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Small but comfortable for five grown people.

I love that my Toyota Venza looks small for a family car, but is super comfortable to house five adults inside. The best feature for me personally is its rear view camera and able to recline back seats. Moreover, there is a nice heating system to heat up the passenger and driver seats. Unfortunately, the glass is that strong against Texas highways, as we got a huge crack in the middle of the glass on the front side of the car. The car does make an ugly sound when braking over the years, so that is something that needs to be held accountable for financially to fix that. Lastly, just the exterior of the car is lovely, and I love its round design. Even though the color of our car is black, it does not heat up the car too much on hot days, and back when we lived in Texas, it was not a problem to cool the car quickly. On the other hand, it is a really sturdy car for traveling. We've used this very car to travel via road from California all the way to Florida. It did break down at some point of the trip because we did not add the proper amount of fuel while we were driving through Arizona; however, if you make sure to have the proper amount of fuel then it should not be a problem at all to get you through tougher terrains. It has tons of space in the back if you need it, and the backseats can function to recline forwards to create more flat space in the back if needed for bigger equipment or more groceries or extra packed boxes, etc.

- Laura S

Toyota does not make the venza now.

The venza is the perfect size crossover vehicle. Mine has leather and a navigation system. Being a Toyota it is very reliable and not too expensive to do the maintenance. My husband is an auto mechanic so he will only buy Toyotas or Hondas. If you look in the parking lot of his repair facility you will find very few Toyotas or Hondas. Mostly they are in for maintenance, not repairs. The car is very easy to drive and very comfortable. It is not a luxury sedan so it does have some road noise that can be pretty loud on bad roads. I dive a lot so I have to have a reliable vehicle and I do! The navigation system is simple to use and very safe. You must either be parked or at a stop to enter information such as a phone number, hands free calling, or an address. The only issue I have with the car is the seats are a light color and the leather is not that easy to clean, cosmetic issue only. There is tons of storage and is set up for modern technology.

- Melinda D

I love my Toyota Venza! Fully loaded and plenty of space for passengers.

I bought my car used with 84, 000 miles on it. I have had it almost 2 years and I still absolutely love it! I have had zero issues with it so far. It came fully loaded and it was a lot nicer of a vehicle than I had planned to get. I'll be driving it until it will go no more! Mine came with a back up camera, plenty of places to plug in chargers and various electronics. There’s a touch screen for the radio, GPS, etc. Leather interior with heated seats. We have room for bulky rear facing car seats for 2 children and room in between for someone to sit in between, if needed.

- Rachel H

Venza-The Best Car I Ever Owned.

The Venza is a crossover vehicle that provides the room of a SUV and the drivability of a car. It is spacious and comfortable for local driving and long trips. It is efficient and currently I get 23 miles to a gallon of gas. It has a hands free communication system that allows me to talk via my cell phone through the car's speaker system, listen to Pandora or Spotify and choose songs via the steering wheel controls. It has a rear camera which I find very helpful when parking or just desiring to be safe when planning to back up the car.

- Lorraine H

Toyota Venza, great family car.

It rides smooth, very cost effective to maintain. I love that I have more than one place to put my phone. The center console has two sections, which helps me stay more organized. I love the button on the hatchback that commands the door to close. I love keyless entry. I have a toddler that likes me too carry her belongings, so locking the door is much easier. It does have a sunroof and moonroof that my husband and daughter love. Lastly, I love how much room is in between the back seat and the front seat.

- Kim H

How great the Toyota Venza is!

I love my car it has a really smooth ride. It is very big and spacious with a lot of legroom in the backseat. The back seats recline. The only thing I don't like is the color of the interior. The majority of those cars they made with a tan interior,which should have been gray or black. Even a different color depending on the color of the car. But overall it is really a great car. It has AWD so it is great in the winter and is very powerful.

- Lisa D

Great reliable family vehicle.

I love my Toyota Venza. It is a great, reliable family vehicle. It gets awesome gas mileage. This is my third Toyota. I have never had any issues with any of my cars. One of the things I love the most about this vehicle is that it came with two years free maintenance including oil changes & tire rotation. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for a great vehicle that will stand the test of time.

- Elizabeth C

My big crossover which is build for my family�s life.

My vehicle is really comfortable and has seat adjustments. The seat can be raised higher and can go back when needed. I have 2 sunroofs. The back seat is very spacious. There is a lot of legroom for a tall person. The trunk space is large and there is a cover to hide the trunk contents. The rearview camera makes backing up safer and the Bluetooth allows for hands free talking.

- Tammie H

SO sad that they stopped making this car!

I love my car, It has tons of space for my pets and all of our outdoor activities but it feels like I got a Lexus quality car but only paid the Toyota price tag, which is awesome. It has plenty of room which is great for taking 3+ people traveling because everyone is comfortable and has plenty of space. My one and only complaint is that I wish it were more gas efficient.

- Michelle G

Drives like a car not an SUV.

Drives and handles more like a car which I love. The auto windows are a great feature. Very comfortable ride short and long distances. The trunk space is big and holds a lot of cargo without blocking your view. The rears seats are adjustable and do recline for the rear passengers for better comfortability. I have had no issues or recalls since owning the car.

- Sarah L

The gas mileage is not the best.

Love my venza because of its comfort, ease of driving, sleek design and reliability. A couple things I do not like: the low profile tires look nice but you hear a lot of road noise and the center console is awkward to use. It is also a bit difficult to get my grandbaby in and out of her car seat because of the head clearance in the back seat.

- Debra T

The car is reliable, comfortable, and spacious.

The vehicle runs well and it gets good gas mileage. I have not experienced any mechanical problems with the car. Any work that has been needed was maintenance and due to wear over time. The car requires large tires that are expensive. It does not have GPS or satellite radio features. Otherwise, it is a great car with basic features.

- Ro W

Overall, an excellent car

200,000 Miles on the vehicle and have only had to change the tires, and routine oil changes. Have gone on cross country trips multiple times. This is an extremely reliable vehicle. It's a shame they don't make them anymore. The only real issue I've had with it is that it gets a little too hot in the back. My kids hate that so much!

- Arif W

Overall good for everyday use.

Overall very good and spacious. So far just regular maintenance. No real problems except that there are some blind spots that make things difficult and the seats are not as comfortable for longer rides. Wish the seats were softer with a richer kind of leather. Love the heated seats! Love the built in navigation and Bluetooth.

- Laura G

car frame was excellent to enter car. on camry frame and my wife had no problem getting into or out of car.

this was the first suv that I owned and wasn't bought new. (fist used car in 40 yrs). happy with room and handling of car. storage was excellent and haven't had any problems with car. I would buy another car of this type within 2 yrs when I purchase new car. note my used cars are given to children / grandchildren.

- Tony M

Exceptional 2013 Toyota Review.

My vehicle has no problems. It runs smoothly. It has decent gas mileage. It is very reliable. It has a camera that turns on when you put the car in reverse. I really like that feature. It makes it very convenient when backing out. The heating and air conditioning work very well and quick. The speakers are very clear.

- Stephanie L

Powerful and yet she is still pretty.

I love this car! It has power when I need it, great braking ability, not bad gas mileage considering the size of the car. It has all the bells and whistles available at the time I bought it. I wish it had brake assist and lane assist like cars have now. The only down side of my Venza is it does have blind spots.

- Lisa M

Perfect for family with toddlers.

The inside very big 4 cylinder big saving in gas if you need to travel with the family super comfortable Back sits very large if you have children with car seats easy to remove car seats Bluetooth access easy to talk if you need to be in the phone and dark back windows to protect the little ones from the sun.

- Olga L

Gunmetal grey with heated leather seats. Has a v6 engine.

My 2013 Toyota Venza has been a reliable car. I have not had any issues aside from the normal wear and tear of needing new tires and brakes. My biggest issue is the noise from the wind that is heard inside the car while driving. It is louder than I had expected. Other than that it has been a great car to own.

- Nicole K

Although Toyota is no longer making the Venza model, I would recommend seeking out this model as a certified pre-owned vehicle as Toyota utilizes Camry parts for this vehicle.

I chose the Venza because it is a crossover vehicle that is AWD but runs and feels like a Camry. It has a smooth ride, comfortable seating and performs very well. With leather seats, separate temperature controls, stereo sound system and in-vehicle GPS included, I feel that I am driving a luxury car !

- Gerry D

Dependable, drives well missing backup camera that most vehicles have now.

I do love my car very reliable, only thing would be road noise when driving otherwise it’ drives. Comfortably, lots of room. I miss having leather seats these are cloth. Toyota’s are well known to be dependable and last long and that is what I always get because I keep my cars for several years.

- Leanne C

Reliability is at the top of the list! Haven't had any mechanical issues.

Toyota quality cannot be beat. Very reliable vehicles. It rides real smooth, maintaining is easy, love traveling with my car. It is easy to maneuver and handle on the roads. I did have an issue awhile back with mice eating the wiring in the car because they use soy covered wires. Mice love that!!

- Cheryl T

The Amazing Car Purchase that gets me attention everywhere I go.

The Toyota Venza is a great family car with plenty of room and trunk space. It drives smooth and very reliable for cross country travel. It is a beautiful SUV that gets more compliments on its body design and color. I would trade this vehicle for nothing in the world. I absolutely love this car.

- Yolanda A

Parts are more expensive than other cars that I have had.

It is reliable, but parts seem to be more expensive than other cars I've had. The equipment is not matched up... like it has leather seats but they are not heated. It is a V6 with more options than most of the higher trim levels, but it is now worth less because it's a fully loaded base model.

- Thomas J

My Toyota Venza, XLE crossover SUV is my favorite vehicle

My Toyota Venza is very comfortable. Incredibly reliable and efficient. I love the features, both the safety features and the convenience features. From all the airbags and antilock brakes to the Bluetooth and navigation features. I also enjoy the moon roof and panoramic roof. .

- Toni S

The color of my venza is pearl blizzard white. I call her Pearl..

I love my car. I have had it since Jan. 2015, it was 2 years old when I got it. I have not had any issues with it, except I needed new tires. Its great. Smooth ride and handles great on the rode. I had the alignment set the day after I got new tires..I get 26 mpg highway and 22 in town.

- Janice L

Amazing family car for everyone!

No problems. I love my car. It drives well handles well and I love the lumbar support in the driver's seat. The hatch in the back is a little confusing to use but I prefer it that way less possibly of theft. Lots of plugs for devices. Air control is split for driver and passenger.

- Angela L

Backup camera for purchasing a car.

The Toyota Venza is great for riding around in town. It is very noisy when riding long distances, especially on the interstate. Also, the Toyota Venza has several blind spots so I highly recommend getting a Toyota Venza with a backup camera in it. But overall it is a very stylish car.

- Darcy S

Make another venza! 2013 was the last year my vehicle was made.

I love my Toyota Venza because it is very comfortable and easy to navigate. It has Bluetooth so I can be hands free while I am driving and a back-up camera to help those of us that cannot see very well. It comes with Sirius radio so I have awesome entertainment wherever I go!

- Shannon R

Toyota Venza is a comfortable and reliable car.

It is a very comfortable ride. The seats are comfortable and it drives smoothly. Gas mileage is decent for this kind of car. The all wheel drive is nice and it works very well in all types of driving conditions. Not every model comes with backup camera and wish it had it.

- SE M

Plenty of legroom and smooth ride.

I love this car but I wish it had a little bit more room in the back. We constantly go on 500 plus mile road trips and it is very comfortable. My husband and I are both tall and even with a car seat in I am still comfortable in passenger seat. It is been a great vehicle.

- Jackie C

I love this car I wish they still made them!

Very comfortable, good gas mileage, nice back up camera. Back seats recline. The back seats fold down if you need to haul something. Sits a little taller than cars and not quite as big as SUVs. A great crossover size. I have had no issues and I have almost 100k miles.

- Susan T

I love the rear gate, push a button and it closes gently, trunk is good n roomy.

I've had no problems with this car. It rides smoothly it is good on gas mileage. Interior is comfortable, the seats are leather. The Backup camera works well. AC n heat are very efficient. I got the car out of lease, have had it since August of 2016 n have no issues

- Joan A

Tim's review of Toyota venza.

It is very reliable mechanically and is very comfortable to drive. I like the setup of the dashboard. The only thing that I do not like is that the back gate is not automatic. You have to open it manually and it is inconvenient if your hands are full from shopping.

- Timothy A

Perfect size for individuals or small families. Room for pups in the hatchback area.

The Toyota Venza is the perfect size, not too big or too small. It provides ample room with the hatchback and you can also fold down the seats for more space. My only complaint is that Toyota discontinued making the Venza. I've had two and would like a third.

- Kris C

Not good traction on wet roads

It does not handle well on slick roads. It slides a lot when it rains. We have tried different tires and none of them seem to help. I really don't like driving it at all when it rains and we just can't drive it at all when it snows so we are stuck at home.

- Nicol E

Love the insulting effect, the quiet drive, and the Bluetooth

It's really cool with the air on and it stays cold if you turn it off. Great sound system, the tires are a little pricey. The windows are slightly to dark for Texas law (we bought the car in Seattle) wish the passenger's seat had adjustable lumbar support.

- Leslie B

Great space and rides smooth

I love that it is a family car which is really good for me. I have tons of space in it for me to do whatever I want. It makes it easier for me if I ever take someone home or give them a ride somewhere because I know they are comfortable and have space.

- Taylor J

The toyota venza drives well in the snow, making it a good car for those that live in New England (or other snowy areas)

My vehicle drives well in the snow, which is good for New England weather. However, I wish it got better mileage. Also, I find the bluetooth does not work as well as it could when connected to play music or when making phone calls while driving.

- Katherine B

It's such a great car, more people should have purchased one!!

I love my car! I love the size and the look of the car. I like how it feels when I'm driving it. I like that it has enough space for my two dogs in the back but it's not too big. I am upset that they are no longer making the Venza!!

- Tracy D

That we worked hard to get it!

I love the panel, it is large and has so many preferences and lots of information. Bluetooth is of course a favorite as well. I dislike the way the seat belt is positioned, for some reason it always bothers me!

- Vivian G

Do not get the cloth seats.

The venza is a fine car, just not the most comfortable ride I have ever had. Bought it new, have never had any problems with it, make sure I do the regular maintenance.

- Peggy W

It is safe and so far dependable. The hype seems to be true.

Slightly noisy when driving freeway driving. Comfortable ride and great space. So far we have only put in new tires and replaced battery. Dependable vehicle.

- Judy B

It has large blind spots.

Love this vehicle. It is comfortable. I wish it had side detection. The stereo is a little out of date. I wish I had a car this size with better gas mileage.

- Julie M

It's very reliable. I have never been stranded because my car didn't start.

It's my first crossover vehicle and i love it. I like sitting higher than in the car. I don't like that my doors unlock as soon as i put it in Park.

- Maria L

It's extremely spacious inside. The back seat has a large amount of legroom.

I love the amount of room that's in my vehicle. It's extremely comfortable to drive and travel in. Also, I like the interactive screen in the front.

- Jana N

Great leg room and comfortable leather seats.

Love the roominess, detailed leather seats, backup camera. It has all the luxuries as a luxury car. I do not have any dislikes about my Toyota!

- Lisa C

It's GREAT!!!!! I love it and wish Toyota was still making it.

No problems with the Venza. It is a roomy, comfy vehicle. The biggest problem is that Toyota no longer makes the vehicle, which pisses me off

- Shirley T

I the fact that you can lay the seats down for more room.

My car has plenty of rooms. As a tall individual, I need more leg room. Venza is an ideal car especially if you are looking for midsize SUV.

- Chol M

how well it rides, forts, handles and the creature com

it is the perfect car for all of our needs. whether it is going to the beach. whether we are going biking. or whether we are going kayaking.

- michael G

My car is very stylish and looks different from other cars on the road.

It is very roomy and comfortable. The vehicle has a unique style. The vehicle has many user friendly features and gets great gas mileage

- Brandy G

Back up camera. Helps to be able to see short things without turning.

Great car to own. Has wonderful features and looks. Love the safety features and security system. The car spoils you for any other car.

- Agnes D

It is reliable. It is also the perfect size for a family.

It is the perfect size for my family. I would prefer if it was AWD. The gas mileage could also be better. It was in my price range.

- Kinsey L

It's a great family vehicle especially for groceries, it has a huge trunk.

The vehicle is roomy and has great highway mileage. I am happy with the car. Just wish it was upgraded and had more seating.

- Thalia E

My car in general According to me.

This car is very comfortable and easy to drive, but because the car is front wheel drive, the turning radius is not good.

- Colleen P

Hard to find. It was discontinued in 2017

It is a very quiet ride. Large enough for travels out of town. Very comfortable, great looking. I have no dislikes.

- Wendy H

That it is safe and reliable

I like the fact that is gas saving and easy to drive. The style points very nice and the added features are great.

- Toni M

Very comfortable ride and great value.

I like the rear vents for heat and air and its roomy. I like that's its AWD but wish we could tow a camper with it.

- Ginger M

The blind spot makes it hard to see vehicles behind you.

The Venza is as expected. It drives comfortably with good gas mileage. The rear had great room for passengers.

- Caitlin L

It's still Toyota certified! Excellent warranties. Four wheel drive works perfectly in the rural snowy area I live.

Like everything about it except hard floor in trunk causes things to move around while driving.

- Shannon B

Comfortable ride! Great gas mileage

Good on gas, no blind spots, has heated seats. Some interior trim coming loose.

- Pamela G

This car is comfortable even in the backseat. Plenty of room for everything. Able to haul items in the back with slit fold down back seats. Love this car.

This car is comfortable, no matter where you ride or how short or tall you are.

- Bonnie D

gOOD FOR 5 PEOPLE. iT IS COMFORTABLE, The engine is good, the seats are well covered and good quality.

It has Safety gadgets and doesn't need a fix. I can rely on it for safety