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My 18 year old car, still running like a dream!

I have a year 2000 Honda Civic, and I really love it! The only reason I gave it a 4/5 is because it is 18 years old, so there are some things that just are not as great as the newer models. She has 230, 000 miles on her, and she’s still running very well! Just like all Honda’s, if you keep up with them, and maintain them they can last you a very long time! It is a two door car, but I am only 20 so I do not have a family that I need to drive around, so the size does not affect me at all. Because of the age, the oil is starting to leak a little, but I think that is partially my fault for not getting my oil checked enough, & also the wires to connect a phone charger are loose. So little things like that are not the best, but nothing to get upset about! Whenever one of my friends are looking at new cars, I always tell them to look at Honda’s because they do not have problems like other brands. I am for sure buying another when my Civic is no longer!

- Amanda G

Reliable car, not much leg room in rear.

The Honda Civic is extremely reliable and rarely needs servicing other than scheduled maintenance and fluid changes. Since it is a common make and model, replacement parts are cheap and readily available. I recommend this highly as a daily use or commuter car. I really appreciate the sunroof (although this is an optional feature). One thing that I find unusual about the car is that the clutch is very deep, and set quite far from the driver seat. I recommend a test drive to make sure it is comfortable especially if you are on the shorter side. Tall passengers in the back seat have told me they prefer cars with more leg room, but I like the compactness of the Honda Civic. It is not the most showy vehicle, but it is kept on ticking years longer than I expected.

- Emily P

Everything I love about my 2000 Honda Civic vp.

Very fuel efficient, easy to drive, quiet and useful. Air conditioning is quick to warm and cool, although extra power is lost from the engine. Tune ups are infrequently needed and generally cheap. Home maintenance is possible with the Honda inline 4 (oil, spark plugs, etc.). Can comfortably fit 4 people, 5 if needed. Fairly large trunk space. Crank windows. Comfortable fabric seats (rather than nylon or leather). Easy to wash, no bizarre body contours. Radio sound cannot be adjusted, but treble/bass balance is naturally good, speakers are fairly loud with good sound quality. CD player, no cassette or AUX option (in my specific vehicle).

- Alexander S

2000 Honda Civic 4dr dx review.

I absolutely love my 2000 Honda Civic. It is great on gas. Very reliable trusting car! I have over 300, 000 miles on my car and it still purrs. I have not encountered any real problems minus your basic tune ups and maintenance you do but that's on every car or truck. The performance is okay it could definitely have a little more pep in its step that's for sure, other then that it handles good, does decent in the snow, they could of definitely added another speed on the wipers. This would have to be one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. Its comfy to drive. I give Honda a "a" on there 2000 Civic 4dr sedan.

- Kirk B

Reliability safety great speakers over all appearance comfort easy handling.

So I got this car about 3 weeks after I got my license for about 3500. It had 50k miles on it and no body damage. But this car is amazing. If your by yourself and there's nothing heavy in you car the acceleration isn't half bad for a tiny engine. The handling on this is crazy good you can go around corner stuff so easy and smooth. I think I've filled it up once in 3 weeks because of how good the mileage is this isn't too big of an issue but for people who go really fast on the interstate 90 is probably the fastest you ever want to be going in this car.

- Cheyenne B

Continued reasons to buy a used Honda Civic.

It is not a luxury car but it is very comfortable and easy to drive. I have 230, 000 miles on the original engine and it still runs strong. I am having transmission issues right now because a sensor is telling the ecm to shut the torque converter pressure solenoid to cut off so I need to find the sensor causing this. Other then that, it has tons of miles on it and it still runs and drives great. I would buy another Civic or Accord without hesitation. They are some of the safest and most reliable vehicles on the road.

- Mark R

Review of 2000 Honda Civic. Dependable, good gas mileage, here to last.

When I bought my car, it had less than 100,000 miles on it, though it was 17 years old at this time. It has been by far the most dependable car I have ever had. I have driven to the west coast twice now all the way from Indiana and things overall went pretty smooth. At this point, the only real problems the car has involves spark plug dysfunction and ac not working well. Otherwise, the compression is good, the tires are good, the body is good, the engines is sound, the gas mileage is good, and it suits my needs.


When it's taking care of in the first place it will last a long time.

We bought it used from a friend a few years ago. One of the worst decisions ever made, our friend said it was in good running condition, that was a lie. We've had to fix a lot of things because of it. I was hoping it would last at least 5 years. I don't think it will last another year. I do know if we bought it new or from a dealership at least, the stars would have been higher. Think the only thing I like is that it's awesome on gas, just wish gas was cheaper, because I miss filling up the tank at $15-$20.

- Janelle H

Hondas are reliable when taken care of.

My car is very reliable, it has very good gas mileage. It has automatic door locks, automatic windows, front and rear defrost and moonroof. Keyless entry, adjustable front seats. Safety air bags for passenger and driver. Air condition still works as well as the heat. CD and am/FM radio. The color is deep burgundy which is the original color. Although the car is almost 20 years old I had no problems with transmission or engine. Hondas have a very long life I have 140000 miles on my car and it runs great.

- Constance H

Honda civic still running smoothly.

My Honda civic provides me with a smooth ride. It accelerates quickly, so I can jump out into traffic without slowing anyone down. It has power windows, locks, and steering; air bags, air conditioning, and keyless entry. It is 19 years old and it continues to run great. I have had a few issues with the keyless entry which did not originally come with the car. The maintenance that I have had to do is all typical normal wear and tear and nothing out of the ordinary.

- Jennifer C

The good, the bad and the ugly truth.

Well the Honda civic is a great economy model. It is low price but still high quality. If you take care of it ie; maintenance upkeep, oil changes, spark plugs and wires; air filters etc it will last a very long time. The only complaint I really have is that the wipers on any 98 to 2001 civic has recall on it that if you have the wipers turned in the off position and shut off the car they can fry out. But only those years, the bug was fixed after that.

- Stephanie C

This make and model is great on gas and easy to find parts at local auto stores. It runs great and lasts forever when treated properly.

I absolutely love my Honda Civic. It runs like a champ. It is a great used car. I use it to travel daily back and forth to commute to work and dropping off my daughter who is two, to her grandmother house. This is one of the most reliable cars I have EVER owed! I can say with great pride that these cars are known to last a long time when given proper care and maintenance. I cherish my car even though it's older and high mileage it's my baby.

- Julie M

I especially like the dark green glitter exterior finish.

I like my Honda Civic because it is reliable, comfortable, looks good, drives easily, handles well, and has given me no serious problems. The minor repairs were not as costly as with other cars I have owned. The Civic is a reliable vehicle that goes when I need it to. The only thing about the Civic that gives me pause is that it doesn't like the cold weather in Wisconsin's tundra land. It starts hard but hasn't left me out in the cold yet.

- Chas S

White 2000 Honda Civic ex 2 door.

It is a 2000 Honda Civic ex. Runs well. It has an oil leak. It is a 5 speed. The sunroof and cruise control work. I think the rings are fried. I had the clutch replaced at the beginning of the year. The main seal was also replaced but it still has an oil problem. Both windows want to come off track. Whoever had the car before me put the wrong headlight bulbs and harness in so I have wiring problems with that. It is a 2 door and is white.

- Whitney H

Honda Civic delivery boys first choice

My Honda Civic is amazing and very reliable. It is a two thousand and has been well maintained and that is very smooth and fast. It hasn't over 2 liter engine with a lot of get up and go with a small transmission. Repairs are easy and parts are in expensive to replace. And very rarely means anything except for routine maintenance. Although it is 19 years old the gas mileage is comparable cheers some of the much newer cars on the market.

- Mike P

It is very reliable up to 200, 000 miles.

It is a 2000 Honda Civic and I owned it for 2 years. It has 230, 000 miles on it and has been very reliable. Just recently I started having issues with the transmission. Finally it stopped moving and have a major repair. However, with that mileage on it, I am very lucky. Also it is an easy car to steal. It was stolen 3 times for joy rides and one time by previous owner. Always got it back but it's the one drawback to that car.

- Mark R

Alsatian blue Honda Civic

My right passenger tire has gone flat at least 2 times per year but my dealership is amazing at replacement. No issues with my car, she's gorgeous and great on gas. I've driven her thousands of miles (more than your average) and she's done great. My paint color is Alsatian blue which is gorgeous and she looks really sporty. The interior is difficult to clean because of my Dalmatian but the exterior looks great when polished.

- Autumn C

Honda is the best car choice I could have ever made.

Hondas, period are super reliable and most durable car I have ever owned. Economically perfect if you want to save money and spend less on gas. Their engines are known to clearly run over in the 400,000s if of course you keep up with regular maintenance. Fitting your passengers comfortably in their seats with enough leg room. I travel plenty and for the price I bought it, mind you I am the second owner, it is well worth it!

- Denise D

For its price is good car.

It has a good speed, although it is not so fast, it meets your needs. Although the car is old, it has not had many technical problems. One bad thing is that when you go to a lot of veil you do not feel comfortable because you feel the vibrations caused by the asphalt. In general I would say that the car has me satisfied. I recommend it for those people who are short on budget, so want to buy a cheap and good car.

- Christian C

Great car, never had problems. I live my Honda.

Runs great, never had any problems. Got about 5 years ago. Only put in maybe the thousands dollars since I first purchased the vehicle. I really do enjoy my Honda. Like I said it runs perfectly great, the tires remain very good condition, I get regular oil changes and transmission services. I've bought consumer services. The back seat is very spacious, plenty of room for 2 passengers to sit comfortably.

- Matt K

Honda civic, dependable as heck.

I purchased my car from a person on Facebook marketplace. It was cheap and well worth the money. The muffler needed replaced, but the person I bought it from did that for us. It is very dependable, gets great gas mileage, and runs very smooth for an old car. I have had no electrical issues and it started up immediately despite sitting in a parking lot for the entirety of the polar vortex.

- Emma R

My Honda civic is a very iconic vehicle.

As old as my vehicle is.. Its bound to have some problems. Currently its rear suspension needs to be replaced, as well as the radio wiring, speakers, headlights, fabric, and oil pan. I am currently saving every cent I make to make my Honda as perfect as possible. On the other hand, the car has and will be reliable. The gas mileage is outstanding, and the air conditioning works perfect.

- Andrew F

Honda Civics are reliable and cheap

My Honda Civic is a Very reliable vehicle considering how old it is. After many years it is still in great condition including cosmetically. If you're smart and take care of your Honda Civic it'll last you for what seems like a lifetime. I haven't had any major problems up until and will cost $650 to repair but that's nothing compared to what it would cost to have a brand new vehicle.

- Victor F

Diana: the 2015 Honda civic.

My 2015 Honda civic has served me well because it is reliable, easy to navigate, comfortable and feels very safe. It has modern features, Bluetooth speakers, everything is automatic and its interior and exterior are very sleek and clean. The only problem I would pose is that it is such a light car, that it probably would not be so sturdy in the event of a car accident.

- Alessandra E

The fact that it has great mileage. It really saves you a lot of money when coupled with its longevity

I love almost everything about it. For one it has great mileage and doesn't wear and tear easily. It is sturdy and although i had to fix it up twice, those were like really good investments for what i got out of it. The control is great and the brakes are pretty good. I wish the seat car rode a bit higher and could gain speed a little faster but it is a great purchase

- Matthew M

Small black beauty that handles well for an older car!

Car runs great. Handles nice, parks in small spots. Like older cars, I had to replace struts, brakes, tires. But for a used car, I can't complain. Nice original paint, no rust. Clean interior. Engine runs great. No problems whatsoever. Makes tight turns. A small car with a small engine, but decent acceleration. First time I drove a non American car.

- James A

Honda Civic gas saver and reliable

Good gas mileage it does have a check engine light on. But cheap parts and labor. Big enough for what I need right now. Economical for my drive to work. Heater and air conditioner work. Was cheap to begin with and has done well so far. My biggest expense was the tires which weren't bad only two hundred fifty for all four so can't complain too much.

- Jon H

20 years and still going strong

Very reliable especially for being almost 20 years old. I have no complaints. I've replaced the timing belt, radiator, water pump, and exhaust and a couple of other minor repairs. I just replaced the brakes. The paint is chipped terribly, but it seems to be that way with older Honda's. Anyway my car has been a dream but I am ready for a newer car.

- Nina S

I love Honda it's a great car for family duties or just for driving fun.

The ac works great I love the features it does have some minor transmission problems but it is a comfortable 4-door huge trunk space. Runs good vtech. Could have more cup holders and better placement for them. It's easy to modify and fix. It gets great gas mileage and is really easy to find parts for. It drives smoothly and has cruise control.

- Tommy G

Nice color. Easy to use. Affordable vehicle. Great maintenance.

My car has great performance while driving on the streets. Even on the freeway it runs very quick and you can manage the speed very well. The color is amazing, very cheap and affordable. I think that every part of it can be easily fixable. It has never turned off on me. It is perfect for a far away trip or small trips around the city or job.

- Tanya P

Reliable, consistent, and inexpensive.

Honda are known to be extremely reliable cars. Cheap to repair, great fuel economy, and inexpensive. Consistently 300,000 mile plus cars. Issues with these vehicles are usually minor. Typical rear quarter panel rust is seen on most older models not so much on 2001 and up. Performance models such as the si or type r are a blast to drive/own.

- Nic W

My Honda Civic Review of my car

It's an old car. I'm not used to it after having a two Toyotas. There are safety features that I didn't have in the old car, but I find it annoying that it automatically locks me out of my car. The windows don't work. There's a head roof that I love. It's small which I like to since I have a small family it's not necessary to have a big car

- Tatiana R

One of the most important things I would want to know about my car is if it is considered a safe family vehicle.

I love my car. When it was bought it had very low mileage and still does. It is an old car so some paint is beginning to chip which makes it look rough. My door behind the driver door doesn't open up, so I have to get my daughter out on the passenger side. It's also a very small card, I like to think of it as a go-kart that's street legal.

- Kelsey R

Honda Vehicles yes and why.

Fast and zippy for the price! Si trim the sporty version of a economical sports car. Great for traffic and joy. Feeling of power without the burden of heavy gas usage like the V6 and V8 models. Handling is superb versus others in its class. The price is so competitive that you can't say not to it. Functional and Economically sound vehicle.

- Richard M

Great first vehicle to own.

This car is a great first vehicle to have, it's great on gas and the repairs can be done at home with basic mechanical skills. With love and care this vehicle will last for years to come. The only issue I have with this car is that the base model doesn't have power windows or power mirrors. All in all this vehicle is wonderful.

- Frank R

I love the sunroof and how good the mpg is.

Never had any main issues except replacing the steering column from wear-and-tear. Has starting issues sometimes but always turns on, usually happens when the weather changes drastically. I drive back and forth from college and home a lot and the gas mileage is a real plus because of how good the mpg is for how old the car is.

- Madison S

It's Red and that's my favorite color

I really like my civic, it's super good on gas and has not given me any issues. Wise it had power windows but I've gotten used to the manual ones. The upkeep on it isn't much so if you was on a budget then I'd highly recommend it. Another thing I like about it is that it's super easy to move through traffic because of the size

- Kenny G

Honda’s vehicles are great!

I have had this car for about 5 years. I bought it used and it is been good to me. Do not spend much on gas, it is a car that can last you for a very long time. Parts are affordable and it is very economic. Honda’s are usually very reliable vehicles. If I was to change my car again i'd definitely get myself another Honda.

- Juana J

Honda’s are reliable vehicles. Very economic .

I actually bought this car used. So I've spent a good amount of money on repairs. One of the good things about this car is I do not spend much on gas and it will last you for many years. One bad thing about the Honda's right now is that the airbags and wheels are a hot item for car robbers. Other than that is a great car.

- Juana N

The perfect car for absolutely anyone.

My car has absolutely never given me any problems as far as anything that is really hard to get fixed. The battery has gone out once before I moved into to college. I love the color of it and all of the features that come with the car. I love that I have AUX cord capabilities, as well as access to Bluetooth and a CD port.

- Chloe V

180, 000 miles and works great!

2000 Honda Civic gets great gas mileage, unfortunately because it's an older car, I have had to replace a few things such as: suspension, alignment, and muffler. It helps to be friends with your local auto shop for better deals. The Honda handles well around turns and is a great car for maneuvering to avoid accidents.

- Rebecca L

Great commuting car with great gas economy. Compact and easy to handle.

Great on gas. Overheats a lot even when antifreeze is freshly added. Distributor problems. Very compact and comfortable interior. Brakes seem to need replacing a lot for some reason. Cup holders are way too big for any cup size even a mug. Love the horn button placements. Spacey trunk for a compact car. Handles great.

- Nitalja Q

It is a dependable / reliable car

My car is 19 years old but it's really sturdy and reliable. It has had a few problems with its spark plugs, a/c but my case could be different because the person that had my car prior to me was a snowbird and left it sitting out. Other than a few hiccups. The car has been able to take a lot of miles. And runs smoothly

- Jasmine M

Nonna Car Old but reliable

It is a very reliable car but the only reason I hate it is because it is a very old vehicle that has a horrible color. The green and non-leather interior is really unappealing. But Honda is a reliable car always. a 2000 car and still in great conditions. Definitely would recommend just get a better color and interior

- Genesis G

The Honda Civic is my favorite car

I think that my car is wonderful, it hasn't had any problems in the last 4 years that I've had it. It's pretty old but it also runs smoothly. But it does eat up a lot of gas and is expensive to do repairs on. The breaks are a bit squeaky and other small stuff like that. The radio works just fine so that's a plus.

- Stacy B

Honda most dependable and reliable car that lasts for decades!

I have had my Honda 18 years only having to replace tires, batteries and minor parts over the years. I love this car, it is been the most reliable car I have ever owned. People and dealers are always asking if I would sell my car and I say no way! I would purchase a Honda again and maybe not part with my current.

- Debbie W

Manual Honda Civic 2000 sedan.

So far I don't have any real problems other than the favorite that my brake fluid light keeps coming on and I have to continuously put brake fluid in. That said a mechanic told me a break line might be broken. Other than that the car has been wonderful to me only 70, 000 on the dash and it is an 18 year old car.

- Rodriguez O

Champagne 2000 Honda Civic lx.

My 2000 Honda Civic lx is an 18 year old standard transmission vehicle. While I love the car itself the clutch seems to have all kinds of issues. Even if it has been replaced or adjusted. I have the most problems with 3rd and reverse. If I could change anything I would only change it to an automatic tranny.

- Megan E

My Honda is nearing a quarter million miles!

My car has over 224 thousand miles and is still running strong. I have had very few repairs over the years and I could not be happier, it still runs and looks like it did when I bought it. I have been relying on this car since I bought it new in the year 2000, it has never let me down or disappointed me.

- Sylvia K

There's absolutely nothing to highlight about my car. The color is nice.

My car Is AWESOME on gas BUT It was someone else's problem that became mine it's great that I have that runs BUT right now It sits at the garage with a overheating problem NOT at all comfortable & has lots of cosmetic work to be done. Other than that for a old car It's ok, just glad I have a vehicle.

- Bobbie L

Small oil leak, possible pan gasket leak. Aftermarket parts are cheap and have a lot of varieties to choose from. Usually quite simple to install. 5 speed, nice sound, from the header back to the muffler, all aftermarket. These Honda engines can last quite long, up to an average of almost 300,000 miles.

- Randy F

The speakers can get fuzzy.

My car, is black so it absorbs heat pretty easy, it has enough room for 7 people, not including the driver. It is a long car so it can be difficult to turn. It's not the prettiest car as well. The leather seats are nice because if you spill something it's easy to clean up also there is a lot of storage.

- Anna S

My Honda has really held up.

I drive it everyday, it is 22 years old and works great even though superficial things are breaking. Some plastic interior items have broken and the outside paint job has oxidized. The ac works great, there's a slight oil leak that does not pay to have fixed. It has held up much longer than I expected.

- Alan L

Honda civic: 2000. How it works and what does not work. A summary.

It is an old car but it is small and works well for its age. It is a different color compared to many cars which helps it be distinguished but the engine and the steering works well. The only problem I hate is how the a/c does not work. Other than that, I am thankful for the car and how it functions.

- Sarah T

Honda Civic: basic but reliable.

My car is very reliable—has hardly ever needed anything fixed, and when it does it is inexpensive. The car looks awful—the body is falling apart, but it still drives great. Minnesota winters are hard on any car. It is till gets good gas mileage—around 30 in the summer, a little less in winter.

- Carolyn A

B-16 engine specially made for racing along with stage 3 racing clutch.

My 2000 Honda civic has turbo, b-6 engine that is specially made for racing. It has a racing stage 3 clutch with a black hood and spoiler. The cosmetics of the car is well kept with the exception of the front end. No known issues other than needing to get it tuned and spark plugs properly used.

- Jessica T

Perfect and reliable for beginners.

It makes very loud noises, the battery dies too much, there is no AUX cord option. It is overall very old now. When the battery is new. It is very reliable. I can drive it for many miles. It gets me to work on time. It is very small but spacious. It is very easy to drive if you are a beginner.

- Jessica M

An 18 year drive and Journey with a Honda Civic.

My Honda Civic has seen me through quite a lot. I never intended to keep it 18 years but it's been such a good vehicle that I didn't want to part with it. At nearly 300k miles it is still running well and I think it will for another 300k. Take care of your Honda and it will take care of you.

- Derrick B

A reliable low maintenance car.

It has been a very good vehicle. It has good gas mileage, and I have never had any major issues with it. Other than wear and tear and a few minor issues such as brakes, I cannot complain. I wish the car was a bit higher off the ground because it can be difficult to get out of the vehicle.

- Jennifer R

Highly recommended Vehicle

Bought my car for $600 with 200,000 miles on it. Needs a transmission, but I've been driving it daily for over a year. Best car I've EVER owned. And I would highly recommend a Honda Civic to everyone looking for a new car. I've been told they go forever, and mines showing that to be true.

- Andrea R

Black pearl paint with metal flakes. Nice sporty rims for a sleek look.

Power windows slide off track. Good gas mileage and speed. Room and comfortable. Trunk size is big for a coupe. Comes with a single cam or dual cam engine with the s. I. Model. I was able to convert mine from automatic to manual drive. Parts are also inexpensive and very reliable motors.

- Steven A

Small quick four door good on gas and great in traffic does not use to much gas.

Its reliable when it needs to be gets me and MY daughter to and from work good on gas to also motor is great and runs strong my window don't go all the way up though that's okay it's still a good car need more low though like to be to the ground I like the car a lot gets me to and from.

- Cassidy C

May be ugly in the outside but a good car on the inside.

I personally do not like my car because it is too low to the ground, my steering wheel is so big that my knees touch when I try to get out, it rattles and crackles, the exhaust packing is wore out and the wheels are ugly. Other than the appearance it is a sound motored vehicular device.

- Brooke S

Good mileage, small size, good on gas

I really love how the car runs and the way it does not need a lot of fixing. It does good on mileage and gas, even when we go to far away places that are a few hours away. The car is also not that big and because of the size it also cannot hold a lot of things but it is still efficient.

- Vicky M

Honda Civic: the amazing fact that you can purchase things without stress

Very reliable and great for long road trips and Vacations with family. Honda Civic has provided a lot and the convenience of being able to purchase parts easily for Honda is a amazing. I will probably own Honda for a long time. For the longest time everyone I've known has owned a Honda

- Jessica S

Pros - it is a hybrid / good for parking Cons - does not do well with hills.

It is a great hybrid - we make a conscious effort to help with the environment, aside from walking to the grocery store. Parking is easy; at some places, we fit even in the compact lot. Doesn't do well going uphill however, the car makes that weird noise whenever we drive out to la.

- Debbie P

Nice sleek ride with great detail and look.

Nice smooth ride, the roof window is a tad off. Better than using a stick shift. The engine runs a little hard but that could just be the massive hardness the previous owners but it through. Sleek interior and exterior, plenty of room for 4 kids. Trunk is nice and big, plenty of room.

- Della H

Small and trustworthy ride.

My car is old. Paint is dull. Headlights have that film on it which makes the light not bright. Front passenger window and rear drivers window does not work. But it starts every time. It gets me to where I need to be, it is great on gas it is good for traveling in town shopping etc.

- Sandra C

Great family little family car to have and afford.

body isn't the best, it can for sure use more durable parts, I love everything about it though, the gas is amazing, the space is great and for sure gets me where I have to go. bestinvest ever. I'll for sure keep and just upgrade the car itself. My first family care is here for good!

- Delilah M

Very strong. Power, speed.

My car is 19 yrs old. Had one owner, I am the second. Has 193700. Miles. Honda' s are very reliable and dependable. Great car to own! Taking care of your car from the beginning makes it last longer. Problems that exist are leaking oil and transmission. Just fixed the heater hose.

- Carol R

My 18-year old Honda Civic.

Speeds up very slowly and it does not slow down easily, it is very easy to steal and it has been stolen three times, there is not a lot of advanced features because it is an old car, very reliable since it lasted for so many years now, it already reached 200, 000 miles this year.

- I G

Well it does have an alarm system.

I didn't have much choice in buying this vehicle nor am I accustomed to driving such a vehicle. My past 3 vehicles were monte carlo's. My last monte carlo s. S. Had electrical problems and would not pass inspection. Therefore I had to purchase this Honda I am now stuck driving.

- Christine C

A very reliable and long lasting car.

It is a very reliable car, especially for how old it is. I have never really had any issues with it except for tunings needing to be replaced with time, like batteries and other things all cars need to have replaced anyways. It does well in all different types of weather, too.

- Mandi C

Its a awesome and reliable car

I love my 2000 Honda Civic ex it is reliable, easy to fix, heat on gas, everything on the car is original except the radiator we replaced that recently. I just love my sunroof that's what sold me the car. If I had to choose to get another car it would be another Honda Civic ex

- Virginia V

my Honda civic handles great and drives smoothly

my Honda civic is a good car has great gas mileage good steering really great interior and great for long trips. It is a really reliable car I have no problems with it at all I change the oil every 30,000 miles. The performance of the car is fantastic and I enjoy driving it

- Drew N

2000 Honda Civic four door

I love my car, it is reliable and has been for a while now. Never had a problem with it. Gets me to where I need to go. Good gas mileage. Air works great along with heat. Good radio, nice interior and exterior. Big trunk for a little car, great break system also good tires!

- Cam M

My civic is loyal, trustworthy, and reliable.

I've owned my car for almost 11 years now. She has 180,800 miles on her and is still going strong. Besides the occasional tune-up and run of the mill wear and tear my civic has held up wonderful, gets great gas mileage, and has driven me around the country. Highly recommend

- Jacqueline M

Great gas mileage, and air conditioner works.

My air conditioner and heat work great! It gets great gas mileage. And it is a manual transmission. The only problem with it is it needs to be more roomy. It is a very reliable car that I plan on driving for several more years. No other problems or complaints with this car.

- Phillip A

My 2000 Honda Civic ex - red.

My 2000 Honda Civic ex with four speed manual transmission gets great gas mileage, is quiet running, normal maintenance in the 142, 000 miles. Starts even on the coldest days. Trunk space is good for an overnight trip. Simple instrumentation as not to complicate things.

- Dave O

Honda civic with sports package

the Honda civic has a great drive however the cabin noise is terrible. When you are on the highway you can barely have a conversation. I have not had any issues with performance or reliability of this car. The back seat can get tight if you have 3 people sitting back there

- Radhika L

Honda Civic with incredible gas mileage

Initially I purchased my Honda Civic because of the great reviews and hear say about the airbag features and the safety associated with this vehicle. It drives great, incredible gas mileage. I own a four door and it is plenty roomy for me and my daughter. Highly recommend.

- Chelsea D

My Honest Honda Civic review

As long as you keep up with maintenance like oil changes, timing belt, transmission fluid, and tire changes you should be good mine has 244+ miles and going strong no custom modifications to the engine just a kenwood sound system that I installed myself. I back Honda 100%

- Neal H

2000. Honda civic. Dependable cute car.

I love Hondas. They last forever if you keep up with the maintenance. It's got a slow start but once you get to 55-60 it picks up speed quickly. Back seat is a bit small but large trunk. It's more spacious up front and good on Hwy gas mileage. It's a good, dependable car.

- Cheryl A

18 Years and 300 thousand miles.

I have had very few issues in the 18 years I have owned my Honda Civic. It is been a very reliable vehicle and I have gotten more life out of it than I could've hoped for or expected. At nearly 300 thousand miles it is still performing pretty well. I really like my Honda.

- Brian K

It is fuel efficient and low maintenance

It does not have latest technology. Also doesn't support Bluetooth sync. It doesn't have lane detection and parking senses or camera. It is reliable and fuel efficient. It also has low maintenance and high resale value. It has average boot space. Simple and elegant design

- John N

It's a small silver car with a sunroof.

I've had a lot of problems with this car especially with the breaks. Every time I get something fixed something else breaks. The check engine light never seems to turn off even after I get things fixed. It's also very small and unreliable after the miles start adding up.

- michaela I

Ceiling lining is held up by thumbtacks.

There's only two problems with my car, but one of them is pretty major. I have problems with the air conditioning, which is minor and the alternator, which is major. The air conditioning is not functional and the alternator sometimes cuts out which causes the car to die.

- Ian S

Honda Civic in a nutshell

This is a really great and reliable vehicle. Very spacious on the inside and the trunk has a decent amount of space as well. The seats are quite comfortable, they are fabric. The automatic doors sometimes doesn't work properly, we actually had to get both of ours fixed.

- Sammy C

A vehicle that is affordable.

The car has great gas mileage. It only costs me $20 to fill the tank. The car has a slight leak, but that can just be a seal issue. There are also problems with the battery cables. This is a simple fix since they have not been changed since the vehicle was manufactured.

- Kacey C

I love the sunroof. It has never leaked.

This has been a great vehicle. The seats are comfortable, I love the keyless entry. Gets good gas mileage. The deck has built in 6 disc CD player (although it stopped working 8 years ago). I like the fact that it has both front and side airbags, this makes me feel safe.

- Chris H

it has white custom made rims and custom paint from my dealership.

after a while the car has gotten run down and the tires go fast, its reliable but I drive so far for work its has gotten run down over the years trying to replace the lights and engine and tires. But I did make it look better and have more cool features over the years.

- amanda H

This car is only great for around town only I suggest the v6 engine.

It's very reliable but only for around town it's no good for long trips don't have power and is small. It's great on gas around town and on trips but only if your going to be on a straight way no good for hills and things like that. I would suggest get a bigger engine.

- Deborah B

Power everything air windows

Great car. Great gas mileage. Easy to drive and really easy to maintain. Good quality family car to get around I Have had it for years and hardly any issues other than regular maintenance. Great reliable car and gas is great and awesome. Parts are super cheap as well.

- SarA T

Best heat to keep you warm on winter.

Very reliable, approximately 212, 000 miles on car. Recently sunroof and windows automatic locks stopped working. Tried changing fuse but keeps shorting out. The best heater for winter. Needs some updating but still running after 18 years! Hoping to make another year.

- Nicole D

Do not buy used vehicles, that are on the older side.

It an older model, it now floods out. I have had to get an exhaust system 3 times now. Other things have gone wrong as well. I think I just got a lemon or something. It was bought used. Mistake. I keep putting more and more money into it. It is nickel and dimming me.

- Suzi B

My Honda Civic was a good car for a lot of years.

Well right now I can not get the hood of the car open. The gas mileage is not that great probably because it is getting old. Also check engine light is on. I only take it locally. It is pretty roomy for a small car. It has been pretty reliable until a few months ago.

- Lynn M

Ol' Reliable, the perfect first car

My Civic runs like a dream and hasn't caused me issues in nearly two decades of driving it. Mechanically, it's a workhorse. Aesthetically, I dislike the material of the dashboard and seats, but that was a personal decision at the time. It was an amazing first car.

- Tamara P

I like how cool and modern it looks. Also I can add a lot of things in my car.

I enjoy my car because it is reliable, comfortable, and I am able to save on gas. I also have a 'green' feature so I'm saving that way too. I can move things around so I can make more space in the back of the car. It is great to take my dogs with when traveling

- Mari D

Reliable Cost Efficient Car

My car gets great gas mileage and has run well for over 180,000 miles with very minor work. I oil change on times and have the tires rotated and it has held up very well. I recommend hondas to all my family and friends based on their durability and longevity.

- adam m

Four or five thousand would be right.

Its runs good. Wouldn't give it up. Been adding new parts to the car and works beautiful. Doesn't make any knocks, don't make any sounds whatsoever. Has tinted windows, new rims on it, new intake, new engine, dropped the suspension. Add new sites were put in.

- Josh H

Honda civics: very reliable.

My car has great gas mileage. One thing that sucks is the check engine light loves to stay on. But the good thing is the parts to fix a Honda is pretty reasonable. It's very comfortable and easy to clean. Perfect first car for anyone needs a reliable vehicle.

- Sarah C

Great reliable car that saves on gas.

Exhaust leak, gas mileage went down. Reliability is great. Overall great car. Just need to fix the exhaust. For a 19 year old vehicle it is built strong to last. Honda has always been a reliable car. You will not go wrong. Gas mileage and reliability is 9/10

- Paul N

It has a remote starter that's super convenient

Is small and compact, nothing wrong with it at the moment, it's very reliable, put a lot of money to it, it's cheap, everything stock, drive smooth, it fits me like a glove, I wish the AC work, spend like 30 dollars on gas a week, and it has a remote starter

- Vee C

The ride is amazing, pickup speed is great, and it is great on the highway.

The parts for the Dodge RAM are extremely expensive. I love the ride. However it has a lot of sensors. Including in the tires. Ceramic brakes are mandatory and upkeep is a necessity. If you do not have the funds for the upkeep I don't suggest purchasing it.

- Rene K

Old reliable car, good for driving locally.

Very reliable for an older car with high mileage, has not needed a large number of repairs. Runs okay, nice size, comfortable, easy to maneuver, decent trunk space. Thats all I really have to say about this older, reliable car. It does what I need it to do.

- Aliceanne M

It is a cute little car and I love it!

It was given to me in 2010 and I haven't had a spot of trouble with it since then just keep up with the normal maintenance it drives just fine. Right now it needs suspension work which we can easily do ourselves in no time because my husband is a mechanic.

- Annette W

A four door Honda Civic that has ran great for years!

The engine runs great, and haven't had any issues. The windows started coming off the tracks. Just recently, the locks started malfunctioning. It is very out of date, but has been very reliable over the past 14 years that I have had it. Great gas mileage.

- Rachel F

18 year old Honda. . . As reliable as the day I bought it.

Never an issue with my car. From day one we have o my done regular maintenance. . . We feel safe traveling with the family Florida to new jersey. . . Great gas mileage. . Easy to find parts. Just an all around great car especially for an 18 year old car.

- Jamie R

It is a Honda, black and red.

My car is an average 2000 Honda Civic coupe ex. I just put a new motor in it, so it runs great. Weak exhaust, but great speakers that can cover up the noise! Haha. My vehicle has 87, 000 miles on it, which is great for me because of the age of the Civic.

- Sarah C

Economical on gas, comfortable, gets me where I'm going

The Honda civic is a very reliable car. It doesn't eat up gas and it accommodates my needs as a commuter student very well. The seats are comfortable for long drives. It is roomy and can comfortably fit my friends when we are going out on the weekends.

- Hannah W

Great gas mileage and plenty of space.

My car gets about 36 miles to the gallon. It runs great, considering it is almost 20 years old. I have no complaints. There is plenty of room in the trunk. I took it on a road trip and had plenty of space for everything. It is a really great vehicle!

- Caleb G

Great gas mileage! Easy up keep. Maintenance won't cost an arm and leg

The performance on my car is great! Great gas mileage, about $30 to fill up the tank. Since mine is an older model and sits in the sun the paint is chipping. Suspension needs to be changed if not the car jumps a lot when driving over horrible roads.

- Jasmin L

When it's 3 am and you have the need for speed this car is for you

This car has a very nice size moonroof it runs and drives super smooth even when going very fast. This car handles like a champ when you want to go fast it's incredibly cheap and easy to fix. Very reliable car. Overall would buy another Honda Civic

- Daytona R

If you take care of it, it will just keep going. It's starting to show some of its age, so I have to keep up on the maintenance more closely.

I purchased the car new over 18 years ago. While I sometimes wish it had a little more room, it has been a good, reliable car. I have over 125000 miles on it, and the only work I've ever had to have done on it was for standard wear and tear.

- Deborah J

It is a quality vehicle, that gets great mileage and has good pick up.

I love my car, although it is 17 years old, but it is reliable and I get great gas mileage from it. It has good pick up and has served me well. What I don't like about it is that it's a little small. My biggest complaint is that it's old.

- Cathy K

Dependable daily driver. Great value.

Honda is top of the line in reliability. My 2000 Honda Civic is still kicking at two hundred and twenty thousand miles. I plan on keeping this car until it costs way more than it's worth to fix. And when I do get another it'll be a Honda.

- Christopher M

It is great if you want a simple car, and do not care about impressing anyone.

It is an older car so there are small broken pieces are repairs that still need to be done. It does not have many features including automatic windows making it a very basic car. It does what it needs to, and has great ac and heating.

- Rachel B

Very reliable. I expect to have it for many years still.

I have had very few problems with it. I bought it used with about 59000 miles on it and have only had to do standard maintenance. Very comfortable. Not fancy. Roll up windows. No USB hookup. Great for the 5000 I paid for it though.

- Tammy R

Durability, dependability and downright built to last.

Owned this vehicle for 18 years and other than routine maintenance such as oil changes and tires and fluid checks has been the brakes and rotors. I fully expect that my 5 year old son when he turns 16 will be driving this vehicle.

- Michael H

It's a nice car if you have the money to keep up with the problems.

The problems I have with this car is power loss, wheel bearings always having to be replaced, fuses always need replaced, locks on doors don't always work, the good thing about it is it gets me were I need to go most of the time.

- Rhonda P

Others should know that my car is very old.

The vehicle does not have air conditioning, it is old and loud. It does not run well at all. It will cost a lot of money to fix the air and I do not have money so that is an issue. I need a whole new car but cannot afford that.

- Logan J

I have a gold Honda Civic sedan and bought it with most of the original parts.

I have had limited problems aside from regular maintenance. I have owned it for 7 years and over time have needed to replace the battery, muffler, serpentine belt and tires. My Honda has been extremely reliable and affordable.

- Makayla M

It gets great gas mileage.

It is to small for my family. It rides very rough. I love the gas mileage. I have talked to several friends who also own the same car and they all have the same problems as mine. The back doors don't open from the outside.

- Rachel C

Oldie, but goodie with many bells and whistles.

The car overall has been reliable and economical. Other than the normal maintenance on the car, really haven't had to put a lot of money into it. Great gas mileage and plenty of trunk space along with comfortable seating.

- Kimberly J

The one thing others should know about any honda is that they are built to last. They will not give out on you and they are very low maintenance. Once you invest in one of these you won't want to get nothing but hondas from here on out.

I really love my Honda. It was a 2000 when I first acquired it in 2014. Still very good on gas and very low miles seeing as how it was a one car owner. It is very reliable and has gotten me around for the past 4 years.

- Tanisa T

2000 Honda Civic - sporty and reliable.

Honda provides reliable cars. My parents bought my manual Honda 20 years ago and it is still running well. It has also gone those 20 years on one clutch, which is unheard of! Sporty drive with lots of driver control.

- Marc S

Great space inside, very roomy.

I haven't had many problems with my car the just normal things like the oil change and all that. The car runs smoothly. It had good miles. The only problem it has is with the stereo, where you plug in your charger.

- Geneva C

It is only a four cylinder, so it does not accelerate quickly.

I do not like not having power windows or locks. I do not like how compact the car is compared to a mid-size vehicle. I love having the air conditioner working producing cold air, I like how it conserves on gas.

- Ashley M

It's an older model so there are some features that aren't automated. For instance it has crank windows.

My car is old but she is super reliable. I have had it for over 10 years and have hardly had to put much money into repairs. It also gets great gas mileage. It's small so it can fit into tight parking spaces.

- Kari M

My car is a very reliable, gas saving car.

My car is very reliable and saves on gas. It is small in size so is able to get in small spaces without any problems. I really love my car as it is still in very good condition, I do not want to replace it.

- Donna C

This car gets some of the best gas mileage around. I believe it has an 11 gallon tank that I can squeeze just about 400 miles out of.

I seriously enjoy this car. It gets amazing gas mileage. Standard transmission allows for a little bit of fun while driving. I had to put a new motor in it because of my error with not checking the oil.

- Chad L

It is dependable and gets good gas mileage.

My vehicle is very dependable and good on gas. I am concerned about my safety in it because of its age there are no as many airbags in it as newer cars. Also the ride is not as smooth as I would like.

- Teddie B

Honda Civic, reliable and efficient car.

The Honda Civic is a reliable vehicle. It is gas efficient and easy to drive. Small vehicle so would not recommend it to a large family. Decent drive in snow. Fairly easy to find car parts if needed.

- Valerie C

Great for saving gas. Can park in small space. A lot fits inside it.

Could be higher off the ground seats are a little uncomfortable when riding long distances, could use more leg room in front seat passenger side. I love how gas economic it is, it is easy to drive.

- Katherine T

It's so stylish and luxurious.

I like that it gets good mileage, but the ride isn't as smooth as I'm used to. Previously I drove a Toyota Camry and after twenty-four years it still rode very smoothly. The Civic has a bumpy ride.

- Rosalind S

It is well built, handles well, and has very few issues that require attention.

I've had it for years; it performs well for me. It has VERY few problems, mostly because I have an excellent service provider that keeps it in good shape. I hope to keep it for a few more years.

- Karen S

The ac works and the brakes and gas works perfectly.

My car drives really smooth and the brakes are really good. The features are really cool and when I am driving I am not uncomfortable I am very relaxed and it is nice when I drive my car around.

- Jay N

2000 manual Honda Civic 2dr.

The car handles well. A little on the small side but is very reliable. Need new spark plugs to start running better. Easy to fix when needed. Cozy interior, very roomy for a small car.

- Elizabeth E

2000 Honda Civic review. .

It's very reliable but does burn oil. It has some decent horsepower for being stock. It handles well without aftermarket parts. Sometimes has problems with the battery staying charged.

- Daniel N

My car gets terrible gas mileage.

It seems always be breaking down lately cannot afford to keep putting money into a dead horse first it was the radiator then it was the break then it was the battery nickel dining me.

- Terry C

It is something I will never get rid of.

Its convenient, reliable, fun, and perfect for me. It has never let me down no matter what and even though its an older vehicle its been more reliable than the newer vehicles I own.

- Mariah A

My 2 door Honda civic that helps me get around

My vehicle has a dented hood with for the model car I have costs about 80$ no major problems on it besides the AC no longer works. Other then that it runs good and is great on gas.

- Lakeisha W

Eighteen years old but only 106,000 miles.

My car is a great car. It's 18 years old though and it is a manual transmission. I have not had any major problems but i'm tired of driving stick shift, especially 8n traffic.

- Katie E

A reliable and steady vehicle

the Honda I have is a reliable and fuel efficient vehicle. I have 420,000 miles on it and it is still gong strong. It is relatively easy to maintain and work on as well.

- jim s

Almost infinite Honda, Civic.

Comfortable seating, smooth drive, low gas mileage. Affordable repairs, good car for people with low income. Currently has 217, 000 miles and still continues to run well.

- Mary W

The most important thing people should know about car it belongs to me.

I like the gas mileage it gets because a full tank will last me a week or two. I am not a fan of how dated the vehicle is or the problems my vehicle is currently having.

- Amy O

Honda Civic 2000: Old car, but still runs well

It is a good car. I have a lot of miles on it and it is more than 18 years old at this point, but I generally just need to do routine maintenance on it and it runs well

- Joshua W

Honda Civic is the most reliable gas efficient car I have ever had.

My Honda was wonderful a 215, 000 miles until a deer hit it now we have been on a downward spiral. Prior to it was still running smooth and all functions still worked.

- Mary W

Great long lasting car! Very reliable!

I bought my vehicle used with about 125,000 miles on it. Still in perfect condition! Drives beautifully. Have only had it for a couple months but so far zero problems!

- Olivia M

My car is my lifeline. If I had to buy another car it would be another Honda

My honda is a very reliable car. If taken care of properly it will go on forever. Have very few problems...my husband takes good care of oil changes brakes tires etc

- Sonya B

The back left door won't open, and you probably need to get it checked every few months or before major trips

It's super old, so we are always having to take it to the shop. It runs okay, but my boyfriend bought it from a sketchy guy, so it could have definitely been better

- Miranda V

It is very reliable if you take care of it.

It does not have much horsepower, but it does the job. No major problems. Ac works great, very reliable, does not use much oil, and is average on the comfort scale.

- Carlie C

The car that keeps on ticking

Has over 100,000 miles and still runs like a champ. Has only required one major-is out of work, other than that it's just maintenance (oil change, tires, etc...)

- Stacey S

Lasted longer than I thought possible!

Never had any major mechanical problems. Great on gas. Still looks modern out on the road. A/c is very important as I live in the south. Still puts out cold air.

- Mark T

It is a super reliable, sporty little car, good on gas.

It is a good, reliable car. Good gas mileage, and it's a fast car. The only thing that I don't like is the placement of the air vents, they always hit my face.

- Jessica V

Even though as an 18 year old car, it runs on a semi-perfect condition.

My car is about 18 years old. It work fine even though it has it issues. It is damaged on the outside but does not necessarily affect the running condition.

- Rey S

The sound system is really nice.

There's a weird clicking sound whenever I press the brakes at lights. The alignment is a bit off and it really needs the driver side window put in the door.

- Frankie M

Brand and model of the car and what features it comes with.

I love my Honda because it gets great MPG and small. There's nothing I really dislike about my vehicle because it's not a gas guzzler and very cheap to fix.

- Tierra S

My Millennial Marvel: Always on My Side

This vehicle has been incredibly reliable and trustworthy. After almost 19 years I have had very few issues. Routine maintenance keeps it running smoothly.

- cory h

Reliability and fuel economy is excellent for this particular make and model.

The reliability of this make and model is outstanding. Fuel economy and environmental effects are low. Maintenance is okay but can be expensive at times.

- lee d

Be careful with batteries please.

I had problems with the battery, and it ended up causing a short in then car just gave up so do not get me wrong I loved my car but I had to get rid of it.

- Christina H

I would say the thing to know is that is is a functional yet sparse. It will get it done, but there is nothing fancy.

It is a great little car. It is small but functional and for having 245000 miles it is in good condition. It has been reliable and inexpensive to upkeep.

- Matt O

It is so easy to park and the car can fit into very tight spaces which is very convenient

I like that it is small and easy to park. However, my car is getting old so it is starting to rust and my brakes just went out. It drives very smoothly.

- Brock S

Drives smooth, looks nice, has a sunroof.

I like that its manual, good running car, I also like that its cost effective to repair. It looks sporty with 2 door. Its roomy and fits all my needs.

- Annette A

If you treat your car well it will last longer than you expected.

Well we all would to drive something new. My car isn't bad it runs well and had been through a good amount that I deal with not trading or selling it.

- Paul J

It's been extremely reliable. While it has been so, certain features are starting to go since its an older model.

I love that it gets great gas mileage. Hondas are cheaper to fix. I don't like how old it is. I need something with more space for my growing family.

- Serena B

It rides very smoothly. In the five years I have had it I have had no issues.

Car rides very smoothly. It is great on gas and has plenty of room for a sedan. I'm glad I chose to drive this instead of a truck. Very practical.

- Trevor C

Great reliable car, Honda did great.

New transmission, new engine, new spark plugs, new belts, new everything. Good car, good on mileage, but ready to get a brand new Toyota 4runner.

- Kori M

It is Reliable. Honda's last forever. It also has really good gas mileage

I really like that my vehicle gets good gas mileage because I commute to work. I wish that it had four wheel drive and was higher off the ground.

- Sophia A

That it runs really well for an old car with high miles

MY car runs well but it keeps getting stolen. I would love it because It's reliable, It's kinda ugly though and once again keeps getting stolen.

- Ariya K

It runs smoothly and is the perfect daily car.

It only has 70,000 miles. It runs great. It never gives out. My only complaint is the aesthetic issues, such as chipped paint on my rear bumper.

- Deja W

Very reliable, very dependable for such an old car.

It runs very well for the age of the car and the number of miles. Have had to do some repairs but not excessive. Would always recommend a Honda.

- Alice M

Honda Civic. Great car for a lifetime.

Long life. Good performance, decent gas mileage. Low maintenance and cheap to operate. Not the flashiest car but definitely gets the job done


It does not break down easy.

I got no complaints for this car. It is very durable and sturdy. Not the best looker but have been with me and my family for over a decade now.

- Alex S

Durable vehicle that is a good quality car that you can drive for decades with few issues.

High quality for price. Still using the same car for 18 years with very minimal issues that only required light repair or regular maintenance.

- Danielle H

This car is absolutely amazing on gas!

I like that it is reliable and great on gas. The car has some of its own issues like random parts that need to be replaced but she's faithful.

- Samantha P

The parts for a Honda civic are very inexpensive to purchase.

I adore my Honda civic. It has only had a couple minor repairs which were tire replacement and brake change. They were inexpensive parts too!

- Samantha B

It will last a long time.

It is reliable and comfortable. It gets me where I need to go. But it does not have ac which makes it difficult to drive on some summer days.

- Mae M

It gets you where you need to go and gets you there on very good gas mileage

I love that it is great on gas mileage. It has lots of space in it. It is also a very durable car. Only complaints I have is that It is slow

- Joseph S

my vehicle is cozy with girly like accessories

I love my Honda. I had it for several years and not a single problem. I love it because it's a small car, it's great on gas and its roomy

- ana P

It is a very tough car for its age. It is a very dependable car.

I like that it is a manual shift. I like how good it is on gas. I dislike the fact that the motor locked up. We had to replace the motor.

- Thomas M

Great mileage,38 miles to the gallon!.

Just too small to go camping. Not enough ground clearance for the roads where I like to go. For example big bend state park or the beach.

- Georgia D

Rice burner that is alright but needs an upgrade.

It's alright but gets poor gas mileage, don't like looking like I drive a rice burner. But it is comfy and gets me where I need to go.

- James T

An interesting detail is my stripes on the side and the nice red color.

It is too noisy. It runs great, smooth. It is old so the paint is peeling. Seats are comfortable. It is very reliable, gets good gas.

- Lori V

I love the dark green color and how it works even though it is old.

Older car so some suspense issues. Motors for windows are going out. Very reliable and quick though, very good car for being so old.

- Kathryn R

It is old and it might stop working any time soon.

It's a little blue honda civic with black rims. I hate that it breaks down sometimes. I like that the parts are cheap to get though.

- Christopher M

It drives smaller than it looks,.

Love the fuel mileage and dependability of the Honda civic. It's a reliable vehicle that's fun to drive and gets great gas mileage.

- Lisa C

Great Dependable Car for everyday use

The car is very dependable. It has lasted a long time and didn't need many repairs. Now it is old and I would like something new.

- David F

It's got nearly 300000 miles and still runs better than a lot of newer cars.

I like that it is dependable. It still is a good looking car. I don't like that It's almost 20 years old but It's been a good car.

- David K

She's a diva! Sometimes, when it is cold, the airbag light will come on.

I like the comfort and the size and the over all look of it. After riding in it for a few hours, the seats get harder and harder.

- Debra I

It is SUV can be used for going on trips as it can hold quite a bit of luggage.

I love my car because it can seat up to 7 people & there is plenty of room for groceries and large purchases.Makes life easier.

- Bearina G

Safe and affordable. Easy to drive and its great on gas.

I love this car! It's easy to drive and very safe. Really great on gas and never needs much repair and I've had it for 6 years.

- Sara C

It's a stick shift not a standard.

No complaints. I would love a newer vehicle with a better stereo. Vehicle with more comfortable seats would be more enjoyable.

- Jessica D

"my girlfriend rolls a Honda"

My car is a good car. She has only had a couple minor things happen like a tire change and low fluids. She went the distance

- Angela P

Great gas mileage and reliable transportation! It also looks great!

Honda Civic is a great car! Very reliable and it doesn't cost a lot to fill up the gas tank! It also gets great gas mileage!

- Sara W

135,000 miles. Crank windows.

Crank windows, rains in the trunk, shakes when it goes 55 mph, drivers side window currently being held up with duct tape.

- Rachel P

Its pretty reliable even n with the problems it has its still been good to me.

My car has a block n blown head gasket and has for about a year so it runs horribly but before that it was very reliable.

- Lindsay E

It's an older car but it still runs great. Very good un gas

I like it because It's reliable. I like the shape of the car.The gas is good. It's awesome to drive even though It's old

- Angelica M

Reliability. Quality made car.

Honda makes a very reliable car. With regular scheduled maintenance you can expect your Honda to last a very long time.

- Dave W

It has great gas mileage and I bought it with low mileage so it still runs well despite its age. It tends to need oil changes more often which can be expensive

It's more reliable than it looks! Despite being an old car it brings me reliably to all corners of the state for my job

- Annie W

It is a nice small car with nice gas mileage.

It is a small comfortable car. It has great gas mileage. It is a nice little car that will get you places very safely.

- Luke A

There is no air conditioning.

It is white. There are no power locks, no power windows, and no automatic transmission. No AC either, but I like it.

- Chester c

AF Friend But Still A Car

Roomie, but also the seats are soft so if I wanna take a nap in my car in between shifts. also awesome for hotboxing

- Maria B

Its purple! Princes color. . . And reliable.

Leaks oil, tire pressure always low, heat works great, comfortable ride, has approximately 208, 000 miles on it.

- Nicole A

2000 Honda Civic, oldie but a goodie.

Gets between 25 and 30 miles per gallon, has 173, 000 miles on it and still chugging along. Standard normal car.

- Caleb F

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is a manual car.

What I like about my car is it is clean. I like it fast. I love the smell in my car. My car takes me everywhere.

- Brenda L

This car is reliable and i have not spent a lot of money on repairs

This car is 18 years old and is still going strong. It has given me minimum problems which started about year 15

- Tee G

The best is the economy in gasoline

Is good vehicle the most i liked is the economy in gasoline and durability, in rare occasion i take it to repair

- Abdiel M

Honda's are very reliable and if u care for them right will last a long time

I love that its reliable and very good on gas. I hate that its older and has things like window motors going out

- Miranda M

Its comfortable and big enough for a growing family.

Very dependable and easy to drive, old and rusty. Cool car. Honda is a good vehicle. It is green like herb too.

- George P

Is an old car but is good.

My vehicle is perfectly fine, does not have any problems. Takes me everywhere without a problem. I love my car.

- Jean Z

Living with the Honda Civic.

The Civic is very reliable fun to drive and well engineered. It is also fuel efficient and nimble on the road.

- Tom S

Light blue, four door automatic.

Very reliable car I bought it two years ago for about 2, 500 and it is been a great car no problems low miles.

- Tyler S

My car is very reliable. The maintenance is fair on my car. For as long as I have had it, which is two years, I have only had to do oil changes and change the blower motor

My car is reliable. It is cheap to fix when things do break. I think I will drive Honda's the rest of my life.

- Sara W

It is my most prized possession.

Honda is general is very reliable. My 2000 Honda civic is very well made and takes me from point a to point b.

- Rey S

It is really old. It is almost 20.

It is reliable and gets me where I want to go. However, it needs new paint and maintenance. That gets pricey.

- Raphaelia B

It's a reliable car and safe to drive with kids in it.

It's a white Honda Civic a 4 door. My shift gear needs some fixing but is fixable. I also need some new tires

- Odalys Z

A nice looking 2000 Honda Civic ex black out with tints and jam rims.

Check engine light, the knock sensor, needs new fuel tank but it runs and drives great with no issues at all!

- Jesse R

It is reliable and made by Honda. It has low miles and gets me where I need to go

I like the design, the gas mileage, and the durability. I like the color and model. I don't dislike anything

- Jennifer R

It's a trustworthy car. Gets you from point A to B.

It's a great little car. Has needed some work, since it is an older car, but runs great considering its age.

- Endy M

Its lasted 18 years and has over 200,000 miles on it.

Car is too old. Needs lots of repairs. doesn't ride smooth. don't want to stick money into such an old car.

- Nicole K

That my car is very reliable.

I like that it has a strong engine. And that it is easy to park. I also like that it gets good gas mileage.

- kevin B

Performs at very high miles.

The car is very reliable. It has been well maintained and has over 330, 000 miles. The car is driven daily.

- Helen G

It is my car and I love to hate it.

I love the gas mileage, but at the same time I wish I had something bigger that was still decent on gas.

- Jennifer H

Honda Civic 2000.........

My vehicle has over 200,000 miles on it and it runs awesome. No major problems. Radio could be better.

- Gail D

It will never let me down! I wouldn't trade it in for a brand new car!

It is really good on gas. It is a very dependable vehicle as well. Unfortunately it eats a lot of oil.

- Richard B

Very reliable and good on gas.

Very reliable, decent on gas, very roomy for a sedan, also has a large trunk with plenty of space. . .

- Ashley L

Low maintenance great gas mileage.

I enjoy driving my Honda. It is great on gas gotta love that!! Low maintenance also. Highly recommend!

- Amber S

that it is from a well known brand honda and honda vehicles are very reliable and dependable cars

i like that it is a honda hondas are good dependable cars that if maintained will run for a long time

- keith d

The most important thing that you should know about my car is that it runs great.

My Honda civic runs great. It is a dark green color. Just got new tires. It is very well maintained.

- Dakota I

The vehicle is very reliable and affordable to maintain.

Very reliable. Compact with straight lines. Not bloated with fake vents like the new Civics.

- Carly F

I love it and it runs great etc, etc it is in good shape

It is getting old--18 years but still runs great and I have had very little trouble with it.

- Mary E

It's a very dependable & reliable car. It is of adequate size, & storage area.

It is very efficient on gas mileage, with low maintenance. It handles & drives smooth

- Jeremy S

reliable dependable but you have to follow the suggested maintenance schedule

my goto vehicle she's old but reliable engine and drivetrain perfect body not so much

- basil h

It's a very good car easy to take care of

I love how it's compact I love the gas mileage I love how cheap it was No complaint

- Amber G




My car runs great and has a great engine.

I like that it very dependable.I like the color.It runs great. The AC is broken.

- Toby C

It might be on its last legs but it will be ridden till the wheels fall off it.

I like that it is durable to be a very old car. It is on its last legs though.

- stephen J

Gas saver. I can literally fill up once a week and will be totally fine until a week exactly to the day

I love it. I actually have no dislikes. This car is perfect for what I need

- Yoshiko B

It has great mileage and hasn't given me much trouble in the years i've owned it.

It's a bit old. Seems slower than other cars. Although it's great on gas.

- Charles m

It's very dependable and reliable and has low maintenance costs

Very dependable and reliable. Low maintenance costs. Good gas mileage.

- Jay P

It is reliable and gas is super cheap but it is very tiny.

Cheap and efficient but is old and will most likely break down soon.

- Calvin K

I like my car. it is small and gas is affordable. However, it has problems at times that why i gave it the amount of stars I did.

It can fit in small parking spaces. It does not use a lot of gas.

- Jocelyn R

Lasts forever, drive and drive and almost never have to spend money on another car.

High quality. Reliable. Excellent gas mileage. Lasts forever.

- Jim H

That it is my transport. I need to have a reliable car and this is it.

Dependable and reliable. Get me there. Great comfort and style.

- george p

My car is dependable and comfortable.

My car is comfortable. My car is clean. My car is dependable.

- Joel D

It doesn't waste too much gas.

It is a gas saver.family friendly car.it is white with tints.

- Angel A

Too small for large, 200# man. Gets good mileage & is dependable.

Dependable; Good mileage Too small for a large, 200# man.

- John M

It has good A/c. It's great on gas. And gets me from a to b

Gas saver. The a/c works good. And it has tinted windows

- Shana G

The single most important thing others should know about my car is that there is heating and cooling system.

I like having a car. I like the style. I like the space.

- Dalia J

it has been fairly reliable for the last few years.

Do not love how it seems to fall apart at the same time.

- Bryan A

Reliable. Somehow still running. It has had many problems with spark plugs. And sometimes it has trouble climbing hills.

It is extremely reliable even at high mileage counts.

- Christian B

It runs very well. I love the color. It is getting old.

It runs amazingly with minimum maintenance and care.

- Laurie P

It's good on gas. It's cheap to own. It is reliable.

It is comfy. Roomy. Has a sporty look. Good one gas.

- Ash C

it is a trustworthy brand

it has a great engine,great gas mileage,nice color

- marie C