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You can change the color of the lights inside your car so you can set the mood.

At first it was a great car, a little loud because of the road, but that is to be expected with mini's. In about a month of having the car, the radio and sound system completely stopped. No one can figure out why and to get a new radio is expensive. Soon the suspension started giving out so it squeaks on every bump or turn. Slowly but surely parts have been coming loose; fog lights, paneling, ignition, latch for the suicide door. This vehicle might be better if you bought it newer or if you have the money to make these repairs.

- Lilly B

It is a manual transmission.

I have loved my car since I got it in 2009. I love the look, how it drove, and all the customization options when getting it. Now that it is older I am running into a lot of engine troubles, and a few of the bells and whistles on the interior stopped working. Like the heated seats, a/c fans, dead pixels on the radio.

- Neil R

It's really cute, it's very fast and great fun to drive.

It's a John Cooper specialty, I love it, 5 speed gets great movement and speed, It's a wagon so we have plenty of room. I don't like that we had to replace the water pump, and now we have an air conditioning problem. This could be a very expensive fix, but we love the vehicle and are willing to put money into it.

- Nancy H

Great car to drive, terrible car to own.

Performance is great, very fast car and very fun to drive. Reliability is atrocious, however, I have sunk thousands into repair bills and have been stranded on the side of the road multiple times. Once you get past 65,000 miles or get out of warranty you will want to find another car.

- CJ W

Mini cooper clubman, fun to drive.

Great car to drive, fun on all corners, fast reliable. Has a turbo charger makes it fun on twisted roads. Car can get expensive when something goes wrong with it. Very comfortable on long trips, the clubman can carry a lot of luggage or anything that you can fit into it.

- James A

Small but still family friendly.

We bought the car used and so far it is been great. For it being small I can still fit both my daughter with their convertible car seats in the back and one is still rear facing. It takes premium gas but it is still cheap to fill up and lasts for about 3 weeks for us.

- Jessica B

People should know that my car is small and needs a lot of upkeep.

I like that it is a small, sporty car that is a lot of fun to drive. I do not like that it is so compacts, it makes my passengers feel squished. It also is a standard vehicle so shifting gears gets old.

- Allison V

That it is very expensive to fix.

I bought car used and had oil leaks from the start. I have had multiple mechanical issues with this car. The car is very slow as well. I like that it is good on gas and that it is a stick shift.

- Jackie D

Mileage is a big factor. Remember the mini is made by BMW kaching..



These are small cars but still have plenty of room for toting lots of people and things.

I absolutely love how comfortable Mini's are for even long travel. They're great on gas mileage. They're sleek and easy to control. Always amazing vehicles.

- Shannon B

They are fun little cars to drive. They are great on gas.

Mini cooper's are very temperamental. They are fun to drive though. They can have many problems. I like my mini but I would not purchase another one.

- Sydney P

It is stylish and deceptively roomy inside.

I love the size, style and features. I am sad that it is aging. I love the way It handles and that it it always has spunk when I hit the gas pedal.

- theresa c

How great it looks but how expensive it is to maintain it.

I like how small my car is. I also like how it looks and drives. I dislike that it is a 2-door car and how low to the ground it is.

- Estella C

Mini coopers are very interesting cars. They are fun and small.

Mini's have many problems. They are not very reliable. I have had problems with the exterior falling apart.

- Sydnie P

it is very fast and comfortable to drive, good on gas

lot of problems but fun to drive. Blown engine, went through many sets of tires

- scott k

Fun to drive, plenty of storage.

- Lisa B