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Sunday driver and very reliable.

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

The flaws are that if you have more than two children they won't all fit in the back there isn't a lot of legroom for adults in the back seat either. Front seat only driver seat is powered and the buttons are in the front which isn't idea because you hit it at times when driving. The sunroom is powered but hard to hinge if your the only person in the car. The gas mileage for in town is decent but not practical if you're looking for efficiency. This is a good car for Sunday drives and a occasional drive. As far as reliability I have had zero issues with my mustang but it is also properly taken care of as far as maintaining the vehicle. Proper oil changes, fluids and wheel balancing and air filters change as often as recommended.

- Crystal O

02 Mustang Convertible vinyl top

2002 Ford Mustang Deluxe

Good reliable vehicle if taken care of. Route oil changes and tune ups. Love the convertible top. Great on a cool evening. Roof will leak if not well maintained. The leak will lead to standing water in the back of car. Standing water leads to mold. The engine is still running strong at 200,000 miles. The transmission is a little jumpy. I assume this is due to loss of traction in wet weather conditions. Rear wheel drive makes traction difficult in the rain. Very dangerous. I actually was driving to a friends house and was taking a turn around and the wheel hub popped right out of socket. It left me scrapping on the floor. I had to wait 3 hours for a tow truck to take my car home.

- Isaac O

2002 Ford Mustang-Very Reliable

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

I purchased my Ford Mustang brand new in the year 2002. I am still driving this vehicle in 2019. While my Mustang has been very reliable, I have had some mechanical issues. The main one being the brake switch. I live in a cooler region and when temperatures require the use of heat this is when I have problems with the brake switch going out. When this happens, the brake lights go out and you cannot operate the gear shift. The fix is quick and easy and, if you can find an honest mechanic, it shouldn't be expensive. Overall, I love my Mustang and I find it hard to think of giving it up for a 'mom' vehicle.

- Thompson L

My car is a manual and you don't see those around that much.

2002 Ford Mustang Deluxe

My mustang was bought second hand and is a manual and has had some major issues. I have owned it for the last four years and have had to put over $6,000.00 in it. I do not believe that it is because the car is a bad car, but because of the lack of car the previous owner provided. I've had to have a new alternator, battery, belts, spark plugs, tires, and ignition coil. The motor in the driver side window has quit working and will not roll down, and it can't be fixed because the shop couldn't find the part needed to fix it. Also the alarm was rewired and is somehow connected to the ignition.

- Ann W

Get up and go- mustang v6 or v8?

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

The performance on this vehicle needs a serious boost. For a v6 is gets terrible gas mileage. It has been a reliable car as far as repairs-no major problems. The car is comfortable to drive and handles well. The interior of this vehicle could have been made better- the parts are plastic and break easy. The outside body is sturdy and lives up to the ford tough built reputation. The base 3.8l automatic model could use a little more power under its hood and I would rate it comparable to the old school mustangs. My advice- buy a v8 instead if your looking for performance.

- Kathleen P

Not for me, but if you like fast cars, this is the car for you.

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

My mustang is from 2002, tan/beige color. I bought it from a previous owner who did not tell me that the brakes were not properly working. I have had multiple problems with the car since I bought it a little over 2 years ago. It obviously does not drive well in the snow, and I cannot wait to buy a new one. The seatbelts are not in good use anymore. The gas does not last very long. The headlights are low to the ground and dim so it is very hard to see at night. It is a small car, two door so not a lot of room. The trunk is pretty big but that's about it.

- michaela A

My car runs very smoothly and sounds really nice, and it looks really nice too

2002 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe

I love my car because it sounds really nice. It has a dual exhaust, and it purrs when you start it up. I've topped 100 mph in it, and it drives very smooth. I love the fact that it's convertible because on really hot days you can let the top down, and let the wind fly through your hair. The backseat isn't all that big, but it's perfect for trips with just me and my husband. The seats are leather with all black interior. We've put lights in the floorboards that flash all colors of the rainbow. Over all, it's a great car with a great engine.

- Mae T

Awesome Ford mustang: I love mustang and its red which is my favorite color!

2002 Ford Mustang

I love my car. I will buy another Ford mustang. I have had very few problems with it. I have had a new alternator put in and a new heater. That is all besides just regular maintenance. It drives and rides well. The only negative thing I would say is the older you get it is hard to get in and out of. Just depends on how well you can bend and such. Of course also being a 2002 it does not have all the new features most cars are coming out with. No GPS system which I would like to have. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone.

- Teresa L

It's a very durable car, after being around for 16 years it's still like new.

2002 Ford Mustang

I love almost everything about my car, I love the color (and how long it has lasted), I like that it's a convertible, I like how fast and nimble it is and I like the way it looks and sounds. The only thing I don't really like is that it isn't very fuel efficient and I feel like the brakes wear out quicker than my previous car. It feels heavy to drive and it doesn't stop as quickly as I'd like, I feel like after I hit the brakes the weight of the car combined with the momentum keeps it going.

- Anna H

A great vehicle for your second childhood.

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

The ford mustang is a well oiled machine. This is my boyfriends car and he keeps it in top running condition. It has been pointed and sounds like a motorcycle when first started. It rides really nice. I find that it is harder to get in and out of because of our age. It gets around 23-24 miles per gallon most of the time. Rides really well on long trips. The biggest downfall to mustang is it is hard to take anyone with you, unless they are short.

- Sharon M

Ford mustang ( the interesting new look of classy but edgy. ).

2002 Ford Mustang

I love this car. It is low profiled, very road worthy. Does not slip easily with the positive track. Handles like a dream. Large open driving view from windshield and back glass. Seating is ideal for two. Can fit smaller children in back with an ease with it is quick flip to letting the front seat all way forwards for easier access to back. Has huge trunk for storage and it is classy too.

- Shannon J

Why I Love My Mustang because of it�s high performance and sorry body style.

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

I love my 2002 Mustang because it represents the true American muscle and sports car. I have always loved Mustangs and this is one of my favorites based on the color satin silver, black leather interior, side vents, hood vent, spoiler, brand new tires and black rims, it has a 6 CD changer, auto locks, and windows, it drives and is in excellent condition very well maintained.

- Bernice L

The main detail l like is the gas mileage per gallon.

2002 Ford Mustang

I like the speed has a lot of get up and go. I do not like the low to the ground that is because of my age (63). Very reliable and comfortable. Like the sound system. Like the gas mileage. Even at this age of the vehicle it still has not had any major repairs. I change the oil every 3000 miles. I have had brakes installed on the front of the car only three times.

- Louise C

2002 Ford mustang- best car I have ever had.

2002 Ford Mustang

I cannot say that I have ever had any serious problems with my car, other than having to have the catalytic converter replaced three times. The second, it was under warranty and the third was just past the warranty but the part was covered as a courtesy. Otherwise, I have had a great 16 years with this vehicle and I am hoping for at least a few more.

- Stacey D

It looks nice, but you'll regret getting one. Get a more reliable car.

2002 Ford Mustang

I've had to replace the tires more times than it seems like I should have. I have frame damage that the dealership says they can't fix, and as a result, there's air drug I can feel while driving that cuts into my gas mileage. I have a non-critical check engine light on constantly. It just seems like I always have problems with it.

- Greg P

That I take pride in my car and that I take really good care of it. I always keep it washed and I wax it to protect it.

2002 Ford Mustang

It is a convertible which is really nice in the summer. It looks great and has a lot of style. I love the horses embroidered on the seats as well as on the steering wheel and panels of the car, the newer models do not have that. I also take really good care of it, even though it is older my Mustang is almost like new.

- George M

Reliable if you maintain it

2002 Ford Mustang Deluxe

It's pretty reliable Has over 200,000 miles for a V6 just keep up on the maintenance and don't ignore the check engine light Everything is good so far. Only problem for me would be the gas. Very reliable use it as a daily driver Only problems that were pretty small would just be damage hoses and the starter

- Ray J

A great car even though it's a little smaller it has great trunk space.

2002 Ford Mustang

Not the best when it's 100 degrees outside and the heat beams through and the leather seats are on fire. But all around it's a good car has over 180000 miles on it and it drives good. It's good on gas. It's perfect for spring and autumn when you want to drop the top and feel the wind blowing in your hair.

- Michelle M

My 2002 mustang is a teen friendly car and it would make for a good first car.

2002 Ford Mustang

My vehicle is now getting to be an older model car but was kept in great shape. If you keep up with the maintenance the car will last a very long time. So far I have had the car I haven't had any problems with it. I drive it to work on the freeway everyday and it runs great always starts up right away.

- Noah W

My vehicle is a pretty bronze Ford Mustang

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

I've love my Ford Mustang! It has always ran great but it is not made for too many miles. I used it to travel to and from college but the trips have not been good to it. If you are traveling often I would get a different car. But for fun or just to drive sometimes this is a good car to have around!!

- Ashlyn S

Not for everyone, sports cars need to be fitted to personality.

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

Poor visibility, rough riding suspension, low power, not so great gas mileage, higher insurance rates, not proper for a first vehicle for first time drivers, wide steering radius, headlights insufficient, seating situated to low, standard window tint too dark, too cramped, small trunk compartment.

- Wesley P

My car has been a great one

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

I purchased a 2202 ford mustang two years ago. It has been a great car for me and my wife. We haven't had any problems whatsoever with it. Just regular oil changes and replaced a set of tires. This car is great and drives like a champ. I would recommend anyone to purchase a ford mustang anytime.

- Brian P

Mustang speed pro and cons.

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

The car is very nice, runs great. I don't have many issues with much besides how small it is and often I am needing to fill it up. It's great for that sport car feeling but too tiny for me and I would wish it had a bigger gas tank. I put 20$ in every other day during the week, it adds up fast.

- Sydney R

Ok car for seasonal use and minimal commuting

2002 Ford Mustang Deluxe

The idea of the car is great, I've always wanted a mustang but the fact is that Everytime you turn around it is in need of repairs to keep it running. And the front suspension has been worked on numerous times and it still messes up. I wouldn't say that it's very safe as a everyday car either

- Thomas F

It is a mustang many people would like to have..

2002 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe

I wish it was faster and more traction in bad weather. Also rides a little bit rough. I don't like that the air filter is in the fender. The dual exhaust sometimes bottoms out depending on the road surface. Mechanically it appears pretty solid but usual problems occur do to the cars age.

- Nicholas L

Reliable 2002 Black Mustang

2002 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe

My mustang gets average gas mileage. It is a great drive. It handles really well, very comfortable to drive and ride. I have a great mechanic that does all the repairs. The air conditioning gets really cold fast. It does not have original radio but the one installed is really good.

- Rhonda M

The leather interior is sleek and gives it a great look

2002 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe

Very reliable. Bad on gas mileage. Has a great look and a lot of power. Love the body style. Back seat is small for any adults. Great pickup on speed. If u keep it up, it's a great car. The body style is my favorite other than the older 60s models. Has great potential to upgrade.

- Sarah S

From Ford pinto to Ford mustang.

2002 Ford Mustang

2002 Ford mustang is a fantastic car. So far I have not had any trouble with the vehicle. Even when there is a mechanical issue, it can always be fix. Ford vehicle has improved over the centuries. From the Ford pinto to the Ford mustang, the company Ford have extremely improved.

- Luis V

There aren't too many. If you like you car small inside. Spoiler and nice stereo.

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

It's not good on gas when street riding around. Highway mileage great. The motors on the windows go out after awhile. The original paint that ford put on the car doesn't last long in direct sunlight. 2 years tops. The you will need another paint job. Everything else great

- Stephanie S

The spark plugs hadn't been replaced and was still running fine 16 years later.

2002 Ford Mustang

For a 16 year old car my mustang has run very well. I have had only small issues with it and they were easily fixed. It is comfortable car and still looks good. I really like the vast aftermarket support for mustangs, making a relatively common car easy to personalized.

- Jake A

2002 Ford mustang: 16 years later and still running good!

2002 Ford Mustang

Vehicle still runs well with only a few problems that we have been able to fix. It is somewhat small for me but only because I am a tall person. It is starting to become a gas guzzler, but it is good for daily driving within 20 miles. Shifts gears somewhat easily.

- Janet S

The trim package is superior to others and untouchable by most.

2002 Ford Mustang GT Premium

My vehicle is top of the line, has great handling and safety features. It's reliable and comfortable in every way. I have had no issues to date with this vehicle aside from regular maintenance. I would recommend purchasing this make and model to anyone I know

- Sheila M

This car is good for a date night outside. Drop the top and go stargazing.

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

This mustang convertible runs great with very minimal maintenance. The fabric convertible top does tend to leak when it rains though. 30 dollars fills tank up. Great mileage. The air conditioning and heat work great. Easy upkeep. Very nice sized trunk space.

- Misty D

Electrical problems sometimes.

2002 Ford Mustang Standard

Minor electrical problems; starter sometimes does not communicate with the gear shift. Battery can also be an issue, if I do not drive it for about a month it will often die and need to be jumped. Otherwise it is a solid car, and gets me where I need to be.

- Conor M

My car is a beast and chicks dig it

2002 Ford Mustang Deluxe

This car is fast. Not very quick off the jump but it is explosive in third gear also this car also looks great. The sound of the engine is thundering. It's the perfect car meets all of my needs and is cheap to repair. This car is relatively low maintenance

- Bryan R

It's cool, and easy to have repaired if that need comes up.

2002 Ford Mustang

It's a fun and cool car, but it's old enough, and wasn't maintained. It has problems that cost upward of $1,000 per year, and it just the base model - not any faster than current cars. It's still a good ride though, even if the seats can be uncomfortable.

- Connor C

It is cramped. It is a very small car and although it has 5 seats, fitting more than 2 people in the front seats is a hassle.

2002 Ford Mustang

I like my car, I got it for a very reasonable price and was lucky enough to purchase it from someone who took fantastic care of it. It is an older car so it is unfortunately giving out on me a little but I am still happy to have it and own it completely.

- Emily R

Ford mustang gt 2002 review.

2002 Ford Mustang

Its dependable it hasn't needed to have a lot of work done just normal maintenance. Its fast traction is great. Only negative is not much leg room as dash is big. Changing fuel filter is a pain and takes time to do from home. Mustang is a reliable car.

- Carrie B

It is a v8 engine, and its really fast.

2002 Ford Mustang

My vehicle is old, so it has a lot of problems. . That reoccur. As of late the radiator overheated. Then, I had to get a new window and fix the hinges on the door. Now, I am having issues with the air condition. There is always an issue.

- Amber Z

Mustang coupe performance and style.

2002 Ford Mustang

Great car and very stylish and fast. Good mileage and very low maintenance and uses 87 octane gas. Also handles extremely well in corners and curves. Just needs a standard tune up every 4000 miles or so. Body style never looks dated.

- Les J

2002 Silver v6 mustang all original

2002 Ford Mustang

I currently drive a 2002 v6 mustang. After 130,000 miles I have not had any serious mechanical issues and have only had oil changes and basic maintenance. All original parts still and not one complaint

- Alexander N

It outlasted my marriage! Has been on 3 cross -country drives and survived 2 grad school degrees with me. I will never get rid of my car

2002 Ford Mustang

I love the look, the speed, a d how fun it is to drive. Now that I live in MI, I hate that it slides on ice and snow due to rear wheel drive but I'd gladly deal with that because I love my car!

- Jenna H

It gets me where I need to go.

2002 Ford Mustang

It is too old, only has 2 doors and not easy for me to get in and out of. Because of the age of the car, lots of things go wrong with it. It is a convertible and it does not work right.

- Misty P

It has been a loyal car! I have been in two accidents with semi trucks!

2002 Ford Mustang

I love my car because it is fast and I feel secure in it. I'm sad it's aging but I do what I can to take care of it. Sometimes when it's washed and waxed it looks brand new.

- Kerry H

Mustang gt is very dependable. My model is a convertible and is nice to drive.

2002 Ford Mustang

Dislike: the stereo had to be replaced several times. Intake filter has been issue several times. Like: very dependable despite small issues mentioned above. Easy to drive.

- Jennifer A

One important thing people should know about mustangs is they are very reliable and very nice.

2002 Ford Mustang

My Vehicle is a 5-speed manual with a V-6 it is very fun to drive. Runs really fast has a nice sound system. Also it only has 100,000 miles for being 15 plus years old.

- Erick O

It would last a long time, if you take good care of it. I stand by all Ford vehicles.

2002 Ford Mustang

I love my car. It's has high miles and still going strong. I just had to replace the original parts ( Calibers and Struts) about 2 years ago. My car runs great.

- Nicole S

02 Mustang: a great buy for a decent price

2002 Ford Mustang

I love my 02 mustang. When I turn the ignition the sound is exuberating. The only complaints I have is that when I bought it I had to buy a new A/C compressor.

- Evan T

It's quick and it looks good. The design is very nice for a 90s car, and it holds up to today's standards.

2002 Ford Mustang

I like that my car is quick. It's nicely designed for when it was produced. Only complaint is gas mileage, but what car like a mustang has good gas mileage?

- Carter B

When I am driving my car, it makes my self esteem go up because of how good I feel behind the wheel/

2002 Ford Mustang

I love my Mustang. It runs smoothly and is easy to drive. Sometimes I go faster than I intend but I am not sure if that's the car or me having a lead foot.

- Savannah S

The spark plugs hadn't been replaced since it came from the factory and it was still running fine 16 years later.

2002 Ford Mustang

For a car that is 16 years old it runs and drives very well. I have had very few problems with it. It has served me well over the 4 years I have owned it.

- Jacob A

It's affordable to keep running while also a very fun car to drive.

2002 Ford Mustang

I like the affordability, reliability, and availability of aftermarket parts. I dislike the amount of effort needed to keep up an older vehicle at times.

- Hayden O

The gas mileage is not the greatest and it does not have a lot of room inside.

2002 Ford Mustang

I still own my very first car and I love it, it's just getting up there in years and has expected wear and tear from driving it so much over the years.

- Jamie M

It is very reliable and easy to repair on your own.

2002 Ford Mustang

Love the simple and ease of which it is repairable. Enjoy the speed of the vehicle and handling of the car. Do not like to low fuel economy of it.

- Ryan M

I have the exterior no leather but texture is great quality

2002 Ford Mustang

Runs smoothly and enjoy how fast it drives. You have to be careful because you will have too much fun to the point you may get speeding tickets.

- Ruby M

Timeless vehicle. People always think it is newer that it really is.

2002 Ford Mustang

Great car. Mustang GT convertible. No problems bought new. Love the leather sets. Fun to drive. Get great compliments from anyone who sees it.

- Ron L

My Ford mustang is an excellent sports car.

2002 Ford Mustang

Acceleration and handling are excellent. Convertible top is cool. The body of the car is stylish and sporty. I dislike the poor gas mileage.

- Randolph S

Aftermarket pearlescent paint job, candy apple red.

2002 Ford Mustang

Other than the rusting on the bottom of the car, it's a good vehicle, cheap to maintain. Decent on gas, and the sound system is phenomenal.

- Ronnie M

Its tuned for racing and is my pride and joy.

2002 Ford Mustang

The car is very fast and fun to drive. Comfort is about medium but is not horrible. Repairs are frequent and cost for fuel is expensive.

- Abraham C

It is a mustang and I love muscle cars.

2002 Ford Mustang

I like muscle cars for their looks, speed and style. My mustang is sleek and beautiful. I will frequently get compliments on my car.

- Cynthia P

People should know I haven't had any major problems with it.

2002 Ford Mustang

I like the style of the car, the color and how comfortable it is. What I hate about it is that my car goes through gas super fast.

- Allison R

It gets me where I want to go and has never stranded me somewhere.

2002 Ford Mustang

My car has been a very good and dependable car. I will eventually want another one. But for now I am happy with the one I have.

- Angie T

It is pretty fast and cute.

2002 Ford Mustang

I love the fact it is a v8. I love the fact it is a convertible. I love the fact it is yellow. I dislike the miles per gallon.

- Nicole B

the exhaust manifold have issues with cracking, I've replaced both on my car on several occasions

2002 Ford Mustang

it has been a reliable car I've owned it for around ten years now and has only left me stranded with a bad fuel pump

- kirk w

I got a Mustang that I love, you will love it too if you ever own one

2002 Ford Mustang

I love my mustang. It runs good, a.c works power windows and doors, sits well for long trips very comfortable

- Sheronica S

Good on gas. It has a backup camera, has a good reputation mechanically.

2002 Ford Mustang

I love the looks. I love the ride. I love the power the ride is awesome drives like a champ really good driving.

- Troy W

Very fast easy to control

2002 Ford Mustang

I love the car It's awesome runs great never had any problems would recommended to anyone who needs a good car

- Miche S

That It's close to becoming a classic

2002 Ford Mustang

I like the old body. I don't like the long antenna. I don't like the old stereo system. I love the old rims

- Jamie L

It's very nice looks great drives great

2002 Ford Mustang

I love my car its comfortable, reliable and good performance good gas consumption I've not had any problems

- Donna N

It still runs after 16 years - with only regular maintenance

2002 Ford Mustang

I like that it has a fairly old design and even though it is already 16 years old it still runs very well.

- Nicole L

It's a very smooth ride but bad gas mileage.

2002 Ford Mustang

I like the pick up it has, but I dislike after riding in it on long rides it is extremely uncomfortable.

- Maureen O

Just the right size for a car that has only one user.

2002 Ford Mustang

I bought it brand new. Was a good car for several years; now having to put quite a bit of work into it.

- Peggy L

She's beautiful. She's dependable. Good on gas mileage.

2002 Ford Mustang

I love my mustang because she is reliable. She's well taken care of that's why she's lasted so long.

- Ann D

Low miles in good condition

2002 Ford Mustang

Bought it new it only has 108567 miles i am 65 years old bought it new and I love it

- Harvey Q1 W

It's very fast. It can reach top speeds really quick.

2002 Ford Mustang

I love my vehicle. It's very dependable. The only bad thing is it uses a lot of gas.

- Adrian A