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An Odyssey� One Mom�s Journey through Suburban America

2017 Honda Odyssey EX-L

First, the car is comfortable and spacious. There is plenty of room even with adults and /or older children. Even with taller people sitting in the back, there is clear vision for the driver out the rear window. The use of space is effective and there are many usable features. The cup holders are positioned well. The charging points are positioned well. The technology is current without being over the top. It is easy to get in and out of the vehicle. The seats are easy to pull out and easy to put back in. There is plenty of space for groceries, luggage, sports equipment without ever needing to add a car top carrier. The van is quiet and drives nicely. While it feels wide and big, it has a nice turning radius and is not difficult to park. The car does seem to 'lurch' or shift awkwardly sometimes when the 'ECO' option is in use. Also, there can be a clunking sound when backing the car out on a hill. The van drives like a car not a truck which makes it feel nice and smooth and easy.

- Katie R

Honda Odyssey- every mom on the go's dream!

2017 Honda Odyssey EX-L

Personally love the Honda Odyssey. Our family has 2 small children, 2 cats and a puppy that we routinely travel with. The ability to fit everyone in the car is a huge plus. We can fold down the back seats to get the stroller in, or anything else large we need to bring. It drives nicely- we live near DC and traffic varies- gridlock to fast highway travel. The gas mileage is good- and the ride is smooth. I haven't had any issues with the car, which we bought used. It does take premium oil, which drives up the cost of the oil change, but routine maintenance is easy. We have built in screens on the side windows, plus a moonroof. Bluetooth works well, for both phone and music, and there are both USB and 12V charging ports. Im very happy with our purchase and recommend this car for anyone, not just families.

- Karen M

You cannot go wrong with a Honda Odyssey!

2017 Honda Odyssey EX-L

I really like the size of the vehicle and the amount of interior space. I have 4 children and can easily fit them along with all the stuff each child needs. Traveling for long distances is so easy and I have plenty of room in the back of the vehicle for all of my luggage and extras. There is always room for more if I needed it. We enjoy the navigation screen, heated seats are a plus as well as the shades that can be extended to block the sun in the back seats. So far, our van has not had any outstanding issues. This is the second Odyssey we've owned. The first one was unfortunately totaled in a car accident where we were hit on the passenger side. We walked away with no injuries. The van is well designed to provide protection in the instance of an accident.

- Jenny V

This car has it all, comfort, space and a smooth ride!

2017 Honda Odyssey EX

I love my Honda odyssey. It feels like a luxury car to me. It drives very smoothly and handles great! The seats are comfortable and the adjustable seats have a lot of different positions. I use the seat warmers frequently when it is cold. It has a lot of options for charging phones and devices and the center storage/cup holder area is so much better designed than my older odyssey. I also like that the center windows roll down, that wasn't the case with my last odyssey. My passengers have plenty of room and can make temperature adjustment for their own areas. The back seats fold down and the center seats remove for when I have to carry something large. This is my second odyssey and is by far my favorite of all the cars I have ever owned!

- Ann V

Our minivan is part of the family.

2017 Honda Odyssey EX-L

Our minivan is a member of the family! The seats are extremely comfortable, and the temperature zones ensure that each passenger is comfortable. The Bluetooth capability and dual headsets allow me to listen to my music as I drive, while the kiddos are watching a movie in the backseat. Storage space in the rear is fantastic. Rear seats are easily stowed, in order to open up even more storage space. Keyless start keeps me from having to dig through my purse for the keys, and the kids love that both sliding doors have their own button for open/close. This is an excellent family vehicle!

- Carrie O

The 2017 Honda odyssey is an incredible car!

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love this van. It has all the bells and whistle. Electric windows, even on the passenger windows, unlike every other van we have ever owned. A sunroof! Which is so nice at this time of year. Easy handling, power brakes, power steering, power windows. Special features like when you turn the key in the door twice, all of the doors unlock and so does the back door. Windshield wipers on back as well as front, Sirius XM radio, and to top it all off, a television, CD player and radio for the passengers in the back. As I said, I love this van.

- Mary R

So much room and power. It will keep your family safe.

2017 Honda Odyssey EX-L

Love my van, it has great power. I had an accord before and the odyssey has a v6 engine. It really goes when you hit the gas. I love the high safety ratings, I have 3 kids and that's the most important thing I looked for in a vehicle. We carefully compared the different models to see which features come in each package. There is plenty of room in the van. I love that I can easily take the seats out. I love that you can bucket baby seats into any seat. I can quickly change things around to fit my current needs.

- Mary W

removal of the seats great

2017 Honda Odyssey SE

The vehicle is very comfortable for the family. It keeps the grandchildren entertained with the DVD player. It is very spacious and reliable. It sit 8 people comfortable and drive very smooth. I like that it has headphones so that the children can listen to the movie without us having to listen to the shows. The van has a lot of space so that we can fit things in it without having to crush things. My husband uses it to put home supplies like sheet rock and other things because we can remove the seats very easily.

- Sol A

It has a great warranty, the easy of getting kids in and out makes trips much easier, and the room the van provides has been great.

2017 Honda Odyssey

The Odyssey has made getting around much easier, the sliding doors are easy for the kids to open and being lower to the ground than an SUV they can climb in themselves. With the back seats down I have had three strollers in the trunk which is extremely convenient. The ride is nice and sometimes I forget I am driving a minivan. The built in GPS makes travel easy. The car was definitely designed for families. We do recommend the Odyssey to all of our friends with children.

- Kate K

Most affordable and convenient mom taxi available!

2017 Honda Odyssey SE

At first I was hesitant to drive a van but after testing out my odyssey, the amenities and price just made sense. The van is comfortable for the whole family. I can remove the middle seat in the second row so my oldest and his friends have easy access to the back. I have 2 bucket seats for my other 2 children. I have a DVD player for the kids for long trips and a built in shop vac for my messy kids and their clean up. All in all, it is safe, reliable and very convenient!

- Brittany S

Room for everyone and then some!

2017 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

I love my Honda Odyssey! It is comfortable, easily accessible for all three kids and fits 3 car seats comfortably with room for an extra 2-3 people. It is awesome that there is a vacuum in the back, and a TV for the kids to watch DVDs. However, sometimes we have an issue switching to music and then back to the DVD...we typically have to restart the DVD for the picture to come back. Otherwise, this is my favorite family car that I've owned.

- Stephanie D

My Honda van is the perfect family car and fits our needs perfectly!

2017 Honda Odyssey

My van has been great. I have not had any performance or reliability issues. I have it serviced regularly and it runs great. I like having control over the doors from the front seat. We have plenty of room for my twins rear facing car seat. I like that I do not have to have my keys in my hand to get the door open when it is locked. I also like that I can roll down the windows from my key fob, particularly in the hot southern summers.

- Laura J

It's a family car. There's room for kids, car seats, and groceries, and it has a screen in the back for watching movies during travels.

2017 Honda Odyssey

We purchased this vehicle last year, to accommodate our growing family. It came with an entertainment package, which was a huge seller since we have small children. The check engine light came on as soon as we drove it off the lot, and we had it in and out of the shop the first few weeks of owning it. No problems were ever found, and we haven't had any trouble with it since.

- Kate F

Luxury for less of a price.

2017 Honda Odyssey

The Honda we have is great. Leather seats and seat warmers make you feel like you are in a luxury car. The cameras behind and on the sides of the mirrors make it easy to pull out of parking spots and checking you blind side. One issue I do have with the car is that it is very long. I have trouble parking it. Other than that it is a very smooth ride and easy acceleration.

- Emma B

Family loves the Honda Odyssey

2017 Honda Odyssey EX

Very comfortable for my family, love it for weekend road trips. I like the Honda Odyssey features, sliding doors, means the kids don't bang into other cars, power windows, seats and of course the information center. There is a lot of space for a random beach day or hitting Costco and buy a month of groceries. We love the car and the safety features,.

- Kelly F

The most important thing about my van is that it gets great reviews for safety. Having a safe vehicle is so important.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love my honda odyssey! I have three teenage kids and there is plenty of room for our family and friends. The storage in the back is amazing and is put to full use when we take our yearly summer road trips on vacation. I also love that I can keep all of the kids sports gear, chairs, blankets, etc, in the back and still have plenty of room for groceries.

- Debbie M

Honda odyssey is a must have family car.

2017 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

I love my Honda odyssey. I have 4 children and it is so nice being able to secure a car seat in any of the second or third row seats. I love all of the room I have in the front for storage for my things and the size of the trunk is amazing! I can fit a big bob stroller in the trunk and still have from for a weeks worth of groceries for my family of 6.

- Toni B

Honda odyssey... Still the best minivan for families.

2017 Honda Odyssey SE

Comfortable, reliable, great for entertaining the family, drives well, love the rear and right turn cameras. Sound system is great, ac unit gives great options for different passengers, love the vacuum in the back and all the space. Does have issues with back sticking when it is cold and you cannot charge devices when the engine is off.

- Michael O

Good mini van with large comfortable seating.

2017 Honda Odyssey LX

This vehicle is very comfortable and easy to drive. There is very good visibility for a minivan. It is rated as one of the safest in it is class. Very good gas mileage. It has a large cargo area. I wish Honda allowed buyers to pick individual options, but they only have trim upgrades that might include options you really do not want.

- Michael D

Odyssey is great for families

2017 Honda Odyssey EX

Reliable, comfortable, great for kids on long drives. Would highly recommend for a family vehicle. Very low maintenance and good gas mileage. Love the vacuum in the trunk and the great trunk space for groceries, stroller, etc. Also easy to remove seats, put in car seats and change around seating rows to fit as needed.

- Stephanie R

Comfort and Style of Honda Odyssey

2017 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

odyssey provides comfort, ease of driving, touring elite provides safety features for your family by having side airbags, GPS and leather seats. The space cargo is wide, it has a built in vacuum feature to clean the inside of your car. The last row seat can be folded for extra space. Leg rooms are okay.

- Alex D

It is really a great car for all ages.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love the rear camera, makes it easier and safe when backing up. Seats are very comfortable. I do not like that the radio is not very user-friendly. You have to press on a lot of buttons just to connect to Bluetooth every single time. Cannot even hear the music very well when you are seating at the back.

- Claire S

Comfortable aesthetically pleasing car that is safe for a family.

2017 Honda Odyssey

This vehicle has a quiet comfortable drive. I feel safe driving my family in this car. This car is great for road trips. It has plenty of room for my whole family to spread put on long Journey's and there is plenty of room to store our stuff. The doors are great for kids getting in and out of the car.

- Jen R

Spacious, Reliable and Convenient

2017 Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is convenient because of the sliding doors, comfortable seats, the ability to have more space in the middle row by adjusting the seat. The minivan also has ample truck space and can be expanded by easily folding the third row seats down. The Honda Odyssey is a great investment.

- Kyecka M

Great vehicle for families. Comfortable, roomy and spacious.

2017 Honda Odyssey

Reliable, comfortable seats. Love the way the seats flip down in the back to make a ton of room perfect for hauling larger things. Like that the middle row seats come out as well when needed. Handles like a car. Wouldn't know you were driving a van. Love the backup camera. Decent gas mileage.

- Sherry M

Great vehicle, comfortable fit

2017 Honda Odyssey EX

I enjoy driving this vehicle, however I am slightly disappointed in the cars touch screen functions. More times than not the radio won't work for a good 10 minutes of driving. Sometimes it warns me to break even when there is nothing in my path. At times the Bluetooth doesn't work as well.

- Amanda C

The Odyssey is a great family vehicle. And it's fun to drive.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love the functionality of the odyssey. It is easy to load up my family, great for school drop offs & pick ups. It is large enough for me to use when helping haul things & small enough to easily drive and park where I need to. The comfort level for the drivers & passengers is very high.

- Brooke G

What I love best about my Honda odyssey.

2017 Honda Odyssey LX

It rides smoothly. We fit in it so well. Road trips have been so comfy for everyone. The cruise control is easy to use. The radio sound hits everyone in the care well. The back seats fit so nicely inside when they are tucked down in it. The camera on the side mirror is extremely helpful.

- Wendi F

Large cargo space and comfortable ride.

2017 Honda Odyssey

The van hold many people and a lot of cargo. It is great on vacation and at the beach. It is good for the Among many children to sports practices. Also like it because it is good for yard work and picking up mulch and fertilizers. It is also like a mini bus and carries a lot of people.

- Donna O

A great van for short and long trips

2017 Honda Odyssey LX

Great vehicles. Designed for ease of driving and safety. Always dependable and comfortable. Very low maintenance Great on gas mileage and the features help keep passengers entertained while traveling. The van has interior space but is compact enough to easily park and drive in traffic

- Edna Powell E

It is spacious and works great for large families.

2017 Honda Odyssey LX

I will start by saying this is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is great for a larger family like mine. It has lots of storage space which makes things totally easier for everyday life. It has a built in TV and DVD player which makes it so easy to go on trips and occupy my kids.

- Christina M

Space, space, and more space. It's amazing for families, small, large, or anything in between.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love that I can adjust the seating configuration depending on my needs: day-to-day schedule vs holiday traveling. I also love how large the truck storage space is; the depth of it allows me to travel with my growing family and not have to put a single bag in the "front" of the van.

- Cortney M

The family odyssey: luxury and performance.

2017 Honda Odyssey EX-L

The features on this vehicle are ideal for our family. Plenty of cargo and seating space. Backup camera is a great feature. The all leather interior and heated seats add great comfort. Rides smoothly and is very reliable. Automatic lift-gate provides for easy access to groceries.

- Eric S

The removable middle seat is very useful

2017 Honda Odyssey LX

The car performs well. So far haven't had any issues whatsoever. Mileage is good, passenger capacity is what I need. Overall a safe choice for anyone who needs to be ferrying people around a lot. Though I have another car, I don't use it nearly as much as my beautiful grey van.

- Will S

TV, vacuum, Three rows with lots of space and very comfortable.

2017 Honda Odyssey SE

This van is very reliable. It's safe and I know my family will be safe with this vehicle. It's definitely a great buy for a family. My children love the TV in the van. I love the vacuum that the van has. It cleans up spills fast. It's very spacious. I definitely recommend.

- Margaret B

Minivan that drives like a car

2017 Honda Odyssey EX-L

This is an exceptional family vehicle that drive more like a car than a van. It's Easy and fun to drive and has a great layout and wonderful host or amenities. The gas mileage is very good for a minivan. The vehicle is consistently reliable and Honda offers great service.

- Amy T

Still loving our Minivan for its Economical and Safety Benefits

2017 Honda Odyssey LX

We love the reliability, durability and safety of the vehicle. The tires wore out too quickly so that is a concern and sometimes the seatbelts in the middle seat of the middle row are very hard to access easily and quickly but we love the economy of the gas mileage too.

- Colleen S

Why Honda Odyssey 2018 is an excellent vehicle.

2017 Honda Odyssey

My vehicle has handicapped accessible features. It has an automatic ramp. It is state of the art and fully automatic. It is so comfortable and reliable. I have not had any problems. I would certainly recommend this vehicle. You will be very satisfied with this vehicle.

- Amanda L

Honda Odyssey: Great Car, Clunky Electronics Console

2017 Honda Odyssey SE

It's reliable and we have had no problems. It is big enough for our family with flexible seating options. The seats are nice and car seat installation is very easy because of where the latch hooks are. The electronics are not intuitive and can be complicated to use.

- Laura E

The Honda is a delight to drive.

2017 Honda Odyssey

The reliability and comfort of the car is amazing. The gas mileage is acceptable in the city and very good on longer trips. The minivan is roomy and well equipped. The Honda hold a high resale and trade in value. I will purchase the same vehicle again in the future.

- Ellen H

It�s an Easy and dependable van

2017 Honda Odyssey EX

It's a very reliable and dependable car. This car is so Comfortable and easy to drive. Drives like a sedan. Not like a big bulky van. Performs great and never really ran into issues with this car. I Never thought I would drive a van but doesn't even feel like a van.

- Annette K

We paid more for what we got:

2017 Honda Odyssey

Average gas mileage; average features; Bluetooth connectivity problems. Vehicle is lower to the ground than other vans that we have owned; comfort is as expected in a minivan. We would like more bells and whistles for the price. We have had some battery issues.

- Sara C

It is very comfortable for the whole family, especially on longer trips.

2017 Honda Odyssey

My car is easy and comfortable to drive. It does have a lot of bells and whistles that I'm still trying to figure out, but I enjoy driving this car. I love the presets that set for me and that we can program presets for my husband when he drives it.

- Kelly R

that it is very reliable and good quality.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love the sliding doors. I love that I can double click the unlock button and the windows and sunroof open to let out hot air. I love the space. I wish I could fix the entertainment screen so it doesn't always dim when the headlights are on.

- jenna B

The new Honda Odyssey feature of sliding middle row seats is the best feature

2017 Honda Odyssey

I have had no problems with my Honda Odyssey. It has been a very reliable van. It is very comfortable to drive for short or long distances. The best feature is the middle row seats that can be slid over to access back seat!

- Stephanie B

It is comfortable and reliable.

2017 Honda Odyssey

The main thing I like about it is that it has plenty of room for my husband's wheelchair. I also like the storage capacity. The vehicle is very comfortable and has a lot of safety features my older vehicle does not have.

- Gigi Z

All around great car! Very durable and has stood up to 5 kids very well!

2017 Honda Odyssey

Everything has been great. I cannot think about one thing I do not like. Drives well, love all the features and especially the side view camera. I do wish it had a windshield washer fluid level indicator, but I'll live.

- Melissa O

it's a very comfortable car, and very roomy. Love the height in the car.

2017 Honda Odyssey

Hate the Bluetooth system. It NEVER works. want Apple Play. I love the space and the automatic doors. I have never used the CD player -- I don't know why that is in a 2017 model of anything. Need more USB ports

- tzofit g

That it has lots of room and is so perfect for small kids especially babies in car seats it so nice to have sliding doors.

2017 Honda Odyssey

Well It's a van which is not the coolest car in the world. There is a few things I don't like but that's cause I should have done the upgrades like the automatic trunk close and the navigation.

- Breanne J

Rides and handles well for a minivan.

2017 Honda Odyssey

Love the capacity and comfort. Great for transporting large items for moving, shopping and family vacations. Lots of space for up to eight passengers. Feels like I am in a moving living room.

- Miriam W

That it is a minivan with a seating capacity of 8

2017 Honda Odyssey

I like my vehicle because it is spacious, nice and roomy interiors. The gas mileage is good and the vehicle is reliable as per me. The seating is very comfortable for everyone in the car.

- Anuradha R

If you leave the keys inside and try to lock it, it's smart and will not lock until the keys are removed.

2017 Honda Odyssey

It has room for all 5 of us to fit comfortably plus room for friends, family, groceries, etc. It has a tv which is great for traveling with kids. I love the automatic sliding doors.

- Lydia C

The two thousand and seventeen Honda Odyssey ex is an excellent vehicle.

2017 Honda Odyssey

Good vehicle, no problems. Almost eighty thousand mile. And no problems. Have done regular maintenance oil changes transmission fluid changes air and cabin filters. Tire rotations.

- Ken T

It's better that what I thought a minivan would be.

2017 Honda Odyssey

It's roomy and fits my family. It's not very stylish but it has heated seats and a sunroof which I like. It's okay on gas so overall it's a family hauler for a reasonable price.

- Shanna D

Fun to drive! Highly recommend

2017 Honda Odyssey

This is my second Honda Odyssey. It is great for my family. I have 7 kids and we wanted an 8 passenger minivan as a daily driver. Great gas mileage, and it's got some pep!

- Kelly C

It is so reliable. We've had no problems and feel very safe in it.

2017 Honda Odyssey

Drives so smoothly, automated doors and back hatch make life so much easier, it is easy for my small children to get and out of the car and into their car seats on their own.

- Rebecca H


2017 Honda Odyssey



It's great for people with young children who have strollers and car seats

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love that I can open the doors and tailgate from the remote. I also love that I can fold down the third row seat to make more room for things when we travel.

- Kim S

Very safe and family friendly vehicle. If you never thought you would drive a van (like me) this van will change your mind. I actually enjoy driving my van and going places with the family.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love my vehicle. Great for busy families with small kids. Lots of room and space and comes with a lot of bells and whistles. Easy and comfortable driving.

- Suzy A

What I love most about my Honda odyssey minivan is that the doors slide open so I can gather my toddlers in easily.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love my Honda odyssey, it's perfect for my family. I have 4 kids and the doors opening with the remote helps. It's great on gas and just over all amazing!!

- Davina B

It's a totally family car.

2017 Honda Odyssey

It's really very comfortable and specially for kids. The space is more. It's good for long drive. Driving is very comfortable. EXL features are excellent.

- Sindhu D

I love the auto down/up feature on the driver and passenger front windows. Lets you get both your hands back on the wheel faster.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love the folding third row seats, removable portion of the second row, power sliding doors, auto down/up windows. It handles well and is a smooth ride!

- Jennifer W

It is rated as one of the top vehicles for safety.

2017 Honda Odyssey

It is comfortable and drives smooth. It is actually very stylish for a minivan. I dislike that it is push button start and doesn't actually take a key.

- Malinda M

Car meant for a family so if you don't have a big family I wouldn't recommend.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love this vehicle because it has a lot of space and when you go in reverse there is a camera that helps you out. And has many other amazing features.

- Sabrina S

The Honda Odyssey is perfect for families who are on the go

2017 Honda Odyssey

It has a vacuum which is great with kids who are messy. It drives smoothly and is very comfortable. I've done many long trips with it full of people!

- Morgan S

Honda Odyssey review-great for mom’s of any age.

2017 Honda Odyssey

None, this vehicle I would highly recommend. Honda vans are one of the most reliable cars in the road. This car has great gas mileage and comfortable.

- Heather V

The car has a unique LED.

2017 Honda Odyssey

The car is really good. It has lots of technology and very comfortable seats. It also has a smart feature that lets you use your phone on the screen.

- Douglas B

The Honda Odyssey is great for the money.. built sound and reliable

2017 Honda Odyssey

I have had no problems. The comfort in this vehicle is great for all.. I love the heated seats in winter and the air and and heat all over the van.

- Bonita T

It is rated high for safety, and I believe has never had a side impact crash.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love all the features and that there is a button in the driver seat for them. I love the sliding doors for my children. There is a lot of storage.

- Lauren Q

Love the ease of driving and ability to wipe up.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I have loved everything about the odyssey. The way it drives, how easily it is cleaned, and how easy it is to re-arrange seats or put them up/down.

- Mel O

My brand new Honda Odyssey

2017 Honda Odyssey

There has been no problems with my odyssey. It runs smoothly and the a/c and heater runs Well. There is a cool box and the radio is great.

- Laura A

Sliding doors with kids are amazing

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love my Honda. And everything about it. There's plenty of space, it's comfortable for my whole family. There isn't anything I dislike.

- Jenn A

Easy to get kids in and out of it and there's a good space

2017 Honda Odyssey

It's good just difficult to remove the chairs sometimes because they are heavy and can get stuck when you put the middle seat back in

- Joe V

It isn't the best choice for minivans out there. Pick another.

2017 Honda Odyssey

Space is fantastic, gas mileage is fine. Huge problems with the power windows and entertainment screen already which worries me.

- ashley r

Good gas. Holds eight. Very comfortable to drive. Easy handling.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love my van. It holds everyone. It has a tv. It's easy to drive. It's good on gas. I really don't want to buy another vehicle

- Ashley S

This is a great car for families. It is the top on the market for that group.

2017 Honda Odyssey

We really like our vehicle. It is perfect for our large family and really fits our needs. It has also been dependable thus far.

- Stephen S

Honda delivers luxury transportation at an economy price tag.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love the room and flexibility in seating. I always have room to transport friends and family. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Laurie H

Lots of cameras and alerts for safe driving

2017 Honda Odyssey

I really love my van. It is quiet inside and has a ton of cup holders. There is a lot of room for my kids and their friends.

- Sandi D

It is roomy and I love the features and the including side view cam.

2017 Honda Odyssey

No problems for a year now. I don't have issue with getting on the highway, very reliable and kids are comfortable a the back.

- Kim C

It seems to be like a limo, because of the width and length of the car inside. There are two sites that can be taken out at any time and there will be more space for storage.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I like my car because it has a lot of space so I can do long trips with luggage in the back or take some more people with me.

- Marita Y

Spacious great family vehicle

2017 Honda Odyssey

Comfortable, rides mice, roomy. Kids love it. Very reliable . I trust Honda and would continue to purchase from them.

- Laurie B

I feel that my family is safe in this vehicle and it is very easy to drive.

2017 Honda Odyssey

No complaints about my vehicle. I like the fact that there is plenty of room for my family and a lot of storage space.

- Lauren A

Great family vehicle. Can fit family and friends in there comfortably.

2017 Honda Odyssey

Love my Odyssey. Lots of room for kids, and has an extra, 8th seat when needed. Pretty good gas mileage. Nice ride.

- Sue B

It's a way to get around safely.

2017 Honda Odyssey

It fits the family. It is got plenty of room. It drives nice and it is very comforting. It is expensive to put gas in.

- Tracy L

Smooth and comfortable ride for everyone in the car

2017 Honda Odyssey

No problems. It's an excellent car very comfortable and easy to drive and operate. Love the door and camera features.

- Sara G

That I feel safe while driving it!

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love the automatic doors! The amount of space is just what our family needs. I also think it drives really well!

- Jennifer G

Great for family road trips!

2017 Honda Odyssey

Good family vehicle. Lots of space. Removable middle seat in the 3rd row. Side airbags. Sleek looking design.

- Wendy S

I use it to take my kids everywhere. It holds three car seats.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I still don't know how to use all of the technology that comes with it, such as getting my iPhone synced up.

- Catherine P

The door handles break easy if you pull to hard on them.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love the way it can't turn on a dime. I love the comfort. I feel safe. Cameras are great. No complaints.

- Maureen D

It is way better than a dodge.

2017 Honda Odyssey

Safety features in my Honda civic minivan. Dark blue in color is my favorite. Love having my space for 7.

- Christine M

Great for big families and families with small kids .

2017 Honda Odyssey

Family friendly, very convenient for road trips with toddlers. comfortable seating and adjustable seats.

- Priya C

Every Odyssey that we have had has been reliable and comfortable.

2017 Honda Odyssey

Have had 4 Odysseys since 2011. Absolutely love them! Comfort & reliability in every one. Recommend.

- marge d

although it is Big in size, it actually Drives and Handles like a smaller sedan does.

2017 Honda Odyssey

my family enjoys the room and comfort of the van while I Love the dependability of a Honda vehicle!

- Evandon d

It as a lot of little features that make a big difference.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I like the keyless entry. I like all the storage. I like all the sensors. I like the DVD player.

- Nicole G

It holds 8 people and it is very comfortable ride.

2017 Honda Odyssey

I love all the room it has and it is good on gas. I really don't have any complaints.

- Laura S

I like the room for travel that back has. I like the sliding doors with safety stop with having kids and grandchild. I like the side safety view that's comes on screen when turning right.

2017 Honda Odyssey

It is roomy, safe and travels well. The seats pop out easily for added space.

- Jennifer C

There is a ton of room for all the everyday activities and is awesome for long road trips!

2017 Honda Odyssey

It is great for the family. We use it for everything. It is reliable.

- Hooper E

I love my car. It is great for long trips and I can fit so much in it. It is very comfortable. I can fit all my son's friends in the car.

2017 Honda Odyssey

It is very comfortable for long rides. It has a lot of space.

- Michele D

it's big. it's safe. it's fuel efficient. the kids love it

2017 Honda Odyssey

it has enough room for all kids and friends to go places

- tif m

A spacious and comfortable family friendly vehicle

2017 Honda Odyssey

I like the space, comfortable, and it drives smoothly.

- Joanna S

I like that it has plenty if space for my big family. Automatic doors are a must, as is the cargo space. I feel like it's very reliable

2017 Honda Odyssey

It is awesome for big families with lots of stuff.

- Erin B

It has a DVD player and a sunroof

2017 Honda Odyssey

I like the room it has. It runs really good

- Johnna M

Comfortable, great features

2017 Honda Odyssey

Great gas mileage, comfortable and roomy.

- Heather S