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Highlighting a more powerful engine than previous models, it has a 6.0 cylinder.

My Ford Ranger Edge Edition (4X4), 6.0 cylinder has been a solid car for my lifestyle. Weather I want to go camping or just drive a few hours to hike a trail, it has done a good job on staying consistent with engine durability. I have about 188,0000 miles on it and I have my oil changed regularly, every 3K-5K miles. I have taken my Ford Ranger on long distance camping trips and it has not failed to get me where I need to go. Even though the mileage is not great, at 15-17 MPH highway, I still can say that it is fun to drive and has enough power to get through uneven terrain. The interior is decent, with a CD disc changer and full AM/FM radio. The speakers are also louder than you expect. The seats are comfortable as you sit higher up, while power windows and locks are a nice plus. There is enough space to sit two individuals in the cab area and can remain comfortable with a sliding cab window. The Ford Ranger Edge Edition is a great car to have for simple living, or not. It has the ability to go across uneven terrain such as sand and dirt, with easy switch to 4X4 capabilities.

- Sean M

Perfect size little truck

I've had this vehicle for 10 yrs now, I love this truck since it is good for my size. I am short about 4'11 and half so this is perfect for me. This vehicle is smaller than the average truck, It is showing some mechanical issues now. At first check engine is on then the actuator stop working it does not respond to the remote. Recently the heater stopped working it's just blowing regular air, right now it's getting fix and hopefully be ready. So far it has new radiator, by the way this vehicle is sturdy. Last year I hit a deer on the driver's side and broke my headlights and bent the front part other than that the vehicle is fine.

- Bretz K

Ford ranger pick-up w/ 4WD. My truck has never let me down or left me stuck.

I love my truck. It rides smooth. Aside from regular pm it does not need a lot of repairs. I have a 4WDso I can go off-road in summer, as well as going to visit my daughters in Oregon and Arkansas. The steering handles wonderfully, minimal slack in the wheel. If I happen to be where gas is not close, I still have about 50 miles after the gas gauge hits the red e, and that alone has saved me a few times. I like that it does not have power locks and power windows. I prefer manual operations for these items. The dealer changes my oil and checks fluids regularly for me. I have no complaints about this vehicle. I love my Ford ranger.

- Angela L

It's no longer in production, but it's held up well. I still see quite a few Rangers on the road. It was a good investment. There are some engine problems, but those can happen to any vehicle. I don't regret the purchase and would do it again.

I like that it still runs. I bought it new and have taken pretty good care of it. I would like it to have some of the new upgrades that come on newer vehicles, but I'm okay with it the way it is. It's paid off, and I only have to take care of some maintenance. It handles okay for a truck made during those years and also due to the age. Some newer vehicles have better handling, turning, suspension, etc. But the ones made bank in 2000 did the best they could with the technology available. I bought the upgraded model at the time, otherwise I might be more unhappy with the vehicle compared to others on the market.

- Nicki V

My bomb (truck) I would like to emphasize its reliability.

My truck is a hand-me-down, I didn't buy it, inherited it from family. It's starting to get some problems related to age, replacing expensive parts. It's a small, lightweight truck with the usual, standard features. Comfort-wise, because it's getting up there in age, it's not as comfortable as you would like. Takes bumps hard. After all its been through with. Different family members though its really held up well. I would not hesitate to buy a ford product. It's been very reliable transportation. I just wouldn't be interested in a truck though. A car, please.

- Terry S

Ford ranger stepside two door short bed.

My vehicle is a ford ranger stepside, two door. It has been a reliable truck since I bought it back in 2016. Haven't had any real big issues. Just tires needed replaced, oil change, spark plug change, general maintenance. I do have one issue that has been present since I bought the truck. It has a shock issue, either the shocks need to be replaced because they are broken or the shocks are poorly made. You can feel every bump on the road in this truck.

- Sierra J

The body shape is very appealing to the eye.

I absolutely love my car. It's good for handling projects like moving heavy objects. It has a long bed which comes in handy for moving. It has a nice interior design and is very comfortable for long drives. The gas mileage is pretty decent for the size of the car. I have never had a problem with the oil when getting it changed, and the engine is pretty quiet still. Love this car and would recommend it to anyone.

- Nane W

Best Truck Ever! I have never owned a vehicle that has had virtually no issues.

I have had my vehicle 18 years and it is undoubtedly the best truck I have ever owned. In all the years I have owned it I have only had to replace a PCV valve, a connection to my radiator, lower ball joints, brakes and tires. The AC is the coldest air conditioner out of any vehicle I have ever owned. My truck has been hit from behind three different times and it's still going strong with over 200,000 miles.

- Nicole P

It may not be loaded with luxury, but it will take me anywhere I want to go.

My truck is the perfect size vehicle for my lifestyle. It has been a dependable truck and when it needs repairing, it is within my capabilities to perform most of the repairs. I would consider buying another Ford product before any other vehicle. My only complaint is that Ford did not cover a known Ford defective head, that should have been a recall issue, and I had to purchase a new engine in 2004.

- Lane M

It is a fantastically dependable little worker and fun to drive.

I acquired my truck in 2012 with about 100k miles and while it shows some signs of age (creaking, shocks and struts issues, etc. ) I am impressed with how resilient it is and by Its continuing quality performance. The only major issue it has had were the spark plugs wearing out; it was perfectly fine after replacement. Tends to fishtail in rain because of lightweight bed and lack of 4WD.

- Annie F

The best vehicle made in America Ford there's no comparisons.

The Ford ranger xlt pickup truck is one of the best Ford pickup trucks that has been made, their durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, I have owned nothing but a Ford my whole life, I'd suggest to those who do not know the fords when they go to buy a new vehicle to make it a Ford pickup truck, rangers, f-150s, explores, expeditions, I think they're the best vehicles that is out there.

- Vincent I

The same as a full sized truck, just in a great, mini style!

The Ford ranger is a great little truck. It has all the comforts of a full sized pickup, but in small form. It having 4WD is an awesome plus to having a small sized vehicle. The extended cab has two fold down seats in the back which make it possible for 4 passengers to travel in the ranger. It does have a powerful engine which is nice, but does cause it to guzzle gas.

- Lindsey E

Very dependable, reliable vehicle.

Great gas mileage, manual transmission does great, heater and ac both perform well, truck bed is plenty big enough to haul about any load. Has good power everything works as should. Very dependable and reliable. Would take any long road trip or drive in heavy commuter traffic. Tiring to change gears in heavy stop and go traffic. Only thing I do not like about truck.

- Julie S

Fords and rust. Does all ford's rust or is it just the rangers?

Very rusty, brake lines rusted apart, bed rusted, frame is rusted, alternator has went out 3 times, fuel tank is rusted, bumper is rusted and falling off, had to have it welded back on. Also had to have the clutch replaced several times. It is a good vehicle for the years, but it has completely rusted out. Every piece of metal on it has rusted, and holes from rust.

- Patricia M

Ranger trucks are very dependable and reliable.

Engine still runs well, it had transmission issues but those have been resolved. It gets decent gas mileage for a truck, although I think it could be better. Air conditioner still works good although the heat pump has gone out. Overall I have satisfied with this vehicle and would definitely purchase another one if they were still in production.

- Isaac P

A small, comfortable, and reliable truck that can park in any space.

There is nothing like having a truck. The vehicle is very awesome I really love it but I will say that the computer problems are a real pain and ford rangers are known for that but other than that it is an awesome truck. Past the computers it is very reliable. It is a little small but it is comfortable and can fit in all parking spaces.

- A D

It is a basic vehicle for a simple lifestyle.

I bought my 2000 ford ranger XLT used from a friend. It has always been reliable and comfortable. It does not have much in the way of additional options; for example, it has no power windows or locks. It does, however, have air conditioning and cruise control. I would like to have an extended cab as there is little storage room.

- William H

20 year old ford ranger!!

Very few problems, my power lock switch on my driver side door is finicky. Performs lovely for a 20 year old vehicle, the truck rides fairly smooth. And the towing package is really nice to have. The rear passenger side door is having troubles opening seems like a simple enough fix plan on doing it myself if ever I have time.

- Alex S

Runs forever like a workhorse. That is why it is called the ranger!

My ranger is tough! It just keeps running. I have it since 2002 and it still runs good. I kept it maintained and try to have a clean engine. I use it back and forth to work everyday and weekends to run errands. It already has 200, 000 plus miles! Keep it maintained and change your fluids and it will run forever.

- Tanglad V

The old Ford still truckin.

I love the ease of shifting gears. Though the steering wheel is a bit to tight. I love the small size and mobility. The cab could use an upgrade with wireless and hands free technology. Since the law says we cannot have our hands on our phone at anytime when in a driver's seat. For me it is the perfect truck.

- Rebecca R

2000 Ford ranger xlt review.

I drive a 2000 Ford ranger xlt. I love the automatic motor, extended cab, cruise control options, and cargo room. I have a lot of miles on it already but it is still going strong. I keep up with the maintenance on it as much as I can in order to help maintain the longevity of everything under the hood.

- Kayla R

My truck is a lot of fun to drive and take trips in, it is a extended cab,

I love my Ford ranger. I have owned it for about a year and a half and l haven't had any problems with it. Besides regular maintenance, like new brakes and rotors I haven't done anything mechanical to it. It is equipped with the 6 cylinder 4. 0 motor which provides great acceleration whenever I want.

- James V

Ford ranger extended cab flex fuel 6 cylinder 4 wheel drive.

Problems with 4-wheel drive electric shift transfer case motor and transmission problems with reverse going out on the truck. Fuel economy is not good at all and cannot be improved much. Overall this is a good dependable truck but it is not the vehicle for interstate trips or long range mileage.

- Michael B

Beautiful good running truck! And she doesn't use as much gas as the big trucks!

I've had no issues at all with the ranger. She's a good truck. She needs repainted because she's older but, no rust or anything. She's comfy, I can fit 4 people other than myself in the cab, and she drives nice. She might be a smaller truck but, she can do almost anything the big ones can do!

- Stephanie W

2000 Ford ranger, midnight blue in color. Over all a wonderful truck to have.

I have really enjoyed my 2000 Ford ranger throughout the years. It was purchased off the lot by my grandparents and the later on gifted to me. It has only had one owner and minimal problems since being in my possession. It has been a very reliable and I have been pleased with it ever since.

- Morgan D

Ford ranger 1998 4 cylinder manual transmission.

Ford truck is a dependable car. Good gas mileage. Comfortable. Handles well. 4 cylinder manual transmission feels a little underpowered. This car is fairly easy to maintain. Not good for carrying more than 2 people. Will haul light loads well. Have not tried to pull a trailer.

- Tommy L

It is a great vehicle for work and taking you from one place to another.

The comfort of the vehicle is not good if there is 3 people in it. Reliability is ok for now, cannot go as far as wished but it takes you where ever you need to be. The problem is not enough space for sitting. It is a great vehicle nonetheless and you can add a toolbox on the back.

- Marisol R

Review of 2000 Ford ranger.

Despite being over 18 years old this truck runs smooth. I really have no complaints. As long as you keep up with maintenance. Oil changed on timely scheduled it runs fine. Have not had any problem with its running. Wipers are hard to keep up replace the about every three months.

- Mary W

My truck is very reliable and I am happy with it for now.

I bought my ranger with 100, 000 miles and it had a blown head gasket. I got it for $1800 and put $3000 into it to get it running and now it drives like its brand new. It is a 4 wheel drive so it is great for the winters where I live. So far I have not had any problems with it.

- Nick S

Our 2000 Ford ranger is a great road trip truck.

Great little truck. Great for road trips. Good on gas. Comfortable. Reliable. Bought it used in two thousand and four. We have had no problems with it. Last year we took it on a three state road trip and over two mountain ranges and it got great mileage and we had no problems.

- Debi G

My thoughts on a Ford ranger.

The seats are little uncomfortable, and there are not as many adjustments on the seat as I'd like there to be in a manual truck. It is a great vehicle for a commuter vehicle and still gives the ability to haul small loads. A great vehicle for farm kids just starting to drive.

- Lilly T

Perfect for a single girl and her dogs. Everything works great!

I'd really like it to have a armrest. I love the cup holders under the back window. And I really like how functional my truck is for what I do. The trucks 4 wheel drive works great and I've never had any issues with it. There is a good amount of space for me and my dogs.

- Jamie S

Very dependable and reliable.

My truck is very reliable and hasn't had any breakdowns. Regular maintenance has been all I've needed to do for great performance. It's fun to drive when I am exploring new fishing holes. It has great hauling capability that cars or SUV s can not compete with.

- Russell R

Best small truck on the market.

This little truck has everything I was looking for. From the Gas Mileage to the towing capacity it's an all around great choice. Reliable as all hell and relatively inexpensive to fix when this do go awry. Anyone choosing this vehicle will not be disappointed!

- Jonathan S

The best thing about the Ford Ranger is that it is the perfect size for me.

My truck is an old 2000 Ford Ranger and has 350,000+ miles on the original engine and transmission and it still drives like a champ. Some of the little things like the door handle and ceiling material is messed up but the outside body is clean and nice.

- Michelle B

Old, but it is very reliable.

Extended cab pickup truck with a V6 engine. I like having a truck with a bed because I do a lot of outdoor activities and I don't mind getting the bed dirty. I dislike that it does not have four doors or a cover for the bed.

- Bradley S

It is very sturdy. I know if I ever get into an accident, I will be safe. The air conditioning is also very terrific! However, it is not very practical for everyday commute; The miles it gets is very lacking. I'm basically paying up the wazoo for going a short distance.

Everything is manual. It doesn't have automatic locking you have to insert the key on both sides to get in. Windows are crank windows. Most importantly, you have to remember to turn the lights on during a storm.

- Carly S

To be careful with it since i like it so much. And that It's very reliable

I love that It's a nice in good condition Pick up truck that is very convenient when transporting furniture. I still have a lot of original parts in it that run forever. And i got it for an absolute great deal.

- Ines C

Easy to drive, easy to maintain,and very reliable.

Ranger is very good on gas.It's very reliable and easy to maintain. It has many options that all still work.In 16 years when problems would arise when driving we always made it back home, were never stranded.

- Floyd R

Nobody has one that looks like mine!

My danger Ranger is awesome!. It's sport yellow with a flat cap that lifts up on the bed. Thing has no rust and drives like a champ. The only thing I wish it had is 4 wheel drive but I'm totally ok with it.

- Derek M

It's a small pick-up that does a big job.

My Ford ranger is really good on gas, I just do regular oil changes and maintenance and haven't had any breakdowns. It's fun to drive and its great for hauling loads you just can't haul in cars and SUVs.

- Russell R

It's a midsize truck, dependable, good on gas and reasonable to repair

It's been dependable for 17 years. It it large enough to easily put my mobility scooter in the bed of the truck. It gets 300 miles on a tank of gas which is good for the size and year of the truck

- Rosemary H

My truck gets reasonable gas mileage for a 4x4, but it is starting to use more oil than it should.

I like that it is 4x4 as I live rural, it does not have any gps or other tracking devices and I love that it has less computerized parts that fail. I dislike that the steering wheel is a bit worn.

- Kathleen R

It is reliable and gets at least 20 miles to the gallon

This little truck is still in perfect running condition all I have ever done was put new oil in it and new tires the driver's seat is in need of repair but other than that it is in great shape

- Robert c

It has been a good one. I knew to buy it after a transmission replacement, which is needed in older Rangers and Explorers around 100k miles.

It's gotten me this far, but is starting to have issues. I feel fortunate to have had such a reliable vehicle, but I am not in the position to purchase a new-to-me replacement any time soon.

- Amy G

Great size for exploring back roads and two tracks!

My ranger is a great size for short off-road trips. It is narrow enough that I can drive down two tracks with trees on both sides and not worry about constantly running into branches.

- Jacob H

Great performance and dependable still at 18 years. Well worth buying.

This is my second ford ranger. They run good and last for a very long time. I don't dislike anything about it other than it is getting old and will need to be replaced in the future.

- sande t

It has rear doors that open up which makes it easier to load stuff behind the front seats.

It has been very reliable for me. It fits most of my stuff. I think the biggest drawback is that you can only take one passenger because the rear jump seats are too small.

- Guy s

That it has been a very reliable vehicle over the 18 years I've owned it.

It's been a pretty reliable vehicle with low maintenance costs until recently. What I don't like about my vehicle is that it gets really bad gas mileage for a small truck.

- John S

Ford ranger reliable transportation

I like the Ford ranger because mine is flex fuel capable. Isn't too bad on gas and it's got me to where I need to go safely. Reliable and isn't too costly to fix

- Christopher W

This truck doesn't age well cosmetically and uses the most expensive gas to run well.

A lot of cosmetic issues (paint not wearing well, headliner coming down, overlay on cruise control buttons, etc. came off) Runs reliably, nice size bed and cab

- Robinson G

My Ford Ranger is a green automatic pick up truck. with 3 seats in the front. my truck is perfect for me to drive to and from work. I can sit up high but it is still a small vehicle, there is nothing like driving a pick-up.

It's multi-purposeful. I can drive it to work, it gets decent gas mileage. But I can also haul stuff around in the back, it is perfect for everyday living.

- Hannah R

Good gas mileage average 18 miles to the gallon for a pick up thats good

It's easy to drive.great on gas.is very versatile and hauls good low maintenance easy parts to change.not had a lot of problems with it at all good leg room

- Karrie H

Beach camping like a champ.

This truck is great. It has a strong engine with a small frame, but has 4 doors for easier entry and a fair amount of bed space for large or small loads.

- Tyler T

you take care of it and it will last

we got it used in 2012 have done some repairs and it has lasted for 6 years. what do not like is there is a deep that sounds off and have not found it

- steve B

That my Ford truck is so dependable.

Love how my truck handles. Gets great mileage and is so handy for hauling furniture and garden supplies. Nothing to dislike. I hope it lasts forever!

- Margaret w

It is reliable and safe. I am grateful.

Its dependable. Wish the back seats faced front, not towards each other.. It gets great mileage.. It is great on road trips. Comfort is not bad..

- Deborah G

How to put the key in to start it. It has a sweet spot.

I brought it new and it has been a good one. I have 270,000 miles on it and it is still going. I dislike that the seats are about wore out.

- danny R

That it is a good quality truck.

I dislike it because it is a stick shift. But I love the little truck for hauling my mulch and flowers in the spring. It is also good on gas.

- Lisa T

People should know that's I've had the truck for a few years now and never had any problems with it other than the gas issue

I love my vehicle it is grey with black rims. It is really clean in the inside. I wish my gas mileage was better. It really sucks on gas.

- Candice R

That it rides really smooth.

I love the gas mileage I get from this vehicle. I love the smooth ride I get from this vehicle. I love the body features of this truck.

- Monroe t

That it is reliable and economical.

Repair free. Keeps running great. The ac is also excellent. It does not break, but that available. The required tires are sorry strong.

- Kerry L

I would have no idea what others should have to know about my truck.

It is a good truck that is dependable. The only downside to it would be the two wheel drive. If it had AWD that would make it perfect.

- Larry M

It is a 5 speed transmission. Not too many people can drive a standard transmission these days.

I have a Ford Ranger extended cab with a standard transmission and 4 wheel drive. I have a camper shell on it. I love my truck.

- Georgina T

It's reliable and hasn't left me on the side of the road once. It's gas efficient.

I love the size as well as the color. I haven't had to make to many repairs in all the years I've owned it. It's very reliable.

- Desirae C

I love it because of all of the room.

I like the compact size of the pickup. Four wheel drive is necessary where I live. Seat is comfortable. My dog likes the truck.

- Clark B

It is very dependable and Ford should continue to make this vehicle.

I love it because it gets really good gas mileage, it is very dependable and it is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

- Scott S

Ford Ranger XLT Flex Fuel 4 wheel drive with plenty of cargo room and towing power

Very dependable truck for everyday purposes. Reasonable gas mileage. 6 cylinder engine has plenty of torque and towing power.

- michael b

Runs forever. great life span. great for long road trips.

wish the seats in the back faced another direction. it's a good little truck. great for a long road trip. it is comfortable.

- Debbi G

The most important thing others should know about my truck is that it has been well maintained and has very low mileage for this year.

I got a very good deal on my truck. I got it for free! It is in good running condition and only has 70 thousand miles on it.

- Jaris J

It is a good work vehicle and get average gas mileage.

It is a ford ranger. I like how it drives. I do not like how at times the gear shift sometimes slips and it will not start.

- Mary S

Longevity, driver comfort, great mileage.

This is a very reliable pickup. It has comfortable seating. The fuel economy is excellent. This vehicle holds up very well.

- L W

Nothing beats the quality of a reliable vehicle when your life is on a budget.

I love it. Its reliable easy to fix comfortable to ride in.. It easy for my being short to get it.. Helps us haul things.

- Danielle L

that i have been driving it everyday for 18 years and no major troubles with it

it has been a very reliable truck since i bought it new in 2000 only thing i dislike is that fords have a resting problem

- alan S

Its handles bad in snow it fishtails.

The motor is too big for the frame. The seat is tilted to far back. Its fast. It's getting rusty, the heater works good.

- Michael S

For what it's worth I think we're getting quite a bit out of it. It still drives great, though, it's starting to make weird noises like all older vehicles do.

I'm not a Ford person. It's my boyfriend's vehicle. But parts are cheap because they are always breaking down somewhere.

- Christian B

Bad mileage, typical ranger problems.

Ac broke, will not start in cold/wet weather, gas mileage terrible. Like having a bed in the back, like the visibility.

- Clare B

the most important thing others should know about my vehicle well It's tiny and gas friendly

well for starters I love that It's small and tiny It's pretty decent on gas the only thing I dislike is It's a standard

- ben W

Functional, runs smoothly, and is reliable. Can get from point a to b easily.

There's nothing to say, I just like my truck. It handles fine, runs smoothly, I have had no issues with it whatsoever.

- Samuel S

It has been a very good and reliable vehicle for the most part.

It's been a very good vehicle overall for the past 18 years. I wish it got better gas mileage...I only get 15-18 mpg.

- Jim S

It drives like an old, well-aged farm truck.

I like that it is a truck. I dislike that it is manual windows with no tilt steering. I wish it had a full backseat.

- K p

It runs well and is ford tough. It is a dependable truck

Built Ford tough. I have taken a trip down to alabama and back and the truck rode great. Minimum amount of problems

- Wendy T

2000 Ford Ranger very good condition.

2000 blue Ford Ranger with 215,000 miles. Runs great. 1 owner vehicle always garages. New tires. 6 cylinder engine.

- Erich D

It has a awesome stereo. It also has a alarm.

I love being able to move stuff. I like that it's big and safe. I also enjoy the ride. I don't have any complaints.

- Elizabeth K

Good gas mileage and reasonable price.

Like all how it drive. The color of it. And how ride the size of it the wheels it a truck I can 'thing on the back.

- Tammy G

Dependable and it is so good on gas because it is a small truck.

I love small pickups. Just the right size for me. And it runs very good. It is good on gas because it is small.

- Jane T

It is old so maintenance is most definitely required.

I like having a truck for hauling stuff around. It is fairly good on gas. Only downside is the age of the truck

- Jeff G

It is very compact but still has enough room for everything you could need in it.

I like that I can haul decent sized stuff, while still getting ok gas mileage. I dislike the step side bed.

- Cody W

MY truck was made to last several years. A very dependable truck.

I like my truck a whole lot. I wish they still made them out of steel not plastic, It's a very tough truck.

- christopher s

Best vehicle for the money. Wish Ford would bring them back.

One of the best pickups ever made. I haven't had any trouble with it. I would like to have Ford make more.

- Bruce F

Great starter truck for someone

It's a great truck. Good on gas daily driver motor runs good little rust in some spots take it home today

- Jeff B

It is old, but it still runs.

I like the size. It is just the right size for me. I like the extended cab. I like the four wheel drive.

- chris R

It gets me to where I need to be everyday

I like that it is a truck. I dislike that it is a small truck. I also like that it is lifted 2 inches.

- Josh M

I am 6'3 and It's a little tight. But good power and reliable a 160, 000 miles.

Good all around, except small. 4x4 and with 4. 0 v6 and off-road package. Will two most common things.

- Matt F

That the seat has a pole sticking up and will poke the driver.

I like that the vehicle is reliable and does not break down often. I dislike how it is a manual car.

- Ryan S

My car is gas efficient and affordable.

We love the 4 wheel drive. We like the comfort of the cab and mirrors. Dislike the spare tire mount.

- Hannah S

It's a good vehicle and reliable.

No major problems other than routine maintenance. I would get another one of theses trucks to drive.

- Michael W

The body has lasted with very little rust for nearly 18 years of iowa winters.

I always wanted a truck since I graduated from high school, this is the truck to fulfill that dream.

- Walt L

Its red in color and I love driving it and It's a 5 speed and good on gas.

No problems I love my truck it gets me were I need to go I have not had any problems with it so far.

- Sherry B

It's not very fast but gets the job done. Also great on gas.

Great truck has over 200,000 miles on it. Get great gas mileage. Gets through the snow just fine.

- Andrew F

Still going even though 18 yrs old. Really like the integrity of a Ford.

It's a standard and I wish they were still making quality vehicles with a standard transmission.

- Tamar D

it's great on gas easy to drive and can haul a bit more than you think

I LOVE THAT its manual love that its gas saver but hate the size of the cab no room for speakers


it's great, better than you you'd think about a ranger

love a small truck with power. I love the way it handles. I love the power of a 6 cylinder.

- judith h

The ranger is a dependable small pick up .If you keep it maintained. It will run a long time

My truck has 250,000 miles.It is a dependable ride ,using very little oil.

- Sam B

There is nothing automatic on it. It is a stick, with manual locks and windows also.

It is very dependable. I have had no major problems since purchasing it.

- Zac M

Nice truck to have 4x4 it's good on gas about 17 mils agalin

Good on gas rides good I like Ford like the color scheme and good price

- Noah M

Economical to operate and maintain

Decent mileage. Easy to drive. Not much towing power. No speed control.

- John E

The brakes are a bit bad and the traction of the tires is a bit off

The brakes on the truck could be better along with the tire traction.

- David T

It has a kick ass stereo system, great for listening to good music

It's very reliable gets decent gas mileage and I like to drive it

- Rod M

Easy to drive. Easy to park and maneuver. Best small truck on the market.

I love Fords. Has been a great truck and easy to drive and park.

- George J

works good, but has issues

It's older and has issues that i think should have been recalled

- wisteria S

Very good reliable vehicle

Has been a good vehicle without high maintenance costs

- Al K