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My vehicle is a runner wouldn't trade it for anything.

I really enjoy my car. I haven't had any major problems out of my car yet. I just had to get a battery and it was a little complicated because the location of the battery. The battery happens to be under the seat of the driver. Therefore I had to have my whole seat token out to get my battery changed. Other than that my car runs really smooth. I had to change a couple light bulbs here and there. I also had to get new tires but that expected cause I purchased a used vehicle.

- Mecca F

VW Touareg in a Nutshell!

My car is very spacious and rides smoothly. The interior is easily accessible and the leather trim is a good feature. The sunroof comes in handy and the availability to go off road is a charm. The only two drawbacks that I have are that the cup holders are in a weird position and the fact that the year model I have, I can only use higher grades of gasoline.

- Yolanda W

My Touareg won�t let me down with it�s heated seats keeps me warm in the winter.

My Volkswagen is smooth when driving, can barely feel any bumps in the road. It's performance is great and is a great car for traveling and bigger families because there's a lot of space. Comfort and great, everything is automatic and easy to use. Only problem I struggle with is the amount of gas and water gets inside the doors when it rains really hard.

- Samantha M

I love the drive it is smooth and overall has been a great car.

My sunroof leaks and I just put 3000 dollars worth of repairs into the car because the previous owner didn't maintain it. I have to make sure to have regular oil changes and I have to use premium gas which is expensive and the gas doesn't last long. I also have to use synthetic oil which tends to run high price wise.

- Christi L

Very comfortable family car.

This car is very comfortable and reliable. Has some electrical issues. Normal wear and tear as well. Motor has had no issues and the rainsense windshield and memory seats are very convenient and helpful. Very safe and big vehicle as well. Great for new drivers and the whole family. Great road trip car.

- Natalie F

My unusual off road vehicle.

Decent gas mileage for size of vehicle. Great acceleration. Heated seats. Rear hatch has issues with springs holding hatch open. Steering wheel controls for radio. Folding rear seat 2/3 and 1/3. 3 driver seat preset positions. Does well as winter driving vehicle.

- Laurie B

The Toureg is a beautiful made SUV and a pleasure to drive. I love my Touareg!

Over all a great automobile. I fell in the with the Touareg back in 2004 when it first came out. Recently the rear sway bar and drive train shaft had to be replaced.

- Denise W

It is reliable with a luxury feel

It is a highly reliable vehicle, it starts when I need it to and doesn't cause me many issues. Only real complaint would be the mileage.

- Edward S

Comfortable vehicle with some electrical issues.

Electrical issues. Good motor. Comfortable seating. Has memory seating, rainsense windshield, heated seats, tow package.

- Natalie F

I love it and it's perfect for me and my family.

Gas mileage is pretty good. Had an fuel injection issue that was placed on recall. Company paid for issue to be fixed.

- Jessica W

It's luxury and rides super smooth very comfortable

It's comfortable and rides smooth. I love it and how easy it drives

- Candi R