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The best part of the Kia rondo is the height in which you get into the seats.

I purchased my Kia rondo brand new in 2007 and it gets about 26 miles to the gallon it is a crate car for someone who has trouble getting in and out of cars because the rondo is at a different level I have had no problems with my rondo other than just the normal oil changes tires I only drive about 4000 miles a year so it at this time has low mileage it carries lot I like having three seats so it fits seven. The ride in it is fairly smooth. One problem is though window seals are not as sealed from road sound as some cars. I also have had some problems with the tire pressure light coming on and usually that is if there is a weather change. I think that the Kia rondo as for me it is 12 years old has 65,000 miles on it and I have had no major work done I would for sure buy another one if they were still for sale.

- Beverly H

Comfortable and spacious small SUV with lots of cargo space.

I have cervical issue, so with the heights of my Kia rondo it is very comfortable to get in and out of with out issues. It set up high enough but not to high. Not a lot of ground clearance sets close to ground. Can see clearly without blind spots. Easy to park. The back seats go down an fits nicely a futon mattress in back, which I have use to go camping in. Love the back under cargo spaces storage. Good gas miles. Good in the snow, with good tires. Love the middle console compartments for storage. And nice size glove box. Heated seats are very nice. Back seat fits my three grandchildren comfortable. Has a two position sun roof and ac. I bought used five years ago I have had to do brakes, calipers, front spring, oil pan replacement. Tires. Ride comfortable.

- Maria S

It has been well maintained. In fact receipts of service are in the glove box.

This vehicle has been a reliable one. I bought it from my sister before she passed. It is approaching 100, 000 miles but has been maintained well as far as oil changes and other requirements. The radio can be temperamental at times. Both rear windows malfunctioned over time and so do not go up & down anymore. I have used heavy tarp to protect it from the pets I have. I have hauled a lot of loads in the back and can even make more room by putting the back seats down. It is black in color with adjustable seats in length and back support. The headrests are also adjustable. Plus the driver's seat belt has an extender on it.

- Mary Alice W

It is a great family car that offers comfort to my extra passengers.

My height is currently 5’ 11” and it is a perfect crossover for short people like myself. Unlike an SUV were you have to climb up and in, this crossover allows a person of my height to simply open the door and sit down. Although my car is older is has been reliable in rain and snowy conditions. The traction and braking system has not let me down yet. As with any older car I am experiencing some issues with the cars starter. Since I truly enjoy this car repairs and tune-ups are a definite as sadly Kia no longer makes this model car.

- Helen F

It can get me to where I need to be. And it good on gas.

My rondo is very specious. I found it to be reliable. So far it has been working well with no major problem. The Kia rondo is very good on gas especially if driving locally. The only problem I have encountered is that during heavy traffic were it requires me to stop for a period of time I must turn of the engine because it heats up and the gauge goes up to the red section. But as long as I start moving again it goes back to normal.

- Connie L

The car is very roomy and comfortable and smooth ride.

It is larger than our car, it sits up higher than a car so that you can see everything around you, the back seats fold down making the size of the trunk with the added seat space large enough to hold my wheelchair, it is very inexpensive to operate... My only complaint is that sometimes - not all the time - water may get on the cloth seats and leave little water spots. I had to think hard for a complaint..

- Mary Anne B

The space available in the car is really good.

The gas mileage could be better. The gas pedal is not sensitive at all and therefore you have to push down hard. There is no aux port which really is not the worst thing in the world but I would really like having one. I do not have many problems with this car. It's all together a very good car and is trustworthy.

- mackenzie J

Kia rondo- a good value car.

Currently have 107,500 mi with no majors issues. It is a comfortable vehicle-a crossover. Lots of room, rear seats fold down, holds 5 passengers. Recently - with approximately 104, 000 miles-had to replace the right front axle, but that have been my fault due to driving with a warped rotor for over a year.

- Rebecca A

Good value car for a family.

It is a crossover so lots of room. Good gas mileage. Very few problems with it considering it has 108, 000+miles. Each side of the rear seats fold forward so you can transport lots of things when only 2-3 people are in the car. The back trunk area has 3 compartments below the floor to stow things away in.

- Becky A

I like the seat height and storage.

I like my Kia rondo because of the height of the seats. It is easy to get into and has plenty of room for my legs between the steering wheel and the driver's seat. I also like the multiple storage compartments in the back end. It runs well for me and has good mpg on the open road.

- Sue B

Very roomy interior, fairly good gas mileage.

The Kia rondo is a very roomy vehicle. It is pretty much a mini-mini van. Plenty of space in the back for transporting stuff. Good leg and head room. Nice riding vehicle it's unfortunate that it is not made in the us anymore. It is perfect for families that can't afford a SUV.

- Joyce H

2007 Kia rondo car review.

Windshield is huge. So are windows. Very safe car with lots of airbags. Very comfortable car. No AUX cord. Radio works but volume goes up and done on its own. Seven seater- two in front three in middle two in back. Optional features. Very useful with kids and carpooling.

- Alyssa R

Rondo is reliable. Wheelchair accessible car.

Rondos like to rust. This car is a cross between a station wagon and an SUV. I wish it was still made in a hybrid model. It rides like a dining room chair and it is very comfortable to get into if you are wheelchair bound or have Parkinson's disease like my father.

- Christine P

Kia can be yours! Basic black. High mileage. Well maintained. Clean. Roomy.

The rondo is a gas-saving model and shines up well in basic black. It has high mileage but has been well maintained. The seats fold forward for extra hauling room. It seats 4 comfortably. Back seats have been covered to protect them from my dogs. It can be yours!

- Mary Alice W

Kia's have a proprietary diagnostic software system and must be repaired by a Kia dealer.

I love that my car has a station wagon shape with an easily accessible trunk. I love the fact that I can slide up far enough to reach the pedals. I dislike that it can not be fixed by our normal mechanic because the diagnostic software is proprietary.

- Marsha A

It has several airbags for safety. I am happy with my car and grateful for it.

I like that the air conditioner and heater both work fine. I like how roomy my car is. I also like that it is a 4 cylinder and easy on the gas. What I do not like is I do not have heated seats. I also wish my car was good in the snow but it is not.

- Brown B

This is a great car for small families and it great in the crazy New England weather

I bought this car and love it. It is fun to drive, is large enough for me and my daughter without being too big. It is great on gas and it handles great in the snow. Very low maintenance for an 11 year old car and still looks like new

- Marianne H

I love the size -big enough to hold a wheelchair. It gets very good gas mileage. The overall cost of driving the Rondo is minimal we have never had a mechanical problem with it. I can't think of one complaint with this 12 year old car.

It was inexpensive when we bought it and we were concerned that the upkeep might show that it was inexpensive but it's on of the best cars I have had in my 54 years of driving. That includes Buick Regals, BMW's, Honda Accords etc.

- MaryAnne B

Could not have chosen a better vehicle. Love the fold down back seats, gives the back area lots of room for carrying large items. I even had a new washer in the back.

Have had no problems, ever! Perfect size for me, back seats fold down for more room. Very easy to drive, great on gas mileage. Heated seats, has a control to defrost the outside mirrors, comfortable seating for 4 to 5 people.

- Camilla S

Overall I enjoy my car. It has a third row seat and it's still comfy

My car rides nice, has great gas mileage and awesome steering. Problems with it have been both of my back windows messed up. The part that holds the windows broke and the windows fell. And the latch for the gas tank broke

- Amanda W

The vehicle is very big on the inside. Plenty of room for 5 people

I have no complaints about this vehicle. I like how much room there is inside and how small it appears from the outside. I also like the 6 cylinder engine and the quickness of the vehicle when I accelerate.

- Jeff m

Very reliable transportation. Plenty of room for people to sit and carry anything inside the vehicle

I absolutely love my car. It has plenty of room for my family of four, and for my business I can carry a lot of stuff in the vehicle. Also when I need to transport furniture, it's a great size

- Dawn C

the most important thing about my car is it really gets up and goes. You don't need to put much pressure in the gas.

What I like about my car is it runs great nice to drive. What I dislike about my car is it is like driving a bubble. I think I would like it a little better if the windows were tinted some.

- Carol W

The suspension seems to always have problems, needing fixed frequently. Also, it's only front wheel drive.

It has optional 3rd row seating, plenty of room, 5 disc cd changer, sun/moon roof. However it seems to have suspension problems regularly and is currently having transmission issues.

- Shannon A

It is out of production and finding certain parts can be hard.

The rondo is an out of production car which makes it hard to find repair parts. But it is a roomy smooth riding mini-minivan. Not a lot of bells and whistles but a solid vehicle.

- Joyce H

It is gotten me through a lot in life.

Very worn down and needs lots of work done. I have two headlights out. The car does not come with an aux cord. I love the safety features and all the airbags. Very safe car!.

- Raine A

It is a great small family car.

I love the mileage, and I do not love the storage. It drives smoothly. It is roomy for my kids. I do not like the gray interior. I love the size of the vehicle. It is comfy.

- Fare P

This car is comfortable and roomy for its size or class.

It is ok. Nothing fancy. It is a basic car with basic amenities. It gets me where I need to go. It is comfortable and roomy for its size. Wish it had better gas mileage.

- Judi B

That it is a very dependable vehicle and is good on gas and hardly ever had any problems with it.

Like that it has plenty of room for everything from fishing to hauling whatever i want also is good on gas hardly ever had any problems been a very good vehicle.

- Ronald H

Kia's are a great choice!

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The warranty is excellent. It is good on gas. It is comfortable and roomy.

- Janet M

It's a great car for everyone.

I like the color. I like the inside. I do not like how much gas it uses sometimes. I do like how much stuff I can fit in it.

- Emma P

The price was great, plus the warranty to 100,000 miles fantastic.

Dependable, low maintenance cost. Wish it was a little bigger for leg room and more seatbelts in the back for car seats.

- Ginny L

It is very reliable despite being a gas guzzler.

My ties go flat and my window do not let down in the back I like the color it is and I like it because my air do work.

- Andri A

perfect height for when u have back or leg problems and older people can get in easily too has room for wheelchairs

it has worked very well for mew and is comfortable height to get in and out plus lots of room to transport things

- sheri s

It is has great capability for storing and hauling.

I have had no issues so far it is a great family vehicle. I can fit enough stuff in there for a weeks vacation.

- Olivia A

Comfort in ride. Space warranty.

Love the space. Love the warranty. Love the ride love the heated seats love the price. Love the gas mileage.

- Donna C

Well worth the money I would buy again.

One problem power steering went out under warranty dealer fixed very satisfied with service good dealer job.

- Steven G

It looks new and still works really well. Great condition.

It is a nice car which still has lots of miles. I took care of it very well, and I did not drive that often.

- ddo l

The car is economical on gas.

I sit up high, front wheel drive, quiet motor, nice lines, hanger for purse, good middle consul, I love it.

- Kim M

The roominess and quick zippiness through town.

Runs great. Parts need to be changed and maintained. Roomy. Looks good. Would recommended to anyone. Zippy.

- Patrick P

Safety affordable family vehicle

It is such affordable car with safety feathers and save gas, but this Rondo model is no longer available.

- Esther L

I've had my car for 11+ years and I've never had any major problems with it outside of maintenance routine work.

Love my Rondo and I have no intentions of trading it in any time soon! Drives well and rides well.

- Lourdes L

It has no built in GPS. And it nothing that would need to be known

I have no complaints. It gives me everything I need and has no issues. Just maintenance

- Gene P

It has 7 seats. Not a lot of room if all seats are occupied.

U-turns are not easy. Not so great on gas. Paint is already fading in some areas.

- Joanna F

Very low maintenance. Very good car. Very dependable

Have never had any problems out of it. Good on gas. Very low maintenance.

- Pam B

Nice midsize SUV. It is very spacious. There's plenty of passenger seating and cargo area

The Rondo is spacious. It is a low maintenance vehicle.

- Debbie M

power windows,easy to drive, great a/c ,cruise control, good fuel mileage very dependable

it's not for sale, it's a great car, good fuel mileage

- bernard h