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The affordable definition of luxury Mercedes Benz c 300 4matic.

The Mercedes c300 4matic is an exceptional luxury car for the price. Mercedes continues to offer advanced technical advances in mobility and function as well as satellite safety, navigation, communication and mobile entertainment devices. The consistently sophisticated design projects a sense of achievement and class. There is a special feeling cruising on an open road with the panoramic sunroof open to the sky while listening to your favorite tunes streamed through Pandora or your private collections. The art of driving is enhanced with such safety features as the side view vehicle crossover indicators and the life saving vehicle shut down braking system that proves to me Mercedes is not just another pretty face. Mercedes c 300 4matic provides a reliable start 4 out of 4 seasons blazing sun, rain, wind, ice and/or snow. And if by chance your car is disabled the embrace system will come to your rescue and aid you in securing proper help. Can you see yourself snuggled into the all comfortable leather seats properly adjusted to your height, arm reach and leg extension heated or not, your choice? You have the ability to touch the steering reel and adjust everything you could possibly need to your liking such as phone retrieval, stereo volume and a variety of console functions. Your family and friends will enjoy the comfort of the passenger seats with ample leg room and separate heat and air conditioning controls. There is more than ample room for shopping bags and boxes on the back seats and floor as well as the spacious trunk area. Just ask my husband! The drive selection options are comfort, economy or sport for that burst of speed and power that allows the driver to be in full control in all traffic situations. My one and only dissatisfaction is the placement of the computer screen sitting up on the console instead of embedded into the console. Does it stop me from loving my c300 4matic? No! Would I buy another one? I have owned three c 300 models previously, what do you think?

- Caryl Michele S

The dynamic drive modes are great and you can actually feel the difference.

I was originally looking for a midsize SUV as my partner had twins a few months ago. We had a gla and there was not enough legroom for the driver or passenger once we put in the car seats. In test driving the glc and then the c300, I liked the handling and feel of the c300 a lot better than the glc. There is enough legroom and the trunk space fits our stroller and most of the things we need to take for our twins on any drive we need to make.

- Isaac G

Good in accidents but there are other cars that may be cheaper.

This car has good performance and reliability; seats could be more comfortable; good in accidents; other cheaper cars with same and/or better technology; problems with side air bag falling off and windshield wipers loud; now mirrors do not close when I lock the doors; automatic start is through app and usually does not work; when it does work it does not because I am too low on gas or have left doors unlocked.

- Danielle C

2018 Mercedes c class review.

The car is very reliable and works extremely well. It is an easy car to drive and is very comfortable. The car has only had to go in for an oil change. All of the features are cool, but I think there are too many of them. I also can understand how it can lead to distracted driving, but all in all, it is a good car. People will look at the car, but that is with ever c-class.

- Ben J

The Benz has the best technology features.

The exterior color of my car is obsidian black with Bluetooth c300 sedan. It has command navigation which helps me get around. It has the best Audio system. It has a great transmission that helps with the turbo power, great for highway cruising. It has user friendly technology. I love this car.

- Aisha W

True to the Mercedes Benz name and reputation.

Great car. True to the Mercedes Benz name and reputation. All of the luxury associated with the brand. Smooth quiet ride. High quality sound system. All of the features wanted and then some. Very safe feeling when driving. Low maintenance. Easy leasing services. Very nice looking vehicle.

- Cat A

It is fast and has a smooth operating system.

It is a good car one of the most beautiful thing about it is that it is drives fast and smooth it also has great controls and great customer feedback and it is easier to drive around in it the price is not that expensive I do not remember how much exactly I bought for it but was cheap.

- John K

Recommend vehicle for people who enjoy comfort as well as style.

Drives well though sometimes it has a rather loud muffle sound while driving. Shifts gears by itself sometimes too many times the seats are quite comfortable and relaxing. Great camera for when backing up to be able to see behind your vehicle. The car handles real good on freeway.

- Adam S

A beautiful reliable car that anyone would love to own and drive.

I really love my car because first of all I love the color a dark blue. It's a nice looking car and comfortable to ride in and very nice to drive. So far I haven't had any mechanical problems with it. I would recommend this car to anyone that wants a reliable nice looking car.

- Norma W

Mercedes Benz I love it so much.

It does have a little bit of lean but other than that no problem s and smooth ride. It has nice grey leather on the inside and also has third row seating has TVs on the back of the headrest on bolts side for the middle row has very good speakers a nice black finish I love it.

- Rachel T

A car with great comfort and safety.

I love my 2018 c class. The car rides smoothly. It practically drives itself. I feel safe while driving it. The safety sensors work very well. It is comfortable to drive in. The heated seats work great. The leather is soft. It has good gas mileage. The trunk is very roomy.

- Alicia N

German engineering. The car does not break down easily and it is reliable.

It is a Mercedes so it comes with reliability and name recognition. I lease them, this is my 4th one, started in 2007. Have not had any issues with them but then again I only keep them for 3 years or less. One dislike would be the service at the dealer I get them from.

- Radi P

Comfort and quiet ride with a safe feeling as you drive.

The c300 coupe is the most comfortable car I've ever owned. The seats can be adjusted in multiple ways and contours to your body. The ride is smooth and quiet. The c300 is also quick and maneuvers very well on different type of roads. I highly recommend the c300.

- Jessica C

Drives much better than the cla I has before.

Drives really well with a lot of options. As far as sport, comfort etc. Good sound system but not amazing. Nice sunroof, windows. Pretty color, feels luxurious. Feels safe. Nice features like seat and wheel warmers. Also I have Sirius XM and high tech features.

- Georgina A

The car is overall great. Especially for the price of Benz. Cannot beat it.

The car is great. No problems so far. Great drive. When driven in sport mode feels like a beast. Currently my everyday car, and it has given me any problem. Good on gas. Comfortable.

- Kelvin T

It is the best and also fun to drive.

Love that it is sporty and drives like a dream. It has a plush interior and is a pretty red color. It drives like a sport car but also like a luxury car.

- Karen B

The speed of the car and how powerful it is. It can be challenging for first time drivers of a car with horsepower like that.

I really like how spacious the driver seat is and how powerful the engine of the car is. What I don't like is how there is not enough space in the back.

- Albert P

I feel safe when riding in my car. It accelerates very rapidly.

Smooth riding, quiet, great sound. Love the ability to get help rapidly if needed, and if you are unable to call for help, they can locate you.

- Sue R

My car is very sporty and fun to drive. It gets great gas mileage and is a comfortable ride.

I love my Mercedes Benz C Class. It is small enough to be sporty but has 4 doors. It gets great gas mileage and is a really nice looking car.

- Jennifer C

Great car- very safe - lots of cool features.

Comfortable. Safe. Different speed modes. Love the driving assist and 360 camera view. The illuminated star is also a really cool feature.

- Michelle A

My vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz.

It is very useful, comfortable, fast, affordable (in my case), because of all these things I just have fun using this vehicle altogether.

- Law W

The car drives very smoothly with the gears changing in a nice rhythm.

No performance or mechanical issues. Very smooth drive. Interior electronics are top of the line. All seats are very comfortable.

- Robert M

The 300 C class Mercedes is a driving machine

Drives very responsive, great styling, handles very well, looks great and performs super. Has good acceleration and braking

- Gary H

It is a great value for the money.

This car has every bell and whistle. It looks great. It rides great. It handles like a dream. The gas mileage is fantastic.

- Andy M

I love the feeling when driving my car. The only thing that I don't like was the color. White was the only color so I took it. But besides that I do enjoy my car going everywhere I need to be.

The Mercedes Benz might be expensive but they are really good vehicles. They give the confidence and comfort as a owner.

- Mary D

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet Fun!

My cabriolet is so comfortable and so much fun to dive. Rides very smooth. Many great features including park assist.

- Beth T

Love my car, best purchase I have made.

I love my car. It drives smoothly and is very pretty. I very much enjoy being in my car and driving it all the time.

- Michelle V

The Hyundai Tuscans are great cars. Good on gas, and ride comfortably.

Like the looks, the performance and the quality. Very comfortable. Maintenance is easy and lease program is great.

- Annette R

Buy or lease a Mercedes-Benz.

This is a great car. Handles well. Plenty of power. Great Audio. I would stay with Mercedes-Benz for all my cars.

- Joe M

Mercedes Benz is a great car

It is a luxury car with all of the possible options and features. Therefore it is a wonderful vehicle.

- Erin I

2018 Mercedes-Benz c- class.

Car is extremely comfortable, reliable, and safe. Only issue is how quickly the remote batteries die.

- Bee B

You have to pay for everything extra.nothing is included in the price. The service department is not the best either when something goes wrong. Their customer service is good though.

I like the color. I don't like that the mirrors don't fold in when car is locked. It rides rough.

- Pam N

Great looking convertible. Has an automatic windscreen with 4 wheel drive.

No complaints. The vehicle is almost one year old. I am impressed by the gas mileage it gets.

- Charles W

I love my vehicle for its comfort, safety features, and the pleasure it brings to me when driving. Mercedes-Benz constantly makes refinements to its vehicles, which make each new purchase very worthwhile. I cannot imagine driving any other brand. I have no complaints or particular dislikes.

It makes driving, even under stressful conditions, a pure pleasure.

- Mrs D

It is a great value for the price with fun performance features.

Smaller than I'm accustomed to. Nice performance. Excellent on gas.

- Benita H

the safety of the design, the ease of driving and the good mileage

I love that it's safe, very comfortable, and good on gas mileage

- anna t

great engine and great gas saver

I hate the exterior and it appeals to be very cheap interior

- lesa j

Very comfortable ride, and definitely worth the extra cost as compared to competitors.

Handles comfortably. The trunk cannot be opened manually .

- Norman A

I love my car. The design is amazing and the features are top notch. My only complaint is the plastic center console that is supposed to look like wood.

My car is is fast, safe, handles well, and looks sleek.

- Crystal C

It is just the base model.

comfortable to drive but not as lux as I would expect.

- Carol S