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Sienna extras that can make a mom's day.

2018 Toyota Sienna XLE

The sienna drives smoothly. It has four captain chairs and a bench seat. The bench seat folds into the floor if you need more space. I am able to carry a wheelchair and groceries in the back without putting the seats down. The dash has both cigarette plug in and USB plug ins and the rear of the vehicle also has USB plugins which is very popular with my teens. The center console in the front of the vehicle is quite deep and I am able to store my purse in there when out hiking. Above the rearview mirror, on the roof of the car is a set of buttons for the sliding doors and moonroof. Also up there is a small mirror that folds down so that you can see the rear seats. It is very helpful for keeping an eye on my seizure prone child. Another favorite feature is the displays can be customized. I can set one page to display the current speed of any road I am on as well as the speed I am currently traveling. Very helpful with teens. The things I do not like are the keyless feature- I really prefer an actual key! And I do not like the lane assist. I have it turned off. The roads I drive on have a lot of construction going on and there are several places with lane shifts and the steering wheel would try to take over and put the car back to where it thought I should be. It is just a matter of pushing a toggle to turn off the lane assist, which is great. Overall I am quite pleased with my sienna.

- Susie R

Toyota Sienna, a car with lots of space and great performance.

2018 Toyota Sienna XLE

My Toyota Sienna is great. When the third seat is down it provides an enormous amount of space. I can carry all my woodworking materials plus the tools I need, I have the second row with captains chairs, There is so much space that all our friends rave about it! One of the main features I truly appreciate is that the car comes with a complete set of floor mats. Great protection for when my grand kids drop or spill something, which is also pretty regular. I purchased the light gray color finish. This finish hides dirt! Whereas most of the other finished have more class this is great for going up dirt roads and not seeing so much dirt. At first I did not believe that this was true about the color, but I can attest to that fact, also like the fact that the tires are so big that I can get into some 'unusual spaces.' I also greatly enjoy the sound system. I drive a great deal of distance and this sound system is fantastic. The layout of the dashboard is also a great design. My wife really enjoys all the room on the passenger side. Also that the seat goes back so far for her afternoon nap. I am impressed with the design of this car. And it comes with all the backing of the Toyota company. Truly one of the best cars I have owned.

- Richard T

Sienna seems more friendly, allows the driver to speak to subsequent passengers using the microphone of the phone and the speaker and offers eight airbags

2018 Toyota Sienna

The Sienna is never short of power with its 296 horsepower, achieve superior fuel economy, powerful 8-speed transmission, recharge your devices with 5 USB 27 ports in any of the three rows of seats. In addition, 7-inch high-resolution touchscreens display the image of the available high-view camera 33 to help you easily get out of tight places. Bring your family and friends with the Split & Stow 3rd Row® Y seats. with the dual-view Blu-ray Disc ™ entertainment system available, the problem is that it is very expensive

- William L

Active Mom of a toddler and a baby helping make minivans cool again.

2018 Toyota Sienna XLE

The Toyota Sienna XLE is a comfortable, roomy van, that provides luxury and style. My favorite feature is the automatic doors. It makes life so much easier when you have young kids that you are lifting in and out of the car. I also love the electronic safety features such as the back up camera and blind spot warning. My only dislike about the car is the light tan interior, because you can easily see dirt, scuffs, and stains. I highly recommend getting extra floor mats if you go with the light interior.

- Courtney D

Toyota sienna: the only model mini van I will ever drive!

2018 Toyota Sienna

Our Toyota sienna has been great for our family of 5. There is not an uncomfortable seat in the van. I really enjoy the automatic sliding doors and trunk door. The push to start and back up camera are also very nice. It gets great gas mileage and accelerates nicely. I also love the automatic break feature. One of my favorite features is the cruise control. If the car in front of me slows down, the van will also automatically slow down. I will never drive a different mini van model!

- Ashley F

Toyota 2018 Sienna. We especially like the button that closes the rear door.

2018 Toyota Sienna L

Love the car. Many safety features which are very helpful although some were a little confusing at first. Service at Toyota is always excellent. We especially like the feature that shows what is behind you when backing up. GPS navigation sometimes difficult to initiate because your request is often not understood even when taking care to enunciate very clearly. Overall, we continue to like our Sienna and have purchased several over the years.

- Laurel B

Toyota sienna low mileages dark blue in color no dents or scratches.

2018 Toyota Sienna XLE

It is great on gas has great air condition and it is so reliable and has cruise control. The seats are leather and has seat heaters. All doors r electric runs so quiet I sometimes do not think the motors on. I have never had one bit of problems. It is so comfortable that I get sleepy lol. Built-in DVD player and CD player wonderful stereo. Can change radio DVD player and change movies from my steering wheel.

- Lillian L

Its reliable and safe if you have children. And it came with weather proof mats and helps with spills and muddy feet.

2018 Toyota Sienna

This vehicle is one of the best vehicles i have ever drove. It's a smooth ride and the pick up is great. I love the fact that the sliding door windows go down. All four back windows all have shades that come up from the door and helps greatly with having a baby in the back. The only thing is that i didn't have it for a year and i had to push the power door back on track. But other than that i love it

- Maria K

Best van for my family: comfortably and conveniently accommodates my family of 6

2018 Toyota Sienna

This is the best car I have ever owned. Very convenient and reliable. Fits my entire family of 6 comfortably. Love the keyless entry, automatic doors and folding seats. The stereo automatically connects to my phone so I can listen to my podcasts and talk hands free. It even has wifi for the kids to connect their devices to. As a mom, this is my dream car.

- Jaclyn S

Toyota sienna 2018 reliable safe and comfortable

2018 Toyota Sienna

Toyota sienna is a readable and comfortable. Comfortable for long trips. I'm really happy my kids have their own space. Flat tv looks great headphones included while kids watch movies I listen to my music. Crash warning sensor. Lane sensor it breaks by it self if you don't have the time the car will alarm you. I feel safe in and my Toyota

- Yadira F

It is a great family car that is relatively easy to drive and use all of its features.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I like having the sliding doors and all of the space I need for my 4 children. It is easy to drive and park and the rear view camera has been helpful. I do not like that the buttons for the trunk and sliding doors do not always work and I wish the the LATCH system was easier to use for the car seats. I would recommend it to others.

- Cynthia B

Toyota sienna - not all that!

2018 Toyota Sienna

This is a great van with lots of nice features. It does ride a little rough compared to my last sienna. I love the sleek look and the sunroof and leather seats! I wish the Bluetooth phone system worked better - it always seems to ask to update and sometimes dials the wrong number when I say something simple like 'call home'.

- Jc W

Great Family Vehicle for travel and Leisure

2018 Toyota Sienna XLE

This Toyota Sienna has everything we ever wanted in a car. It is very spacious and has room for the whole family to travel including luggage. The radio is very trendy. The side doors are automatic which is very helpful to open and close. I love how I can operate the entire vehicle while never pulling my keys out of my pocket

- Joshua B

The Spacious Sienna is Sized Just Right for the Family!

2018 Toyota Sienna SE

I have two kids and I really like the Sienna. It is spacious which allows me to move around and handle issues. It is a comfortable ride and has a lot of storage space. We haven't had any issues with it. I just wish the lower models would come equipped with remote start because the aftermarket installs don't work as good.

- Laura L

Love the space of my sienna.

2018 Toyota Sienna LE

I love my Toyota. I love the trunk space and with having 5 kids and 2 in car seats I have ample room. The van drives nice and I have had no problems with it at all. I do not have a high end model with all the bells and whistles but I am still happy with the amenities that I do have. I do wish it was better in the snow.

- Veronica C

Safety is a great feature.

2018 Toyota Sienna LE

L love out vehicle. It is reliable. We love our mini van. The back seats fold down. It works for our family. It fits eight people. Our family has four people so we fold the back seats down and have a giant trunk. The side mirror monitoring helps prevent accidents. Our family feels safe in This cat.

- Barb S

The perfect family vehicle

2018 Toyota Sienna XLE Auto Access Seat

The only problem I have noticed is the sliding doors make a loud popping noise occasionally. However I love the amount of seating and the comfort of the vehicle. It drives smooth and has a ton of trunk space for strollers, groceries, etc. I also feel like it gets good gas mileage, which is a plus.

- Lauren W

Great family vehicle to take your family everywhere�long and short trips

2018 Toyota Sienna SE

The van is very reliability, but it eat gas like nothing. Wish there was a hybrid version. The van also lack in power. The seat very comfortable. The van don't come with led headlight. Vehicle is quiet inside and very comfortable inside with a lot of room. Sienna is long overdue for a redesign

- James L

After a bad accident I was lucky to be alive and was driving a safe car.

2018 Toyota Sienna LE

Since having a car accident which totaled my sienna a year ago I was told by the highway patrolmen and ambulance attendant at the scene y car saved my life. Therefore I bought this present car making it my third Toyota sienna. The ride is great, plenty of room for passengers and cargo, etc.

- Karen R

I love it!! Amazing and comfortable

2018 Toyota Sienna L

I love my Toyota Sienna. It is roomy even when every seat in the van is filled (hold 8 people). Mine is the LXE (the loaded one) and it has a DVD/blu player for the kids. The safety features are amazing and it has actually prevented me from rear ending someone before. I love it

- Stephanie H

Safe! Reliable! Drives like a dream! AWD fuel efficient

2018 Toyota Sienna

absolutely love everything about it! The features are amazing. The color we had to pay extra for which is disappointing as the car is expensive then to spend more for a color is annoying. But it is very comfortable drives beautifully and can fit 7 people very comfortably.

- meg h

It is a great luxury car that you cannot trust having kids in.

2018 Toyota Sienna

Love the comfort, driving capabilities, turning radius, 4 wheel drive, sunroof, automatic everything and I love the fact that it's easy to get my mothers wheelchair in and out.. The only thing I dislike is the color metallic jade, should have more jade color to it..

- Susan F

Great family vehicle for families of all sizes

2018 Toyota Sienna LE

Great family vehicle. Lots of room to haul things. Easily seats 8 people. Third row seating can easily be stowed away. Looking forward to more advanced technology on newer models. Sometimes has trouble connecting to my phone. Overall good vehicle for our family!

- Heather W

Great Family Choice! Perfect vehicle for the family just starting out

2018 Toyota Sienna XLE

This is a great family vehicle! I bought this car because of the automatic sliding doors made it easy to get my son in and out of the car. It is a great travel vehicle. It can hold a lot of storage and it is a comfortable ride no matter what seat you are in.

- Avery B

Very similar to Honda odyssey

2018 Toyota Sienna XLE

I love all of the safety features and warnings on our Sienna. The Honda Odyssey we had before had sliding door problems, but more room for 3 car seats in the middle. It also got better gas mileage. The Toyota drives very smooth and has lots of storage space.

- Megan V

It's a great family vehicle.

2018 Toyota Sienna

Toyota is the best brand ever. Great performance, reliability and comfort. Honda is another great brand of cars. They are also comfortable, great performance and reliability. These are my favorite brands of cars. The other brands are not good brand of cars.

- Cheryl G

Navigation system is the best what I like.

2018 Toyota Sienna Base

Problems: cigarette lighter doesn't work, carpet. What I like: navigation system, radio, a window in a roof, number of seats (there are 8 of them including a driver seat), leather seats, a Bluetooth connection with the phone, price - cheaper than Honda.

- Yuliya Y

It is a classy car with comfortable seats with different features, such as the captain seats in the rear, that are sure to make you fall in love with the car and its comfort.

2018 Toyota Sienna

The seats in the rear are captain/pilot chairs and allow for the person to enjoy long car rides in comfort. However, the extension often gets stuck on the floor mats of the car. I would also suggest adding chair warmers to the rear seats.

- Emily L

It has side curtain airbags that I feel provide extra protection for my family.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love my Bluetooth, navigation and sunroof and dvd player. I do not like the the lights on the van however. My van has made a fun sound since purchasing that the dealership cannot find anything wrong, the noise is a bit annoying.

- heather P

The middle seats slide forward!!

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love this vehicle! It is comfortable for my entire family and a smooth drive. I was able to purchase it at a fantastic price. The features it included seem to be endless. I plan on taking it on a ton of adventures.

- Victoria B

It is a minivan with removable 2nd row seats and fold down 3rd row seats

2018 Toyota Sienna

I like all if the room we have for my family. It also has wifi which is good for long trips. Only thing i don't like is the navigation which doesn't always take me the best route so i still have to use my garmin.

- Jen H

Great for families with small kids and who take road trips.

2018 Toyota Sienna

The way the side doors open is great- especially with small children. It is easy to get to the back and wonderful how the back seat pulls down for storage. It does take a long time to cool down in summer though.

- Andie D

The Toyota Sienna is extremely spacious and convenient for family needs.

2018 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is a really spacious car and convenient for student needs, especially carting around belongings to and from college. It's a reliable car and comfortable, probably more suited to families.

- Yuki L

Toyota Sienna XLE with DVD player and remote hatch

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love how the middle row can slide all the way back. It gives the people in the middle tons of room. I like how big it is and comfortable the seats are. And how much room is still in the back for storage

- Brittany C

Best safety features and driving feel

2018 Toyota Sienna

It has great safety features. The auto cruise control, auto high beam, and collision warning features are awesome. It's a big van but drives like a car and has an amazing turning radius.

- Agape K

Comfort and looks all in one vehicle

2018 Toyota Sienna

I really enjoy the look and feel of the vehicle. The amenities are great. I love having the GPS built in. My children love the Blu-ray system. I enjoy the way the controls are set up.

- Susan A

It's a great family vehicle. Ample space for the entire family plus luggage.

2018 Toyota Sienna

Overall it's a good vehicle. Love the automatic sliding doors and 3rd row seating. Not a very powerful vehicle though, doesn't have pickup on hills and takes a while to speed up.

- Ray Z

Comfort and safety in one vehicle. I wouldn't trade it for an expensive luxury car.

2018 Toyota Sienna

This is my 3rd Toyota Sienna. They are extremely comfortable. There is plenty of legroom. There are many safety features. My van is smooth riding. I get good gas mileage.

- Carol H

It can help drivers drive safer. It can also alert you of traffic behind you. This van is magic.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love everything about my van. The color is so pretty and sophisticated. Also I love that it can park itself and keep you in your own lane if a car is in your blind spot.

- Kendra O

The minivan that doesn't drive like a minivan!

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love my van! There is tons of room, especially if the third row is down. It would be more convenient for the bucket seats to fold into the floor instead of come out.

- Rachel M

I like the peace of mind that I have from driving a Toyota.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I am really impressed with the thoughtful details that were made to the interior spaces. the vehicle is comfortable and roomy with plenty of space for storage.

- Sarah S

It has plenty of room. Its comfortable and drives really good.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love it!! It has 8 seats inside of 7. Lots of trunk space. I love that the doors open with a button. I love the Bluetooth. The back up camera is awesome.

- Rachel H

All safety standard features are a must and you get them all here!

2018 Toyota Sienna

No dislikes, absolutely love my vehicle. All the standard features are amazing and super safe. I believe everyone with a family should have a sienna!!

- Reza W

This minivan is very comfortable for travel with a family.

2018 Toyota Sienna

Ease in driving. Space available. Comfort on long trips. Lots of cup holders. Pull-down shades on back windows. Fuel economy. No complaints.

- cathy L

It's a great family car. Super dependable! And very spacious.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love my 2018 Sienna. It works great! It is super reliable and is a great family car. Since it's new we haven't had any problems with it yet.

- Becky B

It is one of the safest vehicles out in the market.

2018 Toyota Sienna

Auto is very safe. It is also comfortable. Looks very stylish also. Having two kids it also very convenient when taking them to school.

- Melvin N

It is comfortable to get and out of the car. As we age this is important and old people have pains.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love the easy opening back doors. It is easy for grandkids to get in and out and not worry about them getting their fingers pinched.

- Edward R

Love all the safety features!

2018 Toyota Sienna

Great mini van, loaded with extras. Drives wonderful. Haven't had any issues with it yet. Fits 8 people, with plenty of space.

- Alli R

Reliability is the most important thing.

2018 Toyota Sienna

It is brand new. It is a pretty blue color. It is reliable. I do not like that it makes a loud muffler noise when backing up.

- Jeanette W

It is very comfortable and spacious.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I like the amount of legroom. I like that it seats 8 people and has plenty of trunk space. I also like the safety features.

- Kathy P

The Sienna is great for families. There's lots of room and many safety features. They are also many convenience features like voice control calling.

2018 Toyota Sienna

My van is very spacious. It has room for my whole family. I really like the safety features. It is a great family vehicle.

- Rachelle D

That it is a good all around vehicle it is comfortable, safe and efficient.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love how it gets about 20 miles to the gallon. I also like how it is very roomy and provides a very smooth ride.

- Christopher S

Economic and spacious family car

2018 Toyota Sienna

I like the space it offers and the extra 8th seat option. I don't like that it takes more gas than a regular suv.

- Natalie R

Sienna great for a family

2018 Toyota Sienna

Great on gas. Performance is great. Lots of room.great safety feature, such as lane correction. Comfortable.

- Helen R

It has the most storage over all in It's class.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love the amount of storage. My children enjoy the entertainment package. The safety features are great.

- Emily G

The seats can come out so that you have the ability to use the van for moving things as well as passengers.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love that it has so much room, so I can do all kinds of stuff with my kids and their friends.

- Kim D

Great value and a great ride

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love the way it rides. I love that I is easy to put down the third row for cargo space.

- Erica C

I LOVE MY VAN!! It has plenty of room for the family to functions as it needs to. We got the AWD so we could have the flat tire feature. (meaning, if the tire goes flat, I have 100 miles to get it replaced! No road noise, which was our biggest complaint with the Odyssey.

2018 Toyota Sienna

Its extremely Reliable! We have had 2 now and have had no issues with either! Great cars!

- Brooke E

Roomy and easy to rearrange the seats to make room to transport things

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love the power doors and trunk! We also have the tv which is nice for long rides!

- Sarah P

safe, comfortable, drives well, enough room, enough seating space

2018 Toyota Sienna

it is a safe car for a family with kids because there is enough room for everybody

- Hendrika V

I like the Entune entertainment system.

2018 Toyota Sienna

I love the storage space. The DVD player is great for the kids. Good gas mileage.

- Bradley H

very comfortable for children and families overall.

2018 Toyota Sienna

lots of room for families, easy to drive. Good mileage. comfortable inside

- mari b

Tons of safety features in this van and I feel secure in its performance.

2018 Toyota Sienna

Very roomy. Comfortable drive on long trips. Safety features are good.

- Mary P

It is dependable Easy to drive. It is safe. Tells you if you cross the line

2018 Toyota Sienna

Dependable. Drives very well & good on gas. Good resale value.

- Sally M

Awesome family vehicle. Great for carpooling. I highly recommended it.

2018 Toyota Sienna Limited

- Dawn B