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The excellent gas mileage and reliability of the 2002 golf tide (al engine).

2002 Volkswagen Golf

The golf 2002 tide is an amazing, reliable and fuel efficient. I bought the car 6 years back in 2012, and I cannot believe how reliable the engine is. I already put 300, 000 miles in the odometer and the cars still runs great. The best part is that I have only done the basic maintenance; like changing the oil each 5000 miles. Also, this car brings excellent gas mileage. Usually I can get 550 miles per tank. Overall, the golf tide it's a good buy if you want a car that is compact, efficient, and reliable.

- A P

Hatch back, great around town long distance driving has a built in alarm system.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

My VW is great in the snow and very reliable. I do not have any problems with it except for the usual maintenance of your vehicle to keep it on the road. Taxes and registration due my tight budget. Plus doing the normal frontend repair of the tie rods and ends. Just put new tires brakes, pads, and rotors on it.

- Lorraine D

It�s small and red, and runs good.

2002 Volkswagen Golf GL

It takes A lot of gas, and it's broken down a few times because of the motor and oil. But it runs fine now. There is some hail damage but still looks fine and runs good. The windshield wipers have been replaced and so has the radio. The seats have a couple holes in them but we put seat covers over it.

- Alexis S

Fun to drive and good gas mileage.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

My car is a tank. It is 16 years old and is still chugging along. With any old car, somethings have started to go. My car doesn't have air conditioning. The engine coolant has a small leak but I love driving it. It's a manual and very fun to drive and reliable and gets good gas mileage.

- Dan K

It is extremely reliable. I've heard this from other people, as well as observing it myself.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

It has a hatchback trunk, electronic key, windows, a radio, cassette and CD players, heated seats, and a sunroof. Performance has been excellent, except that something in the gas tank causes the check engine light to come on and stay on. Apart from that, I have no problems.

- Nancy S

A cheap but impressive piece of German engineering. The VW mk4 golf.

2002 Volkswagen Golf GLS

Bit of a gas guzzler, car will vibrate at high rpms should non OEM drive axle be used, hard to find internal parts due to low supply of parts (door trims for example), brake pedal is smooth, shifts pretty well, not too difficult to maintain, has an 'aesthetic' look to it.

- Justin B

Cute little car that zips around town.

2002 Volkswagen Golf GLS

I love my car its cute and small and drives great. Gas mileage is not great and it does require a lot of maintenance. You also have to make sure to add oil as Volkswagens will burn oil between oil changes and you don't want to get stuck on the side of the road.

- Chantal N

It has gotten me through so much, kept me and other safe, gotten us where we need to go.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

I love my car. It has been in my family since I was 12 years old. It is dependable and I hope to have it for many years to com. My only complaint is it doesn't seem like they make them like that anymore.

- Melodie V

Parts are cheap, needs work on it. When I got it, it was running good.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

I could use a newer car. Because of its age, things seem to be needing to be fixed all the time. I like how compact it is. I like that the engineering means it will last a while.

- Kate L

My Volkswagen is a small champ, like me.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

I love my car because it gets the job done. The air conditioning is always working and it even has a sunroof! However, it is getting rusty and the brakes squeak.

- Kayla C

It's fun to drive easy to maneuver around corners!

2002 Volkswagen Golf

Well, it's old used and has some minor problems. Hubcap is missing in one tire, good on gas. It needs new struts and the air condition does not work.

- Patti B

The car gets great gas mileage so it's cost effective.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

My car has very good gas mileage and runs well during the summer. During the winter, the engine knocks so I have to make sure to run it every day.

- Ashley H

Dependable: it's my go to car for around town driving.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

2002 golf tdi 5 speed. car is unbelievably dependable and gets no less than 40 mpg. requires typical maintenance and has been great to own.

- joe M

It gets great gas mileage. It is fun to drive. You can get a lot of stuff in it.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

German engineering is great, the hatch back is convenient. A small car is easy to drive. No major problems. Fun to drive. Pricing good.

- Linda F

Great car. Great gas mileage!

2002 Volkswagen Golf

Very reliable. Some electrical issues. Dash lights go out sometimes. Emergency break not very good. Consistently 32 mpg.

- Mark M

The should know it is blue and has power.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

I like that it is a hatchback and runs well. I do not like the gas mileage per gallon it gets, especially in the city.

- Erika J

Its dependable and inexpensive with great gas mileage.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

It is so comfortable and dependable. I have learned to drive on this car. It has incredible gas mileage.

- Melody V

may have issues in winter because of the cold

2002 Volkswagen Golf

good gas mileage. comfortable car. trouble in winters.

- Lahaila G