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Early 2000's Corolla. Simply the best.

Problems: at this point, I do have a bit of squeaking in the driver’s side, but I know it is merely the springs itself. I have had to replace the back and front struts, and currently I have a strange creaking noise when making a right hand turn. I am unsure as to what the problem is at current, but I am keeping an eye on my fluid levels. So far, I haven't had too many issues with it aside from these. Regular maintenance and break changes when needed. Performance: my car still accelerates like it is supposed do, with very little engine noise. The gas consumption is perfect. Reliability: my car has been very reliable so far. It is older now, but with this particular brand and year of vehicle, if you take good care of it, it’ll more than make up for maintenance costs. What’s different with mine as well is the fact that I do not do much in terms of long distance driving. The odometer can in a ways be a true indicator of age. Before I got my license, the car had been sitting for a good four years at least in one spot. All that failed were the tires and battery. Comfort: it has bucket seats, which could cause a problem when you have bad knees. There is enough space for four people to ride in comfort. Features: the version I drive is a ce, so there are manual side mirrors and manual wind down windows. The radio is still the original with FM/am and a tape deck. The speakers still work, which is amazing after 16 years. There is air conditioning and heat. A key opens the passenger and driver’s side door. It also works for the trunk. This car is an older vehicle and does not use a key fob. Turning the steering wheel to the right will lock it once in a parked position.

- Julie D

Toyota Corolla Used Review.

This car is very reliable and easy and affordable to repair. I am very happy having purchased it for a very reasonable price and only having to put minimal money into fixing it. Also the gas mileage is outstanding. It gets around twenty five to thirty miles per gallon and maybe even a bit more on the highway. If somebody were considering buying a similar model to this I would completely recommend it. Rather than spend a lot of money on something of questionable reliability you try it out. I have never had to do a major repair on this car, only minor things such as starter or ignition and batteries periodically. Some of the repairs were so easy that I was actually able to do them myself having little to no mechanical abilities. For being such a small car I have never had a problem transporting my whole family or whatever items I need to get to my house. In closing I am thoroughly impressed with the longevity and quality that went into the engineering on this car. After twenty plus years on the road it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The 2002 Toyota corolla is definitely a solid choice for anybody looking to get a reliable car that will keep them happy for years to come.

- Charles J

Good small, practical, reliable car.

Bought it used with about 80,000 miles on it and have had for about 5 years now. It has been safe and reliable. It has never broken down on me other than for something common like a flat tire after I ran over a sharp object. Some parts have needed replaced due to age and normal expected wear (brake lines, tires, bearings, battery, etc.). Gets good gas mileage. Small size is helpful for parking and maneuvering. Has some rust on the sides due to being parked outside at all times. Needs oil somewhat frequently compared to other cars- seems to go through oil quickly. The front seats are reasonably comfortable, but the back can feel cramped. I like that the lights come on automatically when it is dark outside, and that the engine is fairly quiet when running. It is not a glamorous car, but it is practical and reliable and has served me well. It has all of the basics and has not given me any unwelcome surprises. I would recommend it.

- Hannah L

Great on gas. And will run forever if you keep the maintenance up on this car.

My Toyota is the best. It is great on gas easy to get fix. I once took my car to Vegas and back just on $25 dollars tank of gas. I have had this car since 2012 only had to get major work done on it once. It's a great reliable car. The only problem I had with this car is that there is not enough room for my family of five, it is manageable for a short trip up the street but not good for a long haul trip. I do love the color of my car when I get it detail it looks so pretty and clean. But for the most part I haven't had any problems with engine. I keep the maintenance up on my Toyota cause from what I heard these types of car can last forever if you just keep with maintenance.

- Patrice B

This car will not stop working.

The only problem I have experienced with the Corolla is the catalytic converter. It went bad at about 220,000 miles. I replaced it and it went bad again at about 260,000 miles. I was told because it is an older car it ruins them. The car overall though is amazing. Great gas mileage, trustworthy, and comfortable. I am tall and it has plenty of room. It drives great and I have had no issues besides the catalytic converter. It does have a small amount of rust on passenger side wheel well and hubcaps scams off but the engine and bones of this car is a tank. I have 290,000 miles on it and will probably get 100,000 more. Highly recommend this vehicle!

- Dan R

The Corolla at 16 Years... and Still Fighting To Drive

2002 Toyota Corolla I got this car used, 16 years old, and 170,000 miles later. For being so old it really is a good car. I bet it was amazing for a reliable, compact car brand new. It held up pretty well and has had very minimal maintenance until now and still runs. It needs some work now but nothing really major quite yet. It is the fuel/air system where I am currently experiencing issues. I cannot pinpoint them exactly. I recommend regular oil changes, tune-ups, and regular maintenance and your car will last even longer than 16 years.

- Jennifer L

Best car I have ever owned.

This is the best car I have ever owned. I bought it used 3 years ago and have not had to do any major repairs just general maintenance. It gets 36 mpg in the summer and 27 mpg in the winter (because of heater). Very reliable vehicle. I drive 19 miles to work every day plus a lot of leisure driving. There are over 200k miles on it and it still runs amazingly well. I will only be buying corollas from now on as this is a very well made durable dependable car that lasts for a long time if you care for it properly.

- Melody K

Better than expected and money saver.

The Toyota corolla is a very smooth car to drive, it is not extremely small it is spacious for your average family or group of friends. Also the gas seems like it consumes less than the rest of the cars I have used which makes it easier for saving money especially on long trips. Firmly reliable I have had no problems with it so far so I really have nothing to complain about this is highly recommended for anyone that does not want something too crazy.

- Wilson G

Quirky solo commuter�s car

Since the car had only one previous owner, it was in pretty good shape when I bought it. As seems to be typical with this model, the headliner adhesive didn't last and it is held up by dozens of flathead thumbtacks. Both the sun visors snapped off recently, so I carry a couple of cardboard box flaps to jam up under the window as a substitute. It rides well enough, but I can't imagine having more than one passenger-the rear seating is really cramped.

- Jill I

The Small Red Car that loves to quit up hills.

its old so its not its best performance, it quits on you where you go uphill if your going past 25. The front light does not work, its needs new brakes, its hates the rain, stick shift, sounds like a race car, it's comfortable for short people but for tall there head would be scraping the top of the car. Its lightweight, it can go 100 mph. red. not a lot of space in the back of the car. Makes me feel like I'm driving in a car race at some times.

- Heidi C

Reliable, cost-effective, and long-lasting car whose only problem is the constant need of oil changes

This car has a high functioning and effective braking system, as well as a fast-working gas pedal. Mileage is great and this car is extremely durable - it has lasted me around 15 years, so it doesn't have the latest features since my car is an older make. But it is reliable, the chairs are comfortable, and it has a great performance. The biggest program is the high frequency of oil changes that consistently needs to be made.

- Chey C

It's the most reliable car I've come in contact with and it just keeps going and going

My car is getting pretty old, but it's always reliable even with its problems. The drivers side door lock sticks and needs to be oiled constantly, the air conditioning is broken, the windshield has been cracked for about 10 years, and it burns oil like crazy due to an engine blowback issue. Still, I've had that car in my family forever, and it's always been a little workhorse. It handles well and is easy to park in the city

- Sasha M

Small Yet Reliable Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is a reliable car, but small. It seats five, two in the front and three in the back. The seats are comfortable, although it is low to the ground, you can feel every bump. Nice storage for trunk despite the small car. No issues with overheating, but I did have a co2 sensor go, with some issues with the light turning off after being fixed. Some might argue it was actually never 'fixed.' Overall, reliable.

- Alyssa A

though old and though slow the 2002 Corolla has proven positively positive

the car is old so it has normal old car issues like the suspension is rough and might need some work but otherwise the car has been extremely reliable to me. It always starts and gets me from point a to. The biggest issues I have with the car is that it takes a little while to start up and the rough suspension. It isn't the most comfortable car it's completely basic and just for basic transportation uses

- zinc J

When it accelerates, it can be a little bit of a jerky start, but that's just because it's not completely manual. It also gets super good gas mileage.

It's a good little car for getting to work, and it's taken me on a few adventures. It gets good gas mileage, but isn't very powerful. That's okay though because I love my lil Monica (that's what I named her). Currently the CD player doesn't work, which is my only real complaint. Other than that, it's a good lil car once you get used to the not-so-smoothness of accelerating.

- Abby H

Problems and concerns of the car I had for about 5 years.

Appearance wise, it was clean on the inside and clean on the outside as well. It was a stick shift. At first it ran fine, then the longer I had the car it caused engine problems. Had to get a new clutch cost me a lot of money! Engine wouldn't start and it also costed a lot to fix. Constant oil change than usual. Tires were so old had to replace them multiple times.

- Natasha F

Sturdy, reliable, enjoyable car

No real problems throughout the time I have had this car, very reliable and very sturdy. Engine always starts very well and even in really cold weather I have had no issues with the Toyota. I enjoy the cruise control and during cold weather I am glad I can turn the car on from inside the house with the key being able to turn the car on from outside the vehicle

- Rebecca T

2002 White Toyota Corolla

My car is older, but I love Toyotas because as long as you take care of them they can last a really long time. My 2002 Toyota Corolla has taken me places for several years, it's a decent size, good economy car, and still get decent gas mileage. Even though it has over 220,000 miles on it I feel like it's still got a few years left to give me. :)

- Cassidy E

A detail about my car is the interior. It�s leather, and has wood details.

The only problem that I have with my car is that the same coil pack keeps going out. Other than that, the car is perfect. It is super reliable, and it gets me where I need to go. It is also cheap to keep up with the upkeep. I love the features. Even though it is an old car, I am still able to play my phone on the radio through the tape player.

- Tiffany S

Older cars do not perform poorly, as long as they are well maintained.

My Toyota is 17 years old currently, and has not given me any major problems since I have owned it. The only complaint that I have is that the windows and locks are not automatic, but other than that, I have never had any major issues with the overall performance of the vehicle, and would definitely purchase another Toyota in the future.

- Stephanie K

It is always worth getting a Toyota.

What I enjoy about these cars are the gas mileage. Toyotas have great maintenance. They are also low maintenance and a good first car for new individual. The only thing I do not like is that between the different service stations sometimes they maintenance personnel do not take the time to see if that service has already been performed.


Little red machine that keeps on going!

I like my car it's very reliable and gets good gas mileage and I have never had any major problems. Only downside is rust problem on front quarter panels. It also drives smoothly on mostly original parts. I have taken it on very long trips 4000 miles without any problems. Great engine and transmission even though it is an automatic.

- Alan H

Love my carolla. Very dependable car .

I really love my car. I've found it to be very dependable and minimal upkeep costs. While all cars have problems I have to say the things that break are usually just a matter of fixing and don't usually affect my ability to drive my car. I have had some larger problems because it is an older car but have gotten someone to fix it.

- Leslie L

Toyota corolla, America's most reliable car.

This is one of the most durable cars I have ever owned/known. It is over 17 years old and still runs perfectly fine. I currently use it as a my main commuter and have no reason to believe that it will break down on me anytime soon. It is green. Never had any problems. I would consider it very reliable and highly recommend it.

- Ben D

The most durable car to drive: Toyota Corolla.

I love the car. For a car that old such as a 2002 Toyota Corolla, it runs and drives great. The only defects are some minor wear and tear and occasionally fixes but nothing bad. It takes me wherever I want to be whenever I want to go. Runs and drives great. I am actually considering a newer version of the model I have now.

- Kwame A

It has a very reliable engine and transmission but has some low quality finishes.

Paint not good quality. Engine is very reliable. Door inside handles have broken many times, not good. Get misaligned too easy. Transmission very reliable. Interior already fading. AC still very cold. Great gas mileage. Back seat do not fold, bad. My older Mitsubishi held up better overall but not as good on gas.

- Edward c

Great everyday family car!

Excellent car! Have had no major issues thus far. Is comfortable to drive great on gas. Wish it had cruise control, though. For being a small car there's quite enough trunk space to load larger items when you fold the seats down. Great car for a woman. My husband is tall and has a hard time getting in and out.

- Ginger P

If you keep up the maintenance on the car,it will last you for a very long time.

The Toyota is a 2002, and has over 100,000 miles to date. The car is easy maintenance. It's a CE model. It is a 4 cylinder.This car is not equipped with good indoor handles. They get broken to easily. If I were to purchase another vehicle, I still would choose a Toyota,but it would be a Camry, or a Avalon.

- Michael B

As a Toyota, it has a sterling reputation for its engine. It's a smooth operator.

I like the way it drives, very smooth to handle. There's a good amount of width to the driver's seat and depth beneath the steering wheel, so I have space while driving. The acceleration is a little slow and it's a little larger to the rear than my old car, making it more difficult to parallel park.

- John M

Running 3 years without any repairs

I haven't had any problems out of it I be not done any work on it since I got it 3 years ago. Only bad thing is there bad about door handles breaking off. Other than that they are real good dependable vehicles. Motors in them run forever was always told the car will call apart before the motor stops

- Jacob B

Toyota is a trusted brand and a great car. I would buy a same car again.

I love Toyota Corollas, I have been driving it for the last 15 years and now I could see its pretty old and giving me some issues with muffler, old music system. It still gives me a good mileage. The engine is pretty strong, I would recommend Toyota Corolla to anyone who is looking to buy a car.

- Parul M

Cheap and easy on maintenance.

Old car but very reliable. Each generation. Good on gas. Small enough to fin in any parking spots. Cheap parts you can fix yourself. Cheap on old car but very reliable. Each generation. Good on gas. Small enough to fin in any parking spots. Cheap parts you can fix yourself. Cheap on maintenance.

- Dan A

Toyota Corollas last for years and are dependable with good gas mileage.

I have had this vehicle for many years and love it because it is dependable. Aside from normal maintenance, I have incurred few expenses to maintain the vehicle. It has good gas mileage which saves me money. I would definitely purchase another Toyota. I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- JoAnn W

Toyota Corolla 2002 - Grey

My Corolla, despite being old, is the best car a young guy could ask for. It's reliable, the AC works, and it drives smooth. I have cloth seats that are comfortable, and the speakers actually sound pretty good. The car has held up through hitting deer and other cars very well and I love it.

- Daniel L

Great car, few issues not expensive. And spark plugs for tune up is right on top.

Car is great with gas but I keep having things go wrong one thing after the other. Known for gaskets to go out and ignition coils otherwise is an amazing car. Fits 5 people comfortably and it rides very smoothly and quietly as well. Style of car is nice nothing embarrassing about this one.

- Jessica B

Why I enjoy my Toyota Corolla.

I really like my car because it is really reliable for the drives that I make everyday where it to be to work, school or other activities I do I can always know that it will start every time without issues. It is also very comfortable to sit in and it heats up very fast in colder weather.

- Maddie C

This car handles great in all kinds of weather. I like that it has front wheel drive.

I like that it gets around really well. I like that I've had it since it was brand new and I haven't ever had to do anything but regular maintenance on it to keep it running well. I do see all the new models and would like to upgrade but the cost for it seems way more than I want to pay.

- Jim K

Good reliable vehicle gets me where I need to go.

It is a reliable vehicle that rarely needs repair despite being 15 years old and having 186000 miles. It gets pretty good gas mileage as well. For a small car, it is fairly comfortable as well. It consistently gets me where I need to go. Those are the reasons that I would buy another.

- Michael H

2002 Toyota Corolla, burgundy.

There are no automatic windows or locks. No cruise control, I like the size of the car. The interior is nice. I wish it had a better stereo, no AUX connection. It drives really nice. It is almost 17 years old and only has 115, 000 miles. Runs nicely, just needs routine things done.

- Morgan C

2002 Toyota Corolla le, great mileage, great reliability very dependable vehicle.

Engine lasts forever and it's really great on gas mileage, haven't needed to replace or maintenance anything except for regular oil changes and tune-ups and did I mention it's really good on gas mileage? Toyotas last forever man get one, you don't know what you're missing out on.

- Michael J

Wonderful car. Love it. No problems.

Great vehicle no issues will drive it as long as I can. Wonderful car. Great performance and very reliable. haven't had any issues. It has 179, 000 and still running strong. It has started having an electrical issue but I think it may be from an alarm system that was put into it.

- Ashley V

Great car. Very economical. Easy on gas, and easy to maintain.

Like the car, but poor design on inside handles. Plastic and break way to easy! Car is reliable, performs well if you keep up maintenance, easy on gas. Would not recommend if you are a tall or fat person. And I like that it has a rear window defogger this is a ce model Toyota.

- Michael B

That it is very durable, reliable, and affordable.

I like that it was a very affordable car when new. I also like how it was a very fuel efficient car of It's time (before electric and hybrid cars). I didn't like the amount of head room if I were to sit straight. I would probably buy a hybrid of this car if given the chance.

- James W

Toyota lover. Great gas mileage, roomy inside with low maintenance.

This Toyota is great on the highway. It is one of the best gas savers ever. As far as maintenance, I have not had a lot of problems in that area other than regular things like oil changes and tune ups. The inside has more room than it looks. The trunk is spacious as well.

- Irma H

Reliable is the Toyota Corolla.

It is a very reliable and dependable car. The only thing that happens is the door handles on the inside break. I had this kind of car before and the inside door handles broke all of the time. It is great on gas and I can count on the car taking me where I need to go.

- Karen S

Toyota Corolla 2002 LE Gold

I like my car, it just too small for me but it great on gas and mileage. The car runs great, the air conditioner still works on it for it to be older. It is dependable. I have to replace the axles up under it that's probably the most common problem I've had with it.

- April B

Great exterior, crappy interior

The engine is Great and hasn't had many issues. Had to replace a couple of things like hub bearings and steering knuckles. Interior is falling apart and things like buttons, latches, and door handles break often. Seats are comfortable, not much room in the back seat.

- Rachel F

Cheap and reliable all around.

It is a small nice and comfortable vehicle that gets good mileage and easy on the wallet when need to refill. Look at affordable and low maintenance cost year after year cheap on self fix and repairs with p l entry of aftermarket parts available. So get one already.

- L F

Very reliable first time vehicle

My car is perfect for a first time car. If you have only two kids that are toddlers it's a perfect size. Great on gas. A bit low to the ground but not a big deal. A lot of easy fixes to this car. You don't really have to be a mechanic to work on it for minor issues.

- Nicole B

This vehicle has the ability to open all locks at the same time with the key only.

I love my 2002 Toyota Corolla. This car is very reliable. It never left me stranded or never broke down on me. The maintenance is cheap and the insurance is reasonable. This car does lack in performance but it is very reliable and will get you where you need to go.

- Shivanand S

My favorite car is the Toyota Corolla is the car I now look for.

Toyota is my favorite car. They are reliable and great mileage. I really like the Corolla because of its size. I personally don't like too big of a car. It's suitable for travel. Holds luggage for 3 to 4 although the car seats five with a seatbelt for each person.

- Maureen T

It is a great car to drive.

It rides really comfortable. It has a problem with engine light coming on. If you get it fixed another problem with emission will show up. It as leather seats and adjustable. It has a big trunk and a place for spare tire. There is no problem with the motor/engine.

- Lori C

The corolla gets great gas mileage and is low maintenance.

I haven't had any mechanical issues with my Toyota corolla. I get good gas mileage and I rotate the tires and change the oil regularly. I recently replaced two original parts that were 16 years old. I cannot say enough good things about driving the Toyota corolla.

- John D

The amazing Corolla that is starts every time I drive it.

Always starts, gets great gas mileage, only cost me(used) $2000 and had never required anything except new tires and oil changes. I love. My Corolla and will happily put some money into this fall so it can pass inspection and run for at least another three years.

- Brenda G

A Corolla lasts for many, many years.

The Corolla is very reliable and good on gas. Has not required many repairs I have the years. Runs good. Dislike that a few cosmetic issues are happening. Under windows, black material is coming off. Interior roof, material is getting loose. Have to pin it up..

- Joan B

None this is a fine car for anyone.

None have had no issues just regular maintenance oil changes, tires, wipers, etc. Just a dependable, reliable car with good gas mileage, =. There is nothing else to say except I would recommend this Toyota model to anyone. Good value, insurance, maintenance.

- Kate P

Toyota is the Best! Most reliable car If taken care of it will last a lifetime.

None it's a great car we have only ever done regular maintenance. It has always been very reliable. My friends have new cars that are always in and out of shop. Mine has only ever been in for maintenance. If you want a reliable car I always recommend Toyota

- Janet C

It is reliable and good on gas mileage.

The reason I have had the car for so long is that it has had very few problems. I keep up with the oil changes and usually the tune ups. I have had to replace the tires a couple of times and the brakes. I do not want a car that requires much maintenance.

- Nancy D

My vehicle is older but my vehicle is reliable.

My vehicle is very reliable. The engine runs very well. I have excellent gas mileage and do not often need to refill. The engine is quite. It has taken very little personal maintenance. When I do need to fix anything on my car, it is very inexpensive.

- Jessica W

Radio should be updated but it is old.

Extremely reliable. Gets me to and from, very rarely do I have any mechanical issues, unless it is improperly cared for. Over 230, 000 miles and still works like new. Ac is always cold, the seats are comfy and my little one is always safe when inside.

- Alexa L

Amazing car I love it so much

I have a lot of miles over 200,000 still great car. I did have an issue with it for months but fixed it just car acts up here and there. I'mma buy a new car soon though love the car it has took me everywhere. Great small car of mine. Great shape, old

- Sonia G

This car is reliable, dependable, durable, and efficient.

This car has served me well for 8 years. It's had no major mechanical issues in that time, although the clutch is just now starting to wear out at 107,000 miles. It also had a few external problems such as the plastic door handles breaking.

- Candace D

Awesome car- reliable and easy to work on, learn on, and drive.

Great car. Has been very reliable with minimum maintenance. I love the way it drives. Easy to modify. Window motor on drivers door has died. Also having some a/c issues but that's an age issue. I would definitely buy a Corolla again.

- Erica R

My car is a blue Toyota Corolla, and it's amazing.

My Toyota Corolla is incredible. I've had it for over ten years and it's runs amazing. Other than changing the breaks, oil changes, and getting new tires, I never really have to do much with it. It's a great and super reliable car.

- Cephinise J

It is one of the most reliable cars you will ever buy.

I love how small and reliable this car is. If I had any complaints, I wish that it had better gas mileage, but beyond that there are few. Some of the plastic on the inside has begun to deteriorate, but the car still looks great.

- Edward D

It's very reliable; it gets me where I need to be without fail..

I like that it rarely needs repairs, and that those repaired are reasonable priced. I like that it gets reasonable gas mileage. I like that it has a good air conditioning and heating system. I like that It's radio sounds good.

- Mike W

It is very reliable. Though it is is old it still works very well and has been through a lot. The gas mileage is pretty good.

Though it is very old it has been very durable. I have put in a lot of miles, and it is still doing well. Some features of the car are declining and I will have to buy another car soon, but I will use it till I can't anymore.

- Tiffany h

It'll get you where you need to go, but will stress you out in the process

We were in a tough position when we bought our current car. We ended up getting ours from a used buy here pay here lot and ended up paying 4x the cars value. On top of that the year ours is just happens to be the worse model.

- Ashley K

That it is still in good shape after 16 years.

The car requires little maintenance. It has good mileage. I drive it very little so it has met my needs over the past decade. I don't have any real complaints, except that it does get really hot in the car in the summer.


Take care of it and it will last "forever".

All systems work fine! Even after 188,000 miles, I only have "major repairs" done infrequently. Still excellent miles-per-gallon! Starting to use a couple of quarts of oil between each 3,000 mile Oil & filter Change.

- JC p

It is a very reliable car.

I like my car because despite being 16 years old it runs fine and doesn't require too much maintenance. It is okay on gas mileage and easy to drive. What I dislike is how loud it is and I can't turn off the headlights.

- Travis S

Manual transmission cars require skill to operate. If you no longer have the ability, it's time for an automatic.

Now that I am older it is more difficult to get out of. I do like that it is good on gas mileage. I no longer like that it is manual transmission. My knees just aren't up to it anymore, especially on long road trips.

- Tony G

it gets incredible gas mileage, but the oil burns so fast i have to change it every 500 miles.

i have a green 2002 toyota corolla. it gets me where i need to go with minimal issues. the door handles are broken, the doors have to be slammed shut every time you shut them, and the engine burns oil very quickly.

- jennifer p

300, 000 miles and I went a whole winter with no oil in it.

It does what I need it to do. It is immortal. . . 300, 000 miles starts on a dime whether it is -20 degrees or 100 degrees. It will not let you down nor I it. That is not to say it deserves a better owner.

- Brad G

This car runs great. It will last a long time we have over two hundred thousand miles.

It runs very good as long as you do the oil and filters and other filters needing to be changed the air still works great and it is the original. This car just keeps on going and gets great gas mileage.

- Christine P

Plain to look at, but very reliable.

Basic car automatic. Ac. Radio. CD player. Front wheel drive. Extremely dependable. Good gas mileage. Purchased used in 2006, and still going strong. Main issue has been with exhaust system.

- Lisa D

It has a pretty loud alarm on it.

I like the make and model of my car, and I dislike how the car is low to the ground. And I also like it because it's a car that is really good on gas and lasts for a very long time.

- Tracy M

The lighting on the dashboard does not work consistently.

Never breaks down, air conditioner is great. Purchased it new. Only had to replace water pump and tires. Starts every time. Best car I have ever owned. Paint still looks good.

- Joyce M

The car is small and it's a no frills experience for an ordinary car.

I like the fact that the car is compact and it saves gas. I also like the driving. The only dislikes are the cheap plastics in the car that falls out after days of hot heat.

- JC T

It is reliable and will save you money due to its fuel efficiency

The car is super reliable to me and that is why I love it. The car never had to be serviced or repaired for any unknown reasons. Also, the car has great fuel efficiency.

- steven o




Reliable and maintainable.

My car is very reliable, even though it is older and experienced one accident. All parts were fix and it continues to run smooth with regular maintenance.

- Dar N

That it is a good reliable car that will rarely leave u stranded, but u will have to roll down the windows to let yourself out

The car has been very reliable. The engine is sound with very few issues. The interior door handles are all broken, but aside from that i can't complain

- William R

Dependable and reliable car

The car is very reliable and dependable. It has good air conditioning and heat, small trunk and small foot space in the back seat. otherwise amazing car

- Halimah M

It has an alarm system in it and it is good on gas.

My car's problem is it is a pretty low car and the front bumper is kind of messed up. And a good thing about it is that it has an alarm system in it.

- Tracy M

It is very functional for families.

Never breaks down. Could have few more luxury features. Great for around town. Has held up well over the years and still looks good for its age.

- William N

It rarely needs repair, and they are not typically expensive.

It's stylish, and it rarely needs repair. It gets good gas mileage. It one of the safest cars on the road. I like it. I'll probably get another.

- Mike H

Corollas are great little cars. They perform well in town and on the highway.

I can't believe that my Corolla is nearly twenty years old. I have experienced very few problems with it. The engine still runs like a charm!

- lynne c

My car is dependable and sporty.

The car is good on gas. I have grandchildren that live with me so I love the four doors. Also a full tank of gas gets me 378 miles per tank.

- Tammy G

Stylish design great engine.

It is just old, otherwise great. This survey is longer than one minute, so misleading. I do not have specific likes or dislikes re: my car.

- Gaea S

Toyota Corolla: A safe, reliable, dependable car

The car is very safe I've gotten into numerous accidents (whoops). It's always kept me safe behind the wheel. Also a cheap reliable model.

- Anette E

My car has decent gas mileage, is tiny, and id dependable and functional.

I like that my car is functional. I like that my car can be fixed easily and cheaply when needed. I don't like that it's falling apart.

- bonnie b

It's reliable, when I drive places I am not too worried about it breaking down.

The inside door handles break, I had a car like the one I have now and it was the same way. But overall it's a good , dependable car.

- Karen S

It gets great gas mileage and easy to maintain.

No complaints about the car. Runs good and cheap to maintain. Wish it had more features like power windows and cruise control.

- Michael B

I love this car it's the best one I've ever owned.

I've never had a problem with my Corolla. It is a very durable car and I've had it for about three years now. I love this car.

- Bithany J

Hyundai has an excellent warranty. 2nd one I have owned.

The car is small but I do like that it is good on gas and mileage. It runs smooth. It still runs good after all these years.

- Vicky B

It's economical to drive and it's the perfect size for a small sedan.

I like the size and that it's a sedan. It gets good gas mileage and requires little maintenance. I also like the sun roof.

- Patricia G

Great performance and reliable

I have never had any problems since I bought the car back in 2002. It runs great and has great performance and reliable.

- vicky b

Its cute, good for a first car.

Like: good gas mileage, small, easy to drive. Dislike: small not a lot of space cannot carry a lot of people or stuff.

- Abby G

The Toyota good gas car to get around.

Not a lot of space but it is good on gas. Good if you want to use as a work car or just a car to start your insurance.

- Chris L

It is a Toyota, and it is relatively easy to maintain.

It is really economical. It lacks power windows. It is very small. It has little engine power. It is low maintenance.

- Tim G



- william a

This car is useful for just one person or the whole family. Has a 5 star safety rating.

I like the space that my vehicle provides, very good on gas, generally no complaints. Would buy this car again!

- KT O

The car will not let me down

The car has pretty good gas mileage for It's age and is super reliable and never really had to service the car.

- steven k

It's a long lasting car. It's seems like running forever.

My car is very reliable vehicle. I had hardly fixed it. It's over 200,000 miles already. I have no complaints.

- Tony N

Out of all the Toyota's I have owned they all seem to have a short in the tail lights.

Toyota's are great vehicles... they drive very well. Toyota also have good gas mileage and hold their value

- Jennifer R

Reliability and durability. I still see 2002 Toyota Corollas on the road.

This car is very durable and reliable. It is still running and most of the repairs were general maintenance.

- Roberta M

It's good on gas and has a good pickup when driving on the highway

It's a compact car that is good on gs and easy to drive. i can park it easily . I prefer trucks over cars.

- deborah l

If you take care of it they run forever.

I like the gas mileage. I dislike how compact it is. I like its features. I dislike the antenna placement.

- Melissa C

I love the Corolla so much 😊

The car literally has lasted through so much. I love it so much. You should get one. Do it! Do it! Do it!

- Kerri B

Corolla for the win, just kidding it's painfully average.

Reliable, gets from point A to point B, not terribly stylish or fancy, just an ordinary car. I love it.

- Abby G

It gets me where I want to go and it has good gas mileage.

It is a dependable vehicle. But it is old and getting worn down. It rides a little low to the ground.

- Kathy B

Easy to work on and easy to clean. The back doors are fantastic.

I love the fuel economy and handling, and I dislike that its light, it makes it slide in bad weather.

- Bailey C

If they are looking for something low key, this is the car to get. It is not very new but it's not too old either. It is a very simple car.

I like it because it is small and compatible. I just want to get an upgrade from a 2002 car.

- Maimuna J

Very dependable on gas and easy to fix if and when there is a problem/issue. It's a great beater car to start off with

It really is a very good car on gas and travel. My dislike is it needs more room space

- Dennis M

My car is very reliable and good mileage. Small car is great.

It is a reliable car and good mileage. I just need to change oil every three months.

- ivy l

It lasts a good while, with proper upkeep.

It needs to be replaced. It has served me well, over the years. Overall, a good car.

- Amber T

it's very reliable and great on gas. It's been a good car for me

it gets good gas mileage. There is a lot of miles on it so need a lot of work done.

- johnny P

Great gas mileage. Great on the road car Comfortable for other guests to ride in.

No complaints. No dislikes. Love to ride it. Rides smooths with great gas mileage.


The brake squeaks when pressed but it doesn't affect the performance.

It gets good gas mileage. I hate how small it is. It gets me from A to B.

- W W

A brand that I can trust.

It is safe and affordable. It gets go gas mileage. It is easy to drive.

- Ivette S

this car is worth every penny

ir is durable and reliable. i have had no issues with the car so far.

- steve B

Reliable is most important. The car size is easy to park.

It is reliable. It is easy to run. It is just right for my commute.

- X Z

It is a reliable car that gets you from point a to point b.

It is dependable. It lasts a long time. Gets me where I need to go.

- Marissa B

Toyota's go forever when you take care of them

Love my gas mileage. Love dependable. I hate that it is so small.

- Suzanne n

It will go as fast as you what and it is easily controlled.

It is good on gas. It last a long time. It is a easy fix.

- Marquavious H

I live the gas mileage that the car gets. The ride is reasonably smooth, comfortable, and enough space for the the family. Also good space in the trunk for a smaller vehicle.

It's reliable with good gas mileage and enough space.

- Suze P

It gets Good gas mileage. It is very dependable and very well built. It drives great and can take a curve on a dime.

That it gets good gas mileage and is very dependable.

- Jan P