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My truck is very reliable.

I have a small oil leak but after a tune up, my truck works perfectly and drives very well. The cab has three seats, including one that pulls out of the wall in the back. The back of the cab has lots of space in addition to the space in the bed. The truck is very roomy and reliable, but not easy to work on. I would recommend taking this truck to a shop if any problem would arise because working on it yourself is very difficult. Overall, I would definitely recommend this truck to anyone. It is very reliable.

- Ryan K

For for two and some, good value easy maintenance.

My truck has been very good to me I purchased it like 5 years ago and have only done very little maintenance on oil changes spark plugs tires I love the extra cab for I can take my grandkids with me for it has two seats in the extended cab and plenty of legroom it's also a plus when having to move small items I love when I go get groceries could just load them in the back.

- Linda M

The 3rd door comes in handy.

I love the fact I can haul around and move things on the bed of this truck. I have a small toolbox that sits perfectly on the back for jumper cables and some tools. Tailgating with a beer in hand is always a plus with this truck. I don't like that there's barely any room for anyone to sit besides a driver and passenger.

- Kristen W

Strong little truck. Great value

This is a super reliable truck. It can pull my 24' travel trailer, even up hills. There is plenty of room in the cab and I like the layout of the center console. I often strap two kayaks to the bars on top of the cab with no trouble. I've put this truck through a lot of off roading and it never fails me.

- Erin P

My small guzzler. Next time I will buy a full size.

My truck has the v6 engine in it. It gets the same mileage as the v8. If I would have known that I would have bought a v8. However it has 4 wheel drive which is a blessing in the winter. Fortunately, I have had few problems with it overall. I would probably buy a full size next time.

- Kevin S

It's very reliable and comfortable. It has a few quirks, but it's great!

I like that my vehicle is reliable. It runs great, the AC works, and it gets me where I need to go. I dislike that it has manual locks & windows.

- Jennifer M

It does not have much power.

I really like my truck! The only thing about it that I do not like is the around town mileage it gets! Most of the time it is very dependable.

- Bruce G

Affordable and dependable. Decent on gas mileage.

Easy to use and comfortable. Like the quick cooling & heating systems. Dislike winter driving in ti since It's too light and fishtails.

- Gerard B

It is tough and can handle most terrain.

I like pretty much all of it. My problems are that it needs some minor repairs and some general upkeep that my budget is hindering.

- Ernest R

It has a gas pedal that sticks.

It has been a nice, dependable truck. It is very economical. My only complaint is that it is not set up to pull a travel trailer.

- Naomi K

Dependable tough and kid friendly

Almost 100000 miles, normal wear and tear, very dependable , brakes and oil changes plus tires and battery

- David O

That it is safe to drive on the road, It's in good working condition

low cost to maintain, just the right size for my hauling needs, not bad gas mileage

- rob S

It is great for moving things from place to place.

Love it. Wish it was newer. Wish it was bigger. I want a/c.

- Robert M