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The Honda Odyssey van that is economical, family oriented, safe and secure.

I love my Honda Odyssey van. The seats in my Honda Odyssey van are very nice and comfortable fabric and that really helps in the hot summer days. I can see everything while driving as I sit up high which is important to me. I love how the doors automatically open and shut by the push of a button making loading and unloading very easy. Having a Honda Odyssey Van with a child is great because they are such an awesome family car. Honda Odysseys are fantastic on gas, very roomy so going on long trips makes it ideal. My Honda Odyssey van has a huge trunk space for all of our desired luggage. We even use our Honda Odyssey van as a work vehicle and are able to store all of our equipment in our van because it is so big and economical. Another really awesome thing about the Honda Odyssey van is that it has multiple air conditioning vents all throughout the vehicle with multiple different settings so I can have the air how I like it and I can set the back air for my child what best suits their needs. My Honda Odyssey van has great steering I feel very safe while driving no matter where I go. I love the fact that my Honda Odyssey van has fabric seats so it keeps the van very cool compared to if it had leather seats. Hondas are known to go for hundreds of thousands of miles as long as you take care of them they will last a lifetime and this is definitely the case for our Honda Odyssey van. If and when it comes time to where we will need to trade the van in I'm pretty sure I will just be getting a newer model of a Honda Odyssey van because that is just how much I love it and feel safe and secure.

- Linda C

Adventures in our Honda Odyssey

There are a variety of features in this car. The seats are fabric rather than leather, so you don't stick to the seats in summer and it's not as cold in winter. The back windows vent to provide more air flow. The driver's seat is electronically adjustable for easy access. There are two captains chairs in the middle of the van which are adjustable (manually) and also removable. These also include pop-out cup holders. There is a folding bench seat capable of holding 3 passengers, and can also be folded into the trunk to make more room. There is an adjustable table in the middle of the front two seats which contains 4 cup holders. The back includes 2 built in cup holders on each side, as well as a small storage unit and a mesh storage unit. The air conditioning flows very well, with personal adjustable vents above each seat. There is also a rear control setting and dial in the middle of the van.

- Joy R

air/heat controlled by backseat passenger, many cup holders, push button doors

I love my odysseys, it runs great. The seats are cloth, and I like that because your legs don't stick to the seats in the summer the air conditioner is the best I have ever had, it has both front and rear air, with controls in both places, it has never had any engine failures and it has 250,000 miles on it. The transmission has made a little whistle noise that it has done since I bought it used in 2013. The noise has not changed, not any louder or more aggressive gear changes or anything. The engine runs very well, no ticking or knocking or oil leaks. It is a perfect van to be a bit older. If it breaks down, I will fix it and keep on driving it. The interior has minor places where it is coming loose from the door, but it is fixable.

- Rachael P

It is a great family car and very reliable.

My Honda Odyssey is an extremely reliable car. We have driven it cross country several time. We have kept it up with regularly scheduled maintenance and have never had any unusual issues. It is a smooth ride. I love the storage in the back. I can fit so much in it both for our vacations or shopping. I like that the middle seats can be removed as well as the back seat folding in. You can also flip the back bench so you can have seating if you tailgate. I did not get a TV screen but that would have been great when kids were younger. Now that kids are older it is great having a cig plug adapter in the back of the car as well as the front. There is also plenty of cup holders for a seven passenger car as well as roomy feeling.

- Donna P

The best family car anyone could ask for!

I absolutely love my Odyssey! It has been an amazing family car for us. It has been reliable, comfortable and given us the space and room we have needed in just going around town to going on vacations. I am seriously going to be heartbroken when it does not work for me anymore. The only issue that I have had with it is, there was a recall on the airbags a couple of years ago. It was fixed simply by taking it to the dealer and they made it very easy and accessible to do so. I would highly recommend this van to any buyer.

- Carolyn R

most reliable car to ever own

well this car has been in the family since it was brand new and just came out. I'm the third generation to own it. The car is at over 200,000 miles right now. No warning lights have ever come on and we have really never had any issues with the vehicle. Reliability is very good and performance also. She likes to get up and go. Moves pretty fast for a minivan. Comfort is great. The wonky thing is my seats are leather and in the summer it turns into an easy bake oven.

- julianne B

Very easy and comfortable with little to no upkeep.

Drives smoothly and performs very well with minimal to no upkeep. I really appreciate that the doors open up on both sides with simply a press of a button. The vehicle has three rows to comfortably seat seven passengers, with the second row being captain seats and allowing easy and clean access to the third row. Third row seat folds down out of the way very easily to haul larger cargo. This vehicle is ideal for families with smaller children.

- Miranda M

The spaceship: a van that fits your every need.

I bought this car used from a family friend after another car got totaled. I joke around and call it my spaceship, but the car is roomy and comfortable. It has been super helpful when it comes to moving because it can fit so many items in the truck with the foldable seats. I have had many maintenance issues, but I believe it is due to wear and tear. The van currently has over 180, 000 miles on it, so it is a good investment.

- Montana R

The passenger doors will not open if the vehicle is in drive.

My van is an old but it stills run and looks great. It has not had any issues with any of the features of it, we used it for a business we started, and it held up well. L like the way the doors open, the way the third seat folds down for more cargo room, it still gets good gas mileage. L as love the way it can accommodate child safety seats with no problems. I would recommend any model of Honda to anyone.

- Joyce W

plenty of space for your family

I am the 2nd owner of my honda minivan and I love it. We are a family of 5 and growing with kids getting married and having grandkids. We have plenty of room for 5 adults, 1 teenager and a car seat if we all want to ride together. The only problem we have had with this vehicle is the transmission has had to be replaced or rebuilt 4 times.. It turns out this has been a problem for this year of Odyssey.

- Regina c

Honda Odyssey: not flashy, but reliable.

My 2002 Honda Odyssey is an extremely reliable car. I have rarely ever had an issue with it in the three years that I have had it. The engine is very good, and the car runs relatively smoothly. It may not be very flashy, but it certainly gets the job done. I would highly recommend a Honda Odyssey for anyone who is looking for a cheap, used car. (I am a student, so it is a very good fit for me. ).

- Joe R

Honda Odyssey, Where is your paint?

I think the seats are comfortable, I like that I can hide my backseat and I don't have the hassle of taking the entire bench out. I do not like the paint job, it's blue and is chipping away like crazy. All the models do that, I wish there was a recall or a way I could get a free paint job. Automatic doors are continent! The mpg is very low, but that's typical for a 2002 minivan.

- Autumn P

It is very dependable and comfortable.

I love my Honda odyssey! It has been a very reliable vehicle. It is a 2002 model and still running. We have had to change transmission about a year ago, but that is the only major work that we have had to do. It fits our family of seven comfortably. We have taken road trips in it with comfort. When we purchase a new vehicle the odyssey will definitely be at the top of our list!

- Ruth S

It is very reliable and I have had less problems with this van then any other I have driven.

I like that it is so reliable. I have had it 3+ years ago have had very little problems with it. When I bought it was old but low mileage. It's not bad on gas which is good with rising gas prices. However I hate that the side windows don't open and only "vent" as the air does not circulate well to the kids in back so we have to use the air conditioning all the time.

- Shannon R

It is green in color with light grey leather interior.

I have had my vehicle for 2 years and have yet to have a problem with it. I love my vehicle. It is very reliable. It's enough space for my family size of 5. It has a DVD player in it that is suitable for my children when we take long trips. I love the surround sound in it. If I was asked would I recommend this vehicle. I would be more than happy to.

- Jasmine A

She needs a new bumper and paint job. She also need tires and rims.

I bought my car used with high mileage. It has taking me to Virginia and back to new jersey with no problems. I do have to get the throttle body gasket changed. It just cost to much. I like my car because it gives me great mileage per full tank. I also travel to Trenton and back to Willingboro almost 2x a day. Couldn't ask for nothing better.

- Vicki V

One of my favorite vehicles

Only problems is shocks needs replaced. It is a great reliable car. And it's very roomy. The car air and heat works great. Windows roll down and it is a great car to travel in going out of town. It is also great on gas. Any Honda is a great vehicle to have for your home if it is a family home and you like to travel or go on outings together.

- Marie M

2002 Honda odyssey in great condition.

This is a 2002 Honda odyssey. It is very dependable and has not given us any problems in mechanical nature. I have always found Hondas to be dependable and last a long time. There are some issues that have to do with the van being in Hawaii originally. As a result the doors and locks stick now. But otherwise everything runs well.

- Kerri F

Reliable van, capable of lasting for many miles.

It had a transmission issue that had to be fixed. Once overhauled it is a good running van. It has over 230,000 miles on it. The engine has some oil, leaks that had to be repaired but is good overall. I do not like the air controls. It does not really allow you to adjust the fan speed, it is automatic. Overall it is a good van.

- Heidi D

More than a soccer mom van.

It is comfortable with leather seats which make it easy to get in and out of. It handles like a sedan but has a lot of road noise, not sure if that is because of the age of the vehicle or because it is a minivan. The automatic sliding doors are very convenient but as the vehicle has aged they have started sticking.

- Amy M

Very spacious I was able to lay a twin bed in it & actually live in my van

I bought this car 2 years ago it was well taken care of when I bought it I've had a few issues that I was easily able to solve on my own just by youtubing it it's been my Saving Grace I love my van so do my kids it's very comfortable we should had an auxiliary port but we do fine with the CD player and the radio

- April H

Wonder van for a wonder mom and wonderful kids.

No problem. Great on gas miles and cost. Low maintenance as well. Spacious on the inside and a great family vehicle. I was blessed with this vehicle and although it is almost twenty years old it has been good to me. I would recommend this or any Honda made vehicle to any family or working mom.

- Tiffany G

Honda makes good quality vehicles.

What I like about it is that it is a reliable vehicle and the makers and designers thought of a lot of details that others have not considered. The vehicle seems like it is made to last. One thing that has gone wrong is that the air conditioning fails intermittently and I don't know why.

- Dean m

The 2002 Honda Odyssey is extremely pleasurable to drive, but the interior could be a little more friendly to petite adults.

My Honda Odyssey has been extremely reliable and is very comfortable. What I like most is the turning radius because it makes it very maneuverable and easy to drive. One thing I don't like is that the electrical outlets are not easily accessible, especially for someone with short arms.

- Lisa S

What a Ride in Odyssey Honda

We live our Honda. Lots of cargo space. Unlike, the Honda Pilot, no one can see your luggage. The ride is exceptional. Our guess riders always comment that they are surprised at the smooth ride. The camera that shows the cars positions behind and beside the car have been life savers.

- Michael R

Durable, safe and effective vehicle.

Great gas mileage, low maintenance, comfortable to drive. . . Taking long trips is not a hassle. . . Can easily be parked just about anywhere. . . Takes wear and tear really well. . . If ever need another vehicle I will definitely look into a newer model. . Honda is a reliable name.

- Victoria H

My 2002 Honda odyssey: reliable.

My 2002 Honda odyssey is an extremely reliable car. Obviously it is not glamorous, but the engine runs extremely well, especially for an old car. It is a great value car. There is lots of room in the back which makes it great for big group outings. Overall I genuinely love the car.

- Joe B

My family friendly Honda Odyssey.

I have no problems with my vehicle besides a small oil leak and a faulty rear sliding door. Other than that, it is a super reliable vehicle for my family. It is spacious enough for my spouse, myself, our daughter and my in laws. It is super comfortable and it drives very smooth.

- Mckenzie S

My odyssey do not laugh, please.

Very reliable vehicle gets me point A to point B. Not the best vehicle to look at, my Honda odyssey. Serves the purpose. It is a Honda with over 235, 000 miles currently. I'll continue to drive it till the wheels fall off. It is been very good since obtaining about 5 years ago.

- Ricky D

Good car for family with kids

The 2002 Honda Odyssey is a very reliable car, great for kids the automatic doors make it easy for you to open them even if your hands are full. It has a DVD player which is awesome if you have children that sit back there and watch it. The leather seats are a breeze to clean.

- Diana S

How nice and comfortable the inside is for children and adults.

It is am amazing car. It is comfortable roomy. Best car ever. Easy to get kids in and out of with the sliding doors. Fun with the DVD players. It is roomy with fitting plywood in the truck. And a fantastic third row seating. Leg room is great for fitting adults and children.

- Madeline L

Great long lasting comfortable car.

This car has lasted a long time with a lot of use. It is easy to maintain. I got it second hand and the interior still looks good. It is very comfortable to drive and for the passengers especially for long trips. When you fold down the seats there is a ton of storage space.

- Danielle G

Its big enough to fit seven people and could be used to fit larger items compared to a normal car.

I like that it is gas efficient and a full tank could last more than a week long. I like how the chairs are fold-able and could fill in more stuff for transport. Only complaint is that due to its larger size, it doesn't feel suitable to go cruising alone compared to a car.

- Anas D

Smooth riding Honda odyssey.

My Honda odyssey has leather seats, and seats 7 people. It also has automatic sliding doors which is very convenient. It drives very smoothly. The passengers can control their own heat and air, which is also very convenient. I did have trouble with the tops and egr valve.

- Melissa L

My Honda is amazing how about yours.

Well my van is awesome the only problem we have is it will not pass emissions test we bought new plugs and will be trying to fix it this weekend. Fiance will be attempting to do it himself after watching youtube let's keep our fingers crossed he knows what he is doing.

- Cynthia C

Honda odyssey. Great for families who want or need space.

Reliable transportation and the DVD player keeps the kids busy on long trips. I also love the seat removal to help with detail cleaning. Great on gas and always a smooth ride. The USB adapter ports are available in the front and rear of the car. Great performance car.

- Joyce J

Hondas are great vehicles for families since they run forever and are safe!!

My honda van runs well and is a safe vehicle for my family. It has over 250000 miles and is still going strong. since it is older is does not have many extra features like new vehicles which is a bummer. Over all it has been a fairly reliable vehicle for our family.

- Amy H

2002 Honda odyssey, it's a great car for a big family.

My 2002 Honda odyssey is a great van for a bigger family. The Honda odyssey can hold seven passengers. The vans seat can also be easily removed. The van also has lots of room. It's fun to drive and really gets up and goes. I really don't have any complaints about it.

- Crystal J

Big television is highlighted.

It has a really big television in it. My Honda Odyssey has ran really well. It's very safe for kids and has a whole lot of room. It came with a touch screen media player. Movies can also be played in the front of the van. The heating and air systems work very well.

- Jared W

Family car greta van for travel.

This van is a great family car and very spacious. Great for traveling has a DVD player for the kids. Not really good on gas but smooth drive. The seats have seat warmers which are great for the cold weather. And the seats go down for extra space and can be moved.

- Laura S

17 years young and still going.

This vehicle is old and the past few years it has required lots of attention. After all, it is a 2002. It has always been reliable and required very little maintenance. The Honda odyssey is easy to drive on local roads and freeways. I have loved it for 17 years.

- Patricia W

Good family van, reliable, great for growing families.

I like my van because it is big and has a lot of space for my growing family. It also has a DVD player which my younger children enjoy a lot. Since I bought it 4 yrs. ago I had little to no issue transmission wise or mechanical wise. Overall a good reliable van.

- Kira S

The engine lasts a long time on most of these. Mine is almost a 245, 000 miles.

The back mini flap windows haven't worked since before previous owner over 5 years ago approx. Huge number if same complaint online and should be a recall item to fix for free, but is not. Gas mileage mpg is to low a 16 city/19 hwy. Seats need more cushioning.

- Eileen S

It is faithful and reliable

I'm not sure if the rating on the previous page worked correctly it should be 5. This is the best minivan I have owned. It runs great has little problems that arise and is great on gas. I dislike that the only windows that open well for air are the front ones.

- Shannon s

2002 Honda Odyssey minivan has nice features for a large family

It runs smoothly and is convenient for its size for our family of six. It has been completely reliable. The only problems we have are with automatic doors not always shutting, fuses needing to be replaced, rubber seals coming unglued, seats no longer heating.

- Annette M

Reliable vehicle 2002 Honda Odyssey

My car has been very reliable. I've owned it for over 17 years and have been consistently changing oil, brakes and tires. I am starting to see minor problems with the sliding doors but nothing major. The engine has been fine and it's comfortable to drive.

- Kevin D

It is good car good running for long distances.

It is a nice family minivan has electric doors has original stereo CD's tape DVD with small look alike plane TV screen and runs good it has two front seats two seats in the middle one big seat and it is for all families types it works the heater and ac air.

- Mario A

Low maintenance, reliable.

My odyssey is 16 years old now, 135000 miles on it and has never caused me problems other than normal maintenance needs. Reliable, comfortable. 7 passenger seating, back bench folds down for plenty of cargo room. Pet friendly, my dogs love to go for rides!

- Linda R

Garbage car do not ever buy it.

The car is to bulky which makes it so hard to park. It constantly makes weird noises and the weather strips do not stop air or water from coming into the car causing more extra noise. The car does not have good design and is a waste of money to purchase.

- Matt F

Decent car for a large family.

Needs new engine mounts and power steering pump and hose, small dent on passenger side door, drives rough when going up and down hills, no power sliding doors, has CD player, comfortably sit 6 adults, can fit a full size box spring and mattress inside.

- Amanda C

It holds a lot of cargo and has a good ride.

Honda stands behind their product. 2002 has been reliable and has needed very little repairs. I have done routine maintenance. Good service and very nice customer service. I only buy Hondas because they last long. Good gas but the cabin is noisy.

- Donna O

it is reliable and worth every penny

My van is very reliable. It seats everyone comfortably, and carries all of our extras. I really like the sunken trunk and how easy it is to remove/fold down seats as necessary. Gas mileage is the only area I see needing improvement

- kendra c

it's perfect for a family with kids. the sliding door is easy. it hasn't broken much.

I like I can see everything from higher up. I like that it's spacious and easy to drive. I don't like that the sliding door does not open its windows and sometimes the door or window does not respond to the switch.

- emi e

It runs great love how smooth it drives.

Honda is the best vehicle decision I've ever made. It runs smooth and Its even amazing on gas. The TV did go out in it so we have had a hard time fixing that. Now the air did go out but heat still works amazing.

- Melinda W

It is reliable. Being a 2002, there have been some repairs along the way, but nothing very major. It is a minivan, so not gorgeous, but very functional.

The ways to configure the vehicle are incredibly handy. Raising a family while using this minivan has proven to be a good choice to haul kids, gear, furniture, whatever. Honda makes a nice reliable vehicle.

- Jill S

Great value great vehicle

Runs great plant of room for the family or to carry my displays it has GPS that works great. The lounge rack is handy the kids loves the DVD player and CD player the automatic windows are nice great on gas

- Brenda C

Electronic side door openers. Very convenient when you are loading groceries

We've had issues with the electronic doors not working. Also, it's a very noisy vehicle, you really have to turn up the radio. I do like the comfy seats and the fact that you can fold down the back row.

- Ann H

This car is great for traveling, many features in it to accommodate your needs.

Given the fact we have 2 children this vehicle is very spacious and family friendly. I like the smooth drive and reliability. The only negative thing is we have issues with the back doors.

- Jason R

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it will give them a lot of mileage.

Overall I really like my Honda Odyssey. The interior is roomy and comfortable seats five adults. The fact that the clock on the dash does not light up at night is a complaint that I have.

- Melinda W

It ages well. It is a wonderful family car that will last a long time.

It is in wonderful shape considering Its age. It is easy to drive and has good storage. We have had trouble with the sliding doors and being able to switch to manual would be helpful.

- Corie C

I can be relied upon to transport many items, when needed.

A very durable car. Considering the size, gets good gas mileage. Very dependable. Very roomy, I can transport items when needed. It is getting older, will be replacing soon.

- Debra S

Reliable vehicle that's been in the family for years

This vehicle has been in the family since September 12, 2001. we have driven this all over. It is a reliable vehicle. The only issues I had with it is the exhaust pipe is loose.

- Manny J

Reliable Honda, Growing Expensive with Age

I have to shell out upwards of $500 on maintenance every year now that it is older. Currently my "check engine" light is on, and the car shakes while driving above 60 mph.

- Ashley P

It easily holds everything that you need for any occasion. The cargo space is exceptional.

The gas mileage for this vehicle is great. I have lots of cargo room. There is also room for even the largest occupants to fit and it travels smoothly on road trips.

- Shannon H

It runs and it fits a lot of people in it! I like that it's been somewhat reliable as well.

It fits a lot of people, but its old. My daughter likes it because she can pick whatever seat she wants. She also likes that all of her friends can fit in our car.

- Krista A

The transmission isn't going to hold up to the motor

I like that it gets great mileage and the motor seems to last forever. What I don't like is that the transmission doesn't hold up and is a bit smaller then I like.

- Cindy h

Family car, lots of room. Good for road trip.

It was used when I purchased. Its needs a little word and some body repair. But she drive great. She do not have DVD or navigation. On 2 outlets to plug in phones.

- Vicky V

It's like anything else,take care of it and it will take care of you.

I really use to like my vehicle,but with so much use and allowing other drivers that don't take of your vehicle as you would,few problems. Seeking something new.

- Olivett N

My vehicle is well maintained and very reliable.

This vehicle has been one of the best that I've owned. Other than regular maintenance and fixing the muffler (because it's older) I've had no problems.

- Ida B

It is a great family car. It is incredibly dependable and comfortable.

I love the room it has. There is plenty of space to travel with my 3 children and luggage for trips. It rides very comfortably and is easy to maintain.

- Christina S

It's reliable as long as you do the maintenance on it.

I hate that it's a minivan. But I have 4 kids so I needed the space. It's actually very roomy. The seats are comfortable and there's a ton of storage.

- Vicki S

It is no nonsense- plan and functional and my dogs love it.

I have enjoyed my van for the last 8 yrs.. I bought it with 76k and now has 198k miles on it. Except for the tranny at 165k, it has been reliable..

- Debra M

Is a honda odyssey a good family vehicle?

I highly recommend a honda vehicle. The honda odyssey minivan is the third honda vehicle I have been in ownership with. I trust honda vehicles 100%

- April K

Great for going on trips. Family vacations and all.

Honda odyssey is a very nice car, but old. Has about 200+ thousand miles in it. Takes me where I want to go but needs to be maintained frequently.

- Wagner L

Honda's run for a long time. 234,000 miles and going.

I like the fact my van is a Honda. Very durable vehicle, and dependable. The thing I don't like is the age of vehicle, however that's just mental.

- Ricky D

The most important thing is I feel safe while I drive it.

I really like it. It performs great, it fits my family and we are all comfortable while we travel in it. Never really had any problems with it.

- Limael D

Parts are easily obtainable and are priced rather inexpensively

Very roomy. comfortable, and dependable. Drives well in all weather conditions. Third row when down provides enough space to haul large items

- Chas P

Honda odyssey great family vehicle.

Smooth ride and easy to drive especially good on gas and breaks work great! I would highly recommend the Honda odyssey for your growing fam.

- Ashley S

Honda makes the best cars. They are reliable and a good ride, the smaller cars are the best.

I like the smooth ride and to be able to see upfront but it is old and getting problems every year. It is hard to park because of the size.

- Marcia C

I love the captain chairs in the middle the slide together or apart

It has a emissions problem with the gas cap but other than that it runs and is very dependable great family car that will start every time

- Amanda G

Brand is very dependable and very long lasting, not much maintenance required

I like the size and dependability, I love the automatic sliding doors, I like the traction system I can use in winter. no complaints

- Mare M

An interesting detail is it is equipped with a vcr for my child to watch movies.

My Honda's performance and comfort is great. It has a lot of space and room to transport other kids and room for luggage on vacations.

- Margaret B

Reliability, comfort, affordability and options offered. I.

Looks fancy. Easy to drive, roomy for my family and its versatile. Has a lot of good usage. Can be use to carry a lot of cargo.

- Evelyn M

It is dependable and reliable.

It is dependable. It has plenty of storage space and leg room. Never had any issues with it there is nothing to dislike.

- Beth K

it gets me where I need to go and gets reasonable gas mileage

like that it's lasted a long time and holds a lot of stuff, dislike that it's starting to break down and needs replacing

- Meredith b

Very nice car when you have kids and pets very spacious

I like the space , heating seat , DVD player for the kids , I didn't like that the transmission when bad at 100000 miles

- Seleny R

The transmission problem.

I love the space. The transmission is faulty in the years 2001 and 2002. It looks very nice and has kept up very well.

- Jacob B

Honda vans rock and we love it

Transmission issues but it is a great car and we love it. We love love love love love love love love live our van

- Alison C

Dependable, has over 230, 000 miles.

Just old vehicle had some bumps and scratches. However gets me point A to point B. No high payment, I am good.

- Ricky T

Great family vehicle with great gas mileage. It has a lot of storage space.

Great backseat collapse and storage system. Easy access to automatic sliding doors. Very roomy and functional.

- Vivian W

We call it the grey goose. It is the best vehicle ever.

It has been the best vehicle. I have only had to do regular maintenance and it is still running at 236K miles.

- Greg W

The only downsides to a great van

Car has had alternator issues 3 times within 1 year. It is well known for transmission issues after 40k miles.

- Kaitlin O

It's reliable. It gets me where I need to go and it fits everything I may pick up

I like that it is large. It fits a lot of my stuff. Also fits my two girls plus the occasional extra child

- Tracey E

It is a car you can trust to run great and be dependable for a long time

My Honda is dependable. We have 188,000 miles on it and runs great. I can feel god about driving my van

- Michelle M

It will easily last me another ten years. The engine is super reliable.

Runs amazing for a sixteen year old car. Very reliable and easy to drive. Great car to learn to drive in.

- Rachel D

dependable, spacious, easy to care for, good in all conditions

262,000 miles, runs like a champ, sliding doors problems, does everything i ask of it, would get another

- mark b

It is very reliable. It is easy to drive and has held up very well.

We've only ever had one problem. The transmission had to be replaced after we'd owned it for 11 years.

- Sarah n

This vehicle is a great family vehicle. It is spacious and comfortable to ride in.

It is a nice size for a family vehicle. We are a family of 6 and it is nice to have room for everyone.

- Mitzi B

The safety rating is high.

I love the safety rating. I love the cup holders. I hate the doors unlocking when i put it in park.

- Michelle B

It has more to it then you'd think for a 2002

It holds up through time, and repairs are minimal, it has leather seats and DVD players installed

- Kate P

It does everything I need. It is dependable and practical.

Great practical car that is dependable. My only complaint is that it won't last forever.

- syd a

it runs and is a good vehicle, hs new tires and windshield wipers

no complaints vehicle runs and drives well It's green has new tires new motor mounts

- Angie C

It is reliable. Despite age and mileage we have few problems with it

It has plenty of room and is reliable. The seats could be a little more comfortable.

- Amie R

It is a very dependable vehicle.

It is reliable. It drives well. I don't dislike anything. It was semi affordable.

- Sarah M

I love how many people I can carry At once. It's extremely convenient for having two children. I love the cargo space I have in back especially when I fold the third seat down. I love that I can climb in the back without getting out of my car.

Perfect for families. So many conveniences like room for groceries or even lumber!

- Danielle K

Very durable and reliable van for my family

Great vehicle. I have always kept up the maintenance. It has 300,000 miles on it!

- Bra E

It's reliable and low maintenance. It is practical but not sporty

I like the space and size. I don't like the handling or the gas mileage of it

- William S

This vehicle is comfortable, easy to drive, and fits the whole family. We love it and it has lasted a very long time.

It's the best Van we have ever owned and would definitely purchase another.

- Leslie T

It needs 2 cans of antifreeze not just one! Otherwise you will not have cold air

Only complaint sometime my side doors don't always shut when they should!

- Chelsy H

A very comfortable minivan

I love my vehicle because of the comfort and the ease of maneuvering

- jackie P

it runs well because of regular maintenance and its been paid for several years ago

like it's paid, reliable, little maintenance. dislike size, old

- aelita a

It has over 270,000 miles on it , and it still runs great . I keep the oil changed on a tight schedule . The only work I have done is a front axle replace .

It is in really good condition for the age and miles on it .

- Terry G

Other than my transmission going out right after I bought it used, it is running fantastic, does what I need it to do and now has over 200k miles. I am a single mom with 4 active kids and this vehicle is perfect for our current needs

Honda Odyssey is a very reliable vehicle for a busy family.

- Tiffani B

It has never broken down hardly at all

It is very spacious It's is good quality I love the color

- Karen W

it is reliable and safe to drive

good handling and smooth ride, the price is too high

- danny M

It's in great condition for how old it is

I like how big it is but I don't like how old it is

- Bryanna L

I have kept it so long for a reason. It's great! It can carry a family and many accessories.

I love the durability and comfort of this vehicle.

- Valarie D

- Tuna M