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A lot of heads turn when driving by. Especially, being a female driver!

2001 Ford Mustang

This car would be an awesome car to own, except for the mechanical problems I am starting to experience unfortunately. The body style is really nice and very sporty. The problems that I am now experiencing has a lot to do with the electrical system. The odometer lights up on and off when you hits bumps in the road and in order to get the car out of park I have to turn the key one click, put it in neutral, start the car and then I am able to put it in drive or reverse. There is water leaking where the windshield meets the roof and the panels that are at the bottom of the windows where it meets the body are coming off. I have to hold and push them down when I am closing the doors. Other than basic wear and tear from over the years, these seem to be the only issues I have run into (fingers crossed!). If these problems had not happened I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who loves sports cars.

- Brooke B

It is a perfect car if you drive alone.

2001 Ford Mustang

My Mustang is a very enjoyable car to drive, for pleasure it is a very smooth, fast and exciting ride. However, if you are looking for a more reliable and efficient car, this is not the one. Long distance driving is not recommended since gas mileage is not so great. It is also a very small car with little room in the back seat, it can barely fit 5 people. There is no AUX cord unless you buy a Bluetooth adapter and is limited to CD. S and radio. It has a 6 disc changer which I enjoy because I like old school CD's. If you are used to driving alone and do not go very far my car is perfect.

- Quincy S

Mustangs have small spaces!

2001 Ford Mustang

I purchased my Ford mustang new 11 years ago. I instantly fell in love with my car. Over the years the only 2 things I wish were different was one= the leg room in the back seat. The leg room was fine when my daughter was younger but as the years went by and she and her friends got older I really needed more room in the back seat. The other thing is the space in the trunk. The mustangs have a small space in their trunk so nothing big would ever fit it them. Other than those two things, I love my car!

- Sandy H

2001 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe

This car is dependable. As long as proper maintenance is done on time this car will give you what you put into it. I personally was only didn't like the fact that my partner is 6 foot and he seemed a bit cramped. However it is perfect for me. On the open road it is great for cruising and will get great fuel economy but in the stop and go traffic you will really feel the v8 lower that a lot. Overall I am very satisfied and so happy to get to continue to call this car my baby.

- Katie S

Why the Ford Mustang is the perfect car.

2001 Ford Mustang

The car is a 2001 convertible mustang that I bought after it was left in a garage for 5 years. After getting the brakes replaced and some other minor work done on the engine the car runs like a dream, is extremely comfortable and satisfying to drive. The only complaint I have about my car is the fact that the gas tank is so small, and that the car does not get great mileage, but other than that I highly recommend buying a mustang if you are in the market for a new car.

- Arran B

It is a gas guzzler. It runs great for a 17, almost 18, year old car!

2001 Ford Mustang

The mustang is old. It is 17 years old. It is a convertible. The driver door does not close properly. The pins in the door are bent, so that is what makes it not close all the way. You have to slam it. Driving in it for long periods is not comfortable. It gets horrible gas mileage. It is not a great car for a family of two boys and taking them anywhere. However, it is nice in the sunny months for driving with the top down.

- Sarah B

The Ford mustang handles great & is fun to drive!

2001 Ford Mustang

I love the way the mustang handles. It is fun to drive. It has been a reliable vehicle that has only had minor issues as it has aged. The driver's seat is the most comfortable. The back seat is not really comfortable for adults. The interior has held up well & still looks nice. The exterior is a little rough, but it is a 2001 model. It has over 175, 000 miles on it. I am planning to keep it a couple more years at least.

- Karen B

Windows of Chevrolet car.

2001 Ford Mustang

I haven't had any major problems with my car. The only thing that always seems to happen is that the window does not go all the way down on the driver side. Every other window does go down all the way. The buttons to roll down the windows are also placed not on the side of the door as usual but in middle areas where the radio is. I personally do not mind it but a lot of people that get in my car do not like it.

- Kenya B

Ford mustang gets are very good cars.

2001 Ford Mustang

My car is a very good car it is going to sound motor transmission runs really great the only problem I have with it and I need to get a new top but other than that it is really good car he has good gas mileage and do not burn any oil it does not ride rough I have had it two years and I am not had any problems with it at all I would recommend a mustang gt to anybody if I had to I would buy another one.

- Sandra T

Very fast and reliable car good on gas.

2001 Ford Mustang

I love that its dependable and good on gas. It rides so smooth. The tires are not expensive but the shocks and struts are but you want to spend a little more because of safety issues. The seats are ok but I am replacing mine for comfort it rides and drives very smooth and goes really fast if if that's what you're looking for this is the car for you as well as very good gas mileage.

- Julia R

Car is fun to drive. Has new tires, cold a/c, leather seats and convertible top.

2001 Ford Mustang

The Mustang is misfiring in the 3rd cylinder and will not start. . Still waiting for my mechanic to finish checking out those issues. Water is also leaking into the car & the leak still hasn't been found. If these issues can be resolved I really like this car. The Mustang is really fun to drive and this model is also a convertible. The car is red with a beige convertible top.

- Linda V

It's not as fast as it looks, but the ride is as nice as you think.

2001 Ford Mustang

I like it because it's a nice car, it's not the strongest but it's an enjoyable ride. I enjoy that it's a manual transmission, which is getting harder to find in newer cars. It's pretty sturdy and not too hard to fix on my own. I just don't like some of the air intake systems, there's a lot that can go wrong pretty easily and it's hard to pinpoint where the issue is.

- Stephanie D

It has been wrecked by a teenage driver, and made it through a flood (Harvey) without any major problems.

2001 Ford Mustang

It is a very reliable car considering everything that it has been through with my family. It doesn't have any major problems except the odometer/trip light doesn't want to work all of the time. We maintain the car regularly. We have replaced the AC unit, and alternator, etc. It is a comfortable car for a daily driver. It is small for a family though.

- Nora W

Cool-looking almost-dead Mustang.

2001 Ford Mustang

I drive a 2001 Ford Mustang V6 that is in poor shape. It has over 182,000 miles. The suspension, oil pan and back brakes need to be replaced. Many little things such as interior lights, seat belt buckle, open hood lever, etc need to be replaced. The exterior of the car has multiple scratches and scrapes. The assessed value of the caris $495.

- Stephanie W

2001 Ford Mustang Smooth and Easy

2001 Ford Mustang Standard

Car had the typical old rust and beat down engine, with age being and use I get from it, it's pretty reliable. Just keep up with the maintenance and you'll be good! The performance of the vehicle is decent, just your basic V-6 power. Typical base model with power windows, and such. The comfort is actually good, smooth ride and comfy seats!

- Sean P

It's a very nice and enjoyable car.

2001 Ford Mustang

I like just about everything about my car it hardly waste gas it's very reliable it does have high mileage but I have never had any major problems with it really like my mustang I would not trade it for any other car I would really recommend anyone a mustang as long as u make oil change tuneup this type of car will last along time.

- Alberto B

Runs great! A reliable car to use around town.

2001 Ford Mustang Base

I have a mustang convertible. It is a very reliable car. It performs good when you are driving around town. It performs fantastic on the highway. One of my issues with the car is the convertible top. It leaks when it rains. My other complaint are the seats. They are not very comfortable and trying to adjust the seat is pain.

- Cathy M

Pretty fast car, if you are into that sort of thing.

2001 Ford Mustang

My 2001 mustang is an okay car, I bought it used with 180, 000 miles it has around 205, 000 now, I have had to do some things to keep it running such as replacing the cooling fan, thermostat, exhaust, tune ups, etc. Overall it is a reliable car, it is never broken down on me because I have been up on maintenance with it.

- Jake S

The amazing daily drivers.

2001 Ford Mustang

The mustang is extremely reliable and can get you from point A to point B without any problem. The car looks great and sounds amazing really nice car, only problem is the car is a gas hog. Yes, the car does take up an extreme amount of gas, but in my opinion the car is well worth the money and I recommend it to everyone.

- Malachi T

Good car and reliable spring/ summer car.

2001 Ford Mustang Standard

To turn the light on I don't like how you have to pull out a knob. The seats are comfy and adjusts well. Passenger seat should have button to move the seat. Window button stopped working and gets stuck and will not go down. The convertible hood is able to go down but won't go back up so I have to manually do it myself.

- Bob P

It is grey with stock oem wheels.

2001 Ford Mustang

My car is a fun little 5 speed V6. The gas mileage is fairly good and no problems with the stock clutch or the engine. It has a cold air intake on it and a decent radio. It shifts smooth no problem and gets me from a-b. It drives smooth and is comfortable to ride in. Has stock seats and has a very nice interior.

- Gavin K

Mustangs are a nice looking car, lots of style, and they are comfortable and fun to drive

2001 Ford Mustang

I have always loved mustangs for their look and performance. My current car handles a little different than my last one, so that is one thing I don't like, and also I don't like having a white car. Otherwise I love my car. It is comfortable, appealing, and fun to drive. It is also easy to customize to my style.

- amanda p

My favorite detail was the new wheels I put on it. I had 22s in matte grey.

2001 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe

When driving my mustang a lot of problems arose. I loved the make and style of the car but it soon became a money pit. I had bent wheels at one point and the engine is starting to get a little rough. It is a great vehicle for looks though. Mine was a red convertible and the convertible top always worked great

- Hannah P

Standard 2001. Ford mustang.

2001 Ford Mustang

I really don't like a standard car. It is really harder to drive a stick shift because especially on hills it can be very difficult. But when I first bought my car brand new in 2001 the dealer actually taught me to drive my car, probably just to make a sale. But I still own it am able to drive a stick.

- Deborah S

Inferno-the mustang that never quits.

2001 Ford Mustang

2000 Ford mustang convertible. It's very reliable and comfortable. I will recommend to people who like to move fast with minimal luggage. It is a 2 seater car, which means this is not for those who like to pack and pile up. I have had this car since January 2018 and is still very reliable.

- Clarence B

Surprisingly quick and peppy.

2001 Ford Mustang

I love my mustang, it is not your average gt. It is rebuilt 01 with an 04 Mach 1 motor. It is quick, it is peppy and reliable. It surprises others how fast it is for being an old car. It definitely needs sound tlc. It handles great around turns and with the right tires sticks to the pavement.

- Kathleen S

It's a two door coupe. It's really fast and not bad on gas.

2001 Ford Mustang Standard

I have only had one issue with my car and that is when the compressor stopped working and had to be replaced while I was travelling to SC. I was able to find and replace the part, no problem. Other than that, it has been the best car ever. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

- Allison W

My car is a 2001 Ford mustang it is a metallic cherry red the interior is black.

2001 Ford Mustang

Only problems I have had are small battery and cosmetic issues. My car performs perfectly for my day to day driving gets me to my destinations quickly and safely. The car itself is extremely reliable besides minor battery issues when I leave my car in for a little over 15 minutes.

- Alicia P

The sleek feature is an eye catcher.

2001 Ford Mustang

Though it is fast but it is small the stereo is not a likely candidate for me, not enough features for me. I need a satellite radio for the mustang. The low down feature is quite uncomfortable though the look is amazing it is a two door which makes it not a people friendly car.

- Elizabeth S

It is red and a mustang and a stick so people won't ask to borrow it.

2001 Ford Mustang Base

It is too small for me to pick up all my friends and go hang out. The tank is so small I only get at most 230 miles before I have to gas up, and I live on the other side of town from everything. The clutch has broken so many times and it's hard to drive with a broken clutch.

- Katherine H

2001 ford mustang car owner review.

2001 Ford Mustang Standard

The car is great! It has good mobility, but acceleration is not felt due to its large nature. The car, although old in age, overall looks very attractive and powerful. The car has lasted me 2 years with old changes and the occasional tire changes. The snow defeats this car.

- Marty M

Performance red, and 17 years old.

2001 Ford Mustang

My car is good on gas, easy to handle, runs good, it also is easy to drive and goes good. The color is great too, it is performance red and is seventeen years old in great condition, I have nothing bad to say about my car and I love it to death, it is my favorite car.

- Zachary A

My 2001 mustang is 17 years old and still running.

2001 Ford Mustang

My car is 17 years old & still running. Upkeep is more expensive but I cannot afford a new car at this point in time. Ford mustang is the best car I have ever driven. It is the 3rd mustang I have owned & plan to own another one. I love my mustang! It is fantastic!

- Maureen H

Ford Mustang with v6 runs great.

2001 Ford Mustang

Bought used with a salvage title. It has run very reliable and passed ca smog requirement with flying colors, . Other than changing the oil using mobile one Spark plugs and tires I have had no problems with the car. It is a convertible and a pleasure to drive.

- Tom S

It is a stick shift which seems scary but is so much fun after you learn!

2001 Ford Mustang

It is a stick shift and I learned how to drive stick on it so I blew my clutch out when was like $600 to fix, my check engine light keeps coming on as well but goes away in a day, but other than that it is a good car it runs great and I absolutely love it!!

- Ray K

Mustangs why they are superior.

2001 Ford Mustang

No problems! I live my car. It is a great car, silver. Has very little mileage on it and I can go everywhere I need for an affordable price. I think that everybody should get a Mustang they are great cars to have and you cannot go wrong with food engines.

- Stephen B

My car needs to be diagnosed at the moment.

2001 Ford Mustang Standard

My 2001 Ford mustang is currently dead at the moment. I need to jump start it to get it going, it also has an oil leak that needs to be diagnosed. Overall the outside of the car is in a good shape just needs a good wash. The interior also is nice as well.

- Matthew R

Amazing car! I recommend buying.

2001 Ford Mustang Standard

I love my car. I bought it used and it's an older car but very dependable. It gets great gas mileage (20 mpg). It starts on the first try, runs great. I have had to do normal routine repairs that usually has to be done on any vehicle but nothing major.

- Amy L

Good, reliable vehicle for its price and year.

2001 Ford Mustang

Very loud inside, especially with the ac on. No issues since buying it. I drive about 50 miles three days a week for school and must get gas twice a week. Very little comfort with original seats. Original speakers are good.

- Kate B

A very dependable vehicle.

2001 Ford Mustang

I have really enjoyed the experience of owning and driving a mustang. It is been a very reliable car, economical and fun to drive. Very durable, comfortable vehicle to travel in. I would recommend a Ford mustang to anyone.

- Laurie W

I think others should know that the air conditioner and heater are fantastic.

2001 Ford Mustang

I love the way my car looks and I bought it in great condition. However I have had some problems. My car won't start in cold weather, and I had to replace the convertible top. Other then that it's still running great!

- Aneya K

The most important thing is that it's safe to be on the road, or be in it.

2001 Ford Mustang

Some problems is as follows: Some of the interior has some cosmetic damage. The exterior paint job needs a new coat. Mechanically, the car works as well as you would expect, it's just cosmetic problems.

- Jay C

It's a major fixer upper! It is a "luxury" car, but it doesn't look good at all.

2001 Ford Mustang

The thing about my vehicle is that it is so old, so it has so many problems. I am afraid that it will not start. It also isn't right for me at this point in my life, I need a more mature 4 door car.

- Mackenzie M

Great car for pleasure. Fun to drive.

2001 Ford Mustang

Love to drive it but need more room. Cramped back seat and cold leather seats. Runs very good however. It's blue with white interior. It has been garage kept and the top is in great condition.

- Frank H

Gas mileage and reliability.

2001 Ford Mustang

So reliably best car ever had it for 4 years with 250, 000 miles on car and still running like a champ been the best car I have ever had would recommend to anyone you will get your money worth.

- Jonathan C

I love mustangs, any year!

2001 Ford Mustang

The car runs fantastic and we haven't had much we have had to do with it however it does have a bad paint job, the top of car is rusted and paint peeling off. Other than that it runs great!

- Joyce S

A unique colored extremely reliable original mustang.

2001 Ford Mustang

My car is a metallic cherry red with all the original parts. Only problems i've had is the occasional battery problems other than that it is extremely reliable and extremely comfortable.

- Anicia P

All wheel drive gives me a secure feeling when driving in inclement weather.

2001 Ford Mustang

I like that it does not waste a lot of gas and so far I have not had any mechanical issues despite the high mileage it already has the one thing I do not really like would be the color.

- Albert B

Fun nightmare with a bunch of annoying problems.

2001 Ford Mustang

My vehicle gets terrible gas mileage. It is fun to drive. It is terrible in the rain and snow. It always needs rear tires and always has problems with the electrical systems.

- James J J

If you want horsepower, the mustang GT 8-cylinder doesn't disappoint.

2001 Ford Mustang

I bought my mustang recently and it has less than 80K on it. My vehicle is a smooth drive and gets me from Point A to Point B. My mustang is a GT with an 8 cylinder engine.


Safety features and warning features.

2001 Ford Mustang

It's just for around. Older car so things are starting to go on it. Do like the look and color. Too low to ground for me at this point so hard to get in and out of car.

- Debra H

It is comfortable to drive.

2001 Ford Mustang

It's still look good, it has high mileage and still runs great, do not have any problems and I do not have to take it to get maintenance because its manufactured good.

- Shelly D


2001 Ford Mustang



Slick nice look and amazing purring sound

2001 Ford Mustang

It runs perfectly, the seats are so comfortable, the air conditioner never gave out (when every car I have ever had did) and it just has a beautiful purr!

- Jane L

It has lasted a very long time and is still reliable.

2001 Ford Mustang

I like that my vehicle is reliable. I like that it is fairly fuel efficient. My car is getting older, so it has a few minor problems from wear and tear.

- Alexis J

It was built to last.its a family car.it comes with a reputation.

2001 Ford Mustang

It's a very fast car.it is also a drop top which allows for access to more fresh air while driving.mustangs are a part of the American hot rod history.

- Keitb F

The V6 engine is powerful enough that this old car still gets up to speed with other racers.

2001 Ford Mustang

My vehicle is too old and it has a lot of wear on it, lots of mileage. I love the v6 engine. Love the look of the car. I'd love a 2015 Mustang next

- Julia P

Is fast and reliable vehicle.

2001 Ford Mustang

The car performs well but something is wrong with the transmission, so I need to get a new transmission before the one I have now stops working.

- Averie G

It's a sporty model. I like the body style

2001 Ford Mustang

I like it. my wife doesn't. I like the economy of the car. No major problems as of yet. 208,000 miles so far. I'd like to get a newer one.

- Gary K

It nice but an older model and needs repairs. Also even though body is in good condition if damaged car is not cost effective to repair.

2001 Ford Mustang

Old and now needs a lot of work. Sometimes repairs are more than a monthly payment. Hard to find part at any place other than the dealer

- Bobbie P

Dependable car if take care of well last long time.

2001 Ford Mustang

I like because it is easy to drive. It is good on gas mileage. A very dependable car and low maintenance. I like everything about my car.

- Stefany M

Love my mustang GT convertible!

2001 Ford Mustang

I love my mustang! I've have it since 4/01 and had minimal problems (3 maybe 4 instances where it had to go to the shop).

- Vikki G

It runs very well. It currently does not have any problems. I just had it fixed.

2001 Ford Mustang

I like that my car only has 151000 miles. I do not like the gas mileage. I like the color. I do not like the small motor.

- Bradford H

Ford mustang lover, don't understand why people hate fords

2001 Ford Mustang

Very comfortable and runs great just wish it had more seating and wasn't so small but no problems with it and I enjoy it

- Destiny W

It doesn't run as well it has a many miles on it.

2001 Ford Mustang

We've had issues with brakes and ac and the CD player. Color fade I guess due to the heat certain belts. More I am sure.

- Missy Y

Cruising down the strip is n a convertible.

2001 Ford Mustang

I have no problems with my vehicle. It was 1 owner and well maintained. I check the fluids regularly and do oil changes.

- Brian T

Very cute car wish it had 4 doors and was more off the ground.

2001 Ford Mustang

Very reliable. Beautiful car! Very low to the ground. I hate crawling in and out. This car was made for a young person!

- Susan L

A Ford Mustang is a beautiful car

2001 Ford Mustang

I love my car. The interior is sleek, and the seats are very comfortable. I like the sporty yet classy look of the car

- Stacy k

It is an American hot rod.

2001 Ford Mustang

It is a great car. Its an American hot rod. Its fast & comfortable. It stands put in crowds. I et a lot of attention.

- Keith F

Sporty looks. Good gas mileage.

2001 Ford Mustang

I really like it. Good gas mileage. The body shape. No major problems so far. Like to get another one only newer. .

- Gar K

My car runs really good and is a safe car to drive.

2001 Ford Mustang

I like the shape and size of the car. It feels powerful and fun to drive. I enjoy having lots of room in the car.

- Martin E

My car is reliable, and pretty good on gas. I don't like that it leaks in the rain or that it's not great in the snow

2001 Ford Mustang

It's small, not great for a family. It has only two seats in the back which is not great for multiple car seats

- Gloria B

Very fun to drive in nice weather

2001 Ford Mustang

Love the convertible in the summer. Love the power. Too small and slides all over the road in rain and snow

- Mary C

It is safe and it has an anti theft system in it.

2001 Ford Mustang

It is a nice car. My dislike is it is small inside. I also drive a hummer h3 gm I love it; it is big inside.

- Donna V

Beautiful cool sexy auto.

2001 Ford Mustang

Great car, easy to drive and really fun. Only problem is that after a while the convertible top does tear.

- Maggie W

It's fun to drive and most people like it but it is older.

2001 Ford Mustang

My car is Great lookin and keep value a back seat small. Wish I had a newer car because of repairs.

- Robbie B

that it's mine and if anything happens to me then my step dad who I think of as my own dad will be the one to get my car.

2001 Ford Mustang

my car is fast it's a cobra. I love my car. its red with a black interior and handles like a dream

- Nathan D

It's a nice car to drive. It's easy to handle. It looks good.

2001 Ford Mustang

I have no complaints. I like it because it's small. I don't dislike anything about it.

- Norma S

That is a good car until you have to start working on it all the time

2001 Ford Mustang

I don't like the car. I am always working on it. The car needs a new motor

- Raymond d

Car has a very rare paint job with wood interior custom exterior

2001 Ford Mustang

Car is very fast Runs good on gas Loud exhaust pipe Easy to handle

- Jake C

Love the body style and the convertible roof top in the summer.

2001 Ford Mustang

Needs better air conditioning system and its 2 door.

- Kristina M