2000 Mazda 626 Owner Reviews & Problems


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Mazda is reliable you can count on this vehicle.

I bought my Mazda new in 1999 and although we have two other cars in household that are newer I prefer the Mazda due to it is reliability. Very little mechanical problems with the vehicle until recently it is really old and finally had to change out the radiator and some hoses and change the gaskets on the manifold.

- Lauren M

Served us well, but needs to be replaced.

We've had this car for some time, so it is starting to break down little by little. Sometimes the battery terminals corrode and have to be cleaned. It can stop suddenly, but it does not do that very often. The fabric is detaching itself throughout the car. It served us well, but needs to be replaced.

- Maria A

My car is very reliable. I have travel 4 states in the vehicle with no problems.

I really have not had many problems with me vehicle. The normal wear a car this age. The most I have major was new battery and spark plugs. I would purchase a Mazda vehicle in the future.

- Tara P

nothing it's a good running car i would be lost without it it's an older car but no problems

I love my car i haven't had many problems with it, it runs good passes inspection every year; the body hardly has rust other then that i love my car

- Debbie D

Reliable, Decent Mileage, Comfortable

I've driven the car for over 100k miles and have not had any major issues. It is a reliable car, gets decent gas mileage, and is comfortable.

- Patrick L

Its easy going on gas I thought it would be expensive but its not and it smell.

In need of oil change tune up has two new batteries have had car for 3 years moving in a bigger house if have to keep the puppies I will.

- Robyn Y

It is lasted a long time and still runs good.

This is a well engineered car that gets excellent mileage and requires very little maintenance. It has taken me many trouble free miles.

- Jim S

My car is an 18 year old car so it shouldn't be expected to ride like an newer model

I don't have any real complaints about my car. My car is slower than newer cars but it rides smoothly on the highway and street

- Rashad H

Repairs on it have never been very expensive or major.

Its never let me down as long as I have had it. Rides like a new car. Love the features it has in it. I would buy another one.

- Tina T

Very reliable. Does not require a lot of repairs.

All my vehicles do not need repairs often. Easy to maintain. Good gas mileage. Very reliable. Never break down.

- Christian H

It's a great car to get me to and from where I need to go

Having issues with the idle control and it cutting off while driving. But, it's great on gas mileage.

- Jenny P

It's older but dependable.

It's easy to drive. Uses oil. Some parts are hard to find. It was ahead of Its time.

- Al L

This is my work car and it's easy on gas and it is a manual transmission

Great gas mileage! Good radio! Cheap on insurance.

- Tommy B