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In love with the transit, a few ideas to make it even more lovable!

I love the leather seats, built in navigation system, Bluetooth and Sirius radio! The overhead storage is incredibly helpful, though some bungee netting would be a nice feature to assist in keeping items more secure, though there is a lip or ridge to keep items from sliding out, a net of some sort would be more efficient. There are a lot of plugins which is great for family travel to accommodate devices being used. Plenty of cup holders. I would love to see more over head storage for rear passengers, however, the under seat cavity is nice too. I am unsure if a rubber flooring option is in existence, but I, personally, would prefer a wipe down flooring as I have several children. The carpet has not been too difficult to clean though! Parking is easy since this vehicle handles almost like a typical minivan and has a backup cam to help with the blind spot in the rear. No blind spots now! Truly love this vehicle!

- Kristina W

Ford transit workhorse van.

My Ford transit van is awesome. It has a lot of room for tools, materials, and has a ladder rack on top. This is company vehicle. It has the ecoboost that makes this van very quick to get around town. It is simple in the cockpit. With radio and CD player. I do however wish it had Bluetooth capabilities. The tires seem undersized for the load they carry and the van itself sits to high. Driving in the rocky mountain region the wind can become very strong and you certainly feel that with the high profile of this vehicle. All in all it is a good work van and I would recommend things vehicle to other fleet services that require work vans.

- Jeremy C

Roomy but not quality built.

I love the size of the vehicle especially the amount of storage in the back. I love having the camera for when reversing it really helps me feel safer. What I don't like about the vehicle is how easily everything breaks. My son was putting down the passenger side visor and it broke off and we can't fix it. I like how the gas tank is beside the drivers door but I am nervous because the cover broke off so anyone could put anything in my tank very easily. One of the seat belt covers came off and things seem cheaply made on the inside. I need the size because I have a very large family but really wished it was more durable.

- Rebecca C

the double / side by side style back doors are wonderful

it is so much easier to transfer into from my wheelchair than any other vehicle I have encountered, I do wish it had a flat floor for easier getting out, the step-up and out are a challenge at times. the double door on the back are great for getting my wheelchair in and out, so much easier than a hatchback , especially for shorter people that have to reach up for closing a hatchback . not too keen on the console set up but if we had ordered it with our own preferences we could have done better

- jeanie G

This thing fits everyone AND all our stuff! It drives easily, and once you get used to it, isn't too bad to park, although it is pretty long.

I like that it fits everyone in my family, and with enough space that there isn't fighting in the back. I also like not having to worry about losing the cap for the gas tank, as there isn't any! I wish there were steps going up to the inside, and a way to adjust the back seats backwards and forwards a little. I also wish there were a handle on the driver's side to pull myself in. (There's a handle on the front passenger side.) And I wish there were a better way to protect the carpets.

- Magda A

It drives really smooth. Very comfortable.

Love the spaciousness in seats. Love sitting up high. Love the rear camera when in reverse. Love the trunk space. Love no gas cap. Wish I had sliding doors. Wish I had more bells and whistles like installed DVD players, GPS, etc. It does have great child protective tether points and latch attachments for car seats which is super helpful. It actually drives really easy and smooth. It does not feel as big as it is.

- Jen L

The house on wheels with a view.

I really like the vehicle so far. It drives smoothly and turns well and is a joy to drive. The gas mileage is horrible and the windshield wiper is quite noisy. Other than that I am in love. I like the room it has -- you can stand up in the thing so it is good if you are tired of bending over to move around. I also really like the huge windshield it's like a panoramic view.

- William M

Ford vehicle, 2015. (love the vehicle btw).

I have no problems at all. It's very comfortable, and reliable, the performance is pretty good, out of all I really recommend buying it, it's pretty sweet. I love my own! The steering wheel I love its nice and smooth, gotta love the comfy seats, not to say it looks pretty neat on the inside, I love how the radio looks, after all I give it a 10 out of 10 10/10:)!

- Liv V

Transit van handles like a car.

The transit handles like a small car as far as steering and "ride". The only thing I dislike about it is that you cannot see out of the rear window. The gas mileage could be better as well (tops out at 17 mpg). The stability is very good because there used to be issues with flipping. The breaks tend to go quickly on this vehicle.

- Joe G

Perfect large family vehicle

Transits are perfect for large families or big groups of people. The features we have are great but looking back should have opted for a few more such as the rear camera. We recently took a 3,000 mile round trip vacation and it was great with zero issues. Everyone was comfortable and had plenty of room.

- Tonya H

A great running vehicle that gets you from point A to point B.

It has an electrical problem along with small issues. It runs good & has several good features. It takes me from point A to point B so I am glad about that. The performance is good & my vehicle is reliable. Once I get my vehicle worked on then everything will be smooth sailing from there.

- Denise V

Rides great love the space has the best a/c I have ever used in a car.

None so far I love my can we have only hadn't replace the brakes once basic maintenance stuff. My kids live the Blu-ray player the space is great I never have a problem fitting all my groceries on the back which is nice because I have 4 children so u buy a lot of food lol.

- Wendy G

It is just your basic transportation vehicle.

Our vehicle meets the needs of our family. It performs very well. It is a reliable daily driver. Our vehicle has many features. Our vehicle is comfortable to both drive and to ride in. We have experienced no problems with it during the three years since we purchased it.

- Beth G

Ford van: things I like and do not.

It has good gas mileage. The ride is smooth, sometimes I do not even have to touch the gas. The doors work. However, I do not like the style of the gearshift I wish it was between the seats instead of on the steering wheel. I really like the backup indicators.

- Samantha B

Good as I know of thanks.

Nothing wrong with it thanks it's been a very good van the windows work great the doors work fine and the hear/air works good the radio work good tires is good the seat recline and blinds that give privacy. The back seat lays into a bed and ceiling lights.

- Amanda H

I am very happy with my Ford transit.

I bought it used 2 years ago. It has a lot of room.. When it turned 60, 000 I got a new drive shaft from a recall. The van is very nice to drive and I would buy another one when I am finished with this.. It gets good gas mileage and it is fun to drive.

- Dominick A

It's reliable. We have had no major issues with repairs.

I love it. It has been a very reliable work vehicle. We use for working purposes everyday which makes it our primary means of transportation. It has not given us many problems. We keep up on the maintenance of it.

- Michelle G

One of the most important things that is needed to be known by the prospective buyers is that the vehicle gets good gasoline miles per gallon.

Too little miles per gallon, good for hauling my motorized wheelchair. My Wheelchair fits perfectly in the back end or the van is able to pull an enclosed utility trailer big enough to carry my chair.

- Robert F

Just like I said the vehicle been fantastic I have no problem in it

I done had the vehicle for about 3 years and have no problem in my four at all love the vehicle and the Run still runs great on thing I have done to it was the oil change and put gas in

- Todd M

It is great stylish design on the inside and out as well as Comfortable.

It is a great vehicle. My family goes on road trips and get around town in comfort. I would recommend this vehicle for anyone who needs space or needs to transport several people.

- Ali M

It can be top heavy in windy days. We have the mid roof.

We love the tall roof, the space for our five children, the diesel engine, the fact that it pulls our camper, the stereo system with the touch screen, and the backup camera.

- Jody G

There is an overall lack of cargo room and not enough latch attachments. For a large family vehicle, these issues do cause problems.

It needs more cargo room. The straps to remove the back seat were flimsy plastic and feel off so that needs to be fixed. Love the aisle in the middle and the head room.

- Cheryl H

It's a great multi-purpose vehicle at a affordable price.

Like the cargo space and interior layout. I also like the ease of converting for multiple purposes (hauling, camping, etc). No complaints or dislikes.

- Bill K

Although it is low mileage, I feel I have traveled wisely.

It is my work vehicle and I am used to driving it everyday. It big enough to carry everything I need. I haven't had too many problems with it so far.

- Lina R

It carries a large amount of people

I don't particularly like the size but I love the fact it carries a heavy load and gets us up our driveway without dragging it also has lots of space

- Lilly J

It is not my first pick of vehicles but it is reliable and I trust it to get me where I am going

I dislike it uses so much gas! I like that it can hold so many people! I have helped people move with my van and I can get a lot of things in it!

- Karla S

Small compact van very well for city driving and small business.

Good work can very reliable for the most part. Had issues In the past with transmission failure. Also performance is poor as well as the breaks.

- George E

Not to buy a Ford transit.

Ford transit not very comfortable for long distance driving. Fuel economy not the best either. Had many issues with transmission breaking down.

- George A

It's great for a big family. And isn't hard to drive at all.

Great van drives just like a car just not a ton of leg room for anyone over 6 foot. Radio works great and good button placements nice seats.

- Benjamin G

Ford transit cargo van daily driver

Transit cargo van used as daily driver and motorcycle tow vehicle. 17-21 mpg average. Wide and hard to reverse in because of its size.

- Dan W

Great cargo capacity and it really is bigger than you would think it is.

I love the fact that I can fit all of my work stuff in it. It's great on gas. I just don't care for the lack of pick up it has.

- Jim M

I really love my new ford

It's really nice and runs great good gas mileage no problems with it so far I love a ford if it ain't a ford it ain't worth money

- Jimmy H

the vehicle has good storage but it uses more gas than I want to for daily commuting.

this is a good van with plenty of power. the van does use more gas than I care to and has a small oil leak that cannot be found.

- marcia p

The space and storage inside is great.

I like it can tow, it gets great gas mileage and we can fit our growing family in it. It is easy to use and low maintenance.

- Skye L

It's the family bus and gets all of us where we need to go

It's very roomy for 9 people. The luggage area is huge just right for us. Too many plastic parts inside that break easily.

- Sharon V

Company vehicle it save me on gas.

Like cause its company vehicle for one. Dislike because it's an rear wheel rear drive. Dislike driving in snow is no good.

- Mark M

The most important thing about this car is that it is my work vehicle.

I have no complaints on this vehicle. This is my work vehicle. So I have to get used to it even if I like it or not.

- Lina R

Need regular gas and take care of yourself inside a clean car like this.

I love the comfort and interior. Great cargo space. And made ad home so is the perfect deal for a future family.

- J G

It doesn't have sufficient room for very tall people.

It has room enough for the entire family. It has low cost maintenance. I would like it to be more stylish.

- David G

There's a lot of room to comfortably sit 12 people.

The 12 passenger transit is great for traveling and easy to move around in. Has had a few recalls though.

- Austyn M

Order the backup camera and perimeter alerts...they are a must when backing out of tight places

Van with an industrial ramp for my sisters oversized electric wheelchair to take her to Dr appointments.

- Ronnie M

It has lasted a long time on many trips around the country.

Lots of room for passengers and stuff. Fuel efficient and roomy. Great visibility and payload. Awesome.

- Darren T

Great, spacious and economical.

I just wish it did not have cloth seats. I wish the back seats reclined like the two front seats do. .

- Tracy R

It gets very low gas mileage and the oil consumption issue.

I've had multiple oil consumption/loss issues with the van that have been fixed through the warranty.

- Ben L

It is a good transportation car with the ability to hold 6 passengers

It is a ok vehicle no complaints it is a good transportation car with a lot of space for 6 people

- Michael S

Safe, room for big family.

It's a van but I want an suv. Only 4 doors need 5. Need bigger comfy seats not bench seats.

- Jonna K

It is price friendly for large families. It is very affordable.

It is spacious and affordable. It has fewer optional features, but that is understandable.

- Braden K

I have 8 children so we love the room. I love the convenience of the backup camera. I love the trunk space. I hate that it's so boxy and isn't very nice looking.

It has a ton of storage space and room for plenty of passengers to sit comfortably.

- Danylle N

It's a handicapped vehicle. It does fit my son's wheelchair.

It is too big. The seats are not comfortable. I don't like it's gas mileage.

- Valerie F

It is safe and reliable for anyone who is in the van.

I like everything about this van. It is safe. It is reliable.

- Jen R

It runs really nice and rides nice as well it's spacious and very comfy

I like it seats a lot but don't like the gas mph it gives you

- Tena E

saturn outlook nice looking car but always has issues...

that it has too many issues,always needing to go in the shop

- amy h

Don't hit it It dents easily.

easy on gas, easy to drive. Not comfortable.

- David K