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I was scammed into buying it from my in-laws.

Bought used. Every silicone/plastic seal in the car had to be replaced after purchase. many broken parts I was not told about. Had to spend over $1,000 in repairs for it after paying $2,000 for it. The leather is cheap and the lights inside only work occasionally. There is clicking noise that happens when it accelerates. It does not accelerate well. I hate this car.

- Vivian N

Older luxury vehicle, great comfort and reliability.

My Lexus handles great, it accelerates quickly and has vehicle stability control. I have only had it 6 months and I haven't had any problems with it. It's very roomy, my 6'1 husband fits in it very comfortably. The front seats are heated and have adjustable lumbar support. It has a large trunk, which is great for all my kids things.

- Kathryn L

Best car Lexus made for 2002. Luxury and sport design.

My car is a classic car..pearl white with tan leather..chrome wheels. Car is mint condition. Car is in high demand. No problems. Runs perfect. Very reliable. Only downfall is that it's RWD. Meaning in the snow it's no good. Hard to drive. Too much power in the rear. Other than that the car is one of the best Lexus made

- Litch C

That it has a lot of miles but as long as you maintain it and keep up on up keep like oil changes and tires and such it will treat you well!!

I bought this vehicle used just recently, it has a lot of miles but it still handles like a new car. I believe it says a lot about a brand of auto that can be this old and drive and handle as well as it does. I am also impressed of the blue book value of the car after all these years as well

- Kathy R

The vehicle is a little expensive, but it is a good ride.

My vehicle is comfortable, but when you have to do repairs they can get an little expensive sometimes. It drives good to me, it is a good vehicle to buy. The vehicle look pretty good inside out, I enjoy my so if you want to buy a vehicle like my it is expensive, but the ride is worth.

- Rebecca G

It gets me from point A to point B.

My vehicle is somewhat reliable however the shocks, brakes, rotors, ball joints, and rims have all gone bad. My odometer and speedometer no longer work. And I've had to replace the battery and the alternator.

- Taylor T

It's got a quarter of a million miles and with regular tune ups and oil changes it's still my daily driver!

I love my car! But it's getting older and has 245 thousand miles. We will have to get something different soon. As baby number three is on it's way!

- Kelly P

Worth owning. Long live Lexus.

My Lexus drives smooth and fast. Seats are comfortable the leather keeps my bum warm/cold. Accelerates fast. Sleek body style.

- Stacy S

It's good on gas although it uses premium.

I like the way it handles curves and speed. My Lexus is a comfortable ride for me and it's good one gas.

- Nita B

It is black on black which is very rare.

It is a nice reliable luxury car that I really enjoy! It has power everything. And is very good on gas.

- Eric B

It's extremely reliable and has few problems. Great value

It's an older car, but runs very well. It's really comfortable. I think it's a safe car.

- Stephanie B

Amazing brands with new design

amazing vehicle really, i really love all the brands because they are special

- Richard S