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Why I purchased a jeep renegade.

What I love about the jeep is the fact it easy to switch from off road to on road with ease. Being on a small farm I use this jeep for our lite chores. Carrying hay animal feed etc. And we do not have paved roads up here. Also the 4 wheel drive in the snow has proved to be reliable this year. We received a lot of snow here in MN so it was the first true test for this jeep being able to drive on unplowed roads with 4 inches of snow. And passed with flying colors. For me I wanted vehicle that could performance between driving in the city and then the country. It has several high tech features such as Bluetooth, hands free calling, back up camera and several other features. But this not the main reason of us purchasing the jeep but nice touches. I would purchase this vehicle again without any questions.

- Brenda L

Jeep renegade is perfect for anyone.

My renegade is very comfortable. The ride is smooth. While it is small in stature it rides high like other jeeps. The gas tank is smaller than I would like, but it still gets me through a week most times between fill-ups. The only difficulties that I have had were that the battery died after one year, and this seems to have triggered a problem with the media port. It has acted up several times since then. I like the fact that both front and back seats can go down for plenty of room for transporting large items. I moved a queen size bed, head and footboards and side rails. No mattress. There is ample head and foot room in the front and back seats. The cargo area is at a perfect height for loading and unloading. I recommend the jeep renegade highly to anyone who wants a great, fun, practical car.

- Cheryl D

Jeep renegade trailhawk-very capable 4 wheel drive vehicle w/decent gas mileage.

I have had my vehicle for about two and a half years. I drive 60 miles each way for my commute and it has been very reliable. It is comfortable to drive and great in the winter. The four wheel drive makes me feel safe and in control when driving in snow, especially on hills. The heated seats and remote start are great on those really cold days. Other features, such as satellite radio, GPS and the Bluetooth phone connection make my long commute a lot more bearable. A downside is that the full synthetic oil it takes makes the oil changes more expensive. With synthetic oil though, you can go a bit longer between changes. Overall, I love my Jeep renegade trailhawk. It is a very capable four wheel drive vehicle that is not terrible on gas. I get about 25 miles per gallon.

- Cathy B

The fun, modern take on the classic Jeep

I recently made the upgrade to a 4WD capable car and it has made all the difference in not just my daily travel habits, but my special occasions, such as driving through the mountains in the middle of winter. My Jeep is fantastic at navigating icy roads and I always feel safe. It's very spacious, which is great when I'm traveling with multiple people (or pets) in my vehicle. Finally, the styling details always make me smile, like the mini sasquatch on my rear window or the terrain patterns on the seats. One of the best purchases I've ever made!

- Sarah M

The Jeep renegade removable sun roofs are amazing.

I love my Jeep renegade because it is spacious and fits all my camping gear. I love outdoors and I love the fact that my Jeep can keep up with my lifestyle. I have not have any problems with my Jeep since I bought it. I love the seat material because I have to dogs and it easy to clean and remove their hair. I love the size of my Jeep because it not to big or not to small. I like that it has two sunroofs and it removable for those nice hot days. It also good for long road trips. We already been to Maine, New Hampshire and many more places.

- Veronica P

Jeep renegade struggles: all the little things add up.

My Jeep renegade has many "glitches" that take away from the car. Some examples include: the seats are very uncomfortable, the moon roof is only transparent when it is open, there is no arm rest for the driver, gear shifting is spotty, particularly on highways, radio connects and disconnects at random, radio will be turned off but still playing, gas mileage is poor, cup holders too small, range to empty swings wildly making it useless. This car also has been in the shop several times, and the warranty is very short.

- Aria Z

It's great on gas and can hold up to five people comfortably.

It is a comfortable vehicle that is great for families or couples. It is spacious, modern, and very gas efficient. My only issue is this years model (2016) had a sort of recall on a part (motor fan) and took close to 4-6 months to be completely fixed. At that time I was without a car and that was very upsetting due to the fact that it was only a year old at the time. However besides that there has only been a few small problems with it. For the most part it's a great vehicle especially for younger people.

- Pam G

I love the interior and outside colors!

I really love my Jeep renegade. I have not had any alarming issues with the vehicle. Occasionally when I have my phone hooked connected via Bluetooth or plugged into the car to listen to my music, it will randomly skip. It usually does this about 20-30 minutes in. The phone volume is not the best either. Just to have a conversation with someone when my phone is connected via Bluetooth or plugged in usb, I have to turn the volume all the way to hear them. Mechanically, my Jeep renegade performs very well.

- Kiki C

The Jeep Renegade is perfect for the everyday driver's needs.

I love our Jeep Renegade, it is reliable, comfortable, and easy to maneuver. It is the perfect blend of sporty and functional. It has great gas mileage for driving around town, but it also can handle being packed full for a road trip. We haven't had any repairs beyond basic maintenance needed in the time we've had it. It is very roomy inside and comfortably fits 5 full size adults. It is also small enough to make parking and driving in a big city easy. Would highly recommend.

- Alea S

Renegades: small Jeep, big impact.

I love my Jeep! I bought it because I moved to Colorado and it handles the icy/snowy roads really well. It is also very reliable. It has automatic start, so it gets warm in the winter before I get into it, which is very nice! There's also a lot of storage in the back which I like. I have the Renegade, which is perfect for me, because it looks and is built like a small car (which is what I was used to driving before), but it handles weather and terrain like a big car.

- Hannah O

Jeep renegade heated seat & steering wheel issue.

Have only owned it for a little over a year and a half. Only issue I have had so far is with the heated seat and steering wheel button. They automatically turn on when the temperature is low and I wasn't able to turn them off without turning off the vehicle. It took quite some time to find a dealership that was willing to work with me to resolve the issue. The switch was replaced and I am hoping this solves the problem. Coming into the colder months now.

- Shannon H

The compact size is for compact lives.

I really like my Jeep renegade. It is the perfect size for me, it is roomy and good on gas. Although my six foot tall husband and five foot eight inch son becomes uncomfortable after long trips, I still like my Jeep. I regret signing the contract for such a high interest rate as well as payment. Overall the Jeeps performance is great and I really enjoy the heated seats, satellite radio, heated steering wheel and did I mention the gas mileage.

- A B

Door unlocking when key fob is on me. Never has to leave my purse.

Perfect size and combination of room like an SUV but not to big especially for a shorter woman. Love the lights that come in inside the car at night such as in the cup holders and along the doors. Not your to terrible on gas like most SUVs. The 4wd options are great. I frequently take long road trips and go camping and plenty of room for carpooling and all my supplies and dogs. Only thing I do not like so far is how dark the window tint is.

- Marie C

The great, could be more comfortable Jeep renegade.

The car performs great. It is driven far every day so it is been very reliable. In terms of comfort it could be better. The seat is fine, but the problem for me is the side compartment. It sticks out a little more than I'd like. It sticks into my leg and is pretty uncomfortable. In terms of features like the rearview camera, Bluetooth, satellite radio, it not too different than what other SUVs offer.

- Richard F

A lot of space for a little car.

My Jeep renegade is very comfortable. It looks small but has a lot of space inside. It gets decent gas mileage and has had minimal issues. One issue included all of my "light is out" lights coming on after washing my car. You have to try not to wash in the handle area super hard or it could mess with the sensors for a few minutes afterwards. Overall, I am impressed with the vehicle.

- Brandy F

Jeep renegade high points.

I love my jeep. It is compact enough to get around and easily park in small spaces, but the back seats fold down and there is a ton of room! It has different modes for snow, sand, rock, etc terrain and has been extremely reliable. It is also very comfortable not to mention I like the sporty look. Since owning my renegade, two other members of my family have purchased them as well.

- Jenny H

My Jeep renegade. You will love it.

I love my Jeep , which is a 2016 renegade. It gets good gas mileage and it drives really well. I get compliments on it everywhere that I go. It is cute and trendy; yet powerful and dependable. I was also able to purchase several accessories for this particular Jeep . I am also a member of the Jeep renegade group on facebook. I would suggest this Jeep to anybody you will love it.

- Elaine M

This vehicle may be small but it has big vehicle ability.

This vehicle has all the features I was looking for in a vehicle. I wanted a small suv with 4x4 off road ability because the roads don't get fixed and I was tired of paying to fix damage from bad roads. I also wanted to be able to drive during snow covered roads and over frozen clumps left by road cleaning trucks. I also wanted good mileage with enough room for 4 to 5 people.

- Janet F

Reliable and comfortable vehicle.

I had to have the radiator fan replaced in April of 2018. I drive 60 miles round trip for work four days a week so it has over 50,000 miles already and I purchased it new in April 2018. I feel it is very reliable and I enjoy driving it. I find it very comfortable to drive. It is a great vehicle for someone with no more than 2 children, as it is not as roomy as a typical SUV.

- Samantha H

Best Jeep model with stunning design and drive capabilities.

The Bluetooth setup is terrific for music which helps make the drive more relaxing. You can also answer phone calls which makes life that much easier for me. Also the way it drives is just smooth, and it lets you know right away when there’s a problem to fix your car. Luckily, I haven't gotten many. It is also great space for the family and the appearance is beautiful.

- Delilah M

Comfortable and nice design.

My vehicle is very comfortable as it has a heated steering wheel and heated seats. I was on the market for an SUV, specifically a jeep. The jeep renegade has four wheel drive which was important to me because of the snow. I like the size of my vehicle because it is not very wide. It is very spacious and is helpful when you are moving and or have to carry large equipment.

- Melissa G

Cite but not great. Double sunroof. Zippy.

My 2016 Jeep latitude is very pretty good design. It only has two cup holders in front. There is a blind spot back right where I need to take a triple look. It has backup camera. Seat belt ding when not clicked in. Annoying. . Lift gate in back is very heavy to open and shut. Doesn't have auto feature. Not good for older or weak people. No navigation would have to buy.

- Dee K

It is a perfect sized vehicle!

I love my car so much. It drives so smoothly and there are so many options in my vehicle which is nice. The only thing I don't like is the heater is horrible, especially the defroster. In order to get the defrosters to work at all, I have to have them on full blast. The heat I have to turn up high as well, but once it gets going it works really well.

- Erin E

Great car for dogs and the outdoors.

I absolutely love my Jeep renegade. It is very comfortable and drives very smooth, not like a truck at all. It came standard with a back up camera and I have satellite radio. It has a ton of storage, the very back is nice size and has a nice undercarriage compartment. It is perfect for dogs! It also gets great gas mileage about 27 miles per gallon.

- Lesley C

My favorite detail on the Jeep renegade are my rear tic tac toe lights.

The Jeep renegade is very comfortable, reliable and durable. I have gone off-roading in my Jeep and it handles well. I have only needed oil changes and basic maintenance on my vehicle. The only thing that I would change is the storage. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a very reliable vehicle at a great price.

- Dee P

Jeep renegade is compact and dependable.

I love the size, maintenance, and overall feel of the car. I love the sunroof and removable roof available in the back seat. The interior is comfortable and convenient with the fold down seats for transporting/traveling. The gas tank is really small, not a feature I realized ahead of time and not something I like about the vehicle.

- Haley R

Nothing that should do it I've always loved Jeeps I just wish Chrysler didn't own it and make them now.

I love the styling and look odd the outside and the fact that it is 4 wheel drive since I live in Oregon. I wish the interior had more storage compartments like my Honda element did. I feel like now that jeep is owned by Chrysler they have cheapened the car it doesn't cost much to add extra storage for sunglasses and small items.

- Sandra J

Jeep renegade, 4x4 with comfort in tow.

I have nothing negative to say about out Jeep renegade! It is a great 4x4 capable vehicle but has a compact size that I am comfortable driving at a height of 5'4". It is also very comfortable and has all the features I personally would want in a car. It get great gas mileage, runs good, and we have had no issues with the Jeep.

- Kelley S

Headline: The Jeep Renegade is less reliable than I thought when buying it.

I like that it is moderately high enough off the ground where it enables me to slide in from the standing position. Also, I like the back-up camera and the navigation system. I dislike that there seems to be weak points in the vehicle such as the check engine light goes on just for the rubber fuel gas cap not closing properly.


They should expect major damage with a minor accident.

I love my vehicle because it looks cute, it has a bright color, it's at the same time a SUV and economic on gas. What I don't like on the other hand, it's cheaply made. I had a minor accident on a snowy day, from the outside it looked completely benign but on the inside so many parts needed to be changed because of that!

- Layla A

The Jeep renegade is pretty nice.

I like my Jeep! The seating is comfortable and I am in love with the rain sensor on the windshield. The heated seats are great and the remote start has changed my life! I do wish that I had gotten the GPS and the sunroof. Also the first year of getting sirius radio spoiled me and I really missed it when the year was up.

- Seneca S

I love that I can start it before I am ready so it can cool down or to heat it up.

I love my car over all but there is some things that bug me. Like the fact that I have to get a new windshield which is no big deal but because Jeep put "eggs" on the windshield (the car sticker on the windshield ) my windshield will cost me over 700$ to have this "egg" put back on it. . What this really necessary ?

- Alexis B

Cherry red Jeep renegade, auto start, hand censored unlocking for doors.

Great little features such as "Jeep" labeled interior. Great on gas, 30 miles to the gallon highway roughly. Only problem I have ever had was the check engine light come for no reason for a couples of months but then it went away. Synthetic oil changes are required which is more pricey however it last 5000 miles.

- Kelsey S

Excellent ratings Jeep renegade.

The Jeep renegade is excellent in inclement weather. The vehicle is spacious and allows for plenty of room when shopping. The rear camera I'd very helpful to see what is behind you. I love the roof windows because they are removable. Definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone who is planning on buying an SUV.

- Nancy M

It is incredibly safe and reliable, made with Mopar parts.

I live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter, so I love that my vehicle has 4WD. The Bluetooth radio is also a major plus. My only complaints are that the interior lights are not very bright and there is not much room to place my things if I have a car full of people. Otherwise, I love this car.

- Jessica I

Ready for a renegade - 2016 model review.

The renegade truly delivers as a smaller SUV. There are no concerns with its handling ability, or true Jeep 4-wheel drive capability. There is space, and it does not “slug” like other small SUV models. It could use some more power because it is only a 4 cylinder but it really is a fun, capable Jeep!

- Aly R

Vehicle, although it has very good off road capabilities, gas mileage for regular driving is terrible, and I would not advise. buying one if you are not off roading on a regular basis, and are just doing regular road travel.

Bought the vehicle used, which was probably a bad idea from the start. Ended up having to replace a cooling fan within a year and a half of owning the vehicle, and now transmission issues that were observed shortly after purchasing the vehicle are back. Would not advise anyone to buy the Jeep Renegade.

- Hamhari B

Drawbacks of Jeep renegade.

It is a good small car, however it is a little hard and uncomfortable. The visibility is not very good either. It is also not very good on gas despite the claims that they made a small tank for fuel economy. It just makes you to go to the gas station more frequently, which does not add pleasure either.

- L D

There are some hidden details in the jeep, my favorite is the bigfoot sticker.

The parts seem to need replacing very often, but it drives really well and gets decent gas mileage. It handles incredibly well in different types of terrain. I live in a state where we tend to get a lot of snow and I have never gotten stuck while having to commute 18 miles to work in a very rural area.

- Brittany M

Ok, but would not by this model in the future.

No anything to stop car from. Going into manual when you are driving and accidentally bump it. The area for pens, change, etc.. is extremely small. Stereo is decent and the look is cute. I feel like the car itself is somewhat cheaply made. Previous vehicle was a liberty and wish I was still driving it.

- Debi S

Very eye appealing but not appealing to drive

I have had many transmission type problems and every time I take it into the dealership they tell me that nothing is wrong. When started it will rev the engine without touching the gas, when trying to accelerate it makes noise then goes almost nowhere, at times it will actually slow down for a minute.

- Laine F

That the gas mileage if good for a Jeep and it was affordable. It's cute.

I like that it is sporty looking. The gas mileage is decent for an SUV. On a rare case, every once in a while the airbags need servicing and emergency brake light servicing light comes on when it is extremely hot outside. If I turn my car off and wait 5 seconds before turning back on, it will go off.

- Dominique T

I wouldn't recommend this vehicle.

This vehicle is ok for a single person. It doesn't have enough leg room to get comfortable. Not much room in the back seat for anything. A big person would be very uncomfortable. The main back is very small. You can't put much of anything in it. This vehicle will probably be best for a young person.

- Peggy J

Jeep renegade is the way to go.

Very sporty. Drives nice. I had an issue with the computer but took it into the dealership and they updated the computer. No other issues since. For a smaller SUV there is quite a bit of room inside. Definitely buy the trail hawk it is worth the extra money. Love the removable roof panels.

- Melissa S

Fits a full size mattress!

Very comfortable for a jeep. Back seats are not very roomy but adequate. I like how the back seats fully fold down for larger cargo. Vehicle appears average size but once back seats are folded down, can actually fit full size mattress. Four wheel drive options are easy to switch to when needed.

- Amanda S

Some problems but overall I love the car.

I have had a couple of problems with it. The fan for my radiator broke, my sunroof broke, my side panel to move the driver's seat broke but overall I still love the car. It is very small which I really love and it is an off roading car which makes it very fun if you like to drive on dirt roads.

- Mia C

2016 Jeep renegade trailhawk review.

I haven't really had many problems with my renegade. I had to have the thermostat replaced, but otherwise it has been a wonderful vehicle so far. I love the heated steering wheel and heated seats option, although I wish the back seats had heated options. I would highly recommend the renegade!!

- Melanie W

Jeep renegade are great and reliable and handle very well.

The Jeep renegade is good reliable and handles well. I love how the Jeep handles, I do not have 4 wheel drive. I drive locally in the city and because the Jeep was made for off-road, it handles great and smooth. The down fall is the gas mileage and the daytime running lamps burn out quick.

- Melissa P

It is small and fun to drive.

The only one thing I don't like is that my car is not very comfortable for extra long rides. My car is small and fun to drive. It has power steering and anti lock brakes, airbags, GPS, Bluetooth phone and automatic 4 wheel drive. It is a small SUV just the perfect size for someone like me.

- Janet A

Great affordable and worth it.

Love this car perfect size and very comfortable to drive. Back up camera and great sound system. Hood on gas and tires are more affordable with it being a smallest vehicle. Great for everyday driving and comfortable back seats. Fun car to drive. Would recommend to anyone. Bought mine used.

- Lynn M

Runs great and gets great gas mileage. No complaints.

The vehicle looks great and runs well. It gets good gas mileage, especially for an SUV. I also like the height that driver sits at and the ground clearance. I like the backup camera. The only thing that I dislike is that it has a bit less trunk space than my previous vehicle (Ford Escape)

- Bernadette M

Incredible sound system especially for hip hop or classical.

This is the best Jeep option other than the Wrangler. We got a great deal on a new one with a 2. 4l engine that I would recommend! Interior is spacious and comfortable and we would also recommend the nav screen and the heated seats! Great for off-roading/long distance towing or cruising.

- Lee H

My stupendous Jeep is a compact car with excellent handling in all weather. .

My Jeep renegade is very easy to drive with steering that can be easily controlled. With seats down, anything can fit in the back. I can easily get in the car and the automatic start is superb. I can handle the car easily in both rain and snow. I have not had any problems since purchase.

- Donna R

We have the 75th anniversary edition.

We bought it used and like it ok. The media center has a mind of its own so sometimes it just comes on and sometimes it does not. I do not think I would buy another one. It drives well and we love the great gas mileage. We do not take it on long trips because there is no spare tire.

- Hope M

Jeep renegade; great car for young 20s.

Really great cute compact SUV. Gets average 22 mpg. Very comfortable for driver and in the back. Lots of space, seats go down and it can really fit a lot. A little loud when driving but that is typical of a Jeep. The look and feel is great and it is a reliable car. Overall love it.

- Emily K

Great Jeep. don't even like to mention negatives. Love it.

Great Jeep quirky problems. Chrome got sharp peeled on heater knobs. Kink in washer fluid hose filled pan on car with fluid. But everything else 5 stars. Tranny hesitated shifting but broke in smooth now. Used four wheel drive tow hooks great. Seats could be more comfortable.

- David S

Jeeps rock! And they can handle them too!

The Jeep brand meets the needs of a family on the go or just for the fun of owning one. Totally reliable. Great in all kinds of weather. Driving a Jeep is a fun experience, with great get up and go. No worries if a vacation spot is off the beaten track. The Jeep will get you there.

- Joann B

Would not recommend this vehicle for highway drivers.

I bought it brand new and a year later, I had to fix the air conditioner. Then a year after that I had to replace a fan and it cost over $500. It does not have a fast acceleration. It does ok on gas for what it is. Kind of small on the inside. Overall, I would not recommend it.

- Samantha S

It's a safe vehicle with lots of visibility and very roomy.

I love the room my Jeep has, I have plenty of room for my dog to ride comfortably (he's a 100 pound German Shepherd so he needs lots of room). I also like the visibility I have, the way the Jeep handles the road. It really seems to grip the road so I'm comfortable driving it.

- Dee D

Jeep renegade revolution!

No issues with daily reliability. Comfortable for long road trips, good gas mileage for a 4WD vehicle. Backup cameras and lane change sensors make interstate driving easy. Perfect size for a single person or a small family. Easy to navigate display and awesome audio features.

- Leigh B

Easy functional and comfortable.

I haven't had any major issues with my vehicle. Very comfortable and reliable. Love the comfortableness of the vehicle. Easily navigates roads in the winter with four wheel drive and automatic traction feature. Lights are nice big and bright. Drives and rides nicely.

- Allie B

Sporty Jeep renegade cramp to camp.

I like that it's so compact but at times it can feel cramped, especially if you're tall and big. The trunk area is not that big but you can put the seats down and have more space. We have not tried the removable sunroof. Drives well and would be nice if it was a 4x4.

- Jehu A

There is not as much backseat legroom as you think.

I like the color and sportiness of design. I dislike the fact that the sunroof either pops up or has to be completely removed. I dislike that a software glitch sometimes causes all of the signal lights, brake lights, to stop working until it decides to reset itself.

- Lisa K

Jeep Renegades are a fun, practical and newer way to drive a jeep

My Jeep Renegade is an awesome and fun vehicle. It has plenty of space for me and 4 other people. The gas mileage is not the greatest, but it is an easy car to get around town with. The trunk has optimal storage and the overall style of the car is modern and chic.

- Leighann M

Wow: Jeep renegade 2016!!

It has little to no problems. It performs well. It is reliable. It is comfortable. It has warmers. It's good for family is cool to drive and there's space for people to nap in the back. And it's great on gas. I like the car for me and my family because it is nice.

- Destiny O

The way it drives is so smooth and easy to handle. It is fun to drive.

It is very reliable. I have not had any problems with it and will continue to keep loving it. I love the overall look of the car as well. It is very sporty and us the perfect replacement for my old car. I highly recommend anyone to get a Jeep renegade trailhawk.

- Jennifer K

I love my Jeep and will always buy the brand..

I love my Jeep renegade. To date I have had no problems with the car. It is efficient and has not been in that shop at all. I have had to replace the tires once, which is not bad for WN if I bought the vehicle again I would purchase a model with not anmendities .

- Tanya N

Renegade space! Smooth sailing except in a Jeep!

I love my Jeep renegade. there's enough room in both front and back seats. there's remote start, power seats and windows that are automatic. Rides very smooth especially with a dog in the back seat. there's enough room for larger purchases just not huge ones.

- Jenna T

My renegade wouldn't start.

I bought the renegade brand new. I had a non start issue under warranty. I took it to dealer 6 times before it was properly fixed. I kept getting stranded and it was quite annoying. I couldn't rely on it to get to work and back or run errands for my family.

- Roger S

The jeep renegade sport review.

The jeep renegade is a reliable vehicle. Performs well. It has never broken down on me or given me any issues. I must say that this jeep renegade has been one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever purchased. I would recommend this vehicle to everyone.

- Alyssa G

Car is garbage and definitely a money pit.

The car has constant problems. The electric system crashes and throws all sorts of warnings and shuts everything down. The lights stopped working, four wheel drive. The car has even powered down while I was driving. This is the worst car I've ever owned.

- Amber D

Fun and sporty small SUV!!

I really like my Renegade. It is very comfortable and roomy for a small SUV. It is a 4x4 so it can go most places and good in the snowy weather. Has good pick up and go. It is sporty and a fun car to drive. I feel it is a good quality car for the price.

- Stephanie W

The Jeep Renegade is a tough car with the perfect amount of space for a small family.

I love the size (not too big, not too small), the open sky sunroof (there are 2) and the way it handles rough terrain. I don't love that there are no rain guards (water pours in on me if it's just pooled on the roof), and that the fuel economy is so-so.

- Danielle B

Great car, don't get the removable roof.

This vehicle is nice looking and fun to drive but not the best on gas mileage due to it's 12 speed transmission. It also has an issue with ran coming into the windows and down the doors into the electric window controls if you have the removable roof.

- Dal F

I like this SUV because its spacey to fit my daughter and my husband.

After a year my cooling fan blew out and had to get another one. I met this guy when I was getting my oil changed and he said the same thing happened to him. So when u get this car be prepared you going to have to change the cooling fan after a year.

- Jori R

The one most important detail about my car is that It's the perfect size for a single young adult to small family.

I love every tiny little detail, including all the jeep grill details throughout my car (inside and out). My only complaint is that there are no cup-holders in the back and the ones up front are not very secure for putting beverages in while driving.

- Abigail G

I like how it has Bluetooth. Love the different types of AWD modes.

I like the drive and comfortable ride. Though at times I do miss driving a smaller car. Cars these days will not let you get in 4wd unless all your check engine lights are fixed. Honestly nothing is bad with the car I just want something different.

- Jesse X

Sport and dependable vehicle

I get excellent gas mileage. Rides comfortably for an SUV. Rear storage space is more than adequate for hauling items such as groceries, feed bags, and luggage for more than one person. No mechanical issues with the 50k miles I've driven it.

- Teresa K

Jeep is no longer made in America so it is often difficult to get replacement parts from Italy!

Love the look and design of the vehicle. Ride is very comfortable. Extremely dislike the difficulty in getting replacement windshield which was on backorder from Italy and took 3 months and a lot of hair pulling to finally resolve issue.

- Michelle M

It has a significant amount of comfortable and stylish features

I love the body style and size. I wish there was more room in the passenger seat with a baby seat behind it. I like the larger tires, sensing windshield wipers, and heated seats. I do wish that the sunroof was see through and not black.

- Crystal D

Reasonably priced Jeep with all the features

The Renegade is a comfortable ride, stable and quiet fuel efficient for a Jeep. I do wish the sport model came with a jack and spare tire though. But otherwise it is a great vehicle, has plenty of cargo space and is fun to drive.

- Kris F

Jeep Renegades get good gas mileage.

I really love my Jeep Renegade except for the fact that where I bought it you do not get a spare tire with the car. I had to buy a spare tire and rim and this seems wrong. Car gets good mileage and I have had no trouble with it.

- Linda W

That the gas mileage is not as great for a work commute that is far away. I drive 80+ miles a day for work, and have to get gas every 3 days.

I do not like how small it is, now that I have children and car seats in the back seat. I've also had a lot of mechanical issues since buying it new in 2016. I also do not like how sensitive the traction control is on the vehicle.

- Ann D

Slow and uses a lot of gas but reliable and gets you where you want to go.

I like the idea of a Jeep but but unfortunately it uses a lot of gas and takes awhile to speed. I was hoping for more with the trailblazer but no luck. It has been reliable and I have been able to drive it in bad weather...

- Brenda M

It looks nice, it's convenient, driving it is easy, and there's not much maintenance

It's been great. Having a new vehicle makes it so that I haven't had many troubles. There was a really sensitive sensor that sometimes says there's something wrong when there isn't, but it hasn't been too much of an issue

- Indigo E

It's great for going off road, to pulling your friend out of the ditch, to getting groceries, or taking the kids to soccer practice. It can do it all.

I love the vehicle because it is small and nimble and can get in and out of traffic real well. I don't like that it doesn't turn on if it's too cold outside. I love how well it handle in many different kinds of terrains.

- Colby L

It has low lock capabilities, so you can get out of mud or snow easier than most vehicles.

The Jeep Renegade is a great vehicle with a lot of features and off road capabilities. It can handle the ice, snow and mud and it is very comfortable to ride in. It is just ok on gas, I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Susan G

It makes you feel safe when you are driving it because it has some meat to it as it is a rugged and strong vehicle, yet doesn't come across that way when you look at it.

Love how it's compact, yet still roomy. It has a beefy, rugged feel to it like other Jeeps do, but is more "car-like" in many respects. It drives well and is good on gas. There really is nothing I dislike about it.

- Terri F

It's not good on gas, for its size you would expect much higher mileage

I like the handling and I like the look but I hate the interior fabric and if it rains water will pour straight into the electrical workings of the door even hours after it has stopped raining when you open them.

- Dal O

Jeep renegade: compact for easy parking with enough room for 5 adults.

Comfortable. Reliable. Fuel economy is not great. Back seats lay down flat. Has steering wheel radio controls for less distractions while driving. Automatic transmission feels cheap. Otherwise I love it.

- Mary C

The Renegade can definitely handle itself off road or in rough conditions like snow or mud. It is probably the most capable suv for the size that is on the market right now.

The gas mileage isn't great for how small this car is. Advertised around 29 mpg and I only get about 23 on the highway and around 18 in the city. The car seems really underpowered for how heavy it is.

- Joshua K

Just for looks. No off roads in this. Small. Not a whole lot of storage space.

It custom interior. But it's not like the Jeep I grew up with it seems cheaper made. But I still love . when you think of Jeep you think of off-road you're definitely not going off road in this one.

- Mindy L

Perfect car for everyday life

I love my new renegade latitude. I use it to go to work and trips for groceries and fun. I have had numerous compliments on it. I searched for the right vehicle and feel I made the right decision

- Eduardo V

I like that it has different modes for terrain.

I really like this car! It has great steering, gas mileage, and brakes. Since I'm tall (5"11) and I have long legs, it is difficult to exit some vehicles. I don't have that problem with this car.

- Luke P

I feel safe whether it is sunny or 4 feet of snow.

I love the color. It is bright red. The interior is rugged yet stylish . My favorite is the 4 wheel drive that makes it easier to drive in the snow in the winter.. it's the total package for me

- Nicole K

Handles great in snow and mud while being compact enough to be a good everyday car.

I love how compact it is but that I still have 4 wheel drive. I bought it because I was living in Germany and it was great for the tiny European parking spots and perfect for the snow.

- Amanda U

There’s too much going on to list it all here!

So far no problems, automatic seats and windows, backup camera, touch screen monitor for radio, able to make calls while driving through the car. Able to listen to music from phone.

- Kenzi T

It is a fun car to drive around and it drives great.

Only complaint I have is blind spots in the front they can be hard to see around. I love the size of the car but I would add a couple of feet to the truck space, it's a bit small.

- Chardonnay R

the jeep is easy to get into, high enough to see traffic and easy to drive around town.

i love the look of the jeep and driving it is very easy. It's cute and fun. my only complaint is that the visibility could be a little better. there are a few blind spots.

- lori i

I love the fact that is so affordable and cost efficient.

I love the fact that it is easy on gas; the size and also the rear view feature that allows us to see what is behind us when backing up. I have no dislikes or complaints.

- Dana K

reliable so far I trust it in bad weather

I like it because it is 4 wheel drive especially in the winter. I wish I had a sunroof. The color is red I wish it was blue.It is ok gas mileage for this type of vehicle.

- Bea A

It's a comfortable ride. I love having tinted windows, it gets good gas mileage probably because of the stick shift and it's just the right size.

I love having a stick shift and just having a jeep. I have no complaints, it's everything that I wanted in a car. I have owned 10 different cars and this is my favorite.

- Julie D

it gets pretty good gas mileage and has plenty of power

it's a small SUV but it gets good gas mileage and has plenty of room. comfortable for all passengers and driver. good in all types of weather. sleek design and look

- chris b

It was designed by fiat after the merger with jeep, it has a fiat motor in the manual model which I love. It also fits 3 car seats across the back.

I love that it has the capabilities of a jeep with the feel of a car. It's also incredibly important to me that it meets my families safety and space expectations.

- Samantha S

Jeep renegade small and sporty.

I like it because it is sporty, it is a manual, I feel safe. However it does not have Bluetooth, and I would prefer leather seats and have it be four wheel drive.

- Nicole E

That as a bigger vehicle the maintenance and upkeep is more costly.

I love this vehicle and do not have any complaints. It was perfect for all seasons, runs smoothly and has a size that allows me to feel comfortable on the road!

- Demi F

Jeeps are fun! I have every option available in my Jeep as I did for my the Mercedes I traded in. Leather interior heated seats backup camera etc.

I absolutely love my vehicle. I didn't think I'd love have a Jeep but it's so much fun to drive! I traded in a Mercedes for a Jeep and it was the best decision.

- Terri M

Perfectly compact and handles very well!

I love how compact it is I love the 4x4. Wish it had a bigger gas tank. Overall I really like it and so glad I made the purchase. Handles well in all weather.

- Christle H

Cute and comfortable Renegade

The comfort of the Renegade is perfect for larger people too. It is easy to drive. My wife receives a lot of compliments from other ladies about how cute it is.

- Joseph L

Push to start Sound system Four wheel drive

I like my Jeep renegade. First let me start off by saying it's a nice Jeep comes with push to start and 4 wheel drive. The sound system is also lovely in it.

- Chris M

Serious offroad capabilities.

Small compact SUV. It is four wheel drive and does very off road. Dislike would be the transmission. Does not seem to downshift at the appropriate times.

- Chris A

It's a lot of fun to drive and ride around in. I enjoy it more than I thought I would.

I love the look of it. It's comfortable and looks both cute and rugged at the same time. It's good on gas and hauls enough. It's between a car and truck.

- Mary N

I have over 100,00 miles on it.

I love the look of my jeep. It is great in the snow. There is also a lot of potential to customize it such as a lift, larger tires, roof rack lights etc.

- Michelle J

Though a Jeep it is not intended for off road driving. Has a comfortable ride on a highway.

It does not get as many mpg as I was expecting. Lacks a little power for a fast start. Ride comfort handling etc are all fine. Has been very reliable.

- Donald z

Very reliable never breaks down even in bad weather

Small car which is economical on gas. The car is easy to drive and park. Seating comfortable and spacious. Feel safe when travelling in this vehicle

- Sandra K

Small SUV that handles the snow great but needs more storage.

It drives great. Amazing in the snow. Not enough storage space or cup holders in the front. Not enough room in the trunk. Needs to be a bit bigger.

- Jamie E

I think everyone should know that it's a great vehicle.

I like that it is four wheel drive. It also offers great gas mileage for an SUV. It's comfortable. There isn't anything I really dislike about it.

- Jaime R

I think it is important others know that this vehicle is a good value.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable. It is four wheel drive, which is important with where I live. There is nothing I dislike.

- Jaime R

It is a smooth ride with a fun design, while also being practical.

Four wheel drive and sun roofs are great. Also love style. Gas mileage is not so great. There are also areas that are hard to reach to get clean.

- Jessica L

The interior size is pretty small. It's a great car for a person that is single, but might not be so great for a family.

I dislike how small it is. There isn't much room for rear seat passengers. There isn't much room for storage. I do like how it looks and drives.

- David R

It is great, it is also like a 4+4, you can go on trails.

Drives great, details inside the shape of the Jeep small but plenty of room, the only thing is I wish the tailgate would open with the key fob.

- Lori A

Great look, great for the outdoors, great for traveling

Great vehicle. But to small for me. I am over 6'3 and 300 lbs and just feels to small for me. Gas is a hit or miss when it comes to saving gas.

- Jehu A

I have 4 wheel drive, snow, mud and sand drive types.

I like the gas mileage my Jeep has. For an SUV its great traveling as if you own a car. I dislike how it has less storage and room for luggage.

- Brie C

It is made very well and it is very safe.

I love my vehicle, except for one thing: it is very noisy. I commute to work and driving on the freeway, I might as well have my windows down.

- Nicole S

The fact that it has a back up camera and Bluetooth is everything to me.

The Jeep renegade is an affordable car. It fits 5 persons comfortably. It has a back up camera and Bluetooth. The car itself is very spacious.

- Alessandra R

Has a lot of power with the nine speed transmission. Goes anywhere I put it.

Brand new. She's amazing runs well has a lot of power comfortable enjoyable relaxing amazing Jeep would not get rid of it for the life of me.

- Brandon H

It really is made to go off-road and handles very well in bad weather.

I like all of the modern features. I do not like that many traditional Jeep features are not included and that it feels so much like a Kia.

- Tina L

People should know that my car has all wheel drive and is great in inclement weather

I like the boxy shape and that it is compact. I like that it's roomies inside than it appears. I think it's a cute SUV and easy to maneuver

- Molly C

The safety of the car for my family.

Transmission shifts, no GPS in Jeep, no sunroof. I had to replace the cooling fan because it is a known issue and it is not on recall yet.

- Jackie L

Jeep renegade great for families.

Love my Jeep, drives great in the snow too. Never have had any issues. Back seat has less foot room then I prefer, great for kids though.

- Brandy C




Its noisy, but the panels are great its luxury and rugged together

I love the roof panels that come off. It's a little noisy that could be better, and better on gas but other than that I think its awesome

- casey n

It's cute and fun to drive, but has some issues. Though it's been fine lately.

I like the fun color, the shape, it's newer than any other vehicle I have had before. After it hit 10k miles, it broke down quite a bit.

- Kelly S

Gas tank is too small for me!!

I really like the jeep renegade. I like the way it looks, and drives. The only problem that I have with it is how small the gas tank is.

- Taylor H

It is a very nice car. It has all the features that you would expect in a new car.

It is a silver jeep renegade. I love the backup camera, and it has enough space in the back for groceries. I have no complaints so far.

- Heather S

It a great jeep for price. It made for a small family.

I love my Jeep. It off road and comfortable. Lots of room. Enjoy taking top off. I have had no problems other then normal maintenance.

- Kerri K

It's more for fun than anything.

It is a great color and goes anywhere. The top comes off easy. The wheels are cool. We have a lifetime warranty and free oil changes.

- Pete C

Great vehicle- needs automatic light.

This car is great except for the fact that the light is not automatic when you open the door which poses a problem in the darkness.

- Allison B

Great vehicle for your first SUV

I love my Jeep renegade, just wish the back had more space for groceries, etc. This is my first SUV and so far it's not a bad one.

- Julie B

That my car is good in many weather conditions. Most important snow.

I love the way it drives in snow. No issues with it getting stuck. It is roomy and good on gas. Has Bluetooth and satellite radio.

- Rebecca V

It is a great car. Everyone should get this car.

I like the size and comfort. I wish you didn't have to manually pull the back gate hatch down. I wish there wish a button to push.

- Rene S

Technology is very useful.

Technology like lane assist and backup camera are nice and very useful. I don't like the size of the car. It has good gas mileage.

- Jessie B

It a fun little SUV with just enough rugged styling to keep the off-road but happy.

It's a great commuting car for the Urban environment. Easy to park and can take the rough roads. It does have a lot of road noise.

- Paul R

it is roomy for is being a smaller car /suv the room in the back is good for store runs

the drive by wire the always seems to be a delay to my wife not so much the roof panels great idea but so much of a pain not used

- Jonathan H

Make sure you buy a spare tire kit when you purchase a Jeep Renegade.

Good gas mileage and good pickup on the highway. Comfortable seating and roomy. Dislike that it came without a spare tire kit.

- Tammy S

If the headlights need to be replaced it can be expensive.

Reliable.. Sporty.. Fully loaded.. Pretty.. Good gas mileage.. Love the color.. Runs good.. Comfy.. I like it better than cars.

- Michele R

2016 Jeep Renegade Review

The vehicle is a nice compact awd suv. It is a 4 cylinder engine so it is not particularly fast, but for my needs it is fine.

- Ashleigh M

Good value for the price. A great smaller SUV.

9 speed transmission is not the best. Has a lag in performance when slowing to around 20 miles per hour than trying to excel.

- Kat C

Jeep Renegade - Very Good Smaller Size SUV

Very reliable. Smaller size SUV. High visibility from front window. Backup camera very useful. Pretty good gas mileage.

- Sharon R

2016 Jeep renegade likes and dislikes.

Like safety features like backup camera and blind side assist. Do not like lack of acceleration when merging onto highway.

- Laura P

it is to be enjoyment in the car. i should like him them. the long drive in the jeep outing .

Jeep is my favour vehicle. i love this vehicle. many more facilities in the jeep. It is to be lovely honey in the life

- lakshmi t

It is a very smooth ride and gets good gas mileage.

I am really happy with my Jeep. It is very comfortable to drive and it gets decent gas mileage for a four wheel drive.

- Brian J

That its fast. I have tuned and tweaked to go fast.

Dislike small gas tank, no heated seats.. Like all other features- mileage, color, compactness, 4 wheel drive, sirius.

- Ceil C

Renegade Review. Great ride, great gas mileage.

It has great gas mileage. It is roomy in back for passengers and cargo. It is a beautiful design. Great sound system.

- Danielle B

It is a comfortable, small, hatchback. It is not a typical Jeep.

I like the compact size, the comfortable seats and the connectivity with my phone. I am not so crazy about the hatch.

- Dean P

I funt to drive but not flashy

It is a good size for me and gets the job done. Not fancy and just enough power. Have only had a month but ok so far.

- Stephen F

There are small images that symbolize jeep brand

Great vehicle , runs very very smoothe , i have not had any issues so far . It is very reliable . And fuel efficient

- Beaunca C

It handles well in the snow.

I like the way my jeep handles. I love the way it looks. It is excellent in the snow. I do not have any complaints.

- Sue L

It is fun to drive and I love the color of it.

I love the size of it and the space in the back for luggage and groceries. There is nothing I do not like about it.

- Jerry K

My Renegade has a push button engine start feature.

I really love my Jeep Renegade. It hasn't given me any problems. It is really great on gas. It is my daily driver.

- Kim H

There are no real cup holders or air vents in the back seat

I like the gas mileage it gets and the size of it. I wish that it had cup holders , air vents, and charging ports

- Heather R

It is an all-terrain and all-weather vehicle.

Positive: its a jeep, its safe. Its reliable.. Negative: does not have a lot of power. Insurance seems to be high.

- Lu F

Vehicle handles both city driving and offroading well.

I like the size and look of my vehicle. I like the interior design. I dislike the stiffness of the steering wheel.

- Sabrina M

It is very easy to get acclimated to and easy to drive.

I like the compact size and how easy it is to drive. It is a very smooth ride. I wish there was more trunk space.

- Joe E

It gets good gas mileage both highway and around town.

It's a reliable vehicle that gets me where I need to go. It gets good gas mileage. It has plenty of storage.

- Tyler R

It has a very sleek design and always looks beautiful, drives very well

Very Comfortable Great Sound System Easy to drive Not the most comfortable for very long rides No Built in GPS


It is a good deal if you need a reliable used car.

Love the room in the back. I like that it's good on gas and it handles well. There is not anything I dislike.

- Leslie C

Beautiful car , great price

It awesome. Drives great. Very comfortable wife loves it. Very good ride looks amazing. Drives like a dream

- David P

Jeep renegade trailhawk edition

It's very comfortable. It has a very smooth ride. My kids love it. I haven't had any problems with it so far.

- David B

That it's a fun family car, and reliable with a great sporty look and feel to it.

Fan makes weird noises. I love how compact it is but still has room. I like the sporty feel and look to it.

- Rebekah B

It is a reliable car that gets you where you need to go and lasts a long time.

I love my car a lot! But it is not fast which is not a bad thing but the pick up could be a little better.

- Toni G

The comfort knowing its a dependable vehicle.

I love the look of the renegade. It's a small SUV but roomy. And driving and handling in snow was amazing.

- Shannon K

Beautiful gray/blue color called Anvil. Great sound system. Unique details and 4 wheel drive. Back seats fold flat.

It is very comfortable and reliable so far. It could have a bit more cargo space but no major problems.

- stacy D

Love our Jeep Renegade 4 x 4

No Problems with this car. Love it, we live in the mountains and this car is perfect for driving here!

- Julie F

When you step on the gas it feels like you slow down before accelerating. The center console/arm rest is awkward. Engine light is constantly coming on.

Hands down worst jeep I have ever owned. Spend the extra money and get the grand Cherokee or wrangler

- Sara T

Problematic Plastic Cabin

I wish my car had apple play. Plastic cabin panels have been replaced a few times after falling off.

- Carolyn R

It can be manual or automatic. This gives it versatility in driving.

It is very reliable. It is great on gas. It is very comfortable and has all the bells and whistles.

- Shanda K

It is a very secure small SUV.

Perfect size for me. I feel safe inside. Like the phone connection. Wish it had a bigger gas tank.

- Rhonda R

It's very customized. From the accessories added to the license plate. They know it's mine.

It's a JEEP! I love the size. It handles great and has a smooth ride. It's yellow! It's happy!

- Kelli W

It's great on gas and very reliable. It's easy to drive

I like the size of it. It has a rear view camera which is very convenient. It's easy to drive

- Andrew B



- paul n

the jeep renegade has a rugged look,is a smooth ride and safe vehicle.

It's not too big or too small. Rides smooth with a rugged look. Blind spots are difficult.

- Jill M

roomy easy on gas, comfortable ride, easy to drive like the back up camera

go to the mountains alot for vacation does wonderful on the roads and gas milage is great

- Daniel S

Windshields are cheaply made and expensive.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive. I like the look of it. I like the compactness of it.

- Brad M

it is not for a comfortable long ride.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like its maneuverability. I do not like the comfort.

- Larisa D

The vehicle runs well and I like the design. However, I did notice that it has no pick up. So when you want to merge into traffic it takes a while to get up to normal speed

It seems to be well made. I have the Batman vs Superman edition the design is cool.

- marcie w

It drives nice, gas mileage is ok. not the greatest

It has a small trunk. It has no spare tire only an air pump. gas mileage is okay

- Kell R

It fits my style, it's a pretty blue.

The only thing I don't like about my car is that the gas tank is small.

- Sarah B

It's the perfect height and I love the backup camera

I love the height of the vehicle and I love all the features it has

- Chris G

It is durable and reliable. I have had nothing but good experiences with Jeep.

I love the way it rides. All the newest features. It is very roomy.

- Michelle H

doesn't get as good of gas mileage as they say it should.

love the size and style. Cute interior and functions of everything

- Danielle O

My vehicle is easy to drive and has multiple features that make driving safe. For being a small car, it also has a lot of storage.

It's easy on gas and has many features that makes the car safe.

- Kayla L

4x4 Jeep Renegade Sport. Small SUV that can handle rough road conditions, but is small enough for everyday. Can be a little noisy on the interstate.

It's rugged but not too intimidating to drive on the daily.

- Misty F

It's the Jeep legacy in one vehicle

I love the size and the personality. It vibrates when idle

- Austin A

its reliable and somewhat spacious for a smaller suv

it's a reliable jeep so far, it's only been 2 years though

- Bree S

Great small car got good deal on. 6 speed manual. Runs well. Only problem is once when driving 4wd stopped working briefly about an hour later 4wd was available once again. Not ideal for big family since it is small. Able to get tracks and haul things on top of jeep. Kind of low to ground not good for off road.

Good little car for small family, 4wd Manual jeep renegade

- Jessica B

I like that it is compact but also isn't too low to the ground. I I like the look of the car from the outside and all the features it has on the inside.

This car is good for driving in the winter and summer

- Katelyn B

Trunk space is minimal. But it is a great size and price

Compact, easy to drive, affordable. Really like it.

- Amy B

I love this vehicle. I love the look of it. It also drives very well. The only issue I have is that the interior is sometimes hard to clean and the gas mileage isn't great.


- Kenadi D

Perfect car for limited driving.

- Shelly R