford F-150

The f 150 is super comfortable to drive. It has smooth handling and great towing capacity. It is equipped with a lot of extras that helps make trips more comfortable and enjoyable. Ford sync is a great option to have. We have been very pleased with this truck.

- Rhonda I

Great truck with only small recommendations

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

I have had no problems. I love my truck. I would recommend fixing the sync with iPhones and remove the 3 second delay. I would also recommend offering a longer truck bed otherwise the crew cab. The backup assist is also a little tough to set up and figure out

- Justin T

Our 2017 Ford f 150 pick up truck.

2017 Ford F-150

Our Ford is a very reliable vehicle. We do not have anything to complain about. It is very comfortable. I love the heated seats, it makes it nice and warm in the winter time. It has great pickup and easily tows our toys. It is a nice looking vehicle as well.

- Tina J

2017 Ford f-150 the most dependable and reliable truck on the road.

2017 Ford F-150

I have not had any problems with my vehicle since I took ownership. It has been very dependable and has not given me any problems. There was one recall so far but I took it to the dealer and it was repaired quickly without any issues and in a timely matter.

- Javier L

Many reasons to love the ford f150.

2017 Ford F-150 XL

No problems at all. The f150 is comfortable, powerful, and useful. The 6.5 foot bed fits our kayaks, etc very well. The super cab back seat is roomy and as comfy as a small car seat, not a plastic jump seat. Audio controls are easy. Live the back up camera!

- Barbara L

It is flex fuel l, it gets good mileage in flex fuel. The heater is great.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

It runs good. I like the flex fuel. It gets the same gas mileage with flex fuel as regular. It's comfortable to drive. The cruise works good and heat and air works. It does have several recalls that I need to get fixed. Overall I am happy to have the truck.

- Robbie F

Has 40-20-40 seating with front captain chairs, 20 inch wheels for sport look.

2017 Ford F-150 XL

STX sport package- gives the sport look for less the cost than a XLT. It has all of the features I want on it with a sliding back glass. The race cloth seats allow for easy clean up if anything was to spill. The vinyl flooring makes cleaning easy and fast.

- Tiffany W

Love the blue jean color.

2017 Ford F-150 Base

The truck itself has been great but the running boards are peeling and still haven't heard from ford to get it replaced since it is still under warranty. We just love it, take it camping and very nice to travel in.I would get another ford truck for sure

- Janet H

Enough space for our entire family

2017 Ford F-150 XL

We've had our truck for 2 years. We really haven't had any problems with it. We can fit our 3 kids comfortably in the backseat. The legroom is also good for long trips. Can't beat having a truck where you can just throw stuff in the back if you need to.

- Christy H

Beautiful, durable and tough!!

2017 Ford F-150

It is a very comfortable and smooth ride,. It gets very good gas mileage and has plenty of legroom in front and back seat area. The interior is durable but really nice looking. The dash has all the bells and whistles that you usually want in a vehicle.

- Andrea H

Ford review - gas guzzler.

2017 Ford F-150

There is Sirius xm radio, it is big both inside and the bed of the truck so it is beneficial for all the times I move, the back seats are straight up in the back so not comfortable for long rides, it is terrible on gas and is expensive to keep up with.

- Elizabeth H

Love the acceleration capability.

2017 Ford F-150

Performs well, very reliable and comfortable. Got the standard features which is all my family needed. Only complaint is about mykey. Bought the truck used and only got one key. Mykey settings were initiated and I cannot clear them without another key.

- Justin L

Our amazing family truck.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Smooth ride, very spacious and quiet, it has great features, and is very easy to drive. Easy to drive. Parts are affordable great to use as a family vehicle. Super comfortable for traveling. The backup camera is real helpful and makes backing up easy.

- Prissy L

White Ford F-150 extended cab. Automatic windows, headlights. Lock code.

2017 Ford F-150 Limited

I love this truck! My husband and I bought it to replace his older model F-150 and we take it everywhere. It is very comfortable and drives very smooth. Whenever we upgrade, we will be getting a newer version of this truck because it is so dependable.

- Bailey G

The definition of pickup truck.

2017 Ford F-150 Platinum

I like my vehicle because it is reliable and, durable enough to go from dirt roads to city streets with ease. It has superior handling and great fuel economy. The platinum trim on the exterior is so premium it turns heads when I ride down the street.

- Tiffany S

Silver 2017 ford f150 lifted

2017 Ford F-150 XL

This truck has been the best one I have owned. I bought as a second owner and so far have had no problems. Drives smooth, shifts smooth, overall great performance. I love the look and style. Mine has a lift kit and bigger tires and still no problems.

- Haley S

It's built FORD Tuff. Best vehicle made.

2017 Ford F-150

I have owned a Ford truck since 2 years after I started driving legally. They are the longest lasting truck there is. I run my Fords till there are over 250K miles and than sell them because they are still going strong. Chevy and GMC suck!!!!

- Donald S

It runs great, cheap on parts, good on gas. I also like the room inside it.

2017 Ford F-150

I love everything about it, the look, the comfort, the mileage, how it runs. I don't really have a dislike about it, just the monthly payments, but it is pretty good on gas, and a smooth rider. I can also load a lot of things with my truck.

- Bridget Y

eight-cylinder engine, double traction

2017 Ford F-150

my vehicle has low gasoline consumption, adapts comfortably to all terrains due to its traction on all four wheels, it has ample space for the transport of my family, a cabin to transport almost all kinds of things, eight cylinder engine.

- manuel p

Vehicle is super comfortable, tons of room in the backseat.

2017 Ford F-150

This truck is comfortable and very roomy. Back seat has tons of legroom. Rides well and has all the features of a luxury vehicle. Kids love the Bluetooth and satellite radio options. I love the android auto safety features and navigation.

- Michele P

It has an auto start stop feature when in idle, so if someone is driving my vehicle it may scare them when it cuts off at a light or stop sign.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the newer design over the older ones. I love having an AC plug also. I don't like how trim packages on Ford's are not standard across all the vehicles. My XLT does not have the dual climate, but my wife's 2017 XLT Explorer does.


It is a very dependable vehicle and runs great. this is my 2nd ford and I am happy with them.

2017 Ford F-150

I like the way the vehicle runs and handles. I like the size and durability of the vehicle. I dislike the ecoboost aspect that shuts the engine down to save gas, I wish they could come up with a better way for me to get gas mileage.

- michael v

The most important feature of this car is the amount of room. Both inside and the truck bed. Whether your going for a road trip with the family or loading a bed full of mulch the truck has the space to get the job done.

2017 Ford F-150

This is the first truck I ever owned. I always drove small cars. I like the way the truck drives. It feels so smooth, even when driving on the garbage roads in Michigan. I also love being so high up compared to my previous cars.

- Jeff M

The miles per gallon is not bad.

2017 Ford F-150

I love how smooth and easy to drive my truck is. The cab of the truck is very spacious and very comfortable. My truck is great for long trips with its big seats and legroom. I also am very satisfied with the gas mileage I get.

- Emma P

My ford f150 makes good gas mileage

2017 Ford F-150

I love the roominess inside of my truck. I like the gas mileage, it's really good for a truck. I love the color. I also like the horsepower, it has good get up and go. The only big dislike is that there are no rear a/c vents.

- Heather s

Very satisfied so far with my purchase.

2017 Ford F-150

Serves my needs with its ability to tow travel trailer. Chose model with max tow package. Has served me well in the time I have had it. Love that it came with Sirius subscription as a bonus. Back up camera is very helpful.

- Doris N

It is a dependable, capable, comfortable vehicle.

2017 Ford F-150

Our heated seats are very helpful in the winter. The v8 has performed with power and has been consistently reliable. There is tremendous legroom and the windows offer great visibility especially compared to other trucks.

- Lauren B

This truck is the perfect size for a family of four, while also having the capability of what trucks are mainly used for: hauling, working, etc.

2017 Ford F-150

I like the size of the truck. It is big enough for my family of four, while also allowing me to work out of it. I love being able to haul pretty much anything. I do not like the auto engine off functionality.

- Russ T

Would definitely purchase this vehicle again.

2017 Ford F-150

Very impressed with the 3.5 engine. Lots of power and good fuel economy. Very good leg room in the 2nd row of seating. Only problem I see is the engine is to strong when there is no load in the bed(tires spin)

- Howard S

roomie, cab is very nice. many great features for the driver that highlight gas mileage, towing and tire pressure

2017 Ford F-150

ecoboost is a problem, don't like that. Also don't like bed, it is aluminum so if anything comes down hard on bed you run the risk of damaging bed with is hard to repair. very roomie and like the body style

- John R

It's up to date and gives me more ideas of how to use this truck. And it has more storage in the back than the last one.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the new technology on the truck better than the old one we had. It has more settings, the seats have heated and vented settings, it has SiriusXM radio too. I have no dislikes about this whatsoever.

- Danny Q

Our vehicle is dependable. One should always feel safe when riding in it.

2017 Ford F-150

We love the roominess of it. It's an extended cab so our family and friends have plenty of legroom in the back. EXCELLENT gas mileage. Love the magnetic grey color. Smooth ride and great for road trips.

- Rene L

I get about 17 mile per gallon. Tows well. Sometime seems to shift rough.

2017 Ford F-150

I like that it pulls trailers well. I love the backup camera. I love the bluetooth feature and large touch screen and all the cup holders. I do not like that it is made out of aluminum instead of steel

- Tonya C

There are good directional and Entertainment features that enhance enjoyability of using the vehicle.

2017 Ford F-150

It is a comfortable, efficient vehicle. It is extremely reliable and useful on the properties I own. There are excellent safety features and room to haul the supplies necessary to operate my business.

- Mike S

Fit and finish is good inside and out. Truck performs well. Great safety features

2017 Ford F-150

I like the style, comfort and technology. GPS, electronic bed gate drop and pull out step to access the bed. I also like the safety features like rear camera and cross traffic warning. Price is high

- Charles W

I love my good looking and comfortable Ford f150 pickup truck.

2017 Ford F-150

It is a great truck on the road, towing a trailer, off-road and it is easy on the wallet and the gas. Roomy. Great sale price which included a factory warranty and 3 years bumper to bumper coverage.

- Rob R

Great performance, spacious and roomy

2017 Ford F-150

I love my F150, I bought it brand new off the lot and have had no issues with the performance of my vehicle. It has plenty of space for my family on long trips with plenty of legroom for any seat.

- Cyle M

It is the sport version and looks sharp, is comfortable, and roomy.

2017 Ford F-150

Our truck is really comfortable and pulls our fifth wheel nicely. There is plenty of space in the back seat area for the two kids, and our dog. The ride is smooth, and we get a lot of compliments.

- angel W

It cannot make tight turns, but it does a great job pulling our 13,000 pound 5th wheel.

2017 Ford F-150

For a 3/4 ton diesel truck it gets decent gas mileage, but has a terribly wide turning radius. We chose this vehicle because we needed a truck to pull our 5th wheel. It does that job admirably.

- Teresa C

It is built in America is reliable and backed up by a good warranty

2017 Ford F-150

Very reliable vehicle good on gas very low repair very comfortable and reliable strong suspension allows you to tow a good amount of weight or holy good amount of weight in the bed of the truck

- John D

Gosh 1 thing!! It is so comfortable!!

2017 Ford F-150

We had a problem with the brakes, but they finally got it fixed. Otherwise than that, we love it!! It is a beautiful truck and roomy. It rides good, so comfortable, and gets great gas mileage!

- Melanie C

Riding is a lot better than any truck I have ever rode in.

2017 Ford F-150

There are no problems with the truck. It rides like a SUV, interior is fabulous and very comfortable even on long trips. The truck has a lot of options. Fuel mileage is comparable to a SUV.

- ginger k

smooth ride, and lots of space

2017 Ford F-150

I like that it is able to pull my camper. I also like that it is able to provide a smooth ride and can store lots of things in the tailgate. It also has retracting steps so I like that too.

- Robert c

It is a little bit light in the rear so it does not do great in the rain.

2017 Ford F-150

The thing that I like most about my vehicle is the ride quality. It is a very comfortable vehicle and also fairly efficient. It is very capable of towing or hauling anything that I need.

- Dustin H

It is a great truck and performs well with no problems.

2017 Ford F-150

It is a ford f150 SuperCab. I have put 38,000 miles on it is just 14 months. I have a pop-up truck camper which I carry in the bed. I love the truck and haven't had any problems with it.

- Frank w

My 2017 Ford f-150 has a keyless pad, so I never lock the keys in it.

2017 Ford F-150

I have owned three Ford f-150 trucks. They have always been extremely reliable for me with no issues. I have owned other trucks and was always in the shop for maintenance or recalls.

- Scott B

Ease of use of the Pro Trailer backup assist should made more apparent.

2017 Ford F-150

I enjoy the integration of my phone to the audio system. I really appreciate the trailer assist functions. I don't like how the interior roof lining bumps my head due to the sunroof.

- John U

Offers everything you could ask for.

2017 Ford F-150

Love how it drives, handles, gas mileage, comfort, looks, everything about it. I have driven in other trucks and they do not handle as well or offer the comfort the ford truck does.

- Em L

It lives up to It's name in that "It's Built Tough".

2017 Ford F-150

I chose my truck because I like the appearance. I also like the ability that it has to tow. I also chose it for the technology that is available inside which is very up to date.

- Travis P

Trailer backup is a great help.

2017 Ford F-150

Gasoline engine and the bigger engine. Has all the options, back up camera, trailer backup assist, Bluetooth smartphone assist, bed lights, power seats and a fun truck to drive.

- James A

My truck is very convenient and accommodating.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the navigation system, hands free telephone, heated seats and steering wheel and automatic tailgate. I do not like the black leather seats. They get dirty all the time.

- Sara R

Problems get fixed: the F-150 is a great and versatile vehicle.

2017 Ford F-150

Well, it had engine problems within the first six months, but it was still under warranty, so it was replaced completely. After that, there have been no problems, and I love it!

- Kayla W

Towing package, electronics, power windows, sunroof

2017 Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has met all my needs, it is reliable, durable and has never failed my expectations. Furthermore I wish it has more sanitation gadgets but other than that, love it

- Brandon M

it is great on gas, with a great payload and event better towing capacity

2017 Ford F-150

I love my F150. It is great on gas, has a great payload capacity and I think it's the nicest looking truck on the road. Other than a few factory recalls its been no problems.

- Leo C

That it is going to stay with me until I can pass it down to my son.

2017 Ford F-150

It is the best vehicle I have ever owned and the best part is that it is made by Ford who didn't have to get government help to fill their greedy pockets like Chevrolet did.

- Jeffrey S

The gas mileage is not the best, but good for a vehicle this size.

2017 Ford F-150

The truck comes with comfortable seats. I do miss that I do not have a bench seat in the front. Often we need to have 6 people travel, and the truck will only seat 5.

- Anthony F

Ford F-150 2.7L Ecoboost Engine is Awesome

2017 Ford F-150

Performance of the 6 cyl 2.7L Ecoboost is outstanding. Low 20's for gas mileage on the highway, still pulled a 24' travel trailer with no problem for 8,000 mile trip.

- Scott K

My truck is a technological wonder and very comfortable on long trips.

2017 Ford F-150

Very reliable, great gas mileage. It has done everything I wanted it to do. The backup system is an absolute dream to have on this vehicle. It is well decked out.

- Ken S

Ford has a lot of recalls.

2017 Ford F-150

I do not like the color. I do not like the suspension that is on it. When you drive a certain speed you can hear air getting in. The vehicle was not insulated right.

- Carlos Z

Built Ford Tough is a real selling point that I believe.

2017 Ford F-150

My truck is both rugged and attractive. I depend on it for work and leisure. I feel safe in it because I was in a major crash in my old ford truck and walked away.

- Kirk G


2017 Ford F-150


- raylene w

It has a lot of room inside.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the size, it drives smoothly, and it looks good. My truck has ecoboost which for the size uses very little fuel. It has back up camera and satellite radio.

- Ann P

Gets decent gas mileage when driving on long road trips.

2017 Ford F-150

No complaints. Comfortable, safe, nice looking, easy driving. My Ford f150 lariat is the second one I have bought from the same dealer and will continue forever.

- Linda M

I gets the same gas mileage as the Lexus GS 350 that I owned.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the size and feel of my truck. It handles surprisingly well and gets good gas mileage. My only complaint would be that I did not get more options on it.

- Jeff R

Dependable and great service.

2017 Ford F-150

Lots of luxury, dependable-great service plan.. No issues.. Beautiful, comfortable, massaging cooled and heated seats have had many Fords-hated Chevy silverado.

- Steven G

Amazing truck. Drives like a car. Garrett feel.

2017 Ford F-150

Runs beautifully. Love to drive. Safe. Plenty of room for everyone's to sit. Has amazing space for storage. Back seats raise up for a huge area to put things.

- Erica D

It is a truck but comes fully loaded with all of the features of a luxury car

2017 Ford F-150

I have had no problems. I love the heated and air conditioned seats. The seats are extremely comfortable - even the back seats! It drives as smooth as a car!

- Tonda M

The Ford F-150 - The Old Reliable.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the reliability of my Ford F-150, but I really do think that it could do with better gas mileage these days - even trucks are getting better at that.

- Alex C

Safety and load capacity.

2017 Ford F-150

I like everything about it. The look. The power. The load capacity. Its a v6 with a turbo so the mileage is 21 mpg. I also pull a small 5th wheel with it.

- Jan R

Great Ride and Comfort for all!

2017 Ford F-150

It's awesome we love it Especially how the backseat lifts up and our dogs can lay on the floor!! Love the style and the look and very comfortable driving!

- Karen B

The most comfortable reliable truck and great price.

2017 Ford F-150

Truck is very reliable, seats are very comfortable, it is roomy, turning and stopping capability is awesome. I love the backup camera and no blind spots.

- Terri C

Yes it's a truck but it drives like a car. Very low road noise.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the ride of my Ford F-150 crew cab. It has a lot of room, drive awesome in the snow. Great for long trips. Love the truck bed for hauling stuff.

- Rich L

Very sporty looking and very comfortable to drive. I love the back up camera and the monitoring system, oil change reminders, tire pressure low, etc.

2017 Ford F-150

Love the truck, very comfortable!! I wish there was Wifi though. I love the adjustable pedals. it has black interior which is very hard to keep clean.

- Kim G

The super crew is great for passengers.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the super crew cab. It is great for hauling this and the whole family can comfortably fit. It is a stylish vehicle. I do not have any complaints.

- Jessica N

The 2017 F-150 ecoboost gives you all the power you need in a smaller size truck.

2017 Ford F-150

2017 Ford F-150 is everything you would want in a truck. Very comfortable front and rear seats. The cab provides plenty of room for you and your guest.

- Alex B

It drives like a car. Nice and smooth ride and tows so easily.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the comfort of the ride. I love the auto high beams, towing assist, and adaptive cruise control. I pretty much love everything about my truck.

- eric k

The most important thing others should know is that my truck is fuel efficient since its fitted with ecoboost. Definitely a gas saver.

2017 Ford F-150

I love my truck. I like most part of it. The only thing I complain about it is the seat but nothing dramatic and I can always do some upgrades on it.


It is very dependable and was a great choice for my family.

2017 Ford F-150

I really like that it is four wheel drive due to being a work truck. The truck drives very smooth. The ability to use my phone in the truck is nice.

- Keith S

Ecoboost F150 very sporty look

2017 Ford F-150

This is a Tight, easy to handle and very roomy pick up truck for a small F150. Good on gas. Very pleasant to drive. I have absolutely no problems.

- Melodie P

My vehicle is a full size extended cab pick up. This is a very durable truck. I have not had any major problems as of yet and plan to keep it that way.

2017 Ford F-150

My truck gets me wherever i have to go. Ford has taken strides from the late 90's as the earlier models did not have any of the comfort and tech.

- michael w

Extremely comfortable and dependable daily driver great for personal or business use.

2017 Ford F-150

The truck is extremely comfortable and reliable. The only downside I have found is that it does not hit the fuel mileage estimates as advertised.

- Ralph R

It is safety features and air bags in the seat belts.

2017 Ford F-150

It has all the bells and whistles as a Mercedes but the versatility of a truck. I like the gas mileage and the colors. I do not like the payment.

- Naomi B

You could drive the car anywhere. It is good for any terrain.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the fact that my truck has a stripe on the side. The only thing bad about it is the gas mileage. Everything else about the truck is great.

- Jonathan M

The luxury pickup that you have been looking for.

2017 Ford F-150

This truck is absolutely incredible. While it was expensive, the extended cab, leather seating, and Bluetooth enabled radio made it so worth it.

- Spencer W

Even better than Ford Tough!

2017 Ford F-150

Better on gas than the older trucks. Lightweight aluminum body. Doesn't ride like a truck, very comfortable. 4 wheel drive helps in the winter.

- Debra S

It's a very reliable vehicle that actually gets decent gas mileage

2017 Ford F-150

Overall the truck is very reliable. I also get 22 mpg on the highway which is great being a V8. I do wish the truck came with more options tho.

- Michael D

How comfortable it is, while driving on long trips, also the safety feature of the door locks.

2017 Ford F-150

Love the way to handles on the road and is very quiet on the inside, also it has a feature where you can electronically put it in 4 wheel drive

- Richard B

The gas mileage is very good and it's very comfortable to travel in. It's has high safety ratings.

2017 Ford F-150

The truck is very roomy and comfortable. The truck was very affordable. The truck is easy to maintain and keep clean. It gets good gas mileage.

- Gwendolyn S

Very comfortable utility vehicle

2017 Ford F-150

Love the utilitarian features. It's roomy, technologically up to date, comfortable, and has a great payload. Gas mileage isn't very good.

- John C

4 door f 150 platinum edition,

2017 Ford F-150

Awesome great truck no issues, great gas mileage, great for towing car hauler, travel trailer, or smaller toy trailer no issues as of yet.

- Matthew S

There are power steering etc issues that ford so far has not been able to fix

2017 Ford F-150

When it works it is awesome but there have been a lot of issues with the power steering which even turned itself completely the other day

- Rivka V

It is a good work and leisure truck

2017 Ford F-150

I like the size of the Truck. It is big and roomy. It good ok gas mileage for a truck. Like the black color. There is nothing I dislike

- Rod T

The most import thing is that it is reliable and has great reviews for the safety if you ever got into an accident.

2017 Ford F-150

Beautiful truck with great pickup. Love the tow package and how roomy they full four doors are. Very satisfied with the overall vehicle.

- Lindsey P

My car is a beast on the road.

2017 Ford F-150

I enjoy the smooth ride, changing of the interior lights, the handle and step that comes out of the tailgate, and the leather interior.

- Stephanie J

Do not buy one with the auto-start-stop feature.

2017 Ford F-150

I like the gas mileage I get out of a full size truck. I like the room inside the cab of the truck. I hate the auto-start-stop feature.

- Joey H

Its America made it has lots of towing capacity. Also has great gas mileage.

2017 Ford F-150

Love my ford f150 great gas mileage. Lots of room. And wish the bed was a bit longer. Great in towing my boat love that its twin turbo.

- Jorge G

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a truck.

2017 Ford F-150

I like almost every thing about the truck. What I don't care for is Ecoboost, Auto Start/Stop and no yellow turn signals in the rear.

- Michae L

That it is comfortable and safe to drive

2017 Ford F-150

My truck drives so nice and has a lot of features. It is 4 wheel drive and is great for hauling/towing. The interior is very roomy too

- T r

Expect many years out of this vehicle as all parts are made with high quality.

2017 Ford F-150

It is a F150 Super duty. It is amazing when it comes to fuel economy and ride handling. It is a dream in the winter. No complaints.

- Laser B

For the cost, I would get something more stylish and a stronger ability to tow.

2017 Ford F-150

I like the technology. It is pretty advanced. Comfortable. Need a bigger cab and a more stylish outer appearance for my next truck.

- David B

It is a good car that gets good miles and drives smooth.

2017 Ford F-150

I love my vehicle. I have no real complaints about it. I would like it better if it had a cd player or other music playing device.

- Alyssa H

It is very reliable and shows I am a huge fan of big trucks and fords in general.

2017 Ford F-150

It is a great vehicle, has a lot of towing capacity and bed room what I do not like is the gas mileage it could be much better.

- Stephen L

Speed power and tow good performance

2017 Ford F-150

Truck has great power, speeds up very quickly and has great suspension for off roading, saves on gas and can tow about anything

- Drew C

this is my baby treat it with respect and we will have no problems

2017 Ford F-150

I love my truck It's a man's truck it works as hard as i do and still looks great once cleaned up super comfortable and stylish

- mathew M

2017 White F150 Supercrew.

2017 Ford F-150

My F150 has a ton of space. The cab is cavernous. Quiet with minimal road noise. Comfortable seats in both the front and back.

- Nate L

I have a f150 supercab with 10 speed 3.5 v6 engine.

2017 Ford F-150

I love my f150. I get over 15 mpg with a 1500 lb truck camper in the bed. I haven't had one problem with it since I bought it.

- Frank S

Overall it a wonderful truck, it's just a little expensive is all. And would be nice if it got 30 miles per gallon

2017 Ford F-150

It's an extremely smooth ride. I've had zero issues with it so far. I wish it got a little better gas mileage than it does.

- Dallah N

This truck does everything you need it to do, and comes at a good price.

2017 Ford F-150

The price was fair. The truck is well built. The truck looks great. I can not express how happy I am with the truck overall.

- Steve C

It's easy to drive and has all the bells and whistles.

2017 Ford F-150

It's a single cab, all aluminum, 8 cylinder engine. It's fast and smooth to drive. i like everything and dislike nothing.

- joy S

The power that this truck has is very impressive. I pull trailers and equipment and it is all I need.

2017 Ford F-150

Very powerful. Nice ride aluminum body so no rust. Extremely comfortable. Had a 2015 Chevy and I prefer the Ford very much.

- Steve S

Works best with me syncs with my phone, Back up camera so no accidents

2017 Ford F-150

Love the vehicle and all the features it has, The back up sensor and the radio that's equipped to sync with my Apple phone

- Katina C

Safe, dependable,comfortable and fast. Has loads of room for the entire family

2017 Ford F-150

Love that I drive a nice truck. My entire family fits in my crew cab Ford! I feel safe in it! We camp & it tows fantastic!

- Kim B

The gas mileage could definitely continue to be improved.

2017 Ford F-150

I like driving the truck. I like to be up higher then the car. I do not like however trying to park the truck sometimes.

- Jennifer D

It actually gets pretty good gas mileage. I got a great deal on it and love it very much

2017 Ford F-150

I love the color and having a pickup I am able to carry stuff around. It also has a lot of room inside and looks awesome

- amy r

It has a lot of room inside the cab.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the color. Like that it sits up high. I like it has a lot of upgrades. I use the truck for moving and landscaping.

- Chris K

It's expensive, but very nice. A lower trim class probably makes more sense unless you have the money.

2017 Ford F-150

I love everything about it. It's good looking, drives nice, and is comfortable. I haven't had any problems with it yet.

- kev k

drives differently than older form trucks

2017 Ford F-150

Love: 4 wheel drive, dependability, remote ignition Dislike: center console, not comfortable to rest arm on when driving

- Ken R

F 150 great gas mileage and towing capabilities.

2017 Ford F-150

Love my truck. Great gas mileage with the 3.5 liter ecoboost engine and great towing capabilities at over 10,000 pounds.

- Mike G

It is a Truck an very dependable and safe we love it

2017 Ford F-150

I like that it gets good gas mileage and it is very dependable. It is also big and can see all my grandkids in it safely

- malinda h

v8 engine, super duty, spacious and comfortable

2017 Ford F-150

High performance on all roads, low gasoline consumption, rear cabin for a good load capacity, spacious and comfortable

- edgar b

I love to drive it. Great truck.

2017 Ford F-150

Almost a luxury truck. Smooth ride. Love the sun roofs. Beefy engine. It does ride high, but that is a pro and a con.

- Marc G

Runs great. Looks great.

2017 Ford F-150

Love the vehicle as for look and feel. I don't like the EcoBoost and that there is no yellow turn signal in the rear.

- Mike S

Ford F-150 Sport 4x4 Pick up

2017 Ford F-150

I like the features offered in this vehicle. The one feature that pushes it over the top is the ecoboost on the motor.

- William A

This truck is extremely reliable and comfortable to ride in

2017 Ford F-150

Very reliable, comfortable, with all the amenities. Great gas mileage for a large truck. Very impressive technology

- Vickie R

Greta work truck love it!

2017 Ford F-150

Great truck. Good power and payload. Had a problem with the ac not working at about 6 months after getting the truck.

- Kenny H

Change the oil on a regular basis to make sure that your engine will last a long time.

2017 Ford F-150

My 2017 F-150 is the best truck I have driven. I like the large screen fo radio GPS. The performance is really good.

- Ray B

It is a great truck & it runs great we keep the truck for a few yr=ears we a so happy with it

2017 Ford F-150

We like our truck very much. we always go back to the ford F150. we don't have any problems or complaints with it

- Corky G

The gas mileage is the best thing about this for it being a truck

2017 Ford F-150

Great on gas , a ton of room for kids and adults , lots of room in bed of truck, and smooth driving on long drives

- Amber D

The trailer back up assistance feature is by far the best of them all.

2017 Ford F-150

My f-150 is very comfortable to drive on the highways and side roads. I handles really well and has a smooth ride.

- Chance B

It is great! Ford makes the best trucks and I love them!

2017 Ford F-150

I have not had any problem as of yet and hopefully I don't anytime soon. I love my truck and so does everyone else

- Tina C

Best truck of the year in my opinion.

2017 Ford F-150

Great vehicle, good gas mileage and performance. No mechanical problems at this time. Very comfortable to drive.

- Floyd l

It is indeed expensive but if you're in the road a lot have a safe and practical vehicule is a priority

2017 Ford F-150

It's totally worth it , great handling excellent drivability and good mileage on top of great comfort and space

- Lucas M

Ford is the best car in the world.everything about ford is amazing u won't regret getting one

2017 Ford F-150

I love my vehicule .its high powerful has all the latest technology.its safe and fun to drive and it's 4 wheel


A real pleasure to own, no regrets

2017 Ford F-150

Roomy, comfortable ride, plenty of cargo space, wonderful driving experience, fairly easy on gas. A joy to own

- Larry R

No other 1/2 ton can pull the weight my F-150 can and have great fuel economy doing so!!!!

2017 Ford F-150

My F-150 is wonderful! The towing capacity is top notch and the fuel economy is unlike any other on the road.

- Joe M

My Ford F-150 is fun to drive

2017 Ford F-150

my truck is great to drive. it is very good and dependable. It is so much fun to drive and has loads of space

- jason m

It is a v6 with 450+hp and independent suspension

2017 Ford F-150

The ford raptor was my dream vehicle and I love it. It drives smooth, interior looks amazing, and it's fast!

- Adam W

Ford F-150 2017 crew cab Nj

2017 Ford F-150

Not enough accessories Good Performance Food service organization Spend too much fuel Very spacious Good car

- Baris K

The gas mileage of a pickup truck is not very good.

2017 Ford F-150

I don't like how high the hood is. If you look at pickups from 10 years ago the visibility was much better

- Robert A

It's very fun and you can drive for many miles.

2017 Ford F-150

This is a very good truck I really like to wear the point I drive it every day the seats are very good and.

- Bryan E

Auto shut off of truck and gas mileage.

2017 Ford F-150

The engine Auto shut off takes some getting used too. Mileage is pretty good for a truck compared to most.

- Robert G

It is very roomy, so much room in the back and the front.

2017 Ford F-150

My F-150 has lots of room. It is a smooth ride and a nice looking truck. It's proven to be very reliable.

- Zack S

The truck has a very smooth ride. The engine has very good pick up.

2017 Ford F-150

Poor gas mileage when towing. Drivers seat is wearing.The oil filter is a special order item most places.

- Randy P

Test drive it first. It is a lot bigger than you may have expected.

2017 Ford F-150

It is too big to park easily. It is also too big to get things out of the bed. The doors are so heavy.

- Donna H

It has weak gas mileage even on the highway

2017 Ford F-150

I love the utility of it. It handles very well. It is very comfortable to drive. Plenty of backseat room

- Johnson C

So much space, easy to drive, safe and decent on gas

2017 Ford F-150

Super nice and easy to drive, plenty of room! I love this car and enjoy driving it! Perfect for a family

- Halea G

it drives like a premium car with a smooth ride and great pick up, but is also the most useful vehicle you can own

2017 Ford F-150

i love ford trucks they look good but better they run great and function for everything and last forever

- robert t

It personifies me. Rugged but touches of luxury

2017 Ford F-150

Love the new features from the 2004 I used to drive. Heated and cooled seats, EcoBoost engine, leather.

- Jason S

It's built FORD tough. Take it everywhere and do everything with it.

2017 Ford F-150

Ford F-150 is the best. have had fords all my life. This time I got w/ the 8 ft. bed. This truck rocks.

- mark R

I love the feeling I get when I ride in it knowing the miles are easily covered when I have a full tank.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the fuel mileage, the modern feel and the overall feeling of safety I get when going for a ride.

- Renae W

Amazing curb appeal and the touch screen is sweet

2017 Ford F-150

Great vehicle. Runs perfect. No problems to report. I give it 4 stars because it is not my dream ride.

- Cory T

Great Truck with great fuel economy

2017 Ford F-150

Great Truck. Needs upgrades to be perfect. - would like step rails and bed cover. maybe bigger tires.

- Tim A

It's a gas saver for a pick up truck.

2017 Ford F-150

Ford truck is affordable. Don't like the idea of it being made out of aluminum. Gas saver for a truck.

- Rosa R

It gets through the snow very well. It is quite when running.

2017 Ford F-150

It is durable and a beast. It gets good gas mileage for a eight cylinder engine. You will turn heads.

- Brett K

The seats are uncomfortable probably because It's a work vehicle.

2017 Ford F-150

It is a ford pickup with a shell on the back. It is a truck supplied by my employer. Comes in handy.

- David D

I love my truck and everyone should own one.

2017 Ford F-150

I love my truck, I drive it every single day of the week. It helps me out during my day to day jobs.

- George K

It is a tough truck and it can get through anything.

2017 Ford F-150

I like the 4x4 feature. I like the heated and cooling seats. I don't like the roughness of the ride.

- Mike M

It has a really nice ride. The f-150 does not ride like a truck but is more car like.

2017 Ford F-150

The f-150 has a great ride. The gas mileage is better than my last car. I am able to haul things.

- jeff d

The ride is excellent. I use it more as a car than at a truck so the ride is very important to me.

2017 Ford F-150

I like the comfortable ride. I use the trailer assist a lot, as I can not back up a trailer at all.

- Mike C

reliability and dependability. This is ridiculous requiring certain number of characters

2017 Ford F-150

3rd F-150 I have had. Durable and dependable. Only dislike is gas mileage which is getting better

- Larry H

That it is quality built and American made with great safety features.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the color and style. I love the handling and the roominess. I love the safety features.

- Joy F

This truck is great for towing. The tow mode engine brakes automatically when going down hills.

2017 Ford F-150

tow capacity. turbo. 10 speed transmission. 36 gallon gas tank. tow mode. trailer assist

- Tammy L

My truck is long- please don't park close behind me.

2017 Ford F-150

I love the ride, comfort, utility and look of my truck. The only downside is the mileage.

- Sarah N

My mileage is better than I expected. looks good and economical to drive

2017 Ford F-150

it is a reliable and very durable vehicle.looks good.and comfortable to drive and ride in

- john m

It rides great and handles super plus you can haul many items

2017 Ford F-150

I like the way it rides. The way you sit up high. Also I like the way you can haul things

- William H

Great Ford service. Good gas mileage. Comfortable. Good acceleration

2017 Ford F-150

5ltr power Aluminum body Good ride off road and on highway Comfortable Good accessories

- John O

It's a truck on 4 wheels that drives Around town to go where i need to go

2017 Ford F-150

I have learn to live it from stay to finish. It has its channels but i work through it.

- May O

For a big full size truck I get 23 gallons to the mile

2017 Ford F-150

Truck has great fuel mileage it's higher up and I get a bed now so I love to haul stuff

- Will A

The Ford F150 is a very powerful, smooth, comfortable truck. I love it!

2017 Ford F-150

I love what a smooth comfortable ride it is. I also love how much power it has.

- Sharon T

Its a truck with great utility, gets great gas mileage for a truck, and is comfortable to drive

2017 Ford F-150

No complaints i wish i was able to get the truck in 4x4 and have leather seats.

- Josh F

It's comfortable and plenty of room. It's also great on gas and rides smooth

2017 Ford F-150

4 wheel drive and leather seats with heating and cooling. Navigation is great.

- Joe S

how much room there is inside

2017 Ford F-150

lots of room inside backup camera and phone sync bed is not quite big enough

- Mickey W

My truck is very reliable and it can always get my family around safely.

2017 Ford F-150

I love my truck. It is very reliable. It can go off road and never get stuck.

- Matthew L

I love my car. I love the color of my car. I love the performance of my car.

2017 Ford F-150

I like the color. I like the performance. I dislike nothing about my truck.

- Sharon C

best truck out there. no reason to look anywhere else, best tech

2017 Ford F-150

sleek, can haul, sport mode, black, roomy, comfy, best vehicle out there

- Michael N

It makes me feel very safe because I sit up high above others

2017 Ford F-150

I like the safety features and the space. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Kali S

This is a tough pick up truck

2017 Ford F-150

I love the way it looks and the way it feels, it also has a smooth ride

- Jorge S

It drives great, is comfortable and safe.

2017 Ford F-150

Love the size, comfortably and safety. Dislike the price but worth it.

- erica B