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2006 Honda ridgeline! Such an amazing vehicle.

I currently own a 2006 Honda ridgeline. I believe this car is absolutely amazing! I have had no major complications with it whatsoever. It has tons of storage departments including the bed of the truck actually has a department that opens up and you can store tons of stuff there! It also holds the spare tire but somehow still leaves plenty of room! This also has a waterproof seal so nothing will become wet in that compartment. There are many places inside the cab where you can store things. It has many amazing features including steering wheel buttons! And heated seats ( if leather ). This car has great pick up and go! I would most definitely recommend this vehicle for anyone who wants a truck, but not too big of one, but also needs lots of space for storage. The Honda ridgeline is a super safe vehicle and works great if you have kids.

- Aubrey S

Honda ridgeline is a great all around vehicle. It is dependable and safe.

The Honda ridgeline is the best vehicle I have owned. It has over 220, 009 miles on it and the only thing I have had to fix is the timing belt. It drives great and is excellent in snow as well. It is one tough truck! The interior is nice and comfortable. It has a lot of room. I really love having a trunk. Most trucks do not have a trunk that you can put things in and lock it. Overall I would rate the Honda ridgeline an a 9 out of 10.

- Denise M

Trunk in the bed Tailgate that opens 2 ways Very roomy, comfortable back seat

I used to have a Ford Sport Trac. Ugh! It was a lemon! Ford could never "fix" anything wrong with it. It was the first truck I ever owned. I got rid of it and bought the Honda Ridgeline. What a great truck. It's easy, smooth driving. It has a back seat that feels like you are in a car -very comfortable. It also has a trunk in the bed. It's great! I love this truck!

- Glory A

Handling on road and off-road in conditions, visibility, tailgate opens two ways.

Performance is excellent, leg & head room in all the seats fantastic, seat are comfortable, heated front seats are great, four wheel drive handles every condition, excellent gas mileage, trunk under the bed of the truck was a great asset, the sound system sounds like your at a concert no matter what style of music you like. Visibility is superior.

- Ronny N

Over 200,000 miles and still running perfect.

The older model ridgeline is the yuppie version of a truck. I would never take it on real off road expeditions but for the average person it is more than capable. There are numerous storage options both in the cab and in the bed. The v-6 engine has plenty of power for most applications and you cannot beat the reliability of Honda.

- Douglas M

Excellent option when considering a pick-up.

I haven't encountered any problems with it. I have 160k miles and it still runs like a top. Interior is very comfortable. The back seat is roomy, and the bed size is sufficient for what I use it for. The in-bed hidden storage is quite large, enough to hold a week’s worth of groceries for a 4 adult household.

- Lena M

Smooth driving ridgeline.

The ridge line drives very smooth. It feels like a car but has the conveniences of a truck. Being a 2006 it has so many nice advanced features that I was surprised it had from 12 years ago. I wish the gas mileage was about five miles to the gallon better. That is the only downside I have found with this car.

- Patrick M

A stay-at-home-mothers dream truck.

I love that it is a double cab pickup truck. And that there is a trunk in the bed. I can fit two car seats, and an adult in the backseat. When there is no one riding in the back seat, the seats can be lifted to make room for extra cargo. It is just a bit old, and starting to need repairs.

- Kimberly T

The ridgeline. Everything you need in an 4 wheel drive vehicle.

My ridgeline is exactly what I wanted in a vehicle, no problems does great in the winter and summer. There is plenty of room for passengers plus groceries. Cute little trunk in the bed of the box. . You'll want one. All you'll have to do is check with your honda dealer near you.

- Kimberly S

Honda truck has ample storage room.

Very comfortable, but slightly too bulky. . . The frame blocks a good portion of my view when I am looking for other cars. Not great gas mileage. I love the trunk in the bed of the truck. . It is very useful and a smart design. I also like the cab lights and the rear window.

- Christine M

A truck built for active families.

Feels like a luxury SUV. Comfortable front seats, back seats are a better than most trucks. Only downside is that the temperature regulation is not as efficient as most other vehicles in that it takes longer than expected to cool down but never gets cold in the summer.

- Dave W

Honda truck pros and cons.

Very comfortable, and I love the feature of the trunk in the truck bed. Not great gas mileage, and the frame is to bulky. . . It is sometimes difficult to see when I am trying to make sure I am clear to make a turn. I like Honda's because they are very reliable.

- Christie M

The trunk! My favorite feature!

My ridgeline is wonderful. Drives like a car, not a truck. The seats are roomy and I adore the heated seats in winter. My favorite feature is the trunk, a pickup truck with a trunk?! On so great! The truck has room for 5 passengers. I did not even realize.

- Claire Z

It is 4�4 does good on slick roads and has good gas mileage

It is a great little truck good on gas lots of power just have a little over heating problem but it still runs and drives good and I am going to trade it in for another one a newer honda ridge ling I would recommend this truck to ever one great truck

- Don V

It is extremely reliable and requires zero maintenance.

I like that the truck has a hidden trunk in the truck bed with a floor drain that I can use as a cooler when camping or tailgating. I like that it gets amazing gas mileage. I like that it requires zero maintenance other than oil changes.

- Seth F

Its super durable, having gone over 300,000 miles and still running.

My Ridgeline has over 300,000 miles on it and still runs very well. The computer/GPS system stalled a long time ago but I was told I could get that updated. Would highly recommend this car to anyone who wants a baby truck.

- Emily P

Some of the under the hood components are soy based. Which means that you should be careful of where you park it at night if you leave in areas that have rodents attracted to this.

Honda Ridgeline has a very luxurious feel. Spacious and very comfortable. Sound system could use upgrading in future models. Trunk space is large enough for travel or shopping.

- Melissa C

It is very reliable and dependable. I'm never worried about it breaking down.

I like how sturdy it is. It is also very easy to do routine maintenance on, changing oil, transmission, etc. I dislike how there is no stock aux jack or cassette player.

- Sam D

They should know what it feels like to own a Honda ridgeline!!!

I love everything about my Honda ridgeline. It has all the power, space and storage I need. When I buy again, it will be another ridgeline. I have NO complaints!!!

- Archie H

A truck for families. Smooth ride, good mileage, spacious back seats.

125k miles and no repairs needed, just maintenance. It is like an SUV on the inside and a truck on the outside. Great for families but not so much for extreme towing.

- Dave W

It drives like a car and can fit five people inside with four doors. You can haul things , put stuff in the back and store things in the under storage compartment.

I like the versatility of it. You can get stuff at the hardware store and groceries and still fit 5 people inside. It also has for shell drive for winter roads.

- Michelle S

It's has been a very dependable vehicle and I have had it for 12 years.

I like a truck because it's versatile. I can haul things in the back and it also has a trunk which is different for a truck. It is just the right size for me.

- Deborah J

It has a trunk in the bed of the vehicle.

I like driving a truck also if u need to haul anything you can. The outside mirrors are peeling so that is a problem however overall I have loved this vehicle.

- Barb L

The vehicle is top heavy and is a slightly higher rollover risk.

Very spacious cab and is a good cross between truck and an SUV. Vehicle handles well in snow and has good bed space for transportation of furniture or cargo.

- Alexandra W

It has a great trunk for a truck and has a great sunroof that opens.and has never leaked.

It has 168000 miles on it. It still stears and rides like it is new. The only complaint I Have is the ac heat control box could have been better designed.

- Ted Z

Excellent mid sized smooth riding truck

Wonderfully smooth ride and perfect size truck for an average homeowner. Managed to move large couches and a king sized bed with just ratchet straps

- William L

Honestly I don't know how to say it differently but I love my car

I love my car it has great handling and braking it doesn't have the best gas mileage but if you take care of it mine still looks brand new.

- Matthew C

That it has been an excellent purchase. And I would recommended 100%. Its spacious and comfortable.

I love my Ridgeline Honda, It's very comfy. The size is the thing I like the most.The only thing is that I would love the 2018 model.

- Jazmin B

Mighty Honda! It is a multi purpose vehicle for all kind of adventures

Great reliable car runs forever. I would recommend a honda car for everybody! If you don't want to go to the mechanic, this is it

- Jonathan L

Great running truck for the masses

excellent truck that runs forever, great storage and comfort and durability. will last many years more than already has.

- Stephen S

Things I love about my pickup!!

I love my Ridgeline. It has heated seats that I use all the time in the winter. It has a trunk in the box of the truck.

- Steve V

It's dependable and rides smooth for a truck.

Rides very smooth for a truck. It is roomy and comfortable. You can haul a lot. I like where the trunk is in the bed.

- Joseph B

excellent car for people who work moving heavy objects

I like my car because it helps me to move some furniture but I do not like that it can be little space for my family

- john k

It's unique among the sea of pickup trucks and has the car-like demeanor that no other comes close.

Like versatility and dependability. Dislike scarcity of tie downs in the truck bed and lack of DC jack in the bed.

- Steve C

It is a nice car and people should like it.

It runs smooth and has tons of room. Great stereo and comfortable seats. No ajax support though however.

- Larry T

It meets safety standards and its great for a family truck for camping.

I like it cause it has all the extra features I love like the heated seats navigation and power windows.

- Theresa O

It has wonderful leather seats.

I love the way it has a wonderful ride. It is comfortable and has lots of room. It gets great mileage.

- Harry A

It is great on gas and it last.

I love that even after 200,000 miles it still runs great! Very roomy interior. Hard for me to park.

- Janice M

How much we enjoy driving it. The smooth ride it is. Also that it has a trunk in the bed

We love our Honda truck. It's very spacious for having three growing children. No complaints at all

- Jennifer R

Far more durable than it looks! This is a true half-ton pickup despite appearances.

In-bed trunk cannot be beat. The reliability has been outstanding. Ride and comfort are phenomenal.

- Robert L

It's dependable and reliable. Good quality truck that will last a very long time.

It's reliable. I have it for 13 years and so far there's no issues. It's still running great.

- Ranz P

honda is a reputable and reliable automobile with very low maintenance

very reliable easy driving/riding the only dislike is the low mileage per gallon

- shar r

Reliable after 150,000 miles.

Reliable after 150k miles. Low maintenance and dependable. It's a Honda.

- Kevin H

My truck is broken down as of now, but I plan on trying to get it repaired instead of trading it

I love having the convenience of a full back seat as well as a truck bed

- Diana L

nothing It's an all around great truck great gas mileage for a truck

I dislike the government they are doing their jobs from top to bottom

- john w

Great engine hardly have to put any money into it great on the highway.

Handles great has built in cooler good on gas has 4 wheel drive

- John P

The cost and what kind of fuel does it use and many people can it seat.

I like how my truck feels nice ride my paint seems to fading

- Joseph K

quality and performance with honda

great truck; works over and over again; never a problem

- steve W

I love the dependability and smooth ride. Gas mileage is good. Only complaint is the blind spot in corner between drivers window and windshield

I love the Dependability and comfort of my ridgeline.

- Evelyn S

The Tailgate opens two ways.

Hidden compartment under bed, short non-standard bed,

- Paul f