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The best little compact car from Toyota!

This scion xa is a great car that I carefully chosen over other small compact hatchbacks. It has more cargo room than the others- and when I put the seats down it is like a mini station wagon! It does not have the fastest pick up, but I have the manual transmission model. It handles very well - except it is so light weight despite good all terrain tires, it's a good idea to put some weight in the back during snow storms. I am a very petite woman ( 5'0") so the size of this car is perfect for me - very comfortable. I can move the seat up as close as needed. However, my 6'0" son likes it too - enough leg room for him as a driver or passenger.

- Suzette K

Safe and reliable vehicle with low to no maintenance (besides the basic care of a vehicle)

It gets 38 miles to the gallon, it's quiet, reliable, only two maintenance issues that I have and these have only occured in the past three years. The car is almost 14 years old. A little over a year ago the fan has started spinning off balance. I had it fixed and it started again a year later - I think that was the shop's fault. Hasn't happened since. The other issue has been about 3 years - just age on the car - having to replace my spark plugs every year. The car is much roomier than it looks. I love it!

- Brande S

World's happiest Scion owner! I will drive my car until I can't drive!

I bought my care brand new and have only had to take it to the shop twice. Once was a muffler issue and then a battery issue. I maintain it well with oil changes and new tires, but have never had a problem with it. I will drive that car until my dying day. Not to mention the great gas mileage and it only costs about $20 to fill the tank.

- Melissa R

Scion manual sips the gas!

The Scion is a really cute little car. It's very sharp, and always gets attention. It's also super great on gas! We did end up going with a reduced tire and rim size to help cut down on road noise, but the 17' tires were really attractive on the car. Shifting is smooth, although it sometimes seems the car would love to have a 6th gear.

- Dar S

A great 4 door awesome gas mileage little car

It is great on gas. Having the 4 doors and hatch make it great for loading and unloading. It is very hard to put in and take out carseats. It is not a good car if you have small children. The problems I've had are the o2 sensors and the starter. If you live in a state that put salt on the roads this car will rust fast.

- Amanda D

Great MPG, random timing belt problem

I really like my Scion. It's extremely fuel-efficient, it gets 40 MPG. It's not as small as you might think, I have decent trunk and passenger space. Only problem I find is that I had to get the timing belts changed a couple times and it seemed like a problem that kept popping up.

- Dalton D

Truly recommended to have it.

Excellent vehicle, spends little gasoline and travels great distances. Large load capacity. You can knock down the rear seats and have more space. It is a very economical car. I use it to work and for pleasure, it is a pity that they have discontinued it. Just, I love it.

- Manuel L

Gauges not behind steering wheel. . . In center of dash. . . More legible.

It is 13 years old and I still love it. I like the fact of the gauges being in the center of the dash instead of behind steering wheel. And it gets good gas mileage. It also has fold down seats, where I have hauled twin mattresses, a generator, and other large items.

- Di R

Economic, fun little car.

It's a fun little car which seems to last forever. It is very reliable but too small. I don't feel as safe in it as I do with larger cars. The performance is adequate, it is totally reliable, barely comfortable now as it is too small and 'features' are minimal.

- Kurt O

Scion xa is a reliable, economical car and I recommend it completely.

My xa has been 100% reliable, is very comfortable, fun to drive and most importantly it is economical on gas. It is small, but has sufficient power. The main problem it has is that water sometimes collects in the spare-tire space in the trunk when it rains.

- Martin K

My car keeps going and going and going! I love the energy of my car!

My car is a runner! I've had it for 4 years and she going on over 150,000 miles and she just keeps going! She is very good on gas. I can get about 400 miles per tank. And that is awesome because I live so far away from work. I do wish it were bigger though.

- Elizabeth M

It's a simple car without all the bells and whistles of most cars. But it does have air conditioning and power windows.

I like the fact that it was cheap and we didn't need to 'dicker' on the price. I did like the low gas mileage but it has gotten worse with time. I do like that it has been relatively maintenance-free but we drive very few miles which is a factor.

- Nancy S

2005 Scion xA Reliability, longevity, and performance

my Scion xA is very reliable... I've had it for 13+ years and it has only needed routine maintenance. It has great gas mileage... I'm still getting ~35 mpg. Mine is a standard transmission which gives it a lot of zip.

- Angelo D

This car is tiny! Not much leg room in the back or space to carry much.

Very basic car. Dependable and great gas mileage. No frills, gets you from a-z. Pretty comfortable for what it is. All issues I have had are related to the car being 14 years old with nearly 250,000 miles.

- Suzi A

Don't buy one because undercarriage rusts easily and pretty quick before the car even reached 100000 miles pathetic

I like how roomie it is for a small car,the gas mileage is great,but the instrument panel is a pain,it's doesn't have much get up and go and the undercarriage rusted quicker then everything else

- Charmain B

Dependable- I have had no mechanical problems!.

I like the gallons per mile for my car. It does not cost me a huge amount to fill up. I do not like the leg space in the back. I wish the passengers had more leg room back there.

- Jessica H

Scion XA has Great Gas Mileage & Has Room to Spare

I love the Hatch back, it is great for transporting stuff with the back seats folded down. It is also a four door so I have transport up to 4 additional people very versatile

- Ann H

There is more than meets the eye with this car.

I have never had any problem with my car it runs great and it is great on gas. The only thing you need to keep an eye on is your air filter they tend to get clogged easily.

- Cynthia B

The hatchback makes life so much easier.

I like that it is a hatchback, easy loading and unloading, but it's so small that I am afraid people don't always see me. It is also hard to see around bigger vehicles.

- Miranda h

Best car made for a single mom.

I can park anywhere. I have 4 doors. Easy to get in & out. Back seats lay down so I can load the car up. Love the hatch back. Wish engine had a little more pick up.

- Ellen F

The vehicle is small but not too cramped. It's a hatchback, which is useful for traveling

The car has been very reliable. It has survived several cross-country trips. The only problem is that it often squeaks in the cold or when the A/C is running

- Lauren O

It has had no major malfunctions in the years I have owned it.

I love that it is compact and fuel efficient. It has needed no major repairs in over a decade of ownership. I wish it had manual rather than power windows.

- Alison W

Its amazing and nice and good.

My scion is in perfect conditions will a little old but it still works good just the gas and air waste fast but besides that its still in good conditions.

- Jackie V

it is a dependable car. very low maintenance costs.

it is a very small car, so easy to drive and park. ride is very stiff. gas mileage is okay, but not great. it has been very dependable all these years.

- wilfred W

It is the perfect city car. Park it anywhere. Excellent gas mileage.

It is the perfect city car. It is easy to park, gets good gas mileage, and it doesn't matter if it makes occasional contact when parallel parking.

- James A

It's a small compact car, with good gas mileage and easy to drive.

It's too small for my family. It gets good gas mileage, It's easy to drive, find parking spaces. It needs work.

- chris h

Reliable, easy to drive/park.

Small, compact car, easy to drive & park. Good gas mileage, dependable, low maintenance.

- Neal R

It is reliable and and doesn't require much maintenance.

I like the size and the shape. I do not have any complaints about this car

- sheila s

It's small and compact! it is easy to park anywhere.

I LIKE SHAPE AND SIZE! It is enough size for me. But I want more


Get mileage and very dependable Great size for a lot of things

The size The gas milage The room in it The color The style

- Jimmy W

its small and hard to see in heavy traffic but it gets around real well

good on gas good with matentance drives real smoothly

- terry h