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A reliable car for over a decade.

2003 Subaru Forester

I live in the state of ds and I need a vehicle that can be driven in changing weather. I love my Subaru Forester because it gets good gas mileage, and is rugged enough for the harsh south Dakota winters on ice and in snow. It is four wheel drive and is great to drive, comfortable, smooth handling and extremely reliable. I bought it brand new in 2004 and it has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It has over 129, 000 miles on it and I never had to get any work done on it until it hit over 100, 000 miles. It is been a great vehicle. In a few years I will buy a brand new car and it most likely will be another Subaru. The dealership is great. Maintenance is great. It is a reasonably priced vehicle that fits my budget. It is been paid off for 9 years and I love having no car payments. It is roomy and is perfect when I transport my crafts for craft shows.

- Michele S

Nothing I haven't told you …. I love this car.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love my car, I love everything about it. . The size is just right it has 4 doors which is great and I love and it's all wheel drive. . . Goes great in the winter time. . Use it first before the blazer that we have also. . . Gas mileage is not all that bad either. We bought this used back in 2011 I think it was and has been great all of this time. . . The only thing I do not like about it is the engine light is on. The last Subaru we had did the same thing worried about it all the time was often told not too but we ended up having to have engine trouble so got rid of it. . . Now this one is lite and it has been quite a while showing the engine light but we haven't done a thing to it to get it to go out beings we had that trouble with the last car. It's still running good and its 15 years old. .

- Carla S

Subaru Forester: The Way to Get Around Just Got Easier!

2003 Subaru Forester X

The Subaru Forester 2000-decade series is a comfortable, reliable, easy-to-use and drive automobile. With plenty of room for storage on family trips, or when taking items to be recycled or moved, your vehicle provides the room and convenience for your task at hand. There is the folding bucket seats in the back for this extra cargo space, as well as the moon roof rack for tying items down needed on family trips. There's a 6-disc CD player, radio, air conditioning, adjustable seats for the driver and side passenger assuring ride comfort for miles. As long as you follow your maintenance plan, you'll be good to go wherever you go with the Subaru Forester!

- Brett K

Subaru Forester, great value, performance and long lasting

2003 Subaru Forester XS

I have had the Subaru Forester XS for 17 years and it has been a great car to drive. It has manual transmission, security system, audio 6 CD sound system and a huge sunroof that opens all the way. It has over 155000 miles and have not have a major issue or recall except for clutch replacement. The car handles great on all road conditions and is a joy to drive. The only downsides are the bucket seats are designed for skinny people, have to use a cushion on longer drives for comfort and there is no port to plug in an external device like a smartphone into the sound system. Otherwise it is a great car and my next car will be a Subaru.

- Robert W

Reliable winter ready transportation.

2003 Subaru Forester

All wheel drive is very helpful in winter weather. I also have a small sailboat that is trailerable with this car. I find the lift gate hatchback is helpful for loading groceries or hardware store items. I also love the roof rack options available through Subaru products or after- market items. My vehicle is about 15 years old so some repairs have to be expected but I have been told by mechanics that Subaru's in general burn or leak oil. I have had to repair this issue but in general find it to be reliable transportation. Love it and would strongly recommend it.

- Tom F

Shut off electronics, jump in Our Subaru. Time for a fun family trip.

2003 Subaru Forester X

This is the fifth Subaru I've owned. It's a perfect vehicle for my family. All have been wagons and manual transmission. I love the space. The hatch back allows ample storage for all our summer needs. I keep several bags, so we can jump in our car and head out for an adventure. Swimming, fishing, hiking or having a light picnic. Interior space is great having both leg space and elbow room with 5 passengers. The all wheel drive had kept us safe thru snowy Winters and rough forgotten back roads. Reliable engine and decent gas mileage, I won't own any other vehicle

- Jennifer B

Love my old Subaru Forester.

2003 Subaru Forester

This Subaru is a really dependable vehicle. Just like any older vehicle it needs a little bit of tlc and some stuff has needed to be replaced. The exhaust system is a little old, so people can hear me coming from a mile or so away. The rotors and brake pads are also fairly worn, but those are easy to replace. The head gasket and rotator belt have also been replaced. As I understand it, these are both parts that need to be replaced on older Subarus. Other then all of these things, I love my Forester. It is got good gas mileage, maneuverability, and it is tough.

- Izzy M

Great car for families and winter.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love this car. It performs well, and has stood the test of time. It is a great family vehicle with plenty of room for everything and everyone that I need to haul around. I live in an area with fairly substantial winters, and I have yet to get this car stuck. It makes it up our steep driveway in snow and ice with no problems. The handling is great as well- this car turns on a dime and gives you a nickel's change. Of course, my favorite features are the heated seats and six disc CD changer. All in all, I would definitely recommend this car.

- Jessica A

Subaru forester: big enough for all your boys and their toys.

2003 Subaru Forester

I totally love this car! It is the second forester that I have owned. It has been big enough to transport my children through the years as they have grown. I have enough storage in the back to carry all the sports gear that they may need to have with them. I can get my grandson's car seat in it with no problems. I have had no real problems with reliability or performance. I have driven it through 2 feet of snow when others thought they were going to have to come dig me out. I have had no problems with this vehicle.

- Pam M

Highly recommend this car. I will be getting another one.

2003 Subaru Forester

I have not had any problems so far with my Subaru forester. Power windows and power locks work great. The front seats are very roomy. The back seat hold both car seats and my 9 year old with room to spare. The trunk is big. The back seats also lay down to expand the trunk. Even though it does not have 4x4 I have had no trouble getting where I need to go. The only thing I don't like is that the cup holder in the front sits in front of the heat vents. Drinks get hot very fast.

- Amy B

Subaru Forester XS Dream!

2003 Subaru Forester XS

The wagon features heated seating in the front drivers side and passengers side. It also has a sunroof. There are many issues once you hit over 250,000 miles. Catalytic converters and batteries as well as alternators and other aspects of the car will need to be replaced. The AC leaks. The window motors will stop working after a while. It's expensive to fix most things with a Subaru because it is a foreign vehicle. It is very spacious and that is one reason I use it so much.

- Laura L

Review for a 2004 Subaru Forester

2003 Subaru Forester

My 2004 Subaru Forester is the typical Subaru when it comes to gas it's great! However, it comes with its own set of undesirables at the same time. The ride is quite noisy and bumpy, and don't expect anything updated about this vehicle in the technology department (it's a 2004, so...yeah). Overall, I would recommend it as a great starting vehicle for a youngster such as myself, but don't make this your forever vehicle. Strive for something better in the long term! :)

- Austin M

Subaru's are, easily, the most dependable cars we have ever owned.

2003 Subaru Forester

Certainly no complaints at all. We've had Subarus as our vehicles for several years now. This is in fact our third Forester alone. We find it to be the perfect size, not overly large but just large enough for our stop at Lowe's for building supplies. The gas mileage has always been excellent and parts availability for repairs is never an issue. It rides smoothly and is very comfortable. We wouldn't trade it for any other vehicle. Always reliable and dependable!

- Eric F

Great little all-around vehicle with a fair number of miles, and a lot of miles yet to go.

2003 Subaru Forester

I like the tailgate access and the amount of stuff you can fit when you fold down the seats. The all wheel drive is great in the snow, and it just rides comfortably for short or long drives. I just wish it didn't have a damaged fender from a hit and run accident! And if I could have found it at the time, the heated seat option would have been nice too. It used to have more wind noise until we fixed the window seal, and now that's a lot better.

- Erica D

The 04 Subaru that will not die.

2003 Subaru Forester X

Reliability -9. Fuel economy -5. Safety-8. Comfort-7. Non-turbo. No problems so far. It has 208000 miles and is regularly maintained. Oil is a must change every 4000 miles with synthetic. There is an annoying rattle fro. The catalytic converter heat shield but that is a easy fix. The screw usually rot off and there starts the rattle. Just wish it had better gas mileage because the constant all wheel drive chews gas.

- David W

My vehicle is an all wheel drive, adventure car.

2003 Subaru Forester

Some of the problems include; shaking when the car gets over 50 mph and currently the breaks need to be replaced, but I am getting that looked at soon. I love the size of my car. It is as big as an Sudan but has extra room because of the hatchback feature. I enjoy the adventure look of my car and the reliability of the brand. If the engine ever give out on this vehicle I will just replace the motor.

- Sam A

All wheel drive Subaru forester.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love my Subaru forester because of its great dependability. It has symmetrical all wheel drive, has good gas mileage, and a lot of cargo space. The other two Subaru’s that I own are smaller passenger cars equipped with a turbo charger, these cars are a lot of fun! (no matter the season, because of the great AWD!) Subaru is a wonderful company and the community of owners is even better.

- Amber S

I love my Subaru. Great family or work vehicle.

2003 Subaru Forester XS

Great car for being sixteen years old. Green/gold. 4 door. Power windows. Power mirror. Am/FM. CD player. Cassette player. Lumbar spine support in driver seat. Hatchback w/ spacious rear great to work out of, carrying lots of groceries, or luggage for family vacation. Rear seats fold down for additional space. Compared to more modern vehicles gas mileage is below average.

- David G

2003 Subaru Forester: You get more than you pay for

2003 Subaru Forester X

At one point, I'm sure my Subaru performed really well on the road, as well as off of it. Now in it's 16th year, the quality of it has obviously deteriorated, yet I still very much enjoy driving it and it has been very reliable. Compared to older cars I've had in the past, this one has needed repairs sparsely. I see myself driving it for at least a few more years.

- Andrew C

Love my older Subaru and it is dependability.

2003 Subaru Forester XS

I love this car, it has over 175,000 miles and drives like a dream. I do have a small oil leak, but nothing that cannot be fixed fairly inexpensively. I can take it anywhere - I take my kids all around town, also out of town skiing, and on the mountain fishing and camping. My subi goes pretty much wherever I want it to, the all wheel drive really works well.

- Tamara K

I love my Subaru true blue.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love my forester my husband drives for work. It is great on gas comfortable runs great. Last hunting season we used our Subaru. It went everywhere we wanted drove up hills over downed limbs off trees. I love the color. We have had to replace the air conditioners Freon it was very easy. I definitely recommend buying a Subaru I plan to buy another.

- Honey R

16 years old and still running great

2003 Subaru Forester XS

My car has had typical issues of any car that is now 16 years old but it still works so great. It is super cheap but issues should be expected. There is so much room and its gotten a ton and I mean a ton of miles on it and still goes. I have been so grateful for my Subaru although even the letters are falling off the back of my car.

- McKinley B

She's fun to drive, reliable, and shows good stewardship

2003 Subaru Forester

I LOVE my Subie! She has performed well for over 14 years. She still looks pretty good, too, even though her white finish shows every ding. But I have to admit I'm looking for a new Subie, because my baby--the White Tornado--is starting to need the more expensive maintenance and repair stuff. She'll always have a place in my heart.

- JR S

I get amazing mileage, tons of space, and all wheel drive to get where we are going!

2003 Subaru Forester

I love my Subaru! It gets me safely where I need to go and living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that is a necessity. THe seats fold down, there are car seat locks for newer seats. It has a cd player and multiple storage areas for anything you need to always have on you. I definitely recommend subaru to anyone and everyone!

- Jenn M

Good, solid vehicle for everyday use

2003 Subaru Forester XS

Car is comfortable. Gives me a good view of the road. Feel safe driving it. Decent gas mileage. Power windows and doors. Rear window wiper blade and defroster. Rear seats fold down for easy loading. Has power outlets in the back. Air conditioning and heat work well. Had to replace one of the tube for front windshield washers.

- Jessica A

Good working car. Normal wear and tear. Strong engine. Good mileage. Reliable.

2003 Subaru Forester

No problems, good working car. Normal wear and tear. Strong engine. Good mileage. All wheel drive. Reliable. Dependable. Will take you to wherever you want to go. No problems, good working car. Normal wear and tear. Strong engine. Good mileage. All wheel drive. Reliable. Dependable. Will take you to wherever you want to go.

- Julia C

The sunroof is super large and it is like you are outside.

2003 Subaru Forester XS

The Forrester is reliable, comfortable and safe. It performs well in snow, rain and windy conditions. During the sub-zero weather months it starts up, runs well and the heat is amazing. The only problem I have had is the wind noise near the windows due to old age and the mirrors which, I believe Subaru has since fixed.

- Shell J

Provides exceptional gas conservation in both short and long distance trips.

2003 Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester provides excellent gas mileage. Reliable with low maintenance. Features theft protection and comfortable seating. There is sufficient space for storage behind passengers while providing spacious seating for all 4 passengers. Head gasket has blown which is common for this make and model of Subaru's.

- Alyssa L

I love my Forester, it is cool.

2003 Subaru Forester

It is a jack of all trades car. With the all wheel drive, manual transmission, turbo charged engine, extended high cab, and spacey trunk, it really does pretty much anything you need it to. It was a hand me down from my dad and the car I learned to drive manual on, so there's a built in love for the car.

- Nicholas W

It�s been great since the engine was replaced

2003 Subaru Forester XS

My car is, for the most part, incredibly reliable. The engine was recently replaced and it has performed wonderfully since. However, it seems my airbag is inconsistent, as the light for it flashes on and off regularly. I like the availability of space in my car and the leather seats are very comfortable.

- Lee N

the Simple but sturdy Subaru

2003 Subaru Forester X

The Subaru Forester is very reliable, has decent gas mileage, and can fit a surprising amount of stuff. We have not had many problems with ours and it seems to be a sturdy car good for road trips. It's a fairly simple car, and there are definitely ones with higher performance, but again it seems sturdy.

- Anon L

It looks good and very reliable and all wheel drive!

2003 Subaru Forester XS

I love it! Only complaint is it's hard to get in back seat! Also trim for front windows don't keep air out very good! Great for driving long distance and very comfortable. Also great driving in rain , snow. Is fantastic driving on winding roads up and down! My husband thought he was a race car driver.

- Kathryn M

One of my favorite things about this car is its ability to go anywhere! Snow, sunshine, rain. It has great visibility with all the windows. I have been able to load lots of things on the roof rack and it has been a useful tool for me and others.

2003 Subaru Forester

I bought this car from a friend who kept it immaculate, including regular oil changes and maintenance. I have had this car 5 years and have to do one major fix to it. it has hauled things, traveled long distances and the visibility in this car is phenomenal. I would buy a Subaru again for sure.

- Jill S

Older, yet very capable Subaru Forester.

2003 Subaru Forester

Even though it is an older model, I still love our Subaru. It rattles a little bit and the driver's side power window does not work, but I attribute all of this to the age of the car. I wish it had a little bit more horsepower, but it works well as a daily commuter. It has tons of cargo space.

- Justin M

A Chevy will last, good on gas and is roomy.

2003 Subaru Forester

My car is very dependable and has gotten through any situation it is been put in. It is getting up in age and mileage so it is taking a lot of oil and gas. There is a less than average amount of wear and tear on the body given it is age. For my new car I want a new model of the one I have now.

- Lillian J

Great car, solid engine, practical.

2003 Subaru Forester

Mostly reliable, head gasket problems are routine. It is not exciting but it will just keep getting you up and down the mountain problem. The engine definitely needs another gear and maybe even a little extra power but the car just works. All in all nothing too major to report for this car.

- Dustin A

This 2003 Subaru Forester XS runs well & drives well.

2003 Subaru Forester XS

The only complaint I have about my 2003 Subaru Forester is that it can often be a hassle to start when the temperature gets to be below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Other than that, it's a smooth ride, comfortable interior, easily moves through snow and mud, and is genuinely quite a nice vehicle.

- Christopher S

I cannot really summarize it... It is a really good family car!

2003 Subaru Forester

One thing my car does, it's a stick shift and sometimes it will die when downshifting to a lower gear. The sunroof no longer works for some reason. But it is actually a really good and reliable vehicle. The windows also do not go down right now so the motors seem to burn out pretty easily.

- Kourtney M

Great Car, O2 sensor issues

2003 Subaru Forester XS

The car Runs great and it gets good gas mileage as well. The brand does have a known issue with the o2 sensor going bad due to the location on the bottom of the undercarriage causing a check engine light and requiring a repair before it would pass my states emissions testing protocols.

- Edward R

Great features for a medium car.

2003 Subaru Forester X

We have replaced transmission, brakes, and many small items..The one thing that breaks a lot is the u-joint. I like the car it has enough room to carry all my crafts and tent to shows every weekend..It has a get up and go for a nice medium car. Mine is standard on the gears shift great.

- Rosella S

Very Reliable Subaru Forester 2003

2003 Subaru Forester X

The car is extremely reliable and drives smooth, easy, and strong. The only complaint is how the gasket around the windows doesn't seem to seal the wind out and when driving at over 40 mph the wind coming in makes a very loud sound. However, the car is affordable and very trustworthy.

- Ross E

It has an incredibly protective plastic �bra�.

2003 Subaru Forester X

It is incredibly spacious and durable. I'm able to hit curbs with abandon. I wish that I had a sunroof because my AC is a little slower than I'd like it to be. The stereo is perfectly Bassey. I wish there was a tape deck or an AV hook up, because Bluetooth hasn't been perfected yet.

- Sabrina C

Definitely best car for the money.

2003 Subaru Forester

Solid car, has won safety awards multiple years running. Handles well in all types of weather. I have had since 2002 and put less than $4, 000 in repairs and upkeep. As a short person I especially love the fact that the seat raises up! My next vehicle will definitely be a Subaru.

- Laura P

First family, starter vehicle.

2003 Subaru Forester XS

It's a great car, I am over 200,000 miles and its runs great. I am in need of new tires and struts right now. I have children, so it fits all three in the back seat. And I can still fit a stroller and groceries as well. The sunroof is one of the coolest features, it's pretty big.

- Audrey B

The trunk has great cover if you have stuff that you need to hide it.

2003 Subaru Forester XS

We had an issue with the daylight in the car. We didn't realize that they were on so it ran the battery out. Just make sure that you check that the light is off after you park. The seats are great. Very nice. Car runs great. Not the best on gas but it depends on where you go.

- Julia B

The most interesting thing is the auto changing rear view mirror. LOVE IT!!

2003 Subaru Forester

It is a very safe and reliable car. This model is pretty basic but still a awesome vehicle overall. Handles great in snow, rain due to the 4 wheel drive. The seats could be a little more comfortable with more cushion to them. I will not buy any other vehicle than a subaru.

- Sharil C

A vehicle that can get you from point a to point b while also being sporty.

2003 Subaru Forester XS

The long term build of this vehicle is amazing, these cars last for over 15 years. The gas mileage is great, and I love the fact that my car can handle any type of rugged terrain. I also love the storage space that my car has, because I can fit all of my large purchases.

- Kelsey C

Subaru forester '03-reliable and safe.

2003 Subaru Forester X

I love my car overall. Very reliable and safe, particularly in bad weather. Good speed and look as well. Also has heated seats and a plug-in for an auxiliary cord, which is very nice. Main issues are that it is old and has had recurrent transmission and a/c problems.

- Hannah M

Great car! Very sporty and family friendly. Great gas mileage and reliability.

2003 Subaru Forester XS

This car is the most reliable car I have ever been in. It is getting older in age but the quality is still great. I have put over 260,000 miles and still runs perfect. The inside is not too big or too small. I have two kids and they fit in the back seat comfortably.

- Mar T

It is super fast and very comfortable to drive in all weather conditions.

2003 Subaru Forester X

In love with this car. It is literally the most reliable comfortable fun car I have ever owned. It also rarely needs anything fixed and when it does need work it is very inexpensive and almost always a small not expensive easy fix. I recommend this car to anyone.

- Natalie J

Lasted for 15 years with little maintenance.

2003 Subaru Forester

Transmission / muffler system broke down after 15 years of use. Other than that it's a great car. It has great performance and has been reliable through the last 15 years. It is very comfortable. Good gas mileage. Stood up to three teens learning to drive in it.

- Ash M

Versatility and very dependable.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love driving our Subaru forester. It has been dependable and is very versatile. I am able to haul large items with the roomy hatchback compartment. It is stylish and serves all of our families needs. I am able to drive up our creek bed, and use it for camping.

- Sherry F

2003 Subaru Forester review

2003 Subaru Forester X

My car is a 2003 Subaru Forester, it's been my first car and it has held up really well. It's been through mud, snow, rain etc. yet still goes strong at over 170,000 miles. It still has a majority of its original parts and with that kind of mileage is great.

- Anna F

Drives great in the Colorado snow

2003 Subaru Forester XS

I really enjoy this car. It handles amazing in the snow. The symmetrical all wheel drive really helps stay on the road in snowy conditions. The only downside of this car is that it uses a lot of oil. I have to top it off about every other time I fill up.

- Kayla H

Runs very good and gets good gas mileage

2003 Subaru Forester XS

It runs very good. I only have to fill the tank about every two weeks and it cost me about 25.00 every two weeks to run. The ac will freeze you out during the summer and the heater will burn you out during the winter months. It only holds 18 gallons of gas

- Melissa Anne C

Subaru's are made for pets and people.

2003 Subaru Forester X

Find the Subaru forester a very great vehicle to drive in the winter time and is reliable. Well in the winter time and in the rainy season and great in the summertime. It allows me to travel with my animals safely and securely on route to and from home.

- Karin S

Our Subaru is a great asset to our busy schedules, we enjoy making short trips.

2003 Subaru Forester

Brakes, wheel bearings, the doors are not sealed, the moon roof is cracked from weather, we put new tires on after having the car a few months. The heater works well, we have heated seats and they warm up fast. Our stereo is CD player which works great.

- Angela C

Subarus Foresters are for life! They never die if you treat them right.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love my car! it's dependable and has very few maintenance issues. it's easy to repair and has low costs for any replacement parts. I love that it has 4wd and lots of safety features, but not a lot of the modern touchscreen junk found in newer cars.

- Erika B

I'm a Subaru driver for life

2003 Subaru Forester

My Subaru is extremely reliable! It's 15 years old and still looks cosmetically great. I love the heated seats and all wheel drive, that's my favorite about the car. And the built in weather band radio is great too. I hope to buy a new Subaru soon!

- Libby S

Forester-always gets you to where you are going.

2003 Subaru Forester

The forester provides an extremely comfortable drive. It handles great in the snow. There is ample space for packing for any kind of vacations or camping trips. I would not recommend driving in on the sand. It does not have enough ground clearance.

- Casey M

It does well driving in snow and other bad weather.

2003 Subaru Forester

It's very easy to drive and park, and gives us room to pack to travel. Our son's car seat is a little cramped in it, so it may become too small if/when we have another child. It's served my husband & I well during our first 5 years of marriage.

- Laura W

It is amazing. I love this car, so much.

2003 Subaru Forester

The Subaru has lasted forever. It now needs a new transmission. Although for 15 years of having it that seems pretty good. While there are other basic functionality problems such as difficulty to open windows the car is extremely worth it.

- Penelope B

Solid and reliable performer

2003 Subaru Forester

This thing is built like a tank. It is a bit noisy, but is solid all around. The fuel economy is good, and it is very reliable. On the "cons" side of things, the seats are very stiff and can be uncomfortable on longer trips.

- Cary S

It is big, feel more secure. Rides smooth. But it is costly to repair.

2003 Subaru Forester

I like that is economic in gasoline. Its has a great trunk that fits my daughters bicycles. I do not like that it is a small SUV, with not enough space in the back seats and the one we bought is standard transmission.

- Josephine C

It handles very well in weather conditions and is an sturdy drive.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love 4 wheel drive and it has great clearance for handling snow banks. I love the hatchback with plenty of room for gear. The back seat is getting a little small for my teenagers legs but that is it's only flaw.

- kristy s

It's a good vehicle for people who like hiking and outdoor trips; you can fold the seats down and sleep in it if you're small and it's good storage space.

2003 Subaru Forester

I like that my Forester has four wheel drive and is a little sturdier than a compact car. It handles well. I dislike that it had a catalytic converter problem and had trouble adjusting to driving on hills.

- Marilyn S

The full time availability of All Wheel Drive on demand.

2003 Subaru Forester

It's reliable, predictable and consistent. The AWD is a weatherbeater especially in the winter. If well maintained, it should provide years of dependable service as Subaru is noted for in the industry.

- Newton L

Strong, good, low maintenance good quality work performance.

2003 Subaru Forester

The car is not that much comfy small engine, take a lot of gas, the design is not the beat either, engine is small, low performance, but I love this car it does what it is supposed to do and it is strong.

- Mohamed B

It is very safe and reliable and great in the snow.

2003 Subaru Forester

It is a reliable car, but it is getting old and starting to have a lot of problems. I will need to get a new one soon but I bought this one used and have had it without any major problems for 8 years now

- Devan G

Safe and economical and lasts forever.

2003 Subaru Forester

Looks a little like a station wagon and does not have Bluetooth. Also the window moldings are starting to deteriorate so I hear air whistling by when I am on the highway. Otherwise I love this car.

- Lila M

The Subaru forester 03 is reliable, spacious, and comfortable.

2003 Subaru Forester

The car drives smoothly and is reliable. I like the comfortable seating/interior and it has all of the luxuries I have become use to. My Subaru is very fuel efficient and has nice hatch capacity.

- Dominic S

It'll get you to where you need to go and back again with no problems.

2003 Subaru Forester

It has be extremely reliable, nothing major in terms of repairs. Has been super easy to maintain, I can do most of the basic upkeep myself at home relatively quickly. I no complaints with it.

- Timothy S

This car seems to last forever! We've had it for 15 years and have had to do only minor repairs and maintenance.

2003 Subaru Forester

The older Subaru Forester is a wonderful car! It is spacious, both for passengers and for rear storage. We've had the car for 15 years now, and it has never had a major issue. Very reliable!

- Martin N

It's very reliable and maintenance free

2003 Subaru Forester

It's a very dependable, maintenance free car. It has lots of storage space despite Its compact size. I love it has 4 seats, my first non-truck vehicle. It gets great gas mileage

- Bill w

It seems like it will run forever. I have confidence that my vehicle is reliable.

2003 Subaru Forester

I like that it sits higher up than other sedans. I like the hatchback feature. I do not like that it is older and the hatchback doesn't latch properly. The color is hideous.

- Susan S

That it's nice and affordable and it is very reliable. It is a very nice driving car and very roomy for multiple people to be in it.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love my vehicle is seems very reliable so far and it has really good ac too. I love that it gets pretty good gas mileage and it doesn't need too many repairs usually.

- Bryan R

Reliable car even after 200k miles.

2003 Subaru Forester

The vehicle is very reliable. It has 200k+ miles on it, and still drives great. No real mechanical issues (save one window not rolling down). I take it easy everywhere.

- Jesse E

A great all around vehicle, all wheel drive, great family car!

2003 Subaru Forester

Love how Subarus last a very long time and retain their value! We have a particular problem with the headlights. One no longer works, even after putting new bulbs in.

- Mary C

It gets me to where I go and it is a very safe car.

2003 Subaru Forester

I like that it is 4-wheel drive and needs little maintenance. It is reliable and study. I dislike that it rusts easily and has oil leak issues, common among subarus.

- Aly L

Reliable, dependable, durable family mountain car.

2003 Subaru Forester

This is a great car. Very reliable. Lacking on the comfort and features. It has 230, 000 miles on it and still going strong, I have only had a few problems with it.

- Heather K

Low key car that does it purpose for 10 years.

2003 Subaru Forester

Reliability wise an disappointed. , the brakes did not work all while exiting the freeway and it is making lots if noises too. It is cheap to full tank gas.

- Ricky T

That it does not give problems like most cars it is hard to kill.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love that it drives beautifully. It is a long long-lasting car. It is not very comfortable if you have a bad back and it has a good amount of room.

- Miranda B

All Wheel Drive is great here in snow country.

2003 Subaru Forester

My 2003 Subaru Forester is All Wheel Drive and has about 157000 miles on it. It has been very reliable and I would buy another one.

- Steve B

The Subaru forester is a very dependable and reliable car.

2003 Subaru Forester

It is a good car and great on gas, it just has the known very for subaru oil leaks. It wouldn't be a subaru without the leaks.

- Nichole P

It is over 10 years old and still runs great! I love it!

2003 Subaru Forester

I love my car. It is a hatchback with lots of room especially for my dog. It is over 10 years old and still runs great!

- meals r

My car can handle the elements very well, it's built for that

2003 Subaru Forester

I like the stereotype of Subarus, how it fits my personality and that I like to go outdoors with my dog. No complaints.

- Rachel K

Subaru forester for the adventurer

2003 Subaru Forester

The subaru runs beautifully. It runs just like a subaru should run. With over 150000 miles, it has had no big problems

- Garrett L

It is safe and it has 4 wheel drive.

2003 Subaru Forester

It is fun to drive and I feel safe when driving it. The only dislike is that there could be more room in the backseat.

- Jacqueline C

Make sure the handling is good, and the internals are up to date.

2003 Subaru Forester

Because it is an ugly color. It has dents on the right side. And someone keyed it. And I had to replace the radiator.

- Taiwan E

It is safe in the ice and snow.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love everything about the way it drives except the seats are uncomfortable. The paint is starting to fade badly.

- Candy H

My 2003 Subaru forester SUV.

2003 Subaru Forester

Reliable all year round vehicle. Spacious and open to the trunk perfect to travel the countryside with my dogs.

- Tiffany L

Stick shifts are hard to drive in traffic, but that the reliability is key.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love my car, I dislike that it is a stick shift. I like the interior, the exterior, and how reliable it is.

- Stephanie C

It was inexpensive to buy and has a long road expectancy.

2003 Subaru Forester

I like it because it is reliable & great in the snow. I dislike it because it is getting old & having issues.

- Ruth L

Subaru foresters are incredibly reliable cars and if you are just starting driving or are older I'd recommend

2003 Subaru Forester

I love the body of it. I don't like how my year of the car doesn't have an AUX cord or any other commodities

- Haley P

Low maintenance, good power

2003 Subaru Forester

Great, low horsepower so it's not fast, but it's tough and strong, low maintenance, i love this specific one

- Mohamed B

that it is a reliable brand and goes everywhere i need it to go

2003 Subaru Forester

that it is an SUV to move things in and is reliable the only complaint is the handle on the hatch it sticks

- alicia v

It has a sunroof and it is loud. Also the window on the passenger side is broken

2003 Subaru Forester

I've put more that it's worth into it with repairs. It is old but I also know that a Subaru is reliable

- Halle K

all wheel drive is great in snow and goes up hills easily

2003 Subaru Forester

all wheel drive is great in snow reliable with low maintenance good cargo area for carrying large items

- Joy S

You have to give a good maintenance and you will have a car for long time.

2003 Subaru Forester

I like it because I recommend it because is good in gas and very easy to drive and have good storage.

- Sandra R

The Subaru forester is one of the most reliable vehicles around.

2003 Subaru Forester

It is very reliable. One of the safest vehicles available. Little to no maintenance issues.

- Bud B

It's got all wheel drive so it performs well in the snow and rain.

2003 Subaru Forester

Love the all wheel drive. It is very dependable in the cold. Gas mileage is pretty good.

- Richard W

It is a workhorse. I have over 280,000 miles on it and it's still running.

2003 Subaru Forester

It gets me there. I love my heated seats in the winter. I wish it had satellite radio.

- Susan B

Subaru Forester is one of the most reliable, safest cars for our family!

2003 Subaru Forester

It is reliable in the winter It has lots of room It has All wheel drive

- Ruth L

Dependable and reliable, it rides well in bad weather

2003 Subaru Forester

I like the size of the vehicle, the amount of space for hauling stuff.

- Sam S

It's comfort. as I am disabled comfort is a big issue.

2003 Subaru Forester

I love how comfortable my Forester is and all the added conveniences.

- Donna R

Is my don't touch is not a toy Good to drive is nothing

2003 Subaru Forester

No complaints good on gas fun to drive Love it need some paint job

- Victor S

Love AWD. Love that it's lasted this long. Hate that things are starting to fall apart, gas gauge doesn't work anymore, etc etc

2003 Subaru Forester

I need a newer model! Otherwise love it. Great for mountain living.

- Tbu U

Good in all weather and road conditions and they last forever these on timer

2003 Subaru Forester

I haven't had any problems with my Subaru. Its old but runs great.

- Alissa K

it is safe to drive and i would not trade it for the world

2003 Subaru Forester

it is dependable and a great ride. i want to keep it forever

- pam s

I love my Forester, it is reliable and very low maintenance. The only thing I don't like is how small it is inside compared to my husbands newer Forester.

2003 Subaru Forester

Subaru's are extremely dependable and last a very long time.

- Denise N

The Subaru is a great value!

2003 Subaru Forester

Very reliable. Reasonable price. Very durable. Great car.

- Don c

leather is hot in the summer

2003 Subaru Forester

I like it but It's a 2004 forester xt and is very nice

- Macey P

I have nothing but good things to say about my car. It has been dependable efficient and comfortable

2003 Subaru Forester

Dependable efficient comfortable good gas mileage.


My wonderful car, has so much space to store things in it.

2003 Subaru Forester XS

- Claire N