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My Mazda 6 - sporty but hard to drive!

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the car itself, but my particular vehicle has been having issues with the tire pressure sensor going off when there are no issues going on. This has been happening since I bought my car (I bought it used from the dealership). Also, I don't like how far forward you sit in this car - I used to have a Camry and you'd sit relatively far back. Since the Mazda 6 is considered a sportier car, the pedals are very far forward and I need to sit up, which makes it harder for me to see my mirrors for safety. Also the door sills are quite high, hindering my peripheral sight a bit. Even when I raise the chair, it's still harder to see.

- Theresa H

Reliable, comfortable, sleek Mazda 6.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

No major problems. Very reliable vehicle and comfortable. Features include touch screen for GPS/music, Bluetooth connection for calls and Audio, ac, front-wheel drive, keyless entry/ignition, air conditioning, cruise control, and more. I initially leased this car but enjoyed it so much that I ended up buying it out. I have never had an issue with the vehicle besides having to replace the batter in the key fob and I do not love driving in the snow without 4 wheel drive. With that being said, I work in a hospital where there are no snow days and my Mazda has reliably gotten me to work and home safely every time.

- Jenna G

Nice safety features and simplicity.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

Like my Mazda 6 for many reasons. It's reliable and comfortable, and I feel safe in it. The feature that alerts me to blindspot traffic is great, and I also love the rearview camera when in reverse gear (backing out of my driveway was difficult without it). Good power too; when merging onto highways or taking on hills, I have the power I need. I like that the interior design is streamlined, nothing fancy. My only complaint is that my dog frequently steps on the control on the center console, resulting in radio offs/ons/station changes! Wish I could eliminate that knob.

- Janet N

Great gas mileage and great looks and great safety ratings.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Although I can't say it's perfect, the styling, especially on the front end of the car, is more to my liking than the vast majority of the cars on the road. The interior is very nice, too, with the three instrument gauges. The gas mileage is really good for a car that is not a hybrid or a tiny 4-cylinder. About the only complaint is the headrests, which are not comfortable to actually rest your head on. If they could make the Mazda6 in a 2 door coupe, to get the shape of the back a little better proportioned, it would be even better, I think.

- Corey F

It doesn't have an option for a larger engine, only comes in a 4 cylinder

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love the styling of the vehicle, particularly the exterior styling, and I like the gas mileage. I don't like that it only comes in a 4 cylinder engine, I prefer at least a V6, as it sounds a little wimpy most times though it is fun to drive. I also hate the built-in navigation system, it is not user friendly...I never use it and always use my GPS apps on my phone and hook it up via Bluetooth. I do like the various tech features like the back up camera, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning system, etc.

- Shavonna n

The heated seats are definitely a plus the car drives so smoothly

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Sport

My car is very affordable with the high gas prices it runs very smooth has almost every feature that was available to me I love the heated seats in the winter time the only problem I have had was a small electrical problem with the windows there are two separate motors one for driver and one for other three the other three started malfunctioning then the driver it cost four hundred dollars to track the bad wires other than that I am very satisfied

- Robin D

2015 Mazda 6 owners review.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

The 2015 mazda mazda6 was ranked #9 in 2015 affordable midsize cars by u.S. News & world report. . I own an upgraded i touring model, with only one (driver side) electric seat, and aftermarket heated seats; it is a fairly smooth drive for a nice looking sedan; the acceleration pickup is not horrible with a 2.5 liter, 4-cylinder engine and a 184-horsepower; the vehicle is a front-wheel drive. Has gotten excellent reviews for mid-market sedan.

- David J

Driver's seat is extremely comfortable.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Mazda's are very reliable cars. I have owned three Mazda's and wouldn't purchase any other make of car. The first Mazda was a turbo charged five speed and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The next two were automatics and they have been a pleasure to drive. The driver's seat is extremely comfortable and fits my body perfectly. The headrest in other makes of cars is usually not comfortable for me but Mazda's are positioned perfectly.

- Donna E

Living up to the expectations!

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Grand Touring

The car is great. It is been really reliable, handles awesomely, just not in the snow. Has a great look, feel, and luxury interior. I just wish it had more power, and came with apple CarPlay. My Mazda 6 is a manual and the clutch is the best I have had in a manual car. Very pleased with it overall. Well worth the money I spent on it, and it is very easy to customize with aftermarket parts.

- Herb M

I just said everything I wanted to say in the last request.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Mid size sedan that is very comfortable. Very reliable with great mileage and minimal issues. Does not take damage well and is prone to electrical issues. Sensors have begun failing after 3 years of ownership, however price is right for the quality of the car. Plenty of safety features, recommend getting something other than factory tires. Windshield cracked shortly after purchase.

- Molly L

A unique family car that will make everyone happy.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Our 2015 silver Mazda 6 was the best choice we could have made in purchasing a nice, used car. Even though it does have 4 doors, it does not look like a typical family car. The car does have numerous features including a sunroof, automatic transmission, cruise control, and control buttons on the steering wheel. I highly recommend this make of car for anyone looking for a vehicle.

- Mary L

The gas mileage is the best, I only have to fill up every two weeks

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

I love my Mazda 6, I've had it for a little 4 years, it's great on gas mileage gets me to and from work and where I need to bring my children. It's low maintenance with having to update something on your vehicle. Only downside is if you get a flat tire your tires have to be special ordered and most likely cannot be fixed the day off, May take up to 1/2 weeks for them to arrive.

- Fallon K

Mazda 6 a fun & sporty easy to drive!

2015 Mazda Mazda6

This is my husband's car, it's a sporty car that accelerates fast and can turn corners and pass people easily! I love the backup camera and the easy to clean seats. It's adjustable for each driver for either close up or far away and up and down so you can see better. I also love the dual climate control and lots of air bags and it's such a gorgeous fun to drive car!!

- Courtney S

Spacious trunk and awesome wheels!

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love how the touring model handles and the 19” wheels really make it look sharp. It has a smooth comfortable ride and decent pick up when merging into the highway. The adaptive cruise control is an awesome feature and the keyless entry/push button start is very functional. The trunk is also very spacious, large enough to hold 4 standard size golf bags!

- Michael I

No regrets this car meets and exceeds more than I would have imagine.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Grand Touring

Performance on this vehicle is amazing. The best part about it is the gas mileage! Maintenance on vehicle is good. The comfort with the awesome car features it comes with are a plus. If you are comparing to any other car, just know that Mazda is really a high quality car that exceeds your needs and for just the right price range I would say!

- Will R

Very nice car at a good price

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Sport

Very comfortable ride. Has enough power and is fun to drive. I have 80,000 miles and only thing that was replaced was blower motor. Car looks very sharpe and always get compliments about exterior and interior looks. Only problem is the seats could be more comfortable for longer rides. I take a lot of trips over 4 hours and back can get stiff

- Brett T

Spacious and comfortable car.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Grand Touring

The interior is very spacious and comfortable. The ac is very good, the interior get cool really quickly in a hot summer day. Nothing fancy or luxurious but this car is very practical and economical. There is a lot of trunk space, which is great for traveling. It can fit two big luggage and a few small luggages all at the same time.

- Yi L

A great reliable car you can trust.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

My vehicle has not had any major problems as of yet. It is a large sedan with plenty of room in the second row as well as the trunk. It has up to date features including a back up camera and satellite radio and GPS capacities. It also has Bluetooth so you can take calls from the road and play music from Pandora and spotify apps.

- Jennifer D

Mazda 6 is an amazing vehicle to own.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Sport

The only issue is with the breaks. When I press on the brakes the vehicle and steering wheel shake. Other than that, the vehicle performs well. It drives very smooth, it is amazing on gas, and it has a very sporty look. The trunk space is great and there is enough room in the back seats to hold larger sized individuals.

- Kevin M

Sleek exterior and interior with reliability and affordability.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love the comfort of my Mazda, as well as its sporty exterior. The reliability of the Mazda is also a big reason why I love this vehicle so much, barely have to go into the shop for repairs and barely any issues arise. The miles per gallon also helps since I live in California where gas prices are rising like crazy.

- Spencer B

Great for any lifestyle: single, married or married with kids

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Sport

Very reliable. Have yet to have any issues with it. Very comfortable smooth ride. Has a luxury feel to it, but doesn't break the bank. Love the hands free options and everything at your fingertips on the steering wheel. Fits great for my lifestyle and very spacious backseat especially having 2 kids under the age of 4

- Justin C

Mazda 6, great value and quality

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

Very comfortable overall, but it does ride like a Mazda so slightly stiff. The front seats can lay all the way flat, plenty of room for four adults. Recall on the emergency brake but they fixed it very quickly. Good sound system, decent amount of power for a four cylinder. Very satisfied overall with this car.

- Cody L

The good and bad of a 2015 Mazda 6. What I like and don't about the vehicle.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

The screen is small in the inside. It takes a while for it to connect to my phone. The car drives well. I've only had it for less than a month, no major issues. It has a lot of room and a lot of truck space. So far I think that it is a reliable car. I like my sunroof, just wish it was a tad bit bigger.

- Sara J

Dad car that everyone loves to drive!

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

Excellent car for long trips. Comfortable seats with plenty of legroom. Backup camera is great to use in crowded parking lots. Roomy back seat and trunk. Good gas mileage. Almost at 100,000 miles no major repairs. Regular maintenance such as oil change and new tires. This is primary vehicle and love it.

- sally M

It is a push start car and that it has voice command so you can be handsfree

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Push start button for ignition and to get into vehicle. You just have to have your keys on you, i can keep them in my purse without having to worry if I have them or not. Bluetooth set up so I can listen to pandora or mp3. touch screen radio makes it easier to navigate or you can use the voice command.

- Samantha P

I love the high style that my car does have on the outside!

2015 Mazda Mazda6

This car is great looking on the outside and also on the inside. This car has a lot of style both outside and inside. It is both sporty and stylish at the same time. An overall great looking car. It is very safe to drive and gets great gas mileage. The car also has great reliability and performance.

- Dan L

Nice reliable sweet ride!

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

The tires are one of the worst qualities. The rims are 19 in and you always have to order them because most places never keep them in stock, except the dealerships. They are also very expensive. The TPMS light always comes on. My transmission went bad before 50k but it was covered under warranty.

- Alexander N

2015 Mazda6 - Tires are expensive

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I have really enjoyed my 2015 Mazda6. So far the features, comfort level, performance, etc have all been satisfactory. However, I will say the low profile racing tires used on this vehicle are difficult to maintain. I already have issues with two and they are expensive to replace every time.

- Amanda A

Mazda6 - great car for the money.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Great gas mileage, reliable, no major issues. I have 96 thousand miles so far and car drives great. Nice, sporty looking car. The only issues I have is lack of back support on drivers seat. The back up camera has a small window width as well, and does not beep to warn you of any movement.

- Cheryl K

Mazda 2016 ISport - Great Car, Awesome Features.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Sport

It's a great car, wish it was a little faster since it is a sport but overall great car and great gas mileage. The interior is great and super comfy. The car rides great and is super roomy. The car has a touch screen radio and has Bluetooth which is great. Also has a very roomy trunk.

- Hayley R

My 2015 Mazda 6 is a gorgeous color.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I have a 2015, royal bluish Mazda 6. It's not a car for tall people. I am pretty short and it looks small to me from the inside. It drives well so far and I love that mine has black suede seats. The stereo does not have the modern screen but you can adjust the seating electronically.

- Jessica Y

Absolutely love our vehicle!

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Grand Touring

We absolutely love the sporty look of the vehicle. It has great performance. The only problem I ran across is the tire sizes are a special tire because it's a grand touring. Other than that we love everything about the car. It drives great, is spacious and is very comfortable.


Gray Mazda 6 sport with a sleek appearance.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the Mazda6 for its sleek appearance in terms of both interior and exterior. It also drives really smoothly and the technology is all very updated. I enjoy the touch screen that allows me to control music and radio stations rather than a traditional one with physical buttons.

- Kali N

It gets great gas mileage and has a lot of room in the trunk.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

There is very little that I dislike really. It has a small blind spot, but is much better than our previous vehicle and it has a blind spot warning light. I like the backup camera and dash console and the two driver seat position memory as my wife and I are two different sizes.

- Tom L

Excellence in drive, durability and reliability.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Sport

Runs smooth quiet. Rear camera and side sensors for object alert. Acceleration is good. Bluetooth connection and built in navigation. Sunroof and tint. Low tire pressure sensors and maintenance sensors. Automatic windows. Automatics daylight sensors and rain sensor for wipers.

- Olivia T

Great gas mileage and great features

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Sport

Everything about the car is amazing. The car is very reliable. The car get great mileage. The car is very comfort and the car has great features. The car gets over 30 miles per gallon. Everything about the car is amazing. The car is very reliable. The car gets great mileage.

- Courtney B

The car is nice and family friendly. The car fits decent amount of people.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 Base

I like how big it is. But I feel like it could be bigger. And I feel like there should be USB chargers in the back seats. I love how it is not touch screen when the car is in movement. I feels like the cars should have seat warmers. I feel like the car should have a sunroof.

- Eileen F

Great gas mileage but susceptible of wear and tear.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

The gas mileage and interior accessories have been great. This is mainly why I bought the car. My only complaint is regarding the maintenance. After around 40, 000 miles, I had to replace the brakes and rotors on all 4 wheels. This seemed early and was an unexpected cost.

- Larry H

Amazing car. We love how smooth it handles

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

Great car absolutely love it. The seats are really comfy and the car drives very smooth. The trunk is huge. We have a manual and we're so happy that they offered a manual in this car since that is our preferred method. The next car we get will definitely be a Mazda too

- Krystal D

Gas saver, spacious car and very nice details, touch screen

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

It's very spacious and a smooth car to drive, I haven't had any problems with the car since I got the car which was 2 years ago, it is a fine car and a gas saver as well, the car is a 4 cylinder which helps a lot when making road trips and saves tons of money as well.

- Emma C

Good stereo system. Front wheel drive.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Grand Touring

It is pretty reliable overall. It runs perfectly and has good gas mileage. I do want a bigger SUV at the moment so that I feel safer driving around in the cold weather in a more heavy duty car. Mazda's have always been very reliable and work great for a small family.

- Abigail K

Great car. Barhen for your buck.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

I love this car. Great on gas and drives smooth. I drive it everywhere. It could have a little more trunk space and more air vents in the back seat. I highly recommend this car. I have really no complaints about it. Great car all around. Great priced for its value.

- Jennifer A

The Mazda 6 is a great small family car

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Sport

I love this car and don't have any problems with it other than the silver paint on the tires/rims chipping off. Very comfortable and roomy. Mine has a sunroof, heated seats, blind spot monitoring. I just wish it had a heated steering wheel option and remote start.

- Maria B

The look of the vehicle is nice, it also handles well, but its needs more POWER

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Mechanically its great, underpowered, bring back the MazdaSpeed6! Very comfortable, just needs more power. I have the Touring edition i think? Screen, Leather, Standard, 19'' wheels. Gets great gas mileage, sound system is good, overall great, only lacks in power

- jack c

2015 Mazda 6 is an amazing car for a family of 4! Drives great and is spacious.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

I love my car only thing I hate it I can't fit 3 car seats. My Mazda 6 is very reliable and drives smooth. The kids can sit in the back and stay cool thanks to the extra cooling system in the back. The trunk also fits our 3 seat stroller plus groceries and more!

- Jamie V

Ruby Red Mazda 6 Drives Smoothly

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

Drives very smoothly, very spacious, and reliable. Looks very sporty, but has also been a great mom car! Love the back-up camera. There are some issues with the stereo features and the transmission can shift a little rough at times. The car was purchased used.

- Fallon H

Manual transmission makes it hard for many people to drive my car.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

It's a great car for getting where I need to go. I like the styling and it's comfortable. It would be nice if more technological options were available, but the manual transmission models didn't have the enhanced entertainment package when I bought it.

- Bill C

Great gas mileage on the highways.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

I absolutely love my Mazda. It serves as my family car but also has enough sporty needs to not feel like a Mom car. My stereo provides hands free with Bluetooth phone. Also is very roomy and fits 5 comfortably. Dual temperature controls is also a bonus.

- Jennifer R

The vehicle feels safe and drives smoothly.

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Touring

this car is pretty reliable the only thing is the maintenance of the vehicle can get pretty expensive. The car is somewhat decent on gas but it is a mid sized sedan so I would be aware of that. The car feels pretty safe, and has quality safety features.

- Beatrice B

I love my Mazda 6 touring.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I really do not have any problems with my car right now. I bought it brand new with additional warranty package. The car drives really nice. It is very dependable which was surprising since it is a Mazda. I highly recommend anyone to purchase a Mazda 6.

- Mike K

Manual transmission is awesome and fun to drive

2015 Mazda Mazda6 i Sport

The 2015 Mazda 6 is super fun to drive, especially if you can find one with manual transmission. It is also very good on gas mileage. The factory head unit was really lame and it didn't have Bluetooth. The 17 inch wheels on the base model are awesome.

- Brandon M

The Mazda 6. A Pleasure to Drive.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

No problems. I've owned the vehicle for about 3 years. The external design is eye-catching. It's comfortable, a pleasure to drive--especially on long drives--its performance is fine in the city and on the interstate, and it uses gasoline reasonably.

- Michael P

It's such a smoooooth ride!

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love the color of my car! In the evening it always seems like a different color altogether. It has great miles per gallon. Something I dislike is the lack of technological capabilities of the car in general. But overall I love my car.

- Shannon K

Although the new design looks sporty this car does not have the torque and horsepower of a sports car. The acceleration from 0-60 still takes quite a bit of time.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

It is a good sized sedan with decent power and acceleration. The engine is a tad bit loud and the horsepower is not quite like a sports car. With sports mode on acceleration is decent. Turning is smooth and the interior design is nice.

- brian l

It drives very well and is very reliable. Mazda makes excellent quality vehicles.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love my car because of the extra features it has which I am not accustomed to. Such as the reverse camera. My old car was ten years older and a bottom line model, so having something much newer with more features is nice

- Crystal F

It runs consistently with no issues.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Like the fact it has been consistently reliable. No major issues or problems. Only issue I have is the warning when the tire is low on air pressure. Makes a loud sound that's frightening if not used to it.

- Adam F

It's a unique looking car that drives well and has been enjoyable to drive for the past three years.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the way it looks on the inside and the outside. I like the way the car drives. The gas mileage is very good.The leather could be a little bit nicer. I wish the seat heaters would get hotter.

- Samantha G

Most bang for the buck for a daily driver car and good on gas.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Love the body style, very comfortable to drive ( I'm 6', 250 lbs), great on gas mileage. I compared against like models from other manufacturers, the price was very competitive.

- Anthony M

My Mazda is a stylish, economical vehicle!!

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Very spacious. Large trunk. Seats are comfortable. Great gas mileage. No problems at all. Easy to keep clean. Has great get up and go. Air works perfectly. Interior is stylish.

- Susan M

The one thing that others should know about my car is that it fits me and my style.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the look of it. It is sleek and appealing. The interior is leather and it has a backup camera. It would be nice if it had a sunroof or seat warmers but it does not.

- Andy H

The comfort and size of it.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like many things about my vehicle. It has a safety system that warns when someone is in your blind spot. Also it has a huge trunk. And also a very good sound system.

- Jessica B

The gas mileage is insane.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love the mileage. I also love the way it looks and the way it drives. I encourage anyone looking to buy a mid level sedan to give this a serious look. No complaints.

- Kenneth R

It's a reliable yet fun vehicle. And it comes with an affordable price tag

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the mpg, engine size and horsepower. I also enjoy the exterior design as well as the interior features. I dislike the price tag although it isn't terrible.

- Bob M

It's a great car - if you take care of it. The tires are low-profile, so avoid potholes. Otherwise, it's awesome.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love the way it looks. It also saved my life in a t-bone accident, so I feel a special connection. Only thing I dislike is how hard it is to get in and out of.

- James M

It's a great car for the money and economical to use.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love my vehicle because it is comfortable to drive in, looks stylish and economical on gas. I love the backup feature and th GPS. I really have no complaints.

- Anna S

I think the way the vehicle drives and handles is the best quality.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the overall exterior appearance. Has all the equipment I need (nav, heated seats). Gets good gas mileage and rides great. I do wish it had a sunroof.

- Chad M

It is extremely reliable. You can't go wrong buying a mazda.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love this car. It is the greatest little gas sipper. It is great on mileage. Fun to drive and has plenty of room for a family of three and a dog.

- Karen W

Great performance at a very reasonable price and cost of maintenance

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love the car, it's very reliable, very safe and great performance. I bought it at a reasonable price and don't think it will have many problems

- Rob v

The air conditioner works great.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Overall i love my car. It could be a little more comfortable on long trips. Also, the radio/clock display keeps resetting which is annoying.

- Karla C

I love the inside of he car. The black on black is really good looking.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I wouldn't say there is any problems that I have run into so far. Take care of your car and the normal wear and tear and it should last you.

- Stacie B

Drives smooth and is very durable.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

The car is very comfortable and spacious. While also having a good sound system and good gas economy. Could look a lot better on exterior.

- Dustin H

If you want a car that can accelerate quickly and responds fast, you'll like it.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the fact that my car has nice pickup when accelerating, and the gas mileage is not bad either. It is also not to big or too small.

- Elizabeth B

Sporty family vehicle for the business professional.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Extremely reliable. Great gas mileage, not high performance but solid for a commuter. Fits 4 comfortably and has a large trunk.

- Chris K

It's reliable and is noticeable. People comment on the looks quite often.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I really like the size. I like the technology. I like the sound system that's in it (Bose). Lastly, I like the handling.

- Jon B

It is a very safe and reliable.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

It could be slightly more powerful from 0-60 but it drives very nice. The steering on the touring model is excellent.

- Michael J

I got t-boned and I walked away with no injuries while the car was totaled.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

The airbags and safety measures are incredible. It gets great miles per gallons. It is got a decent amount of room.

- Mai-sam B

My other car is an 8 cylinder and pickup on the car is not as good.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the CD player, interior and exterior, the color of the car. There is nothing that I dislike about the car.

- Laurie S

This car is great on gas mileage.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the styling. I also like how good it is on gas mileage. The price I paid was better than comparable cars.

- Tony M

Mazda 6 2015 four door automobile.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

The car gets great gas mileage and looks sporty as well. Very fun to drive and low maintenance costs as well.

- James L

It is a good car for both city and highway travel; handles well.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Like pick up speed, no breakdowns, very reliable vehicle. Dislike headrest uncomfortable, difficult to clean.

- Jackie K

Mazda. Overpriced junk. Keep away

2015 Mazda Mazda6

This car quality is terrible. And so aren't the replacement parts. Over priced and junk. Worst purchase ever

- Tammy H

Defensive system is rigid

2015 Mazda Mazda6

It is comfortable, it has an aerodynamic design, it provides a lot of confor, it does not consume much fuel.

- Will C

Mazda is a dependable brand

2015 Mazda Mazda6

It has a "peppy" engine. I think it has electrical issues. I feel like it could have more storage space.

- Elaine S

It is a very dependable car for the money I spent. Would buy another one.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Very dependable. Good gas mileage. Nice looking. No problems. Very fun to drive and a lot of power.

- Hayes J

Others should know that my car is very dependable and very seldom needs service.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the style of my vehicle. I like the gas mileage it gets. I dislike the fact colors are limited.

- Terry P

Mazda 6, 6-speed v6 manual

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Grayish-Silver, manual, love to drive, 6-speed, millennial-anti theft system (it's a manual), seats 5

- Jon D

the mazda is the best car

2015 Mazda Mazda6

great car is awesome wonderful is magnific 100% recommended for all is large and comfortable thanks

- mike S

It gets great gas mileage, is reliable, and it has a nice design.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

It gets good gas mileage. I was able to get the color I like. The backseat could be roomier though.

- Elise C

It's a sharp looking car.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I love the color: pearl white. I don't like the position of the sunroof; it blows my hair around.

- Michelle E

There are lots of features that do not require the use of hands which makes for a very safe ride

2015 Mazda Mazda6

The car has great technology (GPS, auto drive, lane changing, etc.) and is very easy to drive

- karen y

It's fun to drive, good looks, modern.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I had no problems in 3 years.Visibility from right is a little obstructed. Good fuel economy.

- Richard S

It's simple, not a lot of the whole smart tech but it does have bluetooth

2015 Mazda Mazda6

It's very reliable, we haven't had it break down on us once in the few years we've had it.

- raven F

I love my car. I bought it brand new in 2014. It gets great gas mileage and has wonderful options.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it gets great gas mileage

- Amber T

Gas mileage. How quiet the interior compartment is

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Great car, Great Value, car has all the luxury at and affordable price. Good gas mileage

- Jim c

i think mazda is a really good brand. only brand i've bought

2015 Mazda Mazda6

i like it. i like the bluetooth and the overall aesthetic. wish it had keyless entry

- Tabitha W

I love my vehicle! My vehicle is my baby and I treated respectfully with tender loving care just like I TREAT ALL OF MY ANIMALS that I have had and currently do have! I make sure all the fluids are at the correct levels and make sure the baby gets a tune up

2015 Mazda Mazda6

it is not a bmw or an audi but its a simple plain mazda 6! it gets great gas mileage

- tiffany p

It has been reliable. I have had no problems yet.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

It is comfortable. It gets decent gas mileage. It is responsive and fun to drive.

- Marilynn S

It's functionality, it is a nice looking car, and has a great sound system.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I like the bluetooth and stereo system. It handles well. It's a nice riding car.

- Judy S


2015 Mazda Mazda6



That it's a deep pleasure to drive on long road trips.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

Great performance and comfort, decent mileage, low breakdown rate.

- Michael H

Vehicle is reliable and dependable. Nice design and economical.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

No Complaints. Vehicle is reliable. Economical. Nice design.

- Paul S

Mazda 6 is a four doors vehicle. It seats 5 people. Blind spots monitoring. It has power windows, great gas mileage, very dependable and reliable.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

It's bigger than it looks. It is very good on gas mileage!

- Maria G

It runs very good and does good on fuel.

2015 Mazda Mazda6

The trunk could be bigger. No complaints otherwise.

- Linda A

It's very safe and reliable

2015 Mazda Mazda6

I now have 3 dogs so it's a little small.

- Courtney A