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Fun for all ages... The Mitsubishi galant.

The 2008 mitsubishi galant es that I bought at two years old was the best mid-size car I have ever owned. It proved to be comfortable enough to allow me to drive cross country without having to stop due to cramping or back aches as the seats are adjustable and well padded. The struts allow for reliable and safe maneuvering at higher speeds while maintaining vehicle stability. Safety features include driver/passenger/side driver airbags. The trunk has ample room with access to rear seat through drop-down armrest to accommodate longer items, such as fishing poles or drapery rods. This is the nicest mid-size vehicle I have ever owned and I would recommend it for all drivers needing a reliable automobile.

- Kat B

Runs better than most cars it�s age.

I will say this car runs really well for it being 11 years old. It was given to me as a gift from my grandparents and they bought the car right in 2008 so the car has been rolling for a while. I've never had any major problems with the car itself though you can tell it's a little older by the way it runs. I think this was the perfect car for me to start off with. The radio of course was a little outdated, no aux or Bluetooth just a radio and a CD player. I did end up changing the radio out. The car in terms of space and comfortability are great, the car is a bit wide so I believe everyone fits comfortably even when the car is full.

- Alyssa J

My durable and reliable Mitsubishi galant.

My gallant is absolutely my favorite car I have ever had. It has been reliable and spacious for my growing family. With two 6 year old nephews a durable car was necessary and my gallant has been just that. Though I am not a big fan of the cloth seats they have stayed together and after many years of wear and tear they are still together with no sign of aging.

- Alex D

Best car I've ever had. Love it.

No problems at all. I love this car, it's roomie and rides like a dream. It's very good on gas as well. We've had no mechanical problems at all with this car. We've only had to change the oil and we've replaced the brake pads only once. I will continue to drive this car until the wheels fall off. It still drives like a new car.

- Sandra B

The best part of my vehicle would be the trunk space.

My car is a nice royal blue but has some wear and tear from sun damage over the years. The paint doesn't hold up too well to the heat. It is a pretty big gas guzzler and doesn't do too well with any gasoline that is not Shell. The car is pretty spacious and the AC is always been blowing cold since the day I bought it.

- Emily D

My fancy black car that's honest and trustworthy.

My car is very fast and smooth. It drives like your on a cloud. It definitely allows you to travel wherever is needed. It's honestly my most favorite car that I have had. I never have to worry about the car leaving me stranded. Also it is very roomy so there is a lot of space inside the car and the trunk.

- Alex S

Great car for a great price with lots of space. And great on gas.

Have had the car for almost 10 years, other than the usual auto repairs necessary with any vehicle it has given me no problems. Rides smooth, wider than it looks. Great on gas mileage, lots of trunk space. Easy to manage and maintain, would definite recommend Mitsubishi as a car buying option.

- Sam B

Mitsubishi galant review.

Very reliable, the ac did go out shortly after the purchase. I believe it is the ac condenser. I have drove my car on multiple out of state trips and it's been great. It runs good and has been a good car. I have to get gas once a week usually. The car is comfortable.

- Morgan M

Daily driver mom of four go to car.

It is good to use as a daily driver. I use to get my kids to school and run errands. I never took it on a drive anywhere I am second owner. I had to replace starter twice already but other than that I think it is been a overall good vehicle for the most part of it.

- Monica L


Car is very reliable and gas last a while once filled driving short distances. Have had the car for 6 years and still drives new. No problems with car at all. Radio set up is outdated but functional. Truck is spacious. Cloth seats stain easily. Great car overall.

- Cynthia I

Very good on gas mileage.

It is a smooth driving vehicle and very good on gas when it is operating correctly. Although for the past month it has not been running, cranks but does not start. Trying to eliminate issues before I waste hundreds or thousands of dollars.

- Melinda B

It drives great. It was cheap to buy and is affordable for everyone.

Need new tires soon. It was my first car, and is a great first car for anyone looking to buy. It performs well. The flaw that I have with it is that there is no AUX cord, so I can't plug in my phone to listen to music.

- Cam K

Great on gas when traveling

Very reliable old car. Doesn't have any issues. Gets me to where I need to go. It's great on long distance traveling, which I often do on weekends to visit family

- Iris L

It gets me from point A to point B.

I like how spacious and roomy it is for long road trips, but one thing that sucks about it is that there is no spot on the radio to plug in an auxiliary cord.

- Sydney B

Very reliable, drives very good and goes a long way on a tank of gas.

Drives really good and gets extremely good gas mileage and very low maintenance. I have been driving this vehicle for over 2 years no problems at all.

- Daniel M

It has a small oil leak. It has over 200,00 miles on it

I like that it's still running and gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it isn't a newer model and equipped with Bluetooth

- Michelle D

It is small but it has a lot of space.

I like the feel of the car. I like the gas mileage. I do not like the appearance. I do not like the way it handles in rain.

- Sam G

That it is reliable and drives well in all conditions.

My car is very comfortable, it drives pretty well and and is quite reliable. I have rarely had to take it to the mechanic.

- Jack F

It's not good on gas mileage. But have only had minor problems with car.

No complaints, it is a good car. Wish the gas mileage was better. It is a good solid car though. I recommend.

- Laura Z

It is like a part of the family. I don't know what I would do without it.

I love its reliability. I also enjoy the winter traction. The gas mileage is great.

- Sean S

Overall, it's a good car, I've been happy with it. I haven't had many issues at all.

It is very comfortable and dependable. The inside is very roomy.

- Angie L