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I like having a third row available in my car if i need it- if not it tucks down easy for storage of other items in the back

Very reliable, easy to maintain, excellent service at dealership, Love having a loaner car everytime I go in the dealership for me even if it's just for an oil change. They also give you a free car wash everytime you go to the dealership. The car is roomy and has a nice touch screen on the dash for ease of changing your adjustments such as climate and radio.

- jennifer r

Amazing car fun to drive, very safe.

This is the best car I have ever had. Drives so smoothly and amazing in snow. Audio system is great, and the car is overall roomy. Heated seats in the front, and the back, the steering wheel comes with many different features. Overall amazing car well worth the investment. Never had a problem with this car, and it looks amazing.

- Katherine I

Great vehicle for family and hauling.

I like the styling, the features and the smooth ride. The sound system is also nice. It also has an engine capable of pulling my boat and is roomy enough for 6 adults. It has a range of roughly 365 miles which makes it a great vehicle for road trips without having the weight of so much gas it hurts mileage.

- Walt G

Smooth suspension and comfortable ride!

The 2016 Lexus gx is a comfortable SUV with a smooth suspension, great sound system and lots of room. It is very quiet in the cabin and gets fantastic gas mileage even in the city. The seats are heated or cooled, the steering wheel is heated and the panoramic moonroof is a great bonus.

- Beth K

Great comfortable luxury vehicle.

Love the Lexus, very comfortable smooth ride easy handling. Lots of legroom, warming and cooling seats. The adjustable seat height is nice and the computer technology is good. I wish the radio connected to android and not just Apple. I would buy this car again and hope to upgrade soon.

- Denise C

When you consider all factors.

This is our third gx. We absolutely love it. Reliable dependable, low maintenance and great resale. It has all the amenities you could ask for in a SUV. When you consider all the factors including initial price resale and maintenance we feel it. S one of the best values on the market.

- Michael D

Performance is outstanding! Very quiet ride, comfortable and we have had zero problems out of it.

We bought the vehicle brand new and it is everything we dreamed of. It includes an optional 3rd row, navigation, SOS (like "On Star"), it provides a quiet ride and it has a sleek look.

- Danette H

It's exactly what I would be looking for in an SUV without getting too fancy.

I like SUVs and this one fits the bill nicely. It's very comfortable inside and I can see above most of the cars on the road. It is very comfortable and reliable

- mistie b

That it has great mileage and you don't have to plug in the keys.

I like that you can access the trunk from the back seat. I like that you don't have to plug in the keys. I don't like the sound that comes from it.

- Ben L

Smooth ride and great gas mileage

It's a Comfortable and luxurious vehicle. I find the drive is smooth and safe. Great gas mileage for such a classy car.

- Vanessa B

It has a lot of good safety features. It drives nicely.

I like that it it looks nice and comfortable to drive. I do not like that there are some cheap things about it.

- L S

It has many options and fancy features like heated or cool seats.

I love all the luxuries that come with the vehicle. It has lots of space. I dislike how much maintenance costs.

- Jennifer W

That it is very dependable and actually has great gas mileage

Really reliable, very comfortable, has third row seating, has dual climate controls for front and rear

- Andy H

It is a great starting car and it can last for a very long time

I love the interior design. Everything in the car is organized

- Jake W

Knowing all kinds of information about vehicles can make a good distinction between vehicles.

The car's exterior is cool and the interior is comfortable

- Zin Lebaron L