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Best little convertible ever!

My 2001 Miata MX-5 ls is beautiful, and I absolutely love it! Although it is 17 years old, a lot of people think it is new. That is because I have taken really great care of it, to say the least. And with its super smooth manual 6-speed transmission, it delivers excellent performance, and it is a blast to drive. I especially love driving it with the top down at night. The only problem I have had with it is a window leak on the passenger side. It was a bit tricky to fix, but thankfully, it is all good now.

- Maggie A

The convertible experience.

Driving a miata is a lifestyle. No one understands how driving a convertible connects you to people. Suddenly people want to talk to you, ask you questions, invite you to parties... In traffic! While the miata is more of a summer vehicle since it is rear wheel drive. There is not a lot of room & the trunk is small. It is mostly meant to be a fun extra car. It is been very dependable & had little repairs required!

- Erin W

Wow. Love this car it is so amazing.

Excellent on gas, runs well, fast, compact. And sporty. This vehicle is by far my favorite. So much so, that I owned two of them. Mazda Miatas are wonderful modes of transportation. The convertible aspect is the best feature I believe. I'm not really sure what else there is to say other than I absolutely love my car.

- Shea W

Pros and cons of my Miata.

My Miata is sporty and fun, it has a spare tire which has proven most helpful when I had a flat. The parts are inexpensive compared to my previous Passat. The trunk is small and the engine runs a bit loud, that takes some getting used to. Overall it is my favorite car to date.

- Alice H

It only has 2 seats and a small trunk so alternate arrangements need to be made for picking friends up at the airport or carpooling.

It is small and sporty. I like being able to fit into small parking spaces. It runs smooth and has been very reliable for me. It even has a spare tire beneath the trunk. The trunk is a little small, and the motor is a bit loud, those are the only things I would change.

- Alisha H

The Miata has no blind spots with the top down.

The Miata is a very fun sports car. The raw speed is not there however it more than makes up for it with its great handling and 50/50 weight Distribution. It is often said that with the top down it's impossible to not smile. I haven't found any issues with it..

- Shawn M

Great ride, relaxing ride, commanding the road

European made Mazda miata, very simple to maintain, very reliable, easy on the gas mileage, comfort drive, easy getting in and out of traffic. Bose sound system, with the greatest surround sound. Not hard to find replacement part at a very good price.

- Nathaniel R

Great and fun little 2-seater.

It is a fun car, but a bit old and not getting very good gas mileage at this point. It's a bit small - I'm not sure how a taller person would drive this! But it is a super fun car to drive and feels very well made, with tight responsive controls.

- Oliver W

My miata has really amazing gas mileage, and feels like a little go-kart.

I love how small and cute it is. I like the convertible. I do not like the maintenance. It seems to be breaking down more that it's getting older. I wish the battery wasn't in the trunk also. I love my interior.

- Lauren L

It is reliable and it has a spare tire and jack built into the trunk.

It is small and easy to park. Sporty yet affordable. Parts are inexpensive and the car runs a long time. There is a lot of room in the engine. It is a bit loud when driving and i wish it had a larger trunk.

- Alicia H

It is stick shift and is a small car.

Well I love it because it is just overall fun to drive. The only thing wrong is that I got it in bad condition so I have to do quite a bit of work on it. Once I fix it up it should be a perfect car.

- Joseph O

It is small and compact but can withstand tough conditions and is safer than most people think.

It is sturdy, efficient and reliable. It's durability throughout the years is a testament to how well made the vehicle is. No complaints whatsoever.

- Stephen E

It's small but it is there. Suvs tend to think they own the road, I may be small but I do get to drive on the road.

I likes that it's small and sporty and is fun to drive. I don't like that It's an automatic. I wish it had a bit more power and better gas mileage

- john B