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Love the comfort of my Jeep compass!

I love the adjustability of the seat-- being able to raise and lower it, as well as move the backrest to a comfortable position is really a great feature. I am also impressed with the smoothness with which the car drives. My dislikes about the car are the automatic engine shut off every time the car comes to a complete stop. It takes a while for the car to be able to move again after the engine has been shut off. I also do not like that the headlights are not automatic. I would love for them to just come on when it is dark outside and turn back off when it is bright enough to not use them.

- Sally M

Reliable at the right price!

The 2017 jeep compass latitude is overall a very reliable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage for an 4 wheel drive SUV. It has very comfortable seating. The back is a little small compared to most SUV's, however, it gets the job done. Bluetooth is a stock option, so having hands-free capabilities is definitely a plus. The sound system is fairly decent. The only downsides are no power seats, no passenger mirror light, and the size is slightly more compact than I had anticipated when I bought it. Other than those few minor drawbacks, it is a great vehicle to have!

- Jessica H

Jeep compass: comfortable and stylish but a safety hazard that cannot be resolved.

The jeep compass drives well and rides well. It is not great on gas for highway driving. The one problem that is problematic on a daily basis is that it has two definite blind spots. One is at the front left corner of the driver's window. It seems that the frame is too thick and interferes with my line of sight especially when making a left turn. The other blind spot is in the typical place as you try to see in the rear view window. The passenger seat in the front blocks your viewpoint.

- Janet S

Great but tight for car seat.

My compass is great! I have had no issues with it so far (1. 5 years). Very reliable! I have auto start which in Cleveland Ohio I is a winter life saver. Heated seats are also amazing when it is cold. Only complaint is that it is almost to small to have a rear facing car seat- luckily I am short and my driver side seat is very far up. Even with my seat very close to the steering wheel it is a tight squeeze getting the car seat in and out. Other than that I love my compass!

- Allison M

So not happy with this vehicle!

A lot of software issues. The screen shuts on and off by itself. It makes high pitch noises that I have to shut the car down and get out because it is ear piercing. The screen freezes. The car turns itself on. When I am on a phone call the screen will freeze and make a noise then I have to pull over to the side of the road shut down then restart. Loved this jeep when I got hate it now. I have brought it in for service and they cannot seem to find anything wrong with it.

- Tara B

It is a comfortable, with great and convenient standard features.

The new version of the Jeep Compass is amazing. I had the old version and this one runs a lot smoother than the 2016 and previous years. Many features like Bluetooth and backup camera are standard; which is great. The interior is very comfortable and spacious. Also, the interior design makes it all come together and it looks a lot like the grand Cherokee. The exterior look also resembles the grand Cherokee (just a smaller version). Overall, it is a great vehicle.

- Carla H

Great for single or small families.

It was a good buy for the price we paid. Fits our one car seat and one other adult comfortably in the back. Gets good gas mileage. Only issue I have is there is no get up and go. There are times I want to speed up quickly to pass someone or pull onto a road and it takes a bit for the engine to catch up with what I want. Would work well for someone with no kids or just one. Would not recommend for a family with more than one kid. Gets cramped easily,

- Courtney B

An SUV that will do you good and get you through the day.

Like the features - backup camera; phone hook up. Wish it had a GPS and other vehicles warning. Runs fine. Good on gas. Like the color. Has 4WD so it is very good in the snow in the mountains where I live. Just the right size. The seats fold down so you can put in extra cargo. It is just high enough to see over all those large vehicles. Not too bumpy riding like some SUVs. Should have gotten the sunroof. Easy to park and drive as it is not huge.

- Linda L

Car review. Good, realizable and awesome car.

Me and my wife bought our first car together and it is really good car for us. We leave in reno and for us the car that we got is really realizable. It is a 4w drive and it is good for anything, the only thing that I do not like is when we have a big stuff it kind of does not want to fit inside without putting the seat down but other than that everything about our car is good and we love it and I cannot wait to get another one.

- Monica D

Great car but some non related issues.

I really enjoy my car, however I haven't been as to drive it much since purchasing it the end of last year. It is not the cars fault though. We had a hail storm which broke the windshield and due to demand, we had to wait for a hood. I also had the breaks seize up which was the result of the dealership not fully going over the car and properly lubing the car directly from the factory.

- Katie M

The sun & the navigation aggravation.

It is awesome. I enjoy driving it everyday. It has a fantastic sunroof that lets the light in. I literally cannot tell you how much I enjoy driving my vehicle every day I can. As student this is an awesome city cruiser. The only thing I wish it had, was a better navigation. It accidentally took me to waterloo in Illinois instead o f waterloo in Iowa. I felt like an idiot.

- Dawson F

White jeep compass, tan interior. Sunroof. 4wd. Backup cam.

I love my compass. They redesigned it in 2018, so I am very glad I got it in 2017 because they 2017 style is much more attractive. It is an SUV with 4 wheel drive but is very small and manageable to maneuver. It was a very reasonable price, and has nice features like leather seats, a sun roof, etc. It is really everything I have wanted in terms of style of functionality.

- Rachael Y

Overall driving the vehicle is somewhat stressful for me.

I find it difficult to see when looking to the right - there us too much 'non-visibility' between the windshield and passenger side window when I am looking for oncoming traffic, waiting to turn. The back up camera is not very clear. The radio/display screen is very delayed. Its jumpy to accelerate. Touchy when braking. Sometimes delays when starting to accelerate.

- Amy M

2017 Jeep compass perfect for busy families and long road trips.

The front seats have seat warmers which is perfect in the winter months. It is reliable to where you can drive about 4/5 hours without stopping to get gas. It is very comfortable especially for long trips. Rarely any problems with the vehicle. Perfect for anyone who drives a stick. It is also has a Bluetooth speaker so you can be hands free while driving.

- Sierra J

What to expect when buying a car like my Compass.

My vehicle does not give no problem. . . The Jeep compact is a great family car its very reliable but with every car its about how u maintain the vehicle. . . With the Jeep gas is very cheap but it burn gas very fast. . . So u have to be prepared to buy gas two or three times for the week depending on how far u work or how often you drive the car.

- Kim B

It only has one power port.

Back door handles are in a weird place. Only one power port. Rides smooth. Lots of places to store or stash small items. Not much room for cargo if the back seats cannot be put down. Has cup holders in the back center floorboard. Back seats are split seats. Has about a 12 gallon gas tank. No real problems just a nice, compact, no frills Jeep.

- Charles D

I love my Jeep compass- definitely will stick with Jeep!

The one feature I strongly dislike is that when you have low tire pressure, it does not specifically say which tire is low on air. Then I have to fill all four tires because I do not know which particular one is low. I feel safe in the care but sometimes get nervous driving my Jeep in the snow- sometimes feel like the tires are not the best.

- Allison G

Jeep compass all the way.

Jeep compass is one of the best car that I have been driving. It is comfortable to drive for long hours has great ambience and has a powerful engine. The only problem I found with the card is that it has a static power machine so sometimes the start is slow but later the pickup is superb. Overall I would recommend you to go for the car.

- Jordan C

4 wheel drive, Sirius XM radio.

My jeep runs great, the only problem currently is the little things on the hood that shoot the water out for my wipers. Only one is working at 50% the other one is not working at all. I love having Sirius XM in my vehicle, so much better than having to change CDs. 4 wheel drive works great. Wish my jeep had a few more upgrades in it.

- Marie S

Exciting and perfect for especially seniors!

We love this vehicle. As you get older it is so hard to get in and out especially when you have hip and leg problems like my husband. He is just able to slide in. We like being up and off the ground as you can see easier what is going on around you! The cost was what we needed as we are seniors and it fit our budget perfectly!

- Diane D

This car has been very reliable. I drive over 2 hours a day and have never had a mechanical issue in the almost 2 years I've owned it.

I love my car. I have found it to be very comfortable. Love the heated seats and lumbar support. It is a nice, smooth ride and has pretty good gas mileage. Though it is a smaller SUV it seems pretty spacious. The only problem I've had thus far is a minor leak in the sunroof seal, which the dealer promptly repaired.

- Stacy P

Jeep compass trailhawk limited 4 wheel drive.

Love me Jeep. Towing package works great with four wheel drive. Uconnect feature is great for hands free calling and texting. Navigation system comes in handy and is used often. Gets great gas mileage. Better than most SUV's. Enjoy slick look with leather seats and red accent colors in stitching and tow hitch.

- Kari R

This vehicle has been very reliable so far and has made life so much easier!

This vehicle is perfect for my 4 person family. The trunk space accommodates everything we carry with us during the week, between martial arts practice and the gym. It also has lots of legroom in all areas! The bt works fantastic and comes in handy when driving and needing to make or receive calls.

- Lee H

Jeep compass likes and dislikes.

I love the moon roof . Troubles I have had is clocking been off . Computer problems that would turn on backup cameras when at stop lights. Sunshade broke and moonroof got stuck open had to replace wiring control panel and shade. Needs better floor mats . Love the leather seats and remote start.

- Dee S

Great car to commute with. Good gas mileage for a 4 wheel drive car.

I love my Jeep Compass and think that it is a great car for my commute to and from work. I like that it has heated seats, a large trunk area, and the appearance of the vehicle. I do not have any complaints about this vehicle, other than the value of it decreased by a large amount very quickly.

- Chelsea B

The negative aspects of my jeep compass.

My jeep is much noisier driving than I expected. The back doors do not open wide enough for me to comfortably get my grandson out of his car seat. The radio fades in and out according to where we are on the highway. I am very disappointed. However it is ok on gas and gets me where I am going.

- Beth B

Nice, pretty car. We have grey, next one will be blue or black and white.

I love the car except that my husband and I are elderly and in order to get into the car we have to step over a large lip before reaching the floor. I do not like that feature. Also, we are both tall, and there could be more leg room. It does drive nice and I think it is a nice looking car.

- Judy W

4 Wheel Drive Is Awesome. Whether at a standstill or shifting on the fly, this vehicle handles everything a winter storm can dish out.

This vehicle is has a roomy passenger compartment and offers great cargo storage. The on demand 4 wheel drive works perfectly and aggressively handles all snowy conditions to date. Gas mileage is less than desired but a reasonable compromise given my overall satisfaction with the vehicle.

- Joseph G

It is red, nice tires and beautiful bucket seats.

Nothing to say but it is great, comfortable and a good vehicle. It is red and beautiful. Drives in the weather great. It is good on gas and gets me around. The payment is a little pricey and may have to refinance to a better price later. I am very happy with the car and glad I bought it!

- Jean N

My compass is fun to drive, comfortable, has lots of space, and it looks good.

My compass is fun to drive, makes me feel safe, allows me to customize the settings easily, connects to my phone and other devices easily, it fits my whole family and groceries, and it looks good. All the options to wanted were available for a good price with excellent quality and value.

- Rebecca C

My vehicle is a small blue Jeep with seat warmers.

This car is great. It has seat warmers and is very stylish. However, the trunk is way too small and I cannot fit anything in it. I love the shade of blue and the leather seats add a nice touch to the inside of the vehicle. I hope the makers make the car a bit bigger in next years model.

- Mia M

The Jeep compass is a great car! I love it!

I have only have the Jeep for about a month and the only thing I do not like about the car is when you stop at a red light or a stop sign the engine has a safety fetcher where is shuts off until you take your foot off of the break and it starts back up. Other than that I love the car!

- Brittany B

Exceptional performance vehicle.

My Jeep compass is spacious and extremely comfortable. I sit high up from the ground. The drive is smooth. Steering is easy. I love the way my Jeep navigates the road. My Jeep comfortably accommodates five passengers. I have a very generous trunk space in the back. My Jeep is awesome.

- Donna H

Jeep compass is a friendly vehicle.

Very spacious. Sporty look. I enjoy the jeep compass because it is a standard vehicle with easy to learn features. I also enjoy the fact that my jeep has Bluetooth, which allows me to play music hand free and answer phone calls. The jeep compass is automatic with easy to gratuities.

- JaSmine V

Suitable for modern driving.

Needs 2nd brake service since 05/17. Other than that, I like the model. Would prefer the 4 wheel drive model as the roads in mi are deplorable. The compass is comfortable for me and I am 6'1"tall. It handles sell and with a 2. 5 liter engine, it has the acceleration that I require.

- Steven A

2017 Compass latitude - manual transmission.

6 Speed manual, clutch is very hard to get use to. Radio/entertainment is easy to navigate. Leather and cloth seats are easy to clean and comfortable. Fuel mileage around 28-30 mpg highway and back roads. Handles well in the snow. Power is not where I wish it to be, but runs well.

- Cassie L M

Car starter and heated seats.

I recently just bought my vehicle and I love driving it, so far I haven't had any bad experiences with it and hope I never do, I can't wait to drive it in the snow and see the difference from driving a car to and SUV in the snow, I hope the Jeep name proves it's a good car to own.

- Mary S

I enjoy the leather seats with seat warmers and back up camera.

I really enjoy my Jeep compass, it is fully loaded, I have leather seats, sunroof, backup camera and I love all these features. I really enjoy the size of the vehicle, it has room for 5 people comfortably. I have driven the car for almost 2 years and haven't had any issues.

- Holly J

Reliable vehicle that gets great gas mileage and has plenty of space!

I love this car. It is not too big but not a compact vehicle. Gets great gas mileage and has not given me any problems. I have had it since 2017 and still am loving it! I do wish it had a back up camera and a few other bells and whistles but nothing necessary, just extras.

- Meagan R

2017 Compass personal experience issues

It's a 2017 and I have already experienced tire sensor problems when the tire pressure is correct and they go and off randomly, the key fob sometimes takes up to 5 minutes to unlock the car AND, the AC has already went out but thank goodness it was covered by the warranty.

- Don B

Touch screen radio and navigation system build in.

Its very nice, drives well but not crazy about the back seat. It has heated seats, GPS, back seats does fold for more trunk space. It is 4 wheel drive which is great in the winters in Ny. Not bad on gas, very comfortable I have the leather seats which clean up very well.

- ClAudia S

This vehicle has been reliable to this point.

I bought a Jeep compass when my Dodge RAM 1500 caught on fire when I was driving it and Dodge accepted no responsibility 1. 5 years old 11k miles still under bumper to bumper warranty. My local dealer did offer to sell me this vehicle at cost since Dodge offered nothing.

- Mark H

2017 Jeep compass fully loaded.

I have a fully loaded 2017 Jeep compass, it can drive automatic or drive stick shift. Bluetooth music. And it also has roadside assistance. 4 wheel drive and its good on gas. 3rd row seating and it can fit up to 8 passengers. 2017 Jeep compass is the best vehicle I had.

- Courtney M

A compass will get you there in style.

I like MY Jeep compass, I should've gotten leather seats and a automatic starter. I haven't had any problems. It's good on the road I have had three road trips over 4 hours. Comfortable enough to seat a 6' 1" young man. I have moved items in it and it is great in snow.

- Lisa B

Most amazing truck purchase.

This truck is amazing in the snow and in bad weather. The size is perfect for someone who has never driven a truck and wanting to expand to something bigger. It is comfortable and I feel extremely safe driving in this no matter the weather or the situation on the road.

- Jessica E

My Jeep compass and I enjoy our road trips in the sunshine or the snow!

My compass is sporty, comfortable, roomy, dependable, and fun to drive. Plenty of room for me and my three grandchildren and their stuff! This is my second Jeep compass that I have owned. The 4 wheel drive does amazing in the snow. I feel safe driving this vehicle.

- Peggy C

It is nice and that it has a lot of space for passengers.

The car is a basic model, which means it does not have the most regards to the interior. There is little trunk space but quite a bit depending on how much stuff you want to fit. The car is a nice size and very comfortable. It does not cost that much to fill it up.

- Nadia G

2017 Jeep compass fun, but..

Everything is wonderful, it is hard to adjust to so much technology but after a bit you get used to it. Also the auto shut off when your at a stop light is a little jerky for me I have been told that is normal and not as smooth as other vehicles I have been in.

- Melissa V

Keep the minivan moms got a jeep.

Comfortable, reliable, roomy. Has a nice back up camera, great on gas mileage. Smaller SUV so not hard to drive at all. Love the push to start, so easy to not have to grab your keys out of your purse. The trunk is super huge, and has room for our huge stroller.

- Sarah R

Very reliable inexpensive car.

Really great car, great features that I really need. Four wheel drive, great for driving in the snow in New York. Bluetooth so I don't have to talk on my cell phone. Love hatchback. Heated seats, sunroof. Power seats. Four cylinder so it's really great on gas.

- Marc P

Good on gas. Do not like the auto shutoff. Car still needs improvement.

Do not like the engine shut off feature when idle. Causes it to stall at times. The seats are hard to adjust, at least having the driver seat adjustable by touch buttons would be nice. Standard roof racks would be preferred this comes with fax rack not Usable.

- Alicia L

Fun to drive, has a nice sound system.

Awesome car great in the snow could have better gas mileage, heated seats and sunroof make it a cozy ride room enough for comfortable 5 normal size adults, could have standard backup camera, has a lot of road noises especially. If you have back windows down.

- Nancy S

Awesome gas mileage. Highest I've gotten has been 40MPG

I had a Honda CRV that I loved. I got over it quickly with my Jeep Compass. Handles better in wind, it's quieter inside - not so much wind/road noise. It's a smoother ride especially over bumps. Only complaint is not enough hideaway spaces to put things.

- Holly S

Cute, small and bouncy SUV.

Whenever you hit any bumps, even small ones, it feels like the car bounces to the side. I thought something was wrong with mine, but my friends does the same thing. It is also very small. The trunk is smaller than my sedan. Also, it is on the slower side.

- Diana S

Great car. Not so comfy front seat.

I love everything except for the seat. The driver seat does not have the greatest lumbar support. I have to roll a towel up and put it behind my back to make sure I do not slouch. I love the radio and all the Bluetooth features. It is stylish and sleek.

- Suzanne D

It is great little family car and it is reliable for traveling.

It is a year old, it is a nice little family car. It's a four door vehicle. The maximum passengers is 5. It is good for traveling it is has good gas mileage. It is the baby of the grand Cherokee. Last but not least it has a great air conditioning.

- Donna P

Great find for a compact SUV.

If you are looking for a compact SUV, look no further. The jeep compass is the perfect size in the middle of the line up and makes great gas mileage for the amount of interior room you get. Well-equipped with a touchscreen panel, it makes driving fun.

- Mary Z

The auto 4 wheel drive is an awesome feature.

I would never buy anything but a jeep. Safe, great gas mileage, cute and fun to drive. Love the heated seats and navigation package. The interior leather is awesome and the sun roof completes the package. I honestly can't say enough positive things.

- Kathleen R

Good value for a nice overall SUV.

I love the car overall. The pick up is not great but it handles great and is roomy. Good for a family and ok gas mileage. I has good features like light up cup holder. I like where the spare is and the controls. Overall I am very happy.

- Eric G

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is a 4x4 SUV.

I like everything about it, primarily that it sits higher and has 4 wheel drive. I also like the fact that it is a 4 cylinder because of how far I have to drive to work every day. My only complaint is that it didn't come with a sun/moonroof.

- Erik R

It's very smooth and nice to ride in.

I like that it is a smooth ride and not too high up off of the ground. I like being able to pick my favorites on the radio. I don't like that the back trunk is small and the seats in the back, the floor is very low, hard to get kids in.

- Raymone F

Nice, smooth ride also, it is good on gas.

My husband and I are both retired and tall people. The compass does not give us enough room getting in or getting out. It is also hard to get in because of a lip that your foot must go over before it reaches the floor.

- Judy W

Spacious!! This car has so much room inside of it.The seats fold down to make extra room.

I really enjoy this car. There are a few issues this car has, however. The car is very loud on the outside. Another thing about this car is that when a device is plugged into it, it makes a slight high pitched noise.

- Corinn M

It's so much fun to drive and it's a safe vehicle.

I love how compact but roomy my vehicle is. I love how comfortable and fun to drive it is. I wish there was a little more room in the hatchback and that it was a little better on gas but all in all I love my car!

- Jennifer A

The one most important thing about this car is that it's the perfect size and is very comfortable.

I love the size, it's not too big not too small. I love that it is a 4 wheel drive vehicle. It's very comfortable. I do not like where the 4 wheel drive button is in the car and it does not have enough cup holders.

- Jenni B

Affordable and nice for the price. I'd recommend to a small family or single person. Not really for larger family not enough room. It's a good investment.

I love the fact that it looks cute and I love the 4wheel drive for the winter weather. I'm not crazy about the size it's a bit small for a larger family. I love my sunroof. It drives nicely. Gets good gas mileage.

- Melinda C

The car is reliable. It has never left me stranded or stuck anywhere.

The car is dark grey with black interior. It has a 2.4 litre engine with plenty of get up and go for myself. The cloth seats are comfortable on long rides. There is plenty of trunk space to fit anything you want.

- Cory C

My car has four wheel drive which is amazing to have in Michigan during the winters

It drives amazing in snow, rain, mud, pavement, and dirt. I have not had a problem with it at all so far. It has a ton of room for the family and to haul anything really. I'm in love with my Jeep Compass.

- Chelsea S

Issues I have experienced with a 2017 compass.

Tire sensors go on and off even though tire pressure is correct, the key fob sometimes takes up to 5 minutes to unlock the car, the ac has went out once already but was covered by warranty thank goodness.

- Dj B

I find it to be a high quality vehicle, even though it's not considered a luxury car.

I love the way my Compass rides, especially in the winter with 4-wheel drive. I also love the heated seats and steering wheel. It was a little expensive for our budget, but so far, it is worth the cost.

- Stephanie B

It is reliable and safe. My children's car seats go in it with ease.

I like that it's a Jeep and the rear view camera. I dislike the back door handles and the bar under the seat to move it back and forward hits my legs when driving. I wish that it was a bigger Jeep.

- Kimberly T

I just love my Jeep compass!

Best Jeep I've leased. I just love the way it handles. I get good gas mileage and it is the perfect size for me. I have been purchasing Jeeps for the past twenty years and will continue to do so.

- Debbie S

It's reliable. Gets you to where you need to go all the time!

I love that it's rugged and reliable. I don't have to worry about getting around in the winter...EVER! The only thing I would say I dislike about it is I would like a third row of seating.

- susie s

It is a great compact SUV with a lot of great features.

I like that it is an SUV, the interior and all the options on it. You don't have to put a key in it. The only thing I don't like is that it is a little small which is both good and bad.

- Heather S

It is a good value and holds up well for the price that I paid

I like the large display for the radio, heated seats, and rides decent. I think the seats could be more comfortable and wider for larger people. It held up decent when hit from behind.

- Melissa F

Car is comfy and so far good with gas, it's fairly new so cant really complain,

Where to start, cars comfy, plenty of space and the trunk and the open back is a bonus. We went with the technology package which allowed us to get the led lights, looks so much nicer.

- Mark K

Jeep compass review. My Jeep is comfortable and very dependable.

I have no problems with my Jeep, its comfortable, drives good. The only problem I have is that its small, my 2 sons are over 6 feet and have a hard time getting into the back seat.

- Jessica C

It has a smooth drive, not jerky and bumpy and when the gears change the driver doesn't feel it.

I like that it is small but still an SUV. I like the color and the safety features. I do not like the engine turning off when the vehicle stops. There are too many blind spots.

- Brenda G

It has exceeded all of our expectations.

I do not drive, my spouse does and we both love this car! It is very comfortable and works great in both the city and the mountains. It is exactly what we were looking for.

- Ashley S

The compass is a great vehicle with great endurance.

I love the vehicle so far. The storage space is great for camping and outdoor adventures. Also love the millage. I don't spend a lot on gas despite the size of the vehicle

- Natalia V

It seats multiple people and have very good mileage.

I like that my vehicle seats many people so I can take my friends and family places. I dislike that there is little storage in it. I enjoy having a AUX option, however.

- Lacie R

It can go over rocks, sand and snow.

My vehicle suits me to a "T". It fits my personality and is has all the comforts that I was looking for in a vehicle. The sunroof is amazing and is used very often.

- kevin D

The panoramic moonroof is amazing!

I like the Jeep Compass because all of the bells and whistles. What I don't like about it is that it eats up gas so quickly that I am constantly filling my gas tank.

- Brittany H

Smooth, comfortable ride for the whole family, no complaints.

Got it as a new lease, very happy with it. Seats two up front, three in the back, moderate amount of trunk space. Rides well, has voice commands and cruise control.

- Dave B

Has a back camera that can help you look back when you are reversing

The Jeep Compass is a really great car! I use it to drive to school, the store, and the mall!! The touchscreen and camera help me and the radio station is amazing!!

- Soph M

Drives like a dream in the snow and ice.

I love the design and the inside. It is by far the best car i've had for driving in the snow. The only thing i don't like is the lack of power when the ac is on.

- Shannon g

The car is very comfortable and very easy to drive

This car is very safe is it to drive contest many safety features love the backup camera sunroof beautiful color one of my favorite things in a very good on gas

- Laura S

Miles you get per gallon. Type of fluids how much you put in. What tires you have.

My compass is very comfortable to drive, has a lot of room for its size. People always connect on it. My only dislike is I wish it had memory seat adjustments.

- Su P

The turning radius is great. Easy to drive.

What I like the best is the drive and turning range. I like the space inside the seating area. I would like a better selection on fabrics more cosmetic.

- Terry S

reliable, dependable, and strong

i love all of it except that I got the basic model and I wish I would have upgraded to nicer features (backup camera, larger screen, sunroof, etc).

- hannah h

We love the beautiful features of the Jeep

We just bought this car and really like it so far. The only thing we wished it had was heated seats but other than that we love the Jeep Compass.

- Katelyn F

Not great on gas but handles very well in the snow.

I feel that the compass is cheaply made. The leather has so many creases in it and the windshield is cracked. I like the sunroof. I like the 4x4.

- Holly M

It is small, good for a small family with maybe 1 child.

I really like it, good gas mileage and family car. Great for a small family. Sometimes I do wish it was a little bigger otherwise it is great!

- Kelsey S

Be sure to test out the Bluetooth connection Uconnect is inconsistent.

This car has horrible gas mileage both on & off the highway. The trunk space is small & does not have lap seat belts for the toddler car seats.

- Tammy C

Good vehicle with nice mileage.

I do not have any vehicle problems my vehicles works good an the engine is fine on it and plus it is low gas mileage on it and it runs smooth.

- Sugar L

The 2nd generation Compass highly surpasses the 1st generation Compass in features and looks.

The sunroof is awesome. The navigation screen is large. It handles well on the road. The 4 wheel drive is great when driving through sand.

- Sheree B

It's great on gas and a smooth ride.

My car is great for all seasons. I wish it was a bigger body. That way when I need to move bigger objects it wouldn't take as many trips.

- Phillip B

A small suv that acts like a big one

I love my vehicle! It is great on gas, has a nice sized trunk and is very versatile. Small enough to park and big enough to seat five.

- Renee L

That it is comfortable and is very reliable and safe.

I like that its fast and safe also that it has a nice color all though I dislike how the seats are and how the air is not too strong.

- Justin H

The no power windows. Just roll them up. Not too big or too small.

I wanted a vehicle w/o power windows and Jeep delivered with the compass. Phone connect just a nice SUV that starts, drives & stops.

- Brenda B

Abs and power controller steering. Great and reliable

I love this vehicle for the most part. Smooth ride and great on fuel. Wish it were a bigger back seat and offered 3rd row seating.

- Alicia S

It handles great and is a smooth ride.

I like the look of jeeps. I also like having the ability to put it in four wheel drive. My jeeps do not get the best gas mileage.

- Cathy F

Campy compass. Fun times with my Suv

Great little SUV. Can do a lot and not be to much.great gas mileage . Good maneuverability. Handles well in all weather occasions

- Charles B

It is a comfortable vehicle with decent gas mileage

I like the space that it provides for the feet of all passengers. It is dependable as well. I would like more trunk space though

- Matthew P

Jeep Compass handles well in the snow

I just recently had a problem with the antilock brake system. Other than that, it has been fine and I like driving the vehicle.

- Erica T

Great car for the price and is a good all around car for most people.

I have an affordable suv with awd. I like the price but I wish it was a little bigger. I also wish it had a better roof rack.

- Christine s

Looks good, kind of sporty.

Perfect size and is good in all weather. Plenty of room inside for 4 people and is pretty good on gas. The price was right.

- Donna L

great ride and lots of extras. it has the best 4 wheel drive system i have ever had

all good really like it. I enjoy the ride and love all the extras. Could be quieter. Coul get better mileage as described

- Brian K

Overpriced, but good quality.

No good features, just very basic for what you are paying for, paying for name, like the 4 wheel drive in michigan winter.

- Lauren O

It is easy, fun, and comfortable to drive.

I love the size, perfect for someone with no kids. It is sleek looking. The price is great. The gas mileage is very good.

- Katherine A

This is the second Jeep Compass I've leased (this one more updated) and I still love it! The interior is beautiful and has decent gas mileage. I would say my only complaint is that the trunk is a little smaller, but not a deal breaker.

You'll feel so cool and safe driving in this car. I used to hate driving trucks, but Jeep definitely changed my mind.

- Nereida M

My Jeep is the best!!!!!!!

My compass is a compact SUV and I feel that it is very luxurious and very fitting for my lifestyle. I love my Jeep!!!

- Amanda C

Dependable for thousands of miles.

No complaints. I just love jeeps. I have never had any problems traveling in my jeeps. Smooth riding and dependable.

- Nadine H

It's a great car for families or if your single. The car is good on paved roads and off roads as well.

I love jeeps in general, I love the size and color of my Jeep as well. I also appreciate how it's a small suv model.

- Jaliyah B

2017 Jeep Compass - Silver

I love my Jeep Compass. It is a nice looking vehicle with a lot of room inside. I feel very safe when I drive it.

- Nancy P

It has a sport mode so you do not have to drive normally.

I love my Jeep!! It drives very nice and I have no problems. There are many different options you can choose from.

- Ali W

The escape is very responsive when I need to accelerate and stops on a dime.

I like the color of the vehicle.. I do not like where the gas tank is.. I do not like the headrests on the seats..

- Moe L

love the two tone interior

great small compact suv - great in weather - all terrain - four wheel drive - great features - beautiful interior

- rina b

Cheap and easily accessible for anyone with a small amount of cash.

Compact and reliable. Drives great in the snow which is very important in the midwest. Four wheel drive is great.

- Julie A

That I have a vehicle to drive.

Mileage.. Size of SUV.. Power when trying to accelerate.. Need more outlets in the back seat.. Windshield wipers.

- Jeanne S

It's good mileage. Runs smooth.

No problems. I love my car. It's good mileage and great in snowy weather. I love 4x4 and I love the car interior.

- Arlene L

It's a dependable car. It handles well in the snow.

I like the all leather interior. I like the sun roof. I like the 4 wheel drive. I do not like the stereo system.

- Sarah J

For the jobs it is a good buy. Had enough features.

Great size. Comfortable. Hate no navigation and the auto stop for fuel savings. It is stylish and easy to drive.

- Robin M

It is dependable and good on gas.

I love how it drives smooth. I love how it is sporty. I love the Bluetooth. I wish I had leather and a sunroof.

- Courtney V

Has a backup camera. Which comes in handy when you are in parking lots or people are around

I get good gas mileage. Love the looks. Very comfortable. Love the heated seats. Love the heated steering wheel

- Edie R

It runs great, I have had no problems since I bought it last year.

Wish it had more of a trunk. Wish it had more of a backseat. Love the gas mileage. Love that it has Bluetooth.

- Allison C

The 4 wheel drive is dependable.

The sunroof does not work all the time. The radio will shut off sometimes. The performance is great. Love it.

- Abbie B

It drives and handles like a dream on the road and has a nice interior

The smooth drive and sleek look. I like how it handles off road. I like the modern devices inside the vehicle

- Alan J

It not high priced!And it is easy to service on your own if you want to. It has outstanding paint .

Has good gas mileage, soft seating,a lot of features at no extra cost.I dislike that it rides a little hard.

- Gerald C

great gas mileage on long trips and room for luggage

like the room it has what I don't like is the short driving space, when I turn quickly it swerves to fast

- Jane B

2017 Jeep compass-great compact SUV.

Does not get as good gas mileage as it should with it being a 4-cylinder. Otherwise this is a great car.

- Sandy B

It drives like a car and is very fun to drive around in.

I like the durability in snow. I like the physical look. I dislike the gas mileage. It is kind of slow.

- Maya R

Over priced. Should go with a KIA. I regret leaving KIA and trying a Jeep

The jeep is great on gas and space but for the price the small about of extras was not worth the price.

- Georgette C

Great Choice for a family

We love the reliability, comfort, efficiency and ease of our new Jeep Compass. I would recommend this.

- Sarah N

compass, the Jeep that makes you happy

runs great and so far have really enjoyed it, still learning about it and seeing what all it offers,

- charles b

That it drives extremely well in rough weather. That is has very up to date features.

I like the navigation. I like the sunroof. I like the trim of the truck and the drive.

- Joe r

It's nice but doesn't have that great of a build quality. The materials are cheap and for the price you pay for it you'd expect more. Comes with a lot of standard features though.

It's great on gas, looks okay, and it's a new vehicle. Can't really go wrong with new

- Zachary P

Great in winter/snow for handling.

Like 4WD for winter. Like the cargo room. Dislike the gas mileage which it was better

- Cheryl P

It gets good gas mileage and has a nice smooth ride

Handles well and has plenty of room.Comfortable ride.Storage compartments too small.

- Cynthia D

Has decent gas mileage on highway and local.

I love the smooth ride. Handles great. Enough room for car seats and passengers.

- Ashley B

Its reliable and does not use too much gas plus its very spacious

I love the shape of it. It is fun being able to go off-road. I dislike the color

- Steven V

It's easy to handle and the all wheel drive works well in snow.

Just the right size SUV. Like the Bluetooth feature. The truck is a good size.

- Ronna D

It takes you from one place to another without breaking.

Don't like the auto engine shut off. Like the style. Gas mileage is alright.

- Caitlin M

Blind spots. Sits low to the ground. Comfort and has a good amount of space

To many blind spots. Sits to low to the ground. Perfect size for a family

- Rhonda D

The features are incredible.

I really like the size and the gas mileage. It has everything I need.

- Caitlin W

Brake noisy and the rear window is hard to see out of for blind spots

It's good on gas. Rear window is small. Brakes makes cracking noises

- Pam B

Great on gas and it is very spacious and it rides smooth and it has 4 wheel drive and it works great in the snow

I love the space the ride and it is great on gas. it is a great SUV

- Sheri M

The mileage for the car is good. The car does drive real good.

It has Heated seats and Navigation. Also has the sunroof.

- Lynn T

I love the handling, since I am a very nervous winter driver. I had a Dodge Dart before that and enjoyed the handling and zippy-ness, but I feel a lot more safe driving the Jeep. My only dislike is that I downgraded as far as technology from the Dart. I have a much smaller touch screen and it is not XM compatible.

Feeling safe while having a comfortable and smooth ride.

- Megan F