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I do not like the car at all really the only nice thing is the space.

I would not recommend this car to anyone that I know. I got the car from a family member. Had no problems and then all of a sudden when pulling out after a stop sign my engine revs super high like 5, 000 rpms before shifting into gear. It is extremely slow when trying to gain speed it literally will sit at about 2, 000 rpms and if you give it anymore gas it shoots up to nearly 4, 000. The more I have this car the more I wish I didn't own it. Very unsatisfied with it overall. The only thing this car has going for it is that it is spacious and has room to store stuff. I also enjoy the mere fact that if I wanted to pull a trailer I could which is a nice thing to be able to do when needed. I would not recommend this car to anyone that I know. I got the car from a family member. Had no problems and then all of a sudden when pulling out after a stop sign my engine revs super high like 5, 000 rpms before shifting into gear. It is extremely slow when trying to gain speed it literally will sit at about 2, 000 rpms and if you give it anymore gas it shoots up to nearly 4, 000. The more I have this car the more I wish I didn't own it. Very unsatisfied with it overall. The only thing this car has going for it is that it is spacious and has room to store stuff. I also enjoy the mere fact that if I wanted to pull a trailer I could which is a nice thing to be able to do when needed.

- Terry S

Rav4 Toyota Roomy, good on gas, comfortable

I love my Toyota Rav4. I've had it for about 7yrs and never has given me any problems. The only one major problem I had was replacing the Clutch kit. It has been a super car for me. It has been good on has when I have traveled. And is very roomy inside. It seats 5 adults and still has lots of room in the back for luggage. I love the style it has and would get the same car if I had to get another updated year of course.

- SallyJo V

A good small SUV for someone coming from a sedan.

I had to replace all 3 air/fuel ratio sensors, one of them twice, totaling about $1500. Tends to have a problem with batteries leaking/corroding. The clamp on one battery post has been replaced twice, and still occasionally slips off, causing power loss. Had at least one mechanical recall. Starter has been replaced. Overall, comfort is good. Has had more little mechanical issues than I was expecting from a Toyota.

- Jennifer K

Comfort. The Honda CR-V is extremely comfortable.

The Honda CR-V is extremely comfortable which makes long trips very relaxing. There is plenty of room for luggage or, groceries. The automobile rides smoothly on the road with very little to no outside noise. The radio has a very good sound and the built-in GPS is perfect. There are heated seats in the model that was purchased which is great for the winter. We feel very secure in this CR-V when we travel.

- Evelyn K

RAV4 I love it but has some kinks.

Overall I love my RAV4 and it is great in the winter. It is compact enough so that it is easy to park which is very beneficial while living in a city. I have had some issues with the car as I bought it used. There was a big issue with the gas tank and the gas meter. Recently my car started whistling and I am taking it into the shop to have that looked at.

- Lauren C

Toyota rav4. 2002 FWD four door. Four cylinder.

Good reliable car. 4 cylinder does not have much power. Tons of recalls since purchase. Goes good in the snow. Lots of headroom for tall people. Good legroom. Room for kids and cargo. We have owned for 10 plus years. Hopefully will get another few years out of it. Would purchase a Toyota again, but only a six cylinder.

- Elizabeth Z

Good mid-sized family sub.

I like the amount of space in the rav4. It is been really good. I just started having a small issue with the transmission. Other than that, I have no problems at all. I do wish that I had a more forceful a/c. It does not blow hard enough for me and I live in south Florida. The air conditioner is extremely important!

- Jennifer B

Dark green 2002 Toyota rav4.

My 2002 Toyota rav4 is great, it really is. Although, gas mileage is not the best. The door seal sounds like it might be coming loose, and you can hear the wind. Sounds like a whistle, kind of. Also, I wanted a 4wd vehicle and seen that it was, but there is actually no switch for the 4wd, so technically just a AWD.

- Shy S

It has gone through many snow storms flawlessly.

My Toyota has always been a fantastic car. I use it mainly about town. It has gotten me through many snow storms. It has always performed better than I had hoped for. It never has performed well on the highway as it always sounds like it has to work too hard. Lots of room to carry things and back seats fold down.

- Sarah E

Rav4 is such a pleasure to drive!!

My Toyota rav4 is such a pleasure to drive. It handles the road well and is very ready to drive!! I've had the car since 2002 and it has never had any major problems at all. Very reliable car. I will be teaching my son to drive soon. This is a car I know he will feel safe driving. Anyone would love to drive it!!

- Chrissie K

My Toyota RAV4 is a perfect match for me.

For starters, I live the size of the car. I also like how I sit a little higher in the driver's seat, since it is an SUV. The vehicle is red, which is one of my favorite colors. I also like the basic features in the car, such as the ac, heater, and radio. It may not be new, but I really do enjoy it.

- Catherine B

Pros and cons of Toyota rav4.

Had problems with acv, transmission, and coils, but runs well after cleaning oil system. Comfortable and economical, but suspension is a bit hard and rough. Have had to replace the computer and have the transmission rebuilt. Air conditioning is somewhat weak. All in all, it is a good reliable car.

- Murray M

230, 000 miles on it, still runs well.

My car is 16 years old with 230, 000 miles. It still runs wonderfully. I was hit by a tractor trailer 6 years ago and there was still enough value in the car to get it fixed. It is great in the snow, and has had minimal repair issues over its lifetime. Minimal rust, wear and tear. I love it.

- Ann M

Love the way it makes my life easier.

I love the roominess of this vehicle. I can take clients or haul hay and my kid's goat on the weekends. The car just runs smoothly and is utilitarian. It has lots of power and a smooth ride. I like that there are so many on the road for reliability and ease in finding a mechanic and parts.

- Shawn N

It's fun to drive and I feel proud to drive it. It's my favorite car i've ever owned.

It is a cute sporty car that is fun to drive. I like the roominess in the back and the way the tailgate swings open. I like sitting up higher in my vehicle than i would in a normal car. I love the Bluetooth and the gas mileage. And it is a beautiful blue color. I really have no complaints.

- Karin J

Fun to drive, great gas mileage, and easy to drive in bad weather.

I love everything about my car. I like that it's a small SUV, so it gives the power of an SUV without the high gas mileage. I feel safe when driving in bad weather. I love Toyotas because they last. The only thing I dislike it that its a 2002, and I eventually would like a newer model.

- Jessica H

Toyota 2002 rav4 is super reliable, and has decent gas mileage for an SUV.

For the record, I only own the Toyota, the rest belongs to my family. The rav4 is super reliable, excellent ac, and the tire in the back probably saved my life (or at least injury) from an accident I was previously in. However, I dislike the stock stereo as it has outdated accessories.

- Mia B

Love everything but the battery placement.

Hate where the battery is located. It has a cover over it that makes it difficult to jump start other cars. Other than that runs great after 190k miles. Love the interior space. Great in inclement weather. Nice big tires. Like so many on the road makes it easier to be anonymous.

- Shawn N

Ease of handling and getting in & out as we're older folks.

Our RAV4 is easy to get in and out of and has lots of room in the back to hold whatever we buy or travel gear. It sits high enough to see the road easily. It's small enough to fit in any space. It doesn't feel like you're driving a mac truck. No complaints....love this car!

- Janet M

History of my 17 years old car that I love.

It is a good car, good performance. It is an economic car. I have it since new 0 miles. It has a lot of comfort. It has CD, radio and tape. It got only 140,000 miles for a car that has 17 years. It is a car that really I recommend to anyone. I am now looking for the new one.

- Jeanne D

My car is good on gas mileage and the ride is smooth.

I have had it since 2003 and it has been a great car. I have only had to change tires and batteries for it. Once three years ago a manufacturer’s defect caused me $300 to correct. My car has been reliable and I am just approaching 100,000 miles and I hate to replace it.

- Annette P

Sturdy compact SUV. Reliable all around vehicle.

Very reliable. Have had the car for ten years. Needed a new transmission due to recall but was covered. Minor problems that come with age but overall a great vehicle. All wheel drive is a plus. Handles well in most weather conditions. Easy upkeep and decent gas mileage.

- Dan L

I wish the back seat could hold three car seats across.

The only complaint that I have is that if you have two car seats in it there's no room for anyone else. I think it's a great mid size SUV. I like the way it handles and has a great turning radius. It gets up and goes really well, and the seats are comfortable.

- Kathleen B

Dependable, reliable, won't leave you on the road unless major problem car.

Only complaint I have is that the space between front seats and back seats is too close. It has been a reliable car for all the years I've had it. Regular maintenance each year. After many years of potholes now it is starting to need computer adjustment.

- Vivian V

reliable and it's worth the money, because i have depended on it and it's amazing

i love it, it's so cute and very comfortable and reliable. its an older car but i do love it and i have had it for a long time and it got passed down to me. The features are basic and everything works. It has problems but every care has problems

- jessica z

It is really comfortable and a great dog person car. We even fit a big goat.

I love the spacious interior. I hate the placement of the battery. It is under a cover right up against the back wall of the engine. It has attachment hardware that easily drops in to the engine. I have almost 200, 000 miles and it runs great.

- Sh N

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is great for city living.

My vehicle is awesome in that it is the perfect size for me. I am able to travel around with all of my luggage, groceries, etc in the back and still have room for people. The only thing that I dislike is maybe the gas mileage.

- Nikki D

It is a reliable vehicle.

My RAV4 is a fantastic SUV, not to big, not too small. It has great storage in the back, & the back seats can lay down to create even more room. Comfortable to drive, & good gas mileage. I have never had any major problems.

- Bonnie R

Very reliable and long lasting car, can count on it to keep performing. Put in regular maintenance and easily get hundreds of thousands of miles out of it.

The look is great, despite its age it still looks stylish. The handling is amazing, it can make extremely tight turns. The ability to fold and remove the rear seats is also very helpful for hauling cargo. Great vehicle

- Pete H

It's a low maintenance energizer bunny that keeps going and going.

It's a small, compact SUV that fits my needs quite well. It's 16 years old, I've owned it for 6 years, and never had a single issue with it. I only wish it got better than the 20-25 miles per gallon that it gets.

- Walt K

This is the best car I've ever owned and in the last few years many family members have switched to Toyota brand.

I bought this vehicle used 7 years ago and it's the best vehicle I've ever owned. It's very reliable and holds up well to the weather here in Maine. Regular maintenance is mostly what's required for it so far

- Michelle C

Great for off-road and snow, great gas mileage.

I love the size of my vehicle. It is easy to park because it is so small, but it still has the benefit of the extra room inside like a larger SUV. I do wish that it had more cup holders and a larger console.

- Rachel F

A fine car that you can rely on for years to come.

This car has a lot of miles on it but has been consistently reliable through the years. Aside from preventative maintenance and occasionally replacing a part, I have had no real issues with my Rav4.

- Frank C

My Rav4 is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

I love my Toyota. I have never really had to many problem. The check engine light does have to be reset every few years as it has a defect. The engine runs great and it does well in the mountains.

- Jennifer M

It is very trustworthy and a long lasting automobile worth it's weight in gold!

I like that I hardly ever have to do repairs even though it has 217000 miles on it. I like that it takes me where I want to go on very little fuel! I have no complaints. I love my little car.

- Carolyn S

It is the type of vehicle that has lots of durability and good service.

Overall it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned for over 11 years and has only had to have a new transmission in it. I do not have any dislikes involved with the vehicle at all.

- Dennis z

It is dependable and I have never had to have major repairs

The best thing is that it is dependable. I live on a dirt road and the front wheel drive works best for where I live. The front wheel drive has also been good for driving in the snow.

- Quinn M

Others know that my car is safe and reliable, like most Toyotas.

I like this vehicle because its safe and reliable. It's good for both city driving and going off road. Although it's a good vehicle, it's certainly not as "cool" as other vehicles

- Kevin L

It is old and still works and running.

Poor mileage. I have no ac my ac condenser was punctured. I need to replace all fuel injectors and replace my power steering pump. I have an oil leak. I just replaced my radiator.

- Hope P

Reliable vehicle that has lasted me over 10 years.

Very reliable and efficient vehicle which has put on many miles throughout the years. Small and compact vehicle but seats fold down to allow for more space for transportation.

- Stephanie F

My car has over 300, 000 miles on it and it still runs great with only minor flaws.

My vehicle performs well, is reliable, and has hung in there for me for over 300, 000 miles with only minor issues. Toyota�s a very long lasting, sturdy vehicles.

- Haley K

Very reliable vehicle. I love that it is small but tall for the snow

I really have never had a problem with my car. It runs smooth no difficulty in its performance. Its very compact and space inside especially useful with children.

- Marilyn A

I recommend this vehicle to all that like a good SUV for performance and longevity.

This is the best model and performing car I have ever had. It has all the power you need. The car has also had long longevity like no car I have ever owned.

- Marcia W

My car is a perfect medium size car and I love the size of the trunk especially.

This car has had many issues due to the age of the car yet I still love it. The size is perfect and I always feel comfortable and safe while driving it.

- Taylor H

My vehicle is very dependable.

I really like the vehicle that I have. It is reliable and dependable. The only negative to the vehicle is that it is a manual. And I prefer automatic.

- Lindsey F

Great vehicle with good gas mileage.

I have had no issues with my vehicle even though it is 16 years old. It runs good gets good gas mileage. It is a great vehicle and very reliable.

- Elaine K

It drives well in all weather conditions.

It runs amazingly well in all weather conditions. No major issues. I would like a little more room. It is a little louder than other vehicles.

- Anna L

It has loose steering, so the wheel shakes around a little.

We bought it off a friend, and they didn't keep it clean. It took forever to get the stains out. Still smells like their family to this day.

- Samantha P

Electronics problems causes engine to be unreliable

The vehicle has been durable and easy to drive. However, the electronics is not very reliable. Automatic transmission also could be better.

- VP S

The car has been reliable.

Has been reliable yet light weight and not good in snow and inclement weather. Somewhat comfortable. The 2002 model is ok. Nothing fancy.

- Mary M

It is dependable and I have never had to have major repairs

My car s dependable. The front wheel drive is good for the dirt road I live on. The front wheel drive also helps with driving in the snow

- Quinn W

Reliable Toyota RAV4 with sunroof.

Dependable, good gas mileage, not too big or too small. Enjoy sunroof, good for traveling as has plenty of room. Back seats lay flat.

- Bonnie R

My 2002 Toyota Rav4 review

My vehicle has been very reliable for the first 7-8 years that I have owned it, I have only had minor problems that I can fix myself.

- Dylan R

I like the extra cargo room under the flap in the back. I also like 4wd

Very reliable. Only general maintenance has needed to be done. I love the size as it's pretty good on gas but room to haul things

- kim c

It is reliable and needs only standard maintenance.

I love the small size of this SUV compared to other bigger SUVs. I also love the quality of this SUV. There are no dislikes.

- Jamie Z

Very reliable and an excellent drive.

I enjoy driving this vehicle very much the shifting and handling are both excellent and it gets very decent gas mileage.

- Caleb A

Excellent handling in tight spaces.

I like that the vehicle handles great and can turn on a dime. I dislike that it does not get excellent gas mileage.

- Alice S

The eos is an affordable sports car and gets good gas mileage.

It has a very smooth ride. It has great mileage and gas consumption. Very reliable not hard to work on in any way.

- Gregory S

It is overall good with gas, reliable, and rated pretty good for a 2010.

Perfect height to get in vehicle after hip surgery. Gets pretty good gas mileage. But, it runs like a truck..

- Nancy C

Totally reliable compared to others I have owned. Would highly recommend a Toyota.

For being an older vehicle it has been reliable and other than minor problems, mostly cosmetic a real beater.

- Teresa R

It is a reliable mini SUV that I have had for years.

I love that is spacious without being bulky. I like the 4 doors. I like that the rear seats are removable.

- Christine M

It's silver and drives great

Very reliable vehicle it's been very useful. Lots of room for long trips and I've had minimal problems

- Kevin R

So easy to drive! It is like a compact car in a SUV

It is four-wheel-drive. It drives so easy easy. Easy to see out of and to maneuver.

- Cindy F

The most important thing is to know Maintenance needs on the car.

I like that's It's a small suv. I can do a lot in it. I dislike that It's old.

- My V

Toyotas last a long time, they are built to last and will

This vehicle runs great, it has quite a few miles and is still going strong

- Richelle R

I need to know that a car is a weapon if used wrong in any way.

I like that it is a vehicle I own. I had got the car after a car accident

- Timothy w

It's got lots of character

I love the storage room and the steering

- Anissa M