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All The Bells and Whistles Come Standard Compared to Other Brands.

The Lincoln MKX has been the best vehicle purchase I have made to date. This vehicle had many standard options that are only offered on limited editions of other vehicles. Heated and air condition seats come standard on this vehicle. Dual A/C controls is a major plus. The heated steering wheel makes those cold winter mornings less painful. Remote start is a life saver on those hot summer days in FL. I can start my vehicle as soon as I walk out of the office or a store and the inside temperature is comfortable by the time I enter the vehicle. I have had zero mechanical issues in the 6 years I have owned the vehicle. The warranty and maintenance plan included with this vehicle saved me a lot of money on routine maintenance. I love to crank up the volume on my music and the THX surround sound is amazing. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone in search of a luxury midsize SUV.

- Season V

Why I like my Lincoln mkx.

I love the look of my Lincoln mkx. I chose it especially for the grill on the front. The models that had this grill at the time was the 2012 and 2013 model. I think since then, Lincoln may have gone back to this type of grill. I love the newer features such as the Bluetooth that connects to my phone. I like the leather seats. In the summer the sunroof is nice. It opens to let in air when needed. A feature on the outside that some Lincolns do not have is the pinstripe which is golden color while the car is a cream color. I am very pleased with my car. Something that I find uncomfortable is the headrests on the front seats. They hit my head at an odd position. I also do not like that the speedometer has numbers every 20 miles. I would like it to be 10 or even 5. Over all, thought, I really like my Lincoln mkx.

- L. B

Greatest little SUV on the road.

It could be just a little bigger. I do not have any problems so far. It is a very smooth ride, easy to handle, especially parking. I have always drove a Lincoln and love them. Good SUV for us since we are retired. I love that you can change the color of the interior lights. My husband loves to drive it and he has plenty of legroom. Great sound system and it has the little alarm light on the rearview mirrors that lets you know when you are to pull out in front of a car that is coming up behind you in the passing lane.

- Patricia B

Roomy and exquisitely equipped Lincoln MKX is so versatile it goes from roomy luxury ride to transport from the local home improvement store and everything in between.

I love the ride. It has a nice smooth quality ride. It's well equipped with amenities that I can't think of much else I could ever need. It's most convenient with the auto lift gate when shopping or transporting items from the home improvement stores. I've been able to transport 8' long sections of moulding with room to spare.

- becky b

Great family car for safety, reliability and comfort.

Great car for its class very comfortable and economic. Had a few recalls but were fixed right away other than that very reliable and sturdy. I have had great mpg and is used on a daily basis, had a car hit me head on and the frame didn't move a bit. Only caused small cracks in bumper while other vehicle was all smashed in.

- Yolanda D

Great ride with just the right technology.

The Lincoln mkx is a very comfortable ride. The technology in this vehicle is right at your fingertips making it easy and more safe to do various tasks such as make/accept a phone call, adjusting the climate in the vehicle, and changing from radio to Bluetooth stereo. The back up camera and rear sensors are great to have!

- Sara W

Riding in luxury, comfort and flare!

I have had my vehicle for one and a half years and it has around 60,000 miles. The battery has been replaced twice in the last 2 years for reasons that I don't know and just recently replaced an O2 sensor. I love the features of remote start the most followed by navigation and heated and cooled seats and backup camera.

- Chasity H

The seats are cooled and heated. The front seat has lumbar support.

When I put gear shift in park to cut motor off, the gear shift often does not catch and I have to wiggle it to catch. If it doesn't catch, I cant lock doors. I had a backup camera installed, sometimes when I put it in drive after reversing, the backup camera shows everything behind the car as I am driving.

- Vicki W

Outside of the liftgate problem... I am totally satisfied with the performance,

Ride is superior... Would like better mileage... Had problem with liftgate..They could not fix it... Had to give me a another vehicle. I have 60,000 miles on this vehicle and have had not other issues. Will definitely consider another vehicle of this type when purchasing my next vehicle.

- Sheila P

First time Lincoln driver with more amenities than I could ask for!!

The Lincoln performs with superior handling. The features of remote start and heating steering wheel are my favorites. The optional rubber floor mats are great as well!! I have had no problems with the MKX thus far. This vehicle has proven to be very reliable and is a lot of fun driving!

- Corrie W

Totally love my mkx and would recommend highly!!

Love my mkx. All the add ons you could want, totally reliable and perfect size for everything I do. I intend to keep this vehicle for a very long time! Cannot think of any real problems. Ford plan is wonderful and has covered all repairs to date. Would highly recommend any Ford vehicle.

- Susan D

Moonroof. Best thing ever.

It is super comfortable. Heated and air conditioned seats which is amazing. Seats 5 comfortably. The moon roof is amazing and adds a slight bit of class to an already classy vehicle. Handles very well in snow. The back is very roomy for all my kid, animal and snow gear.

- Jessica W

The air conditioned seats!

The seats are very comfortable and I love the air conditioned seats. Yes cold air come from the seat. I have not heard of any other vehicle that has this option. This is my second mkx since my first one was very reliable. I hate that they are no longer making the mkx.

- Pattie G

Those heated seats are great!

I love my car it handles well and has always been reliable, we also go t o god damn it and it. Looks. Nice and fits our whole family- I love the leather seats and heated or. Cooled seat function, we've had to replace the tires. Once and that is been the biggest issue.

- Vicki H

Good dependable midsize vehicle.

I am very happy with the Lincoln. It is large enough for me to transport my gardening supplies, etc. Has enough backseat legroom for adults to be comfortable. I have not had any mechanical problems - just performed routine maintenance such as oil changes, tires.

- Joanne B

Comfortable in almost every way.

I love everything about this SUV except the driver's seat, the headrest pushes your head forward and the back does not form to my back. Which make me stiff and sore after driving for hours at a time. I wish you could pick out your seat. That is about it.

- Cheryl P

it is safe, well built with strong exterior. held up well in an accident

like blind spot lights and self correcting seat adjustments. dislike nav system - not user friendly. bluetooth pretty good but voice activated part is not very smart - difficult to get correct party. takes several tries

- catherine c

Mix has plenty of room to be comfortable when on short or long trips.

I had navigator before. This car is very adequate in size for 2 of us. It gets great gas mileage, very low maintenance, and really plenty is seating room (back and front seats). No complaints at all.

- Donna J

Great in the snow! I've had no problems getting up a very steep driveway

Green SUV, love it! But not that I can't pop open the sunroof without completely opening the inside cover. Also, I don't like how the vent has to be facing the door in order to deflect air to me!

- Pat C

The car has some amazing features that other cars do not have.

I love the features (navigation, heated seats, etc) that the vehicle possesses. The only thing that I dislike about the car is the size on the inside. I would like it to be a bit more roomier.

- Demica G

It is reliable. I have never had any problems with it.

I love the grill on the front. I like the overall look of the vehicle. I do not like the comfort of the seats and that the speedometer is only marked with number every 20 miles.

- L B

Love this car! Would buy again.

I love this car. It is extremely comfortable and roomy. It comes with so many comfort features that it really is a cozy ride. I can always fit my entire family and dogs.

- Lana B

Smooth ride is real nice!

I love my Lincoln mkx! The ride is smooth with little road noise. I have all kinds of bells and whistles that really add to this vehicle such as heated and cooled seats.

- Brenda F

It wasn't as expensive as you would think compared to other similar vehicles.

It is beautiful. The technology is awesome for its year, although the newer models have more features. It is expensive to maintain but has been very reliable.

- Rebecca A

It's a nice looking vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage.

I like my vehicle because it has a smooth ride. The interior looks good and also the exterior. What I dislike like about it no sunroof and no map navigation.

- Jean M

It drives like a new car, no road noise.

My lincoln has low mileage, so was a very good deal when purchased. It is very roomy and comfortable. It is very reliable. It is a very nice looking car.

- Carole S

Very comfortable, great gas mileage.

The Lincoln is very reliable. It has 76, 000 miles on it still looks as good as new. No problems to speak of just normal wear and tear items.

- Shane C

I think they did a great job of using space efficiently. No waste.

My vehicle has great gas mileage, safety ratings, and is very quiet. I love the look and feel of this vehicle. Plenty of efficient space.

- Krin M

My car takes regular unleaded gas. It is also very comfortable for out of town and local driving.

My Lincoln drives great with leather interior and navigation package. It's great on gas and has very smooth, comforting and sport drive.

- Darryl R

Has not given me any mechanical issues.

Has enough room for transporting all my garden needs. Handles well for an SUV. Good size (not too large) for a female to drive.

- Joanne B

It is a pretty smart car with a lot of modern gadgets.

There is too many people in my town that has one just like mine and I like to be different. It is too expensive to fix too.

- Becky M

It has 4 wheel drive and can go anywhere.

I like that it has a rearview camera, air conditioned seats, and Bluetooth. I like being able to play music from my phone.

- Katie M

Only use ethanol free fuel.

The heated and air conditioned seats are amazing. Haven't had any issues with it other than the moon roof opening slowly.

- Jessica S

It is all wheel drive. It has many options. I love the touch screen.

I like all the options it has especially the cooled seats. The gas mileage is something I do not like. I get 16 mpg.

- Steve W

I appreciate the safety options in the vehicle and the visibility.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the technology. I like the comfort. There is nothing i do not like.

- Nancy R

I sit high in the driver's seat And get a good view of the road.

I feel safe at all times. The mileage is better than I thought it would. There's nothing that I dislike.

- John P

It's comfortable and has good fit and finish while being reasonable.

Great car, does what's needed . Just wish it had a larger fuel tank and some of the newer features.

- Jay Z

Quality built, I feel special driving it. Nice and roomy inside

I love the look of my MKX. Very prestige looking. the drive is nice and smooth and comfortable.

- Sue C

Has more option then a Cadillac.

The auto is full of luxury options. The auto is good on gas. The auto has good horsepower.

- Frank G

Reliable, comfortable, convenient,

Love the drive and feel of my vehicle, very comfortable on long trips

- Leticia G

It rides like a dream smooth and elegant.

I love the smooth ride. technology savvy.very elegant. lots of room

- josie o

Comfort is key to me, I love the seats and the ride.

I love the ride. I love the size. I love the comfort levels

- Joyce V

It is a very comfortable ride and the sound system is great.

I love the way it handles and looks. No complaints!

- Lori B