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If you are looking for a full size truck - the tundra is a fantastic choice!

I love my truck. The only thing I do not love about my truck is the gas mileage. Unfortunately I only get 12.5 miles to the gallon. Perhaps this is because I have a lead foot but even when I drive the speed limit I do not get much more than 12.7. The inside is spacious and comfortable. There is plenty of room in the back seat for larger folks and for carrying groceries, etc. I have a v8 engine and it has plenty of get up and go. I have yet to try and tow something but I assume this truck would have no problems. The stock stereo is plenty loud enough and I am very happy with the sound quality. I have yet to use the 4x4 functionality but I bet it will be fun when I do. This is the truck of my dreams. Its black on black with captain chairs and because of the captain chairs there is plenty of room in the center console. If I ever bought another truck I would definitely purchase a tundra again.

- Alicia C

Using a truck like it was a truck.

There are no problems with my 'Toyota. It is the fourth Toyota pickup I have owned and put no less than 250,000 on each with never a serious mechanical problem that I recall. My trucks are work trucks used in my business and are towing anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 lbs. on a regular basis. The truck is good on road and off. Gas mileage could be better, but day in and day out including towing I get around 14-15 mpg. Unladen on the highway I get 18-19. Unless someone comes out with a better rig at the same price point, I do not see me having anything but a Toyota in the future. As it is now an nice thing is that when I am ready to trade in, somewhere between 275-300,000 miles, I do not have to be bothered shopping other brands. Customer service and Toyotacare are ace too.

- Joe D

Huge truck that looks really tough, but it is a beauty!

The truck is very comfortable and it has a smooth ride. We have no problem with the telling feature. This truck has more passengers space than any other SUV or car that I have ever had. Each person has a great amount of legroom as well as personal space on each side. The custom leather look on the platinum edition is very attractive. We constantly get comments on how good the truck looks. One bad thing is that we only get about 13 miles per gallon. While we were telling we were only getting 8 miles per gallon. So far we've only towed a trailer with the side-by-side but nothing bigger.

- Shannon R

Very spacious inside surprisingly even a tall person can comfortably sit.

The truck is very spacious inside and rides very comfortably. There is plenty of space in the back seat and even for a big guy like me it is very comfortable. I got the smaller bed and it has not been an issue for me but you have an option for the bigger bed. The car has Bluetooth and a lot of other standard features. One thing I do not like it does not have a tire pressure gauges so you can see that would be nice for the future trucks. No daytime running lights either but hopefully in the future they will have that.

- Mike R

Loving my 2017 Toyota tundra.

This is my second Toyota tundra, I owned a lawn business and a renovations company. I have hauled a 16ft trailer down an off-road path with no problems. Working out of this truck was a breeze, there was literally nothing I could do. I am also a mom with two little girls. My only regret is that I should have gotten the full cab with the shorter bed. The backseat is not car seat friendly. I was able to find two car seats that fight correctly and still allowed room for the driver and passenger. I love my tundra!

- Kay W

Make sure it's the truck you want.

I bought my car used off a dealership and was talked into purchasing the warranty. Two months later the AC started to make a ticking sound and I took to the dealer and they fixed with the warranty. The truck is very big so I had to purchase a step bar for the outside to make it easier to get in and drive. The bed of the truck is about six feet so make sure to have some straps because most things will be sticking out of the back of the truck bed.

- Tom D

Ford f150 yes, tundra no!

Toyota tundra. Very heavy feeling during drive. Gas guzzler due to poor acceleration. Is a work truck but has no overdrive. No pep when needed. Is a lease but turning it 2 months early. Have 2 Ford dealerships who will get me out of contract without penalties or additional fees. Big mistake when I decided to sell my f150 for the tundra. Definitely going back to a Ford f150.

- David C

Trucks cannot tow these days.

The main thing I am not happy with our truck is it is inability to tow our trailer. It is rated at 10,000 lbs. and our trailer is 8600 lbs. loaded and the transmission cooler could not handle the pull. My husband added an additional cooler and now it works just fine. We monitor the temps too.

- Sandy T

Tundras are totally awesome !

The Toyota Tundra belongs to my husband and he loves his tundra ! It is gray in color and he added gray trim inside. He is 6ft 4' so the tundra is large and roomy enough for him to be comfortable driving or riding. It is also easy to drive so I feel comfortable driving as well .

- Lisa R

My truck it love of my life.

Love my truck. Love that it comes with nice wheels and a little lift. Toyota has really stepped up their game. The backup camera is a great safety feature. I wish there was more colors to choose from. But it is the best investment by far. You will not be disappointed at all.

- Stephanie G

2016 Toyota tundra 5. 7 v8.

Solid engine 5. 7 v8 and 6 speed transmission, alternator and several door locks have gone out, super reliable just minor inconveniences. Good looking truck and great resale value. Inside is a little basic looking and cloth seats tend to stain. Touch screen is nice though.

- Garrett G

A truck with reliability and power!

My Toyota tundra truck has been highly reliable for our driving efforts and pulling our RV. Performance wise, my tundra has been very fluid and never has disappointed. I believe because it is a Toyota product, it was made with the same empowering concept of their cars.

- Jose J

Every detail is interesting, drives and rides like a dream.

I really love my tundra. It rides and drives like a dream. It has been practically maintenance free. My truck gets 20 miles to the gallon which is great with today's gas prices. The air conditioner works great especially with the Texas summers. It will freeze you out.

- Theresa F

Overall very reliable vehicle. Love the 4 wheel drive and upgraded dashboard.

Having a truck helps a lot when it come to moving large items such as furniture. Would like to have a larger cab for more room for kids in the back seat. For example, having bulky car seats and booster in the cab takes most/ all of the seating in the rear.

- Francine B

Great reliable vehicle, comfortable and good performance

No problems at all with our toyota tundra good reliable vehicle. Comfortable, only problems when you have 2 small children in car seats doesn't leave a whole lot of room, may have to trade it in for that reason only. Otherwise I love my truck.

- Tiffanie S

Great Truck! Absolutely love it!

I love almost everything about this truck, with the exception of the radio. We have a love hate relationship lol. The factory sound could be a bit better and when connected to the Bluetooth the radio sometimes resets.

- Nadia M

The most important thing about my truck is that it is reliable.

I like my Toyota Tundra because I feel like it is reliable. I also like the black color on the body and the wheels. I love the interior electronics. I also like the rear window that completely opens and closes.

- Dan W

Excellent towing capacity

I love how comfortable the interior is and the overall look of the truck. I have had a lot of warranty issues that take a week to repair each time and terrible idea to put edible wires under the hood!

- Amanda L

It is totally reliable and well built. It is a workhorse of a truck.

It is unique and large and extremely dependable. The weather here in Pennsylvania can be brutal and this truck can get me anywhere at anytime. Trudging g through the worst of the snow and ice.

- Melody S

I think out of all other trucks I've own is this truck is very dependable.

This is my second tundra. Love the ride of it. The thing I don't like is the storage compartments aren't as many as I have on the first truck. Other than that I have had no major problems.

- Chris K

It can tow a 26 ft. Airstream trailer.

I like that it feels safe and rides above most other traffic. I like that it has plenty of cargo space and can tow a 26 ft. Airstream trailer. I like that I got two years free maintenance.

- James C

That my Truck is purple because I love the Minnesota Vikings

I have wanted a Truck for so many years and now that I own it, I couldn't be more happy . . . I love the style, power, space and ability to haul much more than I ever could before

- Brianna L

Toyota Tundra: Best Truck Known to Man

I've had no issues so far with my vehicle. Performance is excellent, reliability is excellent. Before I had a Tacoma and with three kids the Tundra is much more comfortable.

- Maxwell S

It can tow a 26 ft. Airstream travel trailer and still get at least 10 miles to the gallon.

I like the way it rides high above most other traffic. I like that it can tow a 26 ft. Airstream trailer. I like that it has plenty of cargo space for dogs and cargo.

- James B

One thing people should know about my car that it has a V8 5.7 liter.

Everything has been great. Only issues is with the service company. Delaying to fix my window. Other than that the truck has been awesome and everything I've expected

- Roger M

Durable, reliable and tough

This vehicle is great especially for outdoor living where you are able to off road and travel through dense woods. It is very durable and tough and a great vehicle.

- Matthew C

The most important thing is that it's reliable at hauling heavy stuff if needed.

I like how big the truck is. I can use it to haul heavy loads if needed. However, since it's big, it's difficult for small people like me to ge in and out of it.

- Nikki T

That it is a very comfortable vehicle and fun to drive.

I like the way the tundra drives as well as the look of the vehicle. Its functionality is a plus. No complaints at all except the gas mileage could be better.

- Leland D

That it really is one of the most powerful trucks on the road today.

I love that my truck has so much power. I love that I can take it off road and it handles like it's on the highway. I love how safe I feel in it.

- Glenn K

It is amazing and drives great and can go in all weather.

Everything. It drives amazing. Great gas mileage and it gets me where I need to go. Can haul stuff and not haul stuff. Overall great truck.

- Sissy T

Big truck with luxury like a car.

The Toyota Tundra has all the power a truck needs. Towing is great and roomy inside is what sets it apart. Towing package is great also.

- William G

It has great gas mileage.

I love my truck, but there is one thing I would like better. If my truck had leather seat so then I could have heated or cooling seats.

- Brittany C

My tundra Love the sunset bronze color

Love the 6.5 foot bed, never get the short 5'. Smooth strong 5.7 lt has plenty horsepower for any outing. Great resale value.

- Tim B

It gets me from point A to point B, while looking good.

I really like the size and space on the inside of the truck. It is white with black trim. The gas to fill can get expensive.

- Michael K

It was bought brand new and has been well maintained.

It is very reliable and roomy on the inside with a v8 engine. Sometimes it feels too big when parking. I prefer sedans.

- April E

Nothing fancy but very dependable will never break down

Love my Toyota. Nothing to fancy but it definitely is very dependable. Have had it for 2 years now and nothing is wrong

- Eric D

it's very durable and lasts a long time. Toyota makes great cars

I like that it is big, roomy, and can hold a lot. I like all of the different little extra add ons it can have too

- jay o

2016 Toyota Tundra CrewMax

Comfortable, very reliable, very roomy with built in nav and video. No problems with the vehicle inside or out.

- Zach A

It uses a lot of gas. Especially when used within city limits.

Very good and reliable vehicle. No major issues to report so far. However, it is a major gas guzzler though.

- Barbara M

It gets very poor gas mileage.

Brake and air condition are not very good. Factory brakes are not very good. Interior stains very easily.

- John D

The best thing about my truck is that it is a great investment, retains value and provides all the things I need to enjoy my activities.

Great space, great look, great utility. Provides a safe way to travel, together with lots of comfort.


The cabin is very roomy, lots of leg and head room.

Love the cabin size, towing capability, comfort, and overall design. Dislike the low gas mileage

- Alexander E

It is very reliable and powerful

I love how roomy it is. The front grill is beautiful. Plenty of power. Terrible gas mileage.

- Brad S

Very reliable and provides good comfort to a family of four

It is a great ride. Very comfortable and has nice accessories. Fits our family very well.

- Bill O

The vehicle has plenty of space in the front and rear cabs. It has a really smooth drive. The gas mileage is terrible but that was expected when I purchased the vehicle. No real complaints.

It has a lot of space in the cab. The rear cab is actually bigger than the front.

- Carlos G

Amazing space and engine power. Works great with a family of 5

I like the engine. I don't like that the side mirror get in the way of my view.

- Blanca H

Dependable very dependable good truck nice ride and all that

the look ,the gas mileage , the way it handles on the road and in the snow

- john b

Best overall value in its class. Most made in America truck.

Big, fast, reliable, luxurious, no dislikes or complaints.

- Brad H

Spacious, comfortable, and reliable!

- Jamey W