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Great for the trim package, but backup camera could be improved upon.

The truck is great for its trim package. The front seats could be more comfortable, but it is fairly comfortable, even for long trips. The biggest issue I've had with this vehicle is the rear view camera. It has been replaced once due to extreme distortion and unreliability. Lately I have been having issues with it again. The picture is sometimes grainy or distorted when backing up. I am happy with the performance and gas mileage. It's a 2500 and gasoline, so I am happy with the 15 mpg that I usually get.

- Lisa H

2017 ram 2500 power wagon. Not exactly like the original.

Really worried about the reliability of this vehicles transmission. All over the internet is problems with the transmission of the ram truck. It's a great vehicle for long road trips although it was engineered for off road duty. The lack of a CD player is incomprehensible. Use a thumb drive for music. Performance of the 6.4 liter hemi is exactly what was expected. Why no manual transmission is offered is frustrating. It's comfortable and solid.

- Ray M

Ram 2500 cummins edition is an experience to drive all in itself.

Suspension is probably the worst thing about the truck because going over bumps is never smooth. Aside from that it tows great, has many features, a lot of storage, and not great but good on gas. More specific backup camera comes in handy. Heating and cooling driver and passenger seats is nice. Side mirrors tilt upright to allow for a better view when towing a large trailer so no need to purchase extended mirrors.

- Jeff O

Best truck with lots of power and room.

My ram 2500 we bought to pull our travel trailer. It does a awesome job you do not even feel like you're pulling anything. And I am very impressed with the ride, it is smooth and comfortable. We also have so much room. The backseat has great legroom which is very helpful for my tall children and their long legs. Will purchase another when this one is ready to retire.

- Hope T

I think the most important thing is my truck can complete the tasks that I do on a day to day bases

I love my truck because I can complete my day to day tasks on the farm without having to make multiple trips. The upgraded packages make traveling with it awesome because the temperature can be changed on each side of the truck so one person isn't freezing while the other one is burnin up. I also love the heated seats and steering wheel in the winter months.

- Lyndsi C

Ram Laramie is the best truck I have ever owned!

No issues, runs great! Very comfortable and I love the heated steering wheel. I had 4 recalls when I purchased the truck but was able to take it into a local dealership to have all updates completed in less than 3 hours at no charge. Mine is black with chrome. I wish it did not have the chrome. That is the only thing I would change.

- Heather T

This is my absolute dream truck!

It is my dream truck. I have had absolutely no problems with it at all. The only thing that kind of sucks is the whole def system but all new diesel trucks have it, so I guess it is not that bad. I really do love this truck! I have the mega cab with the short bed and I love how much room there is in the back seat.

- Amanda Z

Overall and amazing vehicle

The space and storage is awesome. The legroom for me is so much you can sit comfortable. The truck bed is nice and sturdy. You can really sit 5 people comfortable. Car seats fit perfectly in the truck. Height for truck is good. Camera gives you a clear and precise picture good for towing and parking in reverse.

- Jennifer M

Great truck for real truck guys.

Cummins reliability is second to none. The truck is built to be a truck not a city boy vehicle like ford and Chevy. It is a nice truck for being the lowest trim model and I actually like the vinyl seats and floors. The sound system leaves much to be desired but that can be upgraded rather inexpensively.

- Austin C

The new vehicle is very good

There is nothing wrong with the vehicle and it does have a lot of good features. It drives very well. It is a nice color. It is very well maintained. It has a lot of spacious room inside of the vehicle. It is good on fuel economy. It has a lot of power. The interior is good and very well maintained.

- Madison S

Powerful towing truck with a lot of nice features including exhaust brakes.

Averages around 14 mpg and less than 10 mpg when towing. Have had 2 minor recalls. Great tow vehicle with plenty of power. The truck did not come equipped with towing mirrors which I did not notice until the 1st time I towed. Big and not ideal as a general use vehicle; parking is not easy.

- Michael P

Great work truck. Excellent fuel mileage, as long as you are not towing.

Great towing capacity, not so great fuel mileage when towing, but for a full sized truck not bad. Has a great stereo system. Satellite radio is good. Bluetooth capable is great. Do not have to use a headset. Cargo light in the bed of truck is awesome. Do not need a flashlight in the dark.

- Nancy S

Great looking truck that tows nicely.

Truck has performed great so far. We have towed a 9000 lb trailer almost 6000 miles and have not had any issues. Gas mileage is about 12 while towing and 20 when not towing. Plenty of room for me, my wife, and 3 kids. Infant seat, car seat and booster seat in the rear seats fit nicely.


Dodge Ram 2500 is a reliable and stylish truck even for women to drive!

I love this truck! It pulls my horse trailer with no problems and has all the bells and whistles I need! Haven't had any issues with it. The heated seats and steering are a plus in the winter months! Really can't say enough about this vehicle. I would recommend this truck to anyone!

- Stefanie K

A great purchase for our family!

The truck style is solid and our family of 4 feels extra safe in it because of the size. We have 2 car seats in the back and both kiddos have plenty of room. It rides very smooth. My husband also uses this truck for his plowing business since it is such a tough piece of equipment.

- Jen G

It offers the flexibility of using on a commercial basis and a personal one. I can use it for hauling or camping or whatever.

I like the space for cargo, the flexibility it offers, the engine performance, the road clearance and view of the road, low maintenance, other features. I probably dislike the fact that I had to add features after the purchase and the poor radio and electronics, the seat comfort.

- bob L

Great Tow Capacity and Comfortable Interior

Purchases the vehicle approximately 2 1/2 years ago. Since that time I have had two recalls on the truck. One has been fixed and waiting on the other. Otherwise I am very happy with the look and ride of the truck. Does a good job when towing my heavy boat and tractor as well.

- Kristin S

Comfort and design ram power wagon.

I love the power in the engine, it's 4x4. The leather seats are heated for the winter and have a fan for the summer. Love the pedal adjuster especially because of the height difference with me and my spouse. Has a sunroof and back window that opens with buttons. Lots of room.

- Annette C

I like how the truck switches to 4 cylinders during low load.

Love the power. Not good fuel economy. Ride is like any 2500. Wished the interior trim was different. There isn't a front dome light. The radio is very basic but sound quality is ok. 18' wheels are nice but basic. 6 speed transmission shift smooth but lugs in higher gears

- Charles G

This is a great truck for hauling a travel trailer or any other type of trailer...it pulls it with ease.

I love this truck....it is not too bad on gas mileage for Its size, you can haul just about anything and it sits up pretty high, that you can see everything that is going on around you...I don't like the fact that you cannot turn the radio off.

- Robin C

It is a 4x4 pickup truck with a back seat that is very roomy.

I am only 5 foot tall and have some difficulty getting into the truck as it is a 4x4. The truck itself is good running and tows well behind our rd. Because it is white it does not get as hot inside as a dark color exterior vehicle.

- Emily F

Large display screen for backup camera

Rides smoothly for a 2500. Haven't had any issues with it mechanically. There are a few recalls out that will need to be addressed one. Favorite feature is the large screen for the back up camera.

- Tjj S

The gas is expensive and goes quick.

My husband is over 6ft tall. This truck has a ton of space & he actually fits comfortably. We have a daughter and she plus all of her things travels well.

- Ashley C

It's heavy duty. It can pull our trailer and we can haul large objects.

I like that it can do what we need to use it for. I like that there is plenty of legroom for 6 adults. I don't like how rough the ride is.

- Marguerite F

It is well built and comfortable!

I love the overall look inside and out of the vehicle. Very comfortable seats and lots of storage space! No complaints about it!

- Susan C

Heavy duty and great in the snow and for towing.

Great looking. Reliable and durable. Downfall is the amount of gas it takes. Occasional electrical problems encountered too.

- Brittany Y

Reliable and able to tow with no issues.

I like the comfort of the interior and the height and power for towing. Would like to have bluetooth.

- Carmen P

The lifetime warranty option is phenomenal! I purchased the lifetime warranty option and could not be happier!

I love my truck! The engine is great! The interior is perfect! I am a Dodge owner for life now!

- Kyle O

My dodge is one of these best and most dependable truck I ever own not including their pure power that it has

The pure power reliability and smooth ride and the looks and sleek lines it has

- James R

I like how durable it feels. I love the mega cab back seat. I love the a/c seats. No complaints.

How roomy the inside is and how it has latch connectors in all back seats.

- Lindsey D

Engine trouble. Good thing warranty on it. Knocking sound lifters probably bad

Pulling power great. Gas mileage not great. Engine trouble

- Hilary C

It's not easy to stop when I'm towing

It is a strong truck. Capable of pulling my 13k lb trailer

- Greg A

high speed noises are almost sleep inducing and the tires wear quickly

Transmission noise and the horrible service at the dealer

- mike d

Towing Capacity so I can tow my camper

I like the towing capacity and it fits my family.

- Bob G