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The blessing god has given me.

I love it because it is large and spacious. I'm not crowded. I have all the room I need buy groceries and taking my grandchildren with me. My vehicle has a capacity to seat up to 7 people comfortably. It has a gate lift and a back window lift that you can push a button and there it goes. 0n the third, there are buttons in the back to push and the seats lay down to give extra room. There is ac controls in all three areas of SUV. Everything is. Digital and computer on the dash screen. There is nothing bad to say about it. All I can say is I have payments and have to spend a lot on gas. Thank god for my Lincoln navigator!

- Karen P

I love the comfort and space.

Performance and reliability have been great. The airbags are and have been a problem. We replaced them with conventional shocks. I love all the electric features, but they also can be an inconvenience when they are not working properly. It is a very comfortable ride. The spacious interior and tailgate offered us the ability to carry the medical supplies for my mom when we had to travel with her. Now that she is gone, it is a great vehicle to carry my photography equipment to and from job sites.

- Cathy F

The Lincoln Navigator For a large SUV it drives like a car and & easy to park

My Lincoln Navigator is a comfortable ride, with leather seats and seat warmer and cooler. It's roomy enough to seat 8 people and leaves room for a cargo area (the back seats do fold down) It's like driving a car rather than a large SUV and super easy to park due to the turning radius. The console in the front is large with two cup holders but I wish there were cup holders in the doors. The back vents, roof and back door open with a push of a button.

- Jessica C

I love the heating seats, navigation used for traveling, sun roof.

I love it! All the features still continue to work well, after all those years just keeping up with the oil, getting tune up and using supreme gas will keep it in great condition. It rides smooth, and I love that I feel protected in it. The newer models have the step that opens out when you open any door which is great. I also used the hitch to move a trailer and being a female it was easy to drive. Would recommend this luxury SUV.

- Vanessa S

Everything we need with a bit extra

We love this vehicle. Even though it is a 2004, it still feels new with everything being automatic and the leather seats. It runs very well and we hardly have any issues with it. The only thing I would say is that there is not much trunk space when you use the 3rd row- but if you are going to use the 3rd row only occasionally (for visitors etc.) like we do, this car is absolutely worth it!

- Amanda W

The leather interior is still intact no peeling or breaking. It still has its original paint job ...the paint quality has weathered the test of time.

My car is amazing condition it still drives wonderfully. I have not had any major repairs done just basic maintenance and services. I have not had any major repairs done just basic maintenance and services. But of course it is a big truck and an older one, so gas mileage is becoming a problem . Lincoln is a very make!

- Lynne K

I like that it has ac seats and it's a 2004.

air suspension goes out after vehicle gets a certain age. Very low gas mileage. Very comfortable ride and features will suffice. Premium gas is required or performance will be minimal. The cabin could have a little more room for adult passengers. The seats are small and seem to not be made for adults.

- omar P

Older vehicles are awesome.

I bought my Lincoln navigator used 1 1/2 years ago, it has been very reliable with less than perfect maintenance. My only complaint is buying tires and I would never get another car with air suspension. Over all I think for a car her age with 180,000 miles, she is awesome.

- Maria M

This vehicle is a Gas guzzler

Reliability is fine just wastes so much gas. Parts are not expensive. Fits 7 people. The interior is nice. The only thing I had to really change was to switch the air bags to actual suspensions. Besides that I've had no problems with this vehicle.

- Edgar D

It runs like a new truck at almost 400,000 miles..

Our navigator has an outstanding drivetrain. It is quickly approaching 400,000 miles and runs excellent. The power step sides have had some issues and the sunroof doesn't always work now, but overall, I have been very pleased with this truck.

- James M

It has 4x4, unfortunately electronic.

I'd like the rear to be just a bit longer to accommodate a bed for easier camping trips. The sunroof has also quit working, and as an auto technician, I wish they would chill out on the unreliable electronics jammed into every component.

- James M

Very spacious with 4 heated captain seats

Love my Lincoln navigator, even the standard comes with all the bells and whistles, moonroof, air ride suspension, heated leather seats, heated side mirrors, very spacious inside, with 4 captain bucket seats.

- Dorothy L

It's an older model that is a little bulky.

I love the color of the car, which is black. I love the leather seats. I don't live the way it rides anymore, pretty stiff. I don't love the folding seats to get to the back. They are pretty difficult.

- Autumn A

It is a great spacious vehicle.

I like that it is very spacious and has a lot of seats. It comes with luxury. I dislike the amount of gas it goes through on a weekly basis. Also the parts to this vehicle are very expensive.

- Stephanie G

Its comfortable and reliable.

Its comfortable to drive. I like that the car is big enough to fit my family but not to big and bulky to drive. The only thing I would change is update GPS.

- Krystal D

It's not as expensive a car as people think when it's bought used

It is too big of a vehicle for me. I'm short so it's hard to get in and out of. It's not a luxury one so it's not very comfortable . It has bad gas mileage

- Debby Z

Amazing Lincoln car satisfies.

The performance of my vehicle overall pretty great, it has some small issues but for a car that has been on the planet for 14 years it is pretty great.

- Stephanie R

My car is an okay car with issues

Trustworthy dependable car. The charging system does have problems as well as the air suspension. We have replaced it multiple times

- Christy H

Very nice very comfortable.

Its is luxury SUV with 7 seats. With TVs in the headrest very nice and tan color. I really enjoy do the so much room.

- Mary Ann C