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Best things to know about the Toyota highlander.

Absolutely love our Toyota highlander. We had a RAV4 first and it was way too small. The highlander is a great size. You cannot deny the dependability of a Toyota. They run for years and years. The ride of the highlander is very smooth. Nothing bouncy like a lot of SUV’s. There is plenty of room in the back for luggage of any kind. We are avid shark tooth hunters, going down to Venice, FL this year three times now and our highlander had plenty of room in the back for hauling our tooth rakes, chairs, umbrella, and beach buggy. Plus all our luggage! The open hatch on the back window is a real time saver. Open it to get a towel or suntan lotion without having to open the whole trunk, saves a lot of precious beach time. Love the auto door locks since this day and time is dangerous for car thefts, is a good feature. The highlander has many other features which are probably standard on most of them. Power seat, cruise control, etc. We have had Toyota products for years from trucks to cars, but the highlander is our most favorite. Hope to get 300, 000 miles out or of it. The back seats lay flat so moving small pieces of furniture is also possible. There are two third row seats, so a total of 7 people can be hauled. The two back seats would be great for children or small adults. The price of the highlander is comp. To others, but a bit more than the Nissan Pathfinder, but I would for sure spend the extra money for this wonderful car.

- Linda W

It has more advanced features and it has an ability to match the higher end cars.

The car I have is a Toyota highlander 2017 limited white. After shopping around on turecar.com I was able to get a good deal for my car. Performance for my car is really good. It gives me an average about 24 miles per gallon. The seats are comfortable with heating and cooling available to both front seats. A person can fit in easily and gives extra comfort while driving. The car also has a pre-collision system and also a lane departure alert which helps and notifies us if we try to change the lanes without using the signal lights and also if we are not concentrating on our driving. The car also provides a feature of a blind spot monitor which helps while changing lanes. It shows a light on the side glass as a notification for lane change if someone is coming next to us. The car also comes with a navigation system and also a Bluetooth enabled Audio player where it gives a possibility to connect our devices to play music in the car with the help of our phone. The car also provides a USB way for playing the music.

- David P

My vehicle is a crossover that serves the needs of a 4 person family.

In general I really adore my highlander. I chose it for the ease of usage and seating capacity. It seats 7 with captains chairs in the middle, however the third row is narrow, coming in at about 3 1/2 feet. I haven't been able to fit 3 high-back boosters in the third row as of right now and I may only be able to seat 3 children back there when they get big enough to use regular seat belts. However that option remains. Fuel economy is about what is to be expected in a cross over but I wouldn't have minded if the gas mileage was somewhat better. The safety ratings for Toyota are also a nice feature as well as all of the other conveniences of the XLE trim level such as heated seats, rear climate control, navigation, proximity alerts, and lane departure assist. Another feature included is ecoboost which cuts the engine off at an idle to aid in gas economy. This is a hit or miss and is affected by the use of climate control, as the engine must be on to use a/c. I am overall happy with my 2017 highlander.

- Jennifer G

Reasons why I love my highlander.

I love my highlander. It has no problems at all. It is completely reliable. It is very comfortable to ride in and drive. The back up camera is clear and easy to see. The cars early signaling system tells me when people or things or too close to my car. On cruise control, the car basically drives itself. The interior is of high quality and shows no signs of wear. The light-up dash is high--end. I especially like the attention to small details; like the lights at the bottom of the cup holders. The interior led lights are top-notch.

- Julie P

Great for a family, not bad in gas Good looking car

Very reliable can't go wrong with a Toyota Very spacious great for a family and very safe and secure. It's a heavy car it will keep you and your family safe in an accident. In addition it's a very good looking car and it's not bad on ha compared to other Suvs. I have the xle and I think it can have a better radio. I wish it had the memory seat in the front seats where you press which number it's for your seating. But it doesn't have that. Otherwise very good car and I can't say enough of how much space you have.

- Linda L

Great SUV with a luxury ride!

My 2017 Toyota highlander xle is a wonderful car. It provides the space for my family, but trendy enough not to be a minivan. The safety features (such as lane assist and the blind spot detectors have changed the security I feel with my young son in the vehicle. It is smooth like a luxury car, and quiet despite the large size. The gas mileage is great being that I can take road trips without spending a lot on gasoline. This is my 3rd Toyota and they all have been very reliable vehicles!

- Samantha M

2017 Toyota highlander - I love how comfortable this car is.

I absolutely love my highlander. I have the 7-seater edition due to the fact that my middle row is captain seats. I highly suggest this version and not the 8-seat option for comfort and more room for passengers. The third row is a bit tight and really only fits 2 adults comfortably, but would easily fit 3 children. This SUV is extremely safe and has incredible safety features and drives so smoothly you do not even notice that you are moving.

- Ali L

Easy practical, nice riding car to drive. Very functional.

Good sight lines on car, backup camera, automatic headlights. The only thing I do not like is the gas saving device when the car is stopped. You can manually turn it off, but I really do not like it. I like the bench seat in the model and the fact that it has a third seat. We do not use the third seat that often but it is nice to have. The car is easy to maneuver for parking and backing up. The back-up camera works well.

- Jeanne M

My car nags my husband for me.

I love that my car has the ability to hold 8 people and it is spacious enough to hold car seats and double strollers and groceries and everything you may need for a week long camping trip. I also enjoy the safety features, especially the fact that it will beep when my husband is swerving side to side, or slow down when he is approaching another vehicle. . . Our car now yells at him so I do not need to!

- Megan B

Happy in a highlander-it almost drives itself!

This is our second highlander. We have loved them both. The seats are comfortable even on long drives. The radar controlled cruise control is my absolute favorite feature. It makes freeway driving much less taxing. All of the safety and warning features work very well. We had the second row seat changed to captains chairs with heat. There is plenty of cargo space and the seats are easy to lay down.

- Natalie R

2017 highlander may be your own best choice for an SUV.

The highlander is a very comfortable vehicle. It is a treat to have such a comfortable vehicle to drive. The safety features are wonderful. The side view warning system, the swerve detection option to use is very helpful. The ability to warm or cool your seat is great. I love the adjustability of the 3rd row. And the 3rd row is actually comfortable. Not too difficult to get in and out of.

- Nancy A

Reliable and stylish, needs improvement regarding GPS system.

The Toyota Highlander is stylish, reliable. And comfortable. I wish it were better on gas, however it runs superbly on the highway. My biggest complaint is with the GPS system as it has misled me on a number of occasions. I have taken the vehicle back to the dealership but there is no noticeable change in its performance. When in doubt I use my cell phone, which is quite reliable.

- Lory C

Great car for an active family.

My family and I love our highlander. This car is great for big families because of its size and three rows of seats. If you need more space in the back all you need to do is easily put down the seats. One of my favorite features however is the control center on the car. It is equipped with Bluetooth for all your favorite music as well as phone calls. It is very easy to manage.

- Evelyn F

That it has 8 seats so there's plenty of room for everyone. And it isn't a huge car.

I like that it has plenty of room without being too big. I also like that the engine shuts off when stopped at traffic lights, which saves fuel. The only thing I dislike is that when I had a problem with the trunk an alarm in the car went off constantly, so I had no choice but to get the trunk issue fixed immediately. I would prefer if alarms like this can be turned off.

- Joan r

My ‘ol reliable car: Toyota highlander.

My car runs really well, and is not a gas guzzler, very spacious with Bluetooth accessibility, and USB ports in the front and back. Seat warmers for the front of the car. Sometimes a little bit of car starting problems in the winter but overall it is not a big problem. Air conditioning works perfectly and heats up the car very quickly. Nothing has broken down on me yet.

- Michaela M

Happy with my highlander!

I really enjoy my Toyota highlander. I drive short and long distances quite regularly and it does great with both. On long trips with two kids the vehicle is easy to drive with lots of features that keep us safe. Gas efficiency is awesome too! I can go up to two weeks on a tank of gas when just driving around town. It is the perfect size for our family of 4.

- Corinne V

2017 Toyota highlander review.

It is so comfortable and smooth to drive I feel like it drives itself. My kids can be spaced out in the car and they can also watch movies. My built-in GPS gets me everywhere very easy. My heated seats makes it so much better in the Cleveland weather. Remote start also makes the winter better my car can warm up while I am still in my warm house waiting.

- Sharon B

Twenty seventeen Toyota highlander.

My Toyota highlander does everything I expected it to do. I do not have any problems with it. I take it in to the dealership for regularly scheduled maintenance which keeps it in great condition. The only drawback to the vehicle is the auto bright lights feature does not go off in a timely manner when a car is approaching from an oncoming position.

- Sal C

My car has wonderful safety features. Some of the features are; blind spot alert on the side mirror, sensor that slows the car down if someone breaks in front of you, alert and a slight nudge if you cross the lane lines, and these are just some of the ones I find most useful.

I love my Toyota Highlander! This is the most luxurious vehicle I have ever had. The ride is so smooth, great gas mileage, and the best safety features. The only complaint I have is that it does not have enough room; my own fault though, since I bought the sport model with bucket seats front and back! I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Sarah D

Great family friendly vehicle!

Great drivability, reliable service plan. Good fuel mileage for a hybrid. Great for families with children. Good alternative to a minivan! Plenty of cupholders, walkup unlock features with lights for night time, auto lift gate, third row with captains chairs in middle for easy access. Third row reclines and is split. Storage capacity is ok.

- Emily S

Highlander, heated seats for winter driving.

We have not had any problems with this vehicle, it has been a very reliable car, it is very comfortable when travelling, there is room in the seats to move around. We have a moonroof that we use when it is not too hot out, otherwise we use the air conditioner. The front seats have heat for the winter driving, we also have all wheel drive.

- Terry A

Very spacious and smooth ride.

Lots of space. drives comfortably. So many features. Good on gas. Lots of compartments for storage. Large trunk. 3rd row for additional seating. USB connections available in back row for other passengers. Second row is very spacious and comfortable for other passengers. The third row is a plus but not very spacious, very little leg room.

- Johanna R

2017 highlander smooth ride.

I like the comfort and smooth ride of my highlander. I do not like the gas saving feature that shuts the engine down at every stop sign. I have had issues that has not been resolved. I can park my car in the garage and go out the next day and hear a pump running. I believe it is the fuel pump. The dealership has not resolved this issue.

- Jill E

Sunroof is an underrated part of the car.

This car is comfortable, very spacious. Can fit at least 6 people, but possible 8 if u squeeze in the far back seats. Has very good truck space. Also a nice touch screen display, for radio/Bluetooth, GPS, phone caller id etc. Vehicle also has heard front seats, and driver has special seat adjustment buttons on the side of their seat.

- Jonathan P

Power mode when merging onto the highway it gives you more power to merge over.

My car is great. It drives smoothly, has the cruise control quality, Bluetooth, etc. I especially love being able to talk on the phone without using my hands. My gas mileage is average which allows me to travel and not worry about how much i'll spend on gas. My tires run great with the road. The steering wheel is nice and smooth.

- Sheila X

Great car, reliable, comfortable seat and driving.

Toyota highlander is very reliable. I have it for 2 years and no problems at all. It is very comfortable and love all modern features such GPS, front seats seat warmer, 8 passengers sitting, back seat temperature control, remote starter. It is has good horsepower with 6 cylinder engine. UT has good highway gas mileage, 21 mpg.

- Theresa A

It's a bit pricey but worth every penny. It's the safest vehicle I have ever owned and the most comfortable as well

I love the look of it as well as the technology that assists or alerts you while driving. For example the lane detection alerts you if you happen to stray out of the lane you're in but my ultimate favorite are the cameras around the car that assist with parking and reversing as well as detecting the proximity to other objects

- Tim s

Highlander is roomy and plenty of cargo space.

My vehicle is very roomy and plenty of cargo space. The highlander has been a excellent form of transportation with few if any repairs. I do wish it got better gas mileage. My vehicle is a hybrid and I would think I could. Get better mileage because of that. I don't really have anymore I can say about the Toyota highlander.

- Amy T

Great overall SUV- meets all our needs!

I love my highlander. I really like the automatic headlights that dim when meeting a car. It also gets great fuel mileage, it is very comfortable and rides good. I love the 3rd row seating and it's easy to let the 3rd row seats down. I love the heated seats, blind spot monitoring system along with the back up camera.

- Kristen C

Toyota Highlander is a great purchase.

My Toyota Highlander has been very reliable and dependable. It gets good gas mileage, is comfortable and seems to be very safe. I have had no problems with it since purchasing it over a year ago. It is a little smaller than I anticipated. I used to drive a sienna, so there is a good bit less space in the Highlander.

- Allie W

Highlander safety features.

I've had my highlander for almost 2 years without any issues. I love the safety features since I have children. The lane drift feature & the brake alert are two of my favorites. I also really like how the cruise control will automatically adjust when behind cars!! I highly recommend it for a family vehicle!

- Karen S

The red glowing headlights.

Alright, so my current vehicle at this time of day in the year 2018 of October, my vehicle seems to be in great condition, however there is a slight problem where at night the headlight would glow bright red as if a demon had possessed it, so that scares me a little, but other than that it is great, I love it.

- Cameron I

Third row family car with useable passenger third row.

Our Toyota highlander makes life with two young kids so much easier. The second row captain chairs are perfect for latching car seats while still allowing access to the third row. As a family car we love the lane alert, automatic high beams, side impact alerts, built in sunshade on second row and so much more.

- Mary B

Toyota Highlander has great safety features!

My Toyota Highlander is an excellent vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and drives with ease. It has many safety features which gives me piece of mind when driving my family around. The Toyota Highlander is spacious and easily sits 7 people. I love all of the features especially the navigation and Bluetooth.

- Erica S

It has many updated options; however, does not come with remote start.

We have only had the vehicle for one month and have not encountered any issues. The car is amazing. We have captains chairs for our girls, allowing a lot of space. The push start is very nice. The car is comfortable to drive and easy to drive. There is a lot of space and allows our family room to grow.

- Katie C

Good vehicle, not worth your price.

My car is amazing. The seats fold though whenever I get out of the car and now there that. So now there's a crease on the seat and there's no way to fix it unless I change the seats. This is the only thing that I am not able to enjoy about my car but otherwise it amazing and you should totally buy it.

- Kathleen P

Comfortable and functional family car.

It is a very good and safe vehicle very light and functional. It is very comfortable and has a space for all you can carry. It is basically a family car. It is secure car to travel. The gas last a lot! Has Bluetooth and various charging outputs which makes easy to use and carry technology devices.

- Natalia R

It is a very reliable car that I know will last me a long time.

I love the technology inside the car and touch screen. I do not like how the space between the center console and seats is so wide if you drop something you cannot reach it. I do not like how little space there is on the third row. I wish it had more trunk space when the third row seats were up.

- Kathryn H

Functionality and convenience.

I really love the vehicle mostly for its size but also its functionality. Customer service is great and I would get reminders to change oil when the time comes. I love using the navigation system and music integrated into the vehicle. I also enjoy the fact that it has child lock protection.

- Celine M

The nicest car I have driven.

The Toyota Highlander is a great car. It gets great gas mileage, is quiet and smooth on the road. The security features are amazing. Lane assist, emergency braking, distance detection of the car in front of you. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of space for a nice roomy ride.

- Amy C

Convenient and smooth ride.

My highlander is my favorite car I have had. While it is considered an SUV, it does not drive as heavy as some of the other standard SUVs that I have driven. It is super comfortable and very easy for me to get my kid in and out of. Also love the convenience of having the 3rd row seating.

- Rachel T

The Highlander has good gas mileage for the size of the car.

I like the option of the 3rd row. I like how the back seats slide back and forth and lay down so people can access the 3rd row without climbing over the seat. I like how you push the button to close the truck door and I like the touch screen for the audio and Bluetooth, Very comfortable

- nicole m

The Toyota highlander is the best Toyota vehicle I have ever driven.

The car is very comfortable and is also very easy to drive. The steering wheel is very responsive, the backup camera is very useful, and the car's features such as heated seats make it so that it can be driven in any weather. The car also feels very safe due to its size and the airbags.

- Emily D

Totally amazing Toyota highlander.

Sometimes back hatch will not open, otherwise I love it. Comfortable leather, adjustable seating, hands free phone and radio, heated seats, good storage with some underneath too, middle compartment has storage, built in navigation system, heat controls in back and on passengers side.

- Denise I

Luxury ride, highly rated safety features and a gorgeous vehicle.

This is our third Toyota highlander, so we obviously love them. They are one of the nicest riding SUVs on the market. Their safety rating is top notch. They have all the newest technology features and a very roomy interior, which we need. Great value for the money and long-lasting!

- Hilary K

The interesting detail is that it works perfectly on any kind of road.

It performs really well, the seating is comfortable, the speakers are amazing. The navigation system is updated and works perfectly. I have no problems with the car. I can rely on it so much to take me wherever I want to go with no problems. It has so much room for each passenger.

- Renee B

Perfect - between luxury and average.

Very pleased. Love the large moon roof, heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise and lumbar support. - and much more. Price was a little high but worth it for Toyota dependability. Love the hybrid. Wish it came in plug in. Feel it is between a luxury car and boring everyday vehicle.

- Jennie P

Metallic grey family mobile.

The care is very reliable, the fuel efficiency is great for a vehicle that size. I love the third row seating I can take my family out with me and we all fit comfortably. It is a wonderful choice for any family. This highlander has become a part of pr family kids love being in it.

- Ivette L

Outstanding SUV for the price.

Great vehicle. Caution about the black leather interior- extremely hard to clean and keep clean. Very reliable. All wheel drive option is a life saver. Safety features are great in this car. Very comfortable interior. Plenty of room for passengers as well as hauling small cargo.

- Sarah K

Highlanders great features.

This vehicle is very reliable with very minimum repairs. It drives very smoothly and is good on mileage. It is great with a bunch of people to drive some place. Lots of room to move furniture or other larger items. The extra features work really well and make the car very fun.

- Kerry B

Large screen GPS, seat warmers response of the car is quick.

The vehicle handles and drives well, I have not had a problem with it, I use many of the features such as lane assist and guidance on cruise so I do not get too close. The car is roomy and comfortable. The only thing I would change is their be a hands free to open the hatch.

- John K

Great driving and safe car!

I love my highlander. It has a lot of safety issues that help keep me safe. The service is great also. It handles very well around town, highway and in bad weather. It also handles well in snowy conditions. I have owned four Toyotas and love them. I will always have a Toyota.

- Carolyn R

2017 Toyota highlander, great mom car!

Safety features are great, lane assistance is very helpful. The gas mileage is very reasonable for an SUV at 23 miles per gallon. Accessibility to the third row is easy. I just wish the second row folded completely down. Storage is great. Easy to drive, maneuvers, and park.

- Melissa J

Driving like luxury for a great price.

The car is very smooth too drive. It has a lot of nice features like a sunroof, fast Bluetooth connection (sometimes), and it has seat heaters for the cold mornings. The car has not broken down on me so far and I can see myself driving the car in the next 5 years minimum.

- Paul D

Smooth, quiet, dependable ride!

This is an extremely nice vehicle. Very dependable and gets good gas mileage for a midsize SUV. Very quiet and smooth ride. If I had to find something negative to say, it would be that the brakes wear out fairly quickly. For the money, it has been a great family vehicle.

- Kenneth B

Great option with captain seats.

I love my car and I got it with the captain seat options. It is the perfect size if you do not want a minivan. The display is also very appealing and is a very smooth ride. It has lights on the side of the side view mirror so you can tell if someone is in your blindspot.

- Joanne K

Awesome interior features.

I love the space. Very reliable, no issues with anything. I love the back up camera and the rear ac control. The cloth seats are comfortable and the black interior makes the car feel like a luxury vehicle. The trunk has a lot of room, even after having the 3rd seat up.

- Samantha C

Reliability and comfort with all around excellent performance.

Very comfortable smooth ride vehicle. Very reliable and very good miles per gallon. Roomy interior with good navigation system. 3d row seat that lays flat for cargo is seating is not needed. High ratings on all vehicle rating reports. Good info and features on screen.

- Ken S

Great family car can pull a 3500# camper.

Haven't had it very long, but it has a smooth, quiet ride, corners well, and is comfortable. Since it is a hybrid, the mileage is better that a regular highlander seats fold out of the way and there a 3 rows of seats. All of my grandkids will fit without problems. .

- Connie K

It drives extremely smooth.

I like features such as navigation, backup camera, and heated seats. I enjoy special extra features such as self braking cruise control and auto high beam lights. I love the exterior. The only small dislike I have is that I wish the back seat were a little bigger.

- Andrea L

Almost perfect, except for the dang infotainment system!

We have the hay(highlander hybrid -limited platinum model) and could not be happier with it with one caveat: the infotainment system acted up, constantly rebooting for no reason, and we've been waiting over 2 months for a new unit to come in. That is way too long!

- David K

Toyota Highlander is a great choice.

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle, it gets pretty good gas mileage and is extremely comfortable. It is very reliable. Having XM radio included in the vehicle is wonderful. The features are an added bonus. I would most definitely purchase this vehicle again.

- Sonia R

Love the spacious second row. Comfortable for passengers and car seats.

I love the 2017 however I do wish that I went with the 4runner because the trunk space with the third row up is impossible to use with strollers and children. Although the size is mid size and has three rows, again with the third row up there is no storage space.

- Ashley C

Very good customer review and great budget with a great old company.

This is a very comfortable car very good in highway it can fit up to 8 people and good for extra luggage that you can pull down the back seats, if you take care of it oil change and basic maintenance. You will never see the mechanic in the next 5 years and still.

- El Abassi M

Seats eight great for a family vehicle.

Great vehicle, seats eight. Good gas mileage I love my car. Purchase two months ago and will always buy Toyota vehicles. I really enjoy the look of this vehicle as well it looks clean and rugged. Overall very happy with my purchase. Very roomy for my children.

- Veronica D

Reliable. Comfortable. Nicely designed. Nice looking.

No issues with the car. It is my third one. It drives nicely and is decent on gas. I am a big Toyota fan and the highlander is perfect for my needs, I have always enjoyed great realizability and comfort in my Toyota vehicles. Very satisfied, would recommend.

- Kim C

The highlander is very reliable.

I really like the style of the car, people ask me all the time what kind of car is that? Could be better on gas, but really rides especially well on the highway. Comfort is superb and spacious. Haven't had any problem so far. Overall satisfied with vehicle.

- Lory C

Great value for the money, love Toyota.

This is my 5 Toyota and you cannot go wrong. It is my 2nd Highlander and I love the captains chairs. Great value for the money. Service is what we expected, normal oil changes, tire rotations. Was surprised that auto start wasn't included with the vehicle.

- Stacy H

Great vehicle for weekend adventures and road trips.

Great vehicle for weekend adventure and road trips. Incredibly reliable, spacious and safe. Gas mileage is not great and can be too big for city life. Easily fits a family of 4 plus dog. Toyota customer service is always top notch. Would highly recommend.

- Bryan F

Toyota highlander is a great car.

Love everything about my Toyota highlander. Does not ride like a typical truck. Rides nice and smooth and is great in the snow. Very roomy inside and the third row comes in handy with carpooling with kids. Trunk is large and great for packing for a trip.

- Diane D

Great family car, fantastic for road trip.

I love that it is really smooth ride, no sounds/quiet car. Very spacious, chic. A great family car for my family. Fits 7 people which is fantastic for a road trip. Great panel with easy access to information, great size navigation panel for traveling.

- Isabel S

It is a nice Toyota Highlander hybrid with full unlimited edition.

It so wonderful vehicle nice smooth with no issues and clean. Everyone likes it as SUV truck it can fit a lot of space. Never visit a mechanic shop. Invite most of you to have one of it. Nice car ever. Sun roof sensors back up camera and back helping.

- I J

2017 highlander XLE review article.

We lease and Toyota and the dealership are great to work with. The Toyota care package is very convenient. I would recommend the highlander to and one looking for a quality family vehicle. The car drives very smoothly and is quiet, very comfortable.

- neil P

That is very well built and has a great warranty.

It is built well, drives nicely and has a great warranty - looks nice and I just love it. There really is not anything that I do not like about it. Maybe that this one does not have presets for drivers for seat & mirror settings but no real biggie.

- Jackie T

It's a bit pricey but it's worth it because it's the safest vehicle that I have ever owned and very comfortable it fits 7 people very comfortably

I love all the security features it has. It has cameras all around that detect if objects are too close, this is great while driving but most so when trying to park. It's been a lifesaver at times. It's also a very comfortable car to ride in

- Val m

Resale of Toyota’s is always outstanding. I would drive nothing else.

My 2017 Toyota highlander is the best vehicle our family has ever owned. We bought it a Robinson Toyota in Jackson tn. Our sales and service has been outstanding. We haven't had a single problem with the vehicle mechanically or technically.

- Eric S

It makes me feel safe with all of the safety features, like letting you know when you leave the lane, or stopping when you get too close to another vehicle.

I like the fact that it sets me up a little higher than most cars. It is comfortable and easy to handle. I like the back up camera too. There are still some blind spots to contend with, up near the front and at the rear sides of the car.

- Dawn H

The strength of an SUV with the smooth drive of a sudan

I really like the space of the Highlander. I like having an SUV that drives like a Sudan yet has power of the SUV. I like being able to be comfortable, yet have storage space for camping, and at the same time be good on streets as well.

- Shannon M

The protection it gives in case of an accident.

The space is has, the protection it can give me and baby incase of an accident. I love the style of it. I really cannot think of anything I dislike about it. I really love the back lights that is one of the reasons why I wanted the car.

- Helena N

Not your average mom car- reliable roomy and fun to drive!

No problems- it is reliable & roomy and fun to drive. I appreciate the flexibility of the third row seating and it drives like a car. The standard safety features give me a level of comfort when transporting the most precious cargo.

- Mari M

The highlander is stylish and practical, it's a great car for a family.

The Highlander is solid, well built, and reliable. It is nicely styled and comfortable. It presents well. It's expensive, but quality for the money. The built-in navigation system isn't great and i still use google maps on my phone.

- Anne D

The Toyota Highlander is a very dependable vehicle!

I like the dependability of the vehicle, Toyotas are known to be very dependable. I miss the cargo capacity of my former vehicle (minivan), but I do like the sportier design. Overall, I've been very satisfied with this vehicle.

- Karen F

Dependable, safe, best value for the price, a workhorse, and it looks good!

Toyota is the most dependable car made in it is class. Best buy for the money, stylish and comfortable. Toyota is one the safest cars on the road. And Toyota holds it is value, and the motor is good for over 200, 000 miles easy.

- Bernice M

Comfortable to drive and ride in.

Lots of space, the car is really good on the highway where we take 1500 mile trips three times a year. Gas mileage, fully loaded, exceeds 25 miles per gallon. Plenty of cargo room and the passenger compartment is well appointed.

- Bill H

It's comfortable to drive and ride in long distances.

I love the size of my vehicle and the amenities it has. I enjoy using the Toyota in car system where I can connect my phone and stream Pandora. The only thing I don't like about my vehicle is the start and stop engine function.

- Heather g

Best SUV in the market for Medium families.

Super comfortable; drives pretty neatly. I get a lot of compliments because looks like a more expensive car, I really Love my car. It's actually my second Highlander. My husband loves that is a Toyota which means reliability.

- Karina A

it lasts a long time with minimum maintenance, is very comfortable, does not go out of style!

love the highlander. this is our 2nd highlander and we purchased a 2nd because we trust toyota, the car last a long time, over 10 years, we feel safe, it is comfortable, and rides terrific. plus the service was terrific.

- scott a

How reliable it seems to be. It is newer, but everyone tells me how toyotas last forever.

Love the room inside. Love the the panoramic sunroof. Love the display. Love the built in sun shades in back seat for kids. Dislike that I can't control the fan speed of air for 2nd row seats, from the front controls.


It is a great value for the money. It is extremely well equipped for the price.

I feel safe in the car. It is very comfortable. Most importantly there is ample room for my dogs. It is a little too big. I can not see the end of the front, the back or the corners which makes it difficult at times.

- Julianne D

That safety is a priority.

I really like the safety features, it makes me feel good about driving my kids in it. I like that it's spacious, I have enough room for kids, groceries, and a stroller. I think it could have a few more base features.

- Stephanie w

It is highly rated in lasting over 250, 000 miles.

I love the smooth ride, safety features, such as automatically slows down when too close to a vehicle when it is in cruise mode, the automatic lift and close of the tailgate and the look of the highlander.

- Cindy Y

It is a go to workhorse vehicle. Great for groceries and hauling people.

The car is reliable. My biggest complaint is that there is no leg room and foot room. I'm 5 10 and my husband taller and we just don't fit well. I like how it drives, being up high, and the backup camera.

- Suzanne A

Great looking and reliable vehicle.

We love our Highlander. We have not had any problems with this car in the year we have driven our car. The drive is comfortable and love the heated seats. Plenty of room and love the look of the car.


It is good for families with kids.

It is very spacious, and operates reliably. This is a good fit for families with kids, like mine. I am satisfied with the gas efficiency as well. For the maintenance, so far so good at my dealer's,

- Song h

it's very safe to drive; I have peace of mind when I'm on the highway or traveling with children.

I bought this SUV as a replacement for my old Explorer. I thought I would like it just as well, but I like it even better than I thought. It gets great gas mileage and has excellent tech upgrades.

- Sussie M

It is roomy and comfortable and easy to drive. You can fit more than you think you can inside.

It is comfortable, roomy, and easy to drive. I enjoy the cargo space and the efficiency. I like almost all of the features. I would have liked a bench seat in the back as opposed to two seats.

- Kristina K

This car has a good amount of space for a family of 4 looking to hold cargo and others if needed.

I like the size of the vehicle and the captains chairs in the back. With children, it's essential to have ceiling rear air conditioner and this car has that. The interface of the screen is poor.

- Alexandra S

Drives easy with adjustable mirrors. The safety features for pacing behind other cars is really a cool feature

I like the number of USB outlets, the heated seats & the ability to move the driver seat at ease. I like the 3rd row option & all the safe seat belt options for car seats. I have no complaints

- Tracy C

Highlander stands out from other SUVs.

Love the appearance. Ride is very comfortable. Automatic bright lights are helpful. This is our second Highlander, have not had a problem with either one. Would definitely buy another one.

- Dorothy O

The Toyota highlander is a safe and great car to drive.

The Highlander is a very reliable SUV for my family of 5. It drives extremely well and I feel is very safe for my 3 young kids. We have had luxury brands and this feels about the same.

- Jodi K

Safety is a 5/5 rating on this vehicle, so it makes sure to keep your family safe

I love that the highlander offers the sporty look, but also the safety and room my family needs. AWD so I don't worry with getting stuck, and clean up with my leather seats is a breeze

- shadow C

It has stop-start technology. If you don't like having to turn that off every time you turn the car on, don't buy it.

I like the backseat space. I dislike the stop-start technology that turns the car off when you apply the brake for even just 2 seconds. I also dislike the power liftgate (back door).

- Gretchen D

3rd row seating, technology is very good.

The highlander replaced our Lexus rx350. Even though they both have the same engine the highlander seems to lag a bit, but the highlander weighs about 350 pounds more than the Lexus.

- George M

Reliability - I can always depend on it not breaking. Also, gas mileage is really good.

No complaints! I love my Highlander. It's comfortable for long trips, and is extremely reliable. I have owned a Toyota for at least 30 years...different models, but always Toyota!

- karen k

It's a great car to own! I would recommend it to everyone!

I LOVE my car,,,I feel safe in it and it really navigates me around town. I can always count on Toyota...I had my other car for 12 years and it never went to the shop for repair

- Cindy W

Good reviews from others and the car industry.

The size, the way it handles, and all the bells and whistles it came with like blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, dynamic cruise control, auto high beam headlights.

- Michael F

It drives like a car and not like an suv. Very easy to navigate.

It's the perfect size for a family of 4 with extra people. Trunk space is small when 3rd row is up and memory driver seat should be standard. Very comfortable and drives great!

- Elisa R

Comfortable, can carry anything including kids and animals

I love the leather and the cup holders in the back for the bucket seats. The back hatch opens and closes by the push of a button and I can lock and unlock from the door handle

- Shelby S

The all wheel drive - the comfort, ride and acceleration are exceptional.

Very comfortable ride, leather interior, sunroof and all the electronic bells and whistles. AWD is a joy. For us, it was a better size than the Honda CRV or the Toyota Rav4.

- John M

It has 78000 miles on it.

Love the 3rd seat. Great for car trips. Rides smooth, love my sunroof. The seats go down so it helps with my work going from job solution to job location delivery supplies.

- Betsy W




This car is fuel efficient.

I love everything about my vehicle. It is a great quality vehicle. It is very eco friendly and the safety ratings are some of the highest. It also has a great resale value.

- Tanya S

I feel that the Highlander is a well made vehicle with a reputation for durability. I prioritized a vehicle with a leather interior and third row, both which mine has. Having the third row makes it extremely versatile for extra passengers or more storage. I did purchase the vehicle used and have noticed it is quite loud on the highway but it appears there is a specific issue causing it to sound like a window isn't sealed. I would prefer the Highlander sat up higher but otherwise love it!

I've found the Highlander to be reliable and was fairly comfortable purchasing it at a high number of miles which is nearly the same number of miles my dying vehicle had!

- Sarah M

I absolutely love the safety features of my Highlander, specifically the back up camera, the side alerts and various airbags located throughout the vehicle. I love the heated seats, navigation, pandora, etc. I also love the captain seats in the 2nd row and the option for a third row when needed. I do not like that it's not standard to have luggage racks and I wish that it had DVDs.

Great safety standards in the Highlander and very spacious for a family of 4. It also comes standard with high tech floor mats, which are amazing with kids and a dog.

- Jamie M

The Toyota safety sense provides good overall safety feeling.

Very smooth driving and handling. Love to drive my highlander. Toyota Safety Sense is great. Lot of room for the family. Lack of blind spot warning is what I dislike.

- Sreejith R

Spacious and has 7 seats to fit all the people in our family

it has 3 rows and is very spacious inside; the screen interface is good, rear camera very helpful for driving and the warning for lane departure and brake is awesome

- Melody S

My highlander is a nice size for my lifestyle.

My vehicle is a tomato highlander that offers plenty of room for my family. But I especially like the back cargo area that is big enough to haul around my black lab.

- Amy B

Highlander: Lots of space

We own a brand new 2017 Toyota Highlander and love it! We are a very tall family and have ample room in the front seats, along with 2 car seats in the middle row.

- Morgan D

Toyota Highlander is a safe technologically-advanced car that is versatile for your family and will keep your loved ones safe.

I like my vehicle because it is safe. I like my vehicle because it is comfortable and rides quietly. I feel like I'm doing my part by driving a hybrid vehicle.

- Ka N

Reliable, good handling, rugged.

I love this car, it drives smooth, just big enough for 2 kids. I do not like that the trunk is so small. I also can't figure out how to save seat adjustments.

- Elizabeth K

4 wheel drive and gets me where I am going. I have no worries.

I love this vehicle. Gets me through the snow with no problem. I do not have to worry about climbing hills to my home and it feels like a luxury vehicle.

- patti c

it is very dependable. It also is a safe vehicle to drive.

i like that Toyota stands behind their vehicles. My Highlander has good size and stability, with good towing capacity. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- jay j

The most important thing in the car is the safety of the driver and passengers in the car.

I like lane departure warning and interiors of the car. I also like anti collision system. But I was amazed that there is no anti theft system in the car.

- May M

Safety features of the Toyota Highlander.

The Highlander has great safety features - rear view cameras, side mirror warnings, front collision warnings. I feel very secure driving the Highlander.

- Karen B

Great value, roomy inside, it is sporty looking also.

I like the gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable. The ride is of the vehicle is smooth. I like the moon roof. This model have many safety features.

- Patricia E

It has great gas mileage for an SUV and is a great car for long car rides.

I love that my vehicle has a 3rd row that can be used or the seats can lay flat. Lots of space in the back. It rides smooth. It has great gas mileage.

- Susie P

Its alright except for some minor issues.

Would not recommend, I had some major issues as to the battery. I had to constantly replace it and the car would make a weird noise when I turned it on.

- May R

It has great gas mileage and a great family vehicle.

The only dislike I have about it is that it is a noisy ride and isn't very smooth. Otherwise I love it. The style, the room, and the design are amazing.

- Lynn R

It is reliable and dependable and lasts a considerable amount of time

I love the look and style of my highlander. It is reliable, comfortable and convenient to drive. I d wish the gas mileage was a little better though

- Janet K

It has 4 wheel drive capability without being a bulky vehicle

I love the space and how it rides. There is room in the back for adults, it holds my 2 kids with car seats and my dog. It also gets good gas mileage

- Amy M

That it has an overall good driving experience and the safety features come standard.

It's roomy, quiet on the highway, and handles well. Plus it has nice features like heated seats and safety features. I don't like the auto shutoff

- Ga A

It is a fantastic family vehicle. It is versatile and advanced safety features come standard.

I love the safety features of the vehicle. It's a great family vehicle, but isn't quite as fun to drive as some of the other vehicles we've owned.

- Nate T

2017 Toyota Highlander: Excellent Family SUV

The Highlander is a very versatile vehicle. It seats 5 comfortably, and it has great utility with the rear hatch that offers ample cargo storage.

- Robert K

Summary of highlander and suggestion

Love the size of the car and the space in the back for groceries. Wish there were automatic side mirrors. Love everything else that's automatic.

- Rebecca W

It is very reliable and safe, which is hard to find.

I love that it is extremely safe and comfortable for my large family. I wish that the third row was a little bit bigger, but for now it will do.

- stef a

its very comfortable and gives a smooth ride and spacious

I love the Bluetooth system, the way it drives. If you hit a pothole, it doesn't cause you to move so much in the car. its very spacious inside

- Roshni P

It is great for families. It would be good for carrying sports equipment.

I like that it can carry my family and a lot of groceries. It has a third row seat. I wish we had purchased a car with a few more features.

- T L

2017 highlander review toyota

very nice vehicle, very roomy, ok on gas. AC control in the back seat is very convenient as well as being able to fold the 3rd row seats down

- jessica k

It is a very safe car that will protect you and your family

Reliability and safety is the main reason, a car that is safe for you and your family. The gas mileage is great and the car and very stylish

- Lisa T

It is reliable and comfortable.

I like the size and features related to the vehicle. It was an upgrade from a car so definitely more spacious. I feel safer in this vehicle.

- Callie H

Reliable and good on gas. Drives great.

I love the gas mileage my car gets and it is very roomy as far as legroom but I like to have more luggage room. Small tank which I love too.

- Trey H

Great SUV for the family.

The 2017 Toyota highlander le plus gets excellent gas mileage. Has great safety features. The interior is very roomy with the 3rd row seats.

- Mavis M

Highlanders are so roomy and convenient for a family!

I love that it has 3 rows and plenty of room. The front seat is roomy and so is the second row. I love the back hatch opens with my clicker.

- Laney L

It is very roomy and comfortable to ride in.

It is very stylish. It is good on gas. It has lots of room. I am able to fit many things and transport big items. It is a very smooth ride.

- Georgia F

The size of the car is important as it can carry 5-7 people depends on the set up.

The size is good and there is a lot of space to put things. It has good speed and it is easy to drive around. It has good features as well.

- John Y

It is a great vehicle with a smooth ride and functional for a family with kids.

I like the size of my vehicle because it can fit 8 but it's not a huge SUV. I also like the style and color. It rides very smooth as well.

- Laine M

It is very Reliable and has great safety features,

Comfortable ride and very reliable. Has lots of great safety features. Spacious even in the 3rd row. Only complaint is the stereo system.

- Tina M

I love the bright lights are turned off when you pass a car

Super spacious and really comfortable. Great reliability with fantastic gas mileage because we got the base model. Smooth ride for an SUV

- Crystal J

It is a safe and reliable car. I have 2 small children and I always feel like our car is super safe and could handle an accident, god forbid!!

I love the way it drives - very smooth. I love the rear view camera. There's enough space and it's comfortable when we take road trips.

- Jamie R

Very Spacious family SUV that does well on long trips.

Love the 3rd row seating. Very comfortable to drive on long trips. Has plenty of leg room for even the back seat. Would buy another.

- Bryan B

It is very roomy and there's plenty of room for the dog.

It is a very roomy vehicle, making it comfortable for us. It is a nice quiet ride. We have not had an ounce of trouble with it at all.

- Harry H

Very reliable, voted safest suv on the road, great space for a family of 4

Great space, sleek design, perfect for a growing family. Roof is a little low if you're trying to transport big pieces of furniture

- Jessica W

That it drives like a car not an SUV or truck.

Love the size. How it drives and how functional it is. Do not like how it turns off at stops or when you push down the brake to hard.

- Chris B

It has a lot of space and very good features.

This is a very good vehicle. I would recommended this vehicle to my sister and she brought one. This is my best car/truck purchase.

- A M

It is good to drive in the snow.

I love the way the SUV drives. It is a great size for family and still small enough and easy to navigate and park in small spaces.

- Kim M

Great cruise control it detects the car in front of you.

I love my car. Has good reliability, and is very comfortable. Like all small SUVs, when the back seat is open, the trunk is small.

- Joel G

It's hard to park. It was bigger than I thought by just looking at it. But I'm still very happy with it.

I have no complaints. The car is very roomy. We have two car seats in the back that fit perfectly. Couldn't ask for a better car.

- theresa w

It's reliable. It's a great family car. Spacious and stylish.

I love the third row option. Its spacious yet not huge. Wish I had a remote start and an easier way to open and close the trunk.

- Tamra R

Very dependable vehicle and no maintenance for the first two years.

I love the way the vehicle is like driving a car. Handles the road well. I also like the comfort and the dual air conditioning.

- Toni M

It doesn't have a lot of headroom.

Dislike electronics. Screen display is awkward angle and dated. Like the gas mileage and 3rd row seats. Like the look of vehicle

- Dana T

It has lots of space and comfort

I love my Toyota Highlander for it's comfort and luxury feel without the luxury price. It is a reliable car with lots of space.

- Malia S

It is mine, do not trash it.

Safety features are great. Comfortable and nice ride. It is a little too big, and hard to understand how all the features work.

- Ann A

It drives very smoothly. I like that it carries up to 7 people.

I like the sun roof. I like the leather seats. I like the navigation. I don't like the remote start. I don't like the storage.

- Jen B

The reliability of the toyota brand car. Knowing that the car will last for a very long time without powertrain problems.

Loving and enjoying the ride of my highlander. Fits all the kids and their gears. Plenty of room for the family on road trips.

- lyn n

Toyota makes quality vehicles, built to last a long time.

Love the smooth ride. Dislike where the radio is located, wish it was a little easier to reach. Hate the front cup holders!

- kristine h

All the safety features: lane departure, adaptive cruise control, auto high beams, and crash avoidance.

Like all the safety features,. Ride is excellent, smooth and quiet. Great gas mileage. Plenty of power and great handling.

- Ron M

It is easy on gas economy. Do not have to fill up that often.

I love everything about it: style, comfort, smooth driving. It has lots of safety features. Easy to drive with big windows.

- Theresa L

It is top rated in reliability and safety. It's a family car, so this is essential.

I love my vehicle. It's reliable, safe, and very comfortable to drive and ride in. I love the safety features that it has.

- anna s

It is a roomy car for lots of kids.

Frame cheaper and cracks easily. Engine is weaker than Santa Fe. It is an attractive looking and roomy car. Pretty color.

- Hilary B

It is fun to drive. It makes traveling with the family and pets easy.

I love my Highlander. It has plenty of room and functionality. My only complaint is the front passenger window whistles.

- Michele H

It's very safe with lots of safety features. It also drives very smooth.

I like that it has a third row. I like how well it drives. I like the safety features. The only dislike is gas mileage.

- Amy G

It is a safe reliable vehicle.

A safe car. Drives good in all weather. I am not crazy about the auto stop when I brake, do not like that engine stops.

- Jodi P




It is very good on gas and fuel.

It drives smooth. It is fast. I dislike because its eats gas. It also does not have a big enough trunk that could fit.


Safety, ride, gas, style inside.

Comfort, style, safety, everything that I need in a big car. This is all have so say in this survey about this car..

- Carmen C

it has blind spot monitor as a standard equipment as well as other options that come with the car

it is a nicely built car and feels strong with few rattles and has lots of safety equipment like blind spot monitor.

- shawn w

It can last for years and years and years. It is a great car.

The space within is great. Family oriented and the ride is smooth. Extra seating gadgets are at eye to hand level.

- Cheryl B

Highlander is a great choice.

It's great plenty of room for my grandson. Love the feature that shows you what's behind you when your backing up.

- Linda J

Best fuel efficient family car for parents with toddlers

Very safe. Good feel efficiency. Pretty roomy but but as easy to access 3rd row as I expected. Lots of cargo room

- Rex R

Family friendly and economical.

I like the size and the color. It is very comfortable to ride in. Also with a growing family it meets our needs.

- Ashley M

That it has enough seats for six or seven people and still have room for storage in the back. I can even put a wheelchair in the back...

I like it because I can put things in the back and still have room to put the seats down to make room for more.

- Mildred J

The collision detection and lane shift detection are very helpful

Tight turn radius, fast, easy to use touchscreen, lots of room, backup camera and side turn signals are helpful

- Chathu W

Well equipped, big vehicle easy to maneuver.

Smooth ride, large, but not too large, good mpg. I am able to carry 7 adults comfortably and still get 25+mpg.

- Michael A

Very reliable and comfortable. A pleasure to drive

Awesome vehicle. Very comfortable, powerful, many great safety and convenience features. Highly recommended.

- Pete J

That it's a wonderful vehicle with lots of safety features!

I love the layout of the seats and the numerous mommy features of the car. I do wish that it had remote start.

- Kristen E

The vehicle is surprisingly spacious.

Love the smooth ride. Enough space for all my needs and comfortable for my 6ft 4in husband to take road trips.

- Jennifer M

It has many safety features including lane departure.

This is our second Toyota Highlander. We liked the first one, so when it was time to buy, we chose it again.

- Jacki R

It's great on gas mileage, I've saved a lot of money already this year!

No complaints at all! It runs great and is wonderful on gas mileage. My Highlander is also very fun to drive!

- Thomas H

it is very roomy and comfortable and get good gas mileage

it is a beautiful vehicle is very roomy we travel a lot and it get good gas mileage and is very comfortable.

- liz g

I believe safety should be the most important. Also the price when purchasing.

I love the gas mileage and how it handles. Also like the 3rd row seats. Easy to drive and a very smooth ride.

- Peggy G

Strong and comfort no expensive for gas.

My vehicle is good conditions very safe and I have comfort is nice driving it has a sensor is good for snow.

- Miriam M

Even with the third row, the car has lots of cargo space.

The car is great in the snow, lots of room, has 3rd row optional, while still providing lots of trunk space.

- Jennifer W

The car is not the best on gas unless you are traveling long distance.

Smooth ride. Comfortable. Easy with children. Nothing I don't not like. No complaints I have about the car.

- Candace D

Great Versatility and Style with average gas consumption.

I think it is a great vehicle. Lots of room, and great technology. It could use better gas mileage, though.

- Steve M

My vehicle has everything to make u feel.. Wonderful.

Nothing is working fine and like it.. It's nice vehicle.. And feel comfortable.. Its has long range frame..

- L. F

That it is very reliable car that looks great and works well.

It is an amazing car. I love that it always works and is very comfortable. It is reliable and works great!

- David B

It gets good gas mileage. It is dependable. It has plenty of room.

I like the room it has for a family of three. I enjoy the comfort of the seats. I like the Toyota service.

- Mary L

Great for kids with third row seating it has a lot of room.

I love the third row seating and how it handles. It gets decent gas mileage. It is a great car for kids.

- Mike B

Safety for the kids. And user friendly.

Comfortable, space, reliable, safety smooth, fast, economical, affordable, nice, beautiful body, clean.

- Yvonne E

Gas mileage is better than other similar cars we looked at

Gas mileage good compared to other same cars, love all the safety controls, and the convenient locking

- Carol A

Pretty looking great navigation system and radio sound is great

It isn't comfortable on long drives. Great on gas. Pretty interior. 2nd row roomy. Clean sleek lines.

- Francine F

Highlander review. Great family car

Comfortable and plenty of space. Good family car to have. Toyota sense is awesome. Interiors is nice.

- Elbert H

Good family car, three row optional, good trunk space.

The ride is smooth, you don't feel individual bumps along the road. Good AC and radio. No complaints.

- Rebekah S

Safety features are very good.

Good reliability and smooth quiet ride. Safety features are very good. Only complaint is the price.

- Greg d

It isn't a true suv. It is more like a crossover car and cannot perform on the level of bigger vehicles.

The car really sits too low. I do enjoy the entertainment system. Not very good at towing though.

- Ben W

Easy riding vehicle with decent mileage

I think it's a great ride. Wish there was more customization on the dashboard. Decent gas mileage

- Rachel S

I love my highlander. It has plenty of room for kids and dogs and stuff. I like that the from seats are wide and spacious. I love that I can fold down the third row of seating and separate the dogs. I am happy with the four disc CD changer. I do wish the driver seat had a button to push to save the seat setting. I also wish the car had a chain instead of a timing belt that has to be changed proactively every 90K miles.

It is a hybrid electric SUV that gets great gas mileage and doesn't sacrifice space and comfort!

- Sherri D

That it is a fun vehicle to drive

I like the look and style of it. I like the way the car accelerates when I get on the highway.

- AA S

It has good safety features. Also has hands free phone.

It has a lot of room in it. I don't dislike anything about it. I have no complaints at all.

- Cindy B

Toyota is a very dependable stylish vehicle, you should get one

The highlander is terrific. It is reliable. I drive it with confidence. Great dealership

- Jamey L

It is very reliable and drives great

I like the roominess of the suv and the way it drives and also that it is very reliable

- Frances B

Safety is huge on this car.

I love the ride, quality and dependability. I don't like that it's a bit high priced.

- Anna M

They are somewhat energy efficient. This helps save money on gas.

I love this car. It is nice a big for my family, and we are able to fit so much more.

- Angie O

My suv provides a super smooth ride and provides lots of space for me and my family.

I love the space it provides. It has a smooth ride. I think it has great gas mileage

- brae w

It has a smooth ride and lots of room which fills all of my needs

I Like the feel i get when driving. It offers a smooth ride and has huge cargo space

- colleen S

Perfect size for a small family and great safety features.

Not to big or little. I wish the 3rd room had a bit more room. Love captains chairs.

- Ann G

The hybrid has a lot of power which I did not realize prior to test driving it.

Really like the power of the hybrid. I also like the safety features on the vehicle

- td s

It's great if you have kids. there is enough space for everyone and allows them to charge their electronic devices.

I like how spacious it is. Its pretty good on gas. All the extra features is nice.

- Rebecca W

The car is great. The seats are comfy, everything is reliable. One thing that which Toyota needs to touch on is their operating system for the car. It looks really outdated and it lags a lot or the screen doesn't register my touches.

The car is great, fuel efficiency, comfort, anything you want. It's a great deal.

- Bryan S

It has an additional seating, so it can seat seven people. So, it very spacious.

It drives smooth on bumpy roads. The exterior is roomy. I like the cooled seats.

- Bonnie H

The Highlander drives awesome. I feel very safe. The car has sensors to let the driver know about other cars in blind spots.

I love the second row captains chairs. And the third row is Handy when needed

- Jen M

It is bigger than I want, but the size that I need right now. I love most everything about it. My biggest complaint is that the auto headlights only turn on when it is dark outside and not when my windshield wipers are on during the day.

Toyota Highlander one of the smallest SUVs that comfortably fits 7 passengers

- Kristen F

This is a high quality vehicle with low maintenance costs and a pleasure to drive

It drives great. It is a high quality SUV. I have had no maintenance issues

- Meg R

That it gets very good gas mileage and is very comfortable

It get great gas mileage and has lots of room. The seats fold done nicely

- melissa L

Reliability and safety it is very spacious and has great features

Love the room it provides. It has great gas mileage, and I like the style.

- Cory F

It's reliable and gives a very comfortable ride, especially on the highway.

Great car, runs very smoothly. It gets good gas mileage for a medium SUV.

- Jennifer S

The lane warnings & the radar cruise control make it practically self-driving!

It's great! THe 3rd row is a little small, but other than that it's great!

- Shannon R

My car is from a very good brand I do not have too much inconvenience with this vehicle I had a little accident a few months ago but it only have some scratches.

It is a comfortable car with too many features and is safe for the people

- Stephanie g

The Toyota Highlander makes you feel safe and secure.

I love it. Absolutely no complaints or issues. Would highly recommend.

- Erika V

The Toyota Highlander is very spacious. It rides very smooth. It has a good navigation system.

The car rides smooth. It is roomy and comfortable. It navigates well.

- Mary R

Rides and handles beautifully.would buy another. And will next time around

Love it, the way it drives and rides. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Joe L

toyota is all about safety and reliability. Great gas mileage is great as well.

It's reliable and roomy. I love the design and the safety features.

- Anna S

How many safety features it has. Lane alerts, stopping if you get too close. Back up camera

Love how it drives. How easy it is to handle. The room that it has

- Ruthie L

It has third row seating and comfortably seats 8 people

Third row seating is helpful. Don't like the white interior seats

- kayla B

Only complaint is that it did not come with a trailer hitch. I love to drive this vehicle. Love being a little higher off the road. Love the Nav system, the backup camera, all of the creature comforts.

I LOVE THIS CAR. It drives like a dream. I feel safe in this car.

- Melissa W

It is an amazing car, especially for people with children.

It is maroon in color. It drives excellent. It is very spacious

- Hannah H

Great family vehicle for older kids in sports. Lots of cargo room.

Love the room and seating. Don't love the height for cleaning.

- Jen H

I like the size and being able to see without obstruction. The front seats being ventilated with the high temperatures in Arizona. I don't like the fact that there aren't any USB ports in the third row.

Get captain seats in second row for easy access to third row.

- Joyce S

it get me where i have to go,and comfortable for my family

it's affordable comfortable and reliable .my family loves it

- lola f

Brand reliability quality color size mileage luxury good price

Love it size and extras color luxury gas mileage and price

- Deb S

very reliable. safe. well made and comfortable. the vehicle is stylish and secure. great storage

like the weight and the features. comfortable and secure.

- benjamin b

Safety. Love Toyota for It's safety features.

Love the room. Love the sunroof. Tint needs to be darker.

- Anne H

I think It's an ok price so I would lease again

It's nice. decent on gas. wish it was stronger. les dents

- Joel d

That's its a dependable vehicle with a lot of perks.

My only complaint is that I wish it had more cargo room.

- Nicky B

It is safe and saves a lot of gas. Very smooth while driving

It is a very safe and easy vehicle to drive. Very smooth

- Alex C

Safety features are wonderful and make driving so much more fun.

optional 3rd row, a navigation system, safety features.

- susan s

It's very strong and hard to break

It's fast but I don't like the back shape from behind.

- Francis d

comfort for all and the room

good large car with 7 seats, comfort and lots of room

- Sharon K

It is a hybrid and we save on Gasoline. It is a great thing.

DNA good for now. Services. Two times. No complaints.

- Vivian K

The Toyota Highlander is a stylish, comfortable and easy to drive vehicle.

I love my vehicle. It's stylish and easy to drive.

- Toni M