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Family car - accessible, comfortable, and smooth action!

Hard to replace transmission - took over 6 months to get the replacement to work correctly. Comfortable seats with adjustable headrests. Excellent heating and air conditioning. Heated seats and dual heating and air conditioning controls in the front seat. Separate heating and air conditioning controls in the middle and rear seats. Plenty of room in the cargo area - deep and available areas to hang grocery bag handles. Has great "pick up" on interstate. Easy to handle no matter the condition of roadways. Great vehicle for trips or for around town. Gas mileage is reasonable in town - better on interstate. Audio speakers are well balanced. Side rear doors open flat and can be opened with key fob - wonderful when have an arm load of cargo.

- J C

Kia souls may be plenty but they are not good!

The car is way too small in the trunk. I can't even put a suitcase or diaper bag in there since there is no depth. When you take off, the car sounds like you are breaking the sound barrier but you are only going 30 mph and it takes forever to get up to speed. I say a few "hail mary's" if I accidentally pull out in front of someone because you may get ran over. There is no cd player so you are almost coerced into paying for sirius. It should get better gas mileage for something that is basically the size of a go cart. I hate the car but can't trade it in because 6 months after buying it new it is half the value of a new car.I give it 2 instead of 1 stars because it does have good head room for the driver and a good warranty.

- Laura S

Kia Soul is sporty but practical a balance that fits different lifestyles.

First of all I really like the gas mileage. The Kia Soul really handles nicely with good power when entering and exiting the highway. I like the "sport" drive mode, which gives you the feel of a sports car and hugs the road and curves. The seats fold down in the back so that you can haul equipment etc. . . I wasn't sure at first about the room but both my children are 5'9 - 6'2 and ride in the back. They do not have any problems with leg room. The only thing I would change is do not sell it as an SUV. I do not like the pressure noise when the windows are open. It makes a loud noise throughout the car no matter if you have the rear or front windows open.

- Jennifer M

Great car for singles and couples without children.

It is a really great car! I love almost everything about it. I love that I can use the radio to talk on my phone, and that I can connect my phone via Bluetooth to listen to my music. I love the way it looks, the way it drives, the comfort of the seats. There are only two things I dislike. The first is that it does not get very good gas mileage. The tank is filled up at $30, and it only gets about 25 mpg. The other thing I dislike is that it is too small to be a good family car. The trunk is small, so when going on long trips, things also have to be packed into the back seat, making it extremely difficult to travel if you have more than one child.

- Mary M

The Kia soul is a10/10 hands down!

My 2018 Kia soul is wonderful. So far I have had no problems aside for and it has performed wonderfully. It is super reliable and the camera that appears on screen while reversing is actually very clear and useful. I know it speaks more for the driver than the car, but it is also very safe. It rolls right over bumps and hardly jostles any of my passengers. The small area making the vehicle seem more secure. Also, for such a visually compact car it actually holds quite a bit of cargo. The Kia soul is appealing to look at, to drive, and much easier on the checkbooks than it is competitors. 10/10 all the way!

- Pamela W

Small but spacious, cute and tough.

I purchased my Kia soul in December of 2017. It is my first new car and I could not have made a better choice. This compact SUV type vehicle has great head room and space. The rear seats lay flat for maximum cargo space. My large breed dog and his kennel all fit. This vehicle is easy on gas and needs very little maintenance. The seats were a little stiff at first but after a few months and I car seat cover they really are comfortable now. This vehicle has been great in all weather. With its short and stout built it plows through snow even without 4wd. I have and will continue to recommend this vehicle.

- Brandy L

Cute little compact with sass and Soul!

I love my Kia Soul so much that when my first one got totaled I immediately had to get another one. It is really comfortable and easy to handle. I love the entertainment features- mine is carplay enabled so I have seamless access to everything I need without getting distracted while on the road. Ideally I wish I could gets more gas mileage but I also know this is not a small sedan so overall the fuel performance is satisfactory. I love my car and as long as you take care of it and give it scheduled maintenance then it will love you right back!

- Salgado D

Red and white 2018 Kia soul!

At first, I didn't think I would like it. I mainly bought it for the color scheme (red on top, with a white body.) But, after driving it for awhile it turns out I love it! So far I haven't had any issues. It drives smoothly, and despite its box like appearance it is actually pretty roomy. The features that my car have are not many. I am sure you can add more if you want, but it came with XM radio, GPS, and a touchscreen system. I drive it daily and it has yet to fail me. 10/10 stars. Would purchase again.

- Sarah T

Very comfortable, reliable and economical!

I love my Kia Soul. This is the 5th one that I have had since they have come out. I usually keep them between 2 - 3 years. I have never had a problem with them, but I put a lot of miles on my vehicles. There is plenty of room in my vehicle for 3 adults leaving room for suitcases, pillows and other items that we travel with. I usually get between 32 and 35 miles to a gallon so that helps as well. It is a comfortable ride. With Bluetooth added, I do not have to worry about trying to answer my phone either.

- Joanne B

Fun no nonsense reliable transportation. Fun to toss around.

I purchased the Kia Soul base with the six speed manual trans. I wish I had the option to buy the + or! With a manual. The Soul is a very practical car with lots of room for its size. The build and finish are of high quality. I look forward to my drive time in the Soul it's fun to drive with a smooth shift gate. A little underpowered but it was never advertised as pocket rocket. It is basic decent reliable solid transportation. . . For the price you cannot go wrong.

- Antonio B

Pros and cons of the Kia Soul 2018.

Problems were that it had to get a tire replaced and there was no back up camera on the car- we got one inserted for around $100. I thought new cars all had back up cameras. The lights do not turn on automatically. I have still to figure out how the lights turn on when you open the doors to the car. I love how smooth it runs. There is hardly any noise. I like that it drives like a smaller car, but you are up higher. Overall love the car.

- Jessica J

The Kia Soul is big on the inside with the small on the outside fuel efficiency.

The kia soul is compact but has enough space for my husband and I to take our two young kids (CAR SEATS) on small road trips with all of our bags in the back. It is great on gas and sits high enough up that I feel safer than when I'm in other sedans. My specific kia has had glue issues for the molding, but that is my only complaint. I've even synced my phone through the radio system to play music, make calls, and GPS.

- Brooke H

2018 Kia Soul review. Needed tinted windows.

I have leased my Kia Soul for six months now. I found it to be the best lease option for me at this time. Cheapest lease. Great gas mileage. Highway 30 plus miles to the gallon. In town about 26 miles to the gallon. I find the brakes could be a little faster at stopping. It is very roomy inside has a comfortable ride. Stereo speakers need upgrade. Computer options are many. Carplay etc. . . More than I use.

- Brenda M

The bells and whistles Soul.

The Soul has great gas mileage. It has three different setting for the engine performance: eco. Sport and regular, for use depending on your need. The Soul also has a backup camera and lots of other bells and whistles. The one thing that I do not like about the Soul is the manual. It combines all of the Souls into one book and it is very difficult to figure out what accessories belong to your model.

- Judith R

The 2018 Kia Soul is a great sized family car.

I absolutely love my Kia Soul! There is plenty of room, definitely a lot more than you would think for the outside. The Kia Souls is a great first car for young drivers, it is easy to park, backup, and drives good in the rain. The base model does not come with a spare tire, but I did get the roadside assistance when I bought the car and it is great! Especially if you lock your keys in the car often!

- Aaron O

Great crossover vehicle, very safe.

The vehicle is very safe with multiple airbags and is great on gas. We lay down the back seats so we have more room to put groceries, plants or even let our dogs have more room. The 10 year warranty is awesome and is included in the price. This vehicle from the outside does not look like it has a lot of room but when you are inside you can tell the and see the difference.

- April P

No spare tire came with it.

Cannot clean the windows, even in a car wash. No way to play music except the radio. So far it is dependable. Lots of tire problems. No back window defrost. The hatch back area is too small. The worst is no spare tire in new cars. I have only had it 10 months and am now on my 3rd flat (losing air) the other 2 flats were caused by hole in sides of tires.

- Jan M

Small in appearance, but roomy and economical.

We are enjoying this small car. It is roomy inside and sporty in appearance. The gas mileage is 3 times better than our previous, larger vehicle. We do have full coverage warranty on the vehicle, and that gives us peace of mind, especially in light of my retirement. We have room in the back for groceries, luggage or whatever we need. Love it.

- Judy C

The 2018 Kia Soul is cute and sporty.

I absolutely love my car. Even though it appears to be small it is very spacious inside. I can zoom in and out of spaces with incredible precision. It was reasonably priced and obtaining financing was a breeze. I find it to be cute and trendy. The 2018 Kia Soul was a brilliant choice on my part because it is easy on gas and easy on the eyes.

- Jennifer C

Performance plus style is what the Kia Soul is all about.

This is my 2nd Kia Soul and I am impressed with the way it handles the road. The cars performance is surprising based on the fact that it is only 4 cylinders. The 6 speed transmission allows for it to have great takeoff without bogging down. The smaller size makes the car easy to park, but tall enough to see around other vehicles.

- Kathy D

The features of the 2018 Kia Soul is amazing.

The 2018 Kia Soul is a super fun and very roomy for passengers but not much room in the trunk. It comes with lots of features and has great gas mileage. The down sides are not enough engine options and manual transmission is rare. There could also be a spare included with the price and extra for the tire repair kit in my opinion.

- Charles M

The dashboard is so nice. It is different in a way because it lights up green.

My car is comfortable. It is small, fits me perfect. It has Bluetooth, navigation. I can play the radio or connect my phone with Pandora. It rides smooth. I like it because it is new and reliable. The color is black but it has sparkles in the paint. I love the way it shines. I also like the mats which has Soul written on them.

- Pamela P

Overall, Kia Soul is a good car for the money.

Energy efficient, comfortable and easy to drive. Ride is not as smooth as I would like. And, poor pickup. Trunk is not very large. Dashboard is consumer friendly. Many electronic features. Safety devices are plentiful. Fabric quality on the seats is not very good. It is not scotch guarded. Stains on seats are hard to remove.

- Helen V

Spacious with great features.

I have not experienced any issues since purchasing my vehicle. It is very spacious for my girls and I. The trunk is not means for lots of luggage not a big stroller. The vehicle I had came with a tire repair kit and not a spare. It is very comfortable and has been reliable so far. I get about 409 miles on a full tank of gas.

- Shay S

Kia Soul ROCKS! It is the best vehicle in its class! Highly Satisfied.

This vehicle is the best in its class and best for the price. It drives smoothly is compact but gives tons of interior space. The trunk is a bit small so you can't load up but there are roof racks available as an option. The Kia Soul also comes with great features in the base model that are usually in more expensive models.

- bryan g

The Kia soul is a fun car to drive!

The Kia soul is a fun car to drive. The gas mileage in both city and on the highway is very good. The air conditioning works great. The stereo system is very good. Cruise control is easy to use. Functions are easy to adjust using the buttons on the steering wheel. Bluetooth works great. I really enjoy driving my Kia soul.

- Julie M

It is very roomy and comfy inside.

It is a great car. It looks small. The back seat has more space than any other car we tried out. Kia gets great gas mileage. The trunk is a little smaller than I am used to. I even got a great deal on it. don't be afraid to leave when they give you an offer. They usually come back and lower it. If you are willing to wait.

- Elizabeth T

Kia Soul is a good commuter vehicle,

I love the great mileage, it gets 33 mpg around town, but it is a small car. It is good for driving around town and maybe for a trip less than 2 hours, but not comfortable enough for long trips. Because it is small there is not a great deal of storage. I am basically happy with it as far as owning an economical vehicle.

- Linda L

Fun, cute, and economical car.

The Kia soul is fun to drive and is a cute looking car. It gets great gas mileage and is so comfortable to ride in. It's easy and quick to get around town, in and out of parking spaces and is not too small inside for 4 average sized adults. There is plenty of room in the back for a weekly grocery shopping trip.

- Angie K

My Kia will go very fast it has a turbo and people are really surprised.

Rides nice, and it us easy to drive, has plenty of room, tells you when you need to get the oil change and if it needs any type of service, the radio and speakers are great with lots of options the only bad thing is there is no light in the very back when you open the hatchback and the cover is kind of cheap.

- Amy S

Sleek, sportish, and full of Soul!

Problems- none Performance- 2018, base model; has v4 engine, so not race-material, despite this, great vehicle Reliability- 100% Comfort- very comfortable seats and solid adjustments, heat/ ac. Great for road trips and very fuel efficient Features- Bluetooth, Pandora, satellite XM radio, nice storage space.

- Wendy R

Kia Soul is a sporty car with lots of Soul.

I think it is great little car with surprisingly lots of seating, 5 comfortable. It is great on gas I get about 375 miles per plus full gas tank. One thing that is bothersome is the tire pressure light came on after 2 months. It drives smooth and can pick up speed. It has optional manual shift avail.

- Debbie W

Kia soul + is a great choice for a compact car that feels much bigger.

I love my Kia soul +. It is very roomy on the inside and has some amazing features like the console that connects to my phone so I can use my GPS or listen to podcasts. It is really a great car and has not let me down after driving it up and down the east coast multiple times on different trips.

- Natalie D

The advantages of the 2018 Kia soul.

It is the basic model it gets me where I want to go. My father has a hard time getting in some vehicles but the soul is easy for him to get into. It has an eco speed and sport for the Hwy that works fairly well and a decent sound system. It has phone connection for hands off calling.

- Joseph B

Kia Soul-a great city car.

Very comfortable car. Suitable for city trips and short travels. Quite large trunk for the type of car. It has very comfortable interiors also for passengers. Good quality finishes. Aesthetically it is not so attractive but it is a good compromise for those looking for a city car.

- Giulia L

The car is not low to the ground easy to get in and out of.

I have my car I have only had it five months but it gets good gas mileage it is a little car but it is very roomy on the inside it has hidden storage that I love. It is a lot higher off the ground and most cars it is size. It is a lot easier to get in and out of for older people.

- Vicki I

The car is easy to drive and a great family car.

I love the way the car is so easy to drive, very few if any blind spots. Great in the city or on the highway. Good gas mileage. Handles really well on curvy roads, just an overall great choice on my part. Can fold seats down and load it up with lots of items, perfect family car.

- Billie C

No horse power. Makes a lot of noise when started. Remote key is loose.

I bought the car brand new about three months ago. The car does not run like a brand new car. It makes a lot of noise when you start it. Does not have any horsepower. The key is very loose like it going to come off the remote. I would not recommend this vehicle for purchase.

- Christy B

Cute affordable and stylish car.

I love how roomy and comfortable it is. It does not have great initial pick up. I love the alien green color. It feels like an SUV vehicle. Great gas mileage. Wonderful free oil changes at dealership. The paint easily chips if bumped slightly. Easy to handle. Runs smoothly.

- Constance O

A fun vehicle to drive with good gas mileage. All at a great price.

The Kia Soul is a fun car to drive. It handles well and has a great pick up. Cannot complain about the mileage either. I have had this vehicle for 3 months now and on the last tank of gas I got 31 mpg. My friend owns a later model and I liked hers so much I got one myself.

- Debbie G

It's even better than you think in the inside and under the hood

It's exactly what I wanted, from color, features and style. With the seats down in back it has plenty of storage, it comfy for four adult passengers including driver. The power system if hardy and gas mileage good. Plenty of safety features and an excellent crash rating.

- tSquare S

Do not know what to title it.

We have a really good running car great on gas mileage looks beautiful and was well worth what we paid for it looks very stylish there are a lot of them on the road but we are very happy with the service we get at the dealer the outcome of the vehicle was very positive.

- Patty N

Kia Soul has Soul. Great style will never be mistaken for other vehicles.

This is my 2nd Kia Soul and I like their safety ratings. Handles highways quite well and with great pickup. Good cargo space. Mileage is comparable to most other vehicles. Height of the Soul allows me to see around other cars and the smaller size makes it easy to park.

- Kathleen D

High feature, low trim price.

Has high end features at an affordable price, apple carplay comes standard. I feel like I do not have a blind spot in this vehicle due to the size. I love the safety rating, and features. The backseat is a good size to fit 2 car seats, it has a really good turn radius.

- Haley H

I love the inner glow lights that we can personalized.

It is a downgrade from our first car so it is not as high tech but it is still nice. I like the rear camera and satellite radio with stations I have never listened to before. It has inner glow lights that changes color which is a nice touch and spacious for it is size.

- Madison T

Kia Soul- sporty even for the older crowd.

Great gas mileage! Very roomy. With the back seats folded down can haul like a small SUV. Even though a base model, just wish it came standard with daytime running lights and a backup camera. The three different style drive modes are excellent. I would recommend.

- Lara W

Love my Kia Soul 2018 !!!!

Kia Soul has become our go to vehicle of choice ever since the purchase of our first one in 2012. The current one has a few nice options like a panoramic sunroof and heated seats and steering wheel. The sound system and backup camera are pretty nice options also.

- Deb K

Great mpg; average appearance.

I like the gas mileage both on the highway and around town. I do not care for the look off the car exterior. I do not like the boxy appearance. I only bought this because I was desperate to get out from under a lemon of a Sorrento. It needs a bit more power also.

- Erica G

It is both fun and reliable - with a body style that is cute and easy to drive.

Love the sportiness, it's cute. The interior is roomy even for a small car. The sound system is just what I need. It drives well - not a lot of power, but handles the L.A. freeways just right. Comfortable interior. Good reputation and reviews for make (Kia)

- Sheryl C

This little car gets between 36 and 38 miles per gallon. I think that is one of the more important things about this vehicle

First of all it's the neatest little car I've ever driven. Secondly it gets good gas mileage, it's got a lot of things in that little car that come in a big car it's got navigation control power windows. And there is nothing I dislike about this little vehicle.

- Jon B

Satisfied customer. This is the second one we have owned.

Best buy for the money! Good gas mileage. 4 cyl. Good looking vehicle! Hatchback. Clean and classic styling. Good handling. No vehicle problems. This is the second Kia Soul we have owned. Comfortable seating with middle armrest/storage. Wish it had CD player.

- Juan R

Awesome little car for grandma.

No problems love the heated wheel, stereo awesome and it is fun to drive. Handles great and is super at night with the mood lighting. Sunroof is huge. Great car for grandma. Kids love the backseat with charging outlet. Cargo net is great for small items.

- Tj R

Small vehicle but good for a family.

The Kia Soul drives very well and I can fit both my children’s car seats and still feel like there is room. I love the Bluetooth features and charging stations. They only thing I am displeased with is the fact that there is not much room in the trunk.

- Thea W

It has great gas mileage.

I absolutely love my car because I drive over 100 miles a day for work and it is completely and always reliable. The gas mileage is over the top great and it is so cute! If I could do it all over again, I'd definitely choose the Kia soul. It is perfect.

- Madison A

My Kia Soul 2018 Car Review

My Kia Soul is easy to get in and out of as it's higher up than most cars. Having arthritis that's essential. The only thing I wish they'd improve is making the seating a bit more cushiony. The seat is not uncomfortable however, it's not plush enough.

- Sherry L

The fuel mileage is a thing of beauty.

I have had no problems with my car. It is up to date, the seats are comfortable, an the speed is great. It does not take a lot of gas and has XM radio. I have the hatchback model an if I had the money I would get another. Definitely a great car.

- Daryl L

reliable and eco friendly

well I don't dislike anything about it. I love driving is very reliable. safes gas I have been in long roads and It's very reliable. even though is a small little car but is very comfortable. and it has good price for good and new car

- enrique T

It's great on gas, and the body is made well.

I don't love the body style, but I love the interior. The seats are made of high quality fabric that doesn't stain easily, and that's important to me because I have kids. It has a 4 cylinder which saves me gas money which is also nice.

- stephanie s

It is very good on gas and it does not cost much to fill it.

I like how technologically advanced my car is. I love my car because it is compacted and spacious at the same time. I love how there is an app that connects to the car and it tell me how my driving is and where I last parked my car.

- Whitney J

The Kia Soul is not only a great price but it is a great family vehicle.

I love my Kia Soul! It is great in gas and roomy. I have two small children and it has enough space for both of them. Also the price for a new vehicle was so cheap compared to other brands. On top of the Kia has a great warranty.

- Megan G

Great value for a quality car.

Love my Kia Soul! Very economical on gas. Has great pick up. Comfortable to get into. Professional employees that take care of all your needs. Service departments are professional and knowledgeable fully explaining all details.

- Carole L

My car saves me a lot of money on gas and that is great!

I love the styling and the look of the vehicle. One of my favorite things about it is that it gets amazing gas mileage. It is also a very comfortable vehicle. My only complaint is that if doesn't have a lot of luggage space.

- Mac S

it is dependable, and has much more space than one would expect

no problems, this is a roomy car with good gas mileage. this is the second one we have purchased and have been extremely pleased with both. never had any problems with either car, a lot more space inside than you would expect

- edward b

Good value, gas mileage and has the same great Kia warranty!

Love our new little car, it is fun to drive, gets good gas mileage and has all the Kia comforts! If there was anything I could make better on the Soul it would be the seats, they aren't quite as comfortable as our Sorento.

- Karla S

It's easy to get in and out of and is comfortable to drive long distances.

I like the look and color of my vehicle. I don't like that the standard car doesn't come with heated seats, back camera, or GPS. I do like that it is easy to get in and out of my vehicle. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Emily M

Lots of problems with the windshield

Overall, the car is fine, it gets me from point A to B. For some reason, it gets a lot of chips in the windshield, we have had the windshield replaced twice already, and it needs to be replaced again. All under one year.

- Bryan S

A cool little car for the money!

I really love my Soul! It runs well! It looks small! But there is lots of room! It's very comfortable for the driver and front passenger... but for longer rides the back seat can be less comfortable for elderly people.

- Kathy B

It is very efficient with gas.

I love Kia souls. They are reliable, easy to drive and affordable. They are also a great family car for families of 5 or less. These cars, as small as they look on the outside, are actually very roomy and comfortable.

- Alexandria S

It has great and reliable built in safety features .

My Kia is sporty , fun and fits my lifestyle. It is economical in initial cost and also in operating. The only downside is the small cargo space but I don't personally use that so it is not a problem for me.

- diane o

Fun car to drive, and gets good gas mileage. With options the price was kind of high.

Like small size, electronics, and gas mileage. Like storage area under floor in back area of vehicle. Dislike that back seats don't fold down flat. Don't like that I had to pay extra for spare tire and jack.

- Mike W

I love the size of the vehicle. It is small enough to handle easily and park easily, yet is big enough to transport my family and groceries or belongings. I also love the color of my Kia. My vehicle handle well, gets good gas mileage, and is comfortable. My only dislike is it has already had transmission failure, but the dealership replaced it for no cost to me and provided me with a rental car while it was being repaired.

I have been a lover of Kia vehicles and this is no difference. I really enjoy my car - it's color, size, gas mileage, and reliability. My dealership is also terrific. They take good care of their customers.

- Danielle G

It is a great commuter car and the features like Bluetooth are really nice.

I really like that it has Bluetooth connection to my phone. It automatically connects when I get in the car and I can also do hands free phone calls. It is a good size and gets relatively good gas mileage.

- Lindsey B

Great gas mileage and easy to maneuver. Has a large display window.

It has backup camera, large screen display, back window windshield wipers, plenty of interior room, cargo space which holds a lot, fold down seats. Have to be careful not to turn fast as it may turn over.

- Sarah K

2018 Kia Soul+ is one of the best performing cars on the market today!

Very comfortable to sit in and drive. Love the sirius xm radio included with purchase. Only complaint is the design of the driver heater locations. Not enough heat allowed to be directed at driver body.

- Gina R

The ease of handling with great space in the interior.

Love the technology and safety features. Drives great and good gas mileage. Has backup camera. Side mirror lane detectors and navigation. Love the seats as well this is my third Kia soul and best yet.

- Gloria N

Great gas mileage and a comfortable ride for all inside.

It is small but tall enough that I can see over bushes at corners. It has plenty of legroom for passengers and the storage space in the back is just right for groceries and other household purchases.

- Joan V

Small SUV. Great economical vehicle. Fun and easy to drive.

I love the gas mileage. The size is perfect for me, it seems like an SUV because my rear seats fold down. It is very easy to park because of it's small size. I also love the apple carplay feature.

- Brenda W

Kia makes some of the safest cars available. It has a breakaway motor for front c and collisions.

I'm 5 feet tall, so it's comfortable for me to drive. It has a convenience package which helps with phone usage while driving. I love all of the safety features. I feel much safer on the highway.


It's faster than it looks you can put it in sport mode and really get going

It is good on gas I love the color I don't really have any problems with the car other the the driver side window switch has had to be replaced a couple of times other then that I love the car

- Kenneth H

2018 Kia Soul, comfortable, saves money.

I have not had any problems with my Kia Soul. The Bluetooth radio is a major plus. The space for storage is a lot. It gets great gas mileage, about 30 mpg. Really comfortable for long drives.

- Jessica N

2018 Kia Soul Plus is a comfy ride

Absolutely love my Soul. the only thing I am not a huge fan of are the headrests. They are tilted too far forward for my small frame and I had to immediately take it out and put in backwards.

- kira n

Spacious and Family friendly vehicle

The number one thing I love about my car is the color. The next thing is how spacious and family friendly the car is. In addition, I really like the compartments on the trunk of the car.

- Cynthia B

Kia Soul: A surprisingly room car

So far my car has been extremely reliable. The car is deceptively spacious--from the outside, it seems like a small car, but even my 6'7" brother can comfortably ride in the back seat.

- Susan G

That sometimes, especially if you have the manual version, that it can accelerate slow (especially in an upward climb).

I really like the size of the interior and the look of the car. I don't like how slow it accelerates though. I also like how fast the heater warms up and the look of the car itself.

- Ian A

Has technology package far more advanced than available in comparable model/trim.

Love the size, maneuverability, and overall quality of the vehicle. I dislike that it depreciates so quickly, and also that there is no option for an automatic lift gate on any model.

- First Name H

Affordable Dependable Lots of room for whatever you might need on a regular basis

Love the size. Not too big but still able to haul some things if I need to. Only complaint is that I got black when I wanted the dark gray. (they didn't have any gray at the time)

- Kimberly P

That it is definitely roomier inside than it looks outside.

No complaints love everything about my car. It has good storage and is much roomier than it looks from the outside. It has cute features and came in a great color, alien green.

- Amanda O

It's much larger than it seems. I really like that I don't have to worry about if things will fit in it.

I love my new car. It is large enough to carry several people and still have trunk space. I do not like that I only had the choice to get a white car from the dealership.

- Kaitlyn G

Basically not a flashy car but something that will get you from point A to point B reliably

It is very reliable. I love that it has amazing gas Mileage me being a broke college student it literally can last me a whole month before I have to fill the tank up.

- Kaitlyn B

this is my second kia The reliability of the vehicle and kia company has been a great experience for me overall

Overall it's a great vehicle It drive smooth. It's a roomy interior' The base model has so many. standard options I just wish there were more interior color options

- Charles L

My personal opinion of my 6 month old Kia Soul....

I love my Kia Soul!!! It's awesome on gas. It's very roomy and comfortable for everyday driving or long trips. It's hatchback which is great for grocery shopping.

- Crystal S

Lots of room fits my family of 5 and my dog!!

I love my 2018 Kia Soul. The seats are microfiber so all spills just come right off. The radio is amazing. Lots of room in the car and space in the bag for my dogs.

- Summer M

It drives smooth but apparently has a big risk of tipping over.

I dislike that it does not have a CD player. I also dislike how small the cupholders are. I like that my phone can connect to the car without having to use a cord.

- Mary B

There is a blind spot on the driver's side, but if you angle the mirror correctly, it eliminates it.

I really like it. It is a bit underpowered in some circumstances, but it drives beautifully and gets decent mileage. It is comfortable even for tall passengers.

- Nanette F

It is so easy to handle and maneuver in parking lots.

The newer Souls have a more spacious interior. I'm getting better gas mileage than my 2013. I love the look, so far nothing I don't like and no complaints so far.

- roberta o

If you purchase a Kia don't get the turbo.

Turbo engine makes it runs rough, was told that is the way it is. , spoke to many service dealers and they all say the same thing, vehicle jumps on the take off.

- Albert C

You will get fantastic mileage and a nice smooth ride.

I love my Soul! It's the perfect size for what I need, handles well and gets fantastic mileage. The only thing I'd change would be to have built in navigation.

- Kirsten L

The hatchback is amazing!

I love the body style of my car. I love how roomy it is inside and the music features. I also enjoy all the electric windows, cruise control and dashboard.

- Melanie W

It is in my favorite color and I enjoy the luxury of having it.

I like that it is new and it rides very smooth. I do not like that the body is not as strong. I wish it had more trunk space and slightly bigger inside.

- Erica H

It has a lot of safety features and great gas mileage.

This is my third Kia Soul and I love them... I just miss being able to still play cd's . I like that I can park her anywhere and I get great gas mileage

- Dayna T

This is a unique and fun to drive vehicle.

I have no complaints with this vehicle. It is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage. It is the second one that I have had and they are very reliable.

- Carrie S

It is much larger than most people think.

It is the perfect size car for me and has great gas mileage. The color is the only issue because I do not like silver cars but that's just cosmetics.

- Emma G

The vehicle is very dependable, with just minor repairs and upkeep done.

I love everything, however, do wish there was a little bit more storage space to put packages and when you go on trips. The rest of it is wonderful.

- Deborah M

a great value for the price,a fantastic warranty and is fun to drive

I like the body style,the roomy and comfit of the interior,it gives a smooth ride and is easy to park. I don't like its lack of power going uphill

- jan p

I keep my autos until they almost fall apart. I was amazed at the options.

It is roomy, my sister drives it sometimes and loves the height, I love the gas mileage and the choice of colors even though I got a black color.

- Esther H

Good gas mileage especially with current gas prices.

Its great. Bought in April of this year. Have put 8000 miles on it so far. We have travelled a lot, storage space is fine and it is comfortable.

- Linda S

Very clean looking. Have not had to have any work on it.

I love that it is small but has lots of room. I moved my friend using my vehicle for a lot of stuff and it holds quite a lot. Nothing I dislike.

- Rae M

A quality car at its price point.

Car has been reliable in cold winters. It has a sporty feel that makes driving fun. Base model is pretty basic no features really set it apart.

- Chris K

Comfortable, Reliable Soul

It is reliable, fast and comfortable. It is smaller than an SUV but still roomy. It has Apple Carplay which is convenient to use while driving.

- Madi E

Definitely should haggle about the price when you purchase one because there are discounts available that you could be missing.

I love my Kia Soul. It is the greatest vehicle that I have ever owned. I have already had 3 different ones of them and have loved every one.

- John W

It is a fun car to drive with easy turning and pick up and go.

I love the gas mileage and how it turns at almost a zero degree radius. I also like the space inside and it is comfortable and fun to drive.

- Aaron W

Best option for people who do not want to spend a fortune.

So far no problems. I love the way it handles and accelerates. Fuel mileage is awesome. For a smaller vehicle it actually has a lot of room.

- Casey L

Dependability is extremely important.

I like the roominess of the inside. It runs well and is fun to drive. I like the fun colors, too, you can get them in. Mine is bright green.

- Heather J

Good value! Get an excellent vehicle for a good price.

Excellent value! Great mileage. Good comfort. Love the dark windows. Very functional. Not so low to the ground like a lot of small vehicles.

- Bea R

The most important thing about my car is it's reliability.

I like the smooth drive I get when I am in the car. I like the great fuel mileage of the car. There is nothing I dislike about the car.

- Joe R

Drives very well and has great power.

It is very spacious and clean. Need more speed but good speed for the model. Gas mileage could be a little better. Overall great vehicle.

- Melissa M

It is overpriced and my payment is crazy.

Car is good on gas it is a smooth ride good pick up I like the fact you can put it in eco or sort mode it is stylish and fun to drive.

- Kenny H

It is just straight out fun to drive. Harmon kardon sound system blocks out all street noise and nav system makes it easy to get around

It is very stylish on the exterior. Very roomy on the interior. Loaded with great options such as back up camera and sound system.

- david a

Kia Soul is a great vehicle

At 40 miles, I had to replace a fuel injector. Other than that, it's been great. It drives very smooth and there is a lot of room.

- Angie C

Real easy to drive. Cute looking. Small like a VW but classier.

Love it. Fits into garage with room to spare. Lots of get up and go when needed. Comfortable to drive. All the latest tech stuff.

- Lee F

Kia Soul- great choice to buy

The soul drives great! The only downfall is the small "trunk area" compared to other suvs. Love how big the back seat is though.

- Courtney F

gas mileage, spacious, travels great. comfortable seats. easy to park

I love my car. its roomier than it looks. it's a beautiful color. it handles the road, gas mileage is great. very dependable car

- kathy i

Good on gas its bigger in the inside then you would think.

Compact, easy on grass, fits 5 people, Sirius radio, Bluetooth usb and dislikes no cd player or sunroof not four wheel drive.

- Keen E

It is a very good vehicle for anyone's needs and weather

I like that it is small, but very roomy. It is perfect for the weather conditions we face and great for all my travel needs.

- Angela M

It's really fun to drive.

I like the style, the car is economical and gets good mileage. The car is comfortable and has convenient technology I enjoy

- Henry V

It does not it if space but it does come with great benefits such as your radio.

Not much of a family car but good for travel. Work commute is not great on gas and not much speed and medium size space.

- Melissa S

It's very roomy and comfortable drives smooth great gas saver

Great gas saver Drive smooth love all the features seats are comfortable Love The Back-up Camera and the Sports shifter

- Jamie Y

it is an electric car which uses no fuel and does not need oil changes.

it is an electric car which is more economical. The problem is the range you can travel.the car is a nice quiet ride.

- Philip H

It is very reliable and great on gas mileage.

I like the full sunroof and it is sporty. Very good on gas. Love the design. I love my car and I have no complaints.

- Meach D

While in my car I feel very secure.

I like the handling of the vehicle. The size of the vehicle is exceptional. I would like heated seat as a standard.

- Ian N

built to be safe if there is an accident. our last Kia Soul was totaled and the engine dropped onto the pavement and did not ram into the driver

its comfortable. I love the back up camera and rear window washer. plus the UVO comes in very handy. no complaints

- Sandi N

It is very spacious and comfortable.

The Kia soul base model is awesome, it is very reliable and pretty great in gas, and the Audio system is amazing.

- Logan B

Like I said, it is a very quiet car, most cars are pretty loud.

It is smaller than our old car. Good use on gas and a quiet car. Gets us where we need to be on time and safely.

- Yasmin S

KIA SOUL ,- Lotsa soul for the money

Lots of legroom, full of power and good on fuel. comfortable seating, quiet ride, and a low maintenance vehicle

- Jef C

Very spacious! This car has a lot of room to put your stuff. I keep all my camping gear in it all year round so I can just up and go when I want.

I love that I can take it anywhere. It is good for work and camping. Lots of room but not a big car to drive.

- Melissa C

The touch screen and backup is great. The gas mileage isn't too bad either.

I love the touch screen. I love the navigation. I wish it had more ports in the back seat for tablets, etc.

- Beverly O

Rides great a great deal and pretty too.

Rides great good on gas and very comfortable great on gas and runs good there is not a thing I would change.

- Donna V

It had high end features for a low price.

Love it, has great features only downside is wiper blade speed is not as fast as I would like at max speed.

- Haley H

Performance, luxury and fully loaded including backup monitor.

The 2018 Kia Soul is very reliable and economical with great gas mileage. Smooth riding and not too noisy.

- Jonathan H

car is all electric, requires no gas or oil changes.

all electric, has all the bells n whistles, Perfect around town car., only complaint is, 1oo mile range

- Russ K

The biggest highlight about the Kia Soul is it is shape. It is not like other cars.

I have no complaints about this car. I have own other cars made by Kia and I have yet to have a problem.

- Sabrina H

Spacious and comfortable for any family. Great navigation

No complaints, it is spacious and love the technology. Love the color and cargo space. Comfortable ride.

- Ildiko C

It has the turbo motor. Rather peppy.

I like that. It has a turbo and is peppy, looks sporty, drives well. I do not like. A little too small!!

- Gloria C

Great on gas mileage and it is a good looking car.

I have no complaints about my Kia soul. I love the way the car drives. I love that it is a compact car.

- Bibi P

It is a great smooth ride and the sound system is pretty good

It rides very well, it has no room in the back "trunk" area. It's also very boxy, not sure I like that

- stacey c

You can go a long way on a tank of gas, especially if your going downhill.

Like: good gas mileage. Electronic display.. Dislike: much less interior space than my grand caravan..

- Michael W

Just right size for self and two school age kids with a dog.

I love how it drives and the size. It has ample second row space. I dislike the lack of trunk space.

- Kirsten D

It is easy to drive it is a little higher than the regular sedans.

It is a compact vehicle. It gets good mileage. It is easy to drive. It fits in any parking space.

- Michael V

It is a good value and has a excellent warranty. We also like the UVO support

I like that it is pretty good on gas. I like the Apple CarPlay. I wish it were a bit bigger.

- Roger W

Kia Soul has the morning st safety Equipment and has extra airbags all around the vehicle the Kia soul also has accident protection if it it is a accident in front of your vehicle with vehicle Lane equipment it works perfect

The Kia Soul has turbo and all so has pretty colors I love the way it works when I drive it

- Jennifer J

The Kia Soul is cute and drives well, not to mention it gas good mileage

SO CUTE. Also, it drives well and fits people comfortably. I just wish it had more storage.

- Brandon O

It has Bluetooth so you can use your phone.

We love our car. It is compact, but still has a lot of room. It is easy to ride with kids.

- Dorothy S

love it! the gas mileage could be a bit better but it's the perfect size for just a single student. plus it's cute.

don't expect to get great gas mileage. getting used to driving it is really simple though

- jaymee h

20 year and 200000 mile warranty that Kia offers to customers.

I like the value of the car. I like the style of the car. I like the warranty be of Kia.

- Brent P

This car has more room inside than it appears. Great gas mileage.

I think the car is underpowered.its almost brand new(like)color is nice,nice features

- R S

I like the amount of room there is in it. I like the gas mileage. I like the extended warranty.

The warranty on the car that extends from end to end and the length of time it is.

- Tina C

This Vehicle is very reliable and gas efficient. It is very easy to drive and is very comfortable inside.

It is very easy to drive and it is very gas efficient. This car is very reliable.


If your ever drive a Kia soul you will fall in love with it and won't drive anything else

Good gas mileage and the most fun car I have ever driven with no complaints

- betty m

great smooth ride great gas mileage looks and feels stylish has great radio controls and features

love the style love the smooth ride great gas mileage no complaints at all

- michele h

It is very safe to drive on the roads

I love my KIA. It has style and I'd dependable and safe and us easy on gas.

- Barb L

It is a great size vehicle and fun to drive.

I love the price and the payment. I wish the gas mileage was higher.

- Ashley R

It's roomy enough for us. It is economical enough for what we need but not exactly what we wanted. It has everything we need.

It works! The gas mileage is pretty darn good. I would recommend it

- Rodolfo R

I love this car, it's comfortable, affordable and fun to drive, it has all the technology I need and it's economical.

Rear vision is limited but the rear camera helps with backing up.

- Henry J

it's a great car to drive and the gas mileage and headroom are great

it is compact with good gas mileage. The headroom is exceptional

- Ernie B

It's bigger on the inside than it seems from the out.

I love everything about my vehicle. It's great on gas and roomy.

- Amerisha L

rides well, lots of interior room, cruises well, reasonable gas mileage

not enough power no warning lights for lane change no cd player

- Catherine B

Spacious even though it is a small car. It accelerates much better than other small cars.

Turbo, so it accelerates Has navigation system Beautiful color

- Emmy c

Efficient gas mileage, and perfect size.

Love the smooth ride. Love that it's manual and gas efficient.

- Amanda N

small car but does not feel small inside. Good features, NIce mileage. Very comfortable.

Feels bigger inside than it looks . Nice additional features

- Michael W

Fits my family comfortably but needs more trunk space

It has no spare tire and a small trunk space drives smooth

- Heather D

style is the most important thing

Comfortable, compact, easy to maneuver. No complaints.

- david S

I like the color. It drives very well. No complaints.

It has good gas mileage, I like it, it drives very well

- Mary T