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Dependable and road ready.

My Yukon has been an excellent choice for a family SUV. It has way over 200k miles and has never left me stranded. Only minimal maintenance and upkeep. Good mileage. No problems with 4 wheel drive and power windows and doors have never given any problems. Radio not so good but newer models have better radios and Sirius. Have OnStar and can use if needed but do not subscribe. Leather interior has held up very well especially with kids and animals. Is showing much wear in front driver and passenger seat with cracked and torn leather arm rests but with the number of uses the "con" has seen me through the cracked leather is not a concern. I love the Yukon and plan to keep it as long as I can.

- Trish L

Absolutely love my 2000 Yukon! Amazing vehicle!

I absolutely love my Yukon! I have 3 row seating which works well for me because I have 3 children plus their baggage. Easy access to back. There are 2 doors versus the lifting window with tailgate. The front seats are heated and electric. The driver's seat is programmable for 2 drivers, which is very nice. A very smooth ride and very comfortable. Great gas mileage in town and on the road. Hopefully I will never need another vehicle but if I do it will be another Yukon

- Janet M

From small car to full sized SUV I am shocked at him much I love it.

I love the room my Yukon has in it. A family of 4 and 2 dogs go on road trips all the time with no problems. The rear seat comes out so easy that it is a great car for trips to the local hardware store. The down side is it is mighty long wheel base makes smaller parking lots a little difficult to navigate but not to hard. For being as big as it is the fuel mileage is pretty good at 20 mpg on the highway.

- Max S

National park hopping all over the use fully loaded down with a family of five.

This truck drove well all over the west. We park hopped all over the us and had no trouble. We had a family of five all packed in including all our backpacking and camping gear. The tires all held up well. The only trouble we had was stopping for oil changes which is no big deal. It would be great if getting to the many spark plugs to change them weren't such a challenge. .

- Mindy H

Spacious comfortable and powerful.

Comfortable ride very roomy and very good towing capacity engine is bulletproof will drive this vehicle into the ground GMC has always been a good vehicle and will always be. Only complaint is that the engine does have a tendency to burn a bit of oil between changes but you can live with that small issue.

- Bo C

2000 GMC Yukon. . Comfortable and fun to drive.

I love the way my Yukon handles and the heated seats. I feel very comfortable driving it. I wish it had 3rd row seats but also love the amount of trunk space. Currently I am having issues with the back windows but it seems to be an easy fix. I like that it has separate controls for the back ac and heat.

- Tara N

Fits your needs (even to the end) rear end.

We have been keeping up with maintenance of our #1 red. I do not mind taking trips in our Yukon. Good room for traveling (even with dogs. ) Very comfortable to be in. Seats lay back great for outing at the lake or make more room, leave extra seats at home, cozy night for you and your other 1/2.

- Shelley H

Its awesome and I wouldn't sell it unless I had too.

My vehicle is really nice; I like it a lot. Its 4 wheel drive and has great performance capabilities. Its has a 20 gallon tank and a dual battery port with a dual vortex fan, has 31 in tires and a for in lift. It is black with a police console and emergency lights and it is very loud.

- Zachary G

It has a CD player leather seats and fog lights.

It is a very good and reliable vehicle I am heading for 14 years and the only problem that I had I had to replace a fuel pump and a alternator I love driving it is rumi and it is a safety hook for the family very dependable love this vehicle wish I could find another one just like it.

- Lisa T

Might be old but still does the job.

Has good power for trips and as well the gas per mile is great. A good family SUV. Rides very smooth and no problems. Plenty of spaces in the front and back seats as well has extra space for bags, backpacks, and objects. Great for trips to the lake or hiking due to the 4×4 features.

- Robert G

This car is very spacious! There is plenty of room in all 3 rows as well as the cargo area.

I love my Yukon. It has third row seating and there is plenty of legroom for adults in the third row. The only downfall is the 18 mpg gas usage. I still love it. I love it so much that I replaced the engine after it died at 220,000 miles. This vehicle is excellent for people like me.

- Jaymie P

Good running vehicle. Nice size for a big family.

Very large truck. Plenty of room for my family. Really comfortable. Good running. Smooth on the highway. Good for towing. Truck is perfect for large family and very comfortable. Long as you do regular maintenance there should be no problems and it'll run well for a long time.

- Abu Musa A

GMC Yukon xl 2000. Color gold.

Alternator went out just had to purchase new, seat warmers, lots of room, 3 rows. Color I do not like, it is a big truck, TV on roof. Comfortable everything runs good. We have a champagne color. Everything is electronic, has 3 gears, trunk is big. Factory tires.

- Chris G

Super clean dependable going to get over the hills and through the snow comfortable enough to sit under the stars

My truck is very dependable if something breaks on it or goes out it's very easy to repair usually it's big enough to haul around my tools it's great in the snow and the AC pump's in the summer I owned this vehicle and I know that I could depend on it

- Roy G

It's fun to drive, it has zip and handles very well.

I like the size and power of my gmc Denali. It has power to move fast when needed, it has a decent amount of mass to make me feel safe as well. I like the fact it has many power options like heated seats, power windows, fog lights.

- Rich B

The most important this is its safety features along with miles per gallon

I have a 2000 GMC Yukon that I absolutely love, it handles very well and has never failed me. I am in love with the space in my vehicle my kids ride comfortably and family trips are a breeze

- maria p

People should know that the Yukon gets excellent gas mileage.

The vehicle has power windows, mirrors, and locks. One complaint I have is that I needed to replace the braces on the rear hatch. Most troubling though is that it has blown two fuel pumps.

- Shannon H

Dependable! Comfortable! I would buy this car again and again!

Very comfortable ride. Engine has over 400,000 miles and still kicking! Barely uses oil. Great gas mileage! Kicking factory stereo! Holds husband, wife and 3 large pitbulls! Love it!

- Jasmin S

The overall room and safety.

I don't like that these vehicles dash always seem to peel. I don't like how the rear air tends to have leaks. I love the comfort of these models seats and how they were made.

- Demi C

2000 GMC Yukon is a great driving experience.

I love the comfort and driving experience. I have had issues with the fuel pump a few times but my mechanic took care of that. I wish it had a third row seat.

- Tara N

Dependable roomy comfortable and great for families.

Very dependable and spacious. Great for families. Great for long trips. Gets okay gas mileage but not great. . . No major problems after 200 thousand miles.

- Robin E

Seat warmers, lots of room

Well our transmission went out just went and got that repaired, the seats are comfortable and the two front seats have seat warmers

- Laporcha G

My Yukon xl is extremely safe.

My Yukon is very reliable and safe. It is also comfortable to drive and ride in. I feel safe putting my children in the Yukon.

- Nick P

It is blue with leather seats that have holes

It is really old and big so I don't get a lot of gas miles but I love the size and how comfortable it feels to drive.

- Amber B

the car has been very reliable over the years

Has a lot of miles on it but overall this car has been going strong for many years without the need for much repairs.

- colton h

Safe and everyone can seat in a seatbelt.

I love the space and it fits my whole family. The family car everyone has a seat belt. Its safe and we feel safe.

- Michelle H

perfect family car!!!!!!!!

great car, perfect for kids and animals. drove across multiple states many time, very reliable, easy to maintain

- britnie s

My vehicle is well made with great quality, safe and dependable.

My vehicle is reliable, comfortable, and makes me feel safe. It is also beautiful. I LOVE MY VEHICLE.


Great SUV carrying my family

Great SUV. It's not given me any problems since I bought it! It runs as good as when I first got it.

- Angel C

American made by an American manufacturer

The vehicle is comfortable and reliable but the technology is dated and it has some wear and tear.

- Brandon K

There is a new problem every time you fix one. It will leave you stranded.

It constantly breaks and gas mileage sucks. Cheap parts were used. Nof reliable whatsoever.

- Scott C

It's dependable and gets me where I need to go.

I like that it's roomy. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Kalisha M