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Mazda 6: the sporty car that is suitable for college or family life.

The vehicle has a sleek, sporty look that was wonderful for high school and college to follow. The v6 engine gave an appropriate amount of speed and power while still maintaining a decent gas mileage. The exterior wheels and rims are also modern and sporty that really set the car off. The interior is even better than the exterior. The interior I have is leather, beige and black both. The electronics including the stereo system are above par. I have not had any issues with the car which now has almost 50,000 miles on it. The front bucket seats are spacious and allow for plenty of room to extend legs or lean the seat backwards to recline. The back seats of the vehicle also provide adequate room. The leather seat comfort level is par I would say. When traveling on extended trips the seats grow less comfortable. The car has options for Bluetooth, and USB plug ins in addition to cigarette lighter. Various adoptions to plug up electronics and to allow music to be played from the phone. The blind spot notification signals are helpful when switching lanes, to let you know if there is a vehicle in the blind spot to prevent wrecks. The automatic car has a slap shot to convert to manual ability the change gears if there is a desire for that. It has been a wonderful family car for us as we now have two kids under the age of two. With two convertible car seats in the back, there is still room for a smaller frame child/adult to sit in the middle and buckle as well. Overall we have been pleased with our Mazda car. We would suggest it to others, and have not had any major problems out of it in the couple of years we have owned it.

- Taylor W

2016 Mazda 6! The greatest graduation gift ever.

I love the colors the car comes in. The interior of the car is very spacious & comfortable. It doesn't take long for the car to heat up in the winter and cool off in the summer. There are 4 cup holders in the front of the car and 4 in the back. The sport mode in the car is great to use when merging onto the interstate. The keyless start is very convenient & the batteries in the key are easy to change. Oil changes are a reasonable price and take no time for someone to do for you. My favorite feature in the car is the backup camera. It's very clear and you can see the bumper on your car so you know just how close you are to something.

- Courtney M

Best value (in my opinion) of any sedan on the market.

I love my car because it is the best bang for my buck. It was inexpensive and gave me more features than comparable vehicles from other manufacturers. It is economical, getting 28 mpg combined, usually 31-34 highway. It is quick. It is unique and stylish. Overall I am very happy with it. My only complaint is with the sound system. My car is only 2 years old and already 2 different rattles can be heard when the bass is turned up. Not a huge issue, and probably a simple fix, but it is annoying. Other than that though, it is been a wonderful car!

- Victor P

My car can be pretty fast and also gets amazing gas mileage at the same time. This is achieved through the skyactiv engine Mazda has created.

I love my car. I purchased the grand touring package which includes all the bells and whistles. It's easy to use the built-in NAV as well makes the infotainment system work seamlessly with the knob in the center console. I never have to touch the touchscreen. I love having heated seats and auto dimming mirrors. This car has changed my way of viewing the driving experience for the better. The only thing I dislike about the car is how harsh the ride can be, but that's what you pay for when you get the upgraded larger rims!

- Connor B

Mazda 6 the reliable sedan.

The car performs incredibly. It gets great gas mileage and drives smoothly. The sport option is a neat touch. The computer touch screen works fairly well although there are times that it restarts on its own. I believe this may be due to the fact that I live in a very hot climate. The only problems with the vehicle are the seats get a bit uncomfortable for longer drives. But there are not any major problems in this vehicle. It has exceeded my expectations.

- Gerardo M

Comfortable and spacious!

Very reliable car. It is perfect for a small family. Plenty of room for car seats and extra luggage. Only problem I have had in 3 years was my fault personally. Very cheap maintenance and cheap parts. Comfortable for long car rides. It will get up and go if needed. The features are perfect for technology advanced mom's on the go. I would highly recommend this car for anyone who needs space but does not like mini vans or big SUVs. Great gas mileage also!

- Jessie P

The Glory of the Mazda 6.

Incredible machine. Surprising amount of horsepower for a 4-cylinder engine. Smooth suspension and great response from both the engine and transmission. Sport mode is a great feature that really pushes the performance and makes you realize just how gas efficient the car is when sport mode is not engaged. The infotainment display is large, clear and easy to read. Car seats 5 people quite comfortably with a shockingly large amount of trunk cargo space.

- Andy A

Mazda 6 makes driving an experience.

My 2016 Mazda6, sport edition is stylish, sporty, and fun to drive. I get compliments on it regularly, and once someone even asked if it was a tesla. My only complaints are that the interior is difficult to clean, the gas mileage isn't as good as I had hoped it would be. Previous to owning this car, I had never considered buying a Mazda. Now I would recommend the 2016 Mazda6 to anyone considering purchasing a new or used car.

- Kristina O

It has a lot of room- from the backseat to the trunk.

This is my second Mazda 6 and it's a really great car. For a mid size, mid price point vehicle, it's quite comfortable and when you put it sport mode, it has some get up and go (I have the 4 cylinder). It has a lot of great extra features, some I'm still finding out about 2 years later. So far, it's run really well. Gas mileage could be better, but I'm also doing a lot of city driving so that's a big factor.

- Bethany O

My Review Of My Mazda 6, and Why I Love It

My car drives extremely smooth, and I've never had any problems with it. Everyone who gets in my car says that they love it. It's reliable, and driving long distances is comfortable. My dogs love it, too! I use the Bluetooth feature daily as well. My favorite part is being able to navigate the screen by using the controls next to me, rather than reaching up to touch the screen, which can be a safety hazard.

- Morgan R

Great vehicle, great price.

I have had this car for a little while now. I really like it. It is very comfortable, the heat and air conditioning work quickly, and very easy to drive. I do drive an hour to work and home everyday, and the only bad thing is that I have had to replace my tires 3 times in a year and a half. But I guess that is any tires? All in all it is a great car I would definitely get another one.

- Jennie B

It very reliable and safe.

I love that for the price of the car it still feels like a luxury car with all the bells and whistles. With up to date technology it really assist with driving. For example the blind spot monitor makes switching lanes safer than ever. The backup camera helps you see things you normally wouldn't when just looking over your shoulder. The comfy seats make for a smooth drive every time.

- Taylor M

Mazda 6 is what you want!

I love how smooth the driving is. The inside does not feel cramped at all. The gas mileage is amazing and better than I expected. I have had no problems mechanically with my car. The Mazda 6 is the car you want to buy if you're looking for a commuting, smooth driving, comfortable vehicle. I have always had Honda's m, but after purchasing my Mazda 6 I am never going back.

- Christian M

I love my car. I love The Back-up Camera. I have had no issues with my vehicle.

I absolutely love my vehicle. It is reliable. Great on gas. Sporty. Fast. My favorite color. Comfortable. Plenty of room to fit the whole family. I use it as a daily vehicle back and forth to work. I originally had a Mazda 3 and upgraded to a Mazda 6 as they were so reliable. All around great car. I couldn't ask for a better vehicle. Mazda 6 is great.

- Heather S

My Mazda 6 favorite features

I have never had any issues with my car other than general maintenance. I absolutely love driving it it's super comfortable and gets great gas mileage. One of my favorite features is the heads up display and leather seats. There are many options via the display panel for different settings and functions of the vehicle. Also sport mode is a lot of fun.

- Brittany H

The unique radio features make this car stand out from other cars.

Just purchased the car used and love the roominess of the inside. There is plenty of legroom in front and back. The radio controls are on the console which makes it easy to change without reaching. The car is also equipped with a backup camera which makes backing up much safer. The overall ride is smooth and comfortable for city driving or long trips.

- Shelby O

Mazda is sleek and comfortable

The car's performance is really smooth never have had any issues. It's incredibly comfortable and easy to relax in while driving. With the car you get a back up cam so you can see behind you when reversing which is quite nice. The only problem I can think of is sometimes the car will beep out of nowhere and I still have no clue why it does that.

- Victoria R

Great efficient family vehicle.

This was my first Mazda vehicle after many years with Honda. Nothing against Honda, but this Mazda has been great and I will continue to stick with Mazda for the foreseeable future. There have been no maintenance issues other than normal wear and tear. I also love the safety record of Mazda. The interior backup camera has also been very helpful.

- Jack S

2016 Mazda 6 general review.

The car is really fun to drive in-comparison to other vehicles in its class. It is very comfortable. I have had no issues with reliability since I have started driving it. The infotainment screen is quite useful, but could be better. The interior material is very nice for its class and Mazda always makes a very good looking car for its class.

- Sean T

It is for people who want to enjoy driving a stiff suspension car and it is not a smooth ride car.

car has the best handling of any mid size sedan i have driven. But if you drive in country roads or states with bad roads you will have a poor ride quality. It is the best looking car in the market bar the Tesla. Maybe because both had the same chief designer. Very reliable so far with few maintenance issues other than regular maintenance.

- Ajay S

My Mazda 6 is a great car overall.

I love my Mazda 6. I got it when I was 16 and it is great on gas, great for traveling long distances. Its reliability is great, along with the technology inside the vehicle. The only thing I would change about my car is the passenger seat and the feature of the angle of the seat. The handle is in a strange spot and is not easy to get to.

- grayson P

This is my second Mazda, and I enjoy them. They drive nicely, and get good gas mileage.

My car gets great gas mileage, has adequate technology, and gets me from point A to point B. It has a daily decent sized back seat and front seat, as my significant other is tall and we have a large car seat this is important. However, I've had difficulty with the brakes getting warped on two occasions and this poses a safety concern.

- Deana M

The quality of the materials and manufacture of the Mazda 6 is equal to cars costing twice as much.

The Mazda 6 is an amazing bargain for the price. The interior is higher quality than the competition and the exterior styling is much better looking than other brands. The only problem I've had was with the entertainment console and the local dealer was able to fix it for free under warranty. It is the best car I have ever owned.

- Paul B

Mazda6 overall thoughts and opinions

Great car that runs and handles great. It doesn't blow me out of the water but I still think it's solid/great for how much I paid. I haven't had it too long, so maybe as it gets older I'll start to notice more flaws/issues, but as of right now I love it and would probably strongly consider buying another Mazda for my next car.

- Zachery W

The most important thing about this car is that it is reliable and comfortable.

I really love this vehicle. It is reliable and luxurious a the same time. The seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth. What I enjoy most about this car is the technology within it. There is a large screen, Bluetooth pairing, and buttons for everything you could possibly need. Also a great car for commuting in my opinion!

- Kristin V

It has excellent acceleration for a four-cylinder vehicle and gets great gas mileage.

I love my Mazda6 because it gets great gas mileage; it's a unique color; and it has lots of upgrades like a sunroof, leather interior, NAV and satellite radio. I don't like that the window lock button locks all windows for the driver, and I don't like that the SiriusXM feed does not display 100% of the information available.

- Pearl L

The luxury of this Vehicle is amazing!

The Mazda 6 is very luxurious and has great gas mileage. The ride is smooth and soundless. It's not the typical regular car it's more on the nicer than normal vehicle. Never have problems. I drive my vehicle over 25000 miles a year and have never had problems. As long as you take care of your vehicle it should last forever.

- Nathan S

This car is impressive to look at and the paint job(black) is awesome.

This car has been a dream to own and drive. I have kept up with all maintenance and car drives beautifully. I have the 19' tires that are very responsive to the road. When you put the car into sport mode the acceleration is very quick and if you need to pass the car has plenty of power. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Mark T

Great sedan in terms of value and comfort.

I have had no problems with this wonderful vehicle!! I have had the vehicle for 2 years and it runs and looks great. Love the red color. The seats and the ride are comfortable. It gets great gas mileage also. I love the screen which displays all of the options, and the control that runs the screen is extremely easy to use!

- Wendy B

So much fun! A stick shift on a mid sized sedan!

My car is fun to drive! It is the comfort package so we have leatherette seats, and it is a stick! We also have blind spot detection on our side mirrors which makes it easier to drive in Atlanta traffic. It is very roomy, and very comfortable. I wouldn't trade my car for anything else (unless it is an upgrade of course).

- Amy C

Sophia pearl my beautiful Mazda 6.

I love my car. It runs great and handles well in all road conditions. Its small but not to small. When I do decide to trade it in i'll get another Mazda. I've never had any engine problems and my ac what's great as well. If someone asked if I would recommend buying a Mazda my answer is yes definitely. I love my Mazda.

- Courtney N

This car is great on mileage and has a smooth comfortable ride

this is my third Mazda 6, and I really like the car, it's good on gas, the ride is comfortable. Road trips are great, plenty of legroom, comfortable seats. Never had any major problems with it, just regular maintenance. The paint job was awesome. it's a pleasure to drive it . I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Cathy B

Mazda 6 - A great buy, great value, great car

Very smooth drive. I drive it every day for work. The sports mode comes in handy. I love the indicators for Lane assist. The screen is fantastic and very easy to navigate. The seats are very comfortable. I enjoy the sleek design and the skyactiv engine. The sunroof is medium size, I do wish it was a little larger.

- Jay S

Automatic transmission/manual shifts, back camera, keyless ,

The 2016 Mazda6 iSport is an excellent car. The interior details make the feel car very luxurious but at affordable price. It runs smoothly and the acceleration has a very quick response. It is very spacious and you can easily fit up to 5/6 people. Not only inside but the trunk is way bigger than any other sedan.

- Samantha Z

The amazing Mazda 6 super affordable and friendly user.

I really like my car because it is very easy to drive and very smooth. It is also very affordable for the gasoline so I do not spend that much money it is very easy to drive it from state to state I really do not have a problem with my car since the day that I got it. Highly recommend the Mazda to other people,

- Leslie A

Mazda 6 is a practical choice for two people.

No problems in two years. It is reliable transportation. The vehicle performs well in the city and on highway. It is roomy and comfortable. The radio controls seem more complicated than necessary. Would prefer a simpler way of changing stations, volume, etc. Do not really use all of the gadgets it comes with.

- Kenneth C

Very comfortable for taller people.

I love the bucket seats or racing style that comes in this car. They are very comfortable and give a lot of lower back support. There is a feature that pushes into your lower back for more lumbar support. I haven't had any problems with my car outside of the occasional oil change. Really great build quality.

- Evan L

Mazda 6 good for families who don't want an SUV

I enjoy the fact that I can fit three car seats in the back and the kids are still comfortable. I also enjoy the on screen entertain system and being able to connect my phone to the car. The only thing I would change is I wish the seatbelts in the back were higher for when we are putting the car seats in.

- Sami E

The cars ten times better than it looks

I love my car more than any other car that I have ever had. It looks nice and drives even better. It is comfortable to drive and be seated in. It also fits the kids and some of their things quite nicely. I don't have any real complaints about the car. Very minor things, but nothing more than that.

- Dan s

Mazda6, reliable although slightly uncomfortable.

My Mazda 6 is very reliable and has never broken down. It is not as comfortable as I would like, and my lower back usually starts to hurt on long car rides (longer than 2 hours). Another issue is that it is slow to switch gears when I am getting on the interstate and my speed has to increase rapidly.

- Christen W

Connects to smartphones as soon as you enter the vehicle.

My Mazda 6 is by far the best vehicle I have owned so far. It has a rear camera, very handy in busy parking lots. It connects automatically to my phone which is a great safety feature. It is okay on gas mileage, such a small engine I wish it would be better. It drives very smooth and feels very safe.

- June M

The car is very smooth on the road.

My car is very smooth on the road. I haven't had any problems with it at all. My car has black leather seats which soaks up the sun in Texas, but they don't burn my legs. I also like that the touch screen cannot be used while the car is in drive. Everything in this car reminds me of a luxury vehicle.

- Alyssa C

Lot of car for the money but uncomfortable for me.

For me it is too small. Bought it on impulse. I am 6/2 225lbs. Difficulty getting up. Too low. Has 25k miles and tires are worn out. Sunroof has noise. Other than that descent car. Bose speakers crack but great gas mileage. I love the options for the money especially the side warning lights.

- Greg W

Touch screen, leather seats.

I loved everything about my car everything works haven't had a problem with it since I bought it there's space I like the color of my car I love when I get a call and can answer on car while driving you don't have to be on your phone also when you get a text from some it reads it for you.

- Emily C

The car is enjoyable and intuitive to drive and makes me feel safe on the road.

I like the way the car accelerates and handles. I also enjoy the setup of the audio controls on the steering wheel. I enjoy utilizing features such as the current and average mpg, as well as the approximate number of miles I can travel before I will need to fill the tank with fuel again.

- Kristin K

Safe car and save gas and comfortable to drive.

Mazda6 is the safe car and drive easy feel comfortable. When we have long trip we take this car it is gas saving. We drove to Las Vegas from LA we only fill one tank that is awesome. And my kid like to be in the car never complain. My husband say we may get new Mazda family car soon.

- Kate P

Very nice smooth driving car.

It is very comfortable to drive in. It is roomy in the backseat. It is a very smooth riding car. We have had to do no maintenance on it so far. It has comfortable seat belts. The trunk is big and also has the option of laying down the back seat so can be used to carry long things.

- rachel S

It is stylish affordable, gets good mileage, and is very smooth while driving.

I love my mazda because it drives super easily. I only have to apply a little bit of pressure on the pedal/brakes to get the car to accelerate or slow down. It is easy to connect my devices via bluetooth, and has comfortable seating. It drives smooth and I feel it is quite stylish.

- lauren k

Great car with only minor issues. Would recommend.

My car has been extremely reliable and has been great value for the price I paid. I love the sleek, but simple look. It also drives very smooth. The only issue (very minor) is the cabin can sometime seem loud when driving which makes me have to turn the radio up to louder levels.

- Chance D

Have to go to the dealership for updates and there's a blindspot.

The biggest complaint is that there is a really large blind spot. Also, when the sun hits the console just right, the glare is blinding. It would also be nice to be able to do the updates without having to spend an arm and a leg at the dealership. Otherwise, it's an ok car.

- Stacey G

Great car for the price point.

Love how smooth it rides and how well it handles. The seats are very comfortable. Only thing that is missing are heated seats. The interior is very nice for the price point. The headroom is lacking and the car does sit very low which makes getting in and out more difficult.

- Melissa H

It's very nice liking. It is a smooth ride and you look great in it. It's safe but also fast

I love that I was able to pick out my car itself. I like the outside design. How sleek and sporty it looks. It is great on gas and has all the "extras" I was looking for. The dealership really worked with me to make sure I had everything I wanted and was happy with the car.

- Taylor H

A comfortable reflux blue compact car with great mileage.

I love that my car has cup holder, a touch screen, 2 USB ports, seats that are a nice dark grey fabric, and it is a smooth ride. The only problem that I had with my Mazda 6 is that the car doesn't realize that the key is in the car, and it takes forever to turn the car on.

- Alyssa S

The car has comfortable seats

The vehicle is really smooth and comfortable. It is a large car that is low to the ground by drives nice. It gets decent gas mileage l. The thing I don't like is that it doesn't have XM radio. Other than that I would recommend this car to someone. It also looks sleek.

- Blake G

Great car great gas mileage fun to drive.

I have no problems it is a great car and handles well and is comfortable to drive like to drive so this car fits me well the safety standard is a plus which I get good discount on my car insurance it comes in various models which will help with the extras you want.

- Alice M

All cars should come with reverse cameras and I am really glad mine does!

I love how smooth it is. It can go up in speed fast and quietly, without disturbance. I adore the reverse camera! It has completely changed my life!! The radio system is decent for a stock car. Lastly the screen is super modern, and easy to use. I love my Mazda 6.

- Elizabeth C

Good at first but Doesn't last long.

Vehicle was great at first. Over time many small things have gone wrong. The coating on the rims has peeled a lot, the insulation under the windshield is peeling up, the radio touch screen constantly reboots itself and the transmission is going out for a 3rd time.

- Preston R

Best car ever, love it so much

Great car, lots of space drives smooth love it! Love the keyless start up love the backup camera and the truck that's huge can fill a lot of groceries in it. The body is very sleek and beautiful, great A/C and heating cools and heats up fast best car I've ever had

- Sarah V

Mazda 6 is safe, sleek, and speedy.

I feel very safe in my Mazda because of all the safety features, including the back up camera and the blind spot alert. I also love the way the Mazda 6 looks. It is sleek body and red paint always make me turn around and look at it once I am walking away from it.

- Kara C

All time favorite car I owned

Good gas mileage, blind spot activating, rain sensing wipers, comfortable and easy to adjust seating. Enough space to fit 5 people, and also lots of trunk space. Has warnings to tell you exactly what's wrong with your car and how long you have expected to fix it

- Jenny O

Excellent car for the price

Excellent performance, drives fantastic. Can really pick up speed if you let it. The controls in the center console are very intuitive. The only problem I have had with this car is that the Bluetooth microphone is not very good so people don't hear me very well.

- Gabriel S

My impressions of my 2016 Mazda 6.

No reliability problems, great handling and styling, a bit underpowered. Certainly the style & handling leader in its class, as well as getting the best fuel economy compared to competing brand models. Interior is quote comfortable and stylish. I love this car!

- Wayne K

2016 Mazda 6 sport is a very sleek looking vehicle.

Mazda connect has had multiple issues, leather is luxurious and comfortable. Driving the vehicle is my favorite part, handling is awesome. The design of the body is also very sporty, which makes for a great look. Also the mpg is a great way to save extra money.

- Phillip B

I love the color of my car and the windows that are slightly tinted.

The only problem I have with my car is the sports tires. They are expensive to replace. But have too. Really o other complaints. I love my car. It drives soon, Harley heard any road news. Plus it is great for that mom who just is not ready to go get a minivan.

- Lindsey R

The rim sizes fascinates me. The color me it come blue. Good for long drives!

Simply put it is a wonderful car all around. It is very roomy and comfortable good for long road trips. One of the best cars especially o gas preservation!! The car drives smooth and personally I love the matte black I had. Cannot complain about much really!!

- Stephen W

Mazda 6 looks and performance are great. Love it!

My car runs really smooth and it's really great on spending gas. I fill up the car with about $25.00. Interiors are comfortable and the trunk is really big. I love that it looks sport and luxury at the same time. I won't change my car for another car.

- Mary P

A beautiful car that is fun to drive while maintaining fuel efficiency.

My Mazda is fun to drive while maintaining fuel economy. In the city I average about 25 mpg while on the highway the number is around 32 mpg. The cabin is roomy in both the front and the back. Lack of a trunk light is the only negative I can think of.

- Craig B

A sports car feel with the fuel economy of a compact.

Our Mazda 6 has been extremely reliable! There have been 2 minor recalls which the dealership contacted us immediately to fix. It has excellent speed for a 4 cylinder, yet gets great fuel economy (39 to 41 mpg average) with a sporty look and feel.

- Casey V

It is not a comfortable ride on long trips.

What I do not like is that the car has road noise, not sealed well, uncomfortable on long trips and seats are hard. Paint on hood does not hold up, has lots of chips in it. What I like about this car is that it does have good gas mileage.

- Holly A

The Mazda 6 is a perfect car for those who want style, safety and reliability.

Our car is the basic model and we really are pleased with how it performs. We actually rented the same model on a vacation a year before we bought our own. Its reliable, great on gas, has a decent stock sound system and roomy.

- Darren S

Tight steering is fun, it is a drivers car that is low to the ground

I like the way it drives and looks. It is low slung and has tight steering so it feels like a drivers car. It needs more room in the back seat and maybe tradeoff from the trunk. Also it needs a bit more sound dampening

- Tim W

It is made extremely well with little to no issues.

I love the look (interior and exterior), the size, and how it drives. I also love the blind spot monitoring and the infotainment system. I dislike that it does not have automatic braking/accident sensing technology.

- Danielle T

Sleek, functional, and comfortable.

Problems: none. Performance: very smooth driving performance, great mileage. Reliability: very reliable, strong transmission. Comfort: sleek and comfortable design. Features: tech package has proved very beneficial.

- J C

Sleek and reliable. These cars not only look great, but they work flawlessly.

The Mazda6 is a very comfortable and reliable car. I have had it for 2 years now and I have enjoyed driving it. I have the tech package, which I definitely recommend, and I love the new media center in the Mazda's.

- J C

Love my fast, gas-efficient, sophisticated Mazda6!

I love my Mazda6. I love Mazda because the company still offers manual transmissions, and I love that! My Mazda is fast, gets great gas mileage, and looks sophisticated. I'll keep buying Mazda's as long as I can!

- Allison R

i used to drive a bmw so driving a mazda is very different for me. but i enjoy it nonetheless

i like the way it drives, it is a GTI so it has power. I like the body style and interior style. I don't like the AC takes forever to cool I dont like that i can hear the outside inside my car while i drive

- al w

Amazing at being bad at nothing.

Smooth, stylish and spacious. Not the fastest thing ever but very good daily car. Great car for everything from parents, to uber, to college kids, and more. Overall one of the best cars for the money.

- Brent D

It gets amazing gas mileage!

It's stylish and fun to drive. I love the heated seats in the winter and the sun/moonroof in the summer. Most of all I love that my seat can raise up, not just forward and back, because I'm short.

- Elena A

the smoothest handling on curves and highways ramps. Very stylish exterior design.

absolutely no problem with the vehicles since bought... 5 stars performance, reliability and features. the only flaw about vehicles is that it rides a little stiff when hits speed bumps or potholes.

- Darren Y

Good functional sedan for the price, so overall it provides good value.

Like: Good gas mileage, OK size for sedan OK acceleration Dislike: no height in trunk - frequently can't fit items that I need to carry, visibility isn't great - awkward views from drivers seat.

- NotGoingTouni D

It is car that makes me very happy to have. I am so proud to have it, as it is my first ever new car I ever bought.

I love my Mazda vehicle. It is very reliable, gives very good mileage and is very powerful. I love driving on the open road, feeling the engine rev up. I don't have any complaints for the car.

- Vishal B

It's easy to drive and has a sporty look with a beautiful interior.

I like the sleek and sporty design. The interior is classy and modern, equipped with navigation. I have no complaints, other than the painting on the wheels has started to deteriorate already.

- Maria C

It comes in silver, which I love. It is roomy inside and the seats are comfortable. It's a safe vehicle that provides comfort. The sound system is also impressive.

I love my Mazda 6 Sport. It's fast and it looks sleek. It's great with gas, it takes about $30.00 to fill up the tank and for someone who drives all around town constantly, it's convenient.

- Kerry C

Having the key on hand is very important. Especially if out.

The seating is comfortable, the safety cameras are very useful. The rearview cameras with parking lines are very helpful. The only problem sometimes may be the car not recognizing the key.

- Ariana V

The mazda6 2016 is fun, edgy and above all... very fuel efficient. It's a great purchase for anyone.

The drive, handling and braking are all quite smooth. It has a sleek design, not the standard looking vehicle. I get 40 mpg highway and I haven't had a single problem with it mechanically.

- Peter L

How safe it is through the use of innovative technology such as alerting me if a car gets too close to me.

I like how it utilizes modern technology that helps make it safer. Additionally, I love the color and style of the vehicle. There really isn't anything that I don't like about my Mazda.

- Lucia R

It has great reliability and is very safe in case of accidents

My mazda is an exceptional car, it has a lot of power and saves gas at the same time, it's safe and very nice at the same time, I've already driven it for 40k miles and it's like new

- Saul R

The Mazda is a cool and reliable car. It's a good, affordable price that gets the job done.

It's reliable and I like the look. I never have any security concerns when I drive my Mazda. Also, it looks like one of the cooler cars so I don't feel weird driving it around town.

- Gary J

Headlights are like eyes. They move as the vehicle turns allowing a clearer view.

The sky active technology is great! Also my blind spot sensors allow me to drive safely. Rear camera is awesome because it is clear and I could see everything prior to reversing.

- Carolyn I

Reviewing a 2016 Mazda 6 Automobile

No problems have been experienced. The performance is excellent for a V-4 engine. I receive approximately 29 mpg with combination of highway and city driving. It is comfortable.

- Philip R

It is a reasonably priced car that is very fun to drive.

It is a great car, fun to drive and yet it gets good mileage and is extremely reliable. It has a sporty look and was reasonably priced. It is also very comfortable to ride in.

- Ryan C

I love my Mazda 6 because of its comfort and class

Very reliable, comfortable, driver friendly car. Its my favorite car I have ever owned. It is roomy and very comfortable. Very nice looking. Fast. up to date technology.

- Shauna R

My favorite aspect is the control system built in to the console it's much easier access so I can keep my eyes on the road.

I love the leather seats and sunroof. The back up camera is an added bonus. So far no issues mechanically. It gets great gas mileage which is great because I love to travel.


The car is very comfortable to ride in.

I like that the vehicle has a sport mode and can be driven as a manual as well as an automatic. I like the gas mileage I get. I do not like that it is not all wheel drive.

- Jamie W

The sensors ii the car let you know when someone is in your blind spots.

It has been very reliable. Runs smoothly. Very comfortable. Plenty of room. Back seat has plenty of room. Love all the safety features. Have had no major issues as of yet.

- Stephanie S

A fast and reliable vehicle

It is an excellent vehicle, is very comfortable spacious and fast, has all the comfort I need. The cost of maintenance is fair in relation to the quality of spare parts.

- Donald A

Comfortable and roomy with great sound.

Great look, great speaker/stereo system. Comfortable seats and lovely seat warmers. Large trunk, which is great for luggage. Good legroom in back seat for passengers.

- Danielle C

easy drive and easy to handle. reliable performance

I like my car. It drives and performs well. The interior and exterior design is beautiful. The car has been helping me get around for 3 years. very fuel efficient too

- Tran Y

It is very reliable and fun to drive - ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM

Overall I like everything in my car. It is a 4 cylinder so it does not have the best pickup from a full stop which is annoying. But the infotainment center is nice.

- John C

My mazda 6 has great features and great pick up and go. Also gets great gas mileage.

I have had no problems with my mazda. It is the third mazda that I've owned. The first was a Mazda Tribute that has over 120000 miles on it and still running great.

- Nancy C

impeccable design. It costs exactly what it's worth.

It is a great vehicle, has a high performance and comfort that few other brands can offer. It has an impeccable design and finish. It costs exactly what it's worth.

- Alexander T

It gets amazing gas mileage on the highway and in the city as well.

I love my Mazda 6. It gets great gas mileage, rides well and is fun to drive. It's my second Mazda 6, because its a great car. I think my next car will be one too.

- Nikki P

Safe and comfortable luxury vehicle

Really comfortable interior with a great sound system. I particularly love the rear camera and side mirror sensors that help me see and give me peace of mind.

- Corey C

It is stronger than it looks.

I love the way it drives. There is nothing I do not like about it. I love the sleek styling and the interactive screen. I love the miles it gets per gallon.

- Angela M

Gas mileage on the mazda6 is amazing!

Awesome gas mileage. Love the color. I do not like that there's not enough room for our family. And I am not fond of the middle controls are positioned.

- Alexandria H

The gas mileage is wonderful for a full size sedan.

I absolutely love this vehicle! Great gas mileage, feels luxurious without the price tag. It is a smooth ride and I enjoy driving to and from work!

- Heather B

This is a safe car to have for your family.

I love how smooth the ride is. The outside is sleek, with a nice body structure. On the inside there is plenty of room for my growing family.

- Jamie W

It is wide compared to most vehicles.

I like that the vehicle is comfortable. The sound system is nice. There are some rattles when volume is loud. Is not apple product friendly.

- Matthew D

Mazda 6-stylish and reliable

We have found the Mazda 6 to be a reliable car that has a sporty body style that we really like. Presently we are driving our third Mazda 6.

- Jill T

Sporty, dependable, classy sedan.

Car is great! Smooth ride, drives nice. . . Great on gas! Seats are very comfortable and car has a sporty feel even though it is a sedan.

- Amy K

Again we really like the car

My wife and I really like the car, it's so much fun to drive and it drives really smooth and quiet. We haven't had any problems with it.

- ryan a

It drives well and is luxurious but not at a steep price.

Wish it had the mph in digital not just analog. Love the speed, screen, and all the upgrades. Love my sunroof and size of the vehicle.

- Jennifer S

It's a quality car with no issues in the first 3 years

It's a comfortable car with good gas mileage. Has enough power to accelerate and keep up with traffic. No issues so far with the car.

- Chris S

Sleek and Shiny with good function but some technical problems.

I like the comfort of the vehicle and how beautiful it is. I do not like the navigation system at all. I wish it had cooling seats.

- Meg B

That it looks like an expensive car but it didn't cost a lot.

Peppy, fun, 6 speed manual transmission. No complaints. It is a fun car to drive, easy to park, looks like a more expensive car.

- Anthony M

I find the audio and cruise controls on the steering wheel very convenient.

I enjoy being able to fill my gas tank with only twenty dollars. I've had it for two years now and I have had no issues with it.

- Iris R

It is a quality ride to drive.

Like how it drives, it handles very well and has good acceleration. Like the value for the car, good miles per gallon and safe.

- Eric C

He has lost control over them If I could not jump I could not survive

It's a great car for low-income people But you will need to change the brakes from time to time There is no alert about speed

- Mick J

Stylish, smooth and comfortable ride with good gas mileage.

Like the interior and exterior style, comfortable ride, quick response. Dislike that there is no Android Auto integration.

- LaVerne A

The Mazda gets great gas mileage!

The Mazda 6 sport is a great family car. It has a huge backseat. The Mazda gets great gas mileage and drives very smoothly.

- Rebekah C

Size of body was a lot bigger than i had anticipated but it's not necessarily a bad thing

LOVE my car! I love the pandora feature, sports switch, sleek sporty body of the car, backup camera, interior, everything!

- Megan M

It is fun to drive. It is a safe car to drive.

Responsive, comfortable, good-looking. Seats adjust. Good gas mileage. Nothing to hate about it. But it is not a Miata.

- Rose L

An interesting detail about my car, is the text message feature, which allows your car to read your text messages to you.

Comfortable, rides smoothly, I've had the kind of car for 3 years and haven't had any issues yet. I would recommend.

- Michelle B

Best gas mileage for an affordable everyday car.

Perfect vehicle with space for a family. Great gas mileage both highway and not. Do not ever have any motor problems.

- Ashley M

the safety features that the mazda 6 has like backup camera, lane departure

Great vehicle i never have any problem with anything i drove to california from florida and it was an amazing ride

- Roberto C

Great value for a small 4-door sedan, very peppy and comfortable

Like - small, stylish, peppy, 6 speed manual transmission, large trunk, nice interior Dislike - nothing, I love it

- Anthony A

a review of a mazda 6 for survey purposes

My mazda 6 has many of the features of more expensive cars at a much lower price. I enjoy driving it very much.

- paul g

The car is affordable, comfortable and easy to drive.

good gas mileage. comfortable. dependable and affordable. Customer service at dealers location is exceptional

- Cyndi H

It is a great car for single people or those with a family.

Love how fast it is. It gets great gas mileage. I do not like that it didn't come with Sirius radio installed.

- Janice J

Not the best power, feels sluggish a times.

Fun car to drive, luxury feel. Could use more power. Have 42k miles on it and haven't had a single issue yet.

- Bryan M

I really enjoy using the bluetooth feature in combination with the small screen on my dashboard.

Very reliable and comfortable to drive. Great fuel efficiency and it performs well in bad weather conditions.

- Celia C

The Mazda6 is fun to drive, spacious and very comfortable.

I like the Bluetooth integration, styling and feel of the ride. The car could use a little more power though


My second baby can't live without

Very good and nice color runs well and I got a good price on it can't go wrong comfort is great and features

- Noway W

Good, reliable, stylish work car.

Car has good handling. Could use more horsepower, but it is good for what it is used for. Great gas mileage.


It is an affordable car that comes in many styles and colors.

I like the trunk and how big it is. The inside of the car has a lot of space. The car has very good mileage.

- Blanca C

Great car to trust and drive

Great gas Mileage, precision and dependence, all around handling. Put the fun back in driving and features

- joseph L

Great car that needs a bit more power.

Like interior & exterior styling, handling. Wish it had more power. Like the reliability and fuel economy.

- Wayne K

My car drives smoothly and handles very well.

Fuel efficient vehicle, that has pep. Comfortable to drive in any weather. It could use more trunk space.

- Jerry H

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the comfort and gas mileage of my vehicle. I do not like that it is not 4 wheel drive or a truck.

- Brandon G

Good car with great gas mileage and technology.

Great car - good pep for a 4 cyl. Great fuel economy especially on the freeway. Good reliability so far.

- David J

The smooth drive a luxury inside.

I love the luxury feel of my vehicle without having to spend as much as other luxury cars would cost.

- Ashley S

Good looking, manual transmission, nice performance.

Nice comfortable car. Good mileage, very affordable, handles well. No problems in almost three years.

- Tom G

It is a better performer than their more expensive makes in the same category.

Like that it is a sportier version of a family sedan. It is also a good value with good gas mileage.

- Doug H

It's a beautiful car with great luxury car feel. You'll love it too.

I love the luxury look and feel the car has. The gas mileage is great. A beautiful car all around.

- Rosemary O

I feel very safe driving in my car.

I like the sports button. I like the navigation. I dislike the computer has to reboot sometimes.

- Ashley D



- KS O

That it is a very safe car and you get multiple discounts on your car insurance because of it. Handles very well on the highway.

Love the style and how smooth it drives on the road. Great on gas. No complaints.

- Alice M

Fun to drive, looks great.

Great car. Fun to drive, looks great. Handles well. Nice entertainment system.

- Mark F

So far no problems . Very reliable and super comfy . Love the navigation , Bluetooth , CD player and the blind spot monitoring

Blind spot monitoring and walk away key lock is the bat invention ever

- Rae R

comfortable luxury feel with a smooth ride. many options available

comfortable ride and interior. reasonably priced for the type of car.

- kim t

rides great - has a very reasonable price and is comfortable

i don't have any i like my vehicle - there are no complaints

- Katie P

I love everything about my car and I have no complaints

How to check fluids and keep the car maintenance up to date

- Andrea M

I like the appearance and color of the vehicle. I like the acceleration and gas mileage for the most part. It is comfortable and has good features. I dislike the lack of sound insulation.

It's a very well performing vehicle that also looks great

- cory c

That it's a dependence vehicle. Smooth driving experience. Looks amazing!

It is sporty! Drives well! Good gas mileage. Comfortable!

- Terri V

It has a speedometer on top of the dash so u can see it better

I love how it drives , good mileage and nice sound system

- zandra W

I've owned 3 Mazda vehicles and have loved them all. They ride wonderful, they are great on gas mileage and I have never had a problem with any of them. The are also very well priced for such a good vehicle

Great Prices, Great Gas Mileage, Very Well Made Car

- Brittney P

Reliable Good in snow Good gas mileage

No problems Love there paint color Comfortable

- Nancy J

Reliable Great gas mileage

Don't like it's not AWD. LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE

- Rebecca E

Dependable Daily Driver Sedan

Great car! Does the job, good family sedan.

- David H