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Just big enough, just small enough: why the hr-v is the perfect size for me.

2019 Honda HR-V Sport

I absolutely love my 2019 Honda hr-v. As a single woman with no kids, I quickly realized that the car I went to the dealership to test drive, the CR-V, was too big. I simply did not need that much space. The woman at the dealership recommended I test drive the hr-v, and I fell in love. The size is large enough to sit high on the road and give friends and family a ride, but small enough to fit in compact spaces and drive comfortably on the road. The car is a smooth ride, though not quiet (typical for Hondas in my experience). I love the hatchback style trunk, the back seats that easily fold down, and the modern radio display system that used apps (Spotify, audible, amazon music, etc) instead of your plain, typical Bluetooth format.

- Ashley J

Perfect combination of room, maneuverability, technology, and gas mileage.

2019 Honda HR-V LX

My vehicle has great maneuverability. It gets higher than projected gas mileage in a combination of city and highway travel. This model is the perfect size for me and my active child. I love having space to haul moderately sized loads to work with the roomy hatchback area. . The interior has a very comfortable, high end feel without being too technologically complicated to operate easily. . I will drive this car the next 10 years. Easily.

- Sierra K

My New Honda - just a few things that make it a good car

2019 Honda HR-V EX

I love the size.,the overall look of the car and the general feel when I drive. I like that it is a little bit higher than a sedan. The camera for backing up is great. Just got it - so far reliable and no problems. Fun to drive and gets good gas mileage. Back seat is pretty roomy and for a crossover has a good amount of space to carry items. I like that there is visibility when turning right.

- Sue L

Honda�s last forever and are reliable!

2019 Honda HR-V EX

My car is very reliable and has had no issues since purchasing it. I love the color of the interior and is great at hiding stains. The car is very spacious and has great trunk space. The gas mileage is great and is not expensive to fill up. I can drive very long distances without having to worry about filling up. The exterior holds up very well and is resistant to water spots!

- Mikayla B

Economy fuel saving mode is awesome

2019 Honda HR-V Sport

I have not had any problems with this car as of yet. It is a sleek simple design and has great amenities. I really love driving it in the economy fuel saving mode and the apple car play is a really great addition to the car as well. It is roomy and comfortably seats five people as well as has a massive trunk that can be extended by lowering the back seats

- Rachel S

I love this vehicle but it missing some features.

2019 Honda HR-V Sport

The performance of this vehicle is fantastic. Although there many nice features on this vehicle, it is lacking some also. There is no keyless start which was difficult to get used to. I love not having to use my key so that I can just keep it in my purse. There is no light up mirror on the back of the visor and the visor does not pull out to extend.

- Nancy J

When you need power and want comfort.

2019 Honda HR-V LX

I like my car because it looks good, it's comfortable and it has a roomy back seat for passengers. It's got a lot of get up and go when you need it like getting on the freeway or getting out of the way of another car. I don't like that it doesn't have A/C in the back to make sure passengers are more comfortable. Other than that it's a good vehicle.

- Shawn B

So much space for a small looking car!!

2019 Honda HR-V Sport

I've only had my vehicle for about a month now but I've already put almost 2000 miles on it and it has proven to be super reliable. The Apple carplay features are really great and the car itself hasn't disappointed. There is SO MUCH room- I moved my entire life across the country in it! Highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to buy!

- Julia U

2019 Honda HRV is AMAZING!

2019 Honda HR-V LX

Drives smooth and very reliable. The new features make driving more enjoyable and safe. The 2019 model includes Honda sensing and a backup camera that shows in your radio screen, also a camera on your right passenger side so you can see before changing lanes. The vehicles gives you a beep and gentle slow if you are in danger of a collision.

- Erin C

positives about Honda HR-V

2019 Honda HR-V EX-L

the performance is amazing. I love all the technology that is included. it's the perfect size for me because I am pretty small. Driving it feels so smooth. It doesn't take a lot to fill the car up with gas. I'm always driving it. I love that it has seat warmers and a sunroof. the camera on the side is pretty cool and I enjoy it.

- Stephanie O

Reasons why I find Honda�s reliable

2019 Honda HR-V EX

I think it's probably the best quality car that I can get for my money. Honda's are reliable and the parts are easy and normally priced to replace. I've always loved Honda's and they're reliable for the long term. If you have kids this is a great and safe car. You can do long journeys and trips with this car also.

- Anna S

Clean, slick, sporty design

2019 Honda HR-V Sport

I love that this car is big enough, yet small enough at the same time. There is lots of room and I do not feel cramped in there. I love that the back seats go down which makes more space for bulky items. This car is like a mini SUV, but for those that do not want to park the BIG SUV! It has a clean slick design.

- Arianna M

Honda HRV is a Safe Purchase

2019 Honda HR-V EX

It's super comfortable to drive in, and just the right size for me. The back seats also flip down two different ways which is helpful for transporting certain things. It also has great safety features like a back up camera, lane departure assurance, automatic braking, and hands free Apple CarPlay.

- Rebekah P

Great Car at ANY Price. Well done Honda!

2019 Honda HR-V LX

My Honda is a perfect commuter car. It handles well and has plenty of pep for the interstate. The Audio system is excellent with Bluetooth being a plus. The only thing I miss is the CD player for my books on CD. An added plus, the back seat folds down. So I can carry all sorts of odds and ends.

- Don A

Mid size management. In closing this is a great vehicle at the right price.

2019 Honda HR-V LX

The Drivability of our 2019 Honda HR-V is outstanding, a tremendously smooth ride. The leg room was surprising, plenty of headroom. The trunk has plenty of space, and can accommodate for at least a family of five. For a vehicle of this magnitude I would recommend this mid size SUV to any family.

- Eric J

Honda HR-V is the way to go!

2019 Honda HR-V LX

This is one of the greatest vehicles I have ever purchased. My most recent vehicle before the Hr-V was a Civic and I fell in love with Honda's. After a recent accident and totaling out my Civic, I knew I wanted a vehicle with the same reliability and performance. The HR-V has not disappointed!

- Jennifer T

Love the trim on my Honda gives it a sharp look

2019 Honda HR-V Sport

No problems as of yet rides smooth and fits a small person like me. I do not need anything fancy and high tech and it's great on gas. It is reliable and gives me comfort. I don't go anywhere far yet but would love to take it on a road trip. I love my car and would recommend it to future buyers

- Nicole C

You get what you pay for.

2019 Honda HR-V EX

Slow, not peppy, standard trip does not come with apple carplay, steering is that of a toy car, but it does what it has to do. Good trunk space especially with seats down. You get what you pay for. It has a good warranty, good braking, and of all features, brake hold comes standard.

- Tyler G

Comfortable and Safe Ride

2019 Honda HR-V EX

The car is very comfortable drive. It has Honda sensing which is great for the lane departure as well as breaking. It is a very comfortable distance from the ground which made for a better drive. I also enjoy the apple carplay feature which makes the connection to my phone seamless.

- Victoria M

A very nice affordable, reliable, and good car. Low mileage and great.

2019 Honda HR-V EX-L

Gray tinted windows, Leather seats, fully loaded, nice ride, factory rims, push start, back up camera, very roomy for my 6 kids and has a third row seat, heating and cooling seats, with navigation system, adjustable seat, with neon lights, and signal lights on side mirrors

- John S

Safe affordable and spacious!

2019 Honda HR-V EX-L

My Honda has absolutely amazing technology. Car play and touch screen are amazing. Safety features are super great and the quality of the car itself is great. It is not super expensive to fill up gas and the room in the car is amazing. Backseat and trunk are spacious too!

- Jess J

Perfect sized and versatile.

2019 Honda HR-V EX

It is the perfect size. Very versatile with the ability to fold the seats down or up. It gets really good gas mileage. It is easy to park especially with the back up camera. The back door handles are sort of hidden in the design of the car and makes it look more sporty.

- Katie D

Hrv stands for Honda recognizes value.

2019 Honda HR-V EX

As a Honda this car is more than reliable. It comfortably sits 5 people and is great for kids and outdoorsy folks. I have had no problems with my vehicle, it features Bluetooth, auxiliary and USB hook-ups, and can easily carry a great family weekend.

- Jordan H

the leg space is perfect for me. I do not like that there are not very many spaces to put drinks in. Overall

2019 Honda HR-V

I like that it has good steering and an excellent air conditioning system. Also

- Daniel B

I love everything about it. 4wd is great and it runs very nice.

2019 Honda HR-V

It runs great. It looks nice and is new. It's very fun.

- Haley G