2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD Owner Reviews & Problems


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Rugged styling with a comfortable interior.

The 2016 GMC sierra 2500 hd has a very roomy interior for its cab size. It has excellent turning capabilities and definite power behind the wheel. My only complaint is that the shocks seem to be a little stiff. Rough roads can add excessive vibration in the interior. But, the feel and shape of the seats can add comfort to the ride. Which helps to reduce some of the discomfort that may be caused by the stiffness of the shocks. The addition of the 4-wheel high and four-wheel low add to the functionality of the vehicle. Helping to get me out of some tight situations in the past. The Bluetooth audio is especially handy when wanting to listen to music from your iPhone or tablet. All by pressing a couple of buttons on your touch screen. The heating and air conditioning heat and cool the interior quickly and efficiently. All adding to and overall enjoyable experience.

- Jeff A

GMC sierra Denali 2500hd is luxurious and practical.

I have had no problems with performance or reliability. It is extremely comfortable whether driving or a passenger. There is a lot of legroom in the back seat too! I absolutely love the backup camera and navigation system. I use the heated/ventilated seats regularly and in the cold winter months the heated steering wheel is exactly what my cold hands need. This is by far my favorite vehicle I have ever owned.

- Sarah D

It has the power to get the job done, whether it be to get me to work and home, to pulling my horse and animals to other areas.

I have no complaints. It is the most expensive and luxurious trucks I have ever owned, but being a diesel I know the luxury will be something I can enjoy for many years. Which will outlast any gas vehicle made today.

- Scott W

GMC sierra 2500 hd is an awesome, reliable truck living in the northeast US.

This vehicle is reliable in the winter time, plenty of space to put things, cruise control is awesome and GPS navigation system get me where I need to go without pauses and hesitation.

- Anthony C

Heavy Built Truck, Great for Pulling Heavy Loads.

Great Truck. Durable. Pulls great. Love the low end torque. I like all the features it has (NAV, Cruise Control, Heated Seats, Bluetooth.) Great Fuel Efficiency.

- Travis S

2016 GMC Denali HD Duramax

Vehicle is luxurious, powerful, quiet. Little to no road noise can be heard. Has no problem towing at high speeds.

- Phil E

Great at hauling heavy equipment.

I love my truck because it is great at hauling our camper, it is very roomy for our family and drives very nice.

- Jessica T

I love all the safety features

Reliable, comfortable vehicle, Love it. Very safe vehicle with all the sensors. I purchased the Denali

- Johnny H

It is awesome. Stop and look at how sexy it is and be jealous

I love my truck. Does what I need it to do, tows my camper. It has all the bells and whistles

- Joren U