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Dependable and comfortable.

I have a sr5 crew cab and I enjoy the added room. I do not have the bed liner which I plan on getting at a later time. The toolbox that I had on my previous truck fits nicely with this tundra. I do miss the extended bed but I am willing to sacrifice it for the crew cab. The cab sits 5 people very comfortably and still had room for luggage or groceries. I would recommend this vehicle and added trim to anyone. I do miss the running boards and would like to eventually get a lift kit added. This truck is very dependable and I am happy with the tundra and it is performance. It is the second tundra I have owned and will not be the last.

- Amy A

Excellent legroom and rolldown bed window.

I love that my truck has the feature where you can roll down the window that separates the bed from the cab. This provides extra breeze when you want the windows down. It is a great feature for pet owners. There's plenty of room in the back seat. I often have really tall people that ride with me, and they fit very comfortably in the back seat. It is the first time that I have ever been able to have them fit comfortably and not complain about being in the back.

- Brooke B

Review of the new Toyota Tacoma truck 2018.

My truck I recently just purchased from thousand oaks Toyota. I leased it. I have not had any problems with it. It is brand new so I can't really elaborate on this car having any issues. I would recommend this car for sure. It is fast, dependable. Not bad on gas. Good sound system. Warranty for up to 100, 000, 00 miles. Good customer service. I am very happy with this purchase. The only thing is I should of stepped it up to the upgraded super sport addition.

- Courtney H

Just that It's a really reliable truck. It's great in all the areas a truck should be.....power, towing, hauling ability, all fantastic!

I really love my Toyota Tundra, It's a great truck. Has plenty of power and is great at towing. The inside is nice and roomy and has everything I need. My only complaints are 1. The selection and variety of colors, they are seriously lacking. I should not have to buy the most fully loaded model to get a nice color. and 2. My truck model did not come with badges, that is a very big pet peeve of mine....it should have the badges.

- Kristin B

Toyota tundra is an all around solid truck.

Very spacious back seats. Spacious in the front. Have not had to use the 4 wheel drive yet. Not very good on gas mileage but it is a big truck. Has a lot of go power. Wish it came with the led lights, although it does have the cool led strip lights under the headlights. Has great safety features with an automatic slow down sensor while driving on cruise control. Has automatic bright. Great all around truck.

- Tyson B

Great look and feel - lacking technology.

The drive is really good on the vehicle, rides always feel smooth. Seats are comfortable and the back seats of the vehicle have surprisingly a lot of space. More space than any full size SUV I have ever been in. If there was one complaint I have about the vehicle it would be the technology. Definitely not as robust as other competitors or even other Toyota vehicles that I have owned in the past.

- Sara B

It's a good point a to point b car. I have used this car for cross country trips.

I love the way my truck drives and looks. Wish it had dual control air conditioning. And the air vents more like the 2013 that I traded in. If the radio would get louder the faster you go down the highway would be nice.. Also wish the back up camera would beep when you are close to something...

- Beth R

The 2018 Toyota Tundra is a great truck.

The 2018 Toyota Tundra sr5 crewmax tss edition is great. The 5. 7l engine is powerful and has a great sound. We use this truck to tow our travel trailer that weighs 7, 500 pounds and it tows it with ease. The tss edition includes upgraded wheel and tire package and has a running board.

- Marc M

Love my Toyota tundra so much.

I have not had any problems with my truck yet I love it very much and think it is the best truck I have owned I am very pleased with it and love Toyota if I were to buy another truck it will definitely be a Toyota. I love everything about it and the gas mileage is great for the truck.

- Dana S

5 year 100, 000 mile warranty.

Toyota offers 3 year free maintenance along with a 5 year 100, 000 mile warranty. The vehicle is very spacious and came with all the upgraded features I wanted such as premium wheels and tires, running boards, tinted windows, hands free calling, navigation and Bluetooth audio.

- Jason P

I would be interesting in having an app that allows me to turn on the vehicle.

The Tundra is a great addition to our family. We are a family of four. My husband is 6'3 and my two boys are going up and needed more leg room. This truck is so comfortable and spacious. I love the extra features of sunroof, lane changing assistant, backup camera, navigation.

- Jennifer F

I love everything about my 2018 Toyota tundra.

No problems so far. Got it to pull out camper and it does a great job, good on gas for being a v8, handles great. Very roomy interior, 4 wheel drive, short bed, lane assist, auto lights, XM stereo, CD player, backup camera, metallic grey paint with grey and black interior.

- Stacey A

My all time favorite truck.

No problem love it full of convenience features and safety features. Well built nice color great gas mileage. Inside is like a car. Added cover over the bed. Added running boards. Price was right too I even manage to negotiate on the price after I used a shopping service.

- Thomas M

The best truck I've ever bought.

I love my tundra the color the performance, the size, I can move a lot of things with this truck, and it's gonna be a great truck for hunting season. It has 4 wheel drive which I love. It's all all the best truck I've ever had. I could have bought a better truck.

- Ginger P

Great truck worth every penny if you tow you want this truck.

Great truck very smooth ride. Also towing capacity is amazing. I tow with it a lot. Could use more cup holders. Makes I turs easy. This truck is very easy to handle. The air conditioning works great gets cold right away. All in all this is a really great truck.

- Gilbert A

Winning with Toyota’s great technology and service.

The ride in our tundra is better than the ride we have every had with our Dodge rams. We are looking forward to having a rust free vehicle. We love all of the technology in Toyotas. Even in the baseline models. Great vehicle service plan, as well. Fun to drive.

- Eggers A

Toyota Tundra very exciting truck to drive

Has all the bells and whistles heated seats backup camera gps lane drift alarm blind spot indicator on side mirrors power windows and cruise control also has under back seat storage containers performance Is excellent with v8 engine has all the power needed

- Ronald H

The dependable nature of the truck.

I love the reliability, the ride, and all the safety features. The one drawback is the fuel economy. Bad. The color is awesome, which is black. The running boards are awesome. The seats are great. Overall the truck is very dependable and is as advertised.

- Joel O

Toyota tundra radar problems.

I have had a problem with a radar which controls the cruise control and the crash avoidance system. I have had to take it back 3 different times the last time they were placed the whole system. Other than that I have had no troubles and I love the truck.

- Howard M

My toyota tundra is a work horse ready for anything with it's 5.7 Liter v8 engine at a better price than competitors with the same great looks and practical arrangements

Toyota Tundra has for me been one of the most reliable yet comfortable trucks on the market available due to the sheer numbers on value retention and the visual sleekness to the style and body of truck

- Rodolfo G

It is very roomy inside enough room for 4 - 5 people very comfortably.

I like that is has enough room to comfortably fit our family and dog in the car. I wish it got better gas mileage. I would like it if the infotainment center was more user friendly mostly navigation.

- Kenny O

Great performance, excellent quality, superb truck!

My Tundra has been a great truck. I've never had problems & it is beyond reliable. It's very spacious too. The only drawback is the features good use an update. But, that's not a drawback for me.

- Dave O

Toyota Tundra is exactly what I was looking for.

I just bought my new Toyota Tundra and I really have not found anything wrong with it. It is exactly what I was looking for. I had a Tacoma before and loved it but needed more towing power.

- David L

Comfortable and smooth ride with plenty of power.

I love all the features. Touch screen allows us to use the navigation, audio and many other features. The lane notification is great. It has the slide down window in the back.

- Michelle B

So much room in cab for everyday and vacation travel

I love this vehicle! There is so much space in the cab for 5 to sit very comfortably with additional leg space. The MPG are great considering that it is a big truck.

- Chris H

It does not get good gas mileage.

I like that it is brand new. No issues when driving or worrying about breaking down. I like that it is all Bluetooth and electronic. I like the backup cameras.

- J F

Impressive turning radius!

The turning radius is impressive. Every time I drive it I cannot help but think how much I love it. It is comfortable, drives well and has so much room!

- Jennifer M

It's part of who I am, it's fun, and very comfortable.

It is very fun and comfortable to drive. I feel very safe in it as well as driving my family around in it. It's also very fun for 4 wheeling.

- Brooke H

4x4 off-road that is very strong and reliable. Also has luxury.

Strong, fast, and comfortable. This truck gets everywhere I need it to go. Have the 4x4 and it will go wherever I point it with no question.

- John C

Holds it value over time, quiet, smooth ride, solid feel.

Like smooth ride, quiet, comfortable, solid feel, very nice interior, good size, good value for the money, heated seats, safety features.

- Richard C

Blue nice and durable, very comfortable and strong and can hold all my friends.

It is a really good truck, really strong and durable. Had a older version I think the 2014 and this one is way better in my opinion.

- Steven D

Towing capacity. Brake system. Sound system and interior.

Excellent vehicle. Great towing capacity. Excellent braking system. Excellent color white. Perfect leather and sound system.

- Lee D

I love my truck. Love that I can feel safe with my kids inside the car.

I really do not have no bad review on my truck. It fit my family of 5. Very comfortable, relax, good for drive in movie theater.

- Nicole S

It has many safety features. I feel safe when driving it.

I like the electronics. There is plenty of legroom. I do not like that I have so many blind spots, but it is still fun to drive.

- Anita W

That it is safe and fun for the kids.

It is awesome with the gray color and shiny look. It is comfortable with the seats. It is a 4x4 so the vehicle can go off-road.

- Britton B

We have driven it well, maintained it well.

I like the back up camera and lane assist the most. I like that when hooked up to Bluetooth it will read my texts to me.

- Brandy G

It is very roomy and reliable.

The ride is outstanding. The room inside the vehicle is great. I don't like all of the extra electronics in the vehicle

- Dale B

It is completely dependable and very versatile. It will last for many years.

It is versatile. I can do many things with it. It is very basic so I am missing some of the more modern accessories.

- Arthur H

That Toyotas never break down.

Wish it was a diesel. More towing capacity. Love the dependability. Good engine and consistent production quality.

- Joseph Z

The engine and what one it has. That makes a big difference in your vehicle.

I love my truck it has all the features I could ask for. I looked all over for the truck that I bought.

- Dana E

The vehicle comes with many safety features standard.

I like the amount of interior room it has. I also like its safety features. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Chris T

Drives great, but low gas mileage.

Lots of features, big and powerful. Plenty of room for passengers. Lots of towing power. Great color.

- Jeff B

Holds great resale value.

No front camera Only 2 point sonar not 4 point Good size Need bigger cup holders

- Jesn C

Everyone should know that there are several safety features. My vehicle has blindspot sensors

I love my vehicle. It is very comfortable. I love all the safety features

- Terry K

Love the space inside but wish it was a little more high tech

It had toyotacare plan where service is covered up to 100000 miles.

- Tina G

is very important because saved time and money, is very convenient to use

is very convenient to use, great value for money, high quality

- albert d

best truck ever and never have any problems with it

i love my tundra. its roomy and can handle anything

- donna f