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Positive Feedback, with just 2 concerns.

My Toyota Tacoma is very reliable. I have only needed to take the truck in for one issue in relation to a callback in which the problem was resolved at no expense to me in the same day. I really enjoy how the truck rides. Usually trucks can make the ride more bumpy with the wheelbase, you do not feel a rough ride like you would with other mid size trucks from other brands. After the 2 year warranty you have to pay for oil changes which was fine by me, until I realized that the truck takes synthetic oil and the oil changes are anywhere from 80-100 dollars. There is no air conditioning vents in the backseat other than floor vents, by living in Arizona this makes it hard to cool down the 3 seats in the back when I have passengers back there. Overall I wouldn't want any to purchase a truck from anyone other than Toyota.

- Rebecca P

2017 Toyota Tacoma trd sport - positive review summary.

2017 Toyota Tacoma trd sport inferno orange. Smooth ride, even on reasonably rough conditions. Great in rain and snow (4wd). Good acceleration and quiet, smooth ride on highway. Decent on gas 20 mpg approx., but still a small pickup. Have not towed, but performed as expected when hauling with a full bed. Nice interior, touchscreen is good and responsive, very clear. Built in navigation sufficient. Gauges easy to read. Cloth interior does not feel cheap, would be very nice in leather. Sportier design but does not feel too tacky or youth oriented. Stylish exterior. Good color options. Large aftermarket and enthusiast community. Has been reliable over 2 years of ownership, no maintenance issues. Lacks vertical seat adjustment.

- James C

Toyota Tacoma! Bent spindle? Broken AC!

I bought my 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 in August 2016. I have the extended service plan to 60,000 miles. The only issue with the truck was I had a broke AC fan. It was replaced with no issues. Toyota released a recall to fix the issue after my was replace and they would not clear my recall as it was repaired before the recall. For months I tried to get them to clear it and they could not. They finally replaced the AC fan again to clear the recall. I take my truck off-roading often and I would say the spindles seem a little week as I was going down the trail and I hit a small berm and I bent the spindle. Toyota would not replace it under warranty so I had to pay out of pocket for the repairs.

- Nathan W

This vehicle is the best thing I have purchased in a awhile. I love the seat warmers for the winter. I also very much love that this cat tells me the miles I have left until my gas is empty, surprisingly that is super helpful. LOVE THIS TRUCK!

I love this truck! I used to have a toyota Tundra but downsized for the Tacoma. This car fits me much better. It has all the bells and whistles. The leather seats are so comfortable and the seat warmers really come in handy in the winter time here. I love that it has a rear view camera when backing up and built in navigation. I love that it can bluetooth to my phone. I could not be happier. The truck bed is just the right size for my needs. The truck came with a bed extender and a cover for the bed and I absolutely love that for when it rains or snows. Best investment thus far. Also toyota customer service has been super amazing.

- Jessica H

Tacoma won me over as a long time customer.

I loved the four-wheel drive this winter! Didn't matter what the weather was like, it got me where I needed. I do wish the entertainment console was a bit more customizable, but the navigation and Bluetooth are great (I use them almost every time I drive). I did have to buy a custom part to move the rearview mirror higher out of the way cause it blocked a lot of my view. I am a talker guy (6' 2') so that was a pain point for me. Making it adjustable would be nice. The shift timing seems a lot different than most vehicles I am use to, but overall it has performed great so far and love the vehicle!

- Ian A

Not for tall people or having infant car seats.

Performance and reliability have been amazing. We did have to change the air conditioning fan however believe that will be on a recall list soon if not already. Features are great. Has crawling available which help for any off-roading. We have taken into the mountains on some easy off-road trails and have had no trouble with handling. We have the access cab so not very roomie for adults in the backseat. Can not fit a standard size child backward facing car seat. Also would not be very roomie for anyone very tall. My husband and I are 5'6" and comfortable.

- Sarah B

I really like the ac outlet in bed of truck. Using tools!!

I like having a truck that functions as a car but you can still be able to haul things. The Toyota Tacoma get good fuel mileage. Handles good smooth ride. I also like the interior, electronic panel, Bluetooth. The truck handles very well in the snow. I like the anti skid brakes. I also like the idea of Toyota s usually last a long time. Four wheel drive switch is a lot nicer than having to shift. The only negative is when using the heater and you have it on the floor, air also comes out of the front vents.

- David A

Reliability with performance and good looks make it a great service vehicle.

This is my second purchase of a Toyota Tacoma truck. The first 2006 Tacoma is still performing great at over 150k miles on the odometer. The midsize is not too big and not to small. It works well as a service vehicle in our line of work, swimming pool repairs and maintenance. It is the only four door midsize cargo truck with a full size bed. And even the 4 cylinder engine has plenty of get up and go for highway and city traffic. It is comfortable, reliable, and it does not hurt that it looks cool too.

- Brian J

Versatile Mid size Pick-up

The Toyota Tacoma provides a great deal of comfort at a great price point. It is highly useful for the type of usage I require of it. I use it for commuting to/from work and school as well as for vacations and hiking trips. It is highly versatile and is great as a daily driver. The fuel economy is often better than expected. I do have issues at times with the Bluetooth connectivity as it does not immediately recognize my devices, so I must do some troubleshooting before getting on the road.

- Ryan S

I love my 2017 Toyota Tacoma.

The only issue I have had with my Toyota Tacoma is a recall on an a/c part. All I had to do, though, was take it to the dealership, and they fixed it right away. Other than that, I am 100 percent happy with my vehicle. It is sturdy and safe, and it gets surprisingly good gas mileage for its size. There is plenty of room for the driver and four more passengers. It is easy to clean, and the bed is easily accessible. I am leasing it, but I will buy it after the lease is up.

- Melissa L

Very reliable and works well as both a work and family vehicle.

I use my truck for both work and transportation. I own rental properties and having the bed helps with carrying tools and supplies when I need to work at one of the priorities. While I wish the bed were a little longer, having the extended cab for room for my kids makes it worthwhile. The only other drawback to the Tacoma is the gas mileage it gets. It is somewhere in the 17 mph range, wish that was a little higher given the price of gas today.

- Don R

Best smaller sized pickup anyone could own!

I have always owned a car and finally decided it was time to buy a truck. I didn't want anything super big so I went with a smaller build of a truck and the Tacoma is perfect! The gas mileage is amazing and I can haul all my dogs in the back when I take them hunting. Couldn't of asked for a better 4WD: truck. It's smooth driving and has all the accessories I need when it comes to a truck! Don't regret it one bit!

- Sarah R

Toyota Tacoma is an iconic truck for reliability and off road performance.

My. Whichever suits my lifestyle perfectly. I spends most of my time outdoors so my truck fits me perfectly. It's a 4x4 which is crucial when I'm hunting and fishing. The Tacoma is super reliable. I have not had any problems out of the Tacoma. It gets good gas mileage for the type of vehicle it is. 24 mpg on the highway and 18 mpg in the city, with much larger tires than are put on the truck out of the factory.

- Ryan A

My truck has proven very tough and reliable.

I like its size and maneuverability. I like that it gets decent gas mileage. The interior is very comfortable on long trips. I do not like the headlights because they don't shine out to the side at all, I cannot see what I am turning into in the dark. I do not like the windshield wipers on my model because there are only two speeds and a manual switch, both settings are too fast if it is not raining very hard.

- Veronica W

Best trucks around for on and off road

Really love all of the off-road options of the third gen Tacoma's including the multi terrain selection, crawl control, rear diff lock and of course 4X4. Has a very high clarity big touch screen with an easy to use reverse and blind spot monitoring system. Con with the leather seats in Arizona is the vehicle comes with heated only seats not cooled. Sitting on black leather in toasty AZ is not fun.

- Cliff A

Modern vehicle that is 100% reliable.

My truck is awesome. I would never buy another brand. This truck is so reliable. It has been strong for me through all kinds of weather and terrain. I had a 2nd generation and then traded it in for a 3rd generation and the upgrade is so great. There is so many new modern options and the look is sleek and tough looking. Toyota is such a good company I seriously would never drive anything else.

- Ashley S

New Tacoma is amazing, hot and great performance and will last forever.

Everything about it is amazing, I love the new Tacoma. It is reliable. It lasts forever. It holds its value better than any car in the market. The technology is great. The style is great. Toyota is super reliable. It gets great mileage for being a truck. Gets about 20 mpg. It is super comfortable and has great space everywhere except the back seats in Tacoma's are not the biggest.

- Zak M

My Toyota Tacoma: has everything it needs to do what you need.

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma sr 4-cylinder has plenty of power and has many uses. The 4 cylinder motor has enough power to haul anything you could haul on a 8 foot trailer. Hauls boats and aTVs with ease and has the power to hide it is there! Will get you everywhere you need to be and more! Great simple controls, and safety features. And it is a Toyota! So you know it is tough as nails!

- Evan J

Inferno is the color, Toyota Tacoma 4x4 is the name.

Its a Toyota Tacoma 4x4. The color is inferno, it's a really beautiful color. We bought our Toyota Tacoma 4x4 so we can pull our trailer, when we go camping. It came with a the towing package. We can take it off-road it has heated seats in the front, sunroof, and a spacious back seat. Toyota Tacoma stands for reliability, comfort, rugged, and the performance is none other.

- Thea M

The Bluetooth and built in charger is a great feature!

The Toyota Tacoma is a reliable and safe car! I love the engine and speed of the car. It's especially fun to take camping and to the beach. It's big enough to fit the whole family with enough space for everyone. The interior is nice and comfortable, my family loves it. However, it is sometimes hard to see over the hood of the car when I first started to drive the car.

- Jade L

Amazing look, incredible durability and great functionality

My Tacoma is amazing. I've never seen a truck of this size that has the power and durability that this one does. The amount of mileage you can put on the truck and it still perform is like none other. The functional part of the vehicle (storage, compartments, bed size, etc) is amazing. The V6 engine with this size truck is perfect to tow and get moving on the highway

- Stephen V

It rides and handles well but needs more tow capacity

I paid 40 grand for the Tacoma and so far I really like most of its features. It handles well,rides nice and gets good gas mileage. It could use a little more towing capacity for a 5500 lb boat. I added a row bae, rubber bed mat to eliminate sliding,bug deflector,rain guards on side windows. For the cost of the vehicle that all should have been standard.

- Hugh M

2017 Toyota Tacoma - solid truck for the adventurer.

So far my Tacoma has been very reliable. The only issue that I have with it is that the driver's seat lacks the comfort and adjustability that I would have expected to see for a truck in that price range. The gas mileage has been good. I enjoy the technology package but in just a few short years it seems dated compared to other newer vehicles.

- Andy A

Tacoma is the best midsize truck available.

My Tacoma sport is a manual transmission, which I love. I have only minor problems with the vehicle. A leaking rear differential, and some minor rust on the fuel door. I enjoy driving it and find the power more than adequate. I have used the 4-wheel drive and thought it performed very well. I have and will continue to recommend the Tacoma.

- Terry R

This truck will last me forever, solely because it is a Toyota

I have a 2017 toyota tacoma, it was customized from the dealer with about 12 grand worth of aftermarket parts-badges, bumper, lift, tires, intake, exhaust etc- and I absolutely love it. It is agile, quick to speed, and very smooth riding for a lifted pickup. the Only thing I would change in the blind spots because the hood is so bulky

- Bryan G

It sits a lot higher than you'd think.

The engine and drivetrain are the absolute worst! Lags everywhere, drives like it's underwater and the MPGs are terrible to boot. The engine is loud and had trouble maintaining consistent speeds. Interior is nice but could be more modern and up-to-date. I bought it for the reliability, which they usually get right. Does great off-road!

- Rob E

My baby vehicle that I love so much.

I do not have any problem regarding my vehicle. It is performance is amazing! It has such a good feel inside and has a great style. I designed it with my choice because that speaks highly of what I am as a person. Everyone should express themselves through the vehicle they drive. I love my vehicle and you guys should love yours too!

- Lana C

Toyota Tacoma 2017, personal experience of ownership.

Love the cars capabilities when in 4x4. The truck has an excellent size and the mpg is very attractive. I have owned the vehicle for a little over two years and have had minimal mechanical issues. One thing I am discontent with the vehicle is that in many cases I believe it needs more torque, but all in all a very reliable vehicle.

- Jorge G

The Tacoma is great for me and my wolf dog.

My Tacoma has been very reliable so far. The performance on snow and trails has been especially nice. Gas mileage at 75+mph is not as good as expected but not terrible. Initially had a loose bolt on of the rear seats which was promptly fixed at my next scheduled maintenance appointment. Overall I am very satisfied with my Tacoma.

- Dan K

The Toyota Tacoma is a good sturdy vehicle. I always feel safe when I am driving.

My Toyota Tacoma first of all is a good-looking vehicle from the outside. The interior is attractive and comfortable. The controls on the dashboard and steering wheel are arranged where everything is easily reachable. It has a smooth ride and good gas mileage. I would recommend the Toyota Tacoma to everyone that likes trucks.

- David Q

I have a backup camera and heated mirrors. These are great features.

I love this vehicle. I have had no problems since the day I bought it. I am happy with my purchase. It has an excellent turning radius and drives like a car. I get free oil changes and maintenance inspections every six months. My dealership calls to schedule with me and the service is awesome. I would buy again from sun Toyota.

- Jennifer H

I love the backup camera, the motion notification and the notification in mirrors.

I love my truck and I love that the manufacturers equipped it with a electrical back glass.I would love for the whole back glass to be electrical like the Tundra my husband has. I think the inside needs more storage compartment space for like change or small items. But all in all I love my truck and I have had several Tecoma's

- patty s

Outstanding performance. Rugged looking truck. Technology package is great.

Really love the vehicle. Always wanted a Tacoma. Love the body style, the rugged off-road look, the good gas mileage, and high performance capabilities, including 4 wheel drive. The technology package is nice too. Plenty of interior space for traditionally a "small" truck. No problems after owning this truck for 10 months now.

- Rodney C

Beautiful Red Toyota Tacoma!

I absolutely love my Toyota Tacoma with a couple of exceptions. I have the basic addition which means it is without several features such as: cruise control, intermittent wipers, electric seat controls, mirrors on the visors and a couple of other interior items. It does have the backup camera which all vehicles should have.

- Terri J

It has great gas mileage!

I love my Toyota Tacoma! It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I haven't had any problems at all with it and I love all the features it has, like it is backup camera. It also does really well on gas which is surprising since it is a truck. I actually get better gas mileage in it than any of my previous vehicles!

- Kimberly E

The Toyota Tacoma is a truck that is very capable.

The Toyota Tacoma has a very comfortable interior, is very capable/reliable off road and gives you the capability of a truck while still maintaining a size that is easy to park and drive. On road it drives extreme smooth and the engine noise/road noise is very minimal and easy to block out with the fantastic stereo system.

- Jack T

Great mid size pickup for a small family

I love my truck because it's a compact truck that is easy to park but still can be used to tow and move bigger objects. I love the screen for media and Bluetooth features. I wish it had leather or push to start but couldn't afford those upgrades. It gets great gas mileage for a truck and hasn't had any performance issues.

- Jared O

Toyota Tacoma: the new style in pickups.

The Toyota Tacoma is the third Toyota I have owned. The price and quiet comfort is a huge attraction. The choices in colors is also a large selling point. My truck's color is referred to as midnight blue and is very appealing. The main attraction is the performance. The miles per gallon is also a great selling point.

- Mark S

The perfect daily truck!!

Toyota Tacoma cannot be beat for reliability. Toyota has always carried that reputation, I took a 4-hour trip recently and the fuel economy and comfort really impressed me. Paired with the great infotainment system, this is just an all-around great truck. I couldn't have made a better or more educated purchase.

- Taylor K

Current happy Toyota truck owner.

I love the way it drives. I am happy that I have a good truck that handles like a car and gets great gas mileage. It is four wheel drive and I need to go where I want to go, when I want to go, despite the weather. It's a great truck. I have and would highly recommend it to anyone looking at new trucks.

- David D

It does not have all the added features which would make it a harder to sell.

It had a flat tire and there wasn't a spare. Had to go through dealer to get a replacement tire. Which took extra days. I do not necessarily like the color because it reminds me of an old Dodge pickup truck I use to drive. Was a hunk of junk. Toyota has always been regarded as a top notch reliable vehicle.

- Diane K

Toyota trucks are awesome and you need to buy one.

I have had no problems at all with the truck and it runs and drives perfectly. Otherwise than scheduled oil changes it is awesome. Toyota trucks are some of the best ones you can buy and I will never own a different kind of truck. I would recommend them. To anyone looking to buy a new or used truck.

- Kenneth L

the toyota tacoma is safe, reliable, and useful. it's great for carrying things around, including people, dogs, furniture, vegetables, bricks, etc.

i am a new driver and it's a bit too big for me, to be honest. but my husband usually drives it. it feels very safe and is very reliable. we have taken it on long road/camping trips and it's perfect for that. it's great for taking our dogs places (they ride in the back, which has a camper shell).

- virginia l

It�s a Toyota! It�s great!

It's a Toyota, it's great! Never had any issues. Very reliable and looks great. Exterior looks awesome and interior is spacious for a mid-sized truck. It drives really well and is comfortable. Great family truck. Great daily driver! Once you get a Toyota you're not going to want anything else!

- Taylor L

It looks good and gets great gas mileage.

We love our truck. It gets great gas mileage. It has not had any mechanical problems since we bought it. We have a bed cover on it. That makes it great to put your stuff in and you do not have to worry about it getting wet if it is raining outside. The inside of the truck is very comfortable.

- Amanda C

The add ons in this truck are amazing!

Gas mileage is great! Comfortable truck and extremely reliable! This truck is also great for tailgating, especially with the power outlet in the bed of the truck! There is tons of space in the back, roomy enough for especially tall people too! I have had no issues or problems with this truck!

- Robin Y

It will get the job done.

It's a decent car. It has good gas mileage, a great sound system, Bluetooth media and phone connectivity, lots of leg room unless your over 6'5'. The acceleration isn't the best but you can cruise at high speeds with no issues. All in all it's a good standard truck. It will get the job done.

- Alan S

It is very drivable within the city and out in nature.

I like that it's a truck with great utility. It's also smaller than a full-size truck so I can mage driving it within the city. Four-wheel drive is also great to have when going off-road driving. It's the vehicle where I can do many different things and the compromises aren't inconvenient.

- Chris O

The best features of Toyota Tacoma.

The Toyota Tacoma drives great! I love the dashboard features. The backup camera is high quality. The heated seats are a nice addition as well. The Tacoma is smooth riding. The steering wheel feels nice and is easy to drive. The seats are very comfortable for both driver and passenger.

- Amber T

Stylish, keyless entry/start! Great safety features, back up camera, spacious for the family!

I love my Toyota Tacoma, it has all the features I love. I was in the market for a medium sized truck, that could transport large household items, as well as my family. I found the perfect vehicle, very stylish, navigation, keyless entry/start! The sound / safety system are incredible!

- Sorayda S

2017 Toyota Tacoma blacked out with 6' lift and fab four bumpers

I love my Tacoma. I have done many upgrades from bumper to headlights, a six inch lift kit, and leather seat interiors. I love that it is so easy to find different mods for the off-roading junkie. I am fairly certain I will never buy a different vehicle again. Toyota Tacoma for life!

- Stephanie P

The awesome Tacoma with Crawl Control

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad 4x4 I love my truck. I feel safe and able to do anything. With the back up camera, blind spot monitor, traction control, and crawl control for really tough terrain I am not afraid of getting stuck. The easy to use touch screen console is a great asset.

- Laura P

Great truck, love this truck and I will keep it forever.

Great truck, lots of space, good gas mileage, this is the perfect truck for me. I don't want the big V8 but I still want a capable truck. I have not had any major issues with the vehicle. I love all the options and aftermarket parts available. I will keep this truck for a long time.

- Brandon Z

All and all great truck with a great tow package.

It is completely reliable! It is a truck so it can be bumpy but all and all a comfortable ride. Easy to tow things and can carry lots of things. It is great in winter weather as well. If you are in the market for a truck Toyota is a really fun ride. There are also small back seats.

- Alicia L

Great vehicle to drive and look at.

This is a super sharp looking reliable and dependable vehicle. I love the sunroof and all of the extra features it has. Sliding back window, cordless phone Charger, the tow package just to name a few. It is great on gas as far as trucks go. No problems have arisen as of this date.

- Deb P

It has crawl control which helps get you out of sticky places.

It is a great vehicle. No issues at all. Drives and rides great. Can go anywhere I want to go and does not struggle to get there. I would buy this truck over and over. The truck is a very comfortable ride even if it is a 4x4. It rides better than the previous car I owned.

- Dylan C

Amazing car with no problems.

It is perfect, there is any problems at all. It's great for any kind of roads and perfect gas mileage. There is enough space on the front and the back. It's the best car According to me. I have been driven it for a year and I have no problems at all with it. Its great.

- Mira P

Great everyday vehicle; Hopefully will have it for many years to come

So far, my Toyota Tacoma has been very reliable. It is easy to drive and park. It also drives very smoothly. My only complaint is the cab is small and difficult to fit a children's car seat in the back seat. I hope to have this vehicle for many years to come.

- Kas M

Wow just an amazing ride altogether.

I really like this truck because it is a truck and I absolutely positively love and adore trucks. It is fast efficient and a smooth comfortable ride. I love all of its features including the sport mode the four wheel drive and the heated seats are pretty nice too.

- Cris D

My favorite feature is by far is the hard top bed cover. It is hard plastic.

Best vehicle I have ever owned. Clean. Excellent fuel economy. Hard top bed cover. Brand new floor mats (front and back). Brand new remote start. Backup camera. V6 and 3.5 liter. Got 24.5 miles per gallon on last gas fill up. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

- Dylan T

The all around information of a Tacoma.

The Tacoma has transmission issues but there seems to be updates every so often. The ride is nice and the gas mileage is doable. The ride quality is pretty good with road tires but nice with all terrain tires. From what people say the Tacoma should last forever.

- Joe G

A great little truck. And int. Detail and worth the app. 1K extra.

No significant problems. Repair were due to parts that wear out and putting off such repair, a reliable well built small truck. Paint is still great and no problems with mpg 23 with air. Would buy two more!! Great truck ! Change oil and rotate tires every 5-6 k.

- John G

Fun truck. Best of small truck market.

This is a great little truck. The mpg are not the best but I knew that going into it. I opted for the trd sport because of the hood scoop. It comes with sunroof and jbl radio and a good interface on the radio. Lots of bells. I had a c300 Mercedes before this.

- Joey L

It is reliable. It lives up to the Toyota reputation of reliability.

I like the fact that is a small truck. The bed is really too short however to carry too many items, or move things like furniture. The gas mileage is not as good as I thought it would be. It does not have a ton of power but I can tow a small boat or trailer.

- Patrick W

The rubber bumper on the front of my grill of the car prevented a dent.

Sharp corners are a serious drag in this truck, as to be expected. Drives fairly quiet for a truck, and for a v6 speeds up quick on highways. Although a recent recall for the master cylinder (affects your brake system), the brakes are smooth and effortless.

- Grant D

Nice accessories, poor acceleration.

The truck handles well and I enjoy driving it. Pros are large cab plenty of accessories. My biggest con is the acceleration. It struggles to accelerate up to full highway speed. I would also suggest leather seats, as the cloth seats are hard to keep clean.

- Joseph D

Toyota Tacoma trd sport 4x4 is a great all around truck.

Strong v6. Great handling, sporty look, good mpg, low road noise, accessories are easily found, the Tacoma 4x4 trd sport does great on the highway and just as good off road. But best thing of all is Toyota has the best resale value and top notch financing.

- Brent F

I love the sport details and the hood scoop.

I love my truck. It drives well and is very smooth. It is not loud. It shifts gears seamlessly. It has all the space that I need. The back seats aren't very big if you had a grown family of four in it. Strong engine and does exactly what I want it to do.

- Kaitlyn C

The best truck I ever owned.

The Toyota Tacoma is the best midsize truck that I have owned. It has great gas mileage. The truck is very roomy for a smaller sized truck. It is very good power with only a v6 engine. It is perfect weekender or work truck. I also use to commute to work.

- Matthew P

Great vehicle overall and reliable.

The Toyota is a smooth ride with comfortable seats. The spacing in the back seats is roomy and spacious. The truck holds its value. No problems at this time and I have had this for almost 2 years. For being a 4x4 the gas mileage is better than average.

- Sara C

Beautiful, perfect size, Toyota Tacoma

I recently went to Toyota with my parents so they could purchase a Toyota Tacoma and I gotta test drive one and fell in love right away. Even though my truck is not 2019 it feels brand new. It drives super smooth and I feel safe in it while driving it.

- Brenda V

Accelerates going downhill.

The car seems to accelerate going downhill if my speed is over 50 mph. I love the parking video assistance. The safety features are impressive. Gas mileage is acceptable. The factory speakers are not the greatest. The fuel door does not close properly.

- Miranda R

The Toyota Tacoma is the most reliable truck you can buy.

Myer 2017 Toyota Tacoma is an excellent truck. I love the style and the pick up power it has for only a V6 engine. I used it for off-road and hauling gravel, dirt and other landscaping. It's the perfect DIY vehicle and great gas mileage for commuting.

- Matt P

Tacoma's are Worth the Price

4wd performs really well. Smooth ride. great stereo. outlet in truck bed is really useful. the center console is not well thought out. windshield is short so taller people will have issues seeing around rearview mirror. love the sunroof.

- Kristi H

It is mine!!!! And you cannot drive it or borrow it and I would appreciate you not asking to do so.

I like the way the truck handles and feels. It is a big boy truck without being gigantic or hard to park. It is nice looking, has enough room in it for me and some items I need and it is pretty good on the gas mileage.

- richard m

It's a truck, it handles like one, but for a truck it's smooth. It's EXTREMELY easy to park, too!

It's a great truck that is plenty capable, has excellent fuel economy for its class. It's comfortable to drive and ride in. The only complaint I have is the keyless ignition, I'd much prefer a traditional key ignition.

- Dan W

It is light weight. It does have a bad blind spot on the right.

The only dislike is there is a bad blind spot to the right. You cannot just rely on your mirrors you have to turn your head to see. I love the camera display when you backup it is awesome, it has a wide viewing area.

- Sharon N

That the lift kit makes it ride ruff.

I like our Toyota Tacoma 4×4 but ever since we put the lift kit on it rides so rough. It's a 2017 king cab burnt orange it's got navigation, backup camera, very roomy I love the stereo system it will rock.

- Rebecca G

You get a decent value for the money.

I love the way it drives so smoothly. It is the right size for my pick up truck needs, not too big nor too small. I like the way it looks, kind of a cool looking little truck. The cost was not too high.

- tom S

Toyota Tacoma is a winner.

I haven't had any problems so far. The 6 cylinder engine gives plenty of power while maintaining a respectable MPG. It's very comfortable and has so many features, that I haven't figured them all out.

- Mike S

Comfortable, efficient, and stylish.

The sound system of this car is fantastic. The handling is very smooth and steady and the car is so comfortable for long road trips. This car also does very well in gas compared to its larger cousin.

- Jerry H

Perfect small pickup truck.

I love my truck! It is roomy, comfortable and gas efficient. The look is sporty and classy for a pickup truck. Perfect for taking the kids and dogs to the beach or boat. Pulls a boat perfectly.

- Jessica R

They should know that the gas mileage is higher than dealer stated. It is very efficient.

I like that my Tacoma gets a minimum of 22 miles to the gallon, sometimes up to 30. I like the black on white trim and the comfortable seating. I don't drive it much but enjoy it when I do.

- Julie B

It turns heads. Everyone thinks it's beautiful and we love having our truck. Great for trips, utility, and pride of ownership

Super dependable and the best vehicle we've ever had in adverse weather conditions. With traction control and stability control turned on, it seems almost impossible to lose control.

- Jeremy S

All around well built vehicle. Good customer service at the dealer.

Toyota's are built extremely well. The Tacoma has been my dream truck for years and I am glad I finally purchased one. There is one small problem with the leaf springs making noise.

- Kenneth P

I feel that other people should know that it's mine!

Ever since I was a kid I have always wanted a truck with a little body an big huge tires! I like how easy it is to drive and I love how cheap parts are when something needs fixed.

- Joshua B

The customization is on the way after seeing how cheap the aftermarket parts are.

Great performance no issues so far. I'm loving the truck I can't wait for winter so I can see the performance in the snow. It's got more than enough power and great gas mileage.

- Trent H

Very reliable truck with great features.

Great truck, seats are comfortable, haven't had any reliability problems. Haven't had any issues with. Very reliable. Only wish I purchased the full size instead of access cab.

- Justin A

It is very dependable, and it is a great value.

I love my Tacoma. It drives great, it gets great gas mileage and is super nice on the interior. The 4 doors make it easier to get in & out of, and I have a lot of cargo room.

- Jennie J

It's very reliable it's fun to drive. It looks great.

The gas mileage is not very good, around 13-17 miles per gallon. I expected it to be a little bit better. The other complaint is that the back seat has very minimal leg room.

- Joshua K

Very versatile, looks great.

Great in bad weather. Good on gas. Seat does not adjust vertically, just forward and backward. Transmission is a little rough shifting. Engine revs subtlety when backing up.

- Jason H

It is a great truck for first time drivers, or anyone moving from a small truck to a larger truck, but doesn't want a giant truck.

It's really great. The back-up camera is life changing. The rear view mirror could be in a better spot. It blocks a fair bit of the right side of the road at four-way stops.

- Clay P

Very versatile yet it's rugged good looks make it a head turner.

This is my favorite vehicle. Has good power when needed. Just the right size for everyday use and the long bed comes in very handy. Mechanically sound and fun to drive.

- Edw D

That it is dependable for getting from one place to another

I like that it works for me. I like that it fits my style, the two things that I do not like is, Gas mileage, and room when taking a trip, also the cost was a bit high

- Mikel P

Driving in Winter weather in Tacoma

This pickup handles very well in the snow. Plus it is quick and convenient to switch in and out of 4 wheel drive. The interior can feel cramped rather quickly though.

- Sam A

It has all the tools needed for climbing hills, mountains and other terrain. Also, has park assist and brake assist for towing.

I like that it is a crew-cab 4x4 TRD Sport with all the bells and whistles, plus it is not a Ford or Dodge. A real American truck built in my hometown, San Antonio.

- Peter M

It is a Toyota, which means it is dependable.

No complaints. It is dependable. Good for transporting large items. I really like the recessed cameras so that I can see to back up, and the Bluetooth sound system.

- Karen Y

Its reliable and easy to drive

I love it. It has satellite radio, navigation, basically everything. It's very easy to drive. I can fit my grandchildren. Haul pretty much anything I want too.

- Carla H

That I love driving it. And it's great on gas.

Brand new run great handles bumps in the road very well. Tires wear out fast. The sensory malfunctions often on this truck. The material seems to be cheaply made.

- Vicky F

Never loved anything so much in my whole life

Plenty of power and looks great everything is at your fingertips I love driving my truck I have done small improvements but not for performance only for looks

- Michael H

Just know it's a great truck. Runs and rides amazingly. I love it for sure and it's very dependable.

No issues at all, I absolutely love my truck. It drives very smoothly for a 4x4 and I've never had any problems driving and getting out of muddy situations.

- Dillion C

I love the 3 car radar cruise feature.

I love the radar cruise. I love the backup camera. I love the lane cross over warning. The seats are not very comfortable for traveling long distance thou.

- Allen A

I take care of it. Wash it every week.

No complaints. It is fun to drive. I can go off-road. It is useful to haul things. I like the way it looks. Gas mileage is not great but it is worth it.

- Dylan S

It is sleek and rides smoothly. It keeps out the noise. It is not good on gas.

I like everything except the transmission shifts extremely hard when shifting to some of the gears. I am concerned it is going to damage the drive line.

- Jerry T

Great truck! Fits all of my needs and more.

Lots of room, comfortable ride and still a beast when doing a job. Gas mileage is above average for a pick up. Will get another at end of this lease.

- Robert B

It gets me where i need to be like work an it helps get me to go food shopping and appointments and important places that me and my family need to go to

i like Toyota I love the features I like that it goes in the winter i love the heat that it give an the ac for summer I just love everything about it

- dan b

Gas mileage should be better.

No complaints about the vehicle. It was modified - tires, roof rack, camper top. If it were for different purposes, the cab would need to be larger.

- Misty J

It is very functional and the gas mileage is pretty decent for a pick up truck.

I like the overall functionality. The truck bed, the touch screen, push to start, wheels, Bluetooth, seats, etc. I do not really dislike anything.

- Kylie G

Tacoma is the best truck to own.

Best truck to own at this time is the Toyota Tacoma. They hold their value better than any vehicle. I will be getting a new truck every 5 years.

- Gregory W

Fuel economy, Comfortable and everything works like it is supposed to. Very Happy with the purchase.

One of the best buys that I have bought in a long time. Nice truck. Price was right and the terms were better than a lot of my cars and trucks.

- Rodger J

Reliable transportation at a reasonable price

Toyota makes a very reliable vehicle. This pick up is the 5th one I have had and have never had a major repair. Fuel economy could be better.

- Richard B

It is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned.

It is a 4 wheel drive demon of a vehicle, which feels like you're driving a car and then you realize it is a truck too. I love my Toyota Tacoma

- Fred A

Reliable, dependable, trucks built in Texas for Texans

My truck is a V4 and can haul 3,500lbs! It is a freaking beast!! I would recommend my Tacoma to everyone searching for a mid size truck.

- Matt J

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD SPORT 4x4

Good vehicle with the best resale value, I do off roading and this truck is a beast stock!! Love the looks and performance of the sport

- Ronnie S

This vehicle. Will last 100,000 miles when kept serviced properly

Handles beautifully and is very reliable. It is perfect for hauling everything from lumber to groceries. Keyless system is very secure.

- Nancy R

That the quality of the truck is excellent.

Looks great, very good quality, up to dates options, color is really nice, handles very good on the highway, very comfortable to drive.

- George J

For where I live it goes anywhere and has quad cab and also factory bed cover I love it

Looks, power , gas mileage I love , I really wish the seat was more comfortable and electric and heated . Leather would be nice also

- Carl L

Great truck do not need four wheel drive or other options you never use.

Metallic grey performance do not pull anything use it for trips to home improvement stores and hauling and thrift stores and sales.

- Daniel G

Tacoma review for people interested.

No problems, absolutely love this truck gets good gas mileage and very reliable this is a vehicle that will last for over 20yrs.

- Brian C

It is fast, luxurious and gets the job done.

Comfortable, safe, fast, big enough. No complaints except wish I had a heated steering wheel. And my windows were tinted darker.

- Claire H

Good gas mileage. Smooth ride. Comfortable interior.

Never had a problem with my Tacoma. The ride is smooth,gas mileage is good for a v8. Interior is roomy for a small sized truck.

- Robert A

I purchased this vehicle with a tonneau cover, and have really enjoyed this option.

I have had no problems with this vehicle since I purchased it. It has been completely dependable for what I am using it for.

- Bruce H

When the next oil change is due. That is the most important for the life of the engine.

Silver 4x4 tacoma. 4 door with awesome traction control. The only thing is the delay in take off when the tank is below 1/4.

- Cali W

Great off-road performance.

Rear suspension squeaks. Power and transmission not so great. Driver seat not adjustable. Steering wheel doesn't telescope.

- Tom J

It is very safe and I feel it is easy to drive.

I like the way it drives. It is reliable. And I feel safe because it is lifted off the ground when I drive on the freeways.

- Natalie H

Very good customer service.

Very good customer service free car washes free loaner cars free transportation while car is being serviced or repaired.

- Brenda B

Quality, price and comfort.

The quality and price is fair and the comfort that you feel is great, I would recommend it to all my family and friends.

- Arthur P

Great four wheel drive, fantastic maneuverability.

Reliable, great four wheel drive, air conditioning could be better, Interior is comfortable but could be more luxurious.

- Lauren S

Others should know the truck sits high off the ground.

The truck lacks power at times. The seats can be uncomfortable at times. I have no other issues. It is a great truck.

- Jason L

The crawl control option is overrated.

Love the look, tech and ride quality. Dislike the steering play, gas mileage and lack of multi-tasking media options.

- Jacky V

It get fairly good mileage in town. I am getting 18 miles per gallon.

A great, ride and for a mid range model (sr5) it has great features. It has backup camera, cruise control and gps.

- patricia S

That it's reliable and can do just about all you would need it to do.

I love this truck. It has all the bells and whistles. I have always wanted this truck. It also keeps it value.

- Cody C

The gas mileage is great, the Tacoma is also best compact truck out there , 4x4 makes it awesome to drive in Tahoe .

Overall 5/5 It's run great Color is great as well..TRD TRD TRD!!! Is beast on the hills. Mpg is great for a truck

- David T

Greatest truck ever!!!!!!

4wd Toyota Tacoma TRD off road lifted 3 inches running 285/75/16 tires. Very reliable truck runs like a champion

- Corbin G

Reliability, looks good and economical.

I can always count on it. It starts when I want it to. And never breaks down. No complaints. The color is great.

- Dave G

Towing Taco Takes Top Tier

Excellent and reliable vehicle if you are looking for a midsize truck that retains hauling and towing capacity.

- Michael S

Toyota is a good company with a great product and the vehicle will hold its value in the future.

Dependable and stylish. Good gas mileage and useful features. In the future will have a great resale value.

- Jim F

It's a very safe and reliable care that will get you from a to b safely.

The car is amazing, always reliable, dependable, and safe. I would never buy another car other than this one.

- David H

It is an amazing truck. I love everything about it.

No issues at all. I absolutely love my truck. Drives and rides amazing and can go anywhere I want to take it.

- Dillon C

It has a lot of utility for moving and towing things.

I like the utility of the vehicle. The gas consumption is not ideal. It is great for moving large objects.

- Benjamin C

Best truck of the century.

I love this truck. He is stronger and can handle whatever you want to do. By far the best truck ever made.

- Susan M

Toyota Tacoma truck is reliable, strong, sturdy and gets awesome gas mileage.

It is comfortable for a truck. I do not like the headrest at all pushes my neck forward. Good gas mileage.

- Elisha L

It is very reliable and safe.

I love the size of my truck. I love the gas mileage of my truck. I love the towing capacity of my truck.

- Ryan K

It's not cheap to own but it's sure fun to drive off-road

Reliable and fun to drive. Has all the newest "bells and whistles ". Great family vehicle or work truck

- Kristin M

They do not put enough leaf springs so it makes the outside of the truck squeak.

I love that it drives so smoothly, and I also love the body style of it. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Whitney B

That the car is on the smaller size of trucks.

The car is good for bringing your family fishing. But it is a small truck. I absolutely love this car

- Phong W

if you need a mid size truck for small loads and transportation. this is the truck for you.

this is my second toyota tacoma. the truck is dependable and versatile. also the gas mileage is good.

- Patrick t

I own it. And it's name is Clifford because it is Red and not a full sized truck.

Love the room of the cab and bed of the truck. The technology is great. It's The right size for me

- Tom K

Toyota trucks are really reliable and are economically friendly.

I love the room, and ability to go off-road. It does great in the snow. It gets decent gas mileage.

- David V

it's a good looking truck

it's a handy truck. It's smooth riding. It could get better gas mileage. It's got a good stereo

- bob F

this is a great vehicle for everyday commute

double cab great for family; high off the ground so easy to see when driving. has enough power.

- edward w

It ain't real cheap. Gas mileage is great for a pickup. Quality control initially is superb.

It's the perfect size. The engine has great power. The interior has everything you could want.

- Michael E

It's very comfortable and functional.

I like the size of the truck. I'm satisfied with the gas mileage. The interior space if good.

- Dave I

It's under powered, can't go fast or pull anything too heavy

It's under powered, it doesn't have power locks, it doesn't have a built in passenger mirror

- Kennette L

No frills, gets the job done, reliable.

Good gas mileage for a truck. A little cramped on the inside. Feels like a good value

- Jason V

Dependable daily driver and affordable

I love the way it looks and drives...only dislike is the gas mileage

- Ray H

It's paid for and fun very gas efficient comfortable and saves me $$ at pump

It's great on gas roomy and i carry stuff a lot of head & leg room

- mark m

it's fun to drive because it is a four wheel drive.

it is a nice looking truck wish it had more safety features

- Susan S

Love it's low maintenance and great quality. I wish it had leather seats & could unlock the passenger door by touch.

Toyota makes Great quality vehicles and low maintenance.

- Sandy E

It's a great truck for the money

i like the fuel efficiency. it rides good. it looks good

- lonnie B

The quality and the off road features

4x4 feature, size, fuel economy. I have no complaints

- Jose T

it is comfortable and has nice capacity for hauling

it is a 6 cylinder and i would like more power

- harold t

Nothing special about this truck, needs upgrades.

- Laurie B

- Alex F

Various trim packages make it viable to capture multiple interests.

- Brett D

The good and bad of a coma truck.

- Ron K