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Extremely reliable, comfortable and large like some of the SUVs on the road.

Sturdy, dependable and exceptionally convenient. The back area where a trunk would be, is large enough to carry multiple things. I have leather seats that have withstood two big dogs with no damage to the leather at all. The front has extra lights, and many cubbies for maps or menus, for take-out, places for change and whatnot. It runs wonderfully even with over 130, 000 miles. There is a roof rack that is built in and great for transporting large objects. It has served me well and I would not hesitate to buy another I am told by mechanics, I can easily get over 200, 000 miles, which I look forward to.

- Ann B

2002 Subaru Forester: the good, the bad & the ugly.

It is an older car so issues are expected. I had it about a year and had to replace the engine when the car had about 180, 000 miles. The a/c stopped working shortly thereafter. Now, there is a horrid smell or burning oil but when one checks the oil, the level is normal; I had the oil changed and the issue persists. No one can diagnose it. I no longer drive more than a few miles from home. However, the car is a champ in the winter. The AWD is excellent and the heated seats are wonderful and heat up very quickly. The back seat folds down easily, making plenty of space for my huge dogs.

- Maria K

2002 Subaru forester review.

The Subaru forester is a pretty good SUV. It is one of few models in the class that features standard all-wheel drive, yet it still achieves good fuel economy. The forester also boasts excellent cargo space and plenty of rear legroom, both of which are standouts in the compact SUV class. There are some downsides to the forester, though. It has plenty of driver assistance features, but it lacks the modern infotainment technology of some rivals. Additionally, other competing crossovers have better handling. Still, the forester should suffice for most daily driving duties.

- John W

Subaru forester burns oil.

I love my Subaru forester. The all wheel drive system is amazing. I can plow through snow that most people cannot handle in a truck. The interior is super nice. I have the model s which has heated seats, leather interior, and a massive moonroof. My only qualms with the car are dealing with the engine. My car is over 200, 000 miles so that definitely plays a part in it but it burns oil and has had a few minor electrical issues because of it. I bout it used so my guess is it is just had a long hard life. Overall I think Subaru’s are tough, high quality vehicles.

- Nathan R

It supports my needs for hauling things & friends.

It's been reliable throughout the time I've owned it & I appreciate the space I have within it to move people and things without being a gas guzzler. When It's need to be fixed in a major way (like that time I lost my transmission) the Subaru dealership in that area has been SUPER helpful and offered amazing deals to support me as an honor (like giving me a brand new transmission for $100 2 days after my warranty expired.) I enjoy driving it even as it is getting older and older because it serves my lifestyle needs as an artist, educator, and dog owner.

- Stacy I

Buy it. You will not be sorry.

The vehicle performs well with routine maintenance, is very reliable, maneuverability is excellent, gets 21 mpg city driving and 29 mpg on freeway. I have had this vehicle for 17 years. It is a very comfortable vehicle both for driver and passenger. AWD handles very well in various severe weather conditions. Cargo compartment is roomy and with the added ability to fold down the back seat, it allows even greater options for transporting large items.

- Cathy G

Good value- but not like they used to be.

I like the size and the value of our Subaru with the following exceptions: we have the manual transmission which can be a bit gutless, we had to completely replace the clutch before the second year of ownership, the model burns through oil and needs far more maintenance than we expected. We like the legroom for back seat passengers as well as the options for all wheel drive.

- Amanda M

Has a lot of space for luggage and camping gear. Runs and shifts gear smooth.

I drive a Subaru Forester 2002 I drive it everyday. I replaced the timing belt on the Subaru when I first got it. The only issue I have with it is the sunroof window motor does not work at the moment. I have replaced the axle and brake calipers pretty simple and straightforward with that. Not so many problem I do cheek my oils and etc..

- Dimitri M

Subarus are, the can do car!

Reliability is the biggest factor. This car goes and goes. I have also had a Subaru outback and the Forester does better in the snow. The timing belt/head gasket replacement at 100k is a drawback of Subaru's - it is an expensive piece of maintenance but if you take care of these vehicles, they will take care of you.

- Dee M

Great car good mileage very low service calls.

Have had no problems with this car it have the oil changed on a set schedule and all fluids checked at that time as well as tires the car does very well on gas. Get good mileage and generally runs good if I was to buy a new car I would choose Subaru again since I have had no problems with this at all.

- Cecilia L

I believe it to be more environmentally sound than a lot of the other vehicles on the market today.

I like the smooth ride, the way it handles in a variety of weather conditions, the oversized sunroof, the glare-minimizing mirrors, the heated seats and the number of airbags to name a few of the items I like about the car. The only dislike about the car is that it could get better gas mileage.

- MV A

Reliability and comfort. Makes me feel safe.

All wheel drive makes me feel safe in the winter snow. Car is reliable it is roomy and comfortable. It is still running well. Have not had to have too much work done on it. Replaced exhaust last year. I also like ha having the cargo space. The car always starts easily even in the cold.

- Trix N

Older silver Subaru going strong.

My vehicle is comfortable and has a lot of storage. Despite it being sixteen years old it has not had any significant issues. I have had problems with the starter and wheel bearings. When I replace this vehicle I plan to buy another Subaru, and likely the same model or one similar.

- Leticia K

192 thousand miles and still kicking (20 thousand miles ago rebuilt engine).

For being an 02 with 192k miles (the engine was rebuilt 20k miles ago), it is a fantastic ride. It is frame is still solid after 16 years, and it is all wheel drive is amazing for the winter. As long as you take good care of the maintenance, this care will last you forever.

- Kelsey J

It's a great car, I love it.

There always is the check light engine on, but not a lot of problems except for some rattling. I have gotten the belts stretched and that helped the rattling but other than that, I have gotten in a few accidents with it and it doesn't make dents. All in all I love my car.

- Allison F

This is my favorite car ever!

It is all wheel drive all the time. It gets good gas mileage. It is fun to drive. It has a lot of cargo space. It is safe and reliable. It has never needed very many repairs. It is comfortable and f. Good in the snow. It has a very useful roof rack. I really like it.

- Tricia S

Although it's built on a subcompact platform, it has more ground clearance than some of my friends' 4x4s

Although it's old and beginning to show its age (a number of the electronic components such as the auto-dimming mirror and compass have failed) my car is still reliable and fairly easy to maintain. Repair cost is minimal and maintenance easy to do, often by myself.

- Jim J

My great Subaru forester. It handles the snow very well and always starts up.

My Subaru forester is very roomy. It drives well during the snow. The seats are very comfortable. I about 19 miles per gallon. I have a constant leak of antifreeze and have to constantly fill it up since I have not been able to get one to find out what the real is.

- Gloria V

Still going strong after 16 years.

My car is 16 years old and still going strong. Sure, I have repairs every few years, but at its core it is a well made, hardy car. Tons of space, good engine, and still handles fairly well even now. I feel very safe driving my car. Would buy again in a heartbeat!

- Kate H

I love my car my car my car my car my car my car my car my car.

It is getting old, but still is a great car. But there are some dings, and of course the CD player with tape deck is a little outdated. Would be nice to have some Bluetooth capability. Other than that, I love my Subaru. Love, it is what makes a Subaru a Subaru.

- Pearl D

Foresters are very reliable!

I really enjoy my Forester. In gets excellent gas mileage, is a smooth ride, and is extremely reliable. With cloth seats, it's easy to clean if it gets dirty. The large trunk area and fold down seats make road trips easier to ensure everything is packed.

- Holly H

The car runs very smoothly and the turbo feature doesn't jolt the car around.

The car sits fairly well above the ground, unlike our old one. It also has a turbo feature, which is really nice. The car has had a few problems though, but what do you expect from a used car? They were fairly easy and not overly expensive to fix.

- Kaitlyn C

Rust is always a problem for snowbound states, and this car is no different. Subaru did a great job of preventing the body from rusting but the undercarriage is still susceptible and has built up a layer.

My Subaru has been well used, now at 100K+ miles. Being 16 years old it lacks many of today's features but is a comfortable ride and great for road trips. Biggest problem was a computer glitch, which once fixed never recurred.

- Diane L

It is very safe and reliable.

I like that my car is reliable and I can go on trips with no problems and it can carry a lot of things. I do not like how it is not fast and has a hard time going up very steep hills. I wish they had made it with more power.

- Molly F

Subaru 2002 Forester is a reliable and affordable A to B driver.

My 2002 Subaru is well equipped with nice fabric seats, air conditioning, powered steering, and all wheel drive. The drive is smooth, the mileage is practical, and the space inside the vehicle is comfortable.

- Evan H

The Subaru forester is a great car for people who like to go outdoors.

I like that it is reliable and is capable of adventuring around Washington. I also like that it has enough space for all my activities. The only thing I have an issue with is the gas mileage is pretty low.

- Kelly L

The hauling capacity can fit almost the same amount as a truck bed.

My car is 16 years old and still looks and runs beautifully. It is reliable and has the ability to haul large furniture or household items. The durability and performance of my car promotes brand loyalty.

- Lyn M

Old Subaru is still reliable.

It was bought used, so there have been some issues with the engine. I like that there is a lot of space in the back for my dogs. Since it's pretty old, it sometimes struggles getting over hills.

- Amalia F

I love the way my car handles on the road. It has a sunroof which I use most of the time. Great car!!

Great vehicle for my local roads in the country. AWD is a must. Love the way it handles. Good gas mileage. Dislike that it is hard to fill as the pump shuts off numerous time, strange quirk.

- Laura B

The Subaru Forester is perfect for a family with children.

I love the space in my car, it easily accommodates my family and I. I feel very safe in this car. Driving this car is good all year round and it's very reliable .

- Kristen M

People should consider purchasing a Subaru for a safe reliable vehicle.

This vehicle is great. Very few problems. Works great in winter and some off-road. Only thing is can't turn off check engine light, but cannot find anything wrong.

- Barry S

It is reliable and lasts many years throughout all seasons.

My car drives very well and has lasted a long time. My only complaints are that I do not have working AC in my car currently and I do not have a built in AUX cord.

- Valentin A

If you change the oil every 3000 miles, this vehicle will last a very long time.

My vehicle requires very little maintenance. My vehicle is maneuverable in bad weather. My vehicle gets acceptable gas mileage and can haul a lot of gear.

- Samantha M

It is a cheap car, but compared to others, it can handle just about anything.

I like how much storage I have, without it being a bulky car. I do not like how often I have had issues with it, but it's because it is an old used car.

- Moira W

The 2002 Subaru Forester is rated very high in crash tests. And the car is very versatile in the snow and off road...but not too off road.

I love the crash test rating and the ability to fold down the seats and haul large objects. What I don't like is the small back seat. No leg space!

- Carol C

Safest vehicle, with rear backup camera, right turn camera, lane assist.

I like that it is all wheel drive. I do with that there was more room for the car seats in the back, but that has been dealt with in newer models.

- Alison Y

She's a reliable and roomy car great for adventures.

My vehicle drives smoothly and gets me where I need to go. It also gets great gas mileage for how old it is. It also has bumping speakers.

- Jacob E

It's very durable. Mine has close to 200k miles on it and it is still going. It feels like it is indestructible. I have complete confidence that my and my kids will be safe if we were to have an accident in my car.

I got it very used, but I love driving it still. The handling and ruggedness are amazing. In the winter driving is so much easier.

- Rebekah R

Few repairs needed. I am at 317000 miles and it is still running smoothly!

I love the high mileage with few repairs needed. It also has great visibility with few blind spots. Only dislike is no CD player.

- Teresa H

It is my favorite vehicle of all the vehicles I have owned.

My forester is a well thought out vehicle. Everything is where it should be with lots of little features that just make it work.

- April P

It is a very safe car and good in the snow.

It is reliable. Gets good gas mileage. Has a lot of cargo space. It has all wheel drive. It is a nice color. It is a safe car.

- Tricia N

It is safe for our children and isnt expensive on gas.

I love that it has a nice calm ride and it is safe for our family. We bought it used but have had only minor fixes to make.

- Tara H

It is good for the winter. You have good control of the car during bad weather. Good wheel driving. It is a well built car that looks nice!

It has low gas mileage. I want a car that has good gas miles but the car is good in the snow. It lasts a long time.


It came with a great warranty.

Great gas mileage.. Hate how there is no tint on the windows.. Last long.. Built well.. Floor Mats move to easily.

- Amanda C

RELIABILITY, stability and peace of mind that I have a safe vehicle

Roomy, comfortable entering and getting out of. Excellent visibility, 4 wheel drive and good gas mileage. RELIABLE

- philip k

I have nothing to say nnmnm

Good car good on gas comfort to ride in very low o Mariana not to much goes wrong with have nothing more to said

- Mary P

The engine makes an incredibly loud noise and there's something hanging down from it but that's not a knock on the brand it's just old.

The Subaru could last forever. Bought it used last year and it still runs even with Its myriad of wear problems.

- Daniel D

Subarus last forever if you treat them right. They're easy and cheap to maintain.

It's a great car! I love that it has 4wd and safety features but isn't overloaded with crazy electronic gadgets.

- Erika B

It is rated very highly for safety and reliability.

It is very reliable and handles well. It gets pretty good gas mileage. It is very roomy and fun to drive.

- Anne M

its red and i love it. its very spacious unlike newer cars

i like the space. its roomy and i can move around in it. it rides gently and good on country terrain.

- Anthony W

That it is safe to drive and will go in any weather

I like that it is cheap on gas. I like that it has plenty of room. I like that it is all wheel drive.

- eddie i

It's a Subaru they last forever! They are built very well.

Love the car. It's great for hauling lots of stuff. Just wish I could have gotten a bit newer model.

- Courtney S

The timing belt has to be done at 100 thousand miles. Failure is catastrophic

The fuel economy is average but better than a truck. The down side is the 4 speed automatic.

- Jon H

It gets me from point A to point B. It rarely needs repairs.

It is reliable. It is comfortable to drive. Cup holders are near the air conditioning vent.

- Gail p

It doesn't get up to speed on the freeway very fast, give plenty of time to merge.

love that it is reliable and easy to drive, wish that it had more power going up hills.

- Laina R

It rides great, it is comfortable and as the ads say, it is dog tested. Don't like that there is hardly any room in the back, but I guess the newer ones have more room in the back

It is gold and its name is Sam. All the windows work. The care is comfortable

- lyn r

Very fun to drive and easy on gas

Very fun to drive. Will go anywhere on road or off road. Easy on gas

- Marilyn C

Safe and reliable manufacturer. Love the all wheel drive

Love it's durability. It's getting old. I need to make some repairs.

- Chris V