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Mk3 golfs look derpy, but they're small and speedy along with reliability.

It is super reliable if the normal upkeep is done on a consistent basis. I have modified mine (lowered, stage one clutch, euro spec angel eye headlights, front strut brace, RAM air intake, etc. ) And so she requires a little more maintenance than normal, but she's been reliable for four years. She really hates the winter, though. I have gone through four locking cylinders in the four years I have owned the VW. Parts are a little more expensive because it is euro, but there are a few good websites that make them more affordable. Doing the work myself or having friends do it really helps on the cost of maintenance also, so I do not know how affordable a VW can be through a dealership. I drive hundreds of miles to Montana to see my parents and the VW never has any issues making the trip. No overheating or anything and the cloth seats are nice and comfy. At about 170k miles, the biggest issue I have had is replacing a bearing in the rear and a hub and bearing in the front as well as the front axles, but they were all essentially weekend/day projects. I have a very small coolant leak, but it is not much of an issue - just a matter of checking fluids often which should be being done anyway.

- Kate H

A cute little car you can make your own

My car runs smoothly. The brake is very sensitive and requires little pressure to make the car stop. The car is small enough to fit in most parking spaces. The car has a sunroof and large windows. The car features a customizable audio system that allows you to change the bass, treble, and audio balance to your liking. The gas tank can hold between 13 and 14 gallons of gas and can run anywhere from 40 to 50 miles before needing a refill.

- Angel F

My car is great on gas mileage in and out of city.

I've just bought the car. So far I've had problems with the coolant leaking and something going on with the radiator. Overall though I am satisfied with the vehicle is great on gas good on mileage easy on the clutch and smooth transition. I could complain but this is the cards of life has dealt me so that being said, I am satisfied with my vehicle it could be better but hey it could be worse too.

- Kenneth G

Replacement car, great gas mileage and same space as an SUV.

My 2000 Volkswagen golf is a good beginner car, I have the basic version of the car, so there's no bells or whistles. I wish I had the upgraded car, it would make for a more enjoyable ride. It is heavy and handles extremely well, something I really enjoy for when I am going around turns. Overall not a bad car, I just wish I shelled out some more money for better features. Great on gas.

- Lindsay B

It is a hatchback with lots of space for an active lifestyle.

Catalytic converter is going out. But other that the car will run forever. Volkswagens can handle a little abuse. Regular maintenance is advised but is not sure dyer. It is great on gas; nearly 30 to the gallon. As long the oil is changed and the fluids topped off, the car is good to go. It is extremely safe for new drivers as well.

- Brittany B

Lightweight vehicle with minimal blind spots due to open windows

Just bought it and there are already a lot of issues with it that the previous owner did not disclose. It is not reliable. The sunroof is rusted, so the door is stuck. The panic alarm goes off frequently. It does not handle well on the road during inclement weather since it is such a small vehicle.

- Morgan O

Car is white love the color love way it drives has a great amount of trunk space.

We just bought the car and I love every bit of it no problem its small good on gas and great for a family of 5 I have 3 kids and we fit perfect. Only take $30 to fill the car up and you can drive on the car for a little over a week and these cars last forever of you take care of them.

- Heather C

Great mileage! It is so much fun to drive since it is small.

This car is a blast to drive! It is diesel and gets amazing mileage! It only took one tank, which was $35 to go 525 miles. That was amazing! I can go two weeks on one tank in town and is about 325 miles. I have only had this used car for a few months but I want to keep it forever.

- Susan A

It catches people�s eyes.

I love the sunroof and the way it looks. I love the hatchback that had plenty of room for hauling things. I don't like how hard it is to find a VW mechanic and the dealer is very expensive. Overall tho it's a good car very reliable. I would love to get a newer model.

- Jennifer H

Great 2000 Volkswagen Golf.

The car itself has little to no problems. Sometimes the gas can get depleted quickly but rarely does it hinder grocery shopping or other day to day activities. Occasionally it does leak oil and sometimes antifreeze does not stay in but overall it is good car.

- Ellen Y

Unfortunately it is on Its last legs and will soon die

Peppy. It's tight, handles well and is small enough and yet spacious to haul stuff. I love the VW

- JJ B