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The 2002 Mazda Miata mx-5 is a great affordable sports car.

Great car! Very fun to drive and efficient in terms of gas mileage. The Mazda Miata also makes a great first project car. There are not too many problems other than servicing breaks, tires, etc. However, the water pump/ radiator is going bad due to the fact that the car wants to overheat with the a/c on during the hot summer days of Texas. Shouldn't be much of an issue if you live in cool areas. Parts are readily available as well so fixing isn't an issue. Handling on this car is also great. Fun little sports car for anyone wanting an affordable sports car.

- Jacob S

Mazda miata is a great car.

The car is great value for a sports car. Although old, the mileage is really great. All Mazda Miatas do well on mileage. It is reliable. It can be a little daunting driving on the highway because the car is so tiny. You can hear the wind hitting the roof of the car. There is not a auxiliary but it is easy to install one. The roof is cloth because it is a convertible. It is a great car all around, if you love driving.

- Mandy M

My tiny little Mazda baby

Love the soft top, and the way that the vehicle handles. The 50/50 weight ratio makes it eat corners for breakfast, and the gas mileage is fantastic. I love being able to drop the top whenever I want, and being able to still carry a decent amount in the trunk. That being said, I would like a little more interior space.

- Christian F

Miatas: the little toy car that can!

First of all, I love convertible. Miatas get written off as being 'toy cars' and some ways they are, but I find them to be sturdy reliable, excellent on gas, zippy, great turning radius, easy and inexpensive to maintain and repair, and they look great on the road.

- Stephen T

They don't make them like this anymore. It will be hard to buy another car.

I have had minor problems with the past couple of years (battery, transmission, and belts) that are more due to age than any failings of the car manufacturer. It was very reliable when it was fairly used. The bucket seat are fairly comfortable.

- Melinda D

It's fun to drive because it handles so well. It takes corners better than most other cars.

The Miata is very fun to drive. Put the top down and take some curvy roads. Also, it is very reliable. I haven't had any mechanical problems with it.

- Brad E

I changed the exhaust to an aftermarket one.

Great car, never gave me any problems. Simple maintenance checkups. Overall 10/10 car that will give you lots of happiness.

- William B

That it is a convertible, it is fast & quiet, it has an MP3 player and it is dark blue.

It's a convertible & goes fast! It has a smooth ride. For a convertible, it's amazingly quiet.

- Patricia L